In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 60

WAKING UP FROM the nap, I soon found myself back in the main playroom playing with Meg and Anissa. Meg made it her mission to teach me how to properly play with baby dolls like a toddler. I was pretending to ‘nurse’ one from my nonexistent breasts like them when Megan and Addy both showed up to pick us up.

Meg stood up for the first time that day and ran to Megan saying, “Mommy!!! Look who came to daycare today!”

Megan picked her up and laughed, “I know munchkin, her mommy called me to see where you go!”

I walked over to Addy, cognizant of the pretty wet diaper that surrounded my waist. She picked me up too, “Did you have fun today?” She smiled at me curiously.

“I had Meg,” I told her with a smile.

She squeezed me tight, “I’m glad!”

The two of them gathered diaper bags and other things we needed to take home, including my diaper cover in a plastic bag. “What happened here?”

“I leaked,” I said blushing.

She just kissed my forehead, “At least the dress was clean?”

I nodded, blushing with the knowledge that in the worst-case scenario the blowout onesie was still in the diaper bag!

Outside Megan and Addy were parked next to each other. “What are you doing Saturday?” Addy asked her.

She shrugged, “No real plans right now?”

“How about taking our girls to the zoo together?” She squeezed me tight, “This one loves Red Pandas, and I know they have some there!”

“They do?” I wondered aloud.

“Haven’t you ever been there? You grew up not far from the city?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “Not since elementary school?”

“What do you think, munchkin?” Megan asked Meg.

“Sounds like fun! We can see the kitties too!”

Addy laughed at that, “We can pick you up at your place?”

“Sure,” she agreed. The times and arrangements made; I was changed in the cargo area, and then buckled back into my car seat for the ride home.

I found myself snoozing a bit on the trip home. Addy carried me upstairs when we got home and let me wear a Pull-Up for the rest of the night instead of a diaper. It was embarrassing to use the stupid potty, but at least I wasn’t using the diaper! We even went for a little swim before she gave me a bath, diapered and dressed me, nursed me, and put me to bed.

On Friday I asked her what had happened at her meeting. Apparently, there had been the vote of no-confidence in her mom, but figuring out a replacement wasn’t going well. “What are you looking for?”

“Ideally?” She asked me, sitting on the ground beside me in the playroom by the baby doll furniture she was pushing me to play with like I had been with Meg and the others. “Someone with a terminal degree… management experience… Medical experience actually would be good too.”

She sighed, “Truthfully Cammie, I think you stand a good chance of decimating the company with your suit on behalf of Beth, and then probably another I assume is pending against my mother for you. It would be nice to find someone who’s outside the company and maybe has a good reputation of not abusing Littles.”

I rocked the fake baby in my arms a bit more and put the fake bottle into her mouth while I thought. We had been playing ‘together’ in the playroom for an hour when I had a stroke of inspiration.

“What about Ivy Nickerson?”


“She testified at my appeal? She’s the CEO of University Hospitals?”

“Hmm…” She stood up and left me coloring to go make a phone call I assume. I was so focused on coloring that I almost forgot I was wearing a Pull-Up instead of a diaper - and almost started to pee in it!

Just barely catching myself, I hurried down to the bathroom near my room. I quickly approached the embarrassing potty on the floor beside the real toilet that was locked with a Little Safe Lock. I wasted no time in pulling up the skirt she’d dressed me in, pulling down the Pull-Up, and fortunately made it all into the pink potty.

‘That was closer than it should have been…’ I worried.

“Cammie?” I heard her call.

“Going potty,” I told her.

She came and walked in the open door that I hadn’t bothered shutting. “You make it?”

“Of course!” I told her while blushing, knowing I had almost forgotten to use it! I had just finished and was reaching for toilet paper, but she beat me there and wiped me herself.

“Hmm… looks like you made it,” she said as she examined and then pulled the Pull-Up back up on me.

“You know this is annoying…”

“I could just put you back in a diaper?” She smiled semi-threateningly.

I sighed, “Who did you call?”

“Our COO and CFO. They’re both a bit reticent about her since they know her daughter was testifying against us, and she herself testified in your case...”


“But I pushed pretty hard. We’ll see what they decide! For now, let’s get some lunch in your tummy, Mindy just finished making some grilled cheese sandwiches and soup.”

I shrugged, “Okay, she makes decent sandwiches.”

“What do you want for dinner?” She asked as she gathered me up in her arms.

“I don’t know… breakfast?”

“For dinner?” she teased.

“You’re actually really hungry for dinner, it makes more sense to eat the best food of the day then!” I continued a long-running argument the two of us had. Mom had grown up with a tradition of having breakfast for dinner, and she’d done that least once a week until she passed away. Dad had continued the tradition because it was easier to cook than a lot of foods! Waffle mix and a waffle iron, along with scrambled eggs were things he had no trouble managing!

She squeezed me, “But if we do that, I suppose you’re going to expect chocolate pancakes? I’m not so sure…”

“Pwease,” I gave her the best childish begging grin I had ever managed.

“Well… Who can turn down those eyes?” She said as she walked into the smaller dining area where Mindy was just setting down plates.

“Pretty easy with as much trouble as she causes,” she said. The look in her eyes was not joking, and I had to admit I didn’t trust her at all!

“She doesn’t cause that much trouble, Mindy… At least not when she’s not antagonized.”

“Don’t let your Mom hear you saying that…” she said.

“My mom is probably going to prison for a long time, Mindy. Since it seems like we’re going to have a difference of opinion here why don’t you go ahead and go home? I’ll pay you two weeks’ severance pay, but you’re done here.”

“Miss Harris…? I’ve been…”

“Spying for my mother, including putting a couple more bugs up yesterday, huh? I have evidence that I’ll be handing over to the police. You can either get out now, or you can be pulled out with the police I’ll call?”

I was more than a bit surprised by how suddenly the temperature changed in the room. I watched as she huffed, grabbed a purse off the counter, and Addy walked her outside and locked the door.

“Umm… I didn’t see that coming…?”

“Neither did she… hopefully that means she didn’t have time to do anything else. Let’s toss this food just to be safe. You want to go out for lunch somewhere?”

“Do I have to wear a diaper?”

“Tell you what, I’ll let you wear that Pull-Up, but if it’s wet or messy while we’re out you’re going into a diaper then?”

I smiled, “I need to go to the bathroom one more time before we go then.”

She picked me back up out of the high chair and carried me to the upstairs bathroom, leaving me on the potty while she grabbed a few things. Addy came back with the diaper bag swinging on her shoulder just as I was wiping myself clean from going poop.

“Let me make sure you got it all sweetie,” she said with a smile. There was a tender touch as she wiped my butt clean until she was satisfied and then pulled up my training panties before I could do so. She held me to the sink to wash my hands unnecessarily, and then we were off to the city. It was the busiest time of the lunch rush as we pulled into a sandwich company that we both liked.

They made hot panini-style sandwiches that we’d had more than a few of together in college. The price was right for my college student budget at the time, even though about two-thirds of the time she would beat me and pay for it anyway. She picked me up to hold me while we were in line, and the training panties I was wearing flashed a woman standing in line next to us.

“Oh, my, what pretty big girl panties you’re wearing! Are you being a good girl and keeping them dry?” she asked.

I blushed.

Addy used her hand to move a strand of hair out of my face, “She is!”

“Going to have to break the habit of carrying that big old baby diaper bag then soon, huh?” She cooed at me.

I just put my head onto Addy’s shoulder, and she said, “Yes… it’s going to be weird.” She squeezed me, “I’ve loved having a beautiful baby girl. Not really ready for her to grow up and be a big girl yet!”

“We never are honey,” another woman said next to us. “But if I don’t miss my guess, she’s a Mid? Can’t you just keep her in her diapees?”

“I could, but I promised her we’d give the potty a try. Since she’s been doing so well, I’ll hold up my end of the bargain.”

“Do you send her to daycare at all?” That woman asked.

“Off and on?”

“You should send her to Changing Tikes! They’re great at helping those big girls learn to not be so big!”

I squirmed a bit as Addy said, “Umm… I’ll keep that in mind, thank you.”

Fortunately, we were able to place our order and were seated with me in a booster seat, and her across from me, eating our sandwiches shortly thereafter. I was pondering something about their conversation.

“You’re quiet Cam,” she said. “What’s going on inside that head?”

“Honestly I don’t know myself,” I told her.

“Yes, you do, you’re one of the smartest people I’ve ever known...”

I laughed, “Smart enough that I landed myself back in diapers being turned into a big baby by an ex?”

She looked a little hurt by that, but nodded, “I really am sorry Cam, if I hadn’t…”

“No, you’re not the one I blame,” I told her. “That’s all your mother… well even then it’s not all her. It’s just this whole crazy state honestly. Things are so much calmer and more reasonable about this in New Haven.”

That led to her asking me more about New Haven and my life there. I told her about some of the historical sites near Harlan that I had loved visiting, as well as the great things in Crescent City where I worked now. She asked about my house, and I found myself opening up to her about a lot of other things before we stood up and she carried me to the bathroom to use the potty. When we were both done, she drove over to a nearby baby store, feeling me with a bit of dread.

“What are we doing here…?” I asked nervously.

“There’s something I want here…”

She dug out the chest carrier she had bought to hold me and had me buckled onto her chest looking at her a few minutes later. “This’ll be quick, sweetie, I promise. That lady just gave me an idea…”

I looked at her quizzically, but just laid my head on her shoulder as she walked.


I MUST HAVE drifted off into a nap pretty quickly, because I was shocked to find her lifting me out of the carrier already. “You’re done already?”

“You were snoring before I even made it to the door!” She laughed.

“What did you buy?”

“I’ll show you at home. Why don’t you go ahead and take the rest of that nap though,” she smiled and handed me a bottle of what looked like formula. She must have mixed it from water left in the car so at least it was warm as I nursed myself back to sleep.

Back home she showed me my present was a potty advent calendar chart. Once I had three good attempts in the potty, I would get to open a door and ‘earn’ a toy. I noticed it was zoo animal themed and it looked like a Red Panda was supposed to be mine after twenty times of making it to the potty. “You were a good girl four times already today! Put on your stickers!” She smiled at me.

I sighed, but grabbed them and placed them on, before opening the door of the one I ‘earned’ and pulled out a little koala toy. To my annoyance, I heard the click of a camera shutter as I had done so. “Really?” I complained.

She smiled, “Really!”

I followed her back downstairs as she was planning on working on dinner then. “Still want breakfast?”


“I guess… I can do that for my cute big girl!” She leaned down and hugged me before reaching up on the counter and handing me a tablet.

 “Why?” I asked, hoping there wasn’t anything nefarious going on.

“I assume you’re probably dying to have some screen time? See the news?”

“That would be nice…” I agreed.

“Go into the living room, I’ll get dinner going. You’ll have about an hour!”

I couldn’t help a small smile that came across my face as I did as she said, climbing onto the couch, and getting comfortable with the tablet. I wasted no time in searching for the local news and found my jaw dropping.


District Judge Suddenly Shrinks!

Judge Lynn Taney has been accused of judicial malfeasance in a recent court case that has drawn national scrutiny. Previously seen as one of the most supported and popular judges in the State of Ames, she was on the bench for the trial of the State of Ames vs. Kelly Anderson, who is accused of stealing $200,000 of merchandise from Little Superstore. Just as the trial was returning from a recess, Judge Taney suddenly cried out and began shrinking.

Witnesses say that she shrank to thirty-six inches in height and suddenly resembled a newborn baby with no teeth, hair, or strength to walk or crawl. She was barely able to communicate that she was Judge Taney as Little Protective Services took her into protective custody until a proper family placement can be made, or she can be grown back to normal size.

It is believed that she is the victim of foul play from some sort of altered nanites. Federal Agents are investigating this attack on a judge, and believe they have a potential suspect…


“Holy shit!” I said quietly. ‘She was blackmailing her with that too?!?’

I wondered right then just how many nanite bombs she had in place, but I was getting my answer with another article that spoke of about five dozen other cases of similar shrinking adults around the city. I started cataloging the names in my head and guessed that every one of the cases were the result of a single command her mom must have sent out like a dead man’s switch when she tried to shrink Addy.

I found another article that stated that a new date for the Fehler vs. SafeFoods case was set for six weeks from now. ‘I didn’t even ask them about it…’ I felt guilty about that. ‘Nothing I can do to help here…’

I was just reading about some other national news when Addy reappeared. “Feel more connected?” She asked me as she grabbed the tablet in one hand, then hoisted me onto her hip.

I nodded, “Thank you… I had no idea what else going on…”

“That was kind of intentional,” she told me with a squeeze, “I honestly didn’t think you needed anything else to worry about.”

She buckled me into the highchair and pushed it forward to the table. The bib that followed around my neck seemed probably appropriate given my past issues with this meal. The pancakes were amazing though! And she did well with the eggs, added some bacon, and some sausage! I was so full after the meal and information that I felt quite content! That night we lounged around for a bit in the pool and a jacuzzi I hadn’t seen at the top of the falls before I nursed from her to get some sleep.

‘Is Meg right, and this really isn’t as bad as I thought it was…?’

Thanks for reading! Please consider letting me know what you think with a comment! I should be posting TUESDAY at some point, but I have a weird set of hours with work this week. I should be able to post Friday like normal. Thanks again for joining me on this tale!



End Chapter 60

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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Interesting set of chapters

NxK · Feb 7, 2022

I like this set of chapters! I like the arc currently. I'm guessing the pending plot point will be cleared up on Tuesday with 3 more chapters and a finale of 2 chapters on Friday? As always loving the story, and 'wishing' the 2 work days between now and then fly by. Going to miss this wonderfully written story when all is said and done.

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Very Intriguing

SCGuy19 · Feb 7, 2022

These latest chapters were very intriguing. I'm very curious to see what happens next. I'm glad Cammie/ Cameron is still being treated as an adult to an extent. It's giving me hope for him/her. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see the wonderful conclusion to this amazing story.

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Very Intriguing

SCGuy19 · Feb 7, 2022

These latest chapters were very intriguing. I'm very curious to see what happens next. I'm glad Cammie/ Cameron is still being treated as an adult to an extent. It's giving me hope for him/her. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see the wonderful conclusion to this amazing story.

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Very Intriguing

SCGuy19 · Feb 7, 2022

These latest chapters were very intriguing. I'm very curious to see what happens next. I'm glad Cammie/ Cameron is still being treated as an adult to an extent. It's giving me hope for him/her. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see the wonderful conclusion to this amazing story.

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Love the twist

Jackie · Feb 8, 2022

I love how he’s gone full circle towards the babying

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