In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 50

“CAMERON?!?” I HEARD from the familiar face.

I looked to see it had been Meg who had spoken first.

“Umm… Hi,” I said, letting the pacifier fall from my mouth into my lap.

“Hi…” Meg said, her own pacifier hanging from a strap too. Concern littered her eyes, and I guessed no one had told Bella, her, or Megan about what had happened. Amanda didn’t look surprised, so I hoped that meant that Kendra and David had gotten in contact with her.

“Addy, why is Cameron dressed in a dress? And a diaper? He’s an adult!” Megan was clearly pretty furious.

“Calm down Megan,” Amanda said.

Megan looked like she wanted to continue to fight, but Danica stepped in and said, “Whoa… not her fault… Let her explain?”

“I want to hear it from Cameron,” Meg said.

I felt the poop still squishing and sticking to my skin, talking was the last thing I wanted to do right then!

“Umm… You know how my firm is suing her mom’s company, right?”

“Right,” Megan said tersely, “Did she just snatch you up then?”

I shook my head, blushing badly, “No, there’s a corrupt judge who declared me in contempt of court, and issued a verdict that I’m demonstrating a case of Maturosis.”

The pacifier was pushed back into my mouth then by Addison, who knelt beside me.

“Rather than let her go to an orphanage, or a horrible foster home, I stepped in.” Addison said, calmly, but clearly annoyed. “I didn’t want to do it… but I couldn’t let Cammie go that route.”

“What’s with the dress? Have you already changed him?” Megan asked.

“Well Cammie does need her stinky pants changed,” Danica giggled next to me, making me turn even more red from mortal embarrassment.

“No, the judge actually ordered I either remove his teeth, mobility, ability to talk, and potty training, or I could have him as a toddler girl instead maybe able to potty train.”


I sighed, “Both choices sucked, I chose this option…” I said dumping the pacifier out again, squeezing Rings tighter then.

“If it makes you feel better, I don’t like it,” Addison told her. “Just before we were going to complete the court order there was an injunction and another hearing. Her case is supposed to be heard in a week-and-a-half or so appealing the Maturosis ruling. If they succeed in the appeal, he’ll be free to go.”

“If it fails?” Meg asked.

“Then I guess she’ll be my baby girl forever and ever,” she cooed and put the pacifier back in my mouth again. “We really do need to go and change her; I don’t want her getting a rash.”

She started to push me away and I heard Megan shout, “Wait!”

The stroller stopped, “Yes?”

“How about we exchange numbers? Maybe baby Meggy and Cammie can have a playdate? They were good friends in college, they’d probably have fun playing together now?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Danica started to say.

Addison cut her off though, “Sure… What’s your number?”

I sat with Meg still staring at me while the poop on my butt continued to feel slimy and gross. The smell was beginning to get to me too, I was grateful when Megan finished with, “Call me soon!”

The stroller was pushed forward again and I started to feel tears running down my face. It was bad enough being stuck like this, but for my close friends to see my new existence was too much!

My nose had completely clogged with snot by the time we reached the changing room, with tears going down my face. “Dani, can you watch her stroller and stuff? I’m going to go change her.”

“Don’t need help?”

“I’ve got this,” she said.

All of the sudden she bent down in my view and said, “Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry…”

I felt her undo the buckle and picked me up into a hug, squeezing me tightly, “I’m sorry… I never even thought about them seeing you…” She took Rings from me and handed her to Danica to hold, before she walked forward into the changing room. I opened my eyes just enough to see there were probably about a dozen changing tables spread out, about half of them in use right then. She pushed the dress up to my armpits as she laid me down and said, “Let’s get you out of those poopy pants…”

I chewed and sucked on the pacifier, blinking away tears and looking to my side where I saw an actual baby was getting their diaper changed too. I turned back forward, blushing when I realized that’s all I was at the moment. Nothing more than a baby… If the appeal failed, I would truly be stuck forever with people wiping my poopy butt in public changing rooms like this. As the diaper was pulled away, I was grateful that most of the stickiness left too. She kept my butt in the air though as she wiped and I mooned the others in the room.

“Your baby girl has such a pretty booty!”

“Well, maybe now…” Addison laughed at the mom’s odd compliment.

“I know about poopy butts! I’ve been changing her stinky butt now for ten years.”

As my feet were let down onto the table and a new diaper was taped, I could see the woman in question was probably about my age.

“Ever think about potty-training her?” Addison asked, sitting me back up and rubbing my back.

“Nah, I don’t mind a poopy diaper or two a day. Besides, she’s been in diapers for almost half of her life. I don’t see her being able to train now. The day I picked her up outside my apartment with poopy pants I knew she wouldn’t be trainable. I do think I might actually wean her in a few years though if my breasts will cooperate!”

Addison laughed, “Yeah, that part is well out of our control!”

The other woman left, and I felt even more depressed by the probability I was close to that poor woman’s fate. Addison held a tissue in her hand that she put to my nose, “Blow baby girl,” she said.

I hadn’t had a tissue held at my nose like that since I was little, but blew as hard as I could. She used a baby wipe then to wipe the tear tracks and snot that had stopped running, even though my face remained as red as ever.

She tossed the trash from my change away, pulled my dress back down over my diaper, placed me on her hip, and walked to a sink that was in the room to wash her hands.

She sat me down on the counter for a moment while she did so, dried her hands, and then picked me back up, “Come on Princess, let’s shop for just a bit longer and then we’ll go get lunch.”

I just leaned my head into her shoulder. I felt a little bit better when I was at least in her arms then. The warmth from her body, and softness of her skin that was bare around the thin straps of her top, was comforting. She walked out to where Dani waited past other mothers changing their Littles and genuine babies. As she moved to put me down, I just hung onto her, “Carry me?” I asked.

I could see in her face that she was kind of startled by that request. “Okay,” she said though and squeezed me tight. “Dani, can you put her bag down there? Rings can have the stroller to herself for now.”

Dani actually bucked her into the harness then, and it was funny enough I giggled a little.

“See, you’re okay,” she told me.

I stayed in her arms for another forty-five minutes as she walked around the stores with Dani pushing the stroller before we came to a store that specialized in baby and little gear and apparel. A worker greeted us as we came in and said, “Looks like you have a cuddly little girl! You need one of our carrier harnesses!”

Addison said, “You’re right, that would probably be great, but she’s too big for them, isn’t she?”

“How much does she weigh?”


“We have a perfect one for her!” she said, “I can show you?”

Addison bounced me for a second, seeing a mother holding her infant daughter in one that had her on her belly facing her mommy. I saw her gaze at the mother and smile, “Please!”

She followed the woman through several aisles of baby gear, pacifiers, bottles, car seats, and strollers were passed by before she came to the aisle. “This one is meant for bigger babies, sixty inches and up, and seventy to two-hundred-and-ten pounds for weight. With as tall as you are, I guarantee you can probably carry her all day on your belly or your back without any strain. This one also is really cool because it can put her on your hip like you’re carrying her now too.”

I looked at the black carrier she was holding, debating how I felt about it. ‘Not going to escape if you’re in that thing…’ I mentally sighed, ‘not going to escape anyway…’

“We’ll take it!” Danica said next to us. “Can she use it now? Baby Cammie is upset, and being a bit of a cuddlebug right now.”

“Tell you what, why don’t we get it out of the package, get the baby girl all situated, and then I’ll walk to the front with you and the box?”

“Sounds great!” she told her.

I watched as she pulled a knife from a pocket and opened up the box. She pulled out the black harness from the plastic, and then said, “Which way do you want to wear her?”

“Umm…” Addison seemed unsure.

“Go with the front for now Addy, she’s needing more comfort than seeing,” Dani said.

I kind of would have liked to see, but I also thought, ‘If I can’t see anyone else… they can’t recognize me!’

“Okay, front,” she said. “What do I do? I’ve never used one of these before?”

“Why don’t you set her down right in front of you, and I’ll help you out?” the woman said. “With an older toddler it’s easier if they’re standing. If you’re at a zoo or something you may want to go with the back version, and it’s easier to have help, but if you do it in the front it’s simple to do by yourself!”

I was sat down on my feet, with the dress flaring up to show my diaper for a moment, before I shoved my skirt back down. Addison was given a tutorial on the buckles and how-to setup things safely for her body, before I heard, “Now that we have that one done, pick your baby girl up and put her leg right there.”

I was in the air, once again flashing my diaper as she set me into a spot on a piece of cloth that was going to hold my butt, with one buckle forming a seat already.

“Now, go ahead and buckle that one,” she told her. “And you can do this neck support or not depending on what your baby needs there.” She made some other adjustments because I was a bit taller than it had been set up for, before pronouncing, “And you’re all set!”

“Great, I’ll go up and pay, Addy you start looking for other things that you and Baby Cammie need!” Addison said.

We both sighed at the same time as they departed. She squeezed me in a hug and kissed my forehead. “How is it?”

I wiggled my feet a little, “Honestly pretty comfy.”

“Good, I’ll probably just use this instead of a stroller most of the time. Sure you don’t want to be on my hip or back instead?”

I shook my head, “No one can see me this way,” I said and leaned into her.

She squeezed me tighter again, “I’m sorry Cam, I love you though.”

I just sucked on the damn pacifier then, and I guessed that hurt her some.

‘Hard to say ‘Love you too’ back to someone who has me as a captive…’ I griped, ‘I know it’s not completely her fault… but still.’

With the neck support put in place on the carrier I found myself able to view stuff behind Addy, but I really wasn’t interested in more baby torture items. Instead, I laid my head down on her chest and closed my eyes for a bit.

I listened to Danica and Addy coo about this or that, adorable clothing was placed into a cart that Danica had decided was needed, and the stroller was given to the store to give to a family in need. Everything inside of the stroller had fit in the diaper bag, which was in the cart, except Rings, who was wrapped in my blanket in the seat. I heard them giggle every now and then about how silly that was, and had peeked a couple times at that.

“I know it looks like you both like that carrier,” Danica said eventually, “But I think it would be good to get you a better stroller too, huh?”

“Yeah, she’s light enough for me that she is just like the average three-year old to me. But even they get kind of heavy after a while.”

“Are you calling me fat?” I couldn’t help but let out.

It startled Addy I guess, since I hadn’t spoken much, but both laughed. “You’re definitely not fat Sweetie, you’re entirely too skinny still!” She hugged me and kept moving.

They settled on a stroller that had a price tag that would have stopped most people, but for them of course it was nothing… It featured a much comfier seat than the other one, nice cup and bottle holders for Addy up top on the handle, a big area to put all of my diapers below… but also a motor that would assist going up hills, or brake going down. It was pretty much the nicest stroller I’d ever heard of, and even though I didn’t want it, it was mine now…

I watched the cart load of a billion things get rung up, and Danica paid for everything, insisting it was her duty as the auntie. In addition to the clothes, there had also been a small stack of toys added in too. Building blocks, some sort of magnetic building toy cubes, a couple craft kits, a chair that apparently was designed for toddlers to learn how to use them… The most embarrassing things were the toys that were meant to be played with to teach me my letters, colors, and numbers… because of course I was now too little to remember any of that?!?

I was more than a little annoyed at her about buying those, but didn’t have time to dwell on it before being carried to lunch. In the food court I was given a simple grilled cheese sandwich to eat, while Addy had a pizza, and Danica had some stir fry dish. We were sitting there having mostly finished when Addison sighed, “I don’t want to do this here…” she said that soft enough only I could hear it

I looked up from my booster seat, eating the last bite curiously.

“You done with your sandwich?”

I nodded.

“Okay, come here and let’s get you dessert…”

My eyes opened wider as I looked around at Bigs, Mids, and Littles alike walking freely about the food court. I could even see a couple college students sitting not far from us like Stacy, Meg, and I had that fateful day that Meg was adopted... I didn’t even have time to consider it though because she pulled me from the seat and placed me across her lap. “Mommy knows how much Cammie loves her milk, and since Mommy has too much…” she said quietly.

'Use a damn pump!’ I wanted to scream at her, but as her breast was presented to me, I couldn’t resist latching on.

“Oh,” she said as I nursed, “That feels so much better!”

“You look…” I heard a gasp, as Danica said, “Damnit!”

“What’s wrong?”

“My damn milk let down again… I haven’t had that problem in a while!”

“If she’s not asleep at the end of mine, you can use her?”

“That sounds so wrong Addy…” her sister said somewhat morosely. “I may need to though. Do you have some spare breast pads?”

I kept sucking, mind completely on autopilot. “Just a couple, it won’t get you far…”

It was quicker than I expected that I was switched to Addy’s other breast, ‘there was still some milk in that one!’ I thought… She pulled me away before that breast stopped providing too, “Here, she’ll like yours as much as she likes mine, I’m sure!”

I looked up at her in horror. “But…”

“Come here munchkin!” Danica said after tickling me for a moment, “Time to help your auntie out since you caused this…”

I wanted to argue, but her smaller breast was presented to me and my mouth was once again surrounding a nipple. I was annoyed to be seen as nothing but a living breast pump, but her milk tasted nearly the same as Addy’s… and unfortunately that meant I couldn’t resist it! Fortunately for my very distended stomach, she didn’t have a lot of milk coming out yet, so I was soon burped and cuddled up inside of the carrier again as they began walking down the mall some more.

With a full meal, and a double portion of milk, I was out like a light!



End Chapter 50

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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