In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 65

I WALKED DOWN the hallway back to my office from the conference room where we had met with a new client. They claimed a new streaming company was creating hypnosis videos and placing them deliberately on sites that Little college students regularly visited.

On the face of it, the evidence we had been given looked pretty strong to me, but it would take our investigators verifying the information before we would confirm that we would take the case. The Little paying to lead the suit was the father of a nineteen-year-old college student who had fortunately been safely at home for the summer when she began randomly peeing her pants and crying about wanting num-nums from her mommy.

I had just sat down in the chair to jot down some more notes when my phone rang with our secretary’s extension showing, “Mr. Sylvester?” I heard.

“Yes, Nikki?”

“I have a gentleman on the phone who says he is calling on behalf of the President?”

I laughed, “That’s a good one, what’s the ID say?”

“It shows The President’s House,” she said nervously.

“I’m guessing this is an elaborate hoax… would you get Kendra to come down here to stand by in case there’s some hypnotic component?”

“She’s already on her way down sir.”

A knock on my door and I waved her in, “Put it through,” I said and left it on speakerphone. “Hello?”

“Is this Mr. Cameron Sylvester?”

“Yes? May I ask who this is?”

“I’m Lindsey Walters, the assistant to the President, please stand by…”

Kendra looked at me perplexed as David joined the room too, “Mr. Sylvester?” I heard a familiar presidential voice a moment later.

“Umm… Yes, sir?” I paused, “This is a real call?”

The voice laughed, “You have no idea how many times I hear that! Yes, it’s a real call. Look, first of all, I want to offer my condolences for all that you’ve been through this past year with your former fiancé, SafeFoods, Aubry Harris, and everyone else over there that put you through Hell and back.”

I was in shock, and all I could say was, “Thank you, Mr. President.”

“Now, as to why I’m calling… We have a problem in this country in the judiciary with too many cases like yours happening. I have an open seat on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals that Judge Bancroft just retired from. I wanted to know if you might be interested in being nominated to fill that seat.”

I felt my jaw drop, “Umm… I’m really honored, Mr. President, but surely you have more experienced jurors that could fill that spot?”

“Horse shit,” he said, “You have more real-world experience than any of the other candidates on the list that was given to me. How many others out of those do you think have experienced the injustices you have?”

“Hopefully none, Sir,” I said with a sigh.

“Exactly, none. That’s why I want you there! Now I know you’re young, but I also know there’s a certain Supreme Court Justice who would probably be willing to take a phone call from you every now and then for advice?”

I laughed, “If I didn’t, I guarantee she’d let me know about it!” I paused, “If I’m made a justice on the Appellate Court, that’s a lifetime appointment, correct?”

“Yes, it is, at least until hopefully someday you can follow your mentor’s footsteps.”

“Would I even have a chance of being confirmed by the senate?”

He laughed, “Trust me, I wouldn’t be contacting you if I didn’t know we could get you through. My party’s votes alone would carry you through, but I suspect there’ll be bi-partisan support for your nomination. The first Mid ever nominated to a Court of Appeals?” He laughed, “It has a certain political ring to it. So, what do you say?”

I looked at Kendra and David who were both nodding strongly at me, “I don’t have much choice, I’ll say ‘yes!’”

“Great! My Chief of Staff will be in touch later for all of the actual details on your confirmation hearing and everything. I’d like to get you down here for dinner one night during your hearing if we can swing it. I would love to meet and speak with you.”

“Thank you, sir,” I said.

The phone call ended after a couple of pleasantries and Kendra was there hugging me. “Oh my God! Cameron, this is amazing!!!”

“Congrats, Cameron!” David said to me.

“Did that really just happen?” I wondered aloud.

An impromptu dinner party was planned for the next day to celebrate my nomination, which was announced on the news segments an hour later. On my way home, I wondered just how I had ended up at this point!

Just eight months ago I’d been asked to make THE decision of my life, and I’d chosen to take the very risky gamble on trusting the short Doctor Nickerson and Amanda, who claimed that they had managed to recover enough of my X and Y chromosomes from my semen sample to make a solid attempt at fixing the damage. They had assessed a ten percent risk of possible shrinking, but other than that, the worst-case seemed to be that I’d be in the same situation and need to just go the girl route instead.

They’d put me under, and apparently, the reprogramming went really well! The damage to my genitals and skeletal system was mostly corrected within a few hours of beginning the treatment. The next two days had been touch and go while they siphoned out almost all of the nanites in my blood. My understanding was that Amanda destroyed them when she was done, in the hopes that it would prevent them from being misused in the future.

I had been nervous about shrinking and other ill effects from the procedure, but fortunately for me, the side effects never came! I still stood at my old height just fine! My potty-training was a little bit sketchy afterwards, but improved rapidly as my body rediscovered nerves that had been rerouted. After a month of Pull-Ups just in case, and only a handful of accidents, I’d been going around in regular underwear now for seven. I had even almost put back on almost all of the weight I’d had before the attack!

The only lasting physical effect was a thinner bone structure, and a face that definitely leaned slightly more feminine than it had before with a smaller nose and jaw than I had been born with. It wasn’t a perfect recovery, but given everything that had happened to me in Ames I had been ecstatic to escape relatively unscathed.

I wish I could say the same treatment could be done for Beth, but Amanda and Holly were certain that the damage to her brain was irreversible at this point.

A month ago, I’d received a call that Ashley, Beth’s mom, had died of a heart attack in her sleep. I’d gone up to attend the funeral and consoled the distraught Mr. Fehler. Beth had been too clueless to really understand, but I noticed that she did seem to sense an absence as I hugged her and cuddled her some. I stuck around for a weekend and came back even more distraught over the disasters that seemed to always be happening in my life.

Today though… I couldn’t help but feel a glimmer of hope for my future. ‘Me, a judge?’ I thought, ‘Before I’m even thirty?!?’

Honestly, that was the biggest concern I had… I really was too young in my own opinion! But who the hell turns down the President of the United States?!? I had the radio tuned to a news station as I drove down the road.

In other news, President Barnum announced today that he is nominating Cameron Sylvester for the vacant spot on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. Mr. Sylvester would be the first-ever person under thirty to be confirmed, but more unusually he would be the first-ever Mid-sized judge to sit on an appellate court bench.

Another voice came on, Isn’t Mr. Sylvester way too young for this position?

Normally I would agree, but he has life experience beyond any thirty- or forty-year-old we could nominate. Most recently, he has dealt firsthand with the injustices of corrupt businesses, courts, and been unjustly given a Maturosis ruling that was overturned. I believe he has a good head on his shoulders and will rule according to the law…

‘No pressure,’ I thought, hearing the President’s voice defending me himself.

I was so focused on the radio that I almost missed the expensive red sports car sitting at the gated entrance to my home. A window rolled down on the passenger’s side as I drove up, and I looked shocked as I realized it was Addy.


“Hi, Cam… I was hoping we might be able to talk?”

“You could have called?”

“Let’s just say I was in the neighborhood and wanted to see you?”

I was a little nervous about her being there – after all, we’d proven she had more than enough strength and height to easily control me like a toddler!

Sighing, “Follow me through,” I told her, hitting the gate opener.

The large gate in front of my car swung open and I watched in the rearview mirror as the red sports car followed me inside the gated walls. I noted that it was definitely a nice new model of a barely street-legal car – much more her style than the mommy type SUV had been.

I parked my car inside the attached garage as usual, while she pulled up to the front. I walked out the open garage door and shut it, meeting her on the porch by the front door. After fiddling with the electronic keypad and fingerprint scanner for a moment, a beep announced the door opening, “Come in,” I told her. “Be warned, the house is big-sized, but I have mid-sized furniture.”

“That’s fine,” she said. The large size of the house had always made the furniture seem smaller than normal, but having a Big in the house made it feel even more like a child’s playhouse. I led her to the living room, where at least the large couch should hold her size fairly well. I sat in my favorite recliner adjacent to that.

“How have you been?” I asked her. “I guess I should ask if you want something to drink?”

“I’m good, thanks… As far as how I’ve been?” She shook her head, “Not good…”

“Sorry to hear that,” I told her honestly.

“I needed to come and drop something off to you that I should have already given back to you…”

She pulled a jewelry box out of her pocket and leaned over to hand it to me. Inside was the necklace she had given me and Beth’s ring.

I felt some tears on my face, “Thanks.”

“How is she?” Addy asked gently.

I shrugged, “No different… You said it yourself, the damage is permanent. Amanda has an idea that they’re trialing at Emerson - to use nanites to remove the plaque that formed after the chemicals - but the underlying problem is that none of the previous synapsis are there anymore. Doctor Nickerson, the Little one, thinks that they can regrow the tissue to the brain, but it’ll be like a newborn brain. She’ll have to learn everything all over again, walking, talking, school… Beth’s dad isn’t even sure she’d want to go through all of that.”

I felt a tear go down my face, “Honestly Addy, he’s talking more about putting her in a facility or hospice care. Her mom died of a heart attack, and Beth will most likely face something like that just because she’s unable to move much and maintain her health. A cure may be around the corner, but approval for a trial of the cure that Amanda has been working on will take months, if not years, longer to come through.”

“I’m sorry Cameron, I would never have been okay with doing that…”

I nodded, “Addy, I’ve always known you were one of the better ones… I was more shocked by Dani…”

She nodded, “I was too… They finally caught her two days ago, did you know that?”

I felt some relief flow through me at that, “Where?”

“Javari, down in South Acirema. They’re extraditing her to Ames to stand trial.”

“Good, I guess,” I told her. “I still can’t believe her…”

“Neither could I, Cam,” she told me. “I… She always seemed to believe the right things… I don’t know what changed…”

I couldn’t help but note that she seemed as sad as I was in life at this point. “So, what have you been doing? You disappeared after somehow bringing me Rings?”

I forced myself not to blush about the fact that she still sat beside my pillows on my bed upstairs.

“I did my depositions on Mom’s case, and made some statements about Dani…” She looked pained at those. “And I spent a few days in the hospital too… After you passed out from that beating Dani gave you they went after my butt with a hairbrush for a while as well. While you were still out they forced me to drink four bottles of breast milk laced with Little Go before diapering me. By the time the agents untied me I had blown out the diaper they put me in…”

She breathed in, “Then I was pretty much a mess as they took me to the hospital to get checked out. An agent drove me home once they found I was okay as I could be besides being told I would at least need to temporarily wear diapers thanks to the Little Go. I hadn’t been home fifteen minutes when Dani showed up…”

“What happened then?” I asked, “They said you were tied up?”

“She knocked me out with a taser again, tied me up, and then must have gone through my stuff to find some cash I had. The next thing I knew the police were there…”

“I’m sorry,” I told her. “How did she even get free?”

She shrugged, “Since we were both unconscious, she convinced the agents she was also a victim… so they let her go to come check on her sister.”

“I guessed it was something like that too… So, are you okay now?”

She blushed, “It took me about a month to recover afterwards… I couldn’t face anyone, so I left town after voting in Ivy Nickerson to be CEO. After that I sold all of my shares and disappeared to a cabin in the mountains to recover. Honestly, I have enough money from selling my shares to live comfortably for the rest of my life… but I have no desire to be in Ames anymore. I’ve been traveling from place to place since then, just trying to figure out what I want in life… I know you can relate – I have no one in my life anymore.”

I could feel her pain and fully understood it. It was my own daily way of existing too. “Tell you what?” I said looking at my watch and seeing it was already an hour past when I normally had dinner. “You wanna go get dinner with me somewhere?”

“Why…” She started to say.

“Well since you’re asking that question, I assume you haven’t been listening to or watching the news?”

She shook her head, “I’ve avoided news ever since everything happened… I wouldn’t have known about Dani if they hadn’t called me.”

“Well let’s just say that in the midst of feeling every bit as depressed as you can imagine, something big happened today and I wouldn’t mind going out and celebrating with someone?”

“What happened?” she asked.

“I’m being nominated for the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals’ open seat.”


“But I’m too short?” I was a little annoyed.

She shook her head, “I was thinking too young? Isn’t that something that normally goes to someone in their forties?”

“It is, so we’ll see if I’m even confirmed, but even if I’m not it’s an honor to be nominated!”

She looked torn, “Okay, sure. Do you mind if I drive though? I don’t think I could fit in your clown car?”

“Clown car?!?” I glared at her. “It’s a perfectly sized car if you’re a normal height…”

She laughed, and I realized something.

‘I really missed her laugh.’

For a second there was a twitch of a smile on both of our faces.

‘I missed that smile too!’

I sat down in the front seat of her sports car since there were no backseats. She did have a backless booster sitting there that I grumbled about, but the truth was that it was a BIG car! As soon as she started the engine, the Addy of our college days driving like a crazy person definitely came out to play! We reached the small remote restaurant in half the time it normally took me to get there. I did have enough time though to call Aunt Ruth and talk to her about my offer. She seemed to think I would be more than ready for things – my understanding of the law was clear, and I knew how to be deliberate about decisions. We hung up after she also chastised me for trusting Addy, and telling me she expected a phone call tomorrow saying I was okay!

The restaurant was a unique high-end restaurant twenty minutes outside of the city. I’d managed to use my status as a regular to get a reservation at the restaurant when we left my house. Addy’s expensive sports car looked better than most of the cars in the lot, but it had plenty of high-end companions that she parked next to, which kept it from being a complete shock to see at the place. The old farmhouse the restaurant had been converted from had a beautiful wrap-around porch that we walked up a staircase to, and then I opened a door to reveal the maître’d’s stand just inside the doorway.

“Good evening Mr. Sylvester,” he said to me. “I see you have a lovely guest with you tonight. Please follow me to your table.”

“Thanks,” I told him.

“Come here often?” Addy asked.

I shrugged, “It’s one of the closest good restaurants to my house, and the food is as good here as anywhere I’ve eaten. The Chef immigrated ten years ago…”

Over an amazing dinner, Addy and I genuinely talked. We spoke about her feelings, my feelings, and even about the elephant in the room - her babying me.

“I’m sorry about all of it Cameron…”

“Tell me the truth Addy, what was with the hair all these years? You really wanted me as a girlfriend, or what?”

She blushed, “I…” I watched her squirm, “Look Cameron, I always enjoyed when we had sex… but a part of me always fantasized about the idea of having you dressed as my little baby girl too…”

“You like girls?” I asked her.

She shrugged, “I tried a relationship with a woman after I broke up with you in college. Honestly, it didn’t do anything for me. It was more just the idea of dressing you up and putting you to my breast?”

I nodded, “I wondered.”

“Okay, your turn to tell me the truth… Was being my little girl that bad?”

It was definitely my turn to squirm, but I shook my head, “Anyone else and it would have been utter torture, but with you, it wasn’t completely terrible. The massages you gave me, the attention… and honestly, the nursing was kind of nice.”


“So, Addy, I don’t have any desire to be adopted and be your baby girl? Look at the future I have in front of me now. As a judge on the Court of Appeals, I can make so much of a difference in the lives of people – Bigs, Mids, and Littles alike! I couldn’t do that if I was adopted.”

“What if it was just pretend play?”


“Oh, come on, we tried some different types of play in bed…?”

“You mean…?”

She smirked, “And then we enjoy the fact that my mom failed?”

I opened my mouth to respond, but couldn’t. Fortunately, dessert was delivered right then and I was able to hold off my response.

“How can I trust that you wouldn’t just drag me outside, dressed as a baby?” I asked her when I had one bite left in the cake.

“Well… I easily could, we both know that. But you can trust me, Cam.”

I mulled over that as I paid the check before she could, and then climbed back in her car. Back at my house, I said, “Honestly I’m not even sure everything still fits correctly with you.”

She looked at me surprised, “What, you think we need to test drive it?”

“Without the babying for a while?”

She looked thoughtful, “Okay, but you have to agree to sometimes go along with it?”

“Let’s talk later…”

My bed was a full-sized Big bed, so we easily fit on it together that night as we did verify that things fit - multiple times. When we were both finally tired out, she carried me to the huge oversized bathtub the contractors had installed before I bought the house. It was easily big enough for both of us, and I sat still as she gently washed me and then herself while I sleepily looked on at her.

Milk came from her breast in a few droplets.

“How do you feel about this…?” She asked me, while holding her breast.

I shrugged, “Amanda said she left me enough nanites to take care of it…”

“Then come here, baby girl?”

I felt my insides turn to goo at that statement. I felt a certain revulsion, but also a feeling of absolute pleasure as I let her place me at her breast sitting a couple of inches above the water. I didn’t immediately suckle though, instead, I pressed my tongue to her nipple and licked around her breast. I felt her shudder and smirked that I knew how much pleasure she was getting. A drop of the milk on my tongue meant my mind said it was time to drink the tasty drink though.

I nursed from both breasts, and sleepily dressed myself in pajamas and a Pull-Up, just to be safe. I soon lay cuddled up in her arms, staring at her beautiful face as we both went to sleep.



End Chapter 65

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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