In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 41

I FOUND MYSELF incredibly disoriented when I woke up on my bed. I wiped my eyes and pulled out the pacifier from inside of my mouth. ‘Did that really just happen…?’ I wondered.

Pressing on the front of my diaper, I was relieved to find it dry. ‘I definitely went while I was nursing… She probably changed me after I passed out?’ I blushed at the thought I would have slept through my body being manipulated like that!

I looked around the room and saw that the door to the hallway was closed. I had no way of knowing if she cared, but decided it was time to stand up and see what I could get away with. A real toddler wouldn’t necessarily stay in their room after a nap, so I decided that if she wanted a toddler without a crib, then she should be okay with that. ‘I just hope she doesn’t decide that means I need a crib…’

I went to the door and tested the door knob. I knew it had a lock on the outside based on the first day, but when I tried, the door opened.

Across the hall I could see the door to the nursery room was closed, hiding that ongoing threat of further demotion. Remembering the doll house, I knew that she had an office downstairs, would she be there?

I had barely started to climb down the stairs when Addison appeared at the bottom, “Did my wittle princess decide to wake up from her nap?”

I sighed, but nodded, “Yes… How long was I out?”

“You slept good for about an hour?”

I sighed with relief that I hadn’t been knocked out longer. I knew some Littles would be down for two hours or more after a nursing session like I had. Unfortunately, it didn’t completely rule out any effects from the breast milk. I was very much dependent on Stacy’s work to get me through this without a lifetime of diapers in front of me! ‘I sure hope David and Kendra got ahold of Amanda…’ I thought.

I walked down the rest of the steps and found myself suddenly picked up and in Addison’s arms. “What a big girl coming down the steps all by herself!”

I just sighed, “What now?”

“You want to go swimming? Miss Mindy left us dinner in the oven that should be done in about an hour?”

“Sure,” I said.

“I saw the perfect swimsuit for you when I was in your closet earlier!” She squealed again, and in spite of my hopes that she was above board with our talks, I couldn’t help but imagine she was just like every other crazy Amazonian woman wanting to play with her baby doll…

She carried me back up the steps I had just climbed down, and right back inside the room I had just ‘escaped.’ She stood me on my feet by the changing table before turning to the closet. I watched as she opened the door and dug inside for just a second, squealed, and quickly emerged with a bundle of cloth that I didn’t have a chance to look at as she sat it down on the changing table.

“Let’s see here… did they put in some swim diapers…?”

I watched her root around the boxes of diapers for a moment before saying, “They didn’t put any in here…” She looked thoughtful for a moment.

“I don’t have to wear one?” I suggested.

She laughed, “I’m not draining my pool because you have a poopy accident.”

“I wouldn’t…”

“You’re on Mommy’s milk as part of your diet now, I wouldn’t count on that.”

‘I really hope that statement is wrong…’ I thought as I sighed.

She looked thoughtful for a second and said, “Stay here, Mommy’ll be right back!”

I watched her leave the room through the open door. She went across the hall and opened the nursery room, but closed the door behind her for some reason. I watched the door reopen quickly and close, and then she came closer with a handful of colorful looking swim diapers. “Found some!” She told me excitedly.

“Great…” I said sarcastically.

She picked me up and put me up on the changing table, pulling the strap across my chest. I was relieved that the embarrassing bubble outfit was unsnapped and came off! ‘I wonder if she has a fireplace I could burn it in…?’ She opened the diaper up and said in a shocked voice, “I can’t believe you’re still clean and dry… Must take longer to effect bigger babies?”

“Or maybe I’m not a baby at all…?” I said smartly.

A pacifier was shoved into my mouth with a warning look. “Be a good girl or you can just go to bed right now without dinner!”

“Sowwy Mommy,” I said around the pacifier.

She kissed my nose, “I know you are.”

She pulled the diaper out from underneath me and didn’t even bother with a wipe since I was clean. I was still more than a little bit apprehensive at being completely naked right then, but she immediately slipped the swim diaper up my hips like a pair of underwear, and then undid the strap across my chest. She messed with a bundle of cloth for a second and then grabbed my feet to begin feeding them through the swimsuit.

It was only then that it really dawned on me that I’d be wearing a girl’s swimsuit outside!

She pulled the tightfitting spandex one-piece suit all the way up to my shoulders and guided my arms through the straps. She sat me up and had me face the wall while she began braiding my hair back again. I poked at some rectangular pieces that were attached to the suit and surrounded me.

“Isn’t that swimsuit so cute?!?” She cooed. “It has little floatation things so we don’t have to deal with those silly armband floats.”

“You remember I can swim, right?”

“Aww… You sure used to be able to, but you’re not the same person you were sweetie. You’re going to have to accept you need more help with things now. Mommy’s more than happy to help her little baby girl with all of those things though!”

I sighed and sat still while she was still braiding. Looking down I could see the very top of the suit was a light sky-blue color with a pink flower drawn on the area above my left chest. The material came to meet a pair of the thin shoulder straps I would expect from a girl’s swimsuit. Below it, on a white background, were hundreds of small and big flowers overlaid. It felt embarrassing and weird to basically have my legs uncovered like I was only wearing a pair of underwear. I never really considered that girls must feel pretty exposed whenever they wore a swimsuit like this.

On a real toddler girl it would have been a cute swimsuit.

On me…

“Done!” She said a moment later, happy with the braid she had tied.

She picked me up then and walked down to her bedroom where she sat me down on the bed. I watched as she found a bikini and sat it down on a dresser. She began pulling off her shirt and shorts revealing her underwear. I couldn’t help but feel aroused, watching as she took off her clothes. The swim diaper and suit made me feel horribly squished down below where things were running out space. The nursing bra she wore came off and fully exposed the breasts that I had fondled so many times in college, and now nursed from completely. Soon she was completely nude while she pulled the swimsuit bottoms up her legs, and only then finally turned away from me. She was facing me again though as it seemed like she took forever to tie the bikini top closed. I squirmed more as the swimsuit and diaper were very painfully constricting!

It subsided slightly as I watched her carefully braid her own hair, and then placed a swim cap on top of it.

“Mommy, how come I don’t have a cap?” I asked her after taking out the pacifier I realized was still in my mouth.

She laughed, “You’re a little girl, it’s okay for you to get your hair wet in the pool! You haven’t had it dyed or anything yet.”


She just shrugged and plopped the pacifier back into my mouth, “It might be nice for you to match Mommy? The judge said I could have your hair styled…”

I glared at her, but it did no good. She picked me up and carried me out to the backyard and through the protective fence to the pool area. There were a few tall umbrellas outside that were open, extending shade around them. On one end there was a large outdoor kitchen covered by an awning, along with a bar that looked appropriate to hosting a large party.

The themed pool’s waterfall was cascading downward, and I figured it must have had a thirty foot drop to the main pool. It appeared it was actually deep enough to dive from, and a dive board was cleverly hidden the more I stared at the feature. ‘Cliff diving into a home pool… Not something I would do even if I wasn’t being treated like a baby!’ I thought to myself. ‘Stacy would have been crazy for it though,’ I admitted. ‘That girl was part fish…’ I smiled as I thought about her arguing with Fred and Amanda that she was a ‘dolphin, not a fish!’

I noted that the pool was extra deep in that spot, marked six meters right there. The large pool looked to come up to one meter at the shallow end looking at the markings. I truly was a huge pool!

I refocused on my surroundings as Addy placed a couple folded pool towels down on one of the covered chairs. “Come here baby, we need to put sunscreen on you!”

I sighed as she began liberally spraying sunscreen on me, and then herself. ‘I hope this is a high-quality sunscreen,’ I thought to myself playing with the odd straps, ‘These tan lines could be really embarrassing…’

While she was doing it to herself it seemed to take longer, and I really just wanted to jump into the water… As much as I wanted to, I decided it was probably a better idea to wait for her. I did pop the pacifier out onto the towel as it seemed like a bad idea to take it into the pool to me. I couldn’t help but note that her overprotective mommy self was popping out badly since she…

‘Since she nursed me!’ I thought with an epiphany. ‘I forgot that they bond more with the Littles they nurse too…’

I looked at her and just hoped I was wrong about that. The last thing the plan needed was an overly maternal participant… ‘even though that would probably help since she’d defend me like a mother bear...’

“Mommy may I get in?”

“Wait for me, I know you liked the water before, and are in a hurry!”

I sighed as she fidgeted more with her swim cap and pulled a watch off. I found myself readjusting one of the straps on my shoulder then. The suit must have been a little too big, because it wanted to slide off of my shoulder. The bottom was giving me a weird wedgie, but the swim diaper at least prevented me from being too bothered by it now that at least things had calmed down there. I heard the click of a camera and looked to see her with her phone out.

“No pictures…” I whined.

“Yes pictures! All sorts of pictures! We might even have to go get some good baby pictures made this next week!”

I groaned, “Can we just get in the water now?”

She laughed as she was putting her phone in some sort of holster that she dropped around her neck. A second later she picked me up and hopped into the pool with me.

“Aah!” I said, not expecting that!

She smiled and let me bob in the water. The buoyancy pieces on the suit were more than enough to hold me up, but not quite as cumbersome as a life vest would have been. I found myself treading in the water just out of normal instinct still though.

The pool itself was the perfect warm temperature to feel good! It must have been a salt water pool, because it had a nice silky feeling to the water, and it didn’t seem as harsh as a lot of pools that I’d swam in over the years. With the thematic elements that were present I knew it was nicer and ridiculously more expensive than Amanda and Fred’s pool was. I sighed again, really hoping that Amanda had some ideas... or maybe Stacy could help somehow from her home dimension.

After a while I let go of my worries and forced myself to just enjoy the sensation of floating since I hadn’t been swimming in a while. I didn’t notice that Addison pulled out her phone again and took a few more pictures for a while. “Really?!?” I complained.

“Really!” She said and swam over to me. She said, “Selfie time!” She took one of us together and said, “No, you have to smile!”

“Do I have to?”

“I can always tickle you? Or find other ways of torture?”

“Fine!” I said and smiled.

“Not like that, like this!” She said making a face that I could see in the camera.

We must have spent five minutes with her trying to get a bunch of faces out of me, and I knew that all of these were probably going to end up on the social media accounts that she’d blocked me from years ago! ‘Look at my new baby! You probably recognize her!’

She finally let up and I swam to the other side of the pool by the waterfall area. I noticed that she took a couple more pictures from the distance of me underneath the dripping falls, before she sat her phone down on the wall we had entered, and swam over to me.

“Please tell me you haven’t really lost your mind?” I asked her.

“What does my wittle baby princess mean?” She asked me with a serious face.

‘Oh shit…’

Then she burst out laughing! “Okay, I’m not going to lie - I am having fun with this - but no I haven’t lost my mind.”

I sighed in relief, “You have had me really worried,” I told her.

“Well with Mindy around, I have to be careful. I don’t know if you were conked out from the milk or not, but she very clearly implied my mom is watching us.”

“I heard,” I told her. “She also implicitly threatened me on behalf of your mom… And to make it worse, now I’m going to a daycare tomorrow that your mom picked?”

She sighed, “Well, she did give me three choices… this was the best of the bunch.”

“How bad?”

“Well at least it’s not robot caretakers?”

I gulped.



End Chapter 41

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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