In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 13
Weekend Get Away

DURING THE FIRST week back, I could tell that Addy was getting more stressed about her classes and her family. She refused to talk about the details, but suffice it to say I guessed that her mom was probably pissed off at her dating me still. I worried about her, and decided I wanted to do something nice for her. I carefully planned out a date night with dinner, followed by a show in a nearby city. I made reservations for a hotel room that even had a built-in jacuzzi for the bathroom, and did everything I could to ensure we could have a great time. I had convinced her to keep her Friday afternoon until Saturday evening open for a surprise.

Friday, we headed to one last class that we both shared, intro to computer programming, and she kept trying to badger me for information. “So, what is my mysterious boyfriend planning this weekend?” she smiled.

“Well, it’s still a surprise, but you’ll need to drive if you don’t mind? I would drive but we’d need a shoehorn to get you into my car!”

She laughed, “I figured. What do I need to wear?”

“Bring a nice dress for tonight, maybe a bathing suit, pajamas, and something casual for tomorrow?”

She gave me a questioning look, “So this is an overnight trip you’re kidnapping me on?”

I smirked, “Assuming that you’re game for it?”

She smiled, “I have to now! I’ve got to see what romantic weekend my boyfriend came up with here!”

After our class she said, “How are you with this? Does it make sense?”

I shrugged, “I think so… but if it doesn’t, I know who I’m calling for help!”


“My friend Stacy?”

“She’s good with computers?”

“She’s like a genius from what I understand. She skipped out of all of the lower-level programming classes.”

“Hmm…” she looked thoughtful. “I can be packed in about twenty minutes to leave?”

“Sounds good, I’m already packed. Why don’t I just come over to your dorm once I grab my things?”

“That works,” she said, “I’ll have time to change wherever we’re going?”

I nodded, “Especially with the way you drive!”

She stuck her tongue out at me, “I’ll see you soon Cam.”

As I went upstairs to my dorm room, I couldn’t help but think about the fact she was beginning to call me that more and more. Most people calling me that would bother me, but I called her Addy… so I guess it was okay to have a shortened name for me too.

I was already packed and able to grab my rolling garment bag with my suit inside of it, pajamas, next day of clothes, toiletries, and my bag with my computer just in case I needed it. I took one last look around to make sure that I had my wallet and my credit cards, just in case they couldn’t take the payment off of my phone. I double checked that I locked the door, then headed off to Addy’s dorm.

One of her friends saw me downstairs and said, “Ooh… Addy told me you were going on a mystery trip… I wish my boyfriend did romantic things like that!”

I smiled, “Thanks,” I told her and kept going upstairs. I’d hung around her dorm quite a bit towards the end of the semester, so I was considered normal. I reached her open door just as she zipped up her suitcase.

“There you are!” She said with a smile. “I take it you’re ready?”

“Yep, you?”

“Just want to hit the potty one last time.”

I nodded, “Actually that’s a good idea, I’ll run down the hall and be back.”

I went down the hall to one of the boy’s suites and used their bathroom quickly. The toilets in this dorm were all Big sized, so it was a bit of a pain to use them, but I managed okay by standing. When I had to go more than pee though it was a bit of a struggle to get on top - even as a Mid!

Both of us having taken care of the necessities, we walked to her car and loaded our bags in the tiny trunk in the front of her car under the hood. “That’s so weird,” I commented.

She laughed, “Normal for this type of car though. So where am I driving?”

“Oak City,” I told her. “I’ll program your GPS for the destination – it’s the hotel we’re going to stay in.”

“Alright,” she said with a smile. “I haven’t been there in a while.”

I sat in the seat and watched her get on the highway and gun it. She really didn’t care about the speed limit, and a ninety-minute drive was over in just under an hour! She pulled into the fancy hotel I’d booked us a room in and asked, “Can you afford this sweetie? I don’t want you to feel like you have to impress me?”

I looked over at her, “I’ve been saving up for something like this weekend. I can tell that you’ve been really stressed. I can afford it, and even though I know you could do so too, I’d like to do this for you as a thank you for all you’ve done for me.”

She kissed me on the lips and we stepped out of the car. Addy took care of our luggage and valeting her car while I walked into the reception area. There was a Betweener just a bit taller than me working the counter.

“May I help you sir?”

“Reservation for Cameron Sylvester?”

He looked at me a bit suspiciously, but proceeded to check me into the system. His manager came over then, “Sir, I’m going to need to see your identification in order for us to secure a hotel room for the evening.”

I shrugged and handed him the license out of my wallet. He stared at it for several moments. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Addy coming over. “Sir, we’re going to need a guardian to secure this room for you.”

“Excuse me? Your policies state that anyone eighteen and older can rent a room with a valid credit card and ID. I’ve presented both of those to you.”

“Sir, if you were taller that would be the case…”

“Wait a second, I’m not a Little. If you look at my license, you’ll clearly see my height is above seventy-two inches. Even if I was shorter than that it’s not legal to discriminate any form of contracts based on height. If you really want to go there please let me know, I’ll be calling your corporate headquarters and filing a suit with the courts.

“And I’ll be happy to have my family lawyers help out,” Addy said suddenly beside me.

“Ms. Harris?!?” he seemed surprised, “You know this… umm… gentleman?”

“Yes, he’s my boyfriend.” She told him.

“But… you… he…”

“Back to the matter at hand I said to him, are you going to choose to discriminate here or not?”

“Ms. Harris I’d be willing to rent the room to you…”

“Either you rent it to Mister Sylvester, or we’re walking away. I’ll make sure we don’t use your hotel anymore…”

He looked genuinely upset and torn, “Okay, finish the room for him,” he told the clerk. “Do you need a crib brought up?” he had the nerve to ask Addison.

“Cameron, I think we should go find a better hotel.”

“Sounds like you’re correct.” I looked at the manager, “You will cancel this without charging me a dime.”

“Well, we say that you have to cancel outside of twenty-four hours…”

“I’m here, and tried to rent a room, you’re cancelling it now.”

We had a staring match before he took a quick glance at Addy, and began working a keyboard for a computer himself. I was soon presented with a receipt for zero dollars. “Great, I’ll make sure the word gets out about your terrible service,” I told him. I walked out with Addy, “I’m sorry…”

She laughed, “That was actually kind of fun honestly. I know of another hotel not far from here.”

We got checked into it and I found the hotel was as nice, but slightly more painful to my wallet initially until we explained what happened. Apparently, they were part of the same ownership group and our room ended up being comped while their manager tried to undo the damage of the other hotel. I was just grateful when we finally had a key and made it upstairs to our room.

It was a large suite with a kitchenette and living room, a separate bedroom and bathroom, and a balcony that had a jacuzzi sunken in. After we set our stuff down in the bedroom she reached down and picked me up to plop me on the bed where she laid down, with me on top of her. “Sorry your plans got a little delayed here…” she told me as she kissed me quickly.

I smiled, “I’m still here with you, it’s worked out. Besides you drive so fast we still have plenty of time for our dinner reservations, and will make the show just fine?”


I smiled at her and told her the name of the show we had tickets for, “I’ve wanted to see that! I just didn’t have time to go on a trip out to see it during its main run!”

I smiled, “I remember you talking about it.”

“So how long until we need to leave for dinner?”

“About an hour?”

“Not much time then,” she said and rolled over pinning me underneath her. She kissed me again, but this time it was a long and sensual kiss. “Thank you for thinking of me and doing this,” she told me.

“Anything for you,” I told her with a smile.

She kissed me quickly again and got up from the bed and sprinted to the bathroom to get ready. I sighed contentedly for a moment before rolling over and finding my own bag and starting to dress in my suit. I had just undressed to my boxers when she came back out quickly, wrapped in a towel, to grab her makeup bag. I blushed a little for some reason, but kept getting dressed and waited for her to finish. She came out dressed in a stunning sparkly blue dress, and I was glad I had on a nice three-piece suit!

“You look amazing Addy,” I told her.

She smiled down at me, “You’re not too bad yourself!”

I smiled, “I have no doubts I pale to you. If you’ll let me hit the restroom really quick, I’ll be ready too,” I told her.

Our dinner reservations were at a nice restaurant that I had already made a reservation for. To my relief the restaurant seated us with no issues at all, not even a kid’s menu in sight! We had a great meal, enjoying each other’s company, before heading to the show that I knew she wanted to see.

I had purchased seats on the floor level, though not the most expensive, and we both had a good view of the musical. I was a little surprised when they actually had a Little as an actor. He was diapered, but clearly, he could still speak, walk, dance, and sing at a level at least equal to his fellow cast members. At the end of the show, he received the biggest ovation from the audience, and it seemed like the audience respected him as more than a stupid baby. I smiled at that!

A more sobering thought was maybe the fact he was a ‘freak’ was why they liked him…

After the performance we returned to the hotel room and after a dip in the jacuzzi, we ended up in bed together kissing passionately in our pajamas to continue a make out session we began in the water. I found the buttons on the front of her blouse and gradually unbuttoned all of them before she removed it and revealed her bare chest. My eyes looked lustfully at her beautiful breasts, and soon I was fondling them. My own shirt was lost soon after that, along with my pajama bottoms, leaving her only in her panties, and me only in my boxers.

We were passionately making love when my mouth kissed her nipples, and lovingly gave a suckle upon one.

I was shocked when milk squirted into my mouth!

I found myself both repulsed, and longing for more right then as it tasted amazing!

I blushed and moved away, “Umm…”

She looked just as shocked, “Damn, they haven’t done that for a while…”


She sighed and shook her head, “I’m sorry too, that felt amazing!” She kissed me on the mouth again then, and a moment later said, “I wish I could get you to go ahead and empty them…”

I sighed, “Addy I would love to, but we both know it’s…”

“Addictive and will probably mess with your control …”

I sighed, “Yeah…”

She hugged me tight as I felt like cold water had been flung on both of us. “Sorry if I ruined your mood,” she told me, “I know how much you fear being seen as a Little.”

I nodded, “Sorry…”

She didn’t respond though, instead pulling my boxers away, and beginning to pay attention to the beast below. “Did you bring any condoms?” She asked me.

I looked at her in shock… “My wallet…?”

“Get one over here…” she told me, “Time to see if this can really work for us.”

A half-hour later I think we both decided that the pieces still assembled properly. After a trip to the bathroom for both of us to clean up, we cuddled up together and slept together for the first time.



End Chapter 13

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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