In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 19

THE LAST SEMESTER of my undergrad years both flew, and dragged by, after I returned from break. Without Addy to hang out with, I tended to spend more time at Stacy’s or Megan’s that spring. ‘Meggy’ had managed to adjust to the new normal with Megan, but really was treated as maturely as could be allowed by a Big who adopted you. The one exception was that she had finally convinced Megan to stop throwing away the milk that she was constantly pumping, and allowed her to remove it for herself. It quickly finished off what limited control of her potty-training Meg had remaining, but she didn’t mind because it made it less stressful to not have to force herself to go poop in her diapers. She believed it was easier to just have a genuine accident and go ‘oh, my diaper’s poopy?’

It was a bit awkward, but I’d been over at Stacy’s several times and watched as both of them were nursed by their ‘mommies.’ Stacy in particular seemed to behave more needy than in the past as we got closer and closer to graduation. I suspected it was since she knew that her return to her dimension was imminent, and she would have to say goodbye to Amanda - whom she had grown very close to!

A week before graduation she invited me over to her house, and led me upstairs to her room. She shut the door, pressed some buttons on a tablet, and said, “Cameron, I need to talk to you about some things…”

“Like what?” I asked curiously. This was the most secretive she’d ever behaved – which was saying something!

“I’m going home Saturday after Commencement, and I feel like I need to at least let one person in this dimension know about some things.”

I was really curious, “Like what?”

“Well first, I need to apologize to you... I did something to you a few years ago and didn’t tell you about it.”

My eyes narrowed, “What did you do to me?”

“Remember freshman year when you told me that Addy,” my gut clenched at her name. She clearly grimaced herself then, “You told me that you had been making out, and accidentally got a mouthful of her milk?”

I nodded, “I never went near there again… I was too nervous of becoming another incontinent Little.”

She smiled, “You could have multiple times a day, and it never would have been a problem.”


“I doubt you remember, but the next week you helped me with getting my bag down from a table. While you handed it to me, you were shocked by something that felt like a static charge?”

I thought for a second, “I kind of remember that…”

“Well, you’d mentioned wishing you didn’t have to worry about it… and I didn’t want to have to worry about seeing another friend joining the permanent diaper train. So… I transferred some nanites to you.”

“What…?” I gasped. “Is that why I don’t have any body hair still?”

She shook her head, “No, that’s still down to that awful prank. The main thing I programmed them to do was clear the protein that’s in Amazon's milk from your nervous system. That protein binds to receptors and it’s what would have rendered you incontinent.”

I breathed a sigh of relief, but I was still a bit annoyed, “You could have asked…?”

“I couldn’t let anyone know I had that ability Cam.”

I nodded my head a little at that, “Did it do anything else?”

“Not yet, but I would like to add something for you.”


“You’re still susceptible to some of the hypnotic suggestions that are out there, right?”

I blushed! She knew that just a few months ago I had fought for a month to avoid a sudden night time thumbsucking issue after watching a movie at Megan’s. “I guess I am…”

“I’d like to add a routine to the nanites that are inside of you to filter that out.”

“You can do that?”

“That’s how I escaped those Venture people freshman year,” she told me.

“Any risks?”

“I don’t think so with this.”

“With other things?”

“Well, when I did the more significant things with Bella, she unfortunately shrunk.”

I felt my eyes open, “That won’t happen, right?”

“It shouldn’t.”

I thought for a moment. Stacy was one of the smartest people I had ever met… and she was pretty sure of herself, so I decided, “Yeah, go ahead.”

She pressed some buttons on her tablet, and I suddenly felt a jolt over my body, but it was over in an instant. I looked at my clothes and was grateful to see no change in my height!

“You said there were other things?” I asked her.

“I have a prototype of something I want to release in the wild. I want to leave information with someone just in case the information is needed though…”

“What’s it do?”

“Hopefully helps get rid of some of the cruelty towards Littles?” She stopped, “Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve used it on my aunts and uncles. It should activate in two weeks once I’m gone. Another with my cousins will activate in a month. If all of those work… then maybe it could be released elsewhere…?”

“Tell me more…”


THE WEEK OF Commencement both sets of my grandparents came into town to see me graduate. That night after I walked the stage, we had a big party at my house to celebrate my degree, and my acceptance into the Harlan School of Law. It was easily the most prestigious law school in the country, and I was going to end up being paid to go!

Grandpa Jack and Grandma Wendy came to see us very few times when I was growing up. Most of the time we saw them involved us driving the ten-hour drive to their home once a year in the summers. They hadn’t seen me in person since my high school graduating year, so I definitely matured a lot since then! Fortunately for Dad and I, they got along with my Mom’s parents quite well.

“What happened with that girlfriend of yours?” Grandpa Frank asked.

“Girlfriend?” Grandma Wendy asked.

I sighed, “It didn’t work out unfortunately,” I tried to leave it at that.

“No wonder, she was like the total opposite of you dear,” Grandma Suzy said.

“That wasn’t the problem,” I tried to reign in my temper and emotions. Even five months later the wound was an open sore for me.

“What was the problem then?” Grandma Wendy asked.

“Her parents didn’t approve of her going out with a Mid. Marrying me was completely out of the question… they told her she had to break it off with me or they would cut her out of her inheritance.”

“Was it a big one?”

“You could say that,” I said sadly. “I really don’t want to talk about her though.”

“Fair enough,” Grandpa Frank said, trying to put the genie back into the bottle. “You excited to move to your new school?”

I nodded, “I’m looking forward to seeing another part of the country. And I’m looking forward to being at the best of the best,” I told him.

“I’m jealous that you’re getting this experience,” he told me.

I smiled at that, “I just hope it all works out!”

“I’m sure it will! Just don’t forget about us when you’re the big shot lawyer!” Grandpa Jack said.

I smiled at that. After we enjoyed a great dinner, I opened a stack of presents everyone had given me. The first one was a bit larger than the others when I opened it. I was excited to see a really nice leather satchel briefcase from Grandpa Frank and Grandma Suzy that looked really classy. It was sized to look perfect for my height!

“Thanks!” I said as I gave them a hug, “I’ll use this all of the time I’m sure!”

I also received a leather portfolio notebook from them that matched the brown leather too. My other grandparents gave me a really nice pen set with my initials on it. Dad had bought a new computer for me to use - something that surprised me since my current one worked just fine! I thanked him though, and soon enough the party was over. They had all left the next day to return home, leaving Dad and I alone, when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” I said to him since he was working on a load of laundry. I opened the door and was surprised to see Mr. Fehler holding Beth on his hip.

She sucked on a pacifier, wearing a very short dress that displayed an attached onesie snapped together to cover most of her diaper. “Hi Cameron, we heard you had graduated, may we come in?”

“Sure…” I said as I motioned for them to come inside. I shut the door and made sure the blinds were shut. As if he was waiting for that he set Beth down and she ran over to me and bearhugged me!

“I’m so happy for you Cameron!”

“Beth… you’re running, and talking normally?!?” I looked over at Mr. Fehler, “You’re letting her grow up?”

He shook his head, “No, I’m certain if anyone found out about her recovering her locomotion or the teeth I had implanted, and fixing her tongue, we’d have a problem. As it is, we’re hiding the teeth under a prosthetic,” he said as Beth opened her mouth and pulled out a piece of silicone that reminded me of a mouthguard from sports, just a lot thinner and flesh colored.

“I still have to wear and use diapers everywhere but home… and go to daycare,” she squirmed a bit at that, “Anywhere we’re out I pretend nothing has changed… But at least when I’m at home Daddy is letting me be more of a big girl!”

“I’d ask you not to tell anyone…” He said to me and my father who had come in.

“You won’t hear it from us!” Dad said. “I’m glad to see Beth happier!”

“Me too!” I said with a smile and put my arms around Beth for another hug.

“Here, open it!” She told me and handed me a wrapped package.

“It’s all her,” her dad told me as we all sat down on the living room furniture, with Beth sitting right beside me.

I looked at the package and opened it up, finding a piece of black slate mounted vertically to a wooden base. It had a poem inscribed on it.



Growing up we found ourselves to be like,
two peas in a pod. Together we grew
to find that life was not to be alike.
Inches, mere inches kept us from a view.

A dream to grow, a dream to be together.
Inches, just inches, sent our paths askew.
May this be a token and a tether,
For our memories of love, in inches.


I felt the tears in my eyes just then and hugged her, “I’m sorry I never realized…”

She laughed, “I never pushed… It never seemed like there could be a future for us… well for me once you finally grew.”

“Why don’t you two go up to your room Cam?” her dad suggested.

I gave him a questioning look, and he gave me a nod.

I grabbed her hand and led her upstairs to my room; grateful I had just made my bed that morning since my grandparents were still around.

“Nothing has changed here?” She said as she sat down on the bed.

I shook my head, “No, it’s like a time capsule every time I come home… well, I brought everything home this time I guess.”

“So other than graduating, how have things been? You and Addy…?”

I sighed, “She broke up with me just before Christmas when I proposed to her.”

“That’s awful Cam!” she told me.

“Yeah… I’ve had a hard time getting over her this semester. It gave me a lot of time to think though,” I said to her.


“About the one who got away, because she was mere inches from me,” I told her.

I stared into her eyes and wondered if it would be okay to kiss her now that she was mostly back to normal. I didn’t have any time to decide that for myself, as she launched herself at me and kissed me with more passion than Addy had ever done. I kissed her back, and found myself being practically attacked with her passion.

“What will your father say…?” I asked taking a quick break.

“I told him what I wanted to do with you.”

“Oh, what is that?”

“Make up for lost time…”

Her diaper and my underwear were the only things that stayed on over the next hour. I didn’t have a condom or I might have considered letting her convince me to go ahead the rest of the way.

“Please?” she had asked me.

“I can’t risk getting you pregnant… I’m already risking my possible legal career right now…” I told her.


I sighed, “Because even though you are an adult, the court considers you to be a minor…”

“You don’t really love me,” she started to say, but I kissed her firmly on the lips.

“That’s not the case at all! I just need us to be cautious here Beth. I have three years of Law School to go. I’ll come back at breaks, and if your dad is a willing accomplice to bring you over here… well, we can see what will happen. But maybe, just maybe, by the end of those three years we can get you an emancipation hearing?”

“That’s not possible… is it?”

“Not in this state… but maybe if your dad moves you over to another state with better laws you all can work on that while I go to school.”

“But if I came back here?”

“Who says you have to come back here?” I smiled, “It’s not like there’s much keeping either of us in this crappy town?”

She smiled, “Okay, I work on getting certified as a grown-up again, and you work on becoming a big-shot lawyer. I can live with that.”

“Great,” I told her and gave her another kiss. “You get that certificate and I’ll show you what we can do as adults…”

I helped her put back on the dress and snapped the crotch shut for her. Her diaper was getting pretty soggy, so she needed to go home and get a change.

Over the next three months I was at home Mr. Fehler brought her over at least once a week. We would videochat every day for hours at a time otherwise. Each time he came I gave him information about some places they could move and overturn the Maturosis diagnosis. They had already managed to get past the hardest part of things, the re-potty-training, by the end of the summer.

She had an occasional setback since she was only able to use the potty at my house and her own… It bothered her that at daycare she had to make sure she continued to act like a drooling infant. There she still had to crawl around, eat meals of only baby food and formula, and still pretend that pooping and peeing her diapers was normal for her.

The night before I left for law school, Mr. Fehler brought her over and handed me a package inside of a bag. I blushed when I realized what was in it. “Is that a good…? You are okay…?”

“You both need it,” he told me. “Just make sure you use that. You might want to have her use the potty first…”

It was probably the stupidest and riskiest idea of all time! But, I took him up on the offer when she made all of the moves towards me. Taking her diaper off was among the weirdest things I’d ever done, but when it was off I discovered that things definitely fit together much better than they had with Addy!

I was still smiling from the experiences the next day as my plane touched down on the ground in the city that held my law school.



End Chapter 19

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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