In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 56

“I… I GIVE my permission, Your Honor,” Addy said with a shaky voice. She was really nervous, and I was quite frankly scared this was going to be the final straw for her mom to use her nanite trigger.

“Very well, let’s see this video,” he said, unaware of the full situation there.

A glance at her mom revealed an angry flushed face that made her look as mad as I’d ever seen her. She seemed to try and kill Addison with just her look, but everyone’s faces were soon distracted as the video began playing of me having headphones placed over my ears, and a screen began to show a pattern just on the edge. The footage was paused, “Your Honor, due to the danger of this footage, we do not wish to show the full film?”

“You’re certain it’s hypnotic in nature?”

“Yes, Your Honor, I have a lab report here to verify it from an independent lab.”

A document was sent up, “Very well, do you wish to play any more of this?”

“Just the end of it.”

I watched as the screen showed her pick me up from the chair.


“How are you feeling, baby?” She asked me while wrinkling her nose, “I guess the time was well spent, it smells like you left a nice little egg in your diapee for me like a good birdie!”

I watched as she carried me to the changing table in her office. She laid me down and went across my chest with the safety strap before unsnapping the crotch of my outfit’s pants, undoing the onesie beneath it, and then reached the diaper.

“What a good little baby birdie!” she cooed at me. “I’m looking forward to years of playing with you!”

I was pretty impassive in sitting there right as she tickled me a little.

“Hmm… Have to adjust your program after your case. Need you to be a bit happier!”

I winced at my naked poopy butt displayed to the court, as she wiped my butt with a few baby wipes. “Always dreamed of getting you into one of these like your friends!”


I had been completely aware during the session, but it made me more nervous to watch her behavior from a third person view. When it was over David asked Mrs. Lexington, still on the stand, “How did you obtain this?”

“Through an electronic exchange between Doctor Dannigan and Aubry Harris.”

“What else was said?”

“The problem was taken care of…”

“You take that as meaning?”

“Clearly all of the evidence points to the likely conclusion that Aubry Harris solicited the services of Doctor Dannigan to hypnotize Cameron.”

“Did it work?”

“Good question, according to the report we received, normally that was a strong enough hypnosis session to have easily implanted the trigger phrase. From the electronic exchange it seemed that anytime someone mentioned ‘I heard a little birdie,’ or any other ‘birdie’s fly’ phrase he should have been pooping his pants. I do not know what’s prevented it from working, but I do know that it’s an effective technique nearly all of the time.”

“When is it not?”

She shrugged, “You’d have to ask an expert on that. I’m just relaying the report.”

“Fair enough…”

David continued to ask questions for the remaining amount of time and Mrs. Lexington provided documentation of the communication with Kristin as well as threatening letters to Doctor Chester once that had failed. I felt that the testimony was all compelling and damning. It was weird that the opposition asked only a couple of questions then and moved on.

‘Is there a fix in the works here too?’ I wondered nervously.

“We would like to call Addison Harris,” Kendra said after he left the stand.

I was surprised by that move, given they hadn’t even mentioned that as an option earlier that day. Apparently Henry was too, as he objected, but was overruled. Once she was sworn in, Kendra began, “Miss Harris, how long have you known our client?”

“Since the first week of classes at Emerson University. He was my lab partner in our Freshman Chemistry lab.”

“Was that all he was?”

She shook her head, “No, I had no intention to do so at first, but Cameron was an incredibly special guy that I fell in love with. We began dating shortly after he began helping me with tutoring.”

“Just to clarify, you two had a romantic relationship?”

“Yes, a very close one,” Addy answered nervously.

“For how long?”

“A little over three years,” she answered.

“Why did you stop seeing each other…?”

She looked at her mom then, then looked at me, before sighing, “My mother didn’t approve of my relationship with him.”

“Don’t most mothers have issues with daughters’ boyfriends?” Kendra asked rhetorically. “What about Cameron did your mother not like? Clearly he was smart and capable?”

“She believed he was too short, and he wasn’t in the same league as us financially.”

“In essence she didn’t like Mr. Sylvester because he was just a Mid, and too poor?”

“He wasn’t poor… just not rich enough. Though I guess to my mother that might be the same thing.”

I turned and looked at her mom who was now visibly steaming. ‘Shit… Addy is sacrificing herself…’ I thought worriedly.

“What did your mother do to you to try and enforce her will?”

“Umm…” She looked even more nervous.

I turned to her mother whose face seemed to grow into a malicious grin on her face just then.

“Did she threaten you?”


“Are you scared of your mother Miss Harris?”

I felt bad for Addy, as she literally squirmed in her seat, “Isn’t everyone scared of their mothers?”

There were a few chuckles in the courtroom, including from Judge O’Connor about that. His serious façade had cracked for just a second and then went back up to a proper neutral expression. “I guess to some degree, but I mean are you as an adult still scared that she can punish or harm you?”


“I understand if you’re too nervous to answer with your mother over there.” Kendra said. “Knowing what we’ve discovered in our investigations I would be scared too.”

Addy shrugged nervously, “She’s my mom…”

“Yes, she is. Tell me Miss Harris, how long have you worked for your mother’s company, SafeFoods?”

“I’ve done part-time work since I was fourteen?”

“And full-time?”

“It’s been about a year-and-a-half I guess?”

“You’re twenty-eight, correct?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“Why so long before you started working?”

“Well, I did my four years of undergrad at Emerson, then I went to Mann for my Masters for two years, followed by two years at Beecher for my PhD in Biochemistry.” She paused, “Then I did a year of Post-Doc studies back here at Emerson.”

“And now you bring that knowledge back to your mothers’ company?”

She nodded, “Yes, I’m the head of the lab that checks products for impurities and possible harmful chemicals.”

“Solely in the lab? No human testing?”

She shook her head, “The closest I may occasionally get to a human test is if a blood sample is sent to the lab for testing.”

“Interesting, is that the role your mom ultimately wants for you?”

Addy shrugged, “I don’t know. Growing up she always said that Danica and I would take over the company when she retired.”

“Danica is?”

“My baby sister – she’s three years younger than me.”

“She also works for the company, correct?”

“Yes, she works on the public relations and advertising side of the company. She didn’t feel the need for grad work, so she actually beat me to working full time.”

“Do you see each other often?”

Addy shook her head, “We work on opposite sides of the complex, and rarely get together for meetings. I’d say once a week most of the time is the maximum.”

I wondered where her questions were going right then. “Would you say you two are close though?”

“Yes,” Addy said without skipping a beat.

“Close enough that you would do anything for each other?”

Addy nervously nodded, “Pretty much?”

“Objection, Your Honor, is this questioning leading anywhere?” Henry Johnson said then.

“Mrs. Stein?”

“It’ll be apparent soon? I just ask for a little bit of leeway here?”

“Very little, we didn’t schedule a six-week trial here…”

“Yes, Your Honor.” Kendra said to the judge and turned back to Addy. “For the past few weeks while Mr. Sylvester has been under your guardianship and you have been his ‘mommy,’ you haven’t dressed him as he is today, have you?”

“No, Judge Taney specified that if I was to take him as my baby, I could only either have him be a baby boy unable to walk, have his teeth removed, and have his stomach altered to only be able to process breastmilk or baby food, or I could have him be a little girl and changed into a girl that would be allowed to wear training panties and sleep in a big girl bed.”

 “You were supposed to choose for him?”

She squirmed, “Yes, I was supposed to choose. I let Cam tell me her… his preference though.”

“Which was?”

“Obviously she’d rather be a girl than a helpless fake baby.”

“So up until today, what had Cameron been wearing?”

“The cutest little girl outfits I could find… and diapers because of the injunction since I wasn’t able to complete the procedure there.”

“So, he’s been dressed in traditional girls’ clothing - dresses, rompers, onesies, etc.?”

“Of course, she’s been dressing as my little baby girl.”

“Including at his last court appearance, correct?”

“That’s correct, we had a cute matching mother-daughter set of dresses that day.”

“So why the change today?”

Addy squirmed a bit. “My mom sent me a note through our attorneys that she felt like it would be a good idea to dress him as a man one last time.”

“She said one last time in the note?”

She shrugged, “I’m pretty sure that everyone assumes this will go like most Maturosis appeals. I researched it, only two of these have overruled a Maturosis ruling and guardianship placement in the last twenty-five years.”

“It is rare, but does it maybe imply that she knew there would be a certain reason for his failure?”

“I don’t know?”

“Have you been breastfeeding him?”

I squirmed as much as Addy at that question, ‘That’s embarrassing…’

“Of course, all good mommy’s make sure they bond with their new Littles by doing so.”

“So, he’s worn diapers for several weeks straight now – you’ve been breastfeeding him, odds are that in the span of a day hearing he would surely have at least one accident. Why would you dress him in regular underwear?”

She shrugged, “I thought I was being kind honestly. He looks like his regular self except his hair at this point.”

“And if he had, or has an accident?”

“I have a spare outfit in her diaper bag,” she told her.

“But the main reason you dressed him like this today, was because of your mother?”

She looked nervously at her mother, but nodded, “Yes.”

“I want to move back to the day Cameron was declared in contempt of court, and sentenced to your care. Your vehicle already held a brand-new car seat, and a booster seat, that day correct?”

I noticed Addy looked nervous for real then. “Yes…”


“What do you mean?”

“Why did you already have car seats?”

“I’ve… I’ve honestly been thinking of adopting for a while… I decided to be fully prepared in the last few months.”

“Who have you been looking at?”

She looked guilty, “Actually I’ve been thinking about going through Emerson and adopting one of their Littles through their Student Services. I started on a playroom when I moved into the house as kind of a fun project, and then it just kind of spiraled out of control.”

“So, what work had to be done on your house the day Cameron was placed into your care?”

“Oh… well, I had never intended on a boy… so I had to have the nursery changed to a boy’s… some more toys were placed into the playroom for a boy… and then I had outfits dropped off in Cammie… I mean Cameron’s sizes.”

“So, you didn’t come into the courtroom planning on adopting my client that day?”

“Honestly my mom wanted me to adopt Cameron a long time ago instead of dating him, but I didn’t want to. The only reason I changed my mind in court that day was I didn’t want him going to an orphanage…”

My head was getting twisted with her bent truth, and it was borderline a case of perjury on her plans… but I guess she hadn’t planned on it. ‘She’d really been planning on adopting though?’ I wondered, a bit confused. ‘That doesn’t sound like Addy…?’ I thought. Thinking back though I could tell that she had genuinely enjoyed babying me… ‘She’s not the worst mommy out there either,’ I had to admit.

“While you’ve had Mr. Sylvester in your custody, has he shown many bouts of immaturity? Acted with aggression? Fought you?”

“No, she’s been the perfect sweet little baby girl…”

“If this appeal is denied, what are your plans for him?”

“Well, that would mean Judge Taney’s order goes back into effect? We would go back to the hospital and have the procedure performed to make him into a little girl.”

“And what would she do for the rest of her life?”

Addy shrugged, “I guess we would probably see about potty training once she adjusted to her new parts. If she can make it to the potty regularly, we’d probably move her up to a preschool class somewhere while I work.”

“She’d never be able to work again?”

“I believe one of the other people already mentioned if this is upheld, she’ll no longer be able to be on the bar association… I can’t see how she would work as an attorney without that even if I wanted her to.”

Kendra came back to the lectern for something, “Just a few more questions Miss Harris, do you recognize this young woman?”

I saw the picture briefly as she showed it to her, but her reaction was the bigger indication it was shocking. “Umm… Yes… that looks like a friend of mine from high school, Gina Miller.”

“Are you aware that Gina’s parents declared her a missing person ten years ago?”

Addy squirmed slightly then, but I suspected only I noticed, “I wasn’t aware they had filed that, no?”

“Are you aware that the last time she was seen by her parents was when she left to go to work at your family’s company on a day in December ten years ago?”

“No, I haven’t spoken to her parents since high school?”

“Did you know she had a job at SafeFoods?”

Addy nodded, “I suggested to a department chair he should think about hiring her.”

“So, you got her the job?”

Addy shrugged, “She still had to interview, but I suspect my suggestion carried a lot of weight.”

“I bet it did!” Kendra said.

“Objection, Your Honor, relevance?” Henry suddenly said.

“Your Honor if you’ll please just give me just a few more moments of leeway? Miss Miller’s disappearance will become quite relevant?”

“This is the last leeway you’re getting!” He said, “I don’t want this case to last indefinitely!”

“Thank You, Your Honor. We would like to introduce into evidence Exhibit Seventy-One. This footage was obtained with the attached search warrant by federal investigators.”

“Your Honor?” Henry Johnson asked.

“Let me see the documentation Mrs. Stein.”

I watched in curiosity at this exhibit. She had told me that we’d gone over every bit of evidence, but this seemed way outside of that! I looked up at her as she went to have a sidebar with Henry and the judge. David gave me a shake of a head saying not to ask, and a moment later the judge said. “This appears lawfully acquired and admissible. It is entered into evidence per request.”

David pressed some buttons and a still of a scene showed on the screen. I recognized Addy’s childhood home, and felt my blood chill as I realized what they had somehow miraculously gotten their hands on!

“Miss Harris, do you recognize the location of this video?”

“Umm… it’s my parents’ house… my childhood home?”

“Do you recognize the young woman here?” She pointed at a figure I could tell was probably Gina.

“Your Honor?” She said just as I heard Henry Johnson shouting, “Objection!” and another voice crying, “How the Hell?!?”



End Chapter 56

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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