In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 58

I DIDN’T KNOW how to feel as the gavel fell. I believed the case was made as strong as possible for my appeal… I just didn’t know if the case law was going to support my release enough for Judge O’Connor’s standards. Kendra and David hugged me, “We’ll get the verdict you deserve,” David told me as he shook my hand.

Kendra had always been more touchy-feely and hugged me, “No matter what we’ll get this figured out Cameron. I’m sure it’ll go our way…”

“What now though?” I wondered aloud.

“For now, Mommy gets her baby girl back,” Addy said, reappearing behind me and picking me up. She placed me on her hip and turned to Kendra, “Please understand I would never have gone along with this on my own…”

“I think I believe that,” Kendra told her. “So how about not babying Cameron the whole nine-yards anymore?"

Addy shrugged, “You have no idea of the mommy urges we all have here in Ames, do you?”

My eyes opened up, and I realized part of what might have changed. “Did you suddenly start feeling more like you needed a Little the summer we graduated?”

She blushed, “Yeah… It was weird. I know Mom always talked something about this biological pull… and some of my classmates had that too.”

I groaned and all three looked at me. “I don’t know whether I can explain…”

Suddenly Amanda appeared, “I heard that… I agree, Cameron, and I think I know what you’re thinking.” She looked squarely at Addy in the eyes, “Your mom has your house fully wired up for video and audio eavesdropping, correct?”

Addy nodded as she bounced me in her arms. It felt even more awkward being babied in the suit! “She claimed it was court ordered?”

Kendra shook her head, “Definitely not!”

“So, we could remove it all?”

“I’d be willing to take a look at it?” Amanda told her quietly. “Might be better to just make it stop seeing what’s actually going on?”

“When can you come by?”

“Later tonight?” she paused, “I have to go pick up my daughter from daycare, and it’ll be a while before her daddy gets home to watch her?”

“You could bring her out with you?”

She shook her head, “I don’t think she would be very polite with you right now, and I don’t feel like punishing her.”

Addy jolted a bit, but nodded. “Okay…” she told her and gave her the address.

“We’ll be coming by at random times,” Kendra told her.

“That’s fine, I promise I’m not going to hurt Cam.”

“I believe you,” Kendra told her. “But I need to make sure – we want our partner back.”


“Partner,” she told me, “If this case has proven anything, you’re the unsung partner that we should have already promoted to that level. We’ll talk about the details and a buy-in later, but I figure when we get the proper ruling it should allow us to sue and gain that for you if you don’t already have it stashed away.”

“I’ll pay the buy-in myself,” Addy shocked me.

“What?” I asked in shock.

“I have a condition, but we’ll talk later. But I can’t imagine it would be more than a drop in a bucket for me. And… as much as I’m not behind everything, I have been an accomplice,” she blushed.

I found myself hugging her, “I don’t like it, but I understand. Shall we get going?” I asked her.

“Yes, let’s go get a bite to eat. You two want to come with us? I’ll pay?” Addy said.

They looked at me and I gave them a shrug of ‘sure.’

“Okay, any place in mind?”

Addy suggested a place and I soon found her carrying me out to the car. A few reporters were hanging around and wanted a statement. Well, they wanted her statement, I was mostly ignored since I was ‘too little’ now to be questioned. Then again, they also just wanted to know about her awful mother…

She was in tears for a few minutes once she was in the car and had me strapped in. She’d taken my coat and set it beside me, but the suit was otherwise left alone as I sat inside the car seat.

Addy was one of those Bigs who always insisted on driving themselves, and not using the computer, so I was rather surprised as she set the self-driving mode and just looked ahead. She looked back at me a few moments later and I saw her face was again covered in tears… and hated to see it!

She turned her eyes back to the road and I tried to figure out how to say anything in the awkward moment.

When we eventually came to a stop in a parking lot, she came around to my door and unbuckled the harness. I grabbed her around the neck and hugged her, “I’m sorry Addy…”

She squeezed me back, “Me too… When we get home, we need to talk. Listen… we probably should have a diaper on you for the sake of the court order…”

I thought for a second, “You’re my mommy, I don’t have to wear a diaper if you don’t think I need one.”

She looked at me, “But Judge Taney…”

“You really think she’s going to be a judge much longer? It’s possible my adoption gets upheld… but the other parts would probably be struck down even then.”

“You sure?”

“I am a lawyer…”

“Were…” she said sadly… “Hopefully again at some point. You’re sure you and I won’t get in trouble?”

“Did the judge cite you for a violation today?”

She shook her head, “No…?”

“We’ll be fine, but I won’t fight you either way.”

At that she leaned over and grabbed my coat, pulled me from the car and helped me into it before saying, “Well, shall we get some dinner?”

I nodded and followed beside her. We had arrived at another restaurant that the two of us used to go to often when we were dating. It featured some amazing seafood courses that I always enjoyed! Addy stepped up to the maître’d and said, “Table for Four?”

He looked down at me, “Will you need a booster seat or a high chair this evening?”

“A booster seat please,” she told him.

“It’ll be about fifteen minutes or so,” he told us.

“That’s fine,” she said.

We had just sat down on a bench to wait for the table when Kendra and David walked in. I waved at them, and noticed that Kendra was as surprised as I was to see me continue to be dressed in normal clothes. We talked for a few minutes

Right then I felt a need to use the restroom. I stood up, “Where are you going?” Addy asked.


“You can’t go by yourself…” she told me.

“Can he go with me?” David asked her.

She made a face, but nodded, “I guess, you are an adult after all.”

“So is he,” I heard Kendra say.

“Not legally,” she reminded her.

“Come on Cam,” he said.

I sighed and followed him to the bathroom. “This is ridiculous,” he told me as we both walked up to shorter urinals on the wall.

“You have no idea,” I told him. “If I don’t get out of this mess I’m going to go out of my mind.”

“That’s presuming you were in it to begin with?” He kidded me.

I groaned, but relieved myself in the toilet for only the third or so time in the past three weeks. I wished I felt the need to go poop right then, as that would have been even more glorious. The two of us washed our hands and returned to Addy and Kendra. We were about to sit down when I heard, “Harris?”

“That’s us,” Addy replied.

We were led to a table, and I was buckled into a booster seat attached to a chair beside Addy. “Would you like a booster seat for your little boy?” The waiter asked Kendra about David.

They both laughed, “No thank you.”

Menus were brought around, and they started to give me a kid’s menu – something I was willing to just suck up and deal with at that moment, but Addy said, “We need an adult menu for him please.”


“Did I stutter?” She asked.

“No ma’am, just a moment…”

After our orders were taken Kendra said, “I have to say I’m genuinely surprised Miss Harris, I didn’t expect to see Cameron dressed like this still… and you are defending him on the menu?”

She sighed, “Look… If it hadn’t been for my mother I would have said ‘yes’ years ago. Being afraid of being shrunk to a newborn, along with my innocent-ish sister at the time too, didn’t seem like the right move…”

“I wish you had said something…” I told her. “You saw that Amanda disabled it…?”

“I had no idea that was even possible…”

“Neither did I,” Kendra said. “You seemed to know it was though?” She asked me curiously.

I looked around the room, “It’s a story for another time in a freshly swept office.”

“That being said, it is incredibly difficult not to have wanted to change Cameron’s clothes right away. Am I in danger of a court issue?”

Kendra looked thoughtful… “It depends on what the outcome ends up being. If the ruling is upheld then yes, you in theory are violating the terms of your adoption and Cameron could be collected…”

“If the appeal overrules it?”

“Then there’s no way the other would stand.”

She looked at me guiltily, “It’s risky honestly to completely disregard it. I’m not your counsel… but I will say you may want to at least honor part of the requirements. I won’t say one way or another though.”

I looked up at Addy who nodded. “You know I never wanted a Little or anything when we were dating. It wasn’t until about a year later when I came home for Christmas my first semester of grad school that I ended up with this overwhelming nurturing urge.”

I narrowed my eyes; I was sure my theory was being bolstered.

“What? That’s the second time you’ve had that look on your face…”

“Not here…” I told her.

“How many secrets do you have?” David asked.

I shrugged, “A few… I have interesting connections. Is everything okay with my dad’s house?” I asked him.

“It’s under a temporary conservatorship agreement until the appeal is completed.”

“If my appeal fails?”

“Your property here definitely becomes Miss Harris’s to do as she wishes. The one back home in New Haven is a little different. You may still have some legal rights to that property, it’s a gray area.”

I nodded and sighed. “I just want to get out of this state and never return…”

Addy nodded, “I can see that… Honestly depending on what happens with Mom, I may think about getting out of here myself.”

The appetizers came out shortly thereafter and we began eating and talking. Some stories about Addy and I dating actually came out, and other stories from working together on some interesting cases were also shared with Addy. If it wasn’t for an impending feeling of doom on returning to babyhood when we went home, I would have actually fully enjoyed the evening out. It was the most like having friends I’d felt since law school.

After we finished the meal, I went to the bathroom escorted by David again, and this time made sure that I sat down on the porcelain throne and forced myself to enjoy taking a small dump in something other than my pants one last time!

Back at the car Addy looked at me, “Just to be safe… I want to dress you in a diaper for the trip back home.”

“Really…?” I asked.

“I don’t want to get pulled over and then you get taken away, do you?”

I shook my head, “Let’s get this over with?” She laid the changing pad out in the back of the SUV and laid me out on it. I lay there as she pulled my shoes off first, then my underwear and slacks were removed next. A diaper was laid underneath my bottom and taped shut before she pulled the slacks back up… or rather tried to. “These aren’t going to work,” she told me.

I sat up and looked in the diaper bag and saw a light pink romper sitting in there. “Just put me in that, and let’s get going please…?”

She smiled at that and I was soon stripped of the coat, the shirt and tie, and dressed in the infantile romper decorated with small little strawberries that looked almost like polka dots from a distance. It was basically sleeveless and made the bubble around my body that she seemed to love dressing me in. She carried me around to the car seat and buckled me in, leaving me a bottle of Plapple juice that was still cool from being in a cooler, and kissed me on the forehead before closing the door.

We had only been on the road for twenty minutes when her phone rang through the car. She engaged the self-driving feature and answered it. “Miss Harris?” Amanda said.

“Yes, Doctor Westerfield?”

“That’s me. Would it be okay if I stop by in about an hour?”

“That should work, we’re just leaving dinner and heading back. I think we’ll be there in about forty minutes. Enough time to be ready for you?”

“See you then,” she told her.

She looked up at me and smiled before taking the vehicle off of self-driving mode and most definitely breaking the speed limit laws all the way home. Once she was parked in the garage she came around to my side and set me on the floor and led me inside the house. “How’s that diaper?”

I blushed, “Dry…”

“Do you need to use the potty before Doctor Westerfield gets here?”

“You’re offering?”

She nodded, “Yes…”

“Sure,” I told her. She led me upstairs to my bedroom instead of the bathroom though.

A moment later I realized why as she went inside the closet and pulled a toddler’s potty out.

“Can’t I just use the real one?” I whined.

“It’s this or your diaper.”

I sighed, “Fine…”

I followed her down the hallway where she set it down in her bathroom next to her larger porcelain toilet. She reached down and ripped the snaps open on my romper and lifted it off of my shoulders, leaving me only in the diaper. “You should be able to undo that one…” she told me.

I didn’t need to be told twice as I pulled at the tabs. It wasn’t a Littles diaper, but I had to admit blushing at the fact I had to put some effort into ripping the tapes loose! I soon had them loose and set the diaper down on the ground. I was red as I sat on the pink potty and let out the urine that had built up from dinner and the bottle on the way home.

“All done?” She asked me with a wad of toilet paper in her hand.

I nodded and she immediately invaded my crotch and then wiped the back of me before standing me upright naked. I stood there blushing as she dumped the contents into her toilet and waited for her to put me back into the diaper. “Let’s go back to your room,” she told me as she picked me up and held my naked butt against her hand, and my groin against her side.

Unfortunately for me it was not a comfortable position when I became aroused. Back in my room she dug around for a moment and pulled out a box of Pull-Ups she’d bought the first day. I watched as she opened the box and pulled out a purple disposable diaper that pulled up and down. I looked at it skeptically.

“Better than a diaper?”

I sighed and nodded, stepping in.

“Let’s just put you into your jammies, you need to go to bed as soon as she’s done here…” I was soon dressed in another romper with a cartoon graphic set all over it on top of a light green color with purple bands around the openings. The front zipped closed and had a flap on top of that. “I’ll probably dress you in a diaper when she leaves just in case you have issues tonight…” she warned me.

I just nodded and followed her down the stairs as the doorbell rang. Amanda was there with a tablet and a small bag of something on her side. “Hi,” she said, “Cute,” she said about my pajamas. “I should get a set of those for Meggy and Bella… They love that show!”

I blushed.

“What do you need?” Addison asked.

“Well, let’s go one room at a time?” She paused and said, “I’m guessing this one is probably supposed to have a bedtime?”

“She has an hour?”

“Let’s start in her nursery?”

Addy nodded and ended up picking me up and placing me on her side to carry me upstairs. “Through here,” she told her. Amanda sat her bag down and began fiddling with her tablet. In the meantime, Addy sat down in the rocking chair with me and cuddled me up as we watched her work.

She worked for a while and I watched her brow furrow and she shook her head. “You have something on you,” she told Addy.

“My phone?”

“Let me see it…”

She looked at it and said, “Well this was an issue too, but that’s not what I’m picking up.”

I looked at her and saw she had her watch on. “The watch?”

“I wondered…” Addy breathed.

“Maybe?” Amanda said. She took it from her and said, “This was it…”

Another few minutes later she fiddled with the tablet again and said, “I think we’re clear now.”

“Umm… Amanda, I was wondering something if you’re sure it’s safe to talk?” I asked.

She looked at me and I felt Addy’s eyes as well. “We are good in this room. Curtains are closed and in a bad spot in the house too, so we don’t have to worry about someone getting something off the glass right now I don’t think.”

“They can do that?” Addison asked.

“Yes,” we both nodded.

“What’s up?” Amanda asked.

“Addy described something to me earlier and I’m wondering if she’s feeling urges based on what we talked about a few weeks ago.”

“You mean what Stacy left behind?”

“She never had the ‘need’ for a Little until just about the time that would have started.”

“It’s possible…” She shrugged, and grimaced, “I still don’t know what she did exactly though. What exactly changed for you?” She asked Addy.

She shrugged and shifted my weight slightly on her lap. “It was like all of the sudden I needed to hug and nurture a Little or a baby in my arms. I never ever wanted one… Then all of the sudden it came on so strong that when I built this house, I put together the perfect baby girl nursery, this room for a toddler, and the ultimate playroom.”

“That happens for some Bigs though?” She shrugged, “My sisters were the same way…”

“They were that way when they were younger though, right?” I asked.

“Sort of… they were more abusive then…”

“Any chance you can look into it?” I suggested.

“Let me get a scan of her?” She suggested. “No promises?”

“What are you two talking about?” Addy asked.

“Let’s figure out if there’s something we’re talking about at all first,” I told her.

Eventually after Amanda made some scans and took a sample of a few of her hairs, she said, “Let me continue through the rest of the house. Now that I’ve got a handle on their system it should only take me a few minutes per room,” she told her.

“Why don’t we get you settled for bedtime then?” Addison said to me. “Are you able to find your way around?” She asked Amanda.

“You trust me on my own?”

“As long as Cam trusts you, so do I.”

“Okay,” she said, I’ll get to work!

She left and Addy carried me to the changing table.

“Why bother putting a Pull-Up on me?”

“I figured it would be a nice gesture?” She paused. “I’d let you sleep in it, but if you are having any night problems, I don’t trust them.”

I sighed and said, “I’m really not…”

I sat still and let her unzip me. She pulled the onesie down to my knees and ripped open the Pull-Up. A moment later she had applied some lotion to me, and had me back in a thick diaper before she carried me to the rocking chair.

“I told you I had a proposition for you?” She said as she sat down with me.


“If your appeal is successful... and I do hope it is…”

“Then what?”

“Then I’ll fund your buy-in for your partnership in the firm – no repayment needed.”

“In exchange for what?”

She blushed, and I could tell she was embarrassed, “Just pretend to be my little baby girl until you’re hopefully released?”

I looked up at her, “The urge really is that strong?”

She nodded, “It was so hard today…”

“Can I wear Pull-Ups around the house?”

“Except bedtime and naptime? While we’re out it’s diapers too?”

I sighed, “It’s probably smarter anyway for the orders you were placed under…” I squirmed, “Okay Mommy, I’ll let you have your temporary pretend baby…”

She hugged me tightly. “Would you be willing to…?” She asked as she pulled the top of her dress out of the way.

“Yes, I’ll drink your tasty addictive boob juice…”

She tickled me at that and squeezed me tightly before positioning my mouth by her nipple. I hesitated for a second, but latched on and started nursing. I finished her second breast and was just being laid down when I heard Amanda coming to let her know she’d finished.

“Good night Cammie,” Addy whispered with a kiss on my forehead as she left to walk her out. I was pretty much out right away.



End Chapter 58

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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