In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 53
Prison Yard

THE REST OF Sunday and Monday I felt like Addy turned the mommy treatment back up quite a bit. She wasn’t intentionally demeaning... but she definitely acted like I was her actual preschool aged daughter. She insisted I try out the play equipment outside after Kendra left, watching me use the slide, climb the climbing wall on the swing set, pushing me on the swing, and even teaching me to play hopscotch. We’d finished the afternoon in the pool, before insisting I play in my playroom for an hour that evening before bed.

I would love to say it distracted me from what I had learned from Kendra… but it certainly hadn’t. I’d filled her in with a comment on her document about what she said the effects of the products had on Beth, her mom, and the others.

I went to bed on Sunday night having only nursed from Addy at bedtime. I was beginning to wonder if she had second thoughts on making my continence disappear like that.

Monday was more of the same from Sunday, but she insisted on playing ‘tea party’ with me for a while in the morning, playing dress-up with some costumes all afternoon, and then let me have some time on my own to read in the top of the indoor playhouse once Mindy had again taken off for the day. That evening she’d had another rum and coke while we watched a movie, and all I wanted to do was steal her drink instead of drinking the stupid baby bottle of Plapple juice I’d been stuck with!

‘I am going to get so drunk if I ever get out of this…’ I thought to myself morosely.

I was especially thinking that as I was carried by Addy inside the daycare the next day. “Hi, I’m here to drop off Cammie?”

“Oh… Hi Miss Harris!” the receptionist turned her smile way up at recognizing her. “Do you want to go ahead and take her to her room yourself? After the first day we usually let parents do so if they want?”

Addy looked at me, and then said, “You know what, I’d like that! I can see her classroom for myself this way.”

“Certainly! You’re just going to go down that hallway, Miss Crystal’s room is labeled and to the right and has a lot of bunnies on the door.”

“Thanks,” Addy said. She bounced me up and down, “I bet you’re excited to see Miss Crystal again, huh?”

“Not really…” I muttered aloud.

It was my first day back to daycare since Addy had epically ripped Kristin apart and sentenced her back to diapers… ‘Is she still wearing them?’ I wondered. I didn’t know if the daycare was open on the weekends, ‘so that would mean this would only be her second day of the minimum three days? And it sounded like it was really going to be at least three weeks,’ I smirked at that.

Addy easily found her way to Miss Crystal’s room and knocked on the door. “Hi, I’m here to drop off Cammie?”

“Oh, hi again Miss Harris!” she sounded nervous. “We’re happy to have Miss Cammie back with us!”

“I’m not happy about leaving her again, but I need to go into the office today. You have all of her notes still, right?” She said, adding, “I really want to make sure there aren’t any misconceptions on how she is to be cared for?”

“Yes ma’am, we do have them, and I’ll make sure that we follow them to the letter. By the way this is Miss Andrea, she is taking over little Kristin’s old spot.”

‘Little Kristin?’ I wondered.

A college aged woman came over at the sound of her name. “Oh, aren’t you just a cutie?!?” She squealed at seeing me. I was wearing a pair of pink denim shortalls that day, with a yellow t-shirt that had lacy frills along the collar and sleeves. The bib of the overall hid the cartoon character that claimed I was the ‘cutest pwincess eva’ in childlike scrawl on the t-shirt below. I had shaken my head at Addy with it, but I knew it had some value as camouflage.

I was soon left in my temporary day prison, while she took off to work on whatever awful plans her company had now.

I looked around the room and saw Gracie sitting with a stacking toy in front of her. Seeing an unused shape sorting toy next to her on a cabinet I grabbed it and sat down beside her and sat it in front of me. I watched though as she seemed to be seeing how many permutations she could come up with. At that moment she had the smallest ring on the bottom, put the biggest next, second smallest, and was working her way up to the top. I opened the sorting toy and placed the pieces beside me before closing it.

“You’re back?” she asked me.

I shrugged, “Seems like this will be my regular day prison?”

She nodded, “There are worse. So far this week has been better without Miss Kristin around.”

I smiled at that, “Glad to hear that!”

“Did you have something to do with that?”

“Mommy wasn’t happy that she stole my clothes and made me have a blowout.”

She giggled, “She did that to everyone all of the time!”

“She did it to herself too,” I smiled.

She giggled, “I know that she was messy when she came in here, but she was in and out so quick we couldn’t really see. Some of the other Littles thought we had to have been delusional.”

“How do you know about it then?” I asked.

“Oh, she came back in her blowout onesie to finish off the rest of the day, and told us goodbye as we were picked up,” she smiled. “Everyone talked to each other on the playground yesterday too – I’m pretty sure the whole school knows.”

I smirked at that, “Serves her right…”

“Oh Gracie, you’re supposed to put these in order of size, silly girl!” Miss Andrea came over to ‘help’ Gracie.

Her appearance stifled any real conversation while we waited for ‘circle time’ to begin again. When it was time to gather, I was no longer the complete ‘newbie’ so I followed everyone to the carpet and sat down.

“Aww, Cammie it’s so good to have you back here!” Miss Crystal said. “You should be able to join in more now, huh?”

She started the ‘Good morning’ song.

Good morning, good morning.
How are you today?
Good morning, good morning.
I’m happy let’s play.


I sighed and followed the lead of Gracie and the other Littles, content to behave and deal with demeaning myself for another week until my appeal. As I stretched down as part of the song, I could feel every bone in my back crack!

For the next half-hour or so we were led in songs, taught about the letter ‘K’, and even taught how to count to ten! Amazing accomplishment for the genuine toddlers we were grouped with… We were taught that day all about the difference between the ‘Kids’ and the ‘Littles’ in the classroom too. Being taught that the ‘kids’ would grow up big and strong to fly ‘kites,’ while the littles would forever be playing in our play kitchens instead.

I was not surprised to find out that the schedule was the same as it had been on Friday, and there was a certain comfort in at least knowing what was coming now. We were out at the playground playing on the slides together with a couple other classes for just a few minutes when ‘Mikey’ came up and pushed me.

“Why’d you push me?” I asked the shorter man.

“You’re nothing but a sissy baby!”

“You think I chose to dress like this?” I asked him, laughing.

“You’re nothing but a helper I bet!”

I looked at the man and thought of how last week he’d been bound up, abused by Kristin, and who knows what other abuse heaped on him at home. I knew nothing of how he came to be in this position, but I was uncharitably beginning to think he might be one of the few Littles who deserved it!

“Whatever,” I said and walked away to climb the steps. Just before I reached the top of the steps to go down the slide, I felt my white Velcro tennis shoe grabbed. I looked down just in time to grip harder as Mikey began to try and rip me off of the slide! I was a foot-and-a-half taller than him, but he must have been a weightlifter before being adopted, because he was pulling me harder than I could hang on!

Thinking quickly, I did a backflip off of the ladder and felt him release my foot. I was getting ready to run to find a teacher, when I caught the glint of something metallic and pointy in his hand.

The small object probably wouldn’t have been hard to hide in his shoe or a pocket, but the needle sticking out of it looked menacing.

“What’s that…?” I asked as I stayed facing him and tried to back up to get into view of the teachers. Several Littles around us had frozen in place and were watching to see what was happening.

“Something someone asked me to give you to help you adjust better…” He said as he suddenly lunged towards me with the needle.

My mind froze the scene in front of me as I realized I was in real danger here! I didn’t know what the needle contained, but it sounded like it was going to do the job the courts had forbidden!

He clearly expected me to jump back as he lunged, but instead I felt old teaching from childhood, and Stacy’s occasional lessons, kick in. I closed in on him and managed to grasp his wrist with my bigger hand. He was a foot-and-a-half shorter than me, so I had a severe advantage as I twisted his arm behind his back and pushed him to the ground.

“Let go of him!!!” An angry giant Miss Crystal shouted at me.

“He attacked me! He has a syringe or something in his hand…” I told her.

She looked disbelievingly. “Camille Harris! Let him go, now!”

“I will as soon as you come grab this needle from his hand.” I told her holding the hand out towards her.

Her eyes widened then, as she grabbed for it. “What is this Mikey? Did you find this in the playground?”

“No Miss Crystal, it was Cammie’s, she asked me to poke her with it.”

Once the hand was emptied, I got off of him and immediately had another teacher grab me and begin to take me over her knee. “We do not fight!” She said as she started to try and pull my shortalls buckles off.

“Wait!” I heard Miss Crystal say, “We cannot spank her Jane!”

“I don’t care, she was just about to beat up on this poor boy who’s half her size!!!”

“No!” She said again, “We can’t afford to…”

The woman however continued to try and manhandle me, having pulled the buckles off now. Miss Crystal fearing for her own job let go of Mikey and tried to grab me from the other woman. In the process I was flipped back forward and watched as Mikey tried to grab the syringe from Miss Crystal’s hand that had dropped down. In the process he accidentally stabbed himself with it, and just as another large hand yanked me from the teacher who wanted to spank me, he squealed, “No!!!!!!!”

Both adults stopped right then as they realized the needle was an auto-injector pen that had fully unloaded its contents into the smaller man’s hand.

“No!!!!!” He cried out.

I found myself suddenly released and I watched the man in horror as his whole body trembled and spasmed! He seemed to clearly be in pain as he screamed while whatever was in the pen began working on him.

His legs were one of the first things I noticed – it seemed like he was shrinking, because the shorts he was wearing seemed to grow closer to the ground. That continued for a moment before they fell all the way off, revealing a sagging diaper that also soon fell when skinny hips and legs were no longer the right size to support the larger garment.

“No!!! I’m supposed to be big after this!!! She promised!!!!”

He began wailing then uncontrollably as the skinny legs buckled, and he fell onto his hands and knees. He angrily glared at me with his mouth opened, and I watched in horror as he began coughing and spitting out dozens of white teeth onto the ground in front of him! His bladder and bowels both released then, making everyone including the teachers step back to avoid the splash zone.

He fell to the ground then and lay on his back crying. The changes were still occurring though, as we watched his genitals recede inside of his body, and he soon looked like he was smaller than Bella and Stacy, and very much like a newborn baby with a thin shock of brown hair, no teeth, and wailing loudly in an infant’s voice!

I looked at Miss Crystal who looked at the pen she held. “Where did you get this?” She asked me.

“I told you, he was trying to stab me with it. I just managed to catch his wrist in time…”

“We’re going to need to get him to the nurse,” the other worker said.

“And probably take this one to the director…” Miss Crystal said towards me.

“Why don’t I take her instead?” I heard a voice and saw Doctor Dannigan, the therapist.

“What for?”

“You don’t think she really had anything to do with this, do you?” Miss Crystal looked at me and shook her head, “So I would say more than anything she probably needs somewhere quiet to process things. I’ll take her back to my office – I was coming for her anyways.”

I looked up at her suspiciously at that.

Miss Crystal looked doubtful, but right then the wailing of Mikey seemed to send her into thinking it was a good idea. “Okay, don’t forget her lunch isn’t too long from now?”

“It’s still an hour from now, right?”

“That’s about right.”

“More than enough time!”

She carried me into the building and didn’t head directly for her office, instead she went to the classroom and dug out one of the bottles with my name labeled on it. “Let’s get you something to drink while we chat!” she said.

The entire time she carried me to her office I sat nervously waiting for the next attempt I knew was coming. No one had known Mikey was going to attack me, but Kendra had known something was up with the former nest mother. My first visit with her had been innocuous enough, but this one was likely to be anything but.

She opened her door and said, “Why don’t you try sitting in this for a few minutes, nurse that baba, and see if you can relax after that near disaster?”

As she sat me down I had just enough time to realize that the odd egg-shaped chair was a large version of some of the baby swings I’d seen before. I was strapped in with a five-point harness, and she said, “Now why don’t you just sit and enjoy some quiet, I know how loud those daycare rooms get – and most adults aren’t used to that much noise! Just to make sure you can have that solid quiet, let’s put these headphones on you.”

“Umm… I don’t like this, please don’t!” I tried arguing, but she had the headphones on me and I noticed a screen on a TV opposite the chair turned on.

Knowing the hypnosis attempt was coming, and seeing it happen without an ability to fight it, were two completely different things. I was holding out every bit of hope that what I was about to be shown would be counteracted by Stacy’s programming years ago!

The screen began swirling in a psychedelic set of colors as the sound around me was completely cut off. The sound of a bubbling stream of water or something, along with a regular repeating sound like a heartbeat started coming through my ears. The screen itself began resolving itself into word patterns that I could see a weird tint to. I hoped that the filter applied to my ears too as I began to hear, “What do little birdies do?”

Over and over again the words came across the screen, “Birdies fly,” and then another, “Birdies go poopy!”

“I heard a little birdie went poopy!” it said, “Be a little Birdie and go poopy!”

From everything I could see, the video seemed intent on making me poop my pants if I was given a trigger phrase.

I had been warned that this part was likely coming, but I don’t think Kendra believed I could avoid it being set to trap me. Deciding that she probably would want some action to prove her hypnosis suggestions were taking hold, I squeezed my bowels as hard as I could and forced some poop to come out into the diaper.

“Birdies like poopy…” the suggestions began.

I was growing bored of this farce, but fortunately didn’t have to wait long before the screen turned off and the headset was lifted.

“How are you feeling baby?” She asked me while wrinkling her nose, “I guess the time was well spent, it smells like you left a nice little egg in your diapee for me like a good little birdie!”

I nodded dumbly and held onto her as she carried me to the changing table in her office. She laid me down and went across my chest with the safety strap before unsnapping the crotch of the pants of my outfit, undoing the onesie beneath it, and then reached the diaper.

“What a good little baby birdie!” she cooed at me. “I’m looking forward to years of playing with you!”

I looked blankly at her and only reacted when she tickled me.

“Hmm… Have to adjust your program after your case. Need you to act a lot happier!”

She shook her head thinking I must have been in some sort of daze as she lifted my legs up and wiped my butt with a few baby wipes. “Always dreamed of getting you into one of these like your friends!”

Since she seemed to be under the impression that I was supposed to be fairly out of it still, I didn’t react much as she carried me back towards the cafeteria and sat me in an empty seat at the table with the bunnies.

“All better?” Miss Crystal asked her nervously.

“Should be, just needed some quiet time. What happened with Mikey?”

“Well… her mommy said her new name is going to be Persephone… They put her in the newborn room with Miss Lindsey.”

“Worth checking on her?”

“You can, but she’s not going to be saying much.”

Right then my attention was removed from the teachers and directed across the room where the preschoolers were all eating on their own at their more mature seats. I could see Kristin was standing there. One of the other teachers had pulled her dress up to expose her diaper and was having an animated discussion with the Director.

“You see this? She’s pooped her diaper again! She didn’t even ask about using the potty!”

“You said I…”

“I said you had to wear diapers for the three weeks, not that you had to use them you silly little girl. Guess there’s no reason to even give you the option anymore.”

“Doctor Chester I think it’s time for you to move her to another room. Our kids are all potty trained and are just getting distracted and confused by this big baby.”

“Where would you recommend that I move her to?”

“She’s going to be too big for all of the rooms, but how about one of the other toddler rooms? I don’t think she’s really capable of being a staff member much longer?”

“You may be right… Come on baby, let’s go get your baby diapee all nice and changed before we put you down for a nap in Mommy’s office…”

“But I’m not a Little!!!!!” she began having a temper tantrum, “I have my own babies!!!”

“Oh, sweetie, you’ll still have dollies, but I’ll take care of getting your baby girls a better home to stay in…”

‘Wow… they eat their own…’ I couldn’t help but think as I was given a plate with cut up peanut butter and jelly sandwich pieces on it. ‘What’s going to happen to Tyler?’ I wondered.

I ate the sandwich pieces and wondered what else I was going to see over the next week until my hearing…



End Chapter 53

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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