In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 6
Fast Rides

I HAD LOOKED forward to my date on Friday with Addison with hope; and also, a little bit of dread. Everything I had seen of her seemed to imply she wasn’t one of the baby crazed Amazons, but having researched more about her family’s company… Well, I worried that the apple often doesn’t fall far from the tree!

SafeFoods was a legitimate corporation that was quite wealthy! I saw that their last reports from the previous quarter to shareholders valued their company at 190 Billion Dollars, and it was clear that every major company that manufactured food and formula for Littles, used SafeFoods to get through the government regulatory process. Feeling like there was probably more to the story, I used the internet off of my phone to VPN to a couple of sites that Littles used to warn others about nefarious schemes. Almost right away I found references to SafeFoods.

StayedDryforYears: I am so stupid! I needed some cash and responded to a study ad that I received via email from SafeFoods. It didn’t require you to report to a site or anything where they could grab you, so I thought it would be safe. Just simple testing of meal prep kits they claimed, and I was able to have them shipped to a postal box so they didn’t even know my physical address! I signed up, and sure enough, I received a box of ingredients with recipes four weeks ago. Looked like good quality stuff actually! I was happy to follow the directions and make the meals. Some of them were quite elaborate, and all of them tasted amazing when I was done!

The next week I started waking up wet. A week later I began having daytime accidents – something I haven’t had since I was a baby! I immediately guessed it was the meal prep kits and stopped using it the next week. I was able to regain control this week, so I’m sure there was something going on in their kits. I’m worried that through my post office box they can find my address now, and I’m going to have to move away. Trying to arrange to stay with a buddy until I can get a new place.

OldandCranky13842: Could have told you that one. SafeFoods only tests foods meant for BABIED littles! There are not many companies out there I would trust less! Get yourself out of there tonight if you haven’t, I guarantee they’ve informed your apartment manager about you by now if they have your address.

I felt my blood turn cold as I read more and more accounts of free Littles being tricked by them. There weren’t any cases of Mids being hoodwinked, but that could just have been hidden more. A glance over to my roommates’ bed was more than enough proof that the line between us wasn’t so vast to save me.

As bad as that account was, the ones that bothered me more were the ones from Littles who supposedly managed to sneak access to their ‘parents’ computers and write about the products that were being tested on them. Some of it was… ‘innocent’ enough; formula and baby food being tested to see if it tasted good and would be eaten. ‘Someone has to do that…’ I had thought to myself while wrinkling my nose about some of their descriptions of it tasting like vomit... Others were being tested though to see what kind of effects they could have on the Littles.

For some Amazons it was known that they just liked the fight that a Little would give them. A Little that constantly screamed how they weren’t a baby, but kept on having forced accidents gave them some sort of sick pleasure… I didn’t claim to understand what it did for them, but they liked battling them until they broke them. Those Bigs tended to be the ones that snatched Littles from off the streets. Others preferred to ease them into their forced babyhood with more chemical or hypnotic influences to ‘calm’ them. Some of the foods seemed to work like that, inhibiting their cognitive abilities. One of the accounts was from a twenty-four-year-old woman. She and her twin sister had recently been forcibly adopted while they were out shopping together. LittleFoods was using her as a control versus her sister as a ‘twins’ study. Her poor sisters’ teeth had just plain fallen out of her mouth one day without warning, and now she couldn’t even say ‘mama’ now after just eating the testing foods for two weeks.

She claimed her adopted ‘parents’ were calling her the big sister now, and were actually unhappy with how far LittleFoods products had pushed her sister. ‘They probably wanted to take her teeth out the old-fashioned way…’ I groaned.

It was with the full knowledge I was about to go on a date with the daughter of Satan that I dressed in my sports coat. I didn’t wear a tie, since she didn’t say it was needed, in the hopes of looking a little less like I was a Little playing dress up. My scruffy beard wasn’t doing too bad for having been growing for not quite a week. My dad could grow one fully in a week, and I was pretty close already myself. I shaved the spots that I wasn’t growing out carefully before getting dressed, combed my hair, and hoped Addison would like me in the right way that night!

After a quick last trip to the restroom, I soon found myself walking towards her dorm. I noted that it was much nearer Wenig than mine. My look was definitely drawing some unwanted attention from the Bigs around me. Giggles, stares, and… well, I walked with a purpose up to her dorm and messaged her I was there.

“You here to see someone, sweetie?” A surprised sound from a tall girl who seemed to be a bit older.

“Umm… yes, I’m supposed to meet my friend here.”

My phone dinged, ‘Need a few minutes more, I’m in room three-fifteen if you can get someone to let you in you can come up to my room.’

“Who is it?”

“Addison, she’s in room three-fifteen, any chance you could please swipe me in?” I asked her.

“Really, Addy?”

“Yes, I can wait down here still, but she just said she needs a bit more time.”

“Tell you what, let me help you find her room,” she said with a bit of glee in her voice that made no bones about her seeing a Mid just as easy to tame as a little.

“Umm… Thanks,” I told her with a forced smile.

“What are you all dressed up for?” She asked me, in the short elevator ride.

“We’re going out to dinner somewhere tonight since I’ve been helping her with her Chemistry class.”

“Oh… really?” She asked kind of surprised.

I followed the unwanted guide out of the elevator and down the hallway to the suite that her room was in. As soon as the door opened, I could tell this was an upgraded room from my own. These rooms had just been built in the last year, and you could tell! There was a small lounge with a large TV hanging over a gas fireplace to my right, while a full kitchen and breakfast bar with stools sat to my left. They even had a small dining room table that could probably sit six people comfortably all to themselves there!

A door was open that I could see labeled three-fifteen. “Addison, I brought you a guest?” She said skeptically.

“Thanks Danae, I appreciate you letting him in! Come on in Cameron, you look good!”

I turned to the giant who had led me in, “Thanks,” and stepped into a nice large single room. Ironically now that I was roommate-less, my double now meant that I had a bigger room to myself - but this one was still more than big enough for one person. As she closed the door behind her I got a look at what she was wearing and nearly had my eyes fall out. “You look even prettier than normal Addy,” I told her.

She was wearing a black, short mini-dress, with the bodice squared off and held up with two thin spaghetti straps. It was a sheath style and hugged her very beautiful and proportional curves! Her breasts were featured, but the fact that she didn’t have gigantically out of proportion breasts was something I liked! While she was a phenomenally tall Big, she was really very skinny in build.

“Thanks Cameron,” She told me with a smile. “I just need to go to the bathroom really quick one last time, then we can be off?”

She looked at me and I half expected her to ask if I needed to go too, but shook her head and walked out.

“Okay,” I told her.

I blanched when I looked above her desk and saw a printed picture of her holding a baby boy sitting on a small end table by her bed… it wasn’t a baby boy though. Very clearly a well-muscled little without his shirt on, being bottle fed by her.

I was going to play it off when she arrived a moment later, but she said, “Oh, that’s my new baby brother I guess…” she told me.

“You guess?”

“Mom apparently lasted two weeks with one daughter out of the house, and last Sunday decided to adopt a little who spilled a coke in the food court of the mall she was at.”

“That’s all he did to get adopted…?” I asked.

“Yeah… I mean he’s actually sort of sweet when he’s drinking a bottle of Mom’s milk, but I don’t really think he deserved to lose his life over one silly accident. Hell, I drop stuff all of the time…”

I looked up at her and said, “You’re one of the rare ones then Addy.” I sighed, “I hope you’ll never think of me needing that…”

She smiled, “You’re way too mature to be in that boat. Not to mention an inch taller than allowable normally.”

“Normally,” I nodded in agreement, “Shall we go to dinner?” I asked.

“Let’s!” She said and led me out.

I couldn’t help but feel like a toddler when I walked beside her. The two of us drew more than a few stares as we walked out of the dorm and out to her car in the parking garage. Even though she was already way too tall, she was wearing a pair of heels that raised her height even further.

Knowing her family was well off, I wasn’t all that surprised when we walked up to a very nice car… but this was something else. “That’s almost as beautiful as you,” I found myself saying as I looked at a two-passenger sports car. The lines on it were amazing, and while I didn’t pay much attention to cars, I knew this was a top-of-the-line, barely street legal, performance race car.

She opened the passenger door for me, “I know you technically are past having to sit in a car seat because you’re tall enough, but for my piece of mind would you mind riding on that booster seat?”

A simple booster seat with no back sat ready on the passenger seat. I was annoyed because I would have to sit on it without looking like a jerk, but I was kind of excited because I had never ridden in the front of a car before. Being as short as I was, I had even been relegated to the back when I had finally passed the legal requirement of the safety seat in the spring.

I noticed then though that even the booster seat was covered in leather. I just nodded, “I hate it, but I’ll do it.”

She smiled, “Well at least you’re honest with me.”

I clambered up onto the seat and found it was easier to get into with the low height of the car. I climbed onto the seat and took the seatbelt she’d grabbed to offer me. I buckled it myself and she closed the door.

She buckled herself in and backed out. When she was clear of the garage, I found out that the race car look wasn’t just for show! I was pushed back into the seat as she accelerated at a completely irresponsible speed, and I couldn’t help but saying, “All right!”

Addison laughed at that, “Sorry, I probably should slow down a bit with you in the car.”

“Don’t slow down on my account, I think it’s awesome!”

“Maybe one of these weekends we can go out to the track together,” she told me with a smile.

“That would be fun!” I told her. “Why’d you pick this car? I mean besides it’s awesome?”

“I told Daddy I wanted a sports car for my eighteenth birthday. We had to search though for one that worked for my height. Most of them, I hit my head when I try to sit down in them,” she explained. “Henry here has just enough head room for my Dad and I. Mom can’t drive him though,” she said with a laugh. “First time Dad and I have ever appreciated our difference in height from my mom!”

She eventually got snarled in some traffic and had to drive like a responsible young lady. It was just in time to avoid getting caught by a cop too, so it worked out in the end!

About ten minutes later she pulled up to the stand of a valet at a restaurant. I unbuckled my seat and hopped out as a man opened the door for me. I straightened my shirt and coat and smiled up at her as she came around. “Please take care with him,” she told the valet.

“Yes Ms. Harris, we’ll baby him like always,” the man told her. The voice was a little bit intimidated by her.

She came around and said to me, “Shall we?”

I walked into a restaurant that I’d heard about from some friends who had spent way too much money on their meal for prom the year before. I knew it was supposed to be not just locally renowned, but that they’d received some serious global awards as well. A starter at this restaurant cost four meals at a normal restaurant! I was more than a bit uncomfortable as she led me inside, “Ah, Ms. Harris, it’s good to see you again. I have your reservation here for two, but didn’t realize a Little was your… umm… guest?”

“He’s actually a Mid, but that doesn’t matter for you, does it?”

“Umm… no ma’am… but we will need a couple minutes to find a high chair…”

“A booster seat would be more appropriate, don’t you think?” she suggested.

“Umm… yes Miss… One moment…”

I blushed at the blatant discrimination I was almost sure would have happened if I had been with anyone else. Soon we were led to a table top for two covered in a beautiful white linen table cloth, lit candle in the center, and a chair with a booster opposite a normal chair. I was going to begin to pull her chair out for her, but one of the wait staff was already there. Another held my chair and unexpectedly picked me up and sat me down. When they started to do the belt I said, “Excuse me sir, I don’t need that.”

“Miss?” They asked.

“He doesn’t,” she told him. They handed her a menu and looked uncertain with mine, “For Pete’s sake, please give him the regular menu. He’s not a Little.”

“Yes Miss…” the man said and handed me a huge oversized menu board to look over. It was only one page long and seemed to be set up where you chose one of a few options for multiple courses. A sign of just how exclusive the place was, there were no prices on the menu!

“Order whatever you want,” Addison told me, “Trust me it’s all fantastic!”

“Okay,” I said tentatively. I looked and chose my way through lobster, filet mignon, and scallops as the centerpieces of three of the courses. A soup and a dessert were also selected in my mind before the waiter returned.

“Have you decided Miss?” The waiter asked her.

She gave me a look that I nodded to, “Yes, I’ll have…” she listed off her order.

“Is your little boy going to just share?”

“He’s not a Little, and he’s going to order himself. Ask him,” she seethed. “If you or your staff forgets that one more time I will never return, and I’ll make sure my friends don’t either…”

“Sorry Miss, I’ll make sure everyone knows…”

“Sir?” He asked me nervously.

I went down the board and gave him each of my choices before he said, “We’ll have the first course out here shortly.”

“Thanks,” I said along with Addison.

She looked at me, “Does that happen all of the time?”

I shrugged, “It helps when I’m on campus because the littles wearing the uniforms set them apart from me a bit more.”

When the food did finally start coming out, I felt it was more than worth a little bit of embarrassment. Courses were small for an Amazon size, which of course meant pretty large for me. I still managed to devour each course and dessert, but I felt like I was bloated out of proportion at the end. “That was amazing!” I told her with a smile. “Thank you for dinner.”

“You’re very welcome,” she told me. “I need to slip off to the lady’s room before we go.”

“I’ll hit the gents then too,” I told her with a smile.

I slid off the booster seat and walked beside her to the restroom. There was a short urinal that I was able to just make work for me. I zipped my pants and managed to just barely reach up to the sink. An air dryer for my hands was just out of reach, but I was able to hop up and get it to register my hands and dried them as best as I could. I was just about to struggle and open the door, when it suddenly slammed open, and just missed me, “Sorry about that little guy,” the man said.

I shrugged and waited in the hallway for Addison. “Waiting for your mommy?” a girl asked me as she came out.

“Friend,” I told her assertively.

She looked like she was about to argue, but when Addison stepped out and said, “Ready to go Cameron?” the shorter girl backed off.

“Sure Addy,” I told her with a smile.

“Where to next?” she asked me.

“I don’t know, you’d only mentioned dinner?”

“We could go catch a movie? Or maybe just head back and hang out at my place?” She suggested.

“Your place?”

“My dorm suite,” she said with a smile and reminded me, “I have a single.”

“So, do I,” I told her.


“Well… my roommate was moved to Wenig last weekend.”

“Was he a little?”

“No,” I told her. “He was actually taller than me,” I said as we came to a stop light and she looked over at me.

“Why’d he get moved then?”

“Apparently Jason had an accident when he was involved in underage drinking?”

“You seen him since?”

“Briefly in Chem class the other day… he had a rather epic accident. I don’t think I’ll see him again,” I told her.

“Sorry,” she said.

I shrugged, “It is what it is, he made the choice to get drunk…” I told her.

“True,” she said. “So where are we heading?”

It was a sign of the fact I wasn’t a little that I could make a choice at all. “Seems a shame we got dressed up for one thing, how about that movie?” I suggested.

“Sounds good!” She smiled.

I was carded in order to see the action film she chose, but with a more upscale theater I didn’t even need to have a booster seat to have an unobstructed view of the screen. Midway through the film she pushed up the arm rest I had been awkwardly trying not to lean on for her to have. A large arm swept me closer to her, and I found myself cuddled up next to her for the rest of the film.

On one hand I was nervous about going into a position with her that might be fitting for a Little, but her body was soft, warm, and I grew comfortable next to her quite quickly. ‘She stood up for me all evening,’ I thought to myself with a smile as she squeezed me tighter during a tense moment in the film. We both smiled as we walked out the door to her car that night.

Back at school she insisted on walking me to my dorm to say goodnight. She knelt down at the door and said, “I had a really great time Cameron.”

“Me too Addy,” I replied as I looked into her big beautiful eyes.

It was then that she leaned in and kissed me on the lips. It wasn’t a chaste kiss, but it wasn’t a full on make out session… it was somewhere between. I found myself saying, “Wow,” as she pulled away, “Thanks for going out with me tonight.”

“No problem, I’ll call you tomorrow Cam,” she told me.

I practically buzzed my way to the room that night, so energized from what was in fact a DATE with a dream girl! It was a bit awkward with our height difference being so extreme, but my dad had always told me it was the love in the relationship that counted more than any physical differences.

That night I finally saw that maybe he was right!

Thanks for reading! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think! I'm going to be traveling for the holidays and may or may not be able to post until I return. (Just depends) If you don't see the next post on Sunday it'll be after the 1st when I return home. Again thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas!



End Chapter 6

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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Love love love!

NxK · Dec 22, 2021

Absolutely love your stories! Happy holidays/Merry Christmas to you! Waiting for the next chapters with bated breath.

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