In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 52

THE NEXT MORNING, I found myself disoriented, as for the second time in a week I woke in an unfamiliar bed. Strong arms held me tight, and when I opened my eyes, I saw I was staring into Addy’s open eyes.

“Those eyes do open!” She cooed.

“Ugh…” I closed them.

That was a mistake because I didn’t see the tickle attack coming then!

“Stop…” I whined, knowing that seemed pointless. ‘Why does everyone want to tickle me?!?’

She squeezed me into a tighter hug, “Come on, since it’s Mindy’s day off, we’re on our own for breakfast this morning. I’ll make pancakes?”

I smiled at that, “Chocolate?”

“Of course!” She told me with a smile.

I looked down as she gathered me into her arms, and realized I was dressed in yet another zipped up blanket sleeper. This one was a light green, and had a series of flowers embroidered on it around one of the more famous cartoon princess characters that kids seemed to like right then. I’d certainly seen the character on the clothes of many of those at the daycare, ‘At some point I should ask what her name is…’ I thought to myself. ‘I’ve always avoided being around any of those shows…’

I felt an intrusive hand grab at the diaper underneath it. She didn’t say a word, so I knew she had found it dry, and she continued to carry me downstairs. I half-expected to be shoved into the highchair, but instead she just sat me down on my feet in the kitchen and walked to the fridge. I watched as she grabbed a container of Plapple juice, a sippy cup from a cabinet, and poured it inside. I took the cup from her, “Let’s make sure you stay hydrated today Cam…mie, you lost a lot of fluids last night.”

I couldn’t fault her reasoning and took a big sip from it, feeling surprisingly free right that moment. I found myself watching her as she pulled out a griddle, and began mixing up pancake batter. She’d learned an awesome pancake recipe as a kid from one of her family chefs that was to die for! They were fluffy, had chocolate batter, and chocolate chips inside of them. After a few minutes I became bored and decided I had some freedom, and I wanted to use it.

I could just see a newspaper on the table, still rolled up. Even with her taller table I could still see across it and couldn’t help my curiosity. I unrolled a rubber band from it as I noticed that she gave me a look, but went back to what she was doing without comment. I climbed on a chair and sat on my knees, opening the newspaper up. The front page made me surprised that I was being allowed to look at it!

Corrupt Judge?

(Greenville, Ames) – District Court Judge Lynn Taney is facing intense scrutiny and criticism over her actions in a case regarding alleged abuses that SafeFoods, Inc., and their subsidiary Serendipity Industries, are being accused of. The case of Fehler and Others vs. Serendipity Industries and SafeFoods, Inc. is seeking damages related to accusations that Mids and Littles were targeted for product testing of unsafe products. The products have allegedly reduced their mental and physical statuses to barely that of infants. Fehler’s wife and daughter in particular were allegedly taken in by the testing scheme and have now suffered permanent losses of brain function, forcing them to require constant care for the rest of their lives.

The case was in its opening days of testimony when Judge Taney allegedly began ruling in a controversial and unfair manner according to legal watchers. ‘There’s something not right when you strike testimony of a witness like she did…’

Where the judge seems to have finally stepped over the line and received the most criticism, was her disregarding Attorney Cameron Sylvester’s justified objections to the dismissal of the witness testimony. After he requested a change of venue, she declared him to be in contempt of court. ‘It’s not unheard of for a lawyer to get in trouble with a judge for arguing, but this was practically scripted the way it happened. The judge immediately declared him to be a victim of Maturosis and sentenced him to be sent to Little Protection Services and an orphanage. Mr. Sylvester, a Mid, was given a life sentence of babyhood without a trial!’ his counsel Kendra Stein stated to us. ‘It was absurd!’

Since the sentencing, an emergency injunction was ordered by Supreme Court Ruth Jones until another judge, Justice Robert O’Connor of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, could hear the case. On Thursday he ordered an injunction be continued against any physical modifications to Mr. Sylvester until the appeal of the Maturosis ruling takes place. Alone, this ruling would be unusual in most circumstances, but he also ordered that the Fehler case be moved to a new court. Judge O’Connor ordered that a new jury be selected, and evidence and testimony Judge Taney ruled against, admitted into evidence.

Our investigations have shown that Judge Taney and Aubry Harris, the owner and CEO of SafeFoods seem to be close friends. Their frequent appearances together in photos at events, golf courses, tennis courts, and other shared country club activities, make it apparent Judge Taney is most likely not unbiased…

“Here you go!” Addy said to me, showing me a stack of pancakes that she had carefully sliced up to preserve their appearance, before adding a healthy pile of whip cream as a smiley face to the plate of pancakes.

“Thanks,” I said, wanting to get through the rest of the article, but instead finding her setting it down on the table and lifting me into the high chair. A bib had just been added over my clothes when the gate intercom rang.

“Who’s here…?” she wondered aloud. I watched her go to the video panel and answered. “May I help you?”

“Yes, this is Kendra Stein, I’m here for one of our court ordered observations.”

I watched her shoulders stiffen, but she said, “Of course! Drive on down.” She turned around and fastened the tray to the highchair and sat the plate down, along with a smaller, but real, fork. “You might as well eat while I get her in here. Think she’d want pancakes?”

“If she knows how good they are she’d be stupid to turn them down! No one makes them as good as you do!”

She laughed, “You really should have had Chef Kline’s before he left my family. He’s the one who taught them to me – his were at least twice as good as mine!”

I shrugged, “I think you’re underrating yourself.”

“You haven’t even taken a bite yet?”

I did so quickly, making sure to get some of the chocolate syrup and whipped cream in the bite. “Mmmm…”

The doorbell rang as she laughed, “I’d better go to the door. I’ll be right back with her.”

I continued taking a few bites of pancakes as she greeted Kendra at the door, and I tried not to think of once again being seen like this by her. Littles that I’ve known have always said to never let an Amazon see you as being a baby… they never see you the same way afterwards. ‘Would Kendra even still see me as an adult if she can free me?’ I worried.

I was chewing on a bit when they came in, “Hi Cameron,” she said to me as normally as possible.

“Hi Kendra,” I finished chewing, blushing and trying to do the same. “You have to try her pancakes!”

“Good?” She asked and narrowed her eyes a bit at them.

“She used to make them when we were in college, they’re the best ones I’ve ever tasted – and she’s not lost any level of skill since then!”

She looked a little perplexed right then, but said, “I guess I could try one? If you don’t mind?” she said to Addy.

“If you’re going to be here you might as well. I was just about to cook the next batch when you came in.”

She walked to the stove, and I asked, “Is there a time limit on your visit?”

She shook her head, “There’s a minimum of an hour required, but no maximum for these visits.”

“Good,” I told her with a smile. “Thanks for coming to check on me…”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way Cameron. David and I are going to get you out of this mess, but we can’t do that if you get mentally regressed, or an order is violated on the physical modifications.”

“Did the final court date get set?”

She nodded, “A week from this Wednesday he’ll hear the case.”

I wanted to ask her more details about things, but there’s a limit to what I knew she would trust saying around Addy… And, even though I felt she’d probably been honest with me, my fate hung in the balance of upsetting her own mother’s plans. Knowing that cameras and other recording devices were present didn’t help me feel free to talk either. “Is there a time I’ll be able to meet with you guys beforehand?”

“The hearing is set a couple hours before noon at Fourteen O’clock. We’re asking that Miss Harris bring you to the court house to meet at 1000 hours.”

I nodded, “Hopefully that’s enough time…”

Addy reappeared then with a stack of pancakes for Kendra, while I went back to my own cooling stack. The bib was probably a good idea with the syrup and whipped cream definitely getting messy! I’d never been able to eat her pancakes without wearing at least a little bit of it!

“These are exceptional,” Kendra said. “I’ve never had anything this fluffy before!”

“I know, right?” I told her while taking advantage of her looking at the pancakes to go pee and hopefully not have her notice what I was doing.

“Thanks,” Addy said. I could feel the tension build a bit more, and it got more awkward as I finished and worked on draining the sippy cup I had.

When everyone was finished, I decided to break the ice, “How do you want to do this check?” I asked Kendra.

“Well, I think the first thing that should happen is you need some new clothes – pajamas all day don’t seem appropriate?” She smiled at me, “So I guess I can check out your room while Addy gets you dressed and ready for the day. Then I assume there’s a playroom here for you?” I shrugged, but Addy nodded. “I want to inspect that room and make sure there aren’t any hypnosis or regression toys mixed in the piles. I need to check the backyard and any play equipment there. I’ve seen you’re being fed solid food, and being treated well there without any of those ridiculous extra restraints being used.” She looked at Addy, “I’ll be honest, I find your part of this farce very suspicious, and I don’t trust you one bit, if nothing else because of your mom. That being said I do want to say thank you for not mistreating Cameron so far.”

Addy smiled, “I promise I don’t want to hurt Cammie. Please remember you are under my roof though, and as of right now she is my baby according to the court. I would ask that you refer to her as such.”

Kendra looked torn, and looked at me. I shrugged, “Kendra you’re the only one who has called me Cameron other than the judge since I was sentenced. If you want to go with the flow it won’t hurt my feelings. It doesn’t seem to be something worth getting into a fight over yet.”

She nodded, “Okay, Cammie.”

Addy came over then with a couple of baby wipes and I blushed as she wiped my face and hands clean before pulling off the bib that had gotten some chocolate and whipped cream on it. Kendra for her part seemed to be politely studying her phone instead of me! Before long I was hoisted onto Addy’s hip, and Kendra followed us upstairs to my room.

“No crib?” Kendra said in surprise as Addy laid me down on the changing table.

“She chose the girl route, remember?” She unzipped the sleeper, “My plan was to let her wear Pull-Ups too, but you all got the injunction for the changes. That meant I had to go back to some of the other things on Judge Taney’s orders to be in compliance until she has the adjustments – or you have her Maturosis ruling tossed out.”

She pulled my legs and arms free from the sleeper, leaving me only in a diaper that I had thoroughly drenched. “Any chance you could go pick out something from her closet for her to wear today?”

“Umm… sure…” Kendra said awkwardly.

While she was occupied in my closet, Addy ripped the tapes off the diaper and replaced it with a dry one as quick as she ever had. ‘Is she actually trying to help my modesty?’ I wondered. I wasn’t knocking it, as she managed to have me dressed in the new diaper, before Kendra appeared with a bundle of yellow cloth in her hand.

“This is so adorable!” Kendra cooed.

Addy chuckled, “It is, isn’t it? Good choice since she’ll be outside at least a bit today.”

I watched as she gathered the yellow fabric up in her hands and could see some white flowers and green stems spread about the design, but I wasn’t sure what it was yet. She laid me down on my back and pulled up my legs and bottom before sitting me up and maneuvering my hands through thin straps and some odd sleeve things that didn’t cover any of my shoulders.

Ten minutes later I got a look at myself with loose pigtails tied with matching ribbons, and my body covered in some weird romper that gathered at my waist with some elastic covered with a fake bow. The top was square, and with the exception of two very thin straps, left my shoulders completely exposed, and only the upper bicep just below my shoulder was covered by some weird short sleeve piece. There was a ruffle at the top, and with my hair done, there was no doubt that anyone seeing me would see ‘girl.’

I sighed, “Really?” I looked up at Kendra.

“Should I have gone with a dress?” She smirked, “I don’t like seeing you dressed like this against your will, but you do look exceptionally adorable like this. Might be able to win any jury over just with a smile…”

I glared at her, “So… playroom? I haven’t even seen that?” I looked at Addy.

“Sure…” Addy walked ahead of me, with Kendra following us down the hallway away from her room a couple doors. Opening the door up she revealed a playroom that made anything I’d seen at the daycare pale in comparison!

I felt my jaw drop a bit as I looked at a room that clearly had been the design of someone who wanted the ultimate playroom for a little girl! In the corner to my right sat a dollhouse twice the size of the one in my bedroom. Right next to it they had walled off part of the room to create a little mini-doll nursery, complete with an open door and window that led to the main room. Inside of the nursery area was a crib, changing table, high chair, stroller, and about every other accessory scaled to doll size. The room was actually one of two in a little mini-house on the floor next to a kitchen with a small toddler sized dining room furniture set. The ceiling was only a bit over seven-feet tall in that area, because they had built an additional level above it that you could reach by a ladder or a rock-climbing wall. From the ground I couldn’t really see much up there, but I could just make out that there were some pillows and a cushy sitting area up there, and a twisted slide came from the top down to the floor.

The floor itself seemed to be an incredibly cushy rubber that could catch a fall without injury. The mini-playhouse section of the room took up one side of the wall, but left plenty of room for a huge parapet looking windowed seating area looking out back. Cushioned benches sat beneath tall windows with alternating-colored cushions and curtains to bring out the curved nature of the nook. Next to that area were shelves and shelves of picture books, children’s novels, and even some fiction by Little authors. It was all decorated to look like a preschool area though with the ABCs of the alphabet cut out in different shapes. Painted pictures showed examples like ‘A is for Apple’ plastered in the area.

Another section next to that, closest to the door on my right, was full of building toys, trains, and cars, that traditionally would have seemed more appropriate for a boy than the girl the rest of the room was clearly designed for. Numbers and little math problems like ‘2+2=4’ were plastered around that area. Some manipulating toys lined the walls in places, along with little chalkboard areas for drawing.

“If I was actually a little girl this would be amazing…” I found myself saying aloud by accident.

“Geeze… You didn’t go half into this project, did you?” Kendra seemed to agree.

“I actually have been working on this room for years…” Addy admitted.

“It’s beautiful,” I complimented her.

“Thanks,” she said to me.

I couldn’t see myself playing with anything right then, but I could admire the work she had put into the room. “Go ahead and look around,” Addy told Kendra. I found myself picked up by Addy then and placed up inside the second story of the playhouse. Lots of pillows, cushions, and exceptionally thick carpet made for a little cozy mini-room I actually wouldn’t mind reading a book inside! I watched from there then as the two of them went through the room. When Kendra seemed satisfied that the room didn’t have any regression toys hidden, she said, “This looks fine… amazing really,” she complimented her again. I chose that moment to ride down the slide to rejoin them. It wasn’t the tallest slide, but I did have to resist a giggle because it was kind of fun to go down on!

I managed to look serious as I followed them around the rest of the house on a more thorough tour than I had received. Spare bedrooms, her office, a workout room, a craft room, and some storage rooms were shown to Kendra before leading outside to the backyard.

“Oh my God, I thought the playroom was over the top cute!” She laughed. “Your pool is magnificent!”

“Thanks,” Addy said. “We had a boring old-fashioned one at my house growing up. I always wanted a themed one as a little girl. I decided when I built this house to make my wish come true.”

“You certainly did…” she told her. The playground area that I had yet to even really look at was looked over next before she asked Addy, “May I have ten minutes alone to talk with Cam…mie?”

She nodded, “You’re welcome to talk here,” she said pointing to a shaded table near the play area.

“Thanks,” she told Addy. “I’ll bring her back inside when we’re done.”

“Great,” she said with a smile towards me.

When she was going through the inside door, “I’m not sure we can talk here,” I told Kendra.

“I’m sure we can’t, but I just want to show you something,” she said. I watched as she opened up her briefcase and pulled a tablet out, and then added a weird set of black nylon wall attachments to it. “Don’t reply verbally to anything, just take a look at this,” she pressed some buttons and handed me the device, covering my head with a hood to prevent any cameras from seeing information on the device.

‘We had to do this once before…’ I remembered. We were representing a little who shouldn’t have been adopted, and it was the only way we could show him information from his case without his ‘mommy’ overhearing it. She'd placed far fewer video and audio recording devices than I thought were probably around here.

I pressed a button and could see the information.


We’ve taken care of some things that we’re not going to quite tell you about so if they manage to hypnotize you, they won’t be able to use you against us in this case. We know you said you think you’re probably safe from it, but there is going to be a major attempt to derail our case. They’re planning…

I read the rest and sighed as I typed a couple bits of information to them too and handed everything back to Kendra.

“That’s going to suck…” I told her quietly.

“Yeah,” she agreed. “I hope you’re right.”

“Me too…”



End Chapter 52

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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