In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 9
Plus One

I HAD A total of six weeks off for my holiday break, and began my first full day at home by just enjoying sleeping in! Dad knocked on my door just before lunch and got me out to go shopping with him at the local mall. I found several pairs of new jeans and some shirts at a large chain store, before heading to a shop that specialized in Mid and Little dress apparel. Since I was probably really about done growing, Dad paid for a nicer suit and had it altered to fit me perfectly. The tailor pointed out there were three inches of extra material in the legs he could let out down the road if I needed it though.

We’d also found a couple of new dress shirts and ties to go with it for when I needed to dress up around Addy. As much as I knew it set Dad back a bit, he was encouraging my relationship with her and knew that I would need some nicer clothes to date her. We found some cool new shoes while we were out as well.

I hated being in my hometown at that point though! Since I had been short of the mark until the last month of school, almost all of my friends growing up had been Littles. It seemed like every time we went inside a store, I would see another friend being pushed in a stroller, pulled along with some cutesy monkey backpack leash, or held in an infant carrier on some Big woman’s chest.

Most of them looked miserable and embarrassed to see me. The worst was when a Big from my grade, Kristin, saw me and said, “Cameron! Wow, what a big boy you’ve become!”

She was a bitch in high school, and I would have just ignored her, but she deliberately came over to us pushing a stroller that I figured out contained another good friend of mine, Tyler. He wasn’t dressed as a ‘he’ though, instead it took me way too long to recognize him with the pigtails and short dress proudly displaying a yellowed diaper. One of those stupid locking pacifiers was stuffed in his mouth with drool dripping on one side down his face onto a waiting bandana bib, and I could see scars on his legs that told me he was at least as bad off as Beth.

“Hi Kristin…” I said politely and looked down at Tyler, “Hi Ty.”

“Oh, it’s not Tyler anymore, it’s Trinity! When I adopted him, Tyler just didn’t work anymore with her new apparel. We just had everything fixed up for her to be a good girl last week!”

He looked miserable, “Oh… well…” I stammered, and then something snapped, “I’m sorry Tyler that you got stuck with this bitch. I can’t do anything for you right now,” I looked up at her, “but I hope she gets her due in time somehow.”

She went to grab my arm, but my dad was beside me and said, “Miss, we’re not littles, and if you don’t behave yourself and walk away, we’ll have to call the police.”

“Watch yourself brat,” she said to me.

Dad and I walked the opposite direction from her, “Cam, you can’t go off like that…”

“Sorry, I…”

“I know… stupid Amazons…” he said for me.

“Yeah,” I said.

I spent the next week pretty much only hanging out at home, playing video games, since I had no desire to run into more former classmates. During that time, I received my final grades for the semester, and was quite proud to have ended up with nothing less than a ninety-eight in any of my classes! I began my college years with an email congratulating me on my Dean’s High Honors List award for the semester.

I also spent time texting Meg, Laura, and Stacy about what they were up to. Stacy obviously wasn’t going home for the holidays, but mentioned she was working on some sort of big project. Ever since she had saved her ‘sister’ and herself from that insanity with being kidnapped, she’d been pretty driven to work on something. She had asked me some random technical chemistry questions a few times because she knew I was good at it.

Meg and Laura both ended up at home with their parents, and Meg mentioned it was a relief to get away from the diapers and their horrible Nest Mothers. Meg had been having more and more problems with making it to the bathroom, so she said she was doing her own potty-training boot camp while she was at home. Laura didn’t mention anything about it, so I figured she was probably still going through training pants fairly regularly…

A week before Christmas I was dressed up in my new suit, pressed red shirt, matching tie, and dress shoes that gave me a three-inch lift that was concealed cleverly by the polished black shoes. When Dad and I had seen the quality and cleverness in how well concealed the lifts were, we both got a pair!

When Addy arrived in her awesome car, I could see a couple neighbors staring as I greeted her. I noticed she hadn’t worn heels – I guessed it was an attempt to not be any taller than me than she already was. She was dressed in a stunning red dress that matched my shirt pretty closely. She gave me a hug and a quick kiss on the lips, before I said, “Come in and meet my dad really quick?”

“I’d love to!” She said to me.

I led her to the front door and held it open while she ducked and walked inside. Our house was sized for Bigs for my mom, but it was older and the door frames were shorter than the newer standards. The ceiling in the living room was thankfully tall enough for her to stand comfortably, and I introduced her to my dad.

“Dad, this is Addison Harris,” I smiled, “Addison, this is my dad, Roger Sylvester.”

My dad held his hand up to her, “Please call me Roger, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you!”

She smiled down at him, “Same for me!”

We made some small talk for a couple minutes before Dad embarrassed me, “Any chance I can get a picture of the two you?”

“Dad…” I hissed.

Addy just laughed, “Sure Mr. Sylvester.”

We sat down on the couch where I sat next to her and she put her arm around me. I managed to turn the glare into a smile before pulling Addy’s hand, “Let’s go before my dad decides to do anything else…”

She laughed, “I’ll have him back before midnight.”

“Have fun,” Dad said.

“Ugh…” I complained when she began backing out.

She laughed, “I thought it was cute. Your dad just wanted to have a memory of us together. Nothing wrong with that.”

I rolled my eyes but said, “I guess.”

As we passed Beth’s house, I saw her being carried in just a onesie and a diaper back inside from their car by her dad. It looked like she was asleep as she sucked on a pacifier. I’d caught a couple other glances of her, but per her dad’s wishes avoided going to their house. I’d ordered a more advanced shape sorting toy for her that was made for Littles… and listed as being appropriate twelve-months plus. I was hoping that he’d be okay with her having something that was more complex. Of course, the pieces would still be too big to fit in her mouth per safety guidelines…”

“Who was that?” Addy asked, being way too perceptive.

“You remember my friend Beth?”

She nodded, “She was the one you were really close to, right?”

“Yeah… she was close to demeriting out and gave herself up to Student Services instead. Her dad fought to be able to readopt him himself.”

“Well, at least she’s with her own daddy?”

I shook my head, “Yeah, but in order for her to go home with her dad, the court ordered a bunch of things done to her to prevent him from letting her grow up ever again…”


“I went and saw her the day I got back. She’s still in there… but…”

“But I can see why that would be hard,” she said and reached a hand over to squeeze my shoulder.

We drove a bit in silence before she said, “Look, I need to warn you a bit about my parents’ company…”

“That they cater to studying products to be used on adopted Littles?” I said looking at her.

“Well, I’m not surprised you know that… Yeah, our company tests products for everyone to be used with Littles. I’m… I’m personally not proud of it - I definitely hate some of the things that are done to Littles. And… I know you are short enough that you’ve been through some of it I’d guess growing up. I didn’t want you walking in there without at least a warning. My parents will not approve of us dating, and I’m sure my mom will especially try and get you riled up a bit.”

I looked up at her, “Then why’d you invite me?”

“Because I’m dating you, I love you, and I couldn’t give a damn about them.” She smiled as she said that.

“Thanks,” I told her. “I don’t understand why, but thank you.”

We drove for a while before coming to the nicest hotel in the city. It cost a fortune to stay there a single night, and I knew that they had a large ballroom that most of the city’s biggest formal events were held inside. She pulled up to a red carpeted entrance and both of our doors were opened by valet attendants. The man who opened my door gave me a shocked look, before saying, “Welcome,” to me.

Addy came around to my side of the car and said, “Well, shall we?”

“Sure,” I told her.

I was glad that she wasn’t wanting me to hold her hand since that would mean reaching up. Walking beside her I was going to have the best chance of appearing to be a partner… rather than… yeah.

We walked through the entrance way and down the hallway to the ballroom where someone stood checking invitations. “Oh, good evening Ms. Harris! It’s so good to see you!”

“It’s nice to see you too,” she greeted the young woman at the door. “My father’s treating you well?”

“It’s great being his assistant,” she told her with what I felt was genuine enthusiasm. She looked back down, “This said there’s a plus one?”

“Hi,” I told her.

She looked down at me in surprise and instantly knelt down. “Addy, why didn’t you tell me you adopted!!! He’s adorable!”

Addy to my annoyance laughed, but swatted her hands away. “He’s not my Little, he’s my boyfriend.”

“Whaa???” She did this weird fish staring thing going back and forth between us. “Does your father know…?”

I looked up at Addy, kind of curious for that answer, “He will soon, won’t he…” She smiled.

“Umm… well… good luck?” she told her.

“Come on Cameron, let’s get meeting my parents out of the way.”

We walked together into the room and I could see a very tall woman and man standing near the entrance greeting guests. It was quite the resemblance from Addy to her mom, but I had already memorized their pictures from online articles. Mrs. Harris was by far the tallest of the giants in the room! It was like she had been born to be a CEO with the very presence her confident body language gave off in a stunning sparkly silver dress. Her hair was a vivid red that Addy had already said was from a salon treatment. Her eyes fell on Addy, and she began making her way over to us, pulling along her husband.

Mr. Harris was a little shorter than Addy, so again pretty much one of the tallest giants in the room! He was balding from what I could see, while the sides of his hair had turned a very respectable gray. As they approached, I saw her mom looking for her plus one, before settling her eyes on me.

“Plus one? Addison you know Littles have to be dropped off at the daycare…”

Addy put her hand on my shoulder to reassure me. “He’s not a Little, Mom, this is Cameron, my boyfriend.”

“You’re wha?!?” her mom turned a vicious shade of red in her face, and it was clear she was not a happy person.

“Pleased to meet you, I’m Ryan Harris, Addy’s dad,” he spoke over and leaned over to shake my hand. “Normally it’s good practice to meet the boyfriend before you declare him as such?” Her dad said to Addy with a smirk in his voice. He apparently wasn’t too bothered by it.

Her mom on the other hand, “Addison, this is not acceptable,” she told her in that whispered voice every mother has that lets you know you’re about to get your butt blistered as a child.

“Mom, he’s not a Little. He is in fact a Mid, and the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. You liked my grades, right?” Her mom continued glaring, “He’s the reason I did so well this semester. He’s brilliant!”

“Aubry, please, we can talk about this later. Your outrage is going to bring more stares than they’re being a couple…?”

She looked around and it brought my eyes around to see he was correct. “You’re right dear,” she told him. “Addison Elizabeth Harris, we will be discussing this at home tonight!” she told her in a low voice and then turned to walk to the other side of the room dragging her husband in tow.

“Well, that went well sis!” I looked up and saw a much shorter copy of Addy, but with blonde hair. “Hi, I’m Danica,” she told me with a smile bending down to shake my hand. She then touched my nose lightly, “He’s a cutie Addy,” she told her.

“Thanks…” I found myself saying, along with Addy, while rolling my eyes. 

“So why don’t we go find a quiet corner so that you two can tell your baby sis all about you dating? This sounds juicy enough to make mom forget about the detention I got last week!”

“What did you do?” Addy asked as we followed her sister across the room.

“Carly, I think I’ve told you about her… she was being a total witch to that Little girl Jilly who’s in our grade about an accident she had. I know I saw Carly drop something in her drink when she wasn’t looking…”

“So, what did you do?”

“I might have borrowed some of the experimental potty-b-gone powder from the lab…”

“You didn’t?” Addy said, with a smile.

“Of course, I didn’t… I would never do anything like that. I’m Mommy’s little angel…” she smiled but it faltered, “well I was until Matty came along.”

“Trust me, you’re still the angel,” she told her. “So, what happened to Carly?”

“Well let’s just say that she went to see the principal and received a new uniform for school.”

“How’d you get busted?” I found myself asking. I could appreciate a giant who wanted to help instead of joining in on the fun.

“I didn’t technically, but they think I did it. Since they can’t prove I did it, I’ve just got detention for a month.” She squirmed a bit, “If they could have proved it the principal said they would have enforced the same uniform on me.”

“Worth the consequences?” Addy asked.

“For her, yes! She had it coming!” We had come to a tall table with three chairs away from everyone at the edge of the ballroom. “Why don’t we all sit down though, my big sis hasn’t told me you’re a Mid. All she told me was just that she fell in love with the most gorgeous guy who’s really smart…?”

We were there for about a half-hour talking with her sister. Addy explained to both of us she figured if the explosion was going to happen it was better to just get it out of the way in public rather than her mom trying to cover it up. I was a little annoyed, but at the same time could completely understand. I was half her size… I knew it would look awkward to the Bigs… and I knew it looked awkward to the Littles, some of whom like Beth were not that much smaller than me.

Eventually an announcement was made that dinner would be served, and we went to go sit down with her parents. Another couple was introduced as Desiree Fields and her husband Trent Fields. Both were Bigs, but Desiree was only about ten feet tall, and her husband Trent was just nine-feet tall. I was more than slightly surprised that there would be someone else so short at the family table, but it turned out Desiree was Mrs. Harris personal assistant and it was obvious she felt an obligation to her at this party to be a good host and thank her.

We were seated at a circular table with Mr. and Mrs. Harris sitting together, with Desiree to Mrs. Harris side, then her husband, then me, Addy, and Danica wrapped it back around. A small discrete cushion had been found by the wait staff and helped prop me up to where I could put my hands comfortably on the table with my seat scooted in by one of them. The seating arrangements guaranteed that Addy’s mom was looking straight at Addy and I the whole time!

“Well… Cameron, is it?” she asked, when I nodded, she continued, “What is it you hope to do with your life for a career? Your short stature will surely limit your possibilities?”

I shrugged, “I’m currently a chemistry major Ma’am. My plan is to apply to law school though once I complete my degree.”

“My, that’s ambitious. Why not poly sci, or economics for your major if you want to be pre-law though?”

It took a great deal of effort, but I smiled in spite of her withering look, “Those are the traditional routes, but I don’t want to just be any attorney – I want to focus on patent law or industrial trade law, I think. Having a degree in chemistry means I can understand all of the science behind the lawsuits without having to call a separate expert all of the time. My grandfather suggested it would also stand out more when I apply to law school.”

“Interesting,” she said. “How do you think your short stature will affect you in court?”

“I’m not a Little, so it shouldn’t affect me at all. Even then, there are Little attorneys. Emerson has Professor Marshall for instance.”

“Doesn’t he wear diapers though?”

I shrugged, “From what I understand he was kidnapped years ago and due to his mistreatment never was able to fully potty train again.”

“And just when was the last time you wore a diaper young man?” she asked pointedly.

“Mother!” Addy and Danica hissed in stereo. I watched her husband put his hand on her arm, but she swiped it away.

“Honestly ma’am, it was when I was thirteen and every kid under seventy-two inches in the school got stuck in diapers for six-weeks because a Big decided to spike the food for our lunch with something that made us all lose control – even some larger Bigs ended up diapered though after that. I was lucky that I must have gotten a small dose, because I was fine within a couple weeks. Another friend of mine…” I couldn’t help but picture Tyler, “had about six-months of hard work to get over it. Most of our classmates did, but a few never regained their control,” I told her honestly.

I paused and debated, but decided ‘what the hell?’ “Look Mrs. Harris, I know that Addy and my relationship isn’t one you would traditionally see. My own mother was ten-feet-tall though, and my dad is only eight-feet, so I grew up without that difference seeming like a huge deal. I know Addison is twice my height, and I know I look a lot like I could be a Little at first glance. I am legally five inches past that designation though, and I love your daughter. She’s smart, she’s kind, she’s beautiful, and she’s… she’s crazy enough to like me for who I am. I don’t know what I can do to bring you around, but I promise I love your daughter. As long as we are together, we will be partners in helping each other out.”

She glared at me enough that I feared she would give into her Big instincts, stand up, pick me up, pull my pants down, spank me until I had an accident, and then be off to diapers for the rest of my life. Something in her façade cracked though, and I soon saw something of a grin or a grimace. “Well, I don’t approve, but I do admire your chutzpah. Don’t hurt my daughter,” she warned me. Then added, “And keep in mind if you do ever make it far enough that a marriage is in the cards, there will be a prenup!”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way ma’am,” I told her with a smile.

She gave me another withering glare, but food began arriving and everyone became distracted. It was a really good meal in all honesty! At one point her mother walked to a podium to speak, and Addy leaned over, “I’m both sure that you’re insane, and proud of you for standing up to my mother like that.”

I smiled and enjoyed the short kiss she leaned over and gave me. Her mother thankfully didn’t see that, but her dad did and clearly wasn’t sure how he felt about it. The evening never really got away from… awkward. There was some dancing after dinner, but it felt like I was a little kid dancing with an adult during slow songs, so we only danced to fast ones. I hated being considered ‘cute,’ and had too many of those comments throughout the night. I decided in the end her dad was okay, her baby sister was pretty cool, and her mom… well she was the CEO of a huge company that made it their business helping to exploit Littles… and it showed!

When she dropped me off at my house later that night she said, “You know Cameron, it is unusual us being together, but I love you for you so much I don’t care about your size.”

“As I love you,” I told her.

We kissed on my front porch for a long while before she said, “I’d invite you to our New Year’s party at my house, but I think we should let my mom slowly get used to the idea of us dating rather than immediately antagonizing her again.”

I laughed, “That’s fine, I think I need to find some stilts to dance better with you!”

She smirked, “I could just hold you while we’re dancing slow songs.”

“I don’t mind the idea of being held by you,” I told her honestly, “but I think that would be a sign of weakness around your mom.”

She sighed, “Yes, you’re right.”

“I’ll see you in a few weeks,” I told her with a smile and a hug.

“See you then,” she told me.

I watched her drive off like the crazy girl she was in her sports car before I walked back inside my house. Dad had stayed up and wanted a recap. We drained a pot of coffee talking together that night before finally heading to bed.

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End Chapter 9

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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As always loved the chapters.

NxK · Dec 27, 2021

Awaiting hopefully for a Wednesday post!

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