In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 32
Right to Remain Silent

Part IV

“WAIT!!!!!” I HEARD a familiar voice shout from across the aisle, just as I was gaining my senses, and thinking that I should run. I turned and viewed the figure of Addison standing next to the railing. “Your Honor, I’m a witness to his Maturosis, I want to adopt him!”

“Your Honor!” Kendra said, “I object to this! There is no reason to issue this contempt charge! My colleague had a valid objection!”

“You’re out of order Ms. Stein!” She looked thoughtful for a moment, “Very well, Ms. Harris, you may adopt your new Little boy, Cameron Sylvester. His care is entrusted to you, but I would have a word with you about requirements before you go with him. Approach the bench – Bailiff, collect her new charge.”

A million things seemed to go off in my head right then. The most lucid one looked at Kendra and David, “Call my Aunt Ruth,” I told them. They knew who she was and nodded. “Please try and get me out of this…”

Right then a locking pacifier was suddenly forced into my lips, and twisted to inflate it, just before strong arms grabbed me. I couldn’t help but think, ‘If I struggle it could be more like Laura…’ It took everything in my being to not fight out of panic! Instead, I forced myself to go completely limp in the strong arms of the massive twelve-foot-tall court officer. I knew that struggling would result in a resisting arrest charge on top of everything else!

I didn’t even make a face at the damn gag… I knew without a doubt that there was no hope of winning the war today. I made one last look at the horrified faces of David and Kendra, before hearing the Bailiff shout, “Anyone in here have a spare diaper for the baby here?”

“I have one!” I looked and saw it was Addison’s mom. Of course, ‘Grandma’ would have one…’ I thought angrily. “It might be a little small, but my daughter can get the right size at the store. You need a hand changing him?”

I looked up at the man and watched his smile grow seeing that he wouldn’t have to deal with the ‘baby.’ “That would be mighty helpful Ma’am, I know this baby boy knows he’s in for more punishment if he acts up?” He gave me a menacing look in the eyes at that statement.

I nodded once, feeling my body begin to shake.

The SafeFoods lawyer cleared the table in front of them, and I watched as a blue disposable changing pad was placed down on top of it to make a makeshift changing table. She took me from him and laid me down, pulling my pants and boxers off; but curiously leaving my shirt, coat, and tie alone.

I blushed, knowing the forty or so people in the courtroom, including the twelve jurors, were all watching this horror show. My naked body was fully exposed in a way not done since I was a young teen. Even then the nurse had changed us in a more private manner!

She used one hand to grab my ankles and said, “Let’s lift up that cute wittle bum bum baby boy! My baby grandchild better get used to this!” She smiled and cooed at me. I couldn’t help but know I was looking into the eyes of a psychotic crazy woman. My butt hanging in the air she took a baby wipe and wiped between my crack.

I took a breath as she dug deep into the crack of my butt and pulled away a small brown amount on the wipe. “Hmm… A little poopy here?” She smirked as she intentionally showed the courtroom what she had dug out.

I felt completely violated, but just lay there though, and watched her annoyance as she didn’t get the reaction that she clearly wanted from me. She flipped open a diaper, and placed it underneath me after saying, “I just love a baby in a fresh diaper!” As she began to tape it shut, I could tell right away that it would be too small for me. She used all of her strength to pull the back of the diaper forward and barely got the tapes to stick to the very edges of the tabs of front cover on both sides. I felt like I was getting cut in half a little as I was sat upright. I worried that the garment might also just pop open at any time.

“Thanks Mom,” I heard as I was suddenly picked up by Addison who had now joined us.

Placing one of her large hands under my diaper she said, “Well baby boy, now you’re all mine thanks to that nice judge. I guess we’d better get you to the store for a better diapee first, huh? Mommy’s got plenty of help getting everything ready back home while we do that though!”

I looked into the eyes of the woman I had loved in absolute shock. Her eyes were narrowed in an intense angry glare, and her face had matured some since I had seen her last from afar at our commencement ceremony from Emerson. Her hair was still kept below her shoulders. It was obvious she had been to a salon recently with the perfect pearlized green nail finish she wore on her fingers. I hoped maybe she would at least take the damn pacifier out, but instead she gathered me and said, “Mom, I’ll call you later. We’re going to go to the store… I called Mindy and Carrie to get everything set at home. I already had a room mostly ready for a baby to come along, they should have everything ready by the time we get there though.”

‘The room ready?’ I felt my stomach plummet. ‘Addison never wanted a Little before… she’d felt it was cruel?’ I choked back a sob, ‘Was every bit of our time together a lie? Or had our nearly seven-year separation changed her that much…?’

I caught one more glance of Kendra and David and found myself blushing in shame at the diaper. “We’ll get you out of this somehow Cameron!” Kendra said as Addison began leaving the courtroom chaos.

I’d wondered about them keeping my suit coat on, but as we walked out the courtroom a series of ELNAP and CAMOL protestors on either side began cheering, or hissing and booing at my treatment. “Is that one of the plaintiff’s attorneys?” I heard a newsman shout.

Fortunately for me, Addison carried me quickly to a far more sedate looking SUV than I would expect her to drive. In the back sat a forward-facing car seat, and a purple booster seat. She wasted no time in buckling me into the car seat, but didn’t say a word as she did so.

I still had the damn pacifier stuck inside my mouth as she pulled out from the parking lot, driving as recklessly as ever. Fortunately, it wasn’t meant for a Mid, so it just was impossible to spit out rather than causing the pain I knew they did in a Little’s mouth. That wasn’t much consolation though as I was stuck in the first damn diaper I’d worn since I was a teenager! Worse yet, while I knew that I could hold out another hour or so, I could feel the urge to pee beginning to make itself known. A look at the dashboard clock revealed that it was already nearly two hours after we had walked into the courtroom and I’d last gone shortly before we started. At a stoplight I noticed Addison looked at me in the mirror… It was a look of absolute hate that I saw there, and I wondered just what mess I had found myself in.

‘We were in love…’ I thought to myself. ‘I’m sure that she loved me too!’

I thought back to the breakup, and the fact that she had put it squarely on what her family demanded. I wasn’t even the one who broke up with her! I should be the angry one here!!! All of the years we dated; she had made it crystal clear that she hated the mistreatment of Littles… Had that changed that much since we last were together? The car accelerated again like a race car with the green light, and I wondered what Kendra and David were doing right then. ‘Hopefully one of them calls Ruth!’

I knew the laws were going to make getting me my freedom incredibly tough at this point!

A judge had the absolute right to declare someone to be in contempt of court. Most of the time you’d end up with a small fine, maybe a night in jail, or as a lawyer possibly disbarment would be pushed. In my case, because I was under eight-and-a-half-feet-tall, she had that other option of deciding I was small enough to be declared a victim of that damn fake mental illness ‘Maturosis’ that every Big seemed to love justifying forced babyhood. Theoretically everything she had just done was legal and within her rights though… and all without a trial!

The only real way to get me out of this, would be for a higher court to issue a ruling that she had violated some sort of procedure in my sudden maturity demotion. Or, they would have to prove my objection about her being bribed was correct. She’d seemed genuinely torn on Doctor Nickerson as a witness and had shut things down at first. The fact that Doctor Nickerson pooped her pants didn’t quite frankly surprise me. She was obviously wearing a diaper for a reason, and didn’t really bat that much of an eye about her poopy diaper. The fact that it was an objection also didn’t surprise me… The fact that she struck the entire testimony without any hesitancy seemed weird and inconsistent after she had stuck up for her!

I was still processing everything and missed the car coming to a stop. Addison put the car into park and unbuckled her seatbelt. At the click of her release button, I looked out the window and saw we were at a grocery store I had just visited the other day…

She came around and opened my door. I saw she had a purse… and another pacifier in her hand.

“If I pull out this locking pacifier, will you be good and suck on this one?”

I strongly debated my reply here, but any escape attempt I might consider would need to be without that in my mouth. I nodded.

To my relief she turned the pacifier knob off, pulled it out, and stuck the new one into my mouth. I debated spitting it out, but I could also see she was watching and waiting to see if I was going to. The other one sat in her hand for a second before she put it inside her purse.

“I know this isn’t what you want Cam, but we’re going to have to get you some diapers that actually fit you. That’s all we’re going in here for actually.” She paused as she unbuckled the harness, “I promise it’ll be a quick trip.”

Something in her eyes looked vaguely like the old Addy, and I wondered what she was really thinking. As she picked me up, she held me in her arms away from her and looked me in the eyes, “Don’t even think about trying to escape. Between the judge’s order, and my mom, you would be caught within an hour.”

I sighed, but refused to respond to her.

She brought me into her side so that I was being carried on her hip like a toddler. Compared to most average sized Bigs I would have at least seemed like a preschooler. I knew that to them I would have been considerably heavy to haul around for a long time, but with her enormous height, I just seemed like a two or three-year old by comparison.

She walked up to the front of the store and pulled a cart out of the row of carts, pushing the baby seat open. I couldn’t help but turn red as she placed me inside, and buckled me in. I noticed that she skipped the Little’s basket, and so did a greeter at the door. “Ma’am, we have those Little’s versions if you want? It looks like you have a new addition. The Littles ones will keep them from getting away?”

I noticed the extra straps on the carts, and that they seemed heavier duty.

“I don’t think that’s necessary. We’re just making a quick trip in and out,” she told the worker. “Thank you though for looking out for me as a new mommy.”

‘Mommy…?’ I felt my stomach twist.

As she pushed the cart forward, she didn’t say anything, but I attracted plenty of stares from people. We were just going into the diaper aisle when the first brave soul approached. “Oh, did you get yourself a big baby boy who had an accident? Did he make a pee pee or poo poo all over his pants?”

Addison shook her head, “No, this little brat decided to go against a judge and my mom… Saving him from an orphanage since I used to hang out with him in college.”

‘Hang out with me?’ I thought morosely.

“Not so big now?”

“Nope, never really was though. Excuse me please, we’re just here to grab a few things and get out of here so I can get my new bundle of joy home to get used to his new status as my baby boy.”

“Of course,” the woman said, kind of taken aback then. I looked up at Addison then and noticed she had a total glare on her face. I’d seen that look on her mother’s face before, but never on hers. I found myself actually nervously biting and sucking on the stupid pacifier as I grimaced at the sight of the diapers around me.

She stopped in front of a stack of boxes that touted their ‘Little Proof Tabs’ and twenty-four-hour protection. An adult Little graced the front of the box with a smiling expression that looked drugged or regressed. I felt my stomach twist as she looked through sizes, but pushed on. ‘What’s she looking for?’ I thought.

I was shocked when she stopped again, this time in front of regular baby diapers. She grabbed a large box of ‘Size 7’s’ that started just under my weight and went up another thirty pounds before hitting the ‘Size 8’s’ range. She placed them in the cart, “These should fit your cute little butt better at least…”

I didn’t comment back to her on that.

She grabbed a large box of baby wipes, and started back down the aisle. To my shock she stopped again, this time at the training pants. She reached down quickly and threw in a box that I swore was purple and pink behind the other box where I couldn’t see it. ‘Did she adopt?’ I wondered. I knew she found out she couldn’t get pregnant…

Addison was as good as her word as she immediately pushed me towards the checkouts. I found myself looking at her chest way too often the way I was sitting being even with her breasts. I blushed at that, even as I feared I would soon be finding myself attached to them without a choice…

‘Was Holly’s pooping on the stand an accident?’ I found myself wondering. Something about that seemed well within the wheelhouse for Mrs. Harris company to have instigated. They had so many possible products they could use just from the items they regularly tested!

‘Would use…’ I thought to myself morosely realizing that I was now fully in the devil’s clutches myself. Apparently, Addison must have worn enough of a ‘don’t mess with us’ look that no one else commented on my new ‘baby status’ other than the checker.

“Which one is for this cutie I wonder?”

Addison laughed, “Guess,” she said with a smirk as I realized that yes, there was a purple and pink box of training pants that were placed back into the cart after being scanned. They clearly said ‘for girls’ on them. Knowing my fate from the judge, the diapers that were laid next to them were definitely mine.

I sighed and wanted to spit out the pacifier. It was getting old sucking on it, but the last thing I wanted was to push things here. From the moment the judge had pronounced my unjust sentence I had done my best to be seen as one-hundred-percent compliant… I knew from some past clients that could come into play in court in the future. I was taking my own advice right then, and going with the flow until a real opportunity to escape legally or illegally presented itself!

Addison finally finished paying and pushed the cart out to the car. As soon as she got there, she put the boxes down in the back of the SUV, and dug out one of the diapers. I was lifted out of the cart and she laid me down next to them on the cargo mat. “Might as well put you in one that will actually hold something before you finally let go here Cameron.”

I debated arguing, but just stayed silent as she ripped the tapes off of the old diaper, and it suddenly occurred to me that I was about to be showing my naked body off to anyone who passed by outside her car. Her windows were tinted at least, but just as she was pulling the front of the old one down a little girl walked by.

“Mommy, why is that man getting his diapee changed like a Little?”

“Maturosis can happen to people other than Littles sweetie…”

“You mean he’s like Lindsey?” I heard the girl who couldn’t have been older than five or six badgering her mom as she walked by.

I blushed and tried not to scream, or cry… or try and hit Addison. She made eye contact with me right then and I couldn’t quite read her expression. It was clear that it was angry still… but hurt also described it. ‘Great, she’s holding a grudge against me?’ I wondered. ‘Damnit! I’m not the one who broke it off!!!’

It had taken me a solid six-months to even think of getting over her after she dumped me. ‘I hope she was hurt too,’ was a very ungracious thought.

The diaper was still dry, so she decided not to wipe me obviously, or add powder or lotion. That meant it really was just a matter of lifting my bottom onto the new one, and taping the new tapes down. It probably took less than half-a-minute I guessed.

“Let’s lose this suit coat,” she told me. “Not sure why I hadn’t already taken it off of you…” she said mostly to herself.

I noted that the diaper I was wearing didn’t have the ultra-strong tapes, and I could probably easily remove it myself if we got to a point I could do so.

“Not going to speak to me at all?” She asked.

I intentionally didn’t make any facial expression at all to that.

She sighed, “Well… I guess I deserve that.” She buckled me into the car seat and closed the door before getting in the driver’s side and pulling out. “I have a house that’s way out of town… It’s about an hour drive from here… I guess feel free to take a nap if you want.”

She started the car and took off like a bat out of Hell, squealing her tires as she pulled out.



End Chapter 32

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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