In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 2
Fresh Starts

Part 1: Freshman Year

Chapter 1: Fresh Starts

GRADUATION HAD COME and gone before I knew it! I had been fortunate to end up with another Betweener roommate, Jason, who was only a foot taller than I was. His height was much less intimidating than if he had been a Big! He was also shorter than my dad, so being shorter than him really didn’t bother me that much.

Orientation had been a blast! I had been so glad that I wasn’t a Little, as I caught glimpses of the occupants from Wenig Hall, the Littles’ dorm. I had been able to enjoy the dance, a movie on the lawn, a casino night, and a few other activities that happened at night. If I had been just a tiny bit shorter, I would have been forced to be in bed in the Little’s dorm!

I had caught sight of Beth being pulled along a stupid ringed line rope thing like a bunch of preschoolers on the first real night of orientation. She texted me the next day that she was sorry she couldn’t get together with me yet.

We’d had a big send-off barbeque with our families the night before we moved in though, so it wasn’t like it had been weeks since we’d seen each other… We did finally get to plan a lunch together on the first day of our classes since we had the same class right before lunch. I was looking forward to seeing her, and from her text message, she was looking forward to going to class without her Nest Mother peering over her shoulder all of the time.

‘Nest Mothers…’ I snorted at the stupidity. With a normal dorm you got R.A.s that were essentially there to keep you from partying or doing epically stupid things. They also tried to help you out if you were in a bind with something. For Wenig Hall, the Littles all ended up in ‘Nests’ that had ‘Nest Mothers’ to watch over them. The Littles had to obey them, like nannies or something, and everyone had horror stories about them!

I shook my head and took care that I didn’t run into a tall girl that was standing in the middle of the hallway for some reason. Just as I passed her though she grabbed my wrist, “Where are you going out of uniform?”

I sighed, “I’m not a Little, please let me go, I need to get to class.”

She looked down at me skeptically and I noticed that she was easily over eleven feet tall. “You don’t seem like you are tall enough…”

“I promise I am. Do you think they’d really let a Little out of Wenig without their uniform?” I asked. I nodded towards a pair of Littles walking right past me. I kept my face calm as I could tell there was padding underneath their pants. One had a little tale-tale bit of white plastic sticking up over the back of his shirt that had been tucked inside the diaper somehow.

“Come on Holly,” a girl next to her, a bit shorter said, “We need to get to class too. Besides, you know the rules. You can’t adopt Little students, and Betweeners aren’t required to wear the uniform.”

She sighed, “Get lost baby boy,” she told me.

I didn’t hesitate to follow her instructions and took the chance to get the hell out of there. I was sure she had Little-fever bad! I made it to class and found a seat in the third row of a large lecture hall next to a smiling Beth.

She stood up carefully off of the booster she’d sat on in her chair and gave me a hug. “Cameron!”

I squeezed her back, “It’s good to see you Beth!” I told her. As she sat back down, I noticed I smelled baby powder, and her bottom seemed to crinkle... I tried not to get nervous at being next to her – I didn’t want my friend to be labeled as having a case of Maturosis. That’s what the Bigs tended to call it these days… ‘Maturosis’ was their way of labeling a Little and saying their only use was to be a babied living doll. I never wanted to see a friend getting stuck with that label, but it looked clear that Beth could be on her way.

“So how are you settling in?” she asked me.

We talked for a few minutes before our biology professor began introducing the class. I was intending on getting an undergrad degree in Chemistry or Biology before going for a juris doctorate. I had learned from my grandfather that lawyers who had the technical background to understand the details of science would do better with patent law cases. It seemed a good match to me of something that wasn’t overly physical labor wise, and would enable me to stay out of view much of the time as I prepared for cases.

I’d always done really well with science as a kid, so this class was just going to be a review from what I read on the syllabus. I tucked it away in the backpack I was carrying, and stood up to follow Beth out of the hall, and to the nearest dining hall.

Next to the entrance, one of the T.A.’s had one Little by the arm and was pulling up her skirt - showing off her purple training pants. “Uh-oh, someone made a stinky in her training panties! Guess we need to go see the Dean!” she said with a smirk and then smushed a lump in the back intentionally as she picked her up.

Beth seemed to shrink into me as we passed the other T.A. “Let’s see how you’re doing on your first day little girl!” she told her as she pulled up her skirt without warning. I watched in horror as a pair of pink disposable training panties were displayed and pulled back from the back so she could look inside. “Bit wet, but all clean! Make sure you get a change before your next class little girl,” she told her as she pushed her skirt down and clung to me with tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” I told her as I hugged her outside. “We’ve got to keep moving though, you can’t be seen crying out here Beth.”

She nodded and calmed down. The two of us had made a pact long ago that we would help each other through the big bad world of Bigs looking to kidnap and baby us. She’d done the same for me many times when I was shorter than she was. We arrived at the cafeteria and walked together around the stations to get food. I helped her get some things from a couple of the serving dishes she couldn’t reach, and tried to ignore the hungry looks some of the Bigs were giving her… and me!

Not all of them were like that mind you, I could see a larger number of students really looking through new books, schedules, and talking to friends across their tables. Those were generally the safe type of Bigs when I had been still considered a Little. I glanced over at Beth who was handing her card to be swiped and thanked god again that I finally had a small growth spurt! Until I had been a freshman in high school, I hadn’t even hit five foot. By senior year when I was five feet ten inches at the beginning of the year, I was afraid I would be like Beth, forever just a hair short of the mark. Emerson’s school uniform for Littles didn’t even allow for lifted shoes to let her get away with pretending to be that extra inch.

I handed over my own card and followed Beth over to an area of the Cafeteria that was better sized for Betweeners… ‘or really elementary school children,’ I had to admit. Truthfully just because I was over six feet now, didn’t make me an adult in the eyes of many of those around me. Since I was still just the size of an average preschooler, it didn’t bring me a lot of safety. It just meant though that the majority of Amazons that wanted to humiliate their charges, change diapers, and breastfeed their pretend babies would give me a pass at first glance so they could have their cuddly ‘infants.’ I did have to be wary though, there were some that would prefer to have a pretend ‘potty-training’ inept Little boy that goes to preschool or elementary school each day - always missing the potty and having ‘accidents.’ I could honestly remember several Littles like that in my kindergarten through second grade classes. They became pretty rare by middle school and high school. Usually only newly adopted Littles with ‘parents’ that wanted to really run them down by continually demoting them through the grades would be sent to high school. Most got ‘Go Straight Daycare, and Don’t Pass Go’ cards.

I shuddered thinking of some of the last ones I’d seen in high school.

With that I looked at Beth, “So how are things really?” I asked her.

She looked around, and then said, “I knew…” she sighed, “I knew that I would probably end up diapered at night… that’s been happening every night. We were told for the first week it was mandatory, and then we could have our big girl panties back for bed if we proved we weren’t bedwetters on our potty charts. I’ve never had accidents back home, but I’ve woken up wet all but two nights here! I think they’re doing something…” she started to say when a tall girl walked up to our table.

She was wearing a top that was way too tight, causing her plump breasts to practically pop out of the top of her shirt. Something about her body language said she was bad news as she walked up to our table. “Well, there you are Lizzy!”

I could mentally picture Beth wanting to kill the woman already. Even her parents didn’t call her that!

“Hi Miss Nancy,” Beth told her politely. Her body was tense though and I could see this girl was getting under her skin.

“And who is your little friend? Is he in our dorm as well?” she asked.

A lightbulb went off in my head and I guessed that she was one of the damn Nest Mothers. “I’m Cameron Sylvester,” I told her politely and extended my hand.

“You know you’re not allowed to have boyfriends…” the girl told Beth.

“I’m not a boyfriend,” I told her, “we’ve just been friends for a really long time. We grew up together,” I told her.

“Sort of grew up,” she said with a wry smile. “I take it you must have just edged over the finish line that wittle Lizzy couldn’t make! No matter,” she said as she suddenly put her hand up Beth’s skirt and pulled up. “Who’s a wet wittle girl? This girl, huh?” she tisked, “I guess you really did need those cute training panties, huh?” She talked to her in a very patronizing voice. “Make sure you come by after lunch for another pair… or you can go see one of the attendants at the changing stations too. They’ll probably only have diapees though.” She stood up then, and looked back down, “Of course that might be a better option for you anyway if you’re not going to stay dry. Smells like you’re clean at least though. See you soon chickling.”

As she stood and walked away, I looked at Beth whose shoulders were clearly tense and doing her best not to break down again. I sat quietly for a few minutes and asked, “So who was that bitch?”

“Shh!” she told me. “If they think I said that…”

I smiled, “Relax, I’m a big adult, I can say naughty words.”

That was enough to make her giggle a little bit at least.

“So, who was that?”

“Nancy Dannigan, my nest mother.”

“Landed yourself one of the good ones… huh?”

She shook her head, “I think she’s probably the worst actually. My nest is already half-gone after orientation. Someone must have spiked the punch for the Littles - all but a few of us who didn’t drink it ended up messing our pants!”

“Not you?” I asked her.

She held up her thermos of water, “You know I don’t ever drink water I can’t trust.”

I nodded; it was a good plan as a Little. She was worth a lot of money to the university as a Little student in special grants and aid, but I’d heard all about the demerit system from some others around campus since we’d arrived. For Littles there was a rule of ten demerits in a year… get those and you were immediately escorted to a daycare the university ran, or taken to an orphanage if you’d pissed Dean Sanders off too much. It seemed like there were a lot of ways to get stuck with them, but the worst was pooping your pants in class. Doing so would be an automatic eight demerits! From what I’d seen a couple times during that morning, it seemed like they would then swoop in on the opportunity to knock two more for wetting their pants, or not wearing protection, or swearing, or… well anything.

To be honest I was glad I was no longer bound by those rules. I hated to see my best friend stuck with them! I’d made it to safety, and I felt guilty about that.

Just when I was beginning to get some more information out of her about her life in Wenig, another Little came over, “Can I sit here?”

I looked a little down at the girl who was standing and still shorter than I was in the seat.

“Sure Meg,” Beth told her.

Once she had sat down, she looked up at me, “Hi, I’m Meg.”

“Cameron,” I told her.

“Boyfriend?” She hissed at Beth.

We both laughed, “Just good friends,” I told her. “How do you two know each other?”

“Oh, we’re in the same nest together,” she told me.

“I’m sorry, I just had the displeasure of meeting your Nest Mother…”

“Yeah…” Meg said. She took that moment though to take a bite of her food. “What’s your major Cameron?”

“Either chemistry or biology… I haven’t decided yet.”

“Future doctor?”

I shook my head, “Lawyer actually…”

We talked for a while and I learned she was majoring in electrical engineering. Beth gradually calmed and became a bit more of her normal self with us, before blushing and excusing herself to go back to the dorm. I guessed for that change… Meg and I were heading towards the same part of campus where my chem lab was to be held.

“It was nice meeting you,” I told her as we parted.

“You too!” she said with a smile.

I noticed a couple Bigs giving me a look like I was shrinking by hanging out with a Little, but I just shrugged and walked through the hallway, up a staircase, and found the small lecture hall that I guessed they had chosen for us to meet on procedures before taking us into a lab. This class met for a lecture on Mondays, and then had lab time to complete the projects and experiments on Wednesdays and Fridays. I was probably as excited about this class as any I had on my schedule!

I ended up finding a seat not quite at the back, and looked on as other students entered. Most were Bigs of course, with several Littles mixed in here and there. I looked to be one of only two Betweeners in the class, and knew I’d have to be careful not to get labeled with an infraction of some sort… I noticed that one of the girls was in a thick diaper as she did her best to climb onto a seat and flashed the room. She blushed when she noticed me watching.

I blushed and looked back at the doorway in time to see Her.

The girl who walked in looked to be one of the tallest Amazon girls I had ever seen! I guessed she was probably close to thirteen feet tall! Her red hair was styled in a beautiful down look, with just a little bit of gentle curls at the ends of her long hair that stretched to the middle of her back. I could tell that she was well off from the obvious designer clothes. I squirmed a bit to hide a reaction as she sat just a few seats down from me, and I stole a glance at an equally beautiful face.

‘Too bad she’s a giant…’ I couldn’t help but think. ‘She’s gorgeous!’

I wanted to say ‘hi’ when I saw her again later in my history class, but didn’t have the guts to do it. After class I watched a tall guy, just barely shorter than her, and who could have been a model, say, “Babe, you’re so hot! How about going out with me tonight?”

The slap across his face was well deserved in my opinion, but clearly, I wasn’t brave enough to go up to her after that!



End Chapter 2

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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