In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 3

MONDAY NIGHT I had checked the online portals for my classes, and discovered my writing professor had posted an assignment that was due on the first day! It was just a short assignment, but it was more than a little bit sneaky to require an assignment to be due even before we’d received our syllabus! I’d heard stories about such things before though, which is why I checked! It was a smaller class than most of the intro freshman classes, and the professor was easily able to pick out the five of fourteen students who hadn’t done the assignment. Two were Bigs, who she ripped into, and told them they were on their way to failing her class. Even though I wasn’t even the one getting berated, I still felt like I wanted to hide underneath my too tall desk!

Another Betweener girl, who was a foot taller than I was, was in tears as she told her, “Not doing your homework is a sign of not being mature, isn’t it? You know you might have your own case of Maturosis coming on…”

“I’m sorry ma’am, I’ll do better. I’ll prove you can trust me from here on out!”

I gulped at that, knowing the implication that she was really a Little… and all that implied! Fortunately for her though, two boy littles in our class had also failed to turn in the assignment. One of them argued, “I’m sorry Professor, our Nest Mother made us all go to bed early last night and I didn’t have a chance to login to see…”

“Blaming your failings on someone else…?” She asked coldly.

“N…” he tried to get out.

“Well Jimmy, I’ll add that to my notes to Dean Sanders when she meets with you later for your demerits. She can look into it… If she tells me you really had no free time at all yesterday, and the night before when I posted it, I’ll consider giving you an extension.”

I watched the other guy motion to him to knock it off.

‘Both will be in diapers and gone before long…’ I thought.

My own work was thankfully approved and given compliments before she got into the next assignment. I was grateful there weren’t a lot of topics in this class that would be like a grammar class, but we did talk about the way a technical article or paper should be written. By the end of class, we were assigned a two-page essay that we would have a week to do, along with information on a more significant ten-page paper that had to be completed by midterms.

I sighed on my way out the door, knowing that even as an easy class, it was probably going to occupy a lot of my time!

My trip to Chemistry was mostly uneventful for me. As I walked, I couldn’t help but notice that nearly every Little seemed to be padded now in some way. My chemistry professor was like a savant with names and faces, and called on me mid-way through the class after a Big failed to answer the question he was asking, correctly.

“Mr. Sylvester, can you help him out?”

It was a simple stoichiometric equation that I responded quickly with the correct answer.

“Correct!” he told me. “Mr. Nutter, you might want to see about getting a tutor for this class.”

He continued on for a long time in that class before assigning us about forty pages of the textbook to get through by Thursday. Some optional assignments and worksheets were also given out that he ‘encouraged’ everyone to do. I suspected the fact that there were only three tests in the class was going to make it easier to fail if someone didn’t keep up. I didn’t intend on drawing the same attention as the others in my class earlier!

At the end of class I had a text from Beth to meet up for lunch.

“Hi Beth!” I told her with a smile.

“Hi Cameron,” she said and gave me a quick hug. “I miss hanging out with you more.”

“I miss you too,” I told her honestly. I couldn’t help but note that unlike the other Littles in my classes that I’d seen, Beth didn’t seem to be crinkling. “How’s everything going today?”

“Okay so far, I have that stupid Seminar class this afternoon.”

“Sorry,” I told her apologetically. “I’m really glad I had that growth spurt,” I told her kind of guiltily.

“I wish I’d had one… or that I could have gotten away with heels to hide my height or something. Emerson is so strict on them for Littles!”

I nodded, grateful that as a Mid I didn’t face that restriction. I actually had two-inch lifts on to make me a little less obviously on the line. “Regrets on coming here?”

She shrugged, “There’s not a lot of options out there, are there? I didn’t want to stay with my parents… and at least it’s a bit of time to do something other than be adopted by some Big who just wants me to suck her tits...” Beth said the last part in a whisper, obviously not wanting to upset any Bigs who might be listening in.

I nodded at that as we took our places in line. We both had our cards read by the lady at the door, and began walking to the different sections together with our trays. “How was your Chemistry class yesterday?” I asked her. “I think we have the same professor, right?”

She laughed, “Yes, he’s great! But don’t show up without knowing your stuff… I couldn’t believe he called on people by name at random! One Big was completely humiliated yesterday when they didn’t know the answer to the question. Then he turned and asked that really tiny Little, the question, and she knew the answer immediately!”

“Tiny little?”

“Some sort of special case, I don’t really know anything about her. She lives off campus with her adopted parents? Or she’s some sort of exchange student? It didn’t make sense to me, but somehow she’s gotten out of living in the dorms.”

“Sounds like a smart plan,” I said.

“Sort of, she’s in diapers full-time, and I’ve heard rumors she may suck on pacifiers a lot, and even… breastfeeds too.”

I grimaced. It wasn’t known why, but it seemed to be that every Little that was stuck breastfeeding their kidnapper’s breasts would lose all of their continence. As a Little I had always been told to avoid strange milk in cups or bottles at all cost! I looked over at Beth and said, “That’s bad… Has anyone explained it to her?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know, I’m actually curious to see if her Mommy lets her stay in school all the way.”

I had just put some fries on my plate, and was just about to ask if she wanted some too, when I noticed a panicked expression on her face.

She just gasped “No…” as her body made a quick dip, and she left her tray and took off running out of the dining hall!

That look, and the smell that had accompanied it… I would have known even without looking at her fleeing form, what it probably meant. I sat my tray down on a table and tried to follow her trail.

Unfortunately, as soon as I reached the hallway, I could see a trail of dribbling wet brown stuff…

The trail led to the women’s bathroom where I thought about standing and waiting for her, or offering something… other clothes…? But I could suddenly hear her screaming, “No!!!!! It’s not my fault!!!! Someone…”

A smack followed. Then another one, and another… and then a ton of crying and wailing. I was too much of a coward to charge in to try and save her. Not that it would do her or I any good. It seemed forever before a Big girl dragged her out behind her, forcing to walk with her holding onto her wrist like a naughty child. “Well young lady! Looks like we need to address your lack of padding! If you’d at least been wearing protection you wouldn’t be going to see the dean, but now you’re in for an extra spanking and demerits!”

She dragged her so fast there was nothing I could do for her… Just when I thought she would leave without looking at me, she turned and saw me while the girl pushed the door open.

Her expression, tears, and eyes broke my heart.

‘Poor Beth…’ I thought as I turned and returned to where I had left my tray and tried to eat something even though my appetite had left me.

Her friend Meg showed up right then, “Can I join you?”

“Sure,” I told her.

“Where’s Beth?” She asked.

I fought to keep a calm face, “She umm… she had an accident,” I told her.

“No…” she gasped and gave me a sad look. “Where?”

“Here, not long ago?”

I noticed she was crinkling a bit as she moved. “Did she wear the training panties they suggested we keep on today?”

I shook my head, “She’s always been stubborn… something happened?”

“An outbreak of something,” she said, before whispering, “I’m pretty sure our Nest Mother slipped something into everyone’s drinks last night… or is using some sort of hypnosis or something.”

I nodded, “It would take that… she hasn’t had an accident since middle school, and that was foul play too.”

“I hope she doesn’t get in too much trouble…” she told me.

I nodded in agreement.


THAT AFTERNOON I worried about Beth, especially when I didn’t hear anything back from her when I texted her and emailed her. The next day I had hoped after my calculus class I would see her in the Biology class we shared.

I felt my stomach sink when I didn’t see her there.

‘That’s it then…’ I thought as I sat in class listening to the lecture. ‘They demerited her out… she’s probably…’

I did the best I could to focus in Biology and just take notes from then on. After class I was so intent on just walking to the dining hall, feeling guilt for her, that I almost didn’t notice her standing next to the entrance with a tall woman with graying hair. She was no longer dressed in the awful school uniform at least…

I wanted to vomit!

She was dressed in a yellow one-piece romper that barely covered a very thick diaper. The sleeves had ruffles on them, and a large pink baby bottle and pacifier were embroidered on the fabric in the middle of the chest. They matched the pink pacifier hanging from a strap clipped to the romper.

“Cameron!” she said to me nervously.

I walked up to her after taking stock of the woman who gave off vibes of being less trustworthy than a snake.

“And you are, young man?” The woman asked me.

“I’m Cameron Sylvester… I’ve been friends with Beth for a long time.”

“This is the boy you begged to talk to first?”

“Yes Mrs. B,” she said to her.

She glared at me, “You two can have three minutes to talk. I’ll give you some privacy.”

After she walked about fifteen feet away, but still stared at us, Beth locked me in a hug, “Oh Cameron!” She was in tears, “I didn’t want to… I couldn’t…”

“What happened Beth?” I asked calmly.

“Yesterday I ended up with nine demerits for pooping my panties in the dining hall… I don’t know what happened to me… I couldn’t hold it at all!”

She sniffled and I felt my heart breaking for her. “I’m sure someone…”

“Probably… but no one cares about that Cameron… After that - well I only had one left…” She sniffled again, “I thought about it all night long, and this morning I decided I was better off giving Student Services a chance.” She said softly. “After I texted my parents to tell them goodbye, I went there before my first class.”


“I gave up…” she told me. “I didn’t want… I don’t want… but what choice? At least this way I’m supposed to be able to choose my… ma… ma… mommy?”

She broke down in tears again and I embraced her in the tightest hug I’d ever given my best friend.

‘There’s got to be something she can do…’ I thought to myself, but even then, I knew that the laws were clear. She had effectively ended her rights as an adult that morning now that she had put herself up for adoption. I just hoped they weren’t lying when they said that it was a better process when you gave yourself up.

I held her for a long moment before the woman came and said, “Time’s up, we need to get going!”

She squeezed me one last time, “I love you Cameron.”

It was whispered so only I could hear it, but the woman grabbed her into her arms and carried her away so quickly that I didn’t have a chance to reply.

Her long legs whisked her away from me.

It wasn’t fair!!! It was only two damn inches!!!

Thanks for reading! Please let me know what you think with a comment! I should post another set of chapters on Wednesday.



End Chapter 3

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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