In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 40

THE PARK MUST have been fairly close to her house, because we were back inside her garage pretty quickly. A glance at the dash of the car told me that it was just about two hours past noon, so I was feeling quite hungry, even after the formula she had me drink leaving the courthouse. At the time I had been actually kind of surprised by how filling the drink was.

She pulled me from the car seat and carried me inside the house. Due to the early afternoon hour, I wasn’t surprised to see Mindy waiting for us inside.

“Miss Harris, you were gone longer than I expected?”

Addison shrugged as she sat me down on my feet, “We decided to stop by the park and play a bit after her nap.”

“Aww… I bet that was a cute sight!”

“It was! You want to see pictures?”

‘Pictures?!?!?’ I looked up at her and she smirked.

She pulled out her phone that she must have returned to the car for at some point, and showed them to Mindy. “Cute, huh?”

“Absolutely adorable Miss Harris!”

“You want to see your pretty pictures Cammie?” she asked me in that baby voice that women used towards babies, and I wanted to scream as she knelt down to show me her phone.

I nodded though, morbidly curious.

I was a little disturbed that I never noticed her taking pictures as I went down the slide or played in the sand a bit. I knew that it was me in the photos, but there was a disconnect in my mind about how the cute girl playing on the playground could possibly be me. I could still recognize my face, but with the way she had done my hair and the dress… Well, it was obvious I looked the part.

“Princess Cammie is cute, huh?” She asked me and began tickling me a little.

“Stop,” I giggled.

“Did you get lunch yet?” Mindy asked.

“No, we didn’t. What do you think Princess Cammie; do we need a late lunch?”

I nodded.

“What do you want?” She asked me.

I thought for a moment, I wasn’t used to getting food made for me. I shrugged, “What is there?”

Mindy smiled, “Probably almost anything you want! But what do you think about a grilled cheese sandwich?”

I nodded, “That sounds good… Thank you Miss Mindy,” I said politely.

You could see her absolutely melt with my politeness, “She is such a perfect little girl ma’am!”

“Sort of, she’s kind of dirty from the park. We’re going to go change her clothes while you work on that?”

“Sounds good ma’am, you want one too?”

“Please, I love your grilled cheeses,” she told her.

“Nothing special ma’am,” she told her.

“Yes, they are, you always brown them perfectly!”

“Well… That’s just how you make them! Go get that baby girl into something less formal – you should have done that before she played, but we’ll get that dress clean still - just leave it in the hamper. I’ll have your lunch ready when you get back downstairs.”

“Thanks Mindy,” she told her.

Addison held out her hand to me, “Come on baby girl…”

I sighed, but let her larger hand envelope mine, and walked upstairs beside her. The diaper was still dry, but the crinkle was letting me know it was still there with every step. It felt like it was hugging me as my legs moved up the steps, and I couldn’t help but remember back to commercials on TV that bragged about diapers hugging every move of a baby or Little over the years. It made me blush to think about being in the same shitty situation as those poor Littles!

I walked to my room with Addison pulling me along and stood still where she let me go by the closet. “Hmm… what shall we wear for the afternoon?” She asked herself. “Ooh… Is it really your size?!?” She was way too excited about whatever she found. “Look!!!! These are sooooooo cute!!!” She exclaimed happily in a voice that meant I knew I would hate whatever it was.

As she turned around, I saw that I was right!

In her hands was one of the outfits that I always felt the sorriest for a Little being dressed in. Normally you would only see a baby under two dressed in such a thing, or probably a shorter Little under about four-and-a-half feet tall. I had to guess this was some special-order item, as I couldn’t imagine it being available so easily for someone my size!

I’d once asked Addison why anyone would dress someone in such an outfit, to which she’d shrugged and said ‘They’re kind of cute.’ I’d ended up asking out of morbid curiosity what it was even called, and she told me ‘It’s a bubble romper! On real infants I think they’re one of the cutest things ever!’

This horrid outfit in question was a pale yellow with white stripes every inch or so running horizontally. It featured a short exaggerated ruffled sleeve, and a high stretch waist band that would probably fall just above my belly button. The worst part wasn’t how puffy the bottom portion that snapped close was! No, the worst part was the back was covered in four rows of matching ruffled fabric that made yesterday’s leggings look tame. I knew they would bring extra attention to my diapered bottom, and groaned out loud.

“Do I have to…?”

“Why yes you do! You’re going to look so precious! And no silly pants to get in the way of you moving around while you play!” She squealed with delight.

‘She actually squealed?’ I thought worriedly, ‘She usually has better control over those urges!’ I thought in the half-second before she was right there picking me up. She was giddy as she sat me down on the changing table. The dress was off before I even had a chance to consider another argument. My shoes were placed on a shelf, and my socks followed the dress into a nearby hamper.

Naked, except the still clean diaper, I felt nervous as she looked at me and suddenly pounced with her fingers tickling my feet.

“No!” I cried.

“Yes!” She laughed and continued her attack up my legs and onto my belly.

I was really seriously about to pee without any control when she finally let up, “Oh, I guess I’ll stop attacking my baby girl at least long enough to get her dressed.” It was almost like a slow motion horror movie as she opened the snaps in the crotch of the monstrosity and gathered it up in her hands. “Arms up like a pretty ballerina!” she cooed.

“Shoot me…”

“Why would we do that?” She said as she pulled it down over my hands and blocked my vision for a moment before pushing me down on the table. “There we go, all snapped in!”

She was truly enjoying this; I could tell that. I looked down at the babyish outfit, and it was probably worse than I feared. The puff of the bubble in the bottom part was ridiculous, and I wondered if it wasn’t exaggerated because they knew only a babied Mid would fit into this…

I sat there for a few minutes while she undid the more mature fishtail braid that she had made in my hair for the court hearing, and quickly brushed my hair instead into a high ponytail, and used a matching yellow ribbon to tie a bow on it.

“Let’s go show Miss Mindy!” She smiled at me as she picked me back up and carried me downstairs.

“Oh, my word!” Mindy said when she saw me, “I had no idea you could dress a big girl like you so pretty! That outfit is absolutely precious Miss Harris!”

“I know, right?” Addison squeezed me tighter, “I’ve always found these to be super adorable! I’m so glad they found a couple of them in her size! They’ll be perfect for her to play at home!”

“Yes, they will!” She agreed.

As Addison placed me into what I now knew as my highchair, I could sort of feel the rows of ruffles behind me; even through the diaper! I let her maneuver my arms through the five-point harness to buckle me in, and then watched as she placed the white tray into place. I was a little annoyed with the way my bare legs were touching the bottom of the chair where the fabric ended and plastic began, but at least other than that, I guessed it was as comfortable as a highchair could be. ‘At least she’s not using those other straps…’ I thought with a shudder. Addison finished preparing me for lunch by velcroing a large yellow bib behind me, before Mindy placed the plate of smaller cut up sandwich pieces on the tray.

Addison had walked to a cupboard and filled a sippy cup up with more Plapple juice. “Eat up baby,” she told me.

I stared at the pieces in front of me, and was annoyed I didn’t have the sandwich like she had. For hers, Mindy had just sliced it in half diagonally. For mine she had cut it what looked like a total of four times. It meant I had eight smaller triangles to eat that would cool off quicker. I picked the first one up and saw that it looked like it had a quality cheddar cheese inside at least, and was nicely lined like it was cooked on a sandwich grill.

I moaned at the first bite a second later, “Wow!” I said with a smile looking up at Mindy, “How did you make it taste so good?”

She just smiled at me, “Just a little extra love, Sweetie.”

I began eating more pieces quickly and saw that Addison and Mindy were mostly watching me, even though Addison would occasionally take a bite.

“She really is adorable! What happened in court today?”

“The injunction against Mom having contact with Cameron or me is still standing. If there is a need for communication it is supposed to happen with supervision.”

“What about your custody of little Cammie here?”

“Well Cammie is still my baby girl for now. The judge is planning on a separate hearing to decide if I get to keep her or not.”

“Oh, I’m sure you will! Your mom’s attorneys are the very best!”

Addison rubbed my shoulder, “I’m sure they are.”

“What’s your plan for the rest of the day?” Mindy asked Addison.

“Well, I think we’ll probably go swimming for a little bit before dinner after I cuddle this little girl for a bit. Maybe we’ll get a little bit of playtime in her playroom before bed too.”

“That sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon together. You’re on maternity leave now, right?”

Addison shrugged, “I’m supposed to be, but apparently I’m supposed to go into work tomorrow.”

“Oh my, your mom is making you come in still?”

“She was back at work the next day after she adopted Matty, I guarantee she doesn’t think anything of it,” she told her. “I need to make sure that I have a daycare appointment set up actually…”

“Why don’t you go do that? I’ll watch while wittle Miss Cammie finishes eating her num-nums?”

“That would be great actually,” she told her, scarfing down a last bite and stepping out down the hallway.

I was about three-quarters through my sandwich, and just silently kept eating while Mindy watched.

I had just taken the last bite when she said, “You know there’s no way you’ll win against Mrs. Harris, right? You should just volunteer for the procedures and get it over with?”

I looked up at her with new eyes, “Everyone has a weakness. I have mine; you have yours, and Mrs. Harris has her own. I would hope you aren’t trying to send a message for her?”

She narrowed her eyes, “And if I was?”

“Well, that would probably make Judge O’Connor unhappy when he hears that.”

“Only matters if you can tell him?”

I shrugged, “If I can’t that’ll mean the real bombs will start going off. You might as well tell Mrs. Harris that backing off would be her best move. She’s messed with the wrong person. Even if she destroys me, something I know is probably coming, I have allies and assets that aren’t going to take that lightly.”

I think she was about to say something else, but Addison came back in. “All taken care of! The daycare my mom suggested luckily still had a space free for you! It’s the best one in town, so I know you’ll love it there!” She cooed at me.

“Great…” I deadpanned.

“Someone is kind of cranky?” Mindy suggested.

“Probably, well… I know what can help! Might as well deal with the other problem I’m having right now. Would you mind cleaning up?” she asked Mindy as she moved the tray aside and pulled the bib off of me.

“Of course!” she said, “I can bring you a glass of water when I’m done?”

“That would be great, we’re going to go sit in the living room for some quiet,” she told her.

“Sounds good Miss Harris.”

I looked at her as she tried to talk to Mindy in some sort of code; a little nervous that I knew precisely what she was talking about. As she sat down with me in a rocking recliner, I looked at a clock and saw it was mid-afternoon.

“We’ve put this off for long enough,” she told me. “You should have been doing this from the first night we spent together!”

“No…” I squeaked out.

“Yes, it’s past time, my milk has been in for two days now, and I don’t want to keep pumping all day.”

“I don’t…” I said to her as she placed me on her right leg for a second and began messing with the dress. Apparently, it was designed for nursing mothers, because she was able to pull her left breast free a moment later without taking the top down, and undid the latch of a nursing bra to expose her nipple. I looked at the erect nipple sticking out, thinking about the first, and last time, I had had a taste of her milk. I’d thought about it for months afterwards! Even as I saw a droplet forming on the tip as she gently expressed it, I could feel a craving coming.

“Come on baby girl, Mommy knows you liked it before. This time you don’t have to worry about losing your potty ability though, because you’re already in a diaper!”

“You told me I could wear big girl pants!” I complained, eyes still focused on the white droplet that was still hanging there.

“That was if we had you altered yesterday. You’re still an icky boy where it counts, so we’re going to keep you in diapers until we get everything figured out. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones that can still use the potty when nursing?”

“Nnnn…” I started to say, but she guided my head to her nipple, and used the opening to push my mouth on.

The single droplet hit my tongue.

It was the tastiest thing ever!!!!

The single droplet reminded me of everything I had wanted to have again after that first accidental time!

At that point my willpower failed, and I began earnestly sucking at the nipple, being rewarded with each suckle by a mouth full of the tasty milk. My tongue began licking the nipple to try and get more of the taste, and I found my hands gently squeezing the warm flesh of her exposed breast too. I felt like time was passing without me then, as all I knew was suckling.

I felt a need to pee, but was at least relieved that it was a normal urge. I held it for a couple sucks before just admitting it did no good to hold it and let it out into the diaper. Addison must have felt it because she cooed at me as I kept sucking.

“Mrs. Harris will be happy to see you finally started,” I heard just before I must have gone off to dreamland from the milk.



End Chapter 40

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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