In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 35

I WOKE UP and bit back a scream when I saw the white bars around my vision. A slightly closer look though revealed they were only by my head, and not tall enough to keep me from jumping over them.

“Where…?” I found myself breathing. “Damn, it wasn’t a dream…”

The Sun was peeking through the edges of some blackout curtains along the windows, keeping the room fairly dark in spite of what must have been strong early morning sunlight. I rubbed my eyes and found they were nearly matted shut from all of the crying last night. ‘I can’t believe I lost it…’ I sighed. I moved my hand again and discovered a pacifier was clipped to whatever I was wearing. Looking down I realized it was a footed pajama set. I could just make out its purple color in the darkness, and the bulge of the diaper beneath it reminded me I needed to do something.

I always needed to go in the morning as soon as I woke up, but not usually quite like this! I stood up and held my arms tightly around my torso, trying to not encourage my bladder’s needs for a moment, before remembering the baby monitors that were in the room. ‘Well, and whoever else is watching Addy…’

Grimacing, I let go of the urine into the diaper. Remembering suddenly what Addy had said last night, and feeling a slight urge, I decided it was probably in my best interest to just get the other out of the way too.

Deciding I had to play the long game though, and doing it, were two completely different things!

I tried just squeezing, but only got a little more urine out. The years of potty training were not so easy to get past, and my body was naturally clinching to keep me from messing my pants! Even when I’d ended up in diapers as a young teen thanks to that prank, it hadn’t been my choice when to go initially. And after that was all through my system, I just waited and used the bathroom at home, or went before school.

I grimaced, but memories of friends from school meant I knew I really didn’t want an enema!

I remembered seeing babies and Littles squatting over the years to poop their diapers, and decided to try that. I bent my knees and tried to visualize sitting down on the potty. Right about then the urge hit me and I managed to push out a long log of poop.

As soon as I finished, I regretted it. I wrinkled my nose, but was at least pleasantly surprised I wasn’t immediately gagging from the smell. Having no desire to sit down and make the mess worse, I walked around the room looking around. The feeling of the disgusting pile in my diaper didn’t make me feel good about that as I could feel it smear between my thighs, but hopefully Addy wouldn’t be too long in coming to find me. Toddling would have been a more apt description as I tried to keep it from smashing any more against my body!

I curiously examined a tall dollhouse that sat in one corner. The house looked identical to what I had seen of this house so far! It wasn’t able to go deeper than one room three dimensionally, but the rooms were eerily accurate. I saw my room even had a little girl doll with pigtails sleeping on the toddler bed inside. I curiously picked her up and saw that yes, she had a diaper on too. I could see an office for Addy was on the first floor that I hadn’t been shown yet. The nursery was also present, with a baby boy fully dressed in a onesie, and a realistic looking disposable diaper on that doll. On the same floor it looked like there was a massive playroom with toys everywhere inside of it.

‘Guessing that’s my ‘playroom’’ I thought to myself. On the first floor there was a swimming pool that I hadn’t seen yet either, along with it looked like a backyard play set?

I was just about to turn and look around at some more of the room when I heard a beep and the door opened inward towards the room. Addy stepped inside, looking like a young mother in comfortable jeans and a stretchy blouse. Her eyes landed on me even as I saw her wrinkle her nose.

“Good morning Princess,” she said way too cheerily to me. “Guess you woke up on your own this morning?”

“Guess so,” I told her.

She knew I wasn’t a morning person, “Well, we have a grouchy princess this morning? Of course, it smells like I know why!” She walked over to me and I held up my arms for her to pick me up.

I hoped she would at least avoid the problem in my diaper, but instead she held me up by the middle of my filled diaper. I could feel the log smush and ooze around inside. I winced and wanted to tell her to stop, but it was too late. She saw my face, “Oh, don’t worry about that poopy little bottom! Mommy knows all about how to take care of opening a present like that!”

She laid me down on the changing table and I cringed as I felt the poop smear even more inside of the diaper. I sat as still as I could as she unzipped the sleeper I was wearing, from the collar down to my right foot. I let her pull it from my body one part at a time and sat it down in a laundry basket beside the table. She used the chest strap to make sure I wouldn’t ‘fall off’ the table then, and got to work on the diaper.

“Woo,” she exclaimed, “what a stinky wittle baby girl!” She pulled one tape free, then the other, and then opened up ‘her present.’ “Mommy can’t wait to be able to potty train her little girl! Such a stinky little thing!”

She lifted my legs off the table with one hand, and used the other to wipe away most of the mess with the old diaper. Too many wipes were then used to clean off the rest of the muck, before she wrapped all of the mess inside the used diaper and dropped it into a disposal. “Going to have to get in the habit of putting a new diaper under you sooner,” she said as much to herself as to me.

‘Why?’ I wondered. ‘I can still control myself…?’

She let my body rest back down on a fresh diaper and quickly rubbed some lotion on me, before taping the diaper shut. She looked down at a watch on her wrist and said, “Let’s get you dressed and we’ll get to your appointments this morning.”


“I made a special one for you with your request,” she told me as she sat me down on my feet and walked towards the closet.

With everything I had gone through yesterday I’d almost forgotten about that one…

I watched as she dug through the closet and came up with a yellow top that flared out like a short dress, and a pair of blue leggings. “Arms up like a pretty ballerina!” She told me as she knelt down and quickly threaded my arms through the shirt holes. It felt weird the way it flared out, but I noted it just reached past the tapes of my diaper. She pushed me gently onto my back and began bunching up the legs of the blue leggings. I grimaced as I noticed the butt of them was covered in rows of ruffled material!

“Awww!” She cooed, “You look so sweet I could eat you up!” She actually started tickling me then and I was forced to giggle for a moment before she leaned down and hefted me back onto her hip while shouldering a diaper bag I hadn’t noticed. “Let’s go do your hair in your chair downstairs, then we’ll get going.”

I had been silent throughout all of this, but was still bright red as she walked into the smaller family dining area and saw another tall woman standing beside the table with a newspaper in her hands. “Well, so this is the princess?” The woman said with a smile.

“Yes Mindy, this is little Cammie!” She said with a coo to her voice as she bounced me up and down. “Cammie, this is Miss Mindy, she’s our housekeeper and cook.”

The tall woman was a couple feet shorter than Addison, so I was actually almost looking down on her from my position on Addison’s hip. “Aww… she’s adorable!”

“Isn’t she though?” Addison said as she bounced me up and down. “Just the cutest wittle princess!” She squeezed me tightly.

“Definitely!” Mindy smiled at us both. “I knew you would make a great mommy someday Miss Harris.” I looked at the woman with her slightly graying brown hair. She was probably only a dozen years older than us both, but she had a very motherly look to her plumper frame. “She’s a shy one, huh?”

“She is, but that’s okay. Cammie is just Mommy’s wittle baby, huh?” Addison bounced me up and down and sat me down on the highchair seat. “She’s also probably more than a bit nervous about today. She’s losing her precious wittle peepee today, huh?”

I glared at her, wondering where the caring Addison had disappeared to from last night!

“She’ll be so much happier being one of us though,” Mindy said with a smile.

“Yep! Just need to brush her hair really quick and then we’ll get going.”

“She need her baba, or something?”

“No, they told me nothing past bedtime at all if we could help it.”

“Oh, well, how about her paci?” She smiled at me.

“There’s one in her bag,” she told her.

“Just one Miss Harris?” She asked as she began rummaging around and began tutting, “This won’t do! You need a good five of these in here. You never know when she’ll be playing and drop it, but need it to soothe her for a skinned knee, or just because she’s hungry.”

My eyes opened at that as she first grabbed the one that was in the bag and placed it into my mouth. Unfortunately, it was a locking one and Mindy had no problems with twisting it once, “Well, I guess she won’t be dropping that one Miss Harris, but I’d better go get you a few more paci’s and babas for her. Trust me when I say you always want to be prepared for your baby girl. You did at least pack enough diapees and spare clothes in here…”

The damn thing wasn’t too inflated, but it still sucked to have it larger than my normal teeth opening.

Addison had just grabbed a brush and did a couple quick strokes until she was out of sight. “Sorry about that,” she whispered in my hair. Her hand reached in front of my mouth and loosened the pacifier. “Keep it in your mouth…”

I nodded in relief and winced every now and then when she found a snag in my hair. I normally took really good care of it, but the last day wasn’t exactly something in my control!

I was zoned out enough that I almost jumped when Mindy reappeared. She used a clear Ziploc bag to add in a handful of more pacifiers, and plunked in two baby bottles of water. “I know you said she can’t have anything yet, but after her surgery I’m sure she’ll want her bottle.”

“Thanks Mindy,” Addison said as she pulled at my hair in the back. At first, I wasn’t sure what she was doing.

“That braid is going to be really pretty Miss Harris.”

“Thanks,” Addison said, “I had lots of practice on my baby sister growing up.”

“You should have her over here sometime!”

Addison nodded, “She’s supposed to be coming to visit her new niece this weekend.”

“I hope to see her then! What do you need from me today?”

“Just the normal Mindy, and if you could have a good dinner for us in the oven? Something not too heavy since I’m sure she’ll be a bit out of it from the anesthesia.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier just to feed her a jar tonight?”

I felt a last tug on my hair as Addison told her, “Mindy, I want to make sure you know that Cammie here is mostly a big girl. In fact, that was her choice – she could be a little baby boy eating out of jars, or be a big girl. She chose to be a big girl instead, so we’re not going to feed her baby food unless she’s a really bad girl that shows me that she needs to go back further.”

“You sure about that Miss Harris?”

“Yes,” Addison said, coming around and undoing the harness on the seat. “I’ve known Cammie here for a long time, and very well, and I don’t believe we’ll be getting to that point, will we?” She pulled up my chin lightly with her finger to look in my eyes.

“No Mommy,” I told her nervously.

She kissed me on the forehead and picked me up out of the highchair, placing me on her hip. She reached down and grabbed the diaper bag, and said, “Thanks for everything Mindy, we’ll see you this afternoon or tomorrow morning depending on when we get back.”

“Good luck Princess,” the woman cooed at me.

I sighed in relief when the heavy garage door shut behind us on the way to her SUV. She opened the door and sat me down in the car seat and buckled me in. As soon as she was in the driver’s door, I pulled the damn pacifier out of my mouth.

“Sorry about her,” Addison said. “My mom hired her last year to help me take care of the house.”

“When is she there?”

“Usually in the mornings until early afternoon – I’m usually at work. You won’t see her but for the mornings probably since you’ll be at daycare…”


“Once I get done with maternity leave, yeah, you’ll have to go to daycare or preschool. I’ll let you pick I guess…”

“Neither?” I said annoyed.

It was silent for the next forty-five minutes while she navigated back to the city and to a stop outside a building that said Jameson and Associates Fertility Clinic. I felt red at the thought of what I was doing there, and why I was doing it…

“Come on, let’s get that sample for you…”

She carried me inside and went to a receptionist desk. “Hi, May I help you?”

“Yes, I have an appointment for Cameron here,” she said with a smile.

I knew it was probably possible to easily tell I was a man underneath the clothes she had me in, but her flat out saying it sucked the air out of my lungs. “Last name?”

“Harris.” She said, “Though I want it stored under both his original name, Cameron Sylvester, and Camille Harris.”

“Certainly,” she said. “We can cross list it, though I will say that doesn’t usually end up mattering once a cute baby girl like her is adopted!”

Addison squeezed my back a bit tighter then to hug me, “Probably not, but we’re going to go get her properly plumbed right after this, so I promised to save her a sample if she didn’t scream her head off all day.”

“That’s mighty nice of you,” she said, finishing entering some data on her computer screen. “You already completed all of the rest of the information online. Someone will be back for you shortly.”

Addison carried me to a seat and I looked around at several couples sitting around, obviously waiting for appointments to help deal with fertilization issues. ‘I’m probably the only one about to become infertile…’ I sighed. Fortunately, we didn’t wait long before a nurse came back and showed us to a room.

“Okay, not much to this, Mommy?” she said to Addison.

“Yes, I just adopted her yesterday. We’re just collecting a sample before we go get her corrected.”

‘Corrected?!?’ I wanted to scream, but sucked on the pacifier that had somehow found its way back into my mouth.

“Okay, there’s two ways to do this with a Little one like Cammie here. You can either go ahead and have her do it into a cup like an adult, or we can use this special milking machine that Bremmer industries has created.”

I looked over at the machine and gasped. It looked like some sort of horror movie torture device had mated with a cow milking rig.

“I think we can manage with just the cup,” she said looking at my face.

“Very good, I’ll leave here, you want to get as much as you can inside. Normally I would say go ahead and come back, but it sounds like that’s not going to be an option. We should get enough from one sample though to be able to make a few attempts.”

“Thanks,” Addison said as she took the small cup from her. There was a table sitting there that she sat me on and pulled the leggings and top off from me on. “Still dry, huh?”

“I haven’t drunk anything,” I reminded her.

“Stay here for a moment,” she told me. “Don’t move.” I watched as she took the diaper bag and sat it outside the door.

She came back in without any jewelry on for some reason, and pushed me down on my back and undid the tapes of the diaper, “I’m really sorry about this Cameron, I didn’t want to do this…”

I looked up at her in surprise, as that really sounded even more like the old Addy than I heard last night.

“Then why…?”

“My mom has everyone, the judge, the police, and half the state government, in her pocket. She’s set it up to where they’re monitoring at home, as well as I’m pretty sure that your diaper bag and my phone are listening devices too. I don’t think there’s anything I can do to get you out of this… she originally was going to make me do this, but then I convinced her to let me back out. But when I saw it was either I take you, or you go to an orphanage… I’m sorry, I couldn’t let you get lost like that,” She told me with tears streaming down her face. “My mom was going to just completely regress you to being an infant boy, complete with shrinking you right away, but I talked her into this girl option… It’s the only way…”

I sighed, “Get this diaper off of me and let me at least save something here… maybe someday you can emancipate me. She’s gotta die someday…”

She looked horrified at me for that, but got to work on the diaper. I couldn’t get myself to do anything for several minutes on my own, so she began helping me out. We left there with a sample stored, but I didn’t want to go to the next destination even as I felt mortified by the first!



End Chapter 35

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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