In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 25

THE NEXT WEEK was an intense time around the courthouse. Protestors gathered on the steps and the large grassy area in front of it to protest and counterprotest all week! I watched several reports on the news where the ELNAP protestors tried to adopt some of the Littles protesting with CAMOL. Fortunately for the Littles, they were in Hartford, which kept them from being just adopted right there. Most of them managed to get released over the course of a day or two when their ‘parent’ tried to take them to the adoption clinics. The ones that didn’t, unfortunately were dragged over state lines to a nearby state to our west that was more like Ames.

I soon discovered most of Judge Jones’ days were not as momentous as my first! Most of them dealt strictly with evaluating if a technicality of a law was broken, and what that effect might have on the verdicts in the lower courts. That being said, I felt like I learned more from Judge Jones, and sitting in her office and car talking to her, than I had my entire time in law school so far!

I had waited a few weeks for the protests to die down before asking Mr. Fehler and Beth about her idea, “Hi Mr. Fehler!”

“Hi Cameron, it’s good to hear from you! I know Beth was wondering if you would call today!”

“I wanted to call her all week, but it’s been crazy around here. Speaking of that… Judge Jones, the woman who I’m staying with and interning, suggested since you’re not far from here you could come and stay the weekend sometime before I leave to go back to New Haven in August?”

He looked thoughtful, “Where would we stay?”

“She has a huge house! She has several guest bedrooms…”

“I’m guessing we’d only need one, I know where Beth would want to stay.”


He nodded, “Beth mentioned your concerns. How about next weekend?”

“Let me check with Judge Jones really quick, I’ll call you back in ten minutes?”

“Sounds good!”

After confirming with her, I’d confirmed with him, and that led to an excited conversation with Beth! We hadn’t seen each other in person now for nearly two full years!

The next week was the slowest moving week of all time! Each day the minutes seemed to take forever to pass, and the days themselves were just serving as obstacles to the weekend! I had spoken to Dad, and he had reminded me as long as Beth was still adopted, I had to be careful around Judge Jones since she was legally bound to deal with indiscretions. Having already been forever paranoid that anyone would ever find out about our last time together, I had agreed.

The day finally arrived and Mr. Fehler pulled in driving a midsize sedan. It was just before dinner time, after we had come home a little early to meet them. Judge Jones and her husband joined me outside to greet them. I watched as Mr. Fehler opened the door, waved at me friendlily, and turned around to open the back where he pulled Beth out of a car seat.

The first thing I noticed though was her clothes.

They looked like a normal woman in her twenties should be dressed!

My eyes stared at her wide smile as I took in slow motion her being sat down on the ground and bounding towards me. She wore a conservative short sleeved striped top, that emphasized the small curves she had. Her shorts looked like they were an appropriate length, but there was something missing underneath them!

She reached me and pounced on me, “Cameron!!!!”

I hugged her back as she clung to me and I felt tears come out of my eyes at being reunited finally.

“Here Cameron,” she said to me a moment later as she handed me a piece of paper she’d been carrying.

I began shaking and crying as I hugged her again. “I’m so glad you’re free!!!!”

I felt a little embarrassed as I realized everyone had all watched that display, but didn’t care as I finally regained my composure and remembered my manners.

“Sorry about my manners here Judge Jones, I’d like to introduce you to Beth Fehler, and her father Jerome Fehler.” Just then I realized there was someone else there, “And Mrs. Fehler?” I said in surprise as I saw her standing there.

“Hi Cameron. Surprise!” She said with a smile. Her mom was a hair under eight feet tall, so while she was taller than me, she was still pretty short.

“I thought…” I stammered.

“We’ll explain in a moment,” her dad said, “This is my wife Ashley. Why don’t we get everything unloaded first and then maybe we can all sit down and discuss things?” He looked at Judge Jones, “I hope you don’t mind that we brought one more person than Cameron expected?”

She laughed, “Not at all, Cameron told me about everything that happened with Beth at Emerson and afterwards… so I’m curious to hear this story too!”

Beth squeezed my hand and said, “Where am I staying?”

“In his room,” Judge Jones said. At Beth’s open eyes she said, “You’re emancipated, and as an emancipated adult now, I don’t care. You can sleep there or I do have another room with a bed for you too.”

She blushed, “With Cameron, would be fine.”

I helped Mr. Fehler and Mr. Jones grab luggage for the family and carried Mr. and Mrs. Fehler’s upstairs to the second floor, before continuing up with Beth’s stuff to my room.

She smirked when she got there, “I bet you were worried she was matching your hair to the room when you moved in here?”

I blushed, not thinking about the color much anymore, “It did occur to me. I don’t know why you, and Addy before you, all love me having long hair…”

She leaned up on her tippy toes and kissed me before running her hands through my hair. “For me at least I love having your long hair to run my hands through…”

She pulled my head down to her level and then really kissed me, with absolute unbridled passion! Our tongues played in each other’s mouths for a moment before I pushed her back and said, “We should probably get downstairs so everyone can hear this story.”

She smiled, “I think you’ll be proud of me!”

I hugged her again, “I already am!”

She ducked into the bathroom for a moment, and then I held her hand to walk downstairs together. We came down the main stairwell and saw that her parents and the Jones were already sitting down at the dining room table. All of them were staring up at us. “Now that is an adorable sight!” her mom said.

We both groaned, but joined them at the table. I smiled as I saw Beth sitting on a simple portable booster cushion on her chair beside me. We sat with her mom on her right, her dad across from her, Mr. Jones at the head, and Judge Jones beside him opposite me. Before us we each had a beautiful steak dinner that I knew he had cooked. “Thanks,” I told him after tasting it, “it’s exceptional as always!”

He smiled, “I’m going to miss you when you go back to school! Compliments every time I cook?”

Judge Jones punched him on the arm, “I give you compliments too you dolt!”

Once we had mostly all finished our food, we sat with empty plates and I asked Mrs. Fehler, “So what happened?”

She smiled, “Well… We knew that if Beth was to have a chance we would have to separate. Together we were pretty sure the court would rule that I was too immature of an influence and might corrupt Beth further. In the past some of the courts in Ames have ruled that the Betweener mother suddenly needed to be considered a Little too…” She wiped some tears from her eyes, “I didn’t want to leave Beth and her father, but it was her best chance. Long term we figured that New Albany would be the safest place to try and get her to and grow her back up so to speak… So, I moved there and found a house out in the country with our divorce settlement money. I worked remotely anyway, so nothing had to change with my job.”

“When we decided it was finally time to leave at the same time you did,” her dad said, “I left without calling her from Ames. We just showed up a couple days after I called you to let you know we made it to safety.”

“I was so excited to see Mom! Dad had never even told me where we were going!” Beth said, grabbing her hand.

“So at least I know where you’ve been… What have you been doing? You’ve always been kind of cagey about it,” I told her.

“Well… for safety sake when we moved in for the first year, we had her continue to act like a baby outside the house. We had a nursery for her to be safe in case any inspectors happened to come by. When we were pretty sure that no one was following us to check up on her we started really focusing on the potty training even more. We were able to enroll her in a community college to earn an associate’s degree - she just finished in May, and prepared her for the testing center.”

“Testing center?” I asked curiously.

“It’s easier in New Albany to earn your freedom,” she told me, “But the test is pretty intense.”

“What do they do?” Judge Jones asked, just as curious and making herself still known.

“Well, it’s a three-hour test. Part of the requirements of passing it is to show you won’t wet or mess your panties during that time. They give you a test that is something like a high school exam, and then also you have an interview with someone who asks you really personal and embarrassing questions.” She squirmed a bit, “At the end of it they check your panties in front of the room of test takers… Then you have to use the potty in front of them to do both things…”

“That’s got to be horribly embarrassing,” I said.

“You have no idea Cam!” She smiled though. “But when I was done pooping in the potty, wiped myself, and had one last panty check, they gave me the certificate that let us go to the court. Dad had to testify, I had to testify, and then it became official!”

“I’m so proud of you for getting through all of that,” I told her with a smile.

“Me too! I didn’t think I would ever be an adult again…” She said morosely. “Now what’s new here…?”

The next hour we had dessert, I did the dishes with Beth’s help, and her parents and the Joneses ended up having a very cordial conversation. I had been watching Beth for any sign that the early bedtimes were still a thing, but she was wide awake as it approached the time that I normally called it a night. Everyone excused themselves about that same time and went upstairs to their rooms.

When Beth and I reached my room I said, “You don’t have to sleep with me if you don’t…”

She launched herself at me and kissed me.

Really kissed me! I could feel my insides curling with passion right then as she broke it off and pushed me gently away.

“Shut up Cam… Let me get dressed for bed, and then I’ll make sure you know exactly what I do want out of you!”

I felt my arousal at that statement making my pants uncomfortable, and decided to get dressed in the pair of soft pajamas I had bought in the hopes of such a reaction from her. They were just a pair of plaid pajama pants and shirt, but they were the softest fabric I’d ever felt. I thought she might enjoy feeling me through them.

When she exited the bathroom, I wondered why I had bothered getting dressed!

She wore a sheer nightgown that showed through to her lacy bra and panties underneath. ‘Real panties,’ I noted! “I hope you have some condoms?”

I nervously nodded, “Yes…?”

“Well then, let me show you what I want after being locked in diapers for most of the last seven years…”

That night we definitely did what she wanted! We made up for the lost years multiple times that night before finally falling asleep.

We spent Saturday hanging out, went for a walk around their property together, and eventually had a great meal outside with everyone. I spent some time talking with her parents too, and things seemed pretty much perfect. After dinner I nervously looked at Beth, and got down on one knee with her parents and the Joneses watching.

“Beth Fehler, years ago I never knew what I had with you… I was too caught up in trying to get to college and avoid being seen as a Little. The day you gave yourself up was one of the worst days of both of our lives. After everything that’s happened, I know for a fact there’s only one thing I want in this world. I don’t want mere inches to come between us ever again. Beth, would you make me the happiest person in the world and be my wife?”

The world stopped then, as I waited to see if things would end the same way as with Addy.

The ring wasn’t the same as Addy’s, I had taken that back with Amanda’s help all those years ago, but it was just as valuable. It was a solid platinum band, with a separate wedding band that would eventually intertwine with the beautiful blue sapphire in the center, with two high grade diamonds set beside it. The band itself had more diamonds and sapphires alternating inset around it. I looked into her eyes, afraid of what she would say.

Instead, she looked at the ring in my hands, placed her hand out, and let me slide it onto her perfect finger. “Yes!” she said to me before wrapping me in the tightest hug I’d ever felt!

We kissed tenderly then and I heard clapping from the onlookers, before we were both mobbed with hugs.

That moment as I looked at her beautiful face, and held the hand with a ring on it, I was the happiest I had ever been in my life! I called Dad and shared the news with him right away. He had been as ecstatic as her parents had been too, and insisted on talking with his future daughter-in-law himself to welcome her to our family.



End Chapter 25

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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