In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Cameron Sylvester has grown up always hoping he'll live up to the heritage of his mother's family height. She was a Big, and his father a tall Mid, which meant it shouldn't have been a question he would grow out of the Little category of height early on. A bright student, he's been the top of his class in science and math throughout his academic career! Looking towards his high school graduation, and towards college, it's a question of inches if he'll be left to the fate of being a Little with a limited future, or manage to make a future as a short 'Betweener'. Even as a Betweener the question remains to be seen if he can be a normal adult, or if he'll be left In-Between. A tale from the DiaperDimension

Chapter 1

This work is my final completed work I'll be posting here at this time. I'll post a few chapters at a time every few days. With the holidays approaching I may or may not be able to post after this week again until the 1st, we'll see if I can get some privacy to do so. Special thanks to PrincessPottyPants for letting many of us write stories in the sandbox she created with the DiaperDimension!

Please note that this story will feature diapers, bottles, and other adult baby content. If that's not something you're interested in I would advise you to take a pass on this work. I believe the story is more than that content, but it does feature that throughout the work as main theme.

There are references to my other works, but it's not required that you read them before hand to understand the story. If you do wish to read in order, I recommend this order:

1) Diamond Tours
2) Undercover Tour
3) Exchanged
4) Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2
5) Alterations - Exchanged Book 3
6) Seems Too Good

I hope you all will enjoy this new work! Thank you so much for joining me on this new journey!



I LOOKED AT the mark my dad had made on my doorframe again and smiled with glee! Today was going to be the best day ever of high school! I might never have noticed if my friend Shawn hadn’t said something yesterday about it seemed like I’d grown. I’d given up hope that would likely happen anymore at eighteen, and stopped measuring, but here I was… finally!!!

I was practically bouncing as I made my way to the kitchen and grabbed a breakfast bar and a bottle of water from the fridge.

“Ready?” My dad asked while walking back in the room with a travel cup of coffee.

“Yes!” I told him with a smile, “Can we leave now so I can go see the nurse before school?”

He laughed, “I figured you’d want to do that. Grab your bag and we’ll head off.”

I walked to the car ahead of him and opened the back door and looked at the seat there, or rather the lack of a car seat! I smiled as I buckled up and Dad drove me to school. He pulled up to the front where there was a little bit of activity already still a half-hour before school.

“Have a good day Sport! I love you,” He told me with a good-natured smile.

“Thanks Dad, love you too,” I told him as I closed my door. I walked up the steps to the school, dodging a few students who were definitely still taller than me! As I opened the main door, I saw one of the senior girls was dragging a boy not much smaller than me to the office with her hand grabbing tightly onto his wrist. The tell-tale wet spot on his front was not going to go over well for him inside the office... While I felt for him, the girl’s giggling and laughter over his misfortune spurred me to walk faster to the nurse to hopefully beat them there after a principal saw them.

When I arrived, I found the woman I was looking for sitting at a desk that I could see over pretty well, except where a computer screen blocked my view.

“Cameron! What brings you here so early baby boy?”

I felt my gut wrench at that statement, but knew she used that tone with everyone who was too short to be a ‘Big’ to her.

I forced myself to sound confident, “Hi Mrs. Giddings, I’m here to update my height records if you might have a chance to check?”

Her eyes narrowed at me and I wondered if I had now offended her. “Well, you think you might have grown since the beginning of the year?”

I nodded, “My dad and I checked last night.”

“Well, step over to the scale over here. Take your shoes off first though!”

I blushed, knowing that I did have shoes on that gave me an extra two inches, and stood bare-foot on the scale as she first read off my weight. “One-hundred-and-ten pounds… You are a scrawny boy, aren’t you?” She smirked at me.

I shrugged, “I eat all of the time, just never gain anything,” I told her honestly.

“Still, you might see about having some more fattening foods in your diet, add some more milk in your meals?” She suggested.

I bit my tongue and groaned, knowing that she thought of me still at my old height… and what kind of milk she would have wanted me to have. “I’ll try,” I told her an easy lie.

She reached behind me and pulled up an attachment from the scale that seemed anachronous in a way from the high-tech instruments that even a school nurse’s office had. I could see in the corner her automated changing table, an auto-feeder, and an older model of a machine that I knew would take off all of the body hair of a little with the press of a button once they were strapped inside… I shuddered as I thought about how many times that I had just barely avoided them!

I felt a bar land on my head gently as she pushed it down. “Stand tall little one!” She told me. I did so, and she looked down to make sure my feet were flat on the scale’s surface. “Those feet are flat, right?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I told her calmly waiting her verdict.

She stared at the digital readout above the scale for a moment and adjusted things before saying, “Well, I’ll be! I guess you’re going to grow up to be an adult here after all!”

“How tall?”

She smiled, “Seventy-three inches!”

“So…?” I asked with a smile.

“You’re officially no longer a Little, Cameron!”

I smiled widely as she entered the information in the system and then looked at me, “I’m sad this is the last day I’ll see you in that uniform. If you brought anything else with you, you may go ahead and change?”

I nodded and said, “Thanks!” before heading down the hallway into a bathroom that I found unoccupied. I quickly took the stupid clip-on tie off, followed by the slacks and button-down shirt. I was already wearing normal boxers, so I was able to quickly pull on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with my favorite band on the front of it. I had risked a bit with already wearing regular tennis shoes, but those went back on with a smile that I wouldn’t have to wear the stupid Littles’ dress shoes I’d been forced to wear since elementary school. 

I looked in the mirror at my face and smiled, knowing once and for all I wasn’t in danger of being just adopted off of the street like my Little friends! Mom had been a ‘Big,’ but for some reason I had inherited short genes. I was never going to be as big of a ‘Betweener’ as my dad, but at least legally as a ‘Betweener’ like my dad was, I could have a future that didn’t involve a nursery and diapers for the rest of my life!

I headed out of the bathroom, noting the now full hallways, and made it to my first class just before the tardy bell rang.

“Mister Sylvester, why are you out of uniform?” The tall twelve-foot woman who taught English asked me.

I forced myself not to be nervous as I craned to look up at her still towering at me even sitting at her desk. “I’ve just been to the nurse. Please check my records, you’ll see I’m no longer required to wear the Little’s uniform, Ma’am.”

I was polite, knowing that she could still met out punishments that involved diapers and going back in my educational status.

“Is that so?” She asked as a couple of large girls in the front row giggled.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“No way, he’s still a Little. Can I take him to the nurse so you can get on with class, I’ll get him diapered, and send him off to a daycare?” Kristin, a total witch of a girl said.

“Well, let’s just see what the records say,” she said. I watched her pull up the school’s student information system on her tablet and clicked through before tutting, “Well I’ll be, you did finally grow up, didn’t you?” She said to me.

I nodded, “Yes ma’am.”

“So, I guess this means you’re going to college next year after all…”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said to her.

“Which one?”

“Emerson?” I told her. It was a university a few hours from my hometown that would have accepted me as a little too. Fortunately, now that I had received a new official designation, I would be able to cancel my CARE exam that had been scheduled for next week!

“My Alma Mater!” she said with a smile, “Too bad I guess that means you won’t be in Wenig. I was an RA for two years there.” She looked over at Kristin, “That’s of course where I met my little guy.”

Fortunately, the school announcements started up then and I was able to avoid hearing any more discussion about the poor man’s fate. I’d seen him on several occasions in our class, dressed just in his onesie and a messy diaper. Kristin had especially seemed to enjoy getting a chance to dote on him. Whenever he was there she constantly cooed at him with baby talk, and worked to actively embarrassed him when he tried to hide behind his large stuffed puppy dog. ‘He certainly isn’t lacking milk in his diet,’ I thought while grimacing at the number of girls in the class who had nursed him while we would read as a class out loud.

I made sure to pay attention as she gave us our final project we had to complete for the semester before our exams began in three weeks. I walked out alongside Beth; my best friend who was unfortunately only seventy-one inches tall. Her brown hair was braided into two pigtails on either side of her head like most of the littles. “So, no uniform, diapers during exams, or graduation now?” she said with a smile as she gave me a hug. “Congrats Cameron!” She said with a smile.

“Thanks,” I told her returning the hug. Her plaid uniform dress with the required white blouse unfortunately labeled her as the ‘Little’ she would forever be. “I’m sorry this means we’ll be in a different dorm now…”

She shrugged, “It’s not like you can’t come visit me?”

I nodded, but felt my stomach be a bit queasy, “Maybe we can meet for lunch on campus each day?”

“Already afraid to be around a little who can drag you down?” She teased me.

There was a hint of truth in it that we both knew neither could escape.

Now that I was officially a Mid, or a Betweener, it was risky to hang around Littles, lest I be labeled as one myself! Even ones like Beth who were nearly as tall as I was, and every bit as potty trained, could draw unwanted attention to me! I hoped her Betweener mother and Big father would be able to get her safely away from the graduation ceremony later that month. I was glad I wouldn’t have to worry about the gauntlet that the Littles usually faced as soon as the caps were thrown in the air!



End Chapter 1

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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Sidora · Dec 23, 2021

Hi there. Ehm, I don't know what a "Diaper Dimension" story is, and I'd like to read this but from the synopsis I don't understand the concept yet. Would someone explain to me? Also I don't know what an "Altered Fates" story is, either.

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