In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 59
Little Roo's

I WOKE UP to the door opening and Addy suddenly scrambling in her back pocket for her phone that was going off.

“Sorry,” she told me, “It’s time to get up, let me take this call real quick…”

I cuddled Rings for a moment and then sat up in bed. I poked my diaper and was shocked to find that it was actually wet!!!

“What the hell?” I quietly swore. So far, I had never actually really had a full-on accident at night! ‘Shit… I hope it was just not going to the bathroom before bed… Nursing from her last night may not have been the brightest thing to do…’

“Why can’t I do this remotely?” I heard Addy raise her voice to the phone. “I’m not the one who got arrested yesterday, that’s on my dear mother!”

I listened and could just make out the person say, “We know… We need the board to make a vote of no confidence in her leadership. We’ll appoint someone as an interim CEO.”

“I don’t have the votes for that!”

“There’s a clause in her contract that states if she is incapacitated or legally unable to make decisions, her votes become null in a decision of leadership…”

‘That sounds ominous…’ I thought to myself.

“So, what do you want from me?”

“Come vote and help select an interim CEO.”

“Do you want me to be it?”

There was a long pause, “Maybe… that’s up to the board.”

Addy sighed, “I don’t have a babysitter… what time do I have to be there?”

“Fifteen O’clock we’ll meet over lunch.”

“I’ll figure something out…” She said and hung up and looked up at me. “Guess you heard most of that?”

“Yeah… who was that?”

“Our Chief Financial Officer, Kent Flemming, and our Chief Operating Officer Linda Wilmington…”

“What percentage of shares do you have?”

“Fifteen percent, Danica has fifteen percent, and mom has thirty-one percent.”

“So, in theory, your votes can almost tie your mom? The rest is publicly traded, right?”

She nodded, “Though the other eight board officers control about twenty more percent between them.”

“Do you want to be the CEO?”

She shook her head, “Honestly Cam, I’d like to be done with the company. If they wanted to buy me out, I think I’d take it right now…”

“Will they do that?”

She shrugged, “I doubt it, but if they do it wouldn’t be until Mom is sentenced to prison... I guess…”

That thought made her frown as she came over and picked me up, “The bigger problem is what do I do with you!”

“Preferably not send me back to that daycare?”

She shook her head, “Not as long as a couple of those workers are still employed there… it’s way too risky to use them.”

I thought for a second, “What about Megan? Could she watch me?”

“Doesn’t she work?”

I thought for a second and nodded as my hope faded, “Yeah, it’s Thursday…”

“How about the daycare that Meggy goes to?” She suggested.

I grimaced, “She dresses ultra-babyish to go there…”

“You have some cute clothes and promised to be my baby girl for now?”

“I…” I sighed, “I guess?”

She squeezed the diaper I was wearing, “Let’s change that wet diaper and then we’ll get you dressed in something like Meggy would wear, and then see if this could work?”

I grimaced but nodded. I was soon sitting down on the changing table with my feet in the air as she wiped me down. I was very disturbed that I had some poop that had unknowingly come out last night as well. I nervously dwelled on that as I was dressed in the light blue dress that Danica had picked out on our shopping trip. The dress buttoned up the back and had a large bow tied there as well, fully trapping me in the ultra-babyish and feminine outfit. My diaper was soon covered with a cover featuring rows of ruffles. Looking at myself in the mirror with the puff sleeves, half-smocked bodice, and the white lace with a little dark blue bow tied at my collar I couldn’t help but agree that I was going to meet Meg’s description easily…

“Here, why don’t you nurse and I’ll call Megan…” She told me sitting down in the rocking chair.

“You haven’t nursed me in the morning recently…?”

“Need to get it in while we can Cammie,” she smiled at me.

I sighed but didn’t fight it, as she held me to her breast and stuck her warm nipple in my mouth. A drop of the liquid landed in my mouth and my body took over, sucking hungrily at it. She must have put on a set of earbuds, because as she called, I felt her hands still around me.

“Hi, Megan? This is Addison Harris…”

“I know… Look, hopefully, Amanda filled you in more, but things are rather tense right now. I’m trying to figure out a place to take Cammie for the day while I have to go to work. I am not about to take her back to that other daycare…”

I continued nursing and tasting the sweet liquid as she found out the name of the daycare. “I’m sure she’ll be excited to see Meggy there!”

When she hung up, she pulled me from her first breast and patted my back lightly, incurring an embarrassing burp, before switching me to the other side and saying, “Call Little Roo’s daycare…”

I suckled and listened as she discovered that they had room for me for that day at least, and got the details on where to go. I was pretty sleepy as I finished getting the last real quantity of milk out of her breast. She pulled me loose from her nipple, patted me, wiped my chin with a baby wipe, and then placed a pacifier in my mouth. I was soon carried downstairs, where she found Mindy doing some dishes.

“Heading out Miss Harris?”

“Yes, we are Mindy.” She bounced me gently, “I have to go into the office, so I’m taking my baby to a new daycare. If you can just flip the bedding on her bed, my bed, and then do the normal cleaning today? Please feel free to leave at lunchtime, I’ll pay you for the whole day.”

“That’s kind of you, Miss Harris. I do have enough to do, I think, that I’ll at least stay until things are done. You know I could babysit myself if you get in a bind?”

“Thank you, Mindy, but I think my baby girl needs to be around others like her.”

“You may be right about that,” she told her.

With that, I sat still as Addy threw in a few frozen bags of her milk into the diaper bag, along with another few thawed pouches of her milk, and a few more bottles.

‘If I keep drinking this much of her milk it may not matter that I have a set of nanites clearing that…’ I worried.

I sighed, ‘Stacy nursed all of the time, and she…’ I grimaced, ‘she’s still incontinent from what I heard the other day. Damn!’

I was feeling rather groggy as she buckled me into the seat, and the motion of the car put me out like a light!



I WOKE UP to the door beside me opening.

I rubbed my eyes and looked up at Addy, “We’re here?” I said unintelligibly around the pacifier in my mouth.

“We’re here!” She said with a smile. “Megan told me it’s the best place she found, let’s go find out!”

She was soon carrying me and all of my supplies to the door of the daycare center. The first thing I noticed was that it was much smaller! This was probably only going to have a small percentage of the ‘babies’ that there had been at the other daycare. As she opened the door the smell of a daycare slammed into my nostrils, along with the sounds of giggling and screeching… adults?

A woman came out of a small office behind a desk, “May I help you?”

“I’m Addison Harris, I called about my daughter Cammie?”

“Oh yes! We’re happy to have her! Why don’t we get her settled in really quick and then Mommy can fill out all of the information about Cammie?”

“Sounds great!”

She carried me inside the room, and I instantly saw Meg crawling around on a weird piecemealed foam set of shapes. She was currently crawling across some weird half-cylinder shapes, apparently chasing after another little.

Both of them were dressed in bubble rompers that puffed out at the waist far larger than their diapers. She happened to look up right then and narrowed her eyes. “Cam…mie?”

Addy placed me onto the ground and I walked over to her. She stood up briefly and hugged me, before pulling me down to the ground with her. “Oh good! You already have a friend!” the woman who had met us at the door said. “You two play while I get Cammie’s mommy all set!”

“Bye Cammie,” Addy told me.

“Come pway!” Meg said to me with a curious look on her face. I started to walk to follow her, but she said, “Crawl,” quietly to me.

“Why?” I asked.

“Trust me…” she smiled.

I sighed but did as she told me, joining her in crawling all over the large foam pieces. Because I was larger than a true toddler, they seemed much smaller to me than they did her. I’d been playing with her and two other littles who hadn’t had any real conversations for about thirty minutes when my bowels made their presence known. ‘Hopefully not too many more times of this…’ I griped to myself as I easily pushed a rather large soft stool into the diaper. Meg had turned around and saw me crouched – obviously knowing what I was doing! I blushed, but so did she, before she motioned for me to keep following her around in circles. There was some sort of circuit that she and the other two Littles had created, and I wondered if this wasn’t a way to maintain some amount of exercise as I was getting quite winded!

I was actually having fun a little while later following after her into a small tunnel when large hands grabbed onto my waist.

“Hmm… I guess it’s this one that’s the stinker, huh?” The woman was a different lady, but cooed and smiled at me as she picked me up and held me in front of her to sniff my butt. “My, you’re tall but really light, aren’t you?”

I just nodded.

“Let’s get that stinky diapee all changed and then we’ll have circle time!”

I blushed as she carried me to a large changing table and laid me down on the table. My dress was pushed back over my chest, and then she used a strap just above it on my chest. “These are so cute!” She said with a smile as she pulled my diaper cover down to my ankles.

I looked away from her as she gloved up and saw Meg and a few others still crawling around. Another Little girl seemed intent on staring at me. I blushed and turned my gaze back to the ceiling. Scritch! Scritch! I heard the two tapes ripped open and lay still as the lady made no mention of the extra parts I had beneath the diaper. She cooed at me a little as she wiped me clean, but otherwise had me in a new diaper as fast as anyone had done in the past few weeks. Other than the one girl staring at me it had been mostly… normal?

‘She didn’t make fun of me at all…’ I noted.

“All done!” She smiled at me as she put me down on the ground onto my feet. “You can go sit over there on the carpet and wait for us to get these other stinkers changed!”

I sighed and did as she said, watching them change several more of the other inmates including Meg before everyone was in the circle. Meg sat crisscrossed beside me sucking on a pacifier. It was only then that I realized the biggest difference between daycares. There appeared to be no actual babies in this daycare! When all thirteen other ‘babies’ were all gathered in a circle on the floor, the lead woman Miss Maya started to sing a good morning song eerily similar to the last daycare.

What was kind of different about it though was that all of the other ‘babies’ were singing loudly like they were enjoying it! We sang a whole slew of traditional songs like ‘Twinkle, Twinkle,’ ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider,’ ‘Old Macdonald,’ and ‘The Wheels on the Bus.’ When we were through with that they played ‘Simon Says’ with us before leading us all out to a large playground outside.

I was surprised by how big all of the equipment was looking out there. Everyone here was crawling around for the most part, but the playground equipment seemed… older than these kids should have?

Before I could try and understand any more, Meg grabbed me and said “Come on Cam,” before crawling to a playhouse. I walked behind her for a moment before she said, “Crawl!” to me.

It was weird, but I got on my hands and knees and followed her inside where we were alone.

“Why are you crawling everywhere?”

She pulled her pacifier out, “You remember the popular kids in high school? How they were always the most mature?”

I shrugged, “I guess that’s one way to put it.”

“Well… Here at this daycare, it’s a competition to see who can be more babyish.”


Another girl came in right now, “Telling the newbie the rules?”

“Hi Anissa, yes. She’s not just a newbie though, she’s been a friend of mine since college.”

“Really?” the new girl smiled, “I’m surprised someone with your height would have been friends with a Little?”

“I was engaged to one too,” I told her.

Her face softened, “Is she…?”

I shook my head, “Probably never coming back from the damage that was done to her…”

“Sorry,” she told me. “It sucks for those people who aren’t willing volunteers for this.”


“Cammie, you remember I volunteered, right?”

I dumbly nodded, “You said it wasn’t worth the stress…?”

“It wasn’t! And I really hated things for a while at another daycare before Mommy started bringing me here. Everyone here, except you, I guess, all volunteered to be adopted. It can be horrible if you have the wrong parents, but it can also be so nice to just have zero cares in the world about a job, a house, food, or anything…”

“You really are… happy?” I asked her incredulously.

“It’s fun!” She smiled at me. “Give it a try today – just let go and be a baby like us!”

“You’re not all hypnotized… right?” I asked nervously.

Meg shook her head, “When you’re adopted you start to see the signs. No one here has been hypnotized.”

“Seriously, give it a try,” Anissa told me. She grimaced and added, “I used to do my best to avoid this fate… I even managed to escape a horrible etiquette school a decade ago. I managed to live on my own for a few more years, but I just got tired of the constant fight. One of my coworkers was a good friend by then, and we talked about her needs… and my stress. One night at her house I gave in and asked her to adopt me - it was the best decision of my life,” she said happily. “And no, I know I’m not hypnotized… I saw too many of those in that first place before I escaped.”

I shrugged, “Guess I have nothing to lose today… what do I have to do?”

For the next hour, I was dragged around to the sandbox, a slide, a teeter-totter, and even to push some toddler push and stand toy things around. It was bizarre, but even with what seemed to almost be a refusal to talk like they were older than two, everyone seemed to be having fun!

By the time I was picked up myself to be carried inside, I found myself admitting I had some fun myself. Miss Emily felt my diaper, “Better change you before lunch, you’re about to leak!”

I smiled at her around the pacifier but didn’t say anything in response. She squeezed me in a hug and I was soon laying down on a changing table. The diaper cover was pulled off and she said, “Oh dear, you did leak a little bit. At least it didn’t get on your pretty dress though!” She tickled my stomach and blew a raspberry on my belly button before gently changing my diaper. There again was no taunting involved in the change, it could very well have just been an average toddler getting their diaper changed.

I was carried to a table that was similar to the one in the other daycare and plopped in the plastic inset seat. A bib appeared, and I truly feared what food would be coming my way with as babyish as everyone acted. To my relief chicken nuggets in dinosaur shapes alongside fries were served for lunch. I did notice a few of the others ended up with a small bowl of pureed fruit on the side too. Looking to my right Meg, a few places over, was one of them.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Berry Baby Food,” she smiled, “It’s good for dessert!”

The girl next to me agreed, “I like it too, but my mommy didn’t pack any for me today.”

One of the daycare workers, Miss Bea asked, “Would you like to try some?”

I gave a glance at Meg who nodded at me, “I guess…?”

“I bet we have an extra pouch here for Meggy, since you’re such good friends I bet she doesn’t mind sharing!”

Meg nodded, and I continued eating the last chicken nuggets and fries before a bowl appeared in front of me with a baby spoon. “Open up,” Miss Bea said to me.

I looked at her nervously but opened my mouth for the spoon.

I was truly amazed! The flavors were amazing!!!! The texture was a bit off, but you could easily pretend it was a smoothie or an apple sauce. She had another spoon ready for me and I sat still as she fed it to me, even though Meg and the others had mostly fed themselves. “All gone!” she smiled at me, “What did you think?”

“It’s really good,” I admitted.

Because of my late start on dessert, I was the last one sitting at the table when she grabbed me. My diaper was briefly checked and she carried me into a room filled with cribs and Littles sleepily nursing on bottles while soft tinkling nursery songs played.

I expected to be dropped off in a crib myself, but instead, she settled down in a rocking chair beside an empty crib. She sat me on her knee and I looked around to see if there was a bottle out of sight that I hadn’t seen.

“Looking for your baba?” She asked me.

I blushed but nodded.

“I thought given how good you’ve been today you deserve a better treat than a silly old bottle.” She began fiddling with her shirt and I realized what she was thinking.

I didn’t know what to even say as part of her shirt lifted to reveal a nursing bra that she unlatched and revealed a larger nipple and breast than Addy possessed. I was about to object, but the time it took for my mouth to open to object, was enough for her to shove my face forward to her flesh and my mouth closed around the nipple. ‘What diseases does she have?’ I worried a bit, but when a gush of milk came into my mouth, the taste was an incentive to begin nursing.

I may not have had to worry about the potty-training blocking parts of the milk thanks to Stacy, but I was pretty sure the addictive parts may not have been so easy to avoid. Anytime I was nursed at Addy’s breast I lost my self-control to not nurse, and now the same thing happened with this stranger. I found myself suckling at a regular rate as I’d become a bit of a pro at this in the past couple of weeks. I was already overly full as I finally felt her breast stop producing a large quantity of milk. Apparently, she sensed it, as she pulled me free, burped me gently, and sat me at her other breast.

I nursed much less hungrily at this one and felt a need to pee growing. Knowing diapers were my only option, I just let go and the hand holding my diaper felt it as she cooed, “That’s a good baby girl!”

I fell asleep not long after that listening to her heartbeat, being cuddled, and having a nice full belly of milk.



End Chapter 59

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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