In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 61
Day at the Zoo

THE NEXT MORNING, I stirred from sleep hearing the door swing open to my room. I looked up at Addy who was dressed in a pair of white shorts and a light green blouse that worked well with her red hair. I sat up as she came over, “Ready for the big day?”

“Huh?” I asked sleepily.

“The zoo with Meg and Megan?”

“Oh,” I said, smiling a little just because I was going to see Meg again. I had missed her friendship since moving to New Haven. “How long until we’re leaving?”

“Not long, I want to get you dressed and I’ll give you some toast and a bottle for the car ride. It’s about an hour to get to their place.”

I nodded at that. I knew that Megan had bought a house in a suburb north of the city where Emerson and the Zoo were located, but I hadn’t been there yet. I obviously wasn’t awake yet, as I was surprised to find myself in the air being carried to the changing table. I expected to need to pee, and that was when I realized something was wrong. My pajamas being pulled up and revealing a soaked diaper confirmed that!

“I… I don’t remember…”

She looked concerned, “It’s okay sweetie, I’m sure it’s just stress. Once we get you through all of this you’ll be fine again.”

As she lifted my legs off the changing table to pull a thoroughly soaked diaper out, I also noticed a streak of brown inside as well. ‘Shit, I nursed more…’ Stacy told me that shouldn’t be an issue, but I remembered she was still dealing with not having any potty-training ability. ‘Was she wrong on the nanites clearing that…?’ I worried.

As a warm wipe found its way to the crack of my butt, I looked up at Addy leaning over and noticed something, “You kept that all these years?”

She smiled as she sat me down on a new diaper. “It was my one way of remembering you after my mom forced my hand.”

I was truly shocked to see her wearing the dopamine chain necklace that I had bought for her all of those years ago. ‘What’s that supposed to mean…?’ I wondered.

“Wait, do I have to wear a diaper today…?”

She smiled, “Meg will be wearing one? You don’t want to make her feel bad, do you?”

I wanted to argue I’ve been around her in adult clothes since the day she was adopted, but just sighed. She took that to mean permission and soon had me dressed in a pair of pink shortalls with a yellow and white striped t-shirt underneath. It was a simple outfit that I guessed would be fairly comfortable while we were out. Downstairs, she tied my hair into two braided pigtails, which she attached two pink bows that matched my shortalls.

It wasn’t much longer until I found myself carried to the car, holding Rings – whom she insisted had to come – and to my surprise the opposite side from where she normally sat me. “You’re a bigger baby than Meg, so I thought I’d let you sit in the big girl seat,” she told me as she buckled me into the booster seat. It still featured a five-point harness, but it allowed a bit more movement and felt a couple of years more mature.

“Umm… thanks…” I told her.

A bottle was placed in the cupholder of Plapple juice, and then she handed me a small bag of toast pieces that were still warm. I had finished both by the time we reached their house an hour later. As we slowed down to pull into their driveway, I felt an urgent need to pee that I intentionally held onto. Just as Addy placed the vehicle into park, I let it out in the hopes she would change me right then. I squeezed Rings tightly while I waited for her.

Just as I thought we would be going inside, and possibly changing me then, Megan stepped out carrying Meg who was dressed almost identically to me, but her shortalls were blue jean colored.

I saw Addy step out, “We can have Meggy sit next to Cammie over there,” she smiled and opened the door I normally sat in.

“Hi Cam,” Meg said to me.

“Hi Meg, Megan,” I said, blushing a bit.

“Oh my god, that stuffie is adorable!” Megan cooed at Rings, “What’s its name?”

I blushed, “Her name is Rings.”

“Cute!” Meg said to my embarrassment.

“She is!” Addy said, with her own smile before the door was closed. I watched as Megan ran back inside and came out carrying a stroller that was placed in the back while we sat waiting to go.

Megan and Addy had soon sat down in their seats though and we pulled away, “You two okay back there?” Megan asked.

“Yes Mommy,” Meg told her.

I just nodded and looked over at Meg who was situated just a little bit higher than I was in her seat. “How are you doing?” She asked me as Megan and Addy seemed to be having their own conversation.

I shrugged, “Just hoping we get an order releasing me soon…” I felt guilty, “Sorry… I don’t mean…”

She smiled, “I told you, Cam, I chose this!”

“But what about… what about a life beyond this? Love? Kids?”

She shrugged, “What’s the point if they’re just going to end up in the same diapers as their mom is in?”

I sighed, “I hate that…”

She smiled, “We all have our own choices in life. I’m hoping that you get to live yours still Cam.”

I nodded, “So… umm… do you and Megan often do things like this?”

She shook her head, “We haven’t done the zoo in a while… we’ve gone on a few vacations with Aunt Amanda, Uncle Fred, and Bella. Grandma and Grandpa went with us to Selegnasol and Looney World last year too actually… it was a lot of fun!”

“I guess I can see that,” I told her. “I’ve never really been to many places growing up.”

We talked for a bit longer in the car and I learned that it seemed that Meg was truly happy with the life she was living. Megan and Addy seemed to be happily having their own mother-based conversation in the front too, and I wondered if Megan would ever see me as an adult again moving forward. I stroked Rings fur during the fifteen-minute drive to the zoo while we talked.

Addy had soon paid for parking and went around to the back where Megan was also getting Meg’s stroller out. Addy came around to my door and was wearing the harness she’d bought. “I figure you’d like the harness better than your stroller?” She smiled.

“Can I face out…?” I asked timidly.

“Of course!” she told me.

It took a few minutes to get me settled in the harness strapped to her chest, and Meg strapped into the stroller. Both diaper bags fit underneath the stroller seat, and we were soon walking towards the entrance. I could feel Addy’s breasts behind my head, and she reassuringly squeezed me in a hug as we approached a gate.

“Tickets?” a worker asked.

“Here,” Addy said, showing her phone to him.

He scanned it, “Good to go, have a good time today girls!” He said to us.

“Thanks!” Meg said with a smile I could see from my tall perch.

“Where to first?” Megan asked Addy as they pushed past the entrance.

“I don’t know about Meggy, but I’m sure Cammie needs a change before we get going?”

I watched as Megan nodded, “Not a bad idea, they have a lot of changing rooms here, why don’t we change them now, and maybe they can make it until lunch?”

I watched the ground underneath me move oddly as my legs weren’t the ones moving me. A door with the familiar skirted figure was soon visible, but they turned down the hallway and ended up instead in a large baby care room. Dozens of changing tables lay around the outside edges of the room, sinks for handwashing, and a number of comfortable rocking chairs to nurse in were mostly empty at the early hour. Addy bent down with me to grab my diaper bag, then pulled the changing pad out and set it on a table next to where Megan was already unsnapping Meg’s shortalls.

She pulled me from the carrier and lay me down on the pad, quickly popping open the crotch of the shortalls, pushing it up, and exposing the diaper. “Wow, what a wet baby,” she cooed softly at me.

I blushed as she opened up the diaper and quickly exchanged the wet one for a dry one, redid the snaps, and had me in the carrier only a moment after Megan placed Meg back in the stroller from washing both of their hands. Addy put the diaper bag back under Meg’s stroller seat and then washed both of our hands in the sink. My reflection in the mirror being held up with my crotch just at her beltline made me look just like a baby. There was no doubt in my mind that if they ever made the changes to my face, I would appear to just be a normal toddler girl…

‘I sure hope the judge comes through soon…’ I worried as she began walking. ‘It’d be nice if he would speed up his decision…’

I reflected on the part of me that did admire his dedication to be fair and consider facts before rendering a verdict though!

“I can’t believe Cam fits so well in that carrier,” Megan said walking beside Addy pushing Meg’s stroller.

“I was surprised when they said she was still light enough to fit into one actually. It distributes weight well enough that I don’t honestly notice that much more weight. It helps that she's so underweight though…”

I blushed at their discussion of me like I wasn’t even there… I could just see a lagoon filled with flamingos that we were getting near to. I looked down at Megan’s head below us, and felt a bit nervous at the size differences. Megan really looked like a young elementary school kid compared to Addy’s massive height. Neither made a big deal of it though as they approached and we looked for just a moment before moving onto the next area that had a massive area for penguins. Several were sliding down their bellies on a slide while we watched. I was surprised actually by how noisy some of them were as they seemingly talked to each other.

Addy walked close to the sign to read it and I realized that the adult birds were my own height! It put them in a new perspective as one went barreling down a slide again into the water and splashed water onto the wall near us!

“Look Mommy, Monkeys!!!” I heard Meg squeal excitedly from the stroller.

“Yes, there are!” Megan cooed at her.

For the next thirty minutes or so we watched the different types of chimps, spider monkeys, orangutans, and gorillas in their enclosures. A nearby preschool-aged girl looked at one of the gorillas feeding her baby and said to her own mommy, “Mommy, she feeds the baby like you feed Billy!”

I looked over at the girl standing next to a tall woman holding a child leash on her and a larger little boy dressed in just a shirt, his diaper, and the monkey backpack leash.

“You’re right Jill, that’s how mommy’s feed our babies! Such a smart little girl!”

I wanted to almost vomit at the continual level of brainwashing that goes on, but thankfully Addy and Megan chose to push onward through the enclosures even though Meg whined she would have liked to watch longer!

Both of us thought the bears were cute, but other than the polar bears playing a little, they seemed more inclined to just be laying down and relaxing. Not long after those areas, I saw a sign for Red Pandas. Addy was actually not walking the right way, so I said, “Mommy! Rings!” and pointed to the sign.

“Well, I guess you’re right, we better go see Rings’ family, huh?” She squeezed me and tickled my exposed leg.

I giggled, “Uh-huh,” I said.

I was genuinely looking forward to seeing the cuddly stuffed animal in real life. I knew that they weren’t actually domesticated creatures, so unfortunately petting one would be right out of the question. She walked right up to the enclosure which had a pretty large crowd forming and I spotted an adult straight away sunning itself in a tree limb, and then others below it.

“Oh, how cute!!!” Megan said.

“What Mommy?” Meg said from the stroller, unable to see, “Can’t see!”

“Just a second sweetie,” she told her and I watched for just a second as Megan unstrapped her before returning my attention to the scene in front of me. Another adult was laying on the ground watching two babies run around and explore right around her. They couldn’t have been that old, but they had most of their colors showing on their fur already.

“They’re so cute!!!” Meg said from where she was being held beside me then.

“Adorable,” Addy agreed.

“They came out of the den for the first time yesterday,” a nearby park employee said. “Only had their eyes open for a couple of days at most now.”

We watched them play with each other and hop around a bit before their mom dragged them back inside the den and we were left only watching the male sleep in the tree.

“Come on, let’s get going,” Megan told Meg as she buckled her into her stroller.

“Aww…” I said along with Meg.

Addy squeezed me into a hug and continued through the park. Just before lunch, we watched the tigers play for a little bit before going to a cafeteria they had onsite. “What do you want?” She asked me while we stood looking at the menu boards.

“I don’t know… I guess a plain cheeseburger with ketchup?”



Our order was placed and we were seated with it a few minutes later at a table where Megan had placed Meg in a highchair, and I was strapped into an uncomfortable booster seat. Meg munched on some chicken nuggets while I bit into the fairly tasteless burger. I was eating my fries afterward when Megan unscrewed the top of a baby food pouch and handed it to Meg to slurp out of.

“What’s that?” Addy asked.

“Oh, it’s Greenbrier Tri-Berry Apple Baby Food,” Megan told her.

“You make her eat it?”

“More like having to keep her from only eating it. She loves the stuff for some reason. I think it’s too sweet personally. I heard Cam liked it the other day at daycare?”

I blushed, I hadn’t told Addy about that, “You did?”

I shrugged, “Half of the class was eating it, and I asked about it so they gave me some of Meg’s.”

“You want some now? I have an extra pouch?” Megan said to me.

I nervously shook my head, “I’m almost full on the fries.”

She dug into the diaper bag and handed a pouch over to Addy, “It’s normal baby food, so it’s safe. Have one for later or to just keep in the diaper bag.”

“That’s kind of you, what do you say Cammie?”

“Thank you,” I blushed at Megan.

Meg smiled around the spout of the squeeze pouch, “You really should have some now!”

I just shook my head and took another fry off the plate. When she finished the pouch, Megan placed Meg at her breast and nursed her to sleep. “Are you doing this with Cam?” Megan asked her.

“I am getting a bit full…” she said to me.

I sighed, “I don’t want to sleep yet…”

“You don’t have to,” she said in a way that made me feel guilty.

“Fine…” I grumbled and found myself soon attached to her breast. I was pretty full, so there was no way I could get through both breasts completely and I think she knew that, so I was swapped to her other one early after she burped me. I was still barely awake as they gathered us up. “Let’s put you facing Mommy so you can be a bit comfier,” she told me, placing me in the chest harness. A pacifier went inside of my lips, and I found myself resting my head on her body.

I began lightly sleeping as she walked around with Megan. I heard, “We’d better change them and head out?”

“Yeah… Maybe stop by the gift shop first though?”

“You really want to take Cammie through that Hell?”

“I’m kind of hoping it’s my only chance to do so?”

“Well, I’m good with that thought! Though I have to say Cam makes an adorable toddler girl…”

“Always knew he would,” she told her.

I found myself awake the rest of the way as I was placed on a changing table again and my very wet diaper was pulled off. Addy wiped my butt which had a few farts come out over the morning, and had me rediapered and in the carrier facing forward. “Let’s go find you a souvenir,” she squeezed me as we walked into the gift shop.

Meg was far more excited and demanded to get out of the stroller and look as we got to the gift shop. “Please Mommy?” she begged.

“Meggy, the last time I let you out of your stroller in a gift shop I ended up buying three-hundred dollars’ worth of stuff… We don’t have Grandma and Grandpa or your parents here to help this time!”

‘Sounds like a story,’ I thought with a smile.

Addy ended up picking up a really cool carved Red Panda Desk Pen holder. “Hopefully you are able to have an office again for this,” she smiled. It was joined sadly by a light green onesie with a cartoon Red Panda on it as well. Meg did end up with a smaller stuffed monkey that had a long tail that she played with when we made it back to the car. She actually insisted that Rings and ‘Monk’ play together on the way back to their house.

“Thanks for coming with us,” Addy told Meg when we got there.

“It was fun! I’ll be honest… I’m still pissed as Hell about what’s happened to Cam, but I guess if he had to have a crazy mommy you’re probably one of the better ones.”

“Thanks for the ringing endorsement,” she smiled.

I watched her gather the stroller first, then come back for Meg. She and Meg both gave me a hug in my booster seat, and said, “Call me when you’re freed. We’ll have to do something grown-up together.”

“Hopefully it happens,” I said nervously.

“It will,” Megan said to me. “Bye Cam,” she said as she closed the door.

I was kind of sleepy again as Addy left a few hours before we normally ate dinner. She pulled into the garage and said, “What do you want for dinner Cammie?”

I shrugged, “I don’t care… I’m still pretty full from lunch honestly.”

“Hmm… I guess let me see what we have. Without Mindy, I’m going to have to make a shopping trip tomorrow probably.” She gathered me in her arms and carried me inside the house and set me on the ground. We had just about made it to the staircase when we figured out that we weren’t alone.

“Well, hi Miss Addy, ready to go see your mommy?”

I turned then and saw Mindy, along with six other large men who clearly meant business.

“Umm… No? I fired you, what are you…?”

Before she could finish the sentence, I watched one of the men shoot her with a taser and knocked her down. Another came and grabbed me. I tried to struggle a little for show, but wasn’t stupid enough to think I could get free. I felt a needle pierce my skin and a second later the world faded into a blur and then nothingness.



End Chapter 61

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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