Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

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Chapter 12
DAY 3 (Part 5)

Chapter Description: While visiting the water park with his students, Tom will reencounter some old familiar faces...

I already told you how crowded the water park was, but what I didn’t expected was tumbling upon someone I had already known. It happened exactly like that, as she walked, Juliette bumped into a group of girls around her age. She quickly apologized, because it was all but uncommon bump into someone in such a crowded place. But as the group turned to see it, I recognized them, and she did too. Those girls were nothing but some of Sandra and Juliette’s classmates…! and so, they were my students!

The pack was led by Karla. She was a tall, blonde 19 years old girl, with a strong temper and a natural leader personality; she wasn’t that well liked for everyone, but she was a leader none the less. Karla wasn’t very graceful when it came about her face, as she had strong features and freckles, but she had big green eyes and a wide mouth, and as the leader she was, she knew make out the best of those with some makeup and good care. She was very well endowed when it came to feminine shape, and that day she was wearing a quite sexy one piece swimsuit, with a weird cut in one side that left her right shoulder uncovered, and a very high cut in the bottom, which resulted in semi-exposed hips and a cameltoe as big I couldn’t take my eyes away.

Next there was Ruth. If Karla was a leader, this shy girl was a natural follower or subordinate. I remember she was good friends with Juliette and Sandra. She was a brunette, wore glasses and braces, she had sweet and childish features, her very ample forehead always uncovered and her hair picked up in a tight ponytail. She was timid and a little awkward, so she always looked for the protection of Karla, which did much to boost her self-esteem and self-confidence, so, she seemed doing alright that day. As for physical shape, she was the opposite of Karla; she was shorter, petite and had small breasts and almost flat buttocks. That time she wore a two piece black bikini, with ties at one side of the bottom and the rear of the top, which did nothing to highlight her attributes but didn’t call for any unwanted attention either.

Finally, there was Allison. She was a blonde girl with short hair. She had a rebel personality and loved doing witty and snarky comments, I knew she was into smoking and drinking, but she was also far away from being a ‘bad girl’; she only liked to make her own rules and go her own way. Allison didn’t hang out a lot with her classmates, but she had lots of friends everywhere, and she was solidary with the classroom when it was needed nevertheless. She was in the shorter and plumper side when it came to body shape, but that came with breasts and big booty. That day she was wearing a white two piece broad bikini, sporting a hat and sandals.

"Oh…!” Karla said, after Juliette and her paused for a couple seconds, recognizing each other. “Juliette! Hi…!”

“Hi, Karla”, Juliette smiled a little forced, and then they greeted each other with the usual girl kiss and waved with her fingers. “Hi, everyone”, she continued with a grin, turning to see the other girls, who nodded cordially.

“So good to see you here…!”, Karla said, moving towards my ‘mommy’, doing a seductive gesture by caressing her shoulder with her hand. “Oh…!”, she said, noticing me hanging on Juliette’s chest. “And this is your…?”

“Oh, this is Mr. Greer”, Juliette hurried to explain, grinning and raising her eyebrows. “You remember him, the… Literature teacher?”

Karla got genuinely surprised by half a second, she opened her mouth to say something, but instantly cutting into a sort of mute laugh.

“Ah, of course…!”, she said, trying to contain the laugh, seeing the little baby I had become. “Hello, Mr. Greer…”, she said, extending her arm to tap at my head.

I instantly clinched tighter to Juliette’s chest and tried to hide myself from it. I already had a hard time trying to hide my embarrassment from Juliette and she was a model student, I can’t explain to you how ashamed I was with Karla.

She was the leader of the classroom and she defied my instructions in more than one occasion, openly criticizing me at least one time. I really can’t explain how intimidated I felt, and even when I managed to sort out the situation, I knew anything she said about me made a profound impression in the rest of the students. I have to acknowledge, I was sort of afraid of her.

And now I was nothing but an infant on front of her… but I suspect I already had been that anyway. For her, at least. Or maybe everyone knew?

After that, Juliette and Karla exchanged a few words, where Karla explained how the group had came together: initially they were Karla and Ruth only, they later bumped into Allison (the water park was crowded indeed, because all my classroom seemed to be there, and I’m being sarcastic). Then she asked Juliette about her.

“I came here with Mr. Greer…”, she explained. “Oh, and… Sandra is around here too. We’ve been hanging out together”.

To my dismay, Karla was pretty glad with her finding and her group joined Juliette as all them were going to the water slides. There were lots of talks in the way, with Karla being the most talkative, Juliette serving as the interlocutor and having some snarky interventions by Allison every now and then, and Ruth serving like the always giggling silent listener. Everyone ignored me completely, like the cute but stupid baby I was.

After we served our time in the line, all four girls were on top of the slides and ready to slide down in a thrilling experience. As soon as I looked down, I got extremely terrified by the incredible heights we were at (maybe my tiny baby body made it look wat higher than it would if I still were an adult) and I think I almost soiled myself (a fart definitely came out).

But Juliette seemingly had a better perspective than me, since she didn’t worried. She only tied me up to her waist, sat down, crossed her arms over me, and in a flash we were falling at incredible speeds, along with the rest of the girls. The hyperspeed from the slide was to me almost like entering a different dimension; I could see everything in normal speed as we slide down, and even turn round to see the trajectory of my students.

Juliette was very calm about the situation, she only smiled and aimed her bare feet to the direction we were going. But from my other students, the “bad ones”, there was a lot of screeching, a lot of “woos” and the general hustle one could expect from a group of female teenagers. Those things, that I gotta say, I loved but I felt so distant from for most of my life. And this… was a brand new life for me.

We landed with a huge splash, on another pool, and I was briefly submerged in the water for a second before Juliette’s arms expertly pulled me up back to the air.

“Oh, Tom, are you alright?”, she said, wiping the water away from my eyes. I looked at her face, with an expression that made me look like I had just born again. “That was fun, wasn’t it?”

I looked around, breathless, for a few seconds after that. The sun was shining hard and I had to squint my eyes to realize, I was in the open, I was a baby again… and these girls were teaching me (their teacher) how to enjoy and live life.

The other girls emerged from the water, clapping and making lots of noise. Unlike me, they loved thrills and strong experiences. Gosh, they were so much stronger than me, so much mature, I thought. And, let me say, I think the experience would have been no different at all if I had been an adult -or, most precisely, if I was in my adult body-.

To my surprise, Sandra joined a few seconds later. Apparently she had been there around and happened to bump into us too.

“Hey, what’s going on?”, she saluted profusely.

Then she gave high fives (sometimes with both hands) to the other girls, who were still recovering from the shock of the slide.

“Hey, Sandra”, Karla said; the amount of emotion of her voice was so palpable.

And so on, my group of five students spent the rest of the afternoon having fun in the water park, while also carrying me with them. I was barely paid any attention but I was taken complete care of by my ‘mommies’ Juliette and Sandra.

Around 5:30 p.m., the girls were already exhausted and they sat next to the kiddy pool. Juliette put me there where I wandered around playing with floating toys she had bought me, while she held me by my waist every now and then to prevent me from falling and so.

Dipping their feet in the water and moving her toes, my students talked about their future plans. In the face of the dying sunlight, that highlighted their developed female bodies, I realized they were the future, not me. I was completely stuck in the past and I had absolutely no chance of moving forward; I simply couldn’t grow up and maybe the best option for me was to remain a baby, in mind and size, and trust me into the hands of my much more capable teenage student girls.

At 6:15 p.m., the girls had already rest a bit. Instigated by Karla, they got up and ran to the kiddy pool with renewed energies, wooing a lot. I looked around, like an idiot, thinking I was so immersed in my thoughts of defeat, I had lost every notion about what I was doing. Suddenly, I saw Juliette coming.

“How you doing, handsome?”, she asked, taking me by my wrist. I couldn’t focus enough to see her.

Karla turned to her, a little impatient.

“Hey, what are you waiting for?”, she waved her hand towards Juliette, inviting her to go with them.

“Oh, I gotta check the teacher here”, she said, crouching and aiming at me.

The girls grinned in some sort of condescending mood, halted and turned to see me while Juliette dragged me from my wrist. I didn’t know exactly what was happening but I was laid down on a beach chair. Juliette knelt on front of the chair and she quickly unbuttoned my onesie swimsuit with the tips of her long, feminine fingers.

My swimsuit came off quickly as the other girls watched in amusement, until I was left in my bulky diaper, which was completely soaked of course. Juliette felt it with the palm of her hand and squeezed it a couple times, before deciding to open it, leaving my tiny ridiculous manhood at the sight of everyone.

I instantly felt how I began to shrink and regress again; one thing was getting changed in front of my ‘mommies’, now I would be changed in front of my whole classroom of girls. My diaper had been soiled and peed at least three times, and all girls could see it, as the greenish and very liquid stain was all over the insides of my diapers and buttocks.

Eagerly, Juliette took out the baby stuff from her bag and rose my legs, then she began cleaning my butt, and I felt getting even younger little by little. I tried to turn round to not behold the faces of fun, mockery or simple curiousness of my young students, but I realized my neck and shoulders had become too young to work properly and I could only stay there, looking at them with my stupid baby face.

As Juliette finished drying me, she turned to see the bag of new baby stuff. Then she paused for a couple seconds, then a second longer, and then she made a decision. She just left my swimsuit thrown there next to the chair, and didn’t took out any new diaper to put me on. She just lifted me by my waist, gave a couple sweeps to my tushy to remove any trace of dust there and helped me to stand.

“Come on, baby”, she said, walking me towards the water as I hardly could take any walk with my baby feet. “Let’s have fun”.

The girls, especially Karla, laughed in good mood seeing me clumsily walking towards them, with the stupid baby expression I had, and being the naked baby boy doll I was now for them. Then, Juliette began to run; I had to move my baby legs quicker and hurry my cute naked tushy to be able to join them in the pool.

But together, we had some fun. Or, more precisely, they had fun with me. I was celebrated, made dance, and was lifted in arms by each one of my students at a certain point. I wasn’t angry or annoyed because, as I gradually realized, my new baby body wasn’t able to get angry or annoyed.

I was able to experience the feeling of several different female bodies, smell their fragrances and enjoy their whispers as close as I could get… but I only had it now, that I was a baby, and never as an adult male. I found it scary, yet fascinating.

But it was humiliating none the less.

There was a moment when Karla chose to play a game with me, she lifted me by my arms and stood out of the pool, while the other girls were still in there, and watched curiously with grins in their faces. Karla then held me by my hands and began to spin, faster and faster, until my legs started to flyby because the acceleration and I was wrapped in a sort of tornado of twirling colors.

“Focus on me, baby, focus on me”, she mocked me, with a maniac smile on her face.

I didn’t know if she purposefully wanted to humiliate me in revenge for something, or if meanness and insensitivity just came naturally to her as her way of life, but she had lots of fun playing cruel games with me as a baby. But, in that tornado of color, I could only do what she asked me, and focus on her face, smiling brutal to the point her forced prettiness came off as scary, to avoid to get dizzy in the tornado of colors.

At Allison’s request, Ruth had taken out a cellphone to record the whole game, and the girls began to laugh as we accelerated more and more, and clapped and wooed where it came the point my legs were at a complete horizontal position, my tiny baby manhood flying around there. That’s where Juliette and Sandra called off the game (which, by the way, lasted for only about 5 seconds).

“Wooo… woohoohoo. Oh my God oh my God”, Karla laughed and celebrated with the emotions still on her, she as struggled to walk after spinning too much. I was picked up by Juliette and clinched at her chest still uncomfortable.

“Sorry, Mr. Greer, I’m sorry. Aaand thank you so much! This was so much fun!”, Karla kept laughing, ending wih a clap, a lapse of some more uncontrollable laugh and then a deep breath.

Fortunately, everyone began to calm later. The girls came out of the pool and Juliette prepared the camera to commemorate this unofficial ex classmates reunion. The other four girls were already posing in their swimsuits as Juliette set the timer, and she finally walked in frame, with me naked on her arms. During all these games, I realized had been reduced again into a 6 months old or even less.

The picture went right up to Instagram, where Ruth titled “5 cuties and her teacher #exreunion” and also tagged me at the pose of the baby. Sandra, that by this moment had already managed to hack into my account (“Mr. Thomas Greer, Literature teacher and mentor”) and change my profile picture to one of my baby self, accepted the tag. And soon, the picture was flooded with “I loves”, comments and shares, for both friends of the girls and contacts of mine.

I was able to read many of them. Most of them were aimed at the group of three girls, commenting on how hot they looked. But there also comments from Juliette’s contacts:

“You look so happy with your baby, Juliette. Kisses”, I read, from one of Juliette’s childhood friends.

Also, “Who is this little guy? I know him?”, from a male classmate which seemed confused.

“Tom Greer; you were two semesters at his class, dumbass”, he received as response from one of his buddies.

There were also comments aiming at me. “Greetings Mr. Greer, you’re looking really cute now”, said another of my female students. There were also some “Mr. Greer is so cute <3”s.

“Best baby around”, Juliette replied. There was also a rise on visits at my new baby profile picture and lots of “I love” reactions.

Anyway, that was all I could look from social media. As it got darker, some disco light projectors were turned on, accompanied by electronic and dance music. That was where things began to get wild. The girls got some drinks and began to dance in the pool, having a lot of fun. They were mostly focused on themselves and having fun, but I was already very tired and stunned because of the lights and loud sound, my perception of time and reality became distorted.

At the apex of the night, I remember being raised by the hands and passed over between the teenagers like I was some kind of naked baby rock star, with much fuss from my students. That lasted for about two minutes, in which beach balls, neon lights and other toys were lighting in the night. Until then I received a couple spanks from Karla and she put me down unceremoniously, like taking me back to my right place.

I don’t remember exactly what happened later but I remember I ended up in the car, perhaps at 9:00 p.m. or so. The girls had already said their goodbyes, but Juliette and Karla got along so well, and everyone enjoyed their time together (and with me) so much, they agreed to meet again next day. Then everyone got into their vehicles and Sandra put a baby bottle in my mouth. Completely exhausted, I closed my eyes and began to suckle, and I fell asleep one minute later, as we hit the road.

Hours later, I weakly opened my eyes. I was alone in the bed, still completely naked and still very much a baby. It was Juliette’s apartment, my new home, and the clock marked 12:00 a.m. I was still sleepy and I guessed I simply had waken up because I felt the absence of Juliette, which I didn’t see anywhere around. The lights of the bathroom were on, though. I tried to do anything but I was exhausted. So, I simply waited, barely awake, for the door to open and get my mommy back.

Half a minute later or so, I saw the most beautiful image I store in my memory. The door opened and under those low lights, Juliette came out, completely naked in her plump and tender beauty, and walked directly towards the bed. Her face had an expression of satisfaction and profound love. I was hypnotized looking how her gentle breasts giggled as she walked to me, her plump feet, delicate with their tiny toes, softly hit the rug, and her precious pubic hair caught my attention.

She instantly laid down over me, covering me with her soft body. I stood still and aspired the sweet fragrance of her body. She smelt of pink roses, of feminine soap and baby powder. She smelt like mom. Her body was all fresh and humid; her hair looked still a little wet, I assumed she had just taken a shower before sleep. She embraced me on her arms and smooched at my head, my cheeks and my face, weakly; I realized she was just as exhausted as me. Holding me tightly against her chest, I received a final, profound kiss in the lips and closed my eyes along her as the lights dimmed, feeling her breath right next to me.

“She smells like mom. She feels like home”, I uttered in my mind, reminding my Literature formation, as we both, mom and son, lover and lover, ended up falling asleep completely naked, in the others arms. “She’s my final destiny”.



End Chapter 12

Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

by: Sidora | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 8, 2022


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