The adventures of Jett Freelancer

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Chapter 2
Does anybody really know what time it is?

Chapter Description: Does anybody really care?

Jett strolled around his “crib”, a typical teenage boy's room with posters of popular female singers, a large bed with side rails tucked into the corner and a mattress covered with pastel prints of various farm animals. Little duckies with smiles on their beaks walked from a light blue pond to a light green pasture inhabited by cartoonish smiling cows.

He wore normal teen diapers with pictures of Sesame Street characters on the front that disappeared from view as they got wetter with use. His pastel blue t-shirt had plastic snaps on the shoulders to allow his head to get through the opening and came down to his belly button.

Today he was entertaining a girl, a prospective girlfriend if you will, and judging her reaction to a “TBDL”, (Teen Baby Diaper Lover), namely himself.

“So, Tina, you’re looking around a lot, probably still trying to take it all in and stuff…” he asked as Tina’s face swiveled around from staring at a large stuffed teddy to put her sharp focus squarely into his eyes interrupting him.

“Um, I’ll understand if you’re put off by all this stuff, please don’t…” again his sentence died in his throat as Tina put up her index finger to stop him from blathering and collect her thoughts. She turned her head to her left and pinched her brow with her other hand in the dramatic way that she’d seen on the little romance dramas that she so loved to watch.

“I have just one thing to ask, Jett, it’s very important how you answer, so please take your time,” she paused for more dramatic effect, hoping to stress the mock seriousness that she was playing at, “can only your mommy change your diapers or can your girlfriend change them too?”

Jett was elated, it showed on his face and echoed throughout his being. “No, and yes, Tina! Sometimes I have to change them myself because I’m a big boy!” He finished proudly.

Tina got up and put her arm around his neck while squeezing the subject they were talking about with a gentle stroke. “Well, big boy, I don’t think you’re all that grown-up. Your diaper feels a bit past squishy to me!” she whispered silkily in his ear.

“Sorry, mommy!” said a thrilled Jett as his member rose excitedly to the gentle fondling. He rubbed it against her hand involuntarily.

“I’m not your mommy, Jett. I’m your babysitter and I think it’s time for little Jett to get his diaper changed before he gets a bad rash,” she fell into her role with a smoothness that thrilled Jett even further.

Before she started undressing him, she stopped and said “Jett, I think it’s bath time!” as she took his hand and pulled him into the bathroom, “You be a good boy and stand there while I draw a bath.”

“Yes, Tina!” said a very happy Jett. He swayed to and fro with nervous energy and felt that he couldn’t be more turned on!

Tina undressed the teen toddler and put him in the rapidly rising water. Little duckies and boats floated on the surface as Jett engaged in mock water battles with them. After a little playtime, Tina soaped up a washcloth and scrubbed his body down from head to toe. She shampooed his head and rinsed it, then left him to play with his toys for a few more minutes.

“Time to come out of the bath, Jett!” she declared, “we wouldn’t want you to become a prune!” and pulled out the stopper to the bathtub causing the water level to drop rapidly.

“Aw-w-w! I wanna play some more!” said a saddened Jett.

Tina got him to stand up and started toweling him off in the tub. “We can play something else when you’re all dressed again. That’ll be fun, right?” she whispered into his ear again.

Jet shook his head in the affirmative while his little man jumped to attention, “Uh-huh!” he grunted out.

Tina took the now toweled dry Jett back to his crib and lay him down on his bed giving his above-average-size member a little tickle. “Um, Tina, Shouldn’t I be on the changing table?”

“Not yet, Jett. We’re going to play a game,” said Tina as she started to take off her clothing, “are you ready to play doctor?”

Jett hardened even more at the offer, “Yes please, nurse Tina!”


Mama Kurla came home to hear her son Jett and a girl in his room. They were talking about little things and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. Her heart swelled with pride and a tinge of nostalgia as she remarked “They grow up so fast!”

Memories of raising Jett from a baby to a teen flashed through her mind as she remembered all the fun moments, a few booboo times, and a small happy tear let loose from her eye to work itself down her cheek.

The happy teen couple came downstairs from Jett’s crib. He was dressed as a diapered toddler again and she had joined in with a matching pink onesie covering her body and Pampers diaper. “Hi, mom! This is Tina, I think she’s really neat!” gushed Jett.

“Hello, Kurla, it’s nice to meet you!” said a happily diapered Tina. She could see that she liked Kurla right away and Kurla, no slouch to human intimacy herself, immediately felt the same. The two ladies got to talking while dinner was prepared, Tina just slid right in and started making a salad to compliment the chicken strips that Kurla prepared. Jett, not wanting to be left out, set the table for three.

The three talked over dinner and well into the night before Kurla called a halt. “You two have school tomorrow, I hope your homework is finished!”

“Well-l-l, I do have some Trigonometry to finish. I have to nail down the concept of identities a bit more.” said tina

“Oh, the Pythagoras property of a triangle? Easy-peasy! I can help you figure it out if you’d like.” offered Jett. Math came so easy for him that he was a part-time tutor to several other students from his school.

Tina got up from her chair and sat in his lap with her body against his and gave him an affectionate kiss. Their diapers ground together for a little while before Kurla shouted “Get a room, you two!” with a small bark of laughter. The two got up and excused themselves to ponder “Sally’s triangle” back at Jett’s room.

During breakfast, the discussion around the table concerned clean socks and delved into the cosecant calculation for a little while to allow Tina a better grasp of the subject.


Arriving at school, Jett bid goodbye to Tina until lunch. Immediately feeling the absence of her presence, he trudged over to his first class.

“Hey, diaper boy! How’s it hanging?” asked Mark, “You have any shorts-fudging incidents lately?”

“Everything’s fine, Mark. How’s your little sister doing in Algebra?” Jett dropped into his tutor persona to counter Mark’s less than stellar compliment.

“Oh, she’s doing great! She thought she was stupid for not being able to understand it at first, but now she’s up with the best of the class thanks to you.”

“No more bullying by her friends after the self-defense courses I put her through, right?” said Jett to drive another point home in Mark’s defensive armor.

“Yeah, she’s happy, she’s smart, thanks, man! Sorry for the jibe, but I got a cool rep to maintain, ya know?” Mark honestly liked Jett, he just couldn’t get past his diaper wearing. To hang out with a guy that wears diapers was the most uncool thing to do to a guy with his rep and he wanted to be a part of his clique more than to have a decent friendship.

“I understand, Mark,” Jett smiled conspiratorially and whispered, “I can always give you one to try out if you’re curious.”

“What! No way, man, I’d rather be caught dead!” Mark continued putting on his cool front for the rest of the class while a flash of memory reminded him of his late potty training and downright refusal to stop wearing diapers until his father bullied him out of them.

“Someday, when I’m in college, I’ll start wearing again. But until then…” thought an unhappy Mark and sighed out loud.


Jett met with Tina for lunch. “You didn’t get into trouble with your mom over staying with us last night, right?”

“She’s cool with it, she already gave me the ‘big lecture’ when I was thirteen. She also wonders why it took so long for me to become sexually active and wants to meet with you.” said Tina with a matter-of-fact tone with a slight overlay of teen angst.

“Does she know about…”

“Yes, she started going through her prospective boyfriends for Tina list as soon as I mentioned your name. She didn’t know about my need to mother or join in on the fun, however, so that’s a plus! It’s nice to be able to push her off her mountain of knowledge every once in a while.” said Tina switching from angst mode to “I got one over her – small victory!” mode.

Tina’s friend Lisa came over to check on the new couple and did a quick survey. “So, you’re handsome, smart, athletic, and have a kink that Tina likes. What’s not to accept?”

“TMI, Lisa, thank you for that!” said a slightly grossed-out and embarrassed Tina.

“Just keepin’ it real, little sister!” said Lisa as she walked off with a little smile of amusement.

“Little sister?” asked Jett.

“Well, she knows about my kink, how do you suppose she found out about it?” asked a bemused Tina.

“Um, did she babysit you a time or two, maybe?” teased Jett.

“A time or two, yes.” said an all-knowing, happily smiling Tina.


When Jett and Tina got back to his house to “study” their schoolwork, they were greeted by Rodney, who sat in the large BarcaLounger in his living room while waiting for Jett to arrive.

“Hello, Jett! Hello Tina! Good to see that you’re growing back up so well and adjusted these days!” enthused Rodney.

“How did he know my …” asked Tina.

“He just does, I’ve kinda got the feeling that what he doesn’t know, he asks. Not that he asks all that much anyway…"

“So what calamity brings you here today, oh sage of the rain forest?” asked Jett with a mocking bow, “What wonders and adventures await me this time, and will I be back in time to finish and graduate from my current school year?”

“Why Jett! I’m taken aback by your accusations, can’t an old friend just come by now and again to visit one of his more promising pupils?” asked Rodney with dramatic overtone, “Oh, cruel world! To have such ungrateful disciples in it! It hurts me, I tell you!” the last was delivered with a hearty chuckle to emphasize Rodney’s mirth.

“Yeah, yeah. We might as well cut to the chase then. What do you need from me?”

“Why Jett, it’s not specifically you that I need, it’s Tina!” Rodney’s tone and demeanor went serious as he delivered his statement.

“Me?” asked a nonplussed Tina, “What did I do?”

“I have a little present for” he handed Tina a Tiffany’s “Little Red” jewelry box, “You can look at it but don’t take it out of its box yet, there are some handling instructions you’ll need to know first.”

Tina did as instructed. A lady’s chronograph with several dials and buttons presented itself to her as she opened the box. “It’s very nice, I like the jewel-encrusted main hand and Italian leather wrist band, I also take it that this isn’t your normal lady’s watch?”

“No, indeed, dear Tina. You’re going to have to practice with this chronograph until you can handle it blindfolded. If you end up the least bit unfamiliar with any of its functions, you won’t be able to save the day that’s coming up for you and Jett.”

“It’s a fake chronograph that has no mechanical parts and is one hundred percent solid-state with a battery that will power it for a century. It’s also very, very accurate. More accurate than the rubidium timepieces of your greatest observatories and universal time centers.”

Tina looked at the timepiece, then she looked at Rodney questioningly and shrugged her shoulders.

Rodney continued, “What it does is manipulate time. For people, for objects, even short time trips backward and forwards. I have been given the task of trusting you with this very dangerous object, but if it falls into the wrong hands, it becomes worthless and just another watch. So don’t lose it!”

Tina took the watch out of its red box and placed it on her wrist. Dim, purplish light with a slightly warm feeling enveloped her body and disappeared as the wrist band was tightened. “So, how do I use it?”


The next day at school, Jett remarked that Tina was still wearing the watch. “Well, I don’t want it out of my sight, and I think I’m going to need some more practice,” she looked knowingly at Jett with a playful smile.

“Be careful with it, we don’t need the space/time continuum any more messed up than it is,” admonished Jett. He knew he was just pissing in the wind at this point, but he could say “I told you so.” later this way.

“Rodney entrusted it to me and I need to be very familiar with its operation. Since I have school, I have very little choice in where I learn how to master it,” said Tina logically.

“Okay, Tina. Just remember to come to me if you forget something, I memorized the instruction book last night.”

“You would, wouldn’t you? Good thinking!” Tina practically skipped to her first class then recalled that teenagers didn’t skip as it was uncool.


for the first period, she had Mr. Fielder for math class. 70 years were not kind to the math teacher, he’d been a math prodigy at age five, went off to college on a full scholarship at age eleven, graduated with honors at age 12, went to lend his uncanny knack of equations to the military, contributed 40 years of advanced research and retired at age 55. Bored with retirement, he became a school teacher and was delighted now and then with a promising student that he could privately tutor. He lived for math and some suggested that his soul consisted of various algorithms that almost emulated one.

“Ah, Tina! How are you today?” asked Mr. Fielder, “Oh! Is that a new watch? It looks like a very expensive chronograph, a very expensive one at that!”

“Hi, Mr. fielder! Yeah, it’s a present,” she didn’t say from who, “I was wondering if you still have thoughts about what you missed out on as a child due to not having a childhood.”

“Oh, my dear! Those are just ‘could have been’ scenarios that I fantasize about now and again. It’s a nice daydream from reality, but they’re not real. Perhaps when you’re older, you’ll understand the concept better.”

"Can I ask a favor, Mr. Fielder?"

"And what might that be, my dear?"

“Well-l-l, would you let me teach the class today and you attend it as a student? It's not anything already gone over, just a review of the last chapter on tensor physics."

“Well, sure! It’ll let me see how well you’re doing and you’ll get valuable experience as a teacher to boot!” Mr. Fielder replied happily, this would be a treat for him!

“Okay, now, just hold still, I’m kinda new to this thing…” she pressed down on a metal stud on the chronograph.

Mr. Fielder felt something that he’d not felt in a long time, a tingling rush of electricity went through his body as the ground became closer. He caught his breath and looked up into Tina’s eyes. “Well now...ahem! Ahem! Why is my voice suddenly higher? Tina, did you just rejuvenate me?”

“You know what this watch does?” asked a perplexed Tina.

“Oh, yes, my dear. But in my day we needed a roomful of equipment and a small power plant to rejuvenate objects back a few days! Isn’t technology just wonderful?” The now twelve-year-old teacher could hardly contain his excitement, “But, it’s supposed to be top secret, just where did you get that watch?”

After a quick powwow and a few adjustments with the chronograph, the professor looked like any other modern kid math prodigy attending his advanced math class. He happily took his seat at the front ready to watch his pupil perform her first teaching session of his class.

Tina did okay, she muffed a theorem or two, much to the delight of the other math students. When the class ended, she was more confident in herself and knew that she had it in her to be a great teacher. She was feeling tired and a bit sweaty but felt exuberant.

“Say, Tina, do you think you could teach my calculus I class next? I’d like to go and research something at the library. I’ll write a note for Principle Gaurus explaining what you’re doing.” asked Mr. Fielder.

“I don’t know, Mr. Fielder…”

“Call me Bob. I’ll just go over and explain it to the principal. Extra credit for you, my dear!” and with that, Bob Fielder took off and went his merry way.

Bob didn’t show up for the rest of the day. When he did, he was quite drunk and smelled of cigarettes mixed with weed. “Hallo mah deahhh!” he sang out blissfully, “Did you have a nice d-, hic!, d-day?”

“No, I ended up giving third and fifth period over to study. They’re subjects that I haven’t learned yet.” said a slightly miffed Tina. She began to tap the studs on her watch in an inexperienced halting sequence.

“Well, no problem! Waddya say you grow me up a bit and we coul…” Bob, age 12, was gone and replaced in a second by Mr. Fielder, age 70. “Ah, you din’t have to go that far! How’s about you make me a little younger an’ then we c’n…”

Tina made some more adjustments on her chronograph and Mr. fielder was returned to before she used the watch on him.

“Ah, Tina! How are you today?” asked Mr. Fielder, “Oh! Is that a new watch? It looks like a very expensive chronograph, a very expensive one at that!”

“Yes, it’s a present. Well, look at the time! No sense in hanging out after class, I gotta get home and crack those books! See you tomorrow, Mr. Fielder!” Tina couldn’t leave the room fast enough leaving a confused Mr. Fielder wondering why it was morning just a minute ago and 4 o’clock now.

“Getting old sucks!” thought Mr. Fielder.




End Chapter 2

The adventures of Jett Freelancer

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 23, 2021


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