The adventures of Jett Freelancer

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Chapter 12
Jett and the Flippy Hippy shake

Chapter Description: Drugs are bad m’kay?

A young woman walked up to the podium in the lecture hall at Jett and Tina’s High school. She was a platinum blonde bombshell with sexiness oozing from every pore of her being.

She cleared her throat and addressed the assembled students.

Hi! My name’s Candy, I’m here to tell you that doing drugs is why I’m stuck in this dead-end town. Don’t do drugs, kids!

It all started when I left home for college, my loving father and mother wished me well, I got into my rebuilt VW microbus and hit the road.

College for me was a blast, I had a natural aptitude for study and often finished my assignments before going out to party.

I would go to one of the little beer bars that were just outside the campus and have a few beers. As I got to know some of the other people in the area, I got invited to more and more parties.

That’s when I met a rather handsome guy that caused me to feel lust for the first time in my life, he was hunky, broad-shouldered, and had piercing blue eyes.

He invited me to a party, he didn’t say what kind of party it would be, so I had hoped it was just going to be a “drink until you pass out party”, and “pray they don’t do something to your body without your consent” sort of affair.

I looked forward to it.

When I arrived, everybody was in various states of undress with everyone wearing a diaper.

It was a diaper party.

Now, I’m game for just about anything, but at this early point of my life, I wasn’t into kink and this party looked to me like it had plenty of kinks.

After much pleading and a few mixed drinks, I was cajoled into staying for a little while to see what it was all about.

I passed up on the diapering, much to my date’s disappointment, and they gave me a few more drinks. The highlight of the evening came and one of the more sober ones, a chemistry major, presented a special bud that he’d been developing in the lab.

He called it “Juuvie”.

As the large cigar-sized blunt was passed around, each person took a large hit. I was ready to pass as I often choked on weed after a few puffs. My date convinced me to try it out and he guaranteed that it wouldn’t be as harsh as the weed I’d smoked in the past.

I took a little experimental hit and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very mellow. I took in a larger hit and held it in while I passed it to the next person.

After exhaling, I could already feel the effects of the weed as it relaxed my brain synapses. I felt loose and before I knew it, the blunt had made its way back around to me.

I took a long hit and filled my lungs with smoke and nearly choked as I held it in. The people on either side of me started chanting for me to hold it in. I obliged them as I had a good set of lungs honed by swimming.

A wave of dizziness hit me and I fell back into the bean bag chair that I was in. The world spun around me as I descended deeper and deeper into a relaxed state of bliss.

I was awoken from my buzz by the person next to me with the blunt. It looked like a fresh one as it seemed larger and longer than the one we started with.

I inhaled that sucker while the people in the room chanted for me to hold it. I held it for a very long time and nearly passed out from asphyxiation.

Then I blissfully lost consciousness.

After what seemed like a few hours of unconsciousness, I awoke with the burning need to urinate. It was very strong and now I felt I knew why everyone was wearing diapers.

I got up and tried to stand, but I was too woozy from the weed, I ended up crawling to the bathroom and pulling myself up to sit on the toilet. I could barely manage to balance on the seat and almost ended back up on the floor.

I crawled back to the bean bag chair and must have forgotten my pants and panties in the bathroom. I fell into it and crashed for a few more hours.

The sun coming up the next day shone into the living room where I slept. It was bright enough to wake me from my slumber. I woke up feeling better than I’d felt in years with no hangover and no headache.

I got up from the beanbag chair and skipped like a little girl to the bathroom. I was in high spirits as I pulled myself up onto the seat and urinated.

Then I hopped down from it and found my pants and underwear. The pants were still buttoned and zipped but I didn’t notice as I put on my panties which were a lot looser than I remembered.

As I put my legs into the pants and pulled them up, I noticed they went on easily enough, but the legs were too long, and had to bunch them up to fit over my feet.

It was then that I noticed that the waist on the pants was too big for me. I thought I must have found pants that belonged to someone else and pulled them off.

As I went back to the living room, I felt that the house had somehow gotten bigger overnight, I didn’t even come up to the doorknobs on the doors!

I wandered into the kitchen still confused about my huge surroundings to find that a few people were making breakfast.

“There she is! The mad toker awakes, everybody!”

I bowed to the applause and noticed that I had to look up to see the people sitting at the table. My fuzzy thinking started to clear at that moment and I realized that there was something wrong with what I was seeing.

I pulled my shirt out and looked at my breasts. They were covered by a bra that was way too big and they were way too small!

“What the fuck happened to me?” I asked in wonder as I stared at the molehills that were once a set of healthy adult breasts.

“You’ve been Juuvied!” said one of the people at the table, “Don’t worry, it wears off eventually.”

I slowly grew up again over the course of the day. The chemist that created the weed said that it wouldn’t be habit-forming and that the effects would only last for as long as the chemicals were in my system.

After that, I couldn’t wait to get Juuvied! I’d do it at every opportunity and mostly play at the local playground. It was a great way to relax after a hard exam or a marathon study session.

After I’d spent a small fortune on the stuff, the chemist taught me the formula for Juuvie. It was a simple combination of easy to get chemicals that were available at nearly every grocery store. I didn’t even need weed to activate it!

I graduated and went on to find a high-paying job in advertising. With my bitchin’ bod, it wasn’t any trouble to get gigs for various commercials. After taking enough Juuvie and modeling at various ages, I had a small fortune built up and would soon be able to retire off the profits and margins of my risky investments.

Then the bottom dropped out of the stock market and left me penniless. I returned to advertising and did some side-gigs for various baby and kid’s items.

My most favorite ad you might have seen once or twice. Do you remember the little girl that puts on her Pampy-Dry pull-up nightwear and then turns around and makes an “oh” at the camera? That was me! Pretty cool, eh?

I wasn’t able to retire, but I made enough money to live comfortably, and then the second-worst thing happened to me.

I woke up one morning to find that I had regressed to a toddler overnight. I had stopped using Juuvie almost a year before that. I wondered if maybe I had mistakenly taken some by accident.

As fate would have it, that wouldn’t be the case. After several decades of using Juuvie, my body had sequestered small amounts of it in various places. All it took was a small microdose to be let loose and I’d find myself wearing diapers again.

Since it was unpredictable, I couldn’t drive a car or go out in public without a guardian. The Juuvie still hits me when I least expect it.

One moment, I’m a grown woman and the next I’m jail bait. Dating is totally out of the picture.

I have a live-in nanny to watch over me during the daytime and she’s been very helpful when I wake up as or have a sudden regression to a baby. She’s saved my juvenile bacon several times from having a serious mishap!

I can’t do anything without having a random regression and I’m getting sick of waking up diapered and wet. My life has been destroyed by Juuvie, so kids, listen to me when I say that drugs are bad and don’t do them!

“Thanks for coming today and telling us about the dangers of Juuvie, Ms. Candy!”

“No probwem, you funny wooking mans!” said Ms. Candy as a happily giggling 3-year-old.

“Oh, look at that, she just regressed. Don’t worry kids, her nanny is present and will take care of her.”


After the lecture, Ms. Candy was wheeled off in a stroller. She happily sucked on a binky while staring blankly ahead as her nanny pushed her out.

Jett turned to Tina and said “Geez, that rat-bastard! A whole chapter and this is our only appearance?”

Tina replied, “I’m certain the creator has their reasons, Jett.”



End Chapter 12

The adventures of Jett Freelancer

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 23, 2021


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