The adventures of Jett Freelancer

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Chapter 7
Betty and the daycare conundrum

Chapter Description: Betty wants to be pampered.

Betty picked up a brightly colored plastic building block and placed it on top of a stack of similarly shaped ones to form a small pyramid. She quickly scanned the nursery floor to see if Nicholas had made his well-timed appearance. Seeing that he wasn’t there yet, she sighed.

Going back to stacking blocks, the small girl of 3 thought briefly about what led to her being in a daycare center and why it was worth it; a handsome guy named Nicholas.

She had packed a bag with kid clothes, went to a local park, changed her age and attire in the public bathroom, and played on the playground as a 6-year-old.

It was fun swinging on swings, climbing on monkey bars and she’d moved on to the slide when she saw him escorting a small gaggle of kids in a cart that he pushed through the park.

From her vantage point on top of the slide, she looked at the hunky daycare attendant as he pushed the cart; blond hair, blue eyes, nice chin, tall with a medium build. Just her type!

The cart had a name on the side, “Wee one's nursery”, she read. A flash of inspiration followed that left her with a silly romantic notion about getting cared for as a little girl by a handsome nursery care attendant.

Getting “Bethina”, her toddler alter-ego registered at the daycare was a piece of cake. She enlisted the aid of Lisa to be her big sister for the drop-off in the mornings.

Lisa put up with her scheme good-naturedly, suggested that she might just introduce herself to Nicholas and maybe try to go about her possible relationship in a normal manner?


In the morning, she’d pack Bethina’s diaper bag, get picked up by Lisa, dropped off at daycare. This would hopefully lead to getting some of Nicholas’s available time for herself, and hello, romance!

She hadn’t ironed out the smaller details yet, admittedly.


Nicholas came out to the nursery floor. In between his tasks of keeping the place stocked with baby supplies, chopping vegetables and fruits in the kitchen for kid snacks, and making certain that the nursery was clean.

Betty spotted him, got up from her blocks, and called out, “Nicowas!”

Nicholas looked around, spotted her, and quickly walked over to where she was standing, “Hey Bethina, what’s up?”

Not knowing what to do next, and being a little shy, she put her hands behind her back and rocked on her heels. “Hee hee hee!” she uttered as she worked up her courage to say something.

Nicholas bent down, then picked her up to hold in his arms. Betty was thrilled to get the attention and smiled happily. She still didn’t know what to say as she put her hands together and stared at them shyly.

Nicholas then put two fingers down the front of her diaper and announced, “Whoops! Looks like it’s time for a diaper change!” He made a quick sniff and said “no poops yet, that's good!”

Betty blushed from stem to stern as Nicholas laid her down on a nearby changing table. He quickly stripped her down, wiped her privates with a cold wet wipe and put a new diaper under her, powdered her butt, then fastened it down.

He performed his routine task so quickly that she didn’t have much time to react and found herself put back down by her blocks watching Nicholas as he hurried off to the next child on his list to see what their needs were.

“Damn, he saw me naked!” she thought to herself in stunned silence.


Lisa came by in the afternoon to pick up her charge. The two walked out of the nursery towards Betty’s house.

“So-o, how did it go?” asked Lisa of a subdued Betty, “Did you find your romance, yet?”

“Um, yeah, no, I don’t know,” said Betty, “I don’t think he looks at me as much other than a child assigned to his care.”

“That’s a good thing! If he didn’t, he’d be in serious trouble as a deviant, be very happy for that!”

“Yeah, I guess,” said Betty as she started to understand a little better what she was expecting and what the reality of the situation provided.

“So, same time tomorrow, or are you through with your current crush?”

“Hmm, I think I’d like another go at it, but this time from the perspective of a little girl with an innocent crush on her caretaker,” said a better understanding Betty.

“Now, there’s a healthy attitude! After this, you might be able to approach him like most normal women do and ask for a date.”

“I dunno, he saw me naked you know! I was so embarrassed.”

“As a toddler, your nakedness is innocent and on public display…” began Lisa

“I know, I know,” interrupted Betty, “it doesn’t change the fact that he did,” she muttered after.


The next day at the daycare, Betty approached Nicholas as he busily restocked the diaper shelves on the changing tables.

“Um, Nicowas?” she said feeling shy all over again.

Nicholas stopped what he was doing and gave her his full attention. “What is is Bethina? Need another diapee?”

“Um, no, no. I was wondewin’ if, um,” her hands behind her back twisted as her body gyrated, “would you be my boyfriend?” she finally burst out.

Nicholas’ serious attentive face immediately relaxed. “Well, sure, I can do that!” he waited to see if she had anything else to say. She just smiled and laughed with the relief of a bright little girl getting a boyfriend.

Feeling that the moment was over, Nicholas turned back to his tasks.

It wasn’t over yet, “Nichowas!” shouted Betty.

Nicholas mentally braced himself and gave her his full attention again, “Yes?”

“You gotta give me hugs!” she demanded.

“Oh, sorry!” he picked her up and hugged her, she returned it and he put her down, “I have to get back to work, Bethina, Let me know if you need something.”

“’Kay!” said Betty and scampered off to find something to do.


After a few days of pretending to be a daycare attendee, Betty was growing bored with the routine.

She and Lisa were eating at a fast-food joint. “Ugh, I’m getting tired of eating all that mushy food they serve for lunch,” she groused, “and would it kill them to give a piece of candy or something instead of fruit for dessert?”

“How’re things with your ‘boyfriend’?” asked Lisa, “Have you gotten past third base, hmm?” she wanted to tease Betty a little.

“Lisa, please!” replied Betty in mock-offense, “I’m just a toddler, and wouldn’t know about such things!” she finished with a look of pure innocence.

“Well, did you at least kiss him?” teased Betty a little bit further.

“Oh, heck yeah! I kissed his cheek on the second date!” bragged Betty.

“Ooh! You little vixen! So, you got a boyfriend,”


“He saw you naked.”

“At least twice a day!”

“You kissed him, what else?”

“We hug a lot too!” finished Betty with a smug all-knowing grin.

“Are you ready to call it quits and ask for a date like any other normal girl?”

“Hmm,” replied Betty noncommittally.



“Yes, Bethina?” replied Nicholas as he wiped the plastic mat of one of the changing tables down.

“If I was older, would you date me?”

He finished his wiping off the mat, threw away the wipe, and turned to Betty, “Do you mean if you were the same age as me, would I take you out for a date?”


Nicholas liked being her first crush. He knew it came with his job to get a toddler crush now and again but didn’t want to confuse her.

“I guess I’d have to know what you’d be like as a big girl to decide that.”

“Well, okay. Promise me you won’t freak out or anything.”

“Freak out about wh…” said Nicholas as she grew up to age 17. Her toddler clothes were all but obliterated in the transformation leaving her “nakee”.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked curiously.

“Oh, geez! Here, put this on!” said a very surprised Nicholas as he pulled off his white lab jacket and threw it over her shoulders.


Lisa was laughing hard as she got caught up with Betty’s latest stunt.

“So you reverted right in front of him,” she gasped for breath, “and you d-didn’t think…”

“Well, I didn’t know how to put it to him gently, so I just let him know, all right?” Betty said with a tinge of exasperation.

“So, did you, heheheh, did you get your d-date?” she tittered. This was too much!

“He declined,” said Betty.

“Why? You were his age now, right? What excuse could h-h-he g-give?” Lisa asked as she tried to contain her mirth.

“He saw me naked,” replied Betty flatly.




End Chapter 7

The adventures of Jett Freelancer

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 23, 2021


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