The adventures of Jett Freelancer

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Chapter 8
Jett the Freelancer – A tale of redemption

Chapter Description: Old Ms Walker might need a walker soon. A baby walker!

Rodney reclined in his well-padded wicker chair. The stiff woven reeds that made up the chair supported both his weight and the weight of the natural animal-skin pillows stuffed to bursting with various bird feathers from the local ecosystem.

His ceremonial robe, tied at the waist with a coarsely woven hemp belt, was open at the waist to reveal a multilayered thick cloth diaper underneath. With the jungle heat and humidity, cloth was the only way to be padded. The store-bought ones cut off natural respiration and caused overheating and uncomfortable sweating.

He sipped on a fruit-flavored drink and began to urinate without noticing that he’d done so. As the warmth and moisture of his padded posterior began to increase, Rodney lay back with a contented smile. This was the way to eliminate, there was no having to hold it in or do the pee-pee dance, and his prostate thanked him for it.

A top-of-the-line iPhone no more than a few months old went off near him on a wicker table that matched the wicker chair he sat in perfectly.

“Yes, hello boss! How are things where you’re at? Just fine? Good, good! So, what can I do for you today? Really? Okay.”

Hanging up the phone, Rodney stood up and took off his robe. The cloth diaper was soaked to near capacity and threatened to fall off his lean, well-sculpted frame. He popped the snaps on it and let it fall to the ground.

Where Rodney’s penis should have been, there was a cute little hairless baby’s pee-pee. It felt the coolness of his urine as it evaporated off and began to grow into proper man-sized junk complete with short, coarse, curly dark hair.

Rodney’s voice deepened as his balls dropped, “Oh well, break time’s over, time to get to work!”, while his body clothed itself in simple broadcloth traveling robes a rolling suitcase appeared next to him and he proceeded to teleport himself to Jett and Tina’s location.

After his abrupt departure, a servant entered the Chief’s chamber. He picked up the soggy diaper and put it into a tightly-woven canvas bag for transport to the laundry, picked up the drink, rearranged the animal-skin cushions on the wicker chair, and did a last-minute inspection of the room to ensure that it was properly clean.

The servant performed his duty with great care. He was enjoying his week off from the advanced physics lab as it gave him a chance to relax his considerable brainpower and get caught up with the little things in his life.


Emilia Walker was a dried-up husk of a woman, while other people would take time out to relax and enjoy their experiences, she would badger on ahead. “There’s no time like the present! I’ll be gone and have had no impact on my community before I know it!” was her attitude.

The result was that since she wouldn’t take off a day here or a week there and constantly insisted on getting things done, she had burned through her energy and reserves. It would cause her health to go south after age 60 giving her a heart attack. She slowed down afterward on doctor’s orders, but when the situation permitted, she would go full charge into her next “improvement” on her hapless community.

While her cause was noble, her machinations for a better society weren’t. She had earned the reputation of being a “busybody” who got into everyone’s business. Some of her pursuits yielded good results and others had bombed miserably causing grief for those she decided to get involved with.

The wrinkled old prune was currently attempting to talk Jett out of being a diaper-wearer and having tried it many times in the past as he grew up, she experienced the usual barrier trying to “straighten out” the young man and getting him to “fly right”.

“Now, Jett, be reasonable. What you’re wearing is only appropriate on a small child’s bottom! It has no place on a young man’s behind.”

“Ms. Walker, we’ve been down this path before. I have urinary incontinence that slowly developed and worsened due to having peripheral neuropathy. There’s no cure for it and I hope you can just accept that...”

“Nonsense! You just need to strengthen those muscles back up again and you’ll be out of those diapers in no time. Now here’s what we’ll do…”

Jett listened to her suggestions for building up his pelvic muscles with tempered patience. He didn’t have peripheral neuropathy, but he wasn’t going to tell her that he had felt comfortable in diapers ever since he was a baby the second time around. He had no intention of giving up on them soon or ever for that matter.

Emilia finally wound down after giving her “advice”. It took a toll on her overtaxed body to get this worked up, and she sat down on a nearby bench after she limped to it with great difficulty.

Jett saw her frailty and didn’t want to leave her alone in case she might develop worsening conditions that would warrant a hospital visit. He joined her on the bench as she caught her breath.

After a while, the color of her cheeks turned from a ghastly white to a slightly more pinkish hue. She sat with her back against the bench letting it support her fully. As a white-hot flash of fever washed over her body, it suddenly occurred to her that she might be wasting her time with some of her concerns and her whole life began to flash before her eyes.

Scene after scene of the unhappiness that she had caused others passed by in an orderly parade as other situations with better outcomes presented themselves to her showing all the good she’d done. Volunteer work, drug interventions, a marriage saved here and there. Those were worth it, and she was proud of that.

The bad times she remembered was the people she was unable to help or wouldn’t help themselves. The drug overdoses, the wife beaters, and child abusers. Those had all ended badly. She lived through those things in an instant and then remembered with a clear focus her greatest failure: A young man bullied to suicide by his peers.

She had done her best, but it seemed to rub the young man the wrong way with every angle she took to the problem. She had accepted his suicide as him not being strong enough to overcome his torment but now she wondered if maybe, just maybe, her attempts might have hastened the process.

She ingested a dram of self-pity, pulled herself out of it with her iron will then lost the fight and wept.

“Ms. Walker, are you okay?” Jett said worriedly, “I know you mean well, but I’m just not getting out of these diapers, I simply can’t for medical reasons.”

“What? Oh, it’s not you Jett, it’s me, I’m a foolish old woman!” she cried as the tears that she’d denied for so long all came home to roost and left her in anguish.

Jett comforted the old woman. He put his hand gently on her shoulder and she fell into him. She latched on with the ferocity of a child being let down for the first time and feeling that life was unfair as their world came to an end.

After many tears and a few great black gobs of darkness that had attached itself to the soul of Amelia Walker were loosened and expunged, a greatly saddened old wreck of a woman was left silently sobbing over what a great waste she’d made of her life.

She confessed her epiphany to Jett. She saw him in her weakened mind as a priest or counselor listening and offering hope to her in her last days. She craved comfort from her wretchedness and even if Jett couldn’t absolve her of her sins, she felt he would do whatever was necessary to help her now that she needed it.

“Well, I could try to say something witty or profound, but I can’t come up with anything. Just consider getting some counseling. You’ve only scratched the surface of what made you into what you are,” said Jett lamely. He regretted that immediately.

She took his words to heart. “I suppose this old lady should do just that,” she wiped away another tear, “Oh if I could just do it over I’m certain my life would be very different!”

“True, true. But what if you didn’t do things differently?” muttered Jett not wanting to involve Tina in this. He couldn’t save everyone and something at the back of his mind told him not to get involved in a Faustian contract with Emilia Walker. It practically screamed it out loud!

He stayed with her on the park bench until she’d had enough self-pity and escorted her home. She asked him in for cookies but he made his excuses and left for his house.


Emilia walked into her house. She turned on her lights to illuminate the room. What a fool she’d been! She sat down in her worn overstuffed chair and sat back staring at the ceiling for a time.

After considering her options, she resolved to see about getting counseling and maybe be able to do something with the rest of her rapidly diminishing life. She wistfully looked at her prospects with a new understanding and empathy.

Throughout the evening into the late hours, she cursed herself for her stupidity and prayed for some miracle that would save her from her life’s one colossal mistake. None came. She wandered off to bed with the promise that with a new day, a new

Emilia Walker would emerge. Ready to do what was right and to hopefully find out what that was.


The doorbell rang at Jett’s house. Tina, in the kitchen making snacks, was closest and went to answer the door.

She was presented with the pimply face of a 13-year-old teenager. The teen wore black horn-rimmed glasses, had her black hair tied up in a tight ponytail with a bright red mini scarf, and smiled at her in greeting with a full set of metal braces on her teeth.

“Can I help-” asked Tina as the teenybopper just invited herself in and walked past her as if she wasn’t there.

Tina noticed the girl was a bit of an anachronist. She wore a thin cardigan sweater with rolled-up sleeves over a thin cotton blouse. The old-style training bra silhouetted underneath the blouse looked like it could set off a metal detector at the local airport. Her scotch tartan pleated skirt billowed out over the tops of her knobby knees.

 The girl wore black and white leather boxer shoes and thick white cotton socks. Noticing this gave Tina the feeling that she was meeting someone fresh from the doo-wop era.

The girl looked around the room and turned her rounded oval face towards Tina. Her cutely rounded pug-nose caught Tina's attention for a second as the teen stood on her left heel with her right leg forward, crossed her arms, and addressed her.

“You’re Tina, right?” she punctuated this as she chewed her gum and made a small pop in the back of her mouth.

“Yes, I’m Tina, and you are?”

The young lady didn’t offer up her name, instead, she asked “Where’s Jett? Is he upstairs or something?”

“Um, yeah. But who are you?” asked a puzzled Tina.

“Oh, you’ll find out soon enough.” half-muttered the teen as she moved to go up the stairs.

“Stop! I don’t know who you think you are, but you can’t just burst into someone’s home!” protested Tina.

She started to consider stopping her with the chronograph but didn’t. She wasn’t seeing anything threatening about a young girl who looked as if she'd just walked off a Happy Days production set.

“Yeah, right,” said the young girl flatly, “sorry, but it’s business, see you later!”.

She stopped to visibly muster up her courage and moved up the stairs with a look of grim determination.

“Wait!” yelled Tina as she followed the young girl and hit an invisible barrier halfway up the stairs.

After bouncing off and nearly falling down the stairs, Tina probed the barrier with her hands. It was slightly giving but firm, warm to the touch, and extended across the entire stair that it was on up to the ceiling. Tina desperately pounded on it ineffectively before trying to see if she could get around it.

“Jett! Look out!” She yelled out to warn him.


Tina’s warning to Jett came too late as the young girl had already broken into his room, pulled off her shoes, and popped the snaps of her skirt which fell to the ground with no resistance.

“There you are!” said the girl as she gave Jett a big loving hug. “No time for talk, let’s do this!” she said as she pushed him onto his crib. She pulled down her thick cotton granny panties and tossed them aside.

“What? Who are-” asked Jett as she climbed on top of him forcefully and gave him a frenzied kiss. The metal braces in her mouth dug into his face and pinched his bottom lip drawing a tiny bead of blood.

She reached down grabbing the tabs of his diaper ripping them off with a loud destructive pop. Then she positioned herself on top to consummate the deal.

Jett didn’t like the feeling of being raped. His manhood refused to respond to her rough handling and just sat there limp.

She batted it around clumsily in an attempt to get it to stand up, but she wasn’t the most experienced person when it came to foreplay.

“Come on! Work, you little bastard! Get hard already!” she admonished the unhappy member while she slapped it in an attempt to get it to rise to the occasion.

After several frenzied attempts, she finally gave up and sat down grumpily next to Jett, “So you do have peripheral neuropathy, don't you? That’s just great!” and started to cry.

The cloudburst of emotions that the girl was experiencing caused the barrier to fall on the stairs allowing Tina to get past.

She ran to Jett's crib and came upon the scene of Jett lying down with a half-naked girl sitting next to him in tears on the bed. The loose thick cotton socks she wore gave a somewhat comical but melancholy appearance to the scene.

“Jett! What’s going on here?” demanded Tina upon seeing what to her, looked to be the aftermath of a very bad sex scene.

“I don’t know, she just burst in here and tried to, you know…” he said with an embarrassed look on his face.

“You didn’t do it with her, right? I don’t think she’s of legal age, just so you know.”

“Point taken, but when she tried to get me excited, her inexperience with, well, you know…”

The girl broke out in a spate of fresh tears, “It’s over! My life is over!” was all she managed to sob out.

Jett swung around on the bed and hugged her. She calmed down a little, sniffling as she did. “Shh, it's okay! What are you doing here, miss, um, what’s your name anyway?”

“Emilia,” said the girl “Emilia Watson”.

“Oh,” replied Jett as his mouth matched the word in astonishment.


Emilia got up and retrieved her cotton granny panties, pulling the baggy lingerie up, she walked over and grabbed her skirt, straightened her blouse, and adjusted the skirt hem to fit her waist.

She checked its fit by putting her hand between it and her midriff with a small amount of concern. She seemed visibly relieved at what she found, and went to get her boxer shoes.

“It’s been nice to know you, Jett. Thank you for being there yesterday, it turned my life around!” she said as she put the already tied shoes on her socked feet with little resistance.

“Wait! What happened after I left you at your house?” asked Jett.

“It’s not important. It won’t matter in a few hours anyway. Goodbye!” she said sadly with her voice cracking. Storm clouds of sadness quickly gathered on her face as she turned to leave.

Tina grabbed her hand gently but firmly. “Just hold on a moment, okay? You need to tell us what happened to you. You owe us that much at least!”

Emilia didn’t resist as Tina guided her plodding form over to Jett’s crib.

“Cover yourself!” she admonished him. He got up and pulled out a fresh diaper from his stack.

Emilia, looking downcast related her tale as a few tears fell down her face.

After she’d gone to bed the previous night, she had a dream where she found herself on top of a mountain.

In the dream, she felt as if she were being judged for everything that she’d done in her life.

A loud booming voice asked her a question afterward, “If given the chance of a new life again, what would you do differently?”

Emilia promised that she wouldn’t be such a busybody. She would stop every once in a while and find pleasure instead of denying it to herself, she wanted to make a difference and she wanted to do it with her newly learned empathy and understanding.

“Hmm,” said the booming voice, “What about sex? Would you have copious amounts of sex?” it asked in a tone that had a slightly humorous vibe.

“Are you serious?” Emilia asked, “Is this a dream or a joke?”

“Emilia Walker!” intoned the voice imposingly, “While I might have asked the question lightly, it was very important! Now would you have sex or not?”

“If that’s what you wish me to do, then yes!” confirmed Emilia.

“Good. I command you to have sex at least once by the end of this very day! If you disobey me, then prepare to suffer for it!”

After her dream ended she awoke refreshed. She felt better than she ever had in years. To her shock, she discovered that she had gone from her sixties to her early twenties overnight!

At first, she was elated. She’d take this new opportunity and do good for her community!

Then she remembered her promise of sex, but she didn't want to have sex! Emila was an old maid who never had sex in her life. Who was she going to find to have sex with? She put it aside until later.

Being a packrat, she dressed herself up with some of the old clothes that she kept in her attic. The style was mid-sixties but with the way people dressed nowadays, it didn’t matter.

She powdered her face and went off to a local bar to talk about sex and maybe find someone to have it with.

She wasn’t much of a drinker and lightly sipped her cocktails at the local bar.

The patrons there treated her well enough, but none of them had come in at that early hour to have sex, they’d come in for the booze.

She left and went to the mall.

At the mall, she looked at the young men on their lunch breaks and pondered whether she could approach one of them for a little “afternoon delight”?

She tried to feebly approach one of them and the guy thought she was joking.

She gave up and went home.

Several hours had passed from the early hour that she’d gotten up and the afternoon hour it was now.

As she arrived home, she found that the clothes that were tailored for her back in the day were now loosely hanging off her frame as a young girl of 16 presented herself to Emilia when she stepped up to the mirror.

She couldn’t have sex, now that she was jail bait!

Maybe if she went to the high school? No, no! She just didn’t want to do it, she didn’t want sex!

After a few hours of hopeless moping, she decided to visit Jett. She felt that he, out of everybody else, might have an answer.

Going back into her attic, she pulled out her teen clothes from the fifties, they were a little tight, but she noticed that she was progressively getting younger at a faster pace.

She left her house for Jett’s and somehow could feel herself getting younger with each passing step. As she hurried her pace In panic, she decided to have sex first and ask questions later.

“And there you have it, it’s been nice knowing you! Thank you for being here for me,” said Emilia as she hopped off the bed to leave.

As she landed on the floor her skirt slipped off her hips, slid down her legs, and fell on top of her shoes. She gasped and held her hands to her 10-year-old face, “Oh, no! It’s getting faster!”

“Hang in there, Emilia! Tina? What do you make of this?” asked Jett.

“Way ahead of you, Jett. I’m trying to see what’s going on with her timeline,” Tina concentrated for a moment, “Okay, this is going to take a while, there’s a whole bunch of false trails set up that prevent me from finding the right one.

She’s had her timeline hacked!” exclaimed Tina.

Emilia felt uncomfortable with the wireframe training bra digging into her ribs. She took off her sweater and shirt and pulled it off. The granny panties were just touching her waist as they ballooned out and sagged over her 7-year-old frame.

She didn’t know what the two grownups were talking about, but it seemed important. “Hurry!” she urged.

Tina chased a chronicle down a large highway. She called them chronicles because they were events in a person’s past. Some chronicles lead to a treasure trove of information, others didn't. This one lead her to a side trail marked with the equivalent of “No Trespassing” on it. She didn’t have a lot of time to spare so she took it.

“Um, Tina? Love to hear if you’re making progress, love. No pressure!” Jett said with a tone of concern to his voice.

Emilia was lying down on the carpet and playing with her feet. They tasted different from her hands, she noted. At 18 months, babies like tasting everything with their tongues.

The chronicle lead to an abandoned shaft. Tina breezed by the opening and felt a small tingle. There wasn't any time to see what had caused it as she felt she was getting nearer to her goal!

Emilia lay on her back. It was hard to lift her head, but she tried anyway. She felt at peace with the world and started to doze off.

There! At the end of the tunnel, a small metal switch, totally out of place on a rock wall, labeled “forward” on the top and “backward” on the bottom presented itself to Tina. She threw it and felt a strong shock wash over her body. She’d find out what caused it later.

Emilia grew! She made it to age three and stopped. She got up and grabbed her granny panties for modesty “You did it! Thank you!”


Tina came out of her concentration. “Piece of cake! There were a lot of red herrings, but I figured it out in the end!”

“Thank goodness for that,” congratulated Jett, “but if I didn’t know any better, I think there might have been a few traps laid out.”

“What makes you say that?” asked Tina as she moved to get up from the floor and tripped over her oversize pants, “Well, phooey! I’m going back in, I’ll be right back.”

Emilia came over to Jett. She held her too-big panties to her sides and wore a cute little toddler grin. Jett couldn’t help but pick her up and hug her. “You’re looking well, Emilia!”

“Yep, when do you think I’ll get back to my real age?” she asked.

“Well, now. That depends on you, doesn’t it?", he gave her a little tickle on her bulging belly, "We’ll discuss it when Tina gets done with her meditation,” said Jett.

Tina came back from her trance. She was her real age again and had to put her pants back on.


The next day, three teenagers left the Freelancer household. Jett Freelancer held Tina’s hand while she hung lovingly off his arm. On his other side strode Emilia Freelancer, Jett’s younger sister, age 13, she would be attending the middle school next to the high school from now on.

Dressed in jeans and a fancy t-shirt with designer sneakers and her cloth training bra feeling just right, she felt like she’d fit right in with the middle school crowd.

“You’re sure that it’s not a problem to take me in?” She asked for the umpteenth time, “I mean, I almost raped you!”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m certain I’d have done the same,” lied Jett smoothly, “we can afford it and I want to keep that power of yours nearby where it can help us.”

“Yeah, I’d love to know where it came from, but it’s not important right now,” she said as she projected an invisible mini-barrier in front of her and caught a few leaves. “I wish I could do the cooler stuff that Tina does though!”

“I suspect that what you’re given is what we’ll need. No sense in you getting something you can’t use,” said Jett thoughtfully.

“There’s my school, see you later big brother!” said a happy Emilia as she skipped off and then ran to the school entrance.

“Why did you insist on her attending middle school, instead of high school anyway?” asked Tina as they resumed their stroll.

“At high school age, she’d likely compete with you for my affections. At middle school age, she won't,” answered Jett, "at least not for romantics ones, anyway."

“But what about a few years from now when she’s older?”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”


Back in the Amazon, Rodney reclined in his well-padded wicker chair. He sipped his drink while his baby penis emptied itself into his thick cloth diaper. “Ah, this is heaven!” he decried.

A servant entered, excused himself, and put a fresh diaper on a nearby table. “My chief!” he said respectfully as he bowed out and left.

Rodney’s iPhone rang and he picked it up. “Hello, boss! Yes, the traps taught her caution, she only tripped two. If she’d tripped two more, she’d have to figure out how to grow up all over again. What? Well okay, I’ll get right on it!”

He put down the phone, grew his penis out, and put on his traveling robes. His rolling suitcase appeared and he and it disappeared via teleportation.

“Dear sweet Betty, I hope you’re ready for your test, I’m not going to make it an easy one!” he thought




End Chapter 8

The adventures of Jett Freelancer

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 23, 2021


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