The adventures of Jett Freelancer

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Chapter 3
Malice at the mall of doom

Chapter Description: Will our adventurers survive the junk food of death?

Saturday found Jett and Tina at the mall. They were enjoying each other’s company over a small feast of junk food consisting of greasy burgers and fries washed down with artificially flavored milkshakes.

This was a teenager’s idea of “good eating”!

Jett looked over to Tina and slipped his hand under the table to caress her diaper under her baggy jeans. “Oh, Jett, don’t do that!” exclaimed Tina, “Until later…” she purred in his ear.

While the two were alone at the table, they were drawing quite a few offhand glances as their class and friends were also at the mall casually observing them. A running bet was being made by a few faculty members from the Pretzel Stand on whether the two would break into heavy petting. It was all in good fun, of course.

“Does it feel like we’re being observed fish in a fishbowl?” asked Tina with a small scowl of concern on her face. She was enjoying her time with Jett but felt vulnerable at the whole of creation watching them fawn over each other.

“Well, what can you do?” Jett didn’t feel as she did, he felt so happy in her presence that if she’d told him to dance naked on the table, he’d have done it. Teen love is strange that way.

Finally, Tina couldn’t stand it anymore. She started tapping out a sequence on her chronograph with some finesse and a few stabs here and there. She was getting the hang of the device through lots of practice.

The entire mall came to a standstill. A bird that had gotten in floated above Jett’s head perfectly still. The crowd of people stood still with various expressions on their frozen immobile faces. A little boy had his finger stuck up his nose and would be stuck mining for “gold” until she decided to restart time.

“Um, is that very wise? How far does the stasis field extend to, exactly?” asked a concerned Jett.

“I just froze the local galaxy for a little while, it won’t hurt it while we do a bit of heavy petting,” remarked Tina nonchalantly.

“Well, I think instead of petting, we should do a little mischief instead. What do ya think? Interested in a little mayhem, milady?

“Like what, for instance?”

“Well, I saw Mark a little earlier. He’s been getting on my nerves lately by trying to impress his gang of dumb asses and using me as a target of sorts. A little payback might do him a world of good!” said Jett with a mischievous grin.

“Lead on, good sir! I shall watch events unfold as you wish them to! Also, make it fast, we only have like 1 hour tops before this wave function collapses.” Said Tina half-jokingly.

“Okay then!”

They found Mark in the act of tripping the younger kids as they walked by. His group was ignoring him as he tried to get their attention. Jett plucked a hapless middle school kid out of the air where he was in the process of doing a serious face-plant after being tripped by Mark.

“Geez, Mark, you are so lucky your parents won’t have to foot that hospital bill!” an angry Jett muttered under his breath. He laid the middle school student gently on the ground and pulled out one of his spare diapers from his diaper bag…

When Tina turned off the stasis, Mark was surrounded by his gang and wearing only a teen-sized baby bonnet and the diaper that Jett had put on him. As the group came to awareness, their brains caught up with their eyes and they gasped and then laughed while pointing their fingers at Mark. They thought it to be so hilarious they were almost peeing themselves with laughter.

Other passers-by made note of the “teen baby” at the mall and many took photos with their cell phones, Mark was an instant hit as one of the photos showed him with an angry red face was captioned “Time for Baby’s Nap!” and got several million likes and reshares that day.

Mark was so embarrassed, so furious and so utterly defeated that he came close to ending his life that day. He ran home still dressed as a baby holing himself up in his room. After a few hours of sobbing at his humiliation, the warmth of the diaper and its soft caress reminded him of when he was six and still wore them.

He comforted himself by sucking on his thumb and making goo-goo sounds before taking a healthy pee and reveling in its warm squishiness.

He would later begin to sneak diapers up to his room by ordering them online and hiding them in his closet.

Meanwhile, back at the mall, Tina thought about the mental carnage that a little thing like putting a diaper on an unruly teenager could do and made a mental note of it for further study. “I think you might have broken him,” she remarked.

“He had it coming. If he doesn’t learn his lesson from this, there’s always a second time.” said an angry, angst-ridden Jett. Tina gave him a hug for comfort. The normally bright and chipper young man that she was in love with was out of sorts today and dealing with his demons. While she couldn’t verbalize it, she did feel it.

Fortunately for Jett, he realized that she was there for him and returned the embrace warmly before walking off gently holding her hand on his way to his house.


Sunday arrived and Lisa visited Jett’s crib for the first time. She missed her friend Tina and wanted to check up on her and hopefully not disturb their teen romance. She didn't need to worry, however, as the pair together gave her a warm feeling of acceptance while going about their baby routine. She even joined in as a babysitter for a little while.

The afternoon rolled around and Lisa felt a bit like a third wheel. “Guys, it’s been fun, but I think I should leave you two for now. I don’t want to be in the way, after all.”

“Oh, no, Lisa! I have an idea that you might like to carry out as our babysitter, are you interested?” asked Tina.

“Well-l-l, since I’m not doing anything special, I’ll listen to what you have to offer,” said Lisa half wanting to leave and half wanting to stay with her friends.

“You could take us to the park and we could play in the sandbox for a few hours. Wanna try it?” asked Tina

“What, you two as teen babies playing in the sandbox? That’s a little out there, isn’t it?”

“No. We wouldn’t be teens, we’d be like maybe 3 or 4-year-olds?” asked Tina. Jett finally caught on and reviewed the manual in his head for the chronograph on setting the owner’s age with it. It was advanced-level manipulation, it could be done, but it had to be done very carefully.

“I like the idea!” he said encouragingly with a small amount of trepidation, Tina needed to master it, and he needed to be confident that she could do it.

“Okay then! Let’s do it!” said an enthused Tina. She began to hit a series of beeps and boops on her chronograph.

“What? Do what, now?” asked a confused Lisa.

“Just watch, it’s easier to see than to explain,” advised Jett.

A wooden chair morphed into a two-seater baby stroller as Tina worked her timepiece. Her movements were still a bit clumsy and she had to stop and recall the instructions, but she was well on her way to mastery of the device.

“How’d she do that?” asked Lisa.

“Think of it as matter manipulation, Lisa. Wait’ll you see what happens next. It should take her about fifteen minutes to program and the timer should start shortly afterward. How long do you want to be in the park, Tina?”

“About 2 hours,” muttered Tina as she put the final code into her device.

“Okay, the timer should start in five minutes, here’s all the baby stuff and toys you’ll need for your outing with two lovable kids in their zany 3’s!” said Tina as she presented them to Lisa.

“Wait! Wait! What’s going on here?” asked a very confused Lisa.

“Better to just watch and we’ll fill you in later, okay?” said Tina as she began to shrink into her clothing, “I jus’ hop you c’n handle us, babies, kay?” she finished as she became all of three years old.

Jett came over and said “Play! Play! Samdbox! Samdbox! Wets go!” he was just adorable as a toddler! Lisa could feel the charm rolling off him in a natural wave.

“Oh, what the hell!” she exclaimed, “Come on babies, we’re gonna get dressed up for the sandbox!”

“Yay!” the two yelled and clapped their hands enthusiastically.

For a pair of toddlers, the slow movement of the stroller towards the park was taking too long. “Pway! Pway!” yelled little Tina, “Yeah, Pway!” echoed Jett.

“Hang on, we’re almost there!” said Lisa, a little bit confused, but enjoying being able to babysit her best friend as a toddler instead of a pretend toddler for a change.

After they arrived at the park, Lisa undid their buckles on the stroller and the two grabbed their pails and shovels before making a beeline towards the sandbox. “PWAY! YAY! PWAY!” screamed the two as they toddled as fast as they could to it.

“Such happy little ones!” remarked a mother on the park bench, “My little one is over there playing with her sister on the playhouse.”

Lisa changed some internal mental gears and found it easy to be able to talk about nothing in particular with the mothers on the benches. Their conversation was light, as every few minutes, one would have to scream out to her charge, “You leave that dog alone, Billy!” or “Put down the stick, Sally!” With so many distractions, it was hard to keep track of what they were talking about.

“So, what are the little one's names?” asked the first mother.

“Oh, that’s, um, Jeff and, er, Tanya,” replied Lisa. She hoped that the toddlers would respond to their new names if she had to call to them. They were happily playing together for the moment, but you never know…

“Are they brother and sister? They don’t look like it.”

“No, I’m just a babysitter for them and I’m getting paid twice for one job. Neat, eh?” Lisa amazed herself with how slickly that lie rolled off her tongue.

“It’s nice to work if you can get it. Haha!” said the mother with a bit of humor to her voice, “I used to have to babysit 4 kids by myself for no pay. They were my siblings and my mother was a cheapskate.”

Jett stopped playing with his bucket and stood up for a moment before bending down on his knees and making a grunting sound. His diaper filled quickly.

“Whoops! Looks like you’re about to earn your pay.” laughed the mother, “I’d probably do the girl as well, she must be soaked by now!”

Lisa thanked the mother and walked over to the sandbox. After retrieving the two, she quickly changed out Tina as she was only wet. Jett stood by patiently, he didn’t mind pee, but caca was the worst!

Lisa let Tina go back to the sandbox on her own and tended to Jett. “Pheww! That’s quite the present, Jeff!” Jett just hid his eyes with his hands and made giggles while she cleaned him up.

“He’s quite patient about his diaper change, It’s all I can do to hold mine down and stop her from getting up again to go and play,” remarked the mother, “You’re a good boy, ain'tcha, little fella?”

Jett just nodded his smiling face to her. “Oh and a charmer as well! Look out future women there’s a little charmer over here!” the mother laughed out. "Simple pleasures for honest folks." thought Lisa

“There we go, you're all cleaned up! You can go back to the sandbox now,” said a relieved Lisa as she rolled up the messy diaper and put it in a plastic bag for transport home. Jett stood up, came over to her, and gave her a little kiss on her cheek before scampering back to the sandbox leaving a trail of giggles behind him.

“He’s a charmer, that one!” remarked the mother to no one in particular.


The trio made it back to the house well before the allotted time. Lisa scooted them upstairs and lay them down on the floor for a nap. The little tykes had worn themselves out in the park! They played hard and now they were sleeping well. She looked at her watch and waited for the timer to finish running down and return the two to their teenage selves.

Nothing happened. 5 minutes later, still the same. Lisa began to feel a small amount of panic manifest itself in her soul. 10, 20, 30 minutes passed and Lisa was beside herself. What could have gone wrong? She didn’t know!

Then at exactly 31 minutes, a little beep echoed from Tina’s wrist. The chronograph reappeared and the pair grew up and out of their toddler outfits. Yawning and stretching, Tina got up and pulled the tattered remnants of her toddler shirt off. “Well, that was fun! Are you ready for the grand finale, Lisa?”

“There’s more? I was hoping for a few answers to my questions, first.”

“Oh, they’ll be here when you get back,” said a teasing Tina, “Bon Voyage!” she said as Lisa felt an electric tingle and watched the floor slowly come up to greet her before she stopped it with her pudgy baby hands.

She looked around at the room and was amazed at how enormous it was! A giantess with Tina’s smiling face bent down and picked her up, put her on the changing table, diapered her up, and put a yellow sundress on her. She then moved her to a cushion in the middle of the floor where she took many pictures of her friend with her cellphone.

“How’s it going in there?” asked Tina with a little mischief tinting her grin, “I thought you might enjoy it if I pampered you for a change, do you like it?”

Lisa crossed her arms and shook her head no. She wanted to be the mommy, not the baby!




End Chapter 3

The adventures of Jett Freelancer

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 23, 2021


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