The adventures of Jett Freelancer

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Chapter 4
Jett Freelancer and the day of normalcy

Chapter Description: Tina's gift just keeps on giving.

Tina was watching the news and having a giggle at it. There was live coverage of a senatorial debate going on and with the news cycle being slow, full coverage was being granted.

“My opponent is just a big old doo doo head! They want to take our toys and shorten our playtime! Don’t vote for them!” opined an enthusiastic candidate. The audience seemed to enjoy the fresh angle brought to the table by making little ooh and aah sounds as the candidate waved their arms around awkwardly to emphasize their talking points.

“What are you watching, hon?” asked Jett as he came upon the scene of his lover chortling over what would normally be a dry subject.

“Oh, hi babe! I’m just working on a bit of side hacking with my chronograph,” answered tittering Tina, “I found a way to follow a signal back to its source and made a few interesting modifications to the debate to make it more interesting.”

The speaker for the debate picked up a sippy cup with pictures of a ducky on it, sipped it, and then made a strange face for a few seconds. “There will be a short recess for a potty break. I gotta go!” he said as he toddled off the stage, holding the bottom of his tuxedo imprinted onesie with one hand. He stopped halfway after failing to hold it in. Wiping a little tear away from his eye, he bravely finished toddling off the stage like the big boy that he knew himself to be.

“Hmm, yeah, they do look a bit more mature than normal,” quipped Jett, “is it safe to let the effects go on this long? They could end the debate abruptly leaving the candidates still regressed.”

“Oops! Didn’t think of that, thanks love!” Tina made a few deft adjustments to her device and the debate resumed normally with adult candidates except for the opposition, they still wore a pastel play shirt over a thick diaper. A large baby bottle sat in the spot where a pitcher of water and glasses would normally be next to them.

“Umm, what about that candidate?” Jett pointed at the odd duck on the screen.

“Oh, I can’t stand that man. He never says anything that can be interpreted as other than blatant falsehood!” said Tina as her excuse.

“Well, he is entitled to his opinion, no matter how wrong we might think of it,” suggested Jett.

As he said it, the candidate’s clothing morphed into a proper business suit, and his baby bottle returned to its pitcher and glasses motif. All looked normal on the debate stage once again.

Tina chuckled at the candidate, causing Jett to scrutinize him more carefully. The candidate wasn’t standing straight and had his legs slightly splayed out. If he noticed it, it didn’t show past the wistful smile he sported.

“You left him in diapers, that’s very mature!” clucked Jett sarcastically.

“He seems to like it and I’m satisfied with the results,” replied Tina impishly, “I also managed to manipulate the audience to think that what happened was normal. That took some thinking, let me tell you!”

Jett scanned the manual memorized in his head for the chronograph, he couldn’t find anything remotely mentioning what Tina was doing with the hardware. She was getting quite good with her gift from Rodney and he wondered if she might develop a complex from having such raw power at her disposal.


At school, a greatly muted and humble Mark greeted Jett respectfully. Taken slightly aback by this abrupt turn in Mark’s behavior, Jett asked why he had a change of heart.

“Oh, I’m out of the gang. It doesn’t matter what’s cool anymore and they’re just a bunch of jackasses anyway!” replied Mark quickly and turned around quickly to face forward ending the conversation. Jett heard a plasticky crinkle come from him and noticed the tell-tale band of a diaper peeking up from the back of his jeans. Jett smiled at that and let it go, there was no sense in poking the bear at this stage.


At lunch, Lisa was chatting with Tina about the latest gossip while Jett listened to the two chatter. It felt comforting to him to be in a relaxed group that wasn’t hung up with fads and trends.

Tina began playing with her watch. She wasn’t aware that she was doing it, but the result was Lisa shrinking down into her chair. Lisa’s cute little babyish chin barely came up to the edge of the table. Her page boy haircut, kindergarten dress with white tights, and black Mary Jane shoes gave her a heartwarming adorable moppet-like look. Lisa just carried on speaking and didn’t notice as she grew back up to her normal teen self a few seconds later.

As the two continued their tête-à-tête, various students either changed in age or had their clothing modified to everything from nursery bibs to hospital gowns. Nobody seemed to notice except Jett, he wondered what Tina was up to.

An elderly gentleman approached their table. Jett took a while to recognize him as one of the gang members that Mark used to hang out with. He gave off an odd vibe by acting as a teen punk and being an octogenarian.

“Hey, Jettsy! Did you make poo poo in your diapee yet?” He asked with aged hoarse vocal cords.

“Very funny, Damien. Does your mother know of your smoking habit? You reek of cigarettes.”

“She don’t care! You just leave her out of this, she’s got nothing to do with it.”

Tina glanced over and caused Damian to morph into an 8-year-old sporting a leather motorcycle jacket, black leather baby boots, and a thick pure white diaper. The contrast between a black jacket and a white diaper was hard to miss.

Damian just cocked back his 50’s biker’s hat on his dark blond curly head and toddled off with a childish sneer.

“Thanks, babe, but I think I can handle someone as insignificant as Damian,” remarked Jett.

Tina looked at him with a confused look on her face. “Do what, babe? I didn’t do anything. Did something happen?”

Jett pointed out to the other occupants of the lunchroom. Tina let out a small gasp and reverted it to a normal lunchroom scene.

(Except for Damian, of course, he was just too cute as a “wild biker child” to revert so soon.)

“It looks like you’re able to command the chronograph without using your hand, now. I wonder if Rodney… No, never mind, I’m certain he knew you’d get this far.”

“Wow, this is just so cool!” said an excited 10-year-old Tina, “Those dumb old boys with their icky old cooties will have something to worry about now!”

“Tina, act your age.” admonished Jett. She stuck out a bratty tongue in his direction.


Tina was dressed in a pull-up, a detachable red cape, a pink t-shirt, and sported a thick pair of baggy cotton socks on her feet.

“Whee!” she shouted as she dashed to and fro across her mother’s living room. “I’m Super-Duper Girl!” she thundered and ran up the stairs leading to her bedroom.

“Oh, I remember this stage of her development so fondly!” exclaimed her mother, “She had a strong sense of justice and was…”

A crash interrupted her mother as Tina slid down the banister and flung herself off before she could hit the newel cap at its end. She hit the smooth ceramic floor with both feet and slid to a stop with her hands triumphantly arched in the air.

After striking a muscular pose that looked comical on her skinny frame, she dashed off. “Evildoer, beware!” she yelled.

“... so strong at that age,” finished her mother, “So, Jett, how are you finding married life?” she asked as she nudged him in the ribs.

“Oh, the wife is fine, but the kids…” Jett made a pained motion and smiled. Tina’s mother smiled back warmly. She liked this boy, he gave off a sense of manliness, intelligence, and a certain softness that reminded her of a happy smiling child.


“So, anyway, Ms. Smith I hope that catches you up on what’s happened and ask your patience until we can resolve the issue,” said Jett after a lengthy explanation of the current circumstances. Tina had given up the cape, slipped out of the socks and shirt, and was now sitting in Jett’s lap clad only in a diaper. She snuggled into him happily while sucking on her thumb. Being three had its perks after all.

“Will she continue to regress, I wonder?” asked Eliza, Tina’s mother, “I hope it doesn’t go any further!”

“She made a big breakthrough today by being able to control her chronograph without hand manipulation. I’d say it’s only a matter of time before she gets control of her subconscious thoughts and can control it well.” surmised Jett. He wasn’t too confident about it, but he wanted to trust her.

Tina stirred in Jett’s lap uncomfortably, she looked up at him and said “wet”. Jett pulled out a diaper bag and took care of her needs. Comfy and dry with a fresh diaper, she cuddled back into his lap and fell asleep.

“She certainly loves, you. I don’t know of any other little girl that chooses a man over her mother for a diaper change,” Eliza commented.

“Well, if you don’t mind, I’d like to stay over and look after her. I’m worried that she’s not adjusting well to the chronograph.”

“Not a problem, you two can sleep in the guest bedroom,” reassured Eliza as the clock struck 7, “Oh, looks like it’s time for a certain sleepyhead to get to bed!”

Tina woke up and aged to 5, “I’m not sleepy, I wanna take a bath with Jett!” she objected.

“Tina, I’m too old…” said Jett as he shrank down to age 5, “never mind!”

Eliza smiled at the pair and got up to draw a bath.

"Theirs is not a life destined for mundanity." she thought to herself.




End Chapter 4

The adventures of Jett Freelancer

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 23, 2021


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