The adventures of Jett Freelancer

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Chapter 5
Jett Freelancer goes to a memorable costumed ball

Chapter Description: It's time for a fancy dress party!

Jett and Tina dressed up for the local high school costume ball. Cosplay was permitted this year on a trial basis, costumes weren’t to be too revealing, everything else was okay.

Tina was dressed in a shape-hugging, chromed swimsuit affair with epaulets, long thigh-high white boots, and long white gloves that covered her elbows to her fingers. To complete the ensemble, she wore a long white wig that trailed down to her delightful behind.

Jett was dressed as a Trojan Warrior complete with a hardened leather breastplate and a small faux dagger made from cardboard and duct tape. “What are you supposed to be?” he asked Tina.

“I’m Glorith of Baldur!” said Tina as she attached herself to Jett’s arm, “I have the power to change a person’s age and devolve them into protoplasm. My character is from DC Comics, I loved reading them at my cousin’s place when my family went to visit and couldn’t get enough of them!”

“Okay.” said a puzzled Jett. He knew of comics but preferred a good treatise on science or philosophy. He didn't read comic books because he thought them to be too simple.

“If you didn’t read comic books as a child, you don’t know what you’re missing,” she said with a smile as they went off to the ball.


As they arrived, they found what looked like a werewolf or two. It turned out that there were also “therewolves” and “whywolves” as well.

Lisa greeted them wearing a checked pattern shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The top buttons were unfastened and the bottom of the shirt was tied into a bow at the front. She wore cowboy boots and Daisy Duke jean shorts to complete her outfit.

“Howdy, y’all! I’m trailer-trash Barbie, nice ta meetcha!” she said with a laugh.

“You wear it well,” complimented Jett, “almost too well…”

“I like it! Are you going to stay in character all night?” asked Tina.

“Well, shucks, I rekon so. Not that mah southern accent’s all thet great!” Lisa said, “It’s plumb hard for the author to come up with what a person’s accent sounds like, so ah’ll probably not have too many of them there lines in this here chapter.”

Jett and Tina took a moment to digest what she’d just said. “Okay, then, to the ball!” said Jett brightly after a small pause. They walked past the school’s entrance and went down a long hall to the ballroom.

There were vampires and witches, cowboys and biker gangs, Damian was still in character as a curly-haired 8-year-old wearing his now trademark fifties-style leather jacket, leather baby boots, and bright white diaper. A pacifier on a necklace was added and hung around his neck. He walked up, pulled his biker hat back slightly to add to its rakish tilt, and smiled at Tina.

“What the fuck are you supposed to be? A galactic swimsuit contestant? Lame!” Damian spat out and punctuated his statement with his cute little tongue sticking out.

Tina got into her evil role, “I am Glorith! Devolver of men, beware of me, young child! Hahahaha!”

“Oh, I am so-o-o scared!” Damian replied with his bratty attitude, “whatcha gonna do, tickle me?”

“Nah, I think I’ll let you off the hook tonight Damian, you’ve been through enough,” replied Tina. His bratty wild child biker bit was so cute, she couldn’t get angry with him. She did knock a year off his age just for fun. The result was that his diaper sagged off-kilter on his hips and threatened to fall off.

“Whoops! You might want to have your underwear looked into, Damian. We wouldn’t want any wardrobe malfunctions,” quipped Jett.

“Oh, shut up!” said Damian as he stormed off. He had to grab the side of his diaper to prevent it from falling as he did so.

A fellow teen named Betty came over. She was dressed as a fairy with gossamer wings and had a headband with two glowing star-shaped antennae that bobbled as she moved. “Hey, guys, looking good! I like the Trojan look, Jett. You wanna dance a little later?”

“I’ll need to check with the wife first,” said Jett with good humor, “I’m certain she won’t mind, but you never know.”

Tina took his humor as a compliment, “I, the great Glorith shall allow you but one dance with my lover. See to it that you enjoy it well!” She also knew that as he’d be coming home with her tonight, she could be generous.

“Wait? Glorith of Baldur? From the Legion of Super-Heroes? That’s one of my favorites!”

“The fairy is well-versed in history and lore! We are most pleased to grant her the favor of my consort!” replied Tina, “Besides, any fan of comics is a friend of mine!” she ended out of character.

“Hey, hey! Do you remember when she regressed Kent Shakespeare and he was all like ‘I’m little!’ and ‘somebody help me!’?” asked Betty with total nerd enthusiasm.

“Yeah! That was the issue where she just touched Ayla Ranzz and she ended up slowly aging in reverse! I loved that one!”

“Oh, does that ever bring back the memories!” said an exuberant Betty, “I was maybe 8 or 9…”

As she talked and remembered the excitement of discovering that she was a little “different” from the other kids her age, Betty slowly shrank into her outfit. The stretch of her tight green bodysuit became lax and began to wrinkle.

“I read and reread every comic I could find with age regression in it! It was so exciting, reading about people that went from grown-ups to babies…”

While the gossamer sleeves of her outfit bunched up over the ends of her hands and the tips of her costume’s wings began to scrape the ground, she swayed with happy excitement as waves of nervous energy lapped over her entire body.

“I masturbated furiously to the pictures in my head of them getting younger…”

Betty was now all of 7 years of age as the process stopped. A little girl with milk teeth and a gap where one of her adult ones was growing in smiled a cheesy grin.

“Oh, what I wouldn’t do to go through that again! I...” she looked up to Tina to continue and then realized that she had to look up to Tina to talk to her!

“Um, Tina? How’d you get so big all of a sudden?”


Jett and Lisa, who had previously left the pair alone to talk about their interests rapidly came back from the punch bowl still holding their drinks. “Tina! What happened?”

“I don’t know, Jett. Betty was talking about her love for old comic books and then she regressed into a child! It wasn’t me, I swear!”

Betty was a veteran of age regression fiction. She immediately figured out what had happened and embraced it with childish enthusiasm. “Oh, this is so cool, I’m a kid again!” she waved her oversize sleeves around and watched the ends whip around.

“Betty, be careful that you don’t slip and fall!” cautioned Tina, “Jett, is there anything in the manual about this?”

“Hang on, I’m scanning it as fast as my brain cells will let me. What were you two talking about, anyway?”

“Hmm, well we were talking about the Legion of Superheroes and comics, and she…”

Betty suddenly got bored. She showed remarkable restraint for a bouncy hyperactive child who had just been thrilled beyond thrilled. “I wanna dance, Jett! Take me dancing!”

Lisa stepped in to give Jett and Tina some time to figure out what was going on. Her role in helping to solve the problem would be better served as a babysitter.

“Tell ya what, darlin’, how’s about we get that costume of yours to fit a little better?” she took Betty’s hand and guided her towards the bathroom area outside the ballroom.

“Well, okay. But I get to dance with Jett when we get back!” demanded Betty as she allowed herself to be herded away.

“Now, where were we?", asked Jett, "Oh! There’s a part where a person who synchronizes with you can draw a small amount of power. Maybe that’s it?”

“Well, we were very much in sync about our tastes, but isn’t that synchronization thing dangerous? I was unaware that she was doing that! I only noticed after she finished regressing.”

“Well, now you do know. Maybe you’ll develop a sense for it and be able to stop it if it happens again?” suggested Jett, “Your mastery of the device still has some ‘growing pains' in it.” He smiled at his little pun while she let out a little grimace.

After a little while, Lisa brought Betty back. She had taped the longer parts of her bodysuit together. It was still baggy, but it prevented Betty from tripping over it.

“I wanna dance!” said an impatient Betty, “You promised me a dance, Jett!”

Tina interrupted, “Just a second, Betty…”, she stared at Betty for a few moments. “Nothing’s happening, I can’t grow her up!”

Betty was ready to burst, she had reached the limits of her patience and wanted nothing more than to dance with Jett. Jett picked her up and took one of her hands to lead while supporting her butt with a forearm and holding her against his leather armor. He danced her around the room to a slow number that was playing “for the lovers out there.”

Betty soon grew bored with being carried like a baby and wanted to dance for real. The next number was a bit faster and allowed Jett to hold her hands while she twirled around in front of him. After a few more numbers, she was worn out. Jett picked her up in his arms to carry her off the dance floor.

Betty was on cloud nine. She was so happy she planted little kisses on Jett while the trio found a table. She immediately wanted to sit in his lap.

“You’re a bit too old for that, sorry!” admonished Jett as he placed her next to her chair.

Crossing her arms and pouting a little bit she asked, “Well, how old should I be then?”, as a year fell off her frame, “What if were 4 or 5? Is that a good age to sit in your lap?”

“Whoa! Stop! That’s fine, get up here!” said Jett hastily. She stopped regressing at about 4 and a half, climbed up happily, and snuggled in.


“I don’t know what to tell you guys. I can’t age her up, the chronograph is working fine, but she won’t budge from her current age and it looks like she can still draw power from it,” said Tina remarking on Betty’s previous antics.

“Hmm, I’ve got an idea,” said Lisa dropping her false southern accent, (thank the stars!), “Betty, do you remember how you got little?”

“Well, yeah, I ‘member what fun it is to be a kid. There’s no ‘time of the month’ and I got lots of energy! I want some candy! Do you have any candy?”

“She’s getting worse, I need to do something.” thought Lisa, “Maybe later, Betty, we don’t have any candy right now. Do you remember reading comic books?”

“Oh, yeah, I loved the comic books!” said a slightly more mature Betty, “I loved reading about Superman and Lois Lane getting younger. I remember being disappointed that they didn’t do more diapering, but ‘The crybaby of Metropolis’ had me excited for weeks!”

A young girl of 8 or 9 sat in Jett’s lap and related her happy remembrances about discovering about age regression fiction. The tapes on her gossamer outfit began to stretch and snap as she grew up. She stopped at around 11 or 12.

Jett thought about pushing her off his lap but didn’t want to upset her. She might revert to a baby out of spite.

“As I got older and aunt Flo came to visit with me once a month, it became harder to get off on age regression.”

Tina looked over to Betty as she grew and shrank on the cusp of puberty. Her breasts would puff a bit and inflate and then deflate in a slow rhythm. She could sympathize with that, she’d had her fair share of things that she loved and fell out of love within her short 16 years on the planet as well.

“I became jaded to the routine and only new experiences of it would get me off, but they weren’t as exciting as that first time. They didn’t last as long. Nowadays, all I get is a quickie if anything.”

Betty grew up to her full 15 years. She got up off Jett’s lap, bent over, and gave him a loving kiss on the mouth. Tina wasn’t bothered by it as the girl had just gone through some very intensive involuntary therapy. She did feel a small tinge of jealousy, but it passed quickly.

“Thanks for being my temporary boyfriend, Jett. I think I need to go and think about things for a while. Tina, we have to talk some more! Lisa, you’re the best babysitter and therapist ever! Good night, everyone!” she walked off quickly. Both happy and sad at the same time, her eyes teared up as she left.

“Well, what do you think of that?” asked Jett after a few pregnant moments of silence.

“I think she’ll do okay.” said Lisa, “She admitted to herself that she had hidden something away and faced it head-on.”

“I’m ready to get back home and get out of this thing, it’s getting itchy in some spots.” Tina got up as if to emphasize that she was done here.

The three walked out of the high school, Lisa went her way and the pair went back to Jett’s house.


“I hope Betty’s doing okay,” said Jett, “Do you think she might still be able to draw power from the chronograph?”

“I hope not! We’d better get in touch with Rodney and see what he knows about what happened."

Across town, a 10-year-old girl laying down in bed read an ancient comic book with great excitement and thought to herself, “It’s just like the first time all over again!”




End Chapter 5

The adventures of Jett Freelancer

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 23, 2021


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