Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 18

FORTUNATELY, THIS SEEMED to be a joke of sisters picking on each other, because next Chloe pulled Kendra and Katie away from her breasts and looked down at them. “You two done?” I heard Chloe ask drawing attention back to her. “Did you leave anything for your sister?”

I watched as she put Kendra and Katie over her shoulder in turn to burp them before laying them down on the blanket Kacey lay on. Kacey hungrily tried to nurse from her right breast and only did so for about two minutes before fussing. “Oh, let’s try the other side,” Chloe said almost sadistically. I watched her nurse Kacey for another few minutes there… maybe a little longer before it was clear nothing remained there.

I could smell her dirty diaper from across the table, but I couldn’t help but stare at her trying to feed unsuccessfully. As I looked closer, I realized her ribs showed way more than the other two... It was clear it was a regular occurrence that she wasn’t fed well enough! Kendra and Katie weren’t exactly fattened cows either though. I felt a squeeze from Amanda as she apparently followed my gaze as well. She whispered in my ear, “I know…”

I felt guilty as I finished the last bite of the second half of the hotdog and wished I could help her.

Amanda confirmed that she felt the same way because she spoke up, “If Kacey’s still hungry I have plenty of milk she can have.”

Chloe looked at her and shrugged, “Whatever, it doesn’t hurt her to wait her turn, but if you want to waste your milk on her you can.” Amanda passed me over to Megan who pulled my plate with the remaining chips over to her and handed me a couple to eat. I watched as Amanda took Kacey from her and brought her back over to our side of the table. Amanda pulled her shirt and bra down and Kacey almost desperately put her mouth to her breast.

I wanted to pinch my nose in disgust at the smell from her rear end then… but didn’t. I didn’t want to make the embarrassment worse for the poor girl, even though she might have been past the point of thinking of it anymore.

I knew Amanda had to have been full to the brim by this point, but Kacey hungrily nursed both breasts empty in no time. ‘I doubt this is the first time Chloe has done this…’ I thought sadly to myself. ‘I remember Amanda mentioning she blamed her for their escape attempt.

On the other side of the table Klara and Kristina were fussily trying to leave the table to play while Neville was at Cassie’s side now being fed more jarred goop from hell. The side said something about pickled eggs and durian fruit. I suspected he must have been either just as malnourished, or just seriously screwed by hypnosis, because he hungrily ate every spoonful without prompting.

I turned my attention back to Amanda and Kacey and noticed the poor girl was trembling as Amanda patted her back and cooed at her. Megan squeezed me tightly and whispered, “You do realize how lucky you are, right?”

I nodded just as Kacey made eye contact with me. I’d only heard her whimper and say a couple words, but something about her eyes let me know there was still an intelligent adult locked away in there. Her eyes showed a mixture of pain and jealousy – I could understand where both of those came from. Before I could even think of how to respond I watched Amanda stand and carry her over to Chloe and say, “Here’s your stinker back Chloe, do you want me to save some of my milk for you? Three babies are a lot for one momma to feed herself.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary Mandy, but I’ll remember the next time I see you that you have some to spare. Especially since you’re wasting yours by throwing it away?”

Amanda shook her head, “I’m nursing Stacy some, but I’m not switching her completely over. Much easier on both of us that way.”

Chloe just scoffed and said, “Okay girls, let’s get going home so we can get you poopy butts sorted out. You’ve been good enough I’ll change you when you get home this time.”

My mind came to a screaming halt then, ‘She would have left them longer in those diapers?!?!?’

Megan hugged me again before passing me over to Amanda who had just arrived to pick me up. “Hmm… seems like I have my own baby with the need for a change.”

I knew I had wet my diaper multiple times since we had arrived. Not the least of which was when I had to make my escape from the monster named Chloe. The longer I was around her the more I understood just how twisted she was. The world would probably have been better with her locked away in a padded cell somewhere…

Amanda carried me over to an end of the table without anything on it, and I had a bad feeling a private diaper change was not in my future. As if to confirm my fear the diaper bag was opened up and a portable changing mat placed down on the table. She laid me down on it and I felt my face flush bright red as I turned my head to see Klara, Kristina, and Neville all watching. Chloe at least was busy getting her littles through the back door. My dress was pushed up and Amanda said, “Be a big girl and hold your dress for me!”

I groaned but used it to hide my flushing face. ‘If I can’t see everyone staring at me then it’s not really happening,’ I lied to myself.

My legs were raised in the air after the diaper was untapped and a new one was placed underneath my bottom with wiping in between of course. A little bit of lotion was used and I was less naked when the tapes tightened the Pamper to my body. “Where’s my princess?!?” Amanda suddenly said and pulled the skirt from my hands. “There she is!” She baby talked to me.

I weakly smiled at her still as red as a tomato. Cassie came over and said to me, “You dropped your paci,” and put a pacifier in my mouth. I was about to say something about a pacifier from the ground being gross when all of the sudden it expanded in my mouth like a balloon.

I looked at Amanda with pleading in my eyes, but she didn’t understand when I said, “What is this? Get it out of my mouth!”

Instead she just smiled at her sister, “Thanks, but for some reason I thought hers was still on her dress.”

I thought so too and realized it must have fallen off or she pulled a fast switch. I watched in horror as the new pacifier was attached to the pacifier clips Velcro and Amanda said, “Well, maybe we’ll see you in a couple weeks, we’ll be missing next weekend for a quick trip.”

“Sorry to hear that Mandy, good luck with the baby here. I think she’s more of a handful than you realize.” She looked at me with fury still in her eyes and picked up Klara. I noticed as she did so that Klara’s new pull-up looked like it had been peed in already.

I was carried from the table and awkwardly tried to say goodbye to Amanda’s parents through the pacifier. No one suspected anything was wrong! When we got to the car, I tried to take the pacifier out of my mouth. I remembered there being some sort of twist motion involved when they talked about it in the store, but nothing I did made it come loose! In fact, I accidentally inflated it to another level!

My mouth hurt from the pressure and I felt like there was a car jack in my mouth forcing it open, but I couldn’t get anything through. I forced myself to keep breathing through my nose, but my allergies were flaring up and they were already partially clogged. I was in tears by the time we got home and Fred came to my side of the car. He immediately sensed something was very wrong and asked, “What’s wrong baby?”

I pointed to the pacifier frantically and pulled on it. “What?”

He tried pulling it out and figured out what had happened. “Amanda when did you make a decision to use one of those inflating pacifier gags? I thought we agreed not to.”

“What? Of course, I wouldn’t,” she said as she rounded the car to my side as he gently twisted the lock and I sighed in relief as it deflated and he pulled it out.

“How…?” Amanda asked, but before I could respond angrily said, “That bitch!”

Fred picked me up and hugged me tight before passing me over to Amanda, “I’m sorry I caused problems…” I told her.

“Shhh…” she told me, “I know you are. I also know they overreacted and you did all you could to keep from getting hurt. Is your mouth okay?”

I rubbed my jaw and shook my head, “My jaw is really sore now. Do you have some Advil or something?”

“I have something I can give you,” Fred said. “Let me go get it, Amanda why don’t you both go have a seat in the living room. Maybe get an ice pack?”

Amanda took his advice and we stopped by the freezer first, wrapped an icepack in a terry bib sitting on the counter, and then carried me over to the couch. My jaw hurt like hell and I hoped no permanent damage had been done. The ice pack helped a little as I waited for Fred to come with medicine. He ended up bringing a liquid bottle and an eyedropper like device.

“Given your jaw hurts I’m guessing nursing a bottle probably doesn’t sound pleasant?”

I shook my head, “No, not even remotely.”

“Amanda, I know you’d prefer her to drink out of bottles and sippy cups, but it’d be easier if she had a regular cup of milk with this mixed in…”

“Here, you take her and I’ll go mix it,” she told him.

He hugged me tight to him while she dug through the cabinets and went to the fridge. I watched her grab what I knew must have been a bag of breast milk that she emptied into a sippy cup, mixed the liquid medicine in, and then brought it over to me.

“Drink this very carefully,” she admonished me, “do NOT spill it.”

Even though it was just a sippy cup without a lid, it was the most adult cup I’d had in the week since I’d arrived! I drank the cup slowly so I wouldn’t spill, but also as quick as I could so the medicine could take effect. By the time I finished it and handed it to Amanda she seemed just relieved I hadn’t made a mess. I sighed at her, “You do remember I really am an adult, right?”

She sighed, “I know that… in my mind, but it’s really hard to remember that. Of course, you say that, but what you did earlier was stupid!”

“I can’t say that was your brightest moment Princess,” Fred added.

“You could have been hurt or killed climbing like that!”

I sighed, “I know that in retrospect, but the first swat from Chloe was like sledgehammer blow to my body! If my diaper hadn’t taken some of the impact, I would probably be severely bruised from that one hit,” I told her and watched her wince. “She was clearly itching to go at me the whole time and I could tell she wasn’t going to just let me go… I didn’t think then and reacted. I knew I could get under her legs and the slide was nearby with the branch… I just reacted trying to get away from her. What should I have done? Let her abusively beat me? I didn’t exactly say something wrong. There’s no way Klara is ready to be potty trained. She’d already wet that pull-up again before we left!”

Amanda sighed, “You are right, I don’t doubt that… but giving parenting advice to an Amazonian woman when you are a little in diapers… can you understand why she would be offended?”

“Maybe she should have been. Chloe clearly got even with me,” I said with a sigh.

“Yes, she did, and I think we’ll let any further punishment go with this too.” She hugged me tight, “You have to be smart here Stacy. You have taken a crazy risk to come here and I really do want you to succeed in your dream! Mouthing off to giants is going to land you like Kacey if you’re not careful…”

“Poor Kacey…” I said.

“Yeah, I’m genuinely concerned about her,” Amanda said.

“I’m a hairs breath away from having to file an LPS report based on what I saw today,” Fred acknowledged.

“There is actually a line your kind views as uncrossable?” I said semi-incredulously.

“It’s pretty far,” Fred acknowledged, “but Kacey is clearly malnourished. She needs to be supplementing with formula at least even if she doesn’t want to feed her solids… I’m doubtful any of the girls can eat those anymore.”

“What?” I asked, “Why wouldn’t they?”

He sighed, “I don’t know for certain, but among the things I think she had done to them was a reintroduction of the infant tongue thrusting reflex…”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s a natural reaction that keeps babies from choking on solid food before they’re ready for it,” Amanda answered. “I’m pretty sure she did do that. So yeah, you’re right that they couldn’t even get solid food down now if they tried.”

“I don’t even have words for how awful that is!” I said.

She squeezed me tight, “It’s bad.”

“I’m guessing since you’re talking your jaw must be feeling better?” Fred asked me.

“It’s still sore, but the ice helped…”

“Let me take a look at it,” he told me. For the next few minutes the used his hands to gently probe my jaw, had me open my mouth, close it, and finally said, “There’s some mild bruising, and you’ll be sore for a day or so, but I don’t think there’s any permanent damage. In the future if one of those gets thrown in your mouth don’t mess with it. They’re designed to be tamper-proof from any angle your hands would approach it. Plus, you have to use a fair amount of strength, and press the right way…”

“I got that… thanks,” I told him semi-sarcastically.

He smiled at me, “well, hopefully you learned.”

Just then the phone rang and he walked to get it, “Hi Mom!” he said into the phone. “It’s my parents,” he said to Amanda as he covered the receiver.

“No, I’m sorry we didn’t call yet… we had kind of an exciting afternoon so far…” he said into the phone.

He came down sat by Amanda, “Well, I’ll tell you what, I told you about the little we were fostering here?” There was a pause, “She’s sitting next to me. You want to video conference instead so we can all talk?” Another pause, “Okay, give me just a second and I’ll call.”

He hung up the phone and looked at me, “You up to meeting your other grandparents over video call?”

I shrugged, “They can’t be like Mommy’s psycho sisters…”

“They’re not all psycho,” Amanda defended them.

“You’re right, I like Megan. She’s sweet,” I told her.

She squeezed me and grabbed the ice pack from my hands and sat it on the table. “Why don’t we put that away for a bit while we talk?”

I nodded and was pulled closer to her in her lap while Fred messed with some controls on the TV remote and said, “Call Fred’s parents.”

I watched the screen come alive with a pretty cool connecting screen and then the TV was filled with an image of two people that Fred was clearly the result of. His dad had white hair and looked to be in his early 70’s. Wrinkles filled a face that still seemed quite happy. His thick glasses made it hard to tell what color his eyes were. His mother was grey haired and seemed a little bit younger. Her nose was his nose, and I could see her eyes were very similar to his. Both smiled and said, “Hi!”

Amanda stood me up on her lap, “This is Stacy,” she squeezed me into a hug, “say hi to your grandparents.”

“Hi,” I said shyly.

“You’re adorable!” his mom cooed. “I’ve never understood how every Amazon woman in your area seems to want to kidnap every little and put them in a nursery, but you clearly are cute enough to fill the role!”

I blushed, “Umm… Thanks I guess?”

She laughed. For the next hour we talked and I learned more about them. It put some pieces in the puzzle for me to understand why Fred really didn’t have the lust for conquering littles that so many giants I had met seemed to have. In the end they promised to let Amanda and Fred know soon if they were going to come out for Christmas. Originally, they weren’t planning on it, but as I was the closest to a grandbaby as they were going to get, they were now strongly thinking about it.

Just before we ended the call my body made the need to go poop known and quickly let loose of it. Amanda picked me up off her lap and smelled my rear before saying, “I think someone needs a clean diapee, let us know, we’ll talk to you later!”

I turned bright red and was too shocked to say anything in response.

“Come on stinker butt,” she told me as she carried me upstairs.

I tried not to cry at the gross mess sitting next to my skin. She placed me down on the changing table gently, but it still smeared my butt with poop. “Arms up!” She told me with a smile and pulled my dress up. “You got this dirty enough let’s put you in something cleaner.”

She pushed me back to lay down then and got to work on the sticky diaper. Amanda started to put a pacifier in my mouth but then remembered I was still in some pain so thought better of it. She moved quickly through several wipes before re-diapering me in a regular pampers, and then dressing me in another shorter dress that clearly marked me as a true infant. I guessed it came with a diaper cover that she didn’t bother putting on me.

“That’s better!” she told me with a smile.

“Not really,” I told her honestly, “I liked the other dress better.”

“Well don’t go climbing trees in it next time I put it on you and you can wear it longer!”

Sure enough I looked at it on the table and realized there were stains and dirt on it, as well as some pitch or sap. “Sorry,” I sighed.

She picked me up and hugged me, “No, I’m sorry. I definitely overreacted myself back there. I should have just plain stuck up for you…”

I shrugged, “You were right it was kind of dumb…” I thought for a second and added, “Thanks for feeding Kacey. That poor girl…”

She nodded, “Why don’t you take some time for you for a bit and then we’ll have dinner downstairs on the patio tonight?”

I nodded and she sat me down on the floor. I looked around the room for a moment before making the easy decision to walk over to my desk. I opened the computer screen and sat down in front of it. Amanda smiled at me and walked through the doorway, closing the gate before she left. I sighed and accepted my caged status without much grumbling since I had a computer. I logged in, and then took a quick look to make sure my Switch was still in my backpack. I breathed a sigh of relief noting that it was. ‘I’ll have to make sure the gun is still okay at some point, but I think it can stay in my backpack safely?”

That actually made me wonder and I triple checked that the backpack was still possible to carry. Thankfully it had come down in size with me! It wasn’t exactly a girly backpack though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up getting a different one. I got back to my computer and began writing a new letter to my parents.

I created my greeting with the proper safe messages and then talked about the past couple days,

‘Well I hope you aren’t too ashamed of me having seen me on Friday… Sorry it has had to go so far, but I can still give you grandkids someday… I’ll just be the one with the baby in my belly! (That is definitely a weird thought!)

This weekend has been a rollercoaster of a weekend. We started off yesterday by going to return some clothes that didn’t fit me. Amanda was taken as much by surprise by my size as I was. That meant she had purchased a ton of diapers and dresses that were way too big for me. While we were taking the diapers back, I saw some more of the Amazonian cruelty and I can’t help but wonder why this dimension is that way. There are bright spots though, as we went to another boutique baby store that had a sweet lady who owns it. She’s an old family friend of Amanda’s, and it was funny to see her practically give Amanda the bright-light treatment to make sure she hadn’t kidnapped me off the street! Apparently, she refuses to serve customers who do that to littles... She and I actually hit it off quite nicely!

We came home then and ended up in the pool. Their pool is probably nothing to write home about for an Amazon their size, but for me it’s pretty much the equivalent of about eighty-feet. When you add in that I’m just over three-feet tall now it might as well be an Olympic sized pool. I did a ton of laps the last couple days and it felt really nice! I’m glad they’re letting me swim like this, as it’s good exercise! The only downside is the temperatures apparently fall enough for snow to come later on and we’ll be closing it up in a bit over a month.

After swimming I was dressed to meet Amanda’s last sister I had yet to meet, along with her husband, her two real kids, and the little she kidnapped. She’s not as bad as Chloe (this is Cassie), but I still feel like she’s abusive. Sadly, not just to her little who has had his teeth removed, but also to her two-year old daughter that she’s forcing to potty train. In the end dinner went over like a lead balloon, and Amanda and Fred ended up collecting me, and our food to leave early. It was sad, but I was glad they took a stand. We ended up eating dinner at home and watching a movie last night.

Today we went for a walk in the morning before we headed to Amanda’s parents. I managed to get on the wrong side of Cassie though when I made a dumb comment about the accident her two-year old had. It was the second I’d seen since yesterday, and she just sat down in it happily. I told her that maybe it meant she wasn’t ready to potty train yet... Not my brightest moment! Chloe was right behind her and gave me a whack to my butt that thankfully was cushioned by the diaper. I ran for it and gave Amanda a bit of a heart attack when she realized I had climbed a slide like I used to do in the backyard, jumped onto a tree, and climbed out of reach. I ended up crossing to another and then coming down. With my weight it’s safer now than it ever would have been before.

Chloe tried following me and fell out of the tree (which was kind of funny), when she was surprised that I had dropped out of another one. Their dad ended up saving me from any further torture and I hung out with him for a while around the grill. He runs a self-defense school and I may pick my Tae Kwon Do back up with him. He reminds me a bit of Grandpa, as he is a Veteran too. He strikes me as a really good man!

Lunch was a hotdog the size of a large salami that I had to take little bits off with my teeth as it was huge!!! Their normal meals for adults I swear could be eating contests back home!

I noticed Amanda was standing by me looking over my shoulder and she said, “Come on, let’s go get dinner?”

“Let me just sign off here,” I told her.

Well anyway things could have gone better there too. It confirmed Chloe is not the amazon I would want to be my mommy here! Amanda’s here now so I’m going to let you go. I’ll write again after I take my test Tuesday probably. Talk to you later!


Amanda picked me up and felt my diaper, “Can you wait?”

I noticed it was damp but not too bad, “Yes.”

“I really am sorry for what happened earlier,” she told me.

“I know you are, it’s one of the risks when you’re dumb enough to antagonize a giant…” I said.

She kissed my forehead and carried me downstairs.

“What’s for dinner?” I asked.

“Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo?” She asked I think hoping I was okay with it.

“That sounds great!”

“Good!” she told me.

I was pleasantly surprised as we sat down to eat. While I was sitting in the highchair with a bib on, she provided me with a plate of pasta and a fork that was just barely my size. She had diced the chicken up small, but otherwise it was as grownup of a meal as I’d had here! “I figured you could feed yourself tonight,” she told me with a sad smile. I noticed then that she set what would be a small plastic cup to her on my tray with juice in it.

Small to her meant it was like a large 44-ounce drink for me, but I said, “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome sweetie,” she said.

I dug into the pasta hungrily and ate until I couldn’t eat anymore. I didn’t leave much on the plate and she commented, “I guess someone was a bit hungwy!”

I nodded, “Yes, and you cook very well!”

She smiled at me and looked at the mostly empty juice cup, “finish your juice while I clean up?” She asked me.

I nodded. When she was done cleaning up, I found my face and hands wiped before a diaper change and then she brought me down to her office. She showed me her various code and debugging software selections and we played for several hours before Fred came in and said, “Okay you two, bedtime!”

“But we’ve only been here…” Amanda said.

“Oh,” I said looking at the computer clock.

“Yes, oh is right. You realize she leaked onto your clothes?” he told Amanda.

She laughed and I did too. “Oops… Let’s get you changed. How’s your jaw?” She asked me.

I rubbed it, “It’s still a little sore but it’s better.”

“Can you help me with my other leaks?”

“I can try,” I told her with a smile.

It was mildly painful at first, but I managed to nurse both breasts dry as I wanted to help her. I knew after this weekend that I couldn’t have found a better Amazon to be my adoptive Mommy!



End Chapter 18

Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021


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