Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021

Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Chipped

THE NEXT THING I knew, the room was dark except for a butterfly nightlight next to the changing table. I tried sitting up and found I was severely impaired by the diaper I was now wearing. ‘Must be one of those night-time diapers…’ I thought to myself and rolled over to see if I could push myself up. Carefully I was able to get on my hands and knees and looked at the bars in front of me. I quietly pulled myself up to my feet with the help of the bars. I looked up and curiously checked something by raising my hands as far in the air as I could. Sure enough, I couldn’t even touch the top part of the rails with my hands extended. I found standing difficult in the diaper and a moment later decided to just give in and sit back down my butt.

‘Not that I planned to try to escape like that,’ I acknowledged. ‘What time was I put to bed?’ With no clock I had no way to know, but I definitely had a strong urge to pee. For a moment I held it in, but remembered how silly that would be. ‘You knew diapers were part of the deal…’ I mentally scolded myself. As I let it all out, I was shocked at how much the diaper expanded! I couldn’t believe it could get any bigger! I found myself back on my stomach and grabbed the new stuffed bear that lay next to me.

‘Elena,’ I named her in my mind and cuddled her closely to my chest. I would have expected a soaked diaper to be uncomfortable, but other than how much it had expanded I couldn’t tell that it was wet. ‘Tomorrow is going to be another long day’ I told myself and forced myself to close my eyes and go back to sleep.

It was hard though… I found sleep difficult as I thought about how yesterday had filled in so much information on my future. The gender misunderstanding was embarrassing and tough to deal with pink dresses suddenly, but nothing compared to being the size of an infant! I had come to this dimension expecting to at least be the size of a toddler… or maybe even almost an elementary school kid. Being either of those sizes would have allowed a little bit of freedom compared to my new size. In our world a three-month-old baby would rarely be left alone, and then only when caged safely… In the Amazon world I couldn’t see much more freedom for me either.

Being called ‘Princess’ was certainly also a novelty. ‘Being a princess might not be too bad,’ I had to admit with a king and queen like my surrogate family. So far, they had shown remarkable restraint and kindness to me.

I couldn’t help but notice though that there were certain things that hadn’t been thrown away as possibilities. It sounded almost certain that baby food was a possibility in the future for meals when we were away from home. ‘If Amanda makes it that might be okay,’ I allowed. She really was an excellent cook, so if it was just pureed food from her cooking it would probably at least not taste terrible. Any jars from the grocery store though were most likely going to be disgusting! ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell even worse tasting stuff for littles to be tortured with…’

Amanda’s sisters for the most part sounded like a horror movie brought to life. They were everything I had been warned about – or maybe even worse! It sounded like her mom might have been cut from the same cloth too.

‘So, was it regular milk or her milk?’ I wondered sleepily as I finally succumbed to sleep again.


WHEN I WOKE again, I found I had been rolled back onto my back and had a pacifier back in my mouth. ‘They must have checked on me at some point,’ I said as I sleepily stretched and remembered the wet diaper I was wearing. It now cold and clammy, and was quite uncomfortable. I pulled myself back up by the bars and was just about ready to holler for someone when Amanda walked in.

“Oh, you look so cute with that bedhead!” she told me as she walked up to the crib.

I held my arms in the universal ‘up’ pose and she carried me straight over to the changing table as I pulled the pacifier out and let it hang by the clip. “Gee thanks…” I told her.

“Oh no, do I have a grumpy princess?” she asked.

I sighed, “I’m not a morning person.”

“Well, we’ll just have to work on that! Probably a fresh diaper is a good start, huh?”

She proceeded to strip me of my sleeper quickly with a zipper that went all the way to the foot. Once my diaper was exposed, she said, “Okay, now which diapee today?”

I groaned, “Pampers?”

“I think we need one of these instead,” she said and I could see one of the princess themed diapers that she had been sold on.

“It’s so thick!” I said as she laid me back down on it a moment later after wiping me clean.

“It’s soooo adorable though!” She smiled at me. “And just think of the waddle or crawl I get to see you with!”

I groaned, “It’s too early for this.”

She tickled me and I found myself back in the sleeper. She grabbed something from the bottom of the stand and carried me to the glider. At first, I thought I was about to be fed another bottle, but instead she produced a hairbrush. “Let’s take care of your hair, then we’ll go feed you breakfast and see where we get from there.”

I sighed in relief that was all she had planned.

“What are we doing today?” I asked sleepily as she ran the brush through my hair.

“Well first we have to go to the store and do some shopping for some other things to replace what we bought way too big for you.”

“Like what? I mean besides clothes?”

“Well bottles for one… You could barely lift the full size nursers I bought you! The sippy cup was a smaller one and you were almost fine with it yesterday, so I think we’ll go get one of the half-size nurser sets that are more appropriate for you.”

I sighed but nodded. I felt her twisting my hair around and guessed that she must be braiding it into pigtails. Gabby had insisted on braiding my hair like that for a cross-dressing day for homecoming week. Scarily I had seemed pretty normal looking as a cheerleader in uniform I borrowed for that day…

I felt her tickle my side and she said, “I said I’m done, you really aren’t a morning person, are you?”

I shook my head, “Not without a lot of coffee…”

She turned me to face her in her lap and said, “I hate to tell you this princess, but coffee is one of those things that’s going to be off limits for you.”

I bit my lip but nodded, “I’m not surprised. But would love for you to consider changing your mind…”

She looked thoughtful for a moment, “Tell you what, you make it through your midterms with a 3.5 and I’ll let you have a latte in your bottle each morning.”

I smiled, “Deal,” I extended my hand to hers and she enveloped it with hers.

“Okay let’s get breakfast in you…”

I was carried down to the kitchen where my highchair sat waiting for me and I was soon strapped in wearing a bib with a sippy cup of milk sitting on the tray in front of me. I drank some milk from the sippy cup she had sat down in front of me and watched her move around for a couple minutes to make a bowl of oatmeal for me.

“Some special mornings we’ll have a hot breakfast with eggs, bacon, and such, but this will probably be breakfast for you normally,” she told me.

“That’s fine, a lot of times I don’t even eat breakfast,” I told her as she sat right next to my chair and pulled it on the wheels closer to her.

“Well that won’t work here Stacy, you’ll have something for breakfast every morning.”

I nodded, ‘that wouldn’t be so bad…’

“Let’s get this airplane in your hanger!” She smiled while making an engine sound that made me grimace but I opened up anyway. For the next ten minutes she fed me while playing every cutesy little baby feeding game I’d ever heard of - and then a few more.

By the time she got to the last spoon I said, “I’m full Mommy…”

“Just one more spoon,” she said and I opened up. I felt really stuffed then. “All done!”

She wiped my face with a baby wipe since it had been a casualty a few times that I happened to look the wrong way. The bib definitely had some evidence on it too and I just sighed as she unbuckled me but left the bib on. I started to remove it but she said, “Leave your bib on sweetie.”

She picked me up and carried me to the living room where the playpen was sat in front of the couch. “Play here for a few minutes while mommy cleans up.”

I nodded and tried to stand in the playpen but the diaper was so thick it made it difficult to do so. Just thinking of the diaper brought to mind an urgent warning my body was giving me. I sighed having known this would come. Given Amanda’s warning about needing to poop each day I knew I didn’t dare hold back on this either. I found myself using a larger ring toy as a way to pull myself up so could squat. ‘Come on, you know you have to do this…’ I told myself.

Suddenly I felt my bowels let go and I could feel the diaper accept the pieces, while I kept pushing until I didn’t feel like I needed to go anymore. Suddenly I flashed back to when I was three years old standing back in my grandmother’s house. I remembered being in diapers and just wanting to play with her electric organ there. I pooped my diaper and kept playing. ‘Stacy did you poopy your diaper?” Grandma had asked me and I had shaken my head and lied so I wouldn’t have to stop. It hadn’t seemed so bad then!

I didn’t want to fall backwards on the mess so I leaned forwards onto my hands and knees and could feel the mess rubbing against the bottom of my genitals. I sat there a little bit in shock before looking over at the toys in the playpen. I knew Amanda would come soon and decided not to make a big deal out of what was going to become an everyday occurrence for me.

I was looking closely at how a doll in my hand was made when the inevitable happened, “Uh-oh, I think someone made a stinkie!”

I groaned and tried to stand up to hold my arms out to her but instead ended up falling back on my mess. “Eeewww…” I said.

“You didn’t seem to mind it for a while there,” Amanda told me. “You sure you’ve not been a little baby here before?”

I nodded, “It wasn’t too bad until I smushed it…”

“Well let’s go upstairs and changie that stinky diapee!” she told me with a kiss on my forehead and carried me up the staircase and into the nursery. She laid me down on my changing table and I began to smell it worse as she opened the diaper up. To me the smell was enough to make me gag, but she acted like I was a normal baby and this was no big deal at all. ‘Shit happens with a baby,’ I reminded myself. She didn’t try and embarrass me anymore about it too - which I appreciated.

I was quickly re-diapered back into a regular pamper and lay on my back waiting for her to figure out what she was dressing me in. She reappeared a moment later with a pink romper I remembered here cooing over yesterday in the store. It had the words, ‘smile, I’m cute!’ on it, and ended basically at the crotch with a short pair of legs to it closer to shorts, than a basic onesie. I appreciated that she’d been good about only shopping in the actual baby portion of the clothing aisle. I had caught a few glimpses of some of the odd clothing they made specifically for littles to wear… It was a thousand times worse!

“Well, now that we’ve got your stinky diaper out of the way for the day, why don’t we go see what trouble the two of us can get in?” She asked me.

“What about shoes?” I asked, noticing my still bare feet.

“You don’t need shoes today Stacy. Everywhere we’re going you’d probably just look out of place.”

I nodded remembering most of the littles I remembered seeing rarely walked, but asked, “Socks?”

She looked at me, but nodded and found some pink socks that folded down and had lace around the bottom of the folded portion. They seemed appropriate to a baby of my age and I groaned at that, but appreciated having something warmer on my often-cold feet.

“Better?” She asked me.

I nodded. “Thanks! Where’s Fr… Daddy?”

“Daddy’s at work, he decided not to take paternal leave right now. I took a few weeks of maternity leave so I don’t have to go to work until after you start your orientation… well I could take off more than that, but what’s the point?” She smiled at me.

“You get maternity leave…?” I asked shocked.

“You’re my new baby, of course I do!” She giggled like that was a truly stupid question. Her behavior was a little bit different this morning, but so far, she was still being sweet so I just went with the flow. I was placed on the ground for a moment and watched her repack my diaper bag with the correct size of diapers. I was grateful to see that she only put the regular Pampers and a couple of the thinner diapers inside. She filled my large sippy cup back up with juice and handed it to me to hold two handed as she carried me to the garage and set me in my carrier.

“What’s the outside of the house look like?” I asked as she buckled me into the harness.

“Oh, that’s right, you still haven’t seen… I’ll show you when we get back?” She asked.

I nodded and watched her close my door and walk to her side of the car. With a press of a button above her the garage door opened leaving me squinting my eyes with the sudden exposure to daylight. She carefully pulled out of their driveway and began slowly driving down the road. I was just able to catch a quick glimpse of their house though. It looked like a very pretty, and expensive, suburban home with a nice lawn. I couldn’t see many details though before it quickly passed from sight. Bored I began to slowly nurse at the sippy cup of juice, and probably had finished a quarter of it when she stopped.

Our first destination was apparently like a Walmart with a different name, ValuMart. She pulled me out of the carrier and carried me a short distance to where a cart lay unused. As she strapped me into the cart’s seat she asked, “I assume you’d rather sit here than in your carrier?”

I nodded, “I can see this way.”

“Well just remember where we are... If I feel like you’re about to say something you shouldn’t, I’ll plunk a pacifier in your mouth. If you can’t control yourself before that please find that thumb of yours,” she told me.

“It’s not going to be that bad, is it…?” I asked.

She shrugged, “We could run into friends here. Just go with the flow please.”

I was really nervous then, but I was determined to face anything to attend college here. As she pushed the cart towards the entrance, I noticed that even though the seat was designed for babies I still felt like it was too big for me. Right away when we stepped inside, I couldn’t help but feel intimidated by a store meant for giants and filled with giants. Most of the people inside seemed to be stay at home mothers with a mixture of real, ‘little’ babies, and preschool age children in their baskets. One mom had her little suspended from her neck with a sling and was openly breastfeeding her while nonchalantly talking to another lady.

I couldn’t help but stare at the size of the exposed breast and looked up at Amanda’s set as she looked down at me. I turned red, but she merely smiled without saying anything. Our destination was clear as we headed straight for the baby section. Amanda had just started looking up and down at the selection of bottles when I heard, “Oh hi Doctor Westerfield!!!” from a giant girl who appeared to not be much older than I was.

“Hi Jennifer!” She told her and gave her a hug.

“Oh my god, she’s adorable! Is she yours?!?” this new girl said suddenly close to me. “She’s sooo tiny!!!!”

“We just adopted her yesterday,” Amanda told her.

“How old are you?” She asked me.

I looked up at Amanda and she nodded, “Eighteen.”

“Going on three months,” Amanda added.

“I believe that… Are you going to…?” she asked almost accusingly.

Amanda shook her head, “We’re taking care of Princess Stacy’s needs, but we’re not going to mutilate her. She’s even going to start attending the university in a couple weeks.”

Jennifer sighed, “I’m glad to hear that. I hate the way my mom treats Lily…”

“Then why are you here?”

“Oh, Lily’s out of wipes,” she said and held up some generic baby wipes. “If I don’t get her some Mom will probably just leave her poop on her bottom until her next bath… whenever that would be.”

My eyes opened in shock at that and once again I was grateful for a friendly giant. “That’s horrible…” Amanda said.

“Yeah it is. Maybe I’ll be in some of your classes Stacy?” She smiled at me. “Let me know if you need a babysitter sometime,” she told Amanda. “See you later! Bye bye princess!” she waved the last part at me like you would a real baby.

I blushed and was shaking a bit as I felt Amanda put her hand on my head gently. “You’re okay, if there was one of my students we had to run into, that was the best one. She is much more like me than most.”

I nodded silently and watched as she began looking at bottles. I found myself turning myself sideways the best I could to see what she was doing. “Need help ma’am?” a helpful store employee asked.

“Just trying to pick out a smaller bottle for her. I never dreamed I would adopt a little so tiny. She can’t hold up a full size nurser.”

“Ah well, that makes sense. Are you wanting to breastfeed too?”

“Why do you ask that?” She asked, not denying that idea.

“Well if you aren’t then this one works fine,” she said holding up one smaller nurser that looked equivalent to the small nursers I remembered from back in my home dimension. “If you think nursing is important, I would recommend one of these two to help her avoid nipple confusion.”

In shock I followed her advice and stuck my thumb in my mouth at that point to keep quiet. Truthfully ever since I had seen that woman breastfeeding on my first visit the idea of doing it myself had kind of intrigued me in a strange way. I was curious which Amanda would pick, and found myself not surprised when she grabbed both of the types that would be considered good with breastfeeding. She threw in several multi-packs of each and some nipples before pushing the cart away.

“Good baby girl,” she cooed at me sucking my thumb as we continued down the aisles.

We ended up in the clothing aisle and I sat patiently as she threw in several onesies, rompers, dresses, and a pair of shorts that she liked with no request for input from me. Apparently, she was satisfied with my three-month size, as she didn’t make me try them on like I saw several babies and littles experiencing in the open right next to the racks. While she was looking through the clothing, I discovered who Oliver and Naomi were since they were featured on tons of shirts on the little side of the aisle. Amanda stayed on the actual baby side though which had other characters that mimicked many from my world. Apparently, Anna and Elsa from Frozen, along with Sofia the First were sort of the same in this dimension as I recognized them. There were plenty of characters though that I didn’t recognize. Amanda must have sensed that as she would occasionally say, “Oh look there’s…” every now and then. Amanda moved on a mission though and before long we were in the checkout lanes.

Every Amazon mother we passed stared at me with longing in their eyes, but it was those that glared at Amanda in a threatening way that scared me. I hadn’t even realized my thumb was still in my mouth from earlier when she said, “I know that thumb tastes good, but let’s use your paci.”

The kiss on my head and the gentle squeeze made me feel a little bit safer.

“Oh my god she is the most adorable little I’ve ever seen!” The cashier said as Amanda pushed the cart past the card machine.

“Yes, she is, isn’t she?” Amanda squealed a bit and kissed me on the forehead again.

There was small talk made for a few moments before the lady said, “You know hon, if you got rid of most of her hair you could pass her for your own natural baby?”

I shuddered and found myself instinctively grabbing to hold my pigtails. “But then she wouldn’t have cute pigtails like this?” Amanda said. “I love her hair; it’s not going anywhere… it’s too much fun to play with!” she smiled at me and I returned a small grimace.

“Suit yourself!” she said.

Once she had me safely strapped into the car seat, she told me, “I’m sorry you had a couple of rough encounters there… Unfortunately, that’s going to be a pretty regular thing here.”

I nodded, “It’s okay, I’m embarrassed when they happen, but at least I was warned before I came.” I paused and added, “Just please don’t give me away to one of those monsters!”

“No worries about that Princess! You’re all mine!!!!” she told me with a smile and closed the door and walked to the driver’s side.

“Speaking of that though, I do want to take you to a local office to… register you as ours.”

I gulped, “What are they going to do?”

“Some of the offices are rougher than others, but this one should be pretty gentle by just doing a checkup, blood sample, and get hand and footprints from you.”

I nodded, “Then I’m officially adopted?”

“Yes…” She said.

“Will that be a problem when it’s time for me to go home?” I asked hesitantly.

“Well if anyone asks, I’ll say I sent you to live with your grandparents for a while!” She kind of choked up for a moment before adding, “Thankfully we just got started, so that’s a long way off!”

I nodded and sat quietly in the seat and drank the rest of my juice that she had handed me back. We pulled up quickly to an office building and instead of getting me out of the carrier she left me inside and just lifted it free of the car.

“If you’re in this carrier I don’t have to worry about as many things happening to you,” she told me.

I nodded, “I trust you,” I said before she put the pacifier back in my mouth and pulled the shade down over the top part of the carrier.

She walked through several doors before arriving at a receptionist’s window where she sat my carrier on the counter. “Oh my god isn’t she precious?!?” the lady cooed while looking in at me. “I never seem to be lucky enough to get one of these cuties!”

Amanda smiled, “As you noted, she’s a cutie. I don’t want to risk kidnapping…”

“Of course, I don’t blame you one bit! Here, take this paperwork and fill it out and we’ll get a spot with the doctor as soon as we can.”


I found myself picked up again and the carrier was gently sat onto the groan. I found out the carrier could rock when it wasn’t in its base, as she rocked me gently with her foot while she filled out all of the forms. It seemed like there must have been about twenty pages from what I could see! I found myself needing to pee again and just let it flow into the diaper while my face turned red.

To ignore my now wet diaper I looked around as best as I could from my seat. Several other ‘mothers’ moved about the room in various delightful or hostile moods. All seemed to hold their ‘babies’ tightly to keep them from running and escaping. Just in the time she was writing I watched three littles get spanked bare bottomed, and another had her ear twisted for a moment until she cried.

When she finished Amanda picked my seat back up again to take the forms to the window. While the lady looked over them, she popped a couple of the snaps open on my romper, “Do you have a place I can change her?”

I flushed red with the diaper exposed and Amanda clearly sharing its state with the receptionist and anyone within range. I bit down on the silicone of the pacifier a little harder just then to keep from complaining.

“Why yes ma’am, right down the hall here, I’ll show you,” she said as she opened the door beside her and led us to a small nurse’s station with a padded surface. “I can’t believe how good of a baby she is!”

“Yes, she is a special princess.”

Amanda popped the remaining snaps in a hurry and quickly changed me into a clean diaper before redressing me. “There, that should be comfier, huh?” She said as she hugged me and whispered, “Pretend to be a baby as best you can while we go back. Don’t back talk no matter what they say… and try not to cry out.”

I looked curiously at her but nodded and nursed my pacifier that I was beginning to actually grow fond of. It felt like she had barely set my carrier back down on the ground when the nurse called, “Stacy Westerfield?” I started slightly at the change of my last name. I wasn’t surprised though; after all, with Fred’s explanation of the password the night before I figured that was inevitable!

It was obvious to me from my surroundings that we were at a doctor’s office, but it certainly didn’t feel like a normal doctor’s office back home. Something about the place just gave you the creeps!

From my place in the carrier I could only vaguely see doors as we passed them. As we passed one of them, I heard a man’s voice shout, “You goddamn bitch!!!! You can’t do this to…” followed by loud whacks and whimpering. As we made it to the end of the hallway, I thought I could hear the unfortunate person beginning to bawl.

By another room it wasn’t a thought, you could definitely hear the full-on screams of pain and terror from a woman. It was the kind of thing you expected to hear in a horror movie… I found myself shaking slightly in the seat and nursed on the pacifier more to try and distract me.

Finally, the nurse led us to an open walled nurses’ station where she said, “Okay, we’re going to need little Stacy just in her diaper for most of this exam.” Then she looked at me and talked to me for a moment like I wasn’t a baby, “Make sure you behave baby or you won’t like the consequences.”

I nodded meekly and I was quickly freed from the seat and my romper was taken off. “When did you change her last?”

“About ten minutes ago, she was soaked.”

“So, she’s using her diapers just fine? Messes too?”

“Happily peeing and pooing like a good little should.”

The nurse nodded like that was the right answer as she picked me up and lay me down on what had to be an infant scale. “Okay… Forty-three pounds… she really is a tiny thing. You must have had a tough time finding the right diapers!”

I jolted at that, forty-three pounds? I had lost over a hundred pounds of my weight and not even realized it! ‘Unless they measured pounds differently…’

“Okay little girl, stand tall right here,” she told me and had me stand up next. “Thirty-nine inches…” she mused, “I guess we could give you another half or the full inch, what do you want Mommy?” She asked Amanda.

“Just leave her at thirty-nine inches, she’s just a little baby anyway,” she told her.

“Yep, no way this one could make her life through the world on her own…” Surprisingly to me she took my blood pressure, pulse, and did a body fat check before directing Amanda to carry me into a waiting examination room while she followed with my carrier.

“Okay, now some health questions for you Mommy,” most of the time Amanda actually knew more than I would have guessed, but several times I told her the answer and the nurse pretended not to hear anything until Amanda parroted it back. It was weird, but I could see how they wanted to continue to degrade any adult confidence a little might have.

The lady nurse left after saying, “I can’t believe how good she is!” to Amanda before looking at me and saying, “Just remember bad crybabies do get punished!”

I shuddered as she left and Amanda collected me in her arms. I snuggled gratefully into her warm body, as it was cold in the room. A moment later a man slightly shorter than Amanda came in, “I’m supposed to get some blood?”

“I think so,” Amanda said.

“Can you hold her arm so she’ll stay still?” He asked.

I just rolled my eyes and sat calmly while they took my blood like any other time, I’d ever done it. Of course, I wasn’t counting on the needle being twice the size I remembered in my last checkup! I managed to hold still though and other than a brief flinch did my best not to let them know how much the damn thing hurt!!!!! ‘It wouldn’t have surprised me if they used a bigger needle just to make it hurt more!’ I thought to myself. He filled three vials up before pulling the port out and putting a Band-Aid with that show Naomi and Oliver’s characters on it.

“What a good girl!” He said as he patted my head, “Just remember that if you’re a crybaby you will be punished.”

He left and I whispered to Amanda, “What exactly do they do?”

She shuddered herself and whispered, “I watched them give Hannah enemas and spankings with a paddle.”

I shuddered and leaned even closer into her. Shortly thereafter the doctor came in, “Hi, I’m Doctor Nimitz,” he said to Amanda. I froze, knowing he was the other ‘daddy’ I almost chose.

“Hi, I’m Doctor Westerfield,” she told him with a smile.

“So, you’re here for this little cutie?” He said with a smile and looked at me. Something about the smile refused to expand to his eyes though and I believed in a heartbeat I had chosen correctly.

“That’s right, especially with this baby girl being so tiny and cute I didn’t want to delay getting her registered for adoption.”

“That’s very smart,” he told her. He looked down at the notes for a moment and then looked at me with recognition in his eyes, “We spoke a couple months ago, didn’t we?”

I nodded, “Yes, sir.” At least it sort of sounded like that through the pacifier.

“Well if I’d had any clue of how cute you would be in a diaper, I would have made a stronger case for my wife and I. Truthfully I don’t know why you’d ever bother with college. You’re clearly meant to just be a cute little baby!” I just stared at him without saying anything. “Okay, please place her down on the table so we can do an examination. She’ll need to lose the paci while we do this…” He looked apologetic to me at that.

He felt my lymph nodes, looked in my ears, and listened to my heart and lungs before laying me back and untaping my diaper. When my diaper came down, he said, “Oh, so you’re a baby girl with a surprise in your diaper! Mommy do you want me to do something about that?”

I cringed and shook a little in fear, ‘will he just rip off my parts?!?’

“Not now, I kind of think it’s endearing right now... I may change my mind, but her daddy and I need to talk it over a bit more before we do anything too permanent.”

“Makes sense, no rush,” he said.

“What are our options though?” she asked him.

‘Really?’ I screamed inside. ‘She’s serious?’

“Well, do you want her to have it as a punishment?” He paused, “Or do you just want to do it to get it to where she’s right cosmetically?” he shook his head, “There’s even an option out there that would go ahead and give her ovaries so she could have her own little babies.”

He paused for a moment, “I hate to think of this one like that, but she would be ultimate breeder if you mated her with a really short little boy.” He nodded before adding, “I bet I can even get you in touch with a couple of my patients that fit that bill…”

I was truly horrified as I sat there and he talked about making it possible for me to have babies just to make me a baby-making machine. There was no sense of compassion in his voice at all. As he gave her information, he never stopped his examination of my groin. A second later he flipped me over on to my stomach while leaving me partially over my diaper. I feared what was coming next and sure enough I felt something enter my butt that I hoped was just a thermometer.

“We’re not interested in mating her,” Amanda said carefully, “but maybe that type of procedure would be best so that we could make sure we have options?”

“Well if you go that route, you’ll be able to do it all in one day at the university’s hospital. We have a doctor trained in a new technique there with nanites…” He paused and added, “I’ve heard that they can do other modifications while they’re at it too if you want. Really great designer options!” He laughed, “Speaking of which I just now realized who your husband is. Tell Fred hello for me.”

“I will,” Amanda said as she gently squeezed my hand.

“Well I think that should be good.”

He pulled out the thermometer and I let out a silent sigh of relief. That sucked!

“Okay, last bits I’ll leave in my nurse’s hands. Overall you seem to have a very healthy little on your hands. Be sure to think about what I said and definitely have her back here in six months for a checkup.”

“We will,” Amanda replied as he left and she quickly put a new diaper on me and redressed me in my romper. “Sorry baby,” she whispered to me as the door opened again and the original nurse entered.

“Okay, let’s make some art for your mommy!” the nurse told me with a smile. A large ink pad was brought out and my feet and hands were covered in it before they put them on a large paper labeled, ‘Adoption Certificate.’ I looked at the details on the certificate. Both of my ‘parents’ full names and birthdates were listed, my real age of eighteen was listed with my birthdate, along with my height, weight, hair and eye color. I was surprised to see my gender listed as Female without any surgery required. The nurse scanned a bar code printed at the top of the page with some sort of gun looking device in her hand.

“Where do you want to put her chip?”

Without warning Amanda flipped me over onto my stomach over her lap and I felt her pull back my romper and diaper right on my right butt cheek. A second later I nearly bit my tongue in half to avoid crying out as I felt another feeling like a shot, but worse, go right in there.

“Stay there for a second baby, I know that hurt, sorry,” she told me. A scanner was run over the chip to confirm it was working correctly before the lady said, “You’re such a good baby!”

Amanda held me tight for a few minutes to reassure me while the nurse said, “The chip is active and confidential where it’s located. You actually didn’t put it in any of the most common spots, so hopefully any trader wouldn’t find it easily.”

“Can’t they dig it out?” Amanda asked.

“It’s a lot more work than you would think. Pretty soon scar tissue forms around it inside of her and you end up damaging the goods to get it out. They can reprogram them with a lot of patience, but the password you put in the reader prevents anyone but you from easily doing that. Make sure you share that password with your husband though just in case you need it in the future to update her medical or your contact info.”

Amanda nodded and I found myself sat back in the carrier with my pacifier again in my mouth, just grateful the exam was over! As she walked past another room on the way out the door I heard, “You can’t do this to me!!!! I’m not a baby or a girl!!!!!!!!” A smack and cries of agony serenaded us as she carried me past the receptionist.

Our exit out the door of the building didn’t happen soon enough for me as I could only imagine the horrors that existed in that building.



End Chapter 4

Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021


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