Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021

Two years ago Stacy visited a newly discovered dimension, with his parents, on an adventurous summer vacation. He was astounded by how the other dimension's technology was decades ahead of his own! During his senior year he applied to Emerson University in the city he had visited. He was excited and hopeful of learning more about their technology as an exchange student, and hopefully bring it back to his own world. (Story set in the Diaper Dimension)

Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Contracts

This work was one I worked on for nearly two years originally. It originally was a single volume work of more than 360k words, but later on I have since split it into three separate books. This first volume is twenty-one chapters in length. The work is set in the Diaper Dimension, inspired by Princess Pottypants original work. I also have to give credit to Langtab and KWOceans for writing stories that inspired this tale. 

I STARED AT the computer for a long moment at the text of my ad in front of me.

“Inter-Dimensional College Exchange Student Looking For Room And Board

18 year-old student is currently seeking room and board for his time studying at Emerson University. Emerson University has accepted student into Computer Science program and hopes to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. Upon researching the dynamic at the university believes renting a room in a home would be the best option. Open to ‘traditional’ little living conditions, but must remain mentally unaltered and able to physically still walk and function normally as adult. Must be allowed to complete degree and be delivered back to home dimension.

Terms open for negotiation. Contract of funds to be paid half upon agreement and half upon delivery of little back to home dimension.”

Two years ago, my family had gone on an adventure to the new dimensional world of the Amazons. Our guided trip had been a life-changing trip; as I had been amazed at their level of technology, and how far they had brought their computers and engineering beyond our current levels! It was incredible! A tour of a college called Emerson University made me really want to go to school there. During the tour I saw supercomputers and faculty that blew my mind, even if when I looked around it seemed like being as short as I was would be a problem.

Apparently for many people one of the side effects of going through the dimension was a reduction in height. I had been five feet eight inches tall back home at the time, but only about four feet and an inch when I arrived in the other dimension. All around me had been giants in the form of the Amazons! Even my parents felt like kids in comparison to them. My dad had been alone amongst us in remaining a height that could be considered an ‘in-betweener’ according to our guide. The guides had immediately assured us that they would make certain we were not ‘poached’ if we remained with the group. We were strongly discouraged from any outside exploration though!

It hadn’t taken long after that conversation for me to see why when I saw a nearly naked college girl being breastfed on a bench. Her breasts gave away the idea she wasn’t a regular baby, but other things like her yellowing diaper made things more confusing. The lady, her ‘mother,’ gave me a quick glance and a wink before noticing the guide. To their credit they managed to get us back home safely after a two-week tour of the amazing new world. I had taken in every bit of information about how adult ‘littles’ ended up as babies. It disturbed me that nearly seventy percent of them that ended up as surrogate babies, but if you ignored that the world was so amazing!

Towards the end of our trip I was able to sit down and pick the brain of one of the few free littles we met while we were at a restaurant.

“I’d love to come to school at Emerson,” I told him.

“What for?”

“Computer science,” I told him.

He nodded, “I hear we are way ahead of you with our technology… but you would have to be very careful. Most of the time they’ll let an intelligent little get through the first three years of college because they get so many grants for them from the government. But as soon as that fourth-year rolls around they find an excuse to send you to an etiquette school instead… Then it’s back to diapers, drooling, crawling, and breastfeeding for life.”

I found myself slightly enticed by that, but asked, “I don’t suppose there are any that survive to graduate?”

“A few… sometimes a very clever little like myself can make it through if you are always watching. Too often though you let your guard slip one time and the nearest Amazon to you will spank you, diaper you, and adopt you as their new baby…”

The last day of our trip I had managed to snag a brochure for the university and for the last two years had dreamed of nothing but going to school in that dimension at that school. I just had to figure out how to do it and still have my mind and my body mostly intact when I returned.

Given the cost of the network hop to the inter-dimensional network I proofread the ad several more times and changed its wording in the hopes my meaning would be clear. My parents were very well off and had invested and saved quite a college savings account for me. Emerson had been very intrigued by my application and had actually awarded me a full-ride scholarship there. That meant the savings account was available for other expenses. I figured if we decided on a monthly fee for rental and board that we would pay in full, then with another payment of that full amount plus thirty-three percent upon my delivery back here at home I would have a good shot at remaining free in the end. Money seemed to make the world go around there too.

At least that was the hope… I opened up the brief connection and submitted to that universe’s Craigslist server and hoped for the best.


A WEEK LATER I found myself looking through fifty-eight responses to my ad. About half of them seemed to not care about the money and just wanted a baby… those went in the trash file of my computer in a hurry. Another dozen or so I held as a backup in case the others fell through, and finally I had it narrowed down to about five real possibilities.

All of the replies left were couples that currently had no kids. I had decided upon that requirement after thinking more on what the little had told me. Apparently when a toddler is taller than you they see you as a great target to pick on. The last thing I wanted to deal with was an Amazon baby picking on me and making life miserable…

From that final pile I picked out two couples that both had at least one person working at the university. The first couple on the pile was Jennifer and Mark Nimitz. Mark was a doctor in the med school focusing on ‘Little’ care and Anatomy and Physiology of them. Jennifer had earned a doctorate in Psychiatry focusing on Little needs, but wasn’t currently working full time after having left a recent position. “They certainly would understand your needs,” his mom had said.

“Yeah, but I’m a little scared they might understand how to manipulate me too well…”

She had just nodded, but didn’t say anything more. My parents weren’t actively fighting me on this decision, but they had both made it clear that they thought I was crazy to be willing to go risk my adulthood there.

The second couple was named Amanda and Fred Westerfield. Fred was a professor at the medical school specializing in obstetrics, and Amanda was a professor in the engineering department teaching courses in bio-mechanical engineering. Both of them worked on the university campus I wanted to attend. I hoped I could continue through school without ending up in the campus daycare, and on paper they really were a good bet to help. Amanda’s field was the next most interesting to me to study, so I thought we might have some common interests.

In the end we had gone down to the Inter-Dimensional Portal Center and video conferenced with both couples in a private room. My vibe on Jennifer and Mark stayed the same, practically screaming a big warning sign when they spoke. I had ended the call by saying “I’ll be in touch when I’ve made my decision.”

Amanda and Fred though were a completely different experience as my parents and I talked to them. “I love this idea of being your surrogate family so you can come study here. I believe you can learn a lot from us and probably vice versa,” Amanda said with a smile.

“You understand the stipulation that I would be coming back home upon graduation?” I asked.

“Absolutely Stacy, we’d be happy to have you on those terms,” he said with a smile, “I’ll even guarantee you we’ll get you through that degree even if we have to help make sure professors don’t play games with you.”

“I’m not asking for you to fight all of my battles,” I said with a little bit of concern.

“We’re not saying we will,” Amanda soothed, “but this is a different dimension and to be perfectly honest there are professors who won’t take you seriously as anything but a baby.”

I nodded, “That’s what I heard when we visited.”

“You visited?” Fred asked surprised.

“We came for a family vacation with a guide two years ago,” my mom told them over my shoulder as she absent-mindedly played with my long hair. “Ever since then all Stacy has wanted to do is come there to study at Emerson. He wants to learn about everything that you all do in computers since it is so much further ahead of us here.”

They nodded and Amanda looked perplexed for a moment, but asked, “You do understand if you come we will have to alter some of your… umm… clothing options?”

I nodded, “I kind of expect that based on the other littles I saw around. I just don’t want to end up with the mind of an infant, toddler, or preschooler,” I tried to cover all bases there, “or end up with some of the bizarre surgeries I saw there where teeth were removed, or something was done to where they could only crawl…” I shuddered visibly at the thought of a few of those ‘babies’ we had seen.

Fred smiled, “Don’t worry about those types of things, we’ll not only make sure you don’t go through those, we’ll help you avoid some of the traps that some of our kind have setup. I’ll go ahead and forewarn you don’t watch TV on your own. There’s a program called Naomi and Oliver, which I know for a fact will regress you and addict you to it. We also have some scientists that have come up with other shows that will mess with your head. Please regardless if you choose us avoid those if you don’t want to be a mindless drooling baby.”

I nodded, “If I do come… what will you expect?”

“Well right now any little without a diaper on is a sitting target for kidnapping. I honestly believe your best bet is to plan on wearing them for the duration of your time in college here.”

I sighed and nodded, “I kind of expected that, what else?”

“Well… If you don’t mind letting me indulge myself a little?” Amanda asked calmly.

“How much is a little?”

“Well if you’re going to be in diapers… just a nursery and a highchair at the dinner table.”

Dad practically seemed to be laughing next to me but mom pinched his leg hair or something and he suddenly became serious. “You’re serious?” He asked.

“Mr. Slane it’s a matter of custom as much as anything. But it will also serve as a way for us to keep Stacy safe. If they found out a little wasn’t being properly cared for the state could come in and take Stacy to an orphanage… We have to be very careful with this plan, especially if Stacy is going to attend classes.”

“Oh my!” My mom said worriedly next to me.

I looked at the screen and the two friendly looking faces on it. Her blonde hair actually matched mine nearly perfectly. His eyes twinkled and seemed to be a similar Hazel to mine. They actually mirrored my own parents so closely it was almost unnerving. Mom’s hair was just a bit darker than mine, and dad had the same Hazel eyes I had. The risk of this was great, but if I could return with the knowledge of their level of technology, I could make a fortune back here.

“So yeah… I guess I could deal with that.” I responded.

They both beamed at me and I felt my own parents shudder a bit. “Great! Now with this deal I know you’re trying your best to make a safe contract for yourself. This is such a unique opportunity I agree that it needs to be done right. Do you have a contract drawn up already?” Fred asked me.

“Yes sir, let me just note the items we agreed to really quick and I’ll send it over to you to look it over and sign.”

“If you don’t mind, I’m going to have our own attorney look it over?” Amanda suggested.

“That’s fine, and then we’ll countersign it when it comes back.” I said before adding, “My parents are going to sign as witnesses to the action as well.”

“Sounds good!” Amanda said, “This is really exciting Stacy!”

My own parents began talking as they turned away from the screen and I just made out something about “I can’t wait to have our own little g…” before the screen went blank.

‘I told them I’m a guy… Right?’ I asked myself. Stacy was a terrible name for a boy!

“Stacy let’s go ahead and note the items you all agreed to here,” mom said. We noted that diapers were okay, a nursery was okay, a high chair was okay, and car seats I knew were mandatory by law. The clauses stating that I was to be unaltered psychologically via brainwashing techniques, or physically altered to prevent my locomotion as a normal adult on two legs was also noted. I hoped we had hit the majority of the things that would be fates worse than death in the contract before we scanned it through the offices scanner and sent it on to the Westerfields.

I also made sure to send a polite message to the Nimitz couple to let them know I had gone with someone else. I had been told by the little and the guides that to be rude in any way was a bad idea for a little!

As we drove home, I couldn’t help but note the fact that sitting in a regular car seat, eating in a regular chair, and sleeping in a regular bed might be a short-lived idea. At home mom called, “Stacy are you going to just keep letting your hair grow for college?”

I shrugged, “I suspect it won’t matter one way or another there, Mom. I like it long myself, so I’m just going to leave it.”

She nodded, “I hope it doesn’t cause problems there.”

I thought back to whatever was being said by Amanda as the screen cut off and just shook my head. ‘It’ll be fine…’


THE NEXT FEW weeks were crazy as May wrapped up and I graduated from high school with my plans for my future set in motion. I was proud to be the salutatorian of my class to my good friend Gabby who was .01 points ahead of me GPA wise. I had made the mistake of taking some non-AP classes as electives like band and it had unfortunately brought my GPA down. I was bummed, but with a full ride to college in the other dimension I had no real reason to be upset.

At the post-graduation party, the school ran she asked me, “So you’re really going through with this plan to go to school in the other dimension?”

I nodded and smiled, “It’s an adventure!”

“Sure… but haven’t you heard the stories? I me I’m sure they’re just stories… but…”

I shook my head, “They’re actually true…” I said softly, “when we visited a couple years ago I saw it happening.”

She looked horrified, “Then why the hell are you going?”

“You wouldn’t believe how advanced their computers and technology are! If I can go and learn their level of computer science and come back with that knowledge, I’ll be able to make a fortune here!”

“From what I’ve heard and you just said that’s only if you don’t come back drooling and crawling on the floor waiting for an Amazon mommy to change you or feed you…”

I sighed, “We’ve setup a pretty strict contract to make it worth the families while to get me back here unharmed. Basically, they’ll get $100,000 when I go to pay for my room and board for four years, and then an additional $150,000 when they send me back.”

“What if they decide it’s more worth it just to keep you…?”

I didn’t have an answer to that question and just shrugged. After that night I just kept moving towards my future plans. I was young and invulnerable! I spent the summer enjoying every bit of freedom I could though! Not that I was partying and drinking, but I drove everywhere I could and spent as much time with my friends as was possible. I watched many of them leave for their colleges early, leave for the military, or just generally begin working hard at menial jobs.

Once a week I traded e-mails back and forth with the Westerfields about the upcoming move. On a whim I sent them the graduation photo of me receiving my diploma, “That’s a great picture of you sweetie!” Amanda Westerfield had responded almost immediately. I liked the photo as my hair was just behind my head where it should be, and I had a great smile.

Their responses made me wonder how hard it would be to get used to the new life I had agreed to. They were invaluable though in acting as liaisons with the university registrar and deans’ offices. Together we had gotten all of the paperwork squared away for my scholarship, my course request list was in the system, and the week after I arrived, I would be able to pick up my schedule.

There had been several hiccups with the system as we’d moved forward since I was ‘just a little,’ and I was from the dimension they considered behind them. It was only the backing of Amanda that had really guaranteed me a spot in the department of my choice without further issues provided I passed a local exam. She guaranteed I would be ‘disciplined’ and would ‘stand up to their rigorous standards.’ I had been fearful of what that could mean, but there was a clause in the contract that stated should I be kicked out or drop out of the university I would also be returned home.

About three weeks before it was time to leave, I couldn’t help but notice that I was paying attention to babies and their care more than I ever had. Diaper commercials would come on TV and I would blush thinking about how I would soon be wearing them myself. Strollers and car seats, high chairs, everything seemed to make me shudder when I saw them - I knew it wouldn’t be long till I was stuck in them myself… I just had to hope it really would be temporary. One day Gabby called me and asked, “Hey Stacy, I’m over babysitting, I’m bored, do you want to come over?”

Knowing friends would be fleeting I had agreed and went over. She was holding the little baby girl in her hands as she answered the door. “Hey Stacy!” she said as she gave me a hug from the opposite side of the baby.

“Hey Gabby,” I told her and followed her inside.

“I was just getting ready to give Elena her dinner, why don’t you come sit down with me?” She asked.

I watched her buckle Elena into the high chair straps, “How old is she?”

“Seven months,” she said, “isn’t she adorable?”

I had to agree, “She is,” looking at her wearing a pink romper with flowers on it.

I watched as Gabby opened a jar of some disgusting looking baby food and poured some into a little bowl. She microwaved it briefly and then sat it aside while she put a bib on her. “Want to taste?” she asked me as she sat there.

I made a face.

“I dare you baby boy,” she smirked.

I sighed and let her put a spoonful in my mouth. It was some sort of beef concoction, but the texture made me want to gag! I managed to swallow it without puking, “That’s awful,” I told her.

When she rinsed the spoon off though and fed it to Elena she didn’t quite agree. While she wasn’t fan enough to let it all in her mouth, she did seem to mostly be okay with it. Her face and bib were a mess though when I think Gabby decided she had enough.

“Stacy there are some pouches of Elena’s milk in the fridge, would you mind getting one and pouring it into one of the bottles over there?” she asked me as she began attacking the squirming Elena with a baby wipe.

“Sure,” I said, certain that I could manage such a task.

I reflected that as an only child I’d never really been around babies. Babysitting as a boy wasn’t really common and I was usually too busy to have ever been asked anyway. Inside the fridge I saw some pouches I recognized as breast milk storage having been looking at such things on the Internet. The closer the day drew it seemed like I found myself looking at what existed for babies and I couldn’t help but shudder and picture the woman I had seen when we first stepped into the dimension on our visit. I did as I was asked and poured a pouch in one of the bottles and even was smart enough to assemble the bottle.

“Just place it in this warmer?” I asked her.

“Yes, there’s a mark on how much water to add from that jug next to the stove.”

Before long the bottle was done, and the next thing I knew I was sitting in a rocking chair in her nursery holding the bottle for baby Elena while she nursed. Gabby coached me every now and then and then took a very content and sleepy Elena from my arms and burped her over her shoulder. I watched stuff come out of her mouth and grimaced a bit there, but Gabby expected it and just wiped her face off. I watched as she laid her down on the changing table and popped open the crotch snaps on her outfit. She quickly changed her diaper, which had been more than wet. I felt my nose scrunch up at the smell...

“You ready for these moments?” Gabby asked me quietly as she taped her diaper back up.

“Not really,” I admitted to her quietly. She placed a pacifier in her mouth and we quietly snuck out of the room.

“I think you’re crazy Stacy, but I’m kind of envious of your adventure,” she told me before I left to go home.

“I know I’m crazy…” I admitted.

For the next couple weeks, I would find myself waking up from nightmares. In those nightmares Gabby changed my messy diapers or fed me that disgusting mush. The cold sweats I woke up in didn’t do much to help me relax about my upcoming adventure.


ALL TOO SOON it came time for me to pack my belongings. The dimensional portal charged for luggage much like an airport. Since the ticket I had purchased was a long-term ticket I was allowed two large suitcases and my backpack. I had a feeling I wouldn’t necessarily be wearing a ton of ‘my’ clothes over the next few years there though. I remembered seeing the diapers and how they had poofed out of just about every set of pants I had seen on littles. I settled on taking some sweat pants at least, some other wind pants, my letterman jacket, some other jeans and underwear just in case I ever had that freedom - though I doubted that would occur, and then packed some more important essentials. My flute fit in the luggage easily, along with my XBOX and PlayStation, both of which were the latest models. I had no idea if I could connect those to their TV, but I took them and a plethora of games anyway.

My final real item I cared about was my state-of-the-art laptop. It was a fifteen-inch model that I could easily carry around in my backpack, and had a battery that was rated well above ten hours. It had the latest graphics card and processor, and I had maxed out every bit of the options I could when I ordered it. I knew realistically it would be way behind the specs of the computers in the other dimension, but at least I could be assured it would be my size… Or at least I hoped it would be. I assumed it would shrink with me at least. Otherwise I would regret not going smaller!

My grandparents, cousins, and even Gabby gathered for a last dinner celebration the night before we left. Before they all arrived though Mom brought me a women’s razor and said, “I’m not saying you have to do this… but I remember some crazy advertisements about hair removal. It might be a good idea to at least shave your legs and down below…”

I blushed but took care of those areas like she suggested. It had been awkward contorting to take care of it, but I had felt her suggestion wise. I didn’t do my arms though… I felt I needed at least that bit of maturity. I was self-conscious throughout dinner with my naked legs under my shorts!

After dinner my grandfather cornered me late in the evening, “Stacy I’m so proud of you. You have an adventurous spirit that lives up to the Slane name,” he told me with a smile.

“Thanks Grandpa!” I told him and gave him a hug. Grandpa Stacy Emile Slane, II was a big man like dad and stood three inches taller than me. His grey hair was still full and contrasted with his still black bushy eyebrows that rose above his blue eyes.

“That being said I think you should pack one last thing… just in case!” He said and handed me what looked like a Nintendo Switch.

“Umm I already packed two game consoles Grandpa,” I started.

“I’m sure you did,” he said with a laugh, “which is why I’m pretty sure this will fit in well. The only games that are in here are child games that should seem tame to your surrogate family.”


He then pressed on one part of the case, then another in a sequence and I watched the back come apart. My mouth dropped as I saw that inside the cover was a small pistol…

“Grandpa I can’t…”

“Yes, you can. Every member of the Slane family that has ever gone on an adventure like this has been armed. This pistol is something you’ll hopefully never need, but if you do, I hope you’ll have it with you.”

I felt some tears in my eyes as I gave him a hug and examined the pistol some more. It looked tiny, but had a clip of eight rounds of 9mm ammo. “Where did you get this?”

“I had it made for you,” he told me. “It’s made of a material, along with the rounds, that can go through a metal detector unseen. The case is designed in such a way that it looks like just supporting components on a X-ray machine.”

“That sounds…”

“Illegal?” He laughed, “Yes, this is a very illegal gun and storage for it. It would be stupid to send you away without something though.”

I hugged him tight. “Well hopefully this doesn’t get me in trouble…”

“If someone finds it just tell them your grandfather gave you this as a gift - you had no idea it was in there.”

I nodded and we reassembled the Switch to where the pistol was once again hidden. He walked me through the steps to open it one more time before we rejoined the rest of the party. That night my dad gave me a single beer to celebrate. As we looked at each other I knew we both feared that would be the only beer I would ever drink with him.


THE NEXT MORNING it was suddenly the day! It was Monday; two weeks from the day orientation would be starting. The night before my nerves had barely let me sleep. Right after lunch I found myself driving to the Inter-Dimensional Portal with my parents in the passenger seat. They both seemed to understand my time to drive was not going to exist in the other dimension. Both remembered well that every time we had entered a vehicle there had been booster seats or car seats for all of our kind. Dad had been the only one spared that indignity since his height kept him from being a true little when he arrived for some reason.

No one was actually completely certain why the portal shrank some more than others. For some reason Dad shrank all of an inch on that last trip, while I had definitely experienced more shrinkage! I expected the same would be true on this trip and had steeled myself for it. Dr. Bremer supposedly had a few theories, but she never shared them with anyone before she disappeared one day. I calculated out that should it affect me the same way as last time, I would be at about four feet seven inches, max! At the terminal I checked my bags just like at an airport and kept my backpack with the Switch and a change of clothes.

Mom brushed my hair out of my face and gave me a big hug, “Stacy take care… we’ll be here to take a video call from you Friday…”

“I love you Mom,” I told her and felt tears on my face and knew they were on my hers as well.

“Take care Stacy!” Dad said to me and hugged me tightly too.

I wiped my tears and said, “I love you guys, see you soon!”

As I turned, I made sure to wipe my tears just in case any marks were visible when I got to the other side. My backpack with the Switch in it made it through security with no problems and I found myself in the final room before being allowed to the portal. The portal had its own branch of TSA agents that questioned me, “Purpose of your trip?”

“I’m going to college.”

The agent looked at me coolly, “You sure that’s a good idea?”

I shrugged, “I have a family that I’ve made a contract with. We pay them for my room and board now and then an additional fee upon my return. I won’t say it’s without flaws as a plan, but I think I can learn enough there to make it worth the risk.”

“You are aware…”

“Yes sir, if you look at my passport, you’ll notice I passed through here two years ago.”

He shook his head, “Well it’s your life ma’am… I mean sir.” He added the last bit after looking at my passport.

“Girls name?”

I sighed, “Family name, it’s my grandfathers, and was my great-grandfathers too. Back then at least it didn’t have a feminine leaning to the name. I’ve heard it all growing up and just kind of tune it out now.”

He just shook his head again, and said, “Good luck son, you’re cleared.”

I walked down the hallway and stood in line to watch as groups of about pass in a single file line through the portal. Soon enough it was my turn and I walked in between a group of tourists that I hoped were all smart enough to have a guide. A moment later the world flashed and then I was standing on the ground on the other side. Signs clearly marked to keep moving with inbetweeners seeming to draw the job of first contact here. I walked down the hallway and gathered my luggage from a conveyor belt before going to stand before a huge customs desk.

“Anything to declare?” The large nearly Amazon size in-betweener lady asked me as she leaned down to look at me through the window.

“Just my computer and gaming systems?” I asked.

“No need to declare those. Any food? Perishables or Alcohol?”

“No…” said without hesitation.

“Okay what’s your business here?”

I found myself repeating my previous conversation with the agent on the other side, but this one didn’t offer advice. If anything, I felt like there was a predatory smile on her face. She eventually stamped my visa and then had me pose for a local identification card. The agent smiled again and said, “Enjoy your stay sir.”

I walked quickly down the hallway to the concourse and hoped I would see Amanda and Fred quickly. As if to underscore the perilous situation I could see several amazon women eyeing me just beyond the tall barrier. Just as I was beginning to panic a little, I spotted Amanda and waved! I pulled my suitcases quickly towards her and had just about gotten to her when I felt a large hand on my shoulder.

“Excuse me, but you aren’t with a tour, are you?” A sinister sneer was in the lady’s voice.

“No, but she’s with her mommy,” I heard another voice say and saw Amanda close in.

“I got here first bitch,” the lady started to snarl.

“Hold it!” I said. “I have a contract with Mrs. Westerfield here.”

“Sure, you do… Stupid tourists and guides…” the lady griped as she walked away.

“That was a close one,” Fred said quietly under his breath. “Well, how are you doing Stacy?” He asked with a smile as he crouched down to my level.

I couldn’t help but shudder involuntarily as I realized just how different our heights were. Especially with the shrinking I didn’t feel like I even had hit toddler height compared to him. I smiled though and stuck out my hand, “I think I’m glad I met up with you right away… That was scary, it’s nice to meet you!” I said with a smile.

Amanda was crouched down next to me a moment later and said, “I’m so glad that you decided to come!” She engulfed me with a hug and asked, “Is this all of your stuff?”

I nodded, “Somehow I had a feeling that much of what I would normally bring won’t get used…”

I eyed a pink bag she had sat down next to her feet and had a feeling it was a diaper bag. ‘Why pink?’ I wondered.

She smiled and said, “Probably not…” She pushed me back to arm’s length and then still on one knee brought her mouth close to my ear. “Look, I planned originally to slowly get you used to everything, but I’m thinking with that lady still glaring at us it would be in our best interests just to get things out of the way…” Her sideways glance to the diaper bag said it all.

I sighed, “It’s not like I didn’t agree to it.”

She laughed, “Then I’m going to take you to the family room and get you changed. Honey can you get Stacy’s bags and get the car?”

“Sure thing, honey!” He said with a smile and easily scooped up my luggage. It was all so small compared to him that I had a fear he would accidentally crush everything. The only thing that remained with me was my backpack.

I watched Amanda carefully put the strap of the diaper bag on her shoulder and then she picked me up and settled me on her hip. “Just out of curiosity, why pink?” I asked her.

She laughed, “I know you’re a bit of a tomboy Stacy, but I think we’ll have to get past that for these next few years…”


Apparently, I had forgotten something in the contract!



End Chapter 1

Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021


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