Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021

Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Computer People

“THERE IS A solution at least for now,” Fred suggested while looking at his wife. “Providing no one is changing your diaper no one should guess that you’re not a girl. Even if they did with all of the crazy things in this world, I don’t think anyone would do anything more than tease you?”

“So, you’re saying just pretend to be a girl?” I asked and felt my face flush, “If anyone back home finds out…”

“Surely some of your friends already know about some of it?” Amanda asked.

I felt my face was never going to not blush, “Just my friend Gabby… She and I talked quite a bit over the summer,” I told her.

“Girlfriend?” Fred asked.

I shook my head, “We both cared about our studies too much. Though I guess it would probably have been smart to go off and have crazy wild orgies or something before coming here…”

Fred laughed like crazy about that while Amanda shot me a glare, “IF you’re going to pull off this college degree, you’re going to have to behave better than that young lady.”

I gulped, “Sorry…”

“Well, I guess we probably should go over some more of these expectations then Stacy… For now, are we agreed as far as anyone is concerned, you’re a little girl?”

I looked down at the pink dress I was wearing and the hair from my head that hung down to the top part of it. I sighed, “I don’t want to lose my scholarship or worse, so yes.”

“We may have to think about this some more Amanda, but I’m okay with it. I’m glad you told me before I changed a diaper and got a surprise!”

As if by magic the word diaper made me think of my bladder and I couldn’t help the feeling that I needed to pee again. I had long since steeled myself that this was going to be a part of my world now so I just let it go in the diaper. Both my pause and the expanding diaper must have let them both know what I was doing and the blush returned.

“Good girl,” Amanda said, “That’s going to be the next thing. You already agreed to the diapers. Please understand that means we’re watching your toilet habits like good parents… if you don’t go poopy at least once a day we’re going to have to see if you’re stopped up… and help otherwise.”

My eyes opened wider, “That won’t be a problem…” said quickly.

“Also understand we’ll try and change you as soon as we can, but sometimes you may have to wait a while.”

“Could I just change myself?” I asked, knowing that would probably not be a yes.

“For right now no,” Amanda said, “Maybe in a few months I’ll think about it if you can be trusted. Depending on which diapers you’re in you may not even be able to do so though. The pamper you’re in would probably be possible, but any of the other diapers we bought today are designed to where littles can’t untape the diapers themselves.”

“Oh…” I sighed, “I understand I’ll have to wait sometimes. What else?”

“Well obviously once you see your crib, you’re going to understand it’s probably impossible anyway… especially given how small you are. But even if you CAN climb out of your crib somehow you are not to do so. Same thing with your playpen.”

I shuddered at memories of failing at rock climbing walls, “Okay, I won’t even try either of them. Just please don’t lock me up like an animal and forget about me?” I asked.

Amanda smiled, “Don’t worry, good mommies never forget about their babies.”

“That’s going to be the next thing,” Fred said, “for your own protection we’re not Amanda and Fred, we’re Mommy and Daddy.”

I nodded, “I figured we’d have to do something like that… Daddy,” I said, “just please remember my real mom and dad?”

“Don’t worry, that’s part of why he said Mommy and Daddy, I figure we can keep things straight about who you’re talking about. Especially now that we know you’re really a boy I can’t imagine you’ve called either of your parents by those names in years?”

I shook my head, “By sixth grade my friends gave me enough crap I stopped calling Dad that then.”

“Obviously you came here for school, so we expect you to keep your grades up Stacy,” Amanda said. “I’d like to honestly see you get at least a 3.5 GPA, but as long as it’s a 3.0, things will be fine since you can keep your scholarship.”

“IF it doesn’t though you need to be aware of consequences that won’t even be in our control.” Fred said.


“You’ll most likely be seen as too immature to be in college and at the least sent back to a preschool. If that happens, they may begin to look at us as unfit parents…”

“And I’m a goner,” I nodded, “that’s at least something I’ve already prepared myself for. Given the fact I’m not exactly going to have a crazy social life it shouldn’t be too big of a deal for me to come home from classes and study.”

Amanda smiled, “No it won’t be a big deal, but be warned our days are longer here…”

I nodded, “I remember from my visit. It was kind of nice to naturally be able to get more sleep!”

“Well when we tell you it’s night-night time, it’s night-night time,” she told me.

“Got it… what about downtime and fun? Am I stuck with those toys over there?” I pointed to toys that looked like they were straight from Elena’s nursery back home. Shape puzzles, blocks, stuffed animals, and a couple dolls were popping out of a couple elegant looking bins in the corner next to a folded-up playpen.

She smiled, “Well, you will probably have to pretend to play with those at least a little bit. If we have visitors, you’re going to have to pretend like we’re treating you normally…”

“Even with me going to classes?”

“Especially with that, because we can say we’re indulging you in some maturity because you’re being so mature and a good baby too.” Fred said.

‘That makes no sense at all…’ I told myself.

“What would you like to be able to do? Remember we said no TV…?”

I nodded, “I brought some video game consoles?”

“Ooh, really?” Amanda asked excitedly.

“Wait, that excites you?”

“Well yeah, we have better computers here but no one has completely mastered making video games as entertaining as yours!”

I must have looked dumbfounded but Fred chuckled and nodded, “you brought probably the most valuable commodity you could have from your world.”

“How come the customs officer didn’t care?” I asked.

He snorted, “She probably figured by now you’d be on your way to being a brainless infant and your mommy would sell them.”

“This mommy just wants to play them with you!” Amanda said. “Luckily for you I’m in my profession! The cables won’t go directly into our TVs as you have them, but I should be able to rig up some adapters!”

“Okay, so video games are okay… reading?” I asked.

“You mean Dr. Seuss and other picture books? Those are fine!” Fred joked with me. I felt terror as he added, “As long as it’s just us here you’re free to do any of those things.”

“And if other people are here?” I asked nervously.

“Well, that’s going to be the next big thing before I go get working on dinner sweetheart.” Amanda said, “If it’s just us like tonight you’ll be able to eat regular table food.”

“Thanks!” I said with a smile.

“Well don’t thank me yet, I or Daddy will be the ones feeding it to you though.”

I sighed, “As long as it’s real food, I can deal with that.”

“Good girl. Now if we have company or we’re out and about that may not always be the case. I’ll do my best to make it myself if we’re home, but company will expect you to be eating baby food with the size you are.”

“Will they be okay with that even?” I asked and then regretted it.

“Well some of them may very well be of the opinion that you should only be breastfed. Especially with as tiny as you are sweetheart.”

“Remember you’re only the size of a three-month-old baby here,” Fred added on. “A baby at that age should still only be on a liquid diet.”

I shuddered, “Okay, we’ll deal with that as we have to and I’ll try not to pitch a fit?”

Amanda replied, “That’s all we ask most of the time. Once in a while though it’s okay if you have to pitch a fit… it’s almost more unnerving to me that you’re being such a good girl about all of this.”

“I kind of came prepared…” I told them while noting they hadn’t said anything about not feeding me liquids as a diet… ‘We definitely missed some things in the contract…’

“Seems like it,” Amanda said. “Let’s go check out your nursery and change that wet diaper before we let you send a message home.”

I shrugged and started to climb down from the couch but was quickly intercepted by Amanda, “I want to show you!” She said as she tickled my side a bit. I started giggling uncontrollably as she kept going for a moment and then kissed the top of my head, “I know this is only for a few years here, but I hope you know we’re going to love you as our own baby for this time. I hope you’ll grow to feel a connection to us as your surrogate parents.”

I felt my eyes moisten a little at her words, “I hope so too.”

She held me at her side and I could now really view the rooms a bit better. She actually made a point to go back to the kitchen, “Okay, so obviously I like to cook,” she said as she pointed at a kitchen my mom would kill for.

“Wow, how many ovens do you need?” I asked quickly counting three along with eight burners and an indoor grill built into the stove.

“Well we like to entertain, so when we bought this house, we redid the kitchen to be my dream kitchen. You’ll see the dining room table can hold twelve people, so I like to be able to cook for that.”

Sure enough, I could see the table was long and other than a missing seat next to one chair was set up for twelve. I suspected she planned on placing my high chair next to that spot there. She walked over to a high chair that was something that would fit into any house back home. It was pink with butterflies printed on the fabric with a white tray. I saw that there was a harness like a car seat to restrain me, and I could see wheels on the base to make it easy to push it around.

“We bought a normal baby high chair and not a little’s high chair,” Fred told me with a voice that sounded like it was trying to reassure me.

I looked up at Amanda, “What’s the difference?”

“Well this one is just meant to keep a baby safe from falling out… the other type would let me strap your legs down to keep you from kicking me, and arm straps to keep you from hitting me, or getting your hands in Mommy’s way of feeding you.”

I gulped, “Thank you,” I said quietly as she gave me a squeeze.

“Okay, now let’s go check out your room, Sweetheart,” she told me. We walked down a hallway with pictures of them together, with friends, with older people I assumed were their parents, and Amanda seemed to have several sisters in another picture with her. She stopped there, “These are your Aunties, Aunt Cassie, Aunt Chloe, and Aunt Megan.”

I gulped as I looked next to the photo and saw another where Aunt Cassie seemed to have two real babies and a little. Aunt Chloe seemed to have a set of three littles of her own too in another picture. “Are they…?”

She sighed, “They’re not necessarily what you would consider to be nice people to your kind. When they come to visit, we may have to be a little bit different with them here…”

“Are they coming soon?” I asked.

“Well Aunt Megan wants to come over soon and meet you - she’s the baby of the family so she’s still in college herself.” She smiled at me and pointed at the youngest blonde-haired girl who actually seemed much shorter than the rest. She was still obviously an Amazon, but the line was closer to inbetweener. “She’s also the safe one,” she told me as she moved down the hallway. “She’ll probably help us with getting you to classes occasionally. She’s actually the only person in my family I’ve told about you.”

I nodded and noticed the absence of any more information on her other two sisters. I was distracted as we came up to a room that had a white door and “Princess Stacy,” in cute fabric letters alternating in a light green and pink with a mixture of polka dots and such on them. It was adorable and I found myself reaching out to touch them. I grimaced at the princess part, but it looked like they had wanted me to feel special.

Amanda opened the door and I looked at a work of art in awe. White paneling went from the floor to just about the level of the top of a massive white sleigh crib. Above the white was a pastel green, with pink and purple butterflies chasing each other along the wall. At the bottom edge were flowers that other butterflies appeared to sit on. Above the crib was painted in flowing pink script outlined in purple, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

“You had a Walt Disney in your universe too?” I asked while smiling at the words.

“He’s always been a bit of a hero to me,” Fred responded from behind us. “From what I understand yours did more with amusement parks than ours did.”

“We’ll have to compare notes later,” I said as my eyes continued to look over the room.

Pink curtains with butterflies on them framed two large windows in the room. A cute quilt hung on the side of the crib that continued the butterfly theme. It even had a mobile above it that had four plush purple and pink butterflies hanging from it.  I looked closer at the furniture and had no doubts that the crib would easily contain me. It would easily be a foot or more taller than my head from the mattress to the rails. I actually shivered a bit and felt myself going more in my diaper, which made Amanda squeeze me tighter. “It’s okay sweetheart.”

She moved towards the changing table that had drawer’s underneath it and several cubbies as well. I noticed a nice glider chair sat in a corner next to a light and a bookcase. The changing table had all of the normal things you would expect to see and I couldn’t help but feel helpless as she sat me down and then pushed me gently by the shoulders to get me to lie down. “Oh, goody Daddy, you brought her new diapees with you!” She told Fred as he had followed with all four boxes of them.

“Which do you want?”

“Hand me another of her Pampers,” she told him with a smile as she took a belt from the table and secured it around my chest.

She pushed my dress up towards my face and said, “Hold your skirt for Mommy please.” I did as she asked if nothing else because it hid my face from them looking at me as I felt her pull down the diaper cover first and left it dangling on my ankles before she popped open the tapes of the diaper.

“We are going to have to figure out something here,” she sighed to herself as she wiped my genitals.

“What do you mean?” I asked nervously.

“I’m not sure yet…” she said gently.

I was more than a bit nervous at that, but I held my tongue. “Such a serious baby,” she told me and tickled me just as she put some lotion on me. I felt myself harden again and hated that I felt so helpless and aroused at the same time. I was grateful that she didn’t make it more than an innocent diaper change, as I was sure I couldn’t have taken that! Soon I was sat back up to look at the room from my perch on the changing table. A diaper pail device sat next to the crib that I watched her place my wet diaper in it.

Around the room at my new height toys sat everywhere. In the corner though was an odd little desk and chair that was just a little bit bigger than my size and seemed kind of out of place. It had pencils and pens in a cup, but other than the white that matched the nursery it was something I could have had back home as a great workspace. I noticed there was even a power strip there that looked like it would let me plug in my laptop. “That’s a power strip for my electronics?” I asked.

“We bought it at the portal station since you said you were going to bring your laptop?” Amanda said. “Where’s it at anyway?”

I held my arms out for her to pick me up and set me on the ground. Fred had just returned with my luggage and I went to my backpack and dug around for my computer and the cord that I had stuffed in a compartment. I had guessed correctly that it would end up coming down in size for me and it seemed proportionally the same as it had.

Amanda had sat down on the floor next to me, “Oh my god that is soooo cute!” She told me.

I blushed, “I figured it would be a good idea to bring a computer my sized with me…”

“That was very smart,” she said with a smile, “Can I see it?”

I held it out to her and she opened it to watch the computer start up. It made me feel even smaller that in her hands it appeared to be even smaller than a netbook. “This keyboard is sooooo tiny! But it’s got everything it should!”

“Well it’s the state-of-the-art back home… I know that might bring it only into the mid-range here, but I’m hoping the size of it will let me still take it to class?”

“It’s better than anything we have for littles for certain,” she told me. “What are the specs?”

“It has is a 4.2 gigahertz thirty-two core processor, it has 512 gigs of ram,” I went on about the specs quite proudly because I had put my heart and soul into getting the machine custom made for me. We took the time to make sure the power would work for the computer and I smiled when it seemed to be charging it just fine.

“You know it only has about a quarter of my machines processing power, but it starts up quickly…” She said to me. I felt more than a little bit nervous at how far behind we were from them – even with my crazy machine, but that was why I had taken the risk.

“Well, we’re so far behind you… It should be okay for most of my coursework I hope.” I told her blushing.

She nodded, “It should, you definitely won’t find something this small with that much power. Oh, hi honey,” she said slyly to Fred who had sat there just staring at us.

“It’s bad enough she gets like this anytime I let her and Megan get in the same room… Hmm… at least I can do this with you though,” he said as he playfully reinserted the hanging pacifier in my mouth.

I glared at him but he just laughed. I spit the pacifier back out and hoped I wouldn’t get in trouble for it. I remembered a little getting a spanking the first trip here for that. “I take it he’s not of the computer people?” I looked at Amanda.

“Nope! He’s great with bodies, not so good with computers!” she told me before looking at him, “Maybe she can help you when you get stuck on the computer now…”

After a few more minutes she said, “Fred, can you help Stacy go through the stuff she brought and put it away? Go ahead and put any clothes on our bed so I can decide if there’s anything she can use.”

I sighed, “I didn’t bring much.”

“Won’t take long then! I’m going to go get dinner started. When you’re done you can explore a bit Stacy?”

I nodded and between Fred and I we soon had everything unpacked. My XBOX and PlayStation gaming consoles were taken to a room Amanda had set aside for her electronics tinkering. I had nearly wet my diaper again with excitement at all of the REAL toys she had, but Fred shooed me right back out before closing the door, “That’s off limits to you Princess.”

“Yes sir,” I said.

“Not sir Stacy, Yes Daddy,” He smiled when he said it, but I got the feeling he meant it.

“Umm… Yes Daddy,” I blushed.

“I know this is weird for you Stacy, but it will only take one slipup to make people believe you’re not the well-behaved baby that you need to appear to be.” He paused before adding, “Especially around any of Mommy’s family but Megan.”

I grew nervous but he said, “Now go off and explore. I know you have to be curious about the house.”

So that’s what I did. I walked back to my nursery first… ‘my nursery?’ I had to think at the girly extravaganza. I looked down at my dress and pulled up on it to look at the diaper cover that matched it. I pulled it down to look at the diaper for a moment of curiosity but then put everything back where it should have been and looked around. If there was a baby toy meant for a child less than two years of age, I was pretty sure it was in the room. I had more toys in that room than I probably had as a real baby! I noticed that next to the changing table several were strategically placed to be used as distractions while my diaper was changed… Several of them looked like teething toys.

‘I’m so glad I said nothing could be done with my teeth…’ I shuddered at the thought of having all of my teeth removed.

My backpack was set next to my desk for now and I used the chair to go ahead and sit down for my computer. ‘I forgot to ask the Wi-Fi password…’ I thought to myself while also being grateful that the technology was the same in this world. I stood up and went down the hallway to where Fred seemed to have a home office. This thinner diaper definitely affected my gait a bit, ‘those night time diapers…’ I shuddered.

“Umm… Daddy?” I asked as I approached him sitting in his chair high above me.

“Yes princess?”

“What’s your Wi-Fi password?”

He laughed, “The important things in life, huh?” He paused, “most people would probably argue that babies shouldn’t have Wi-Fi access and Internet unmonitored?”

“You probably have NetNanny or something here, right?”

He laughed again, “Right you are, and it’s already installed through the modem. You should be able to do homework, play some games, but don’t plan on anything more adult than that!”

“I just need to email my parents,” I reminded him.

He scribbled on a notepad on his desk and handed me a twenty-character password, “You memorized that?” I asked looking at it.

“Well of course, it’s your mommy’s birth year, my birth year, your birth year, along with all of our initials.”

“Oh,” I responded looking at it. I noticed that instead of SES for my initials it was SEW. I had no idea of their ages until then, but now I knew could see they were exactly ten years younger than my parents. “Thanks,” I said and turned to go back to my room.

I was able to quickly login and connected to a mail server that worked trans-dimensionally. My e-mail was pretty short, but it did contain some new information like their address I quickly found by digging around online, along with some code phrases that said I was okay. We had established about thirty innocuous phrases that were keys to saying everything was okay and going according to plan. Additionally, there were ten danger phrases that said I was in trouble and that I needed help.

At the last minute I added, ‘By the way my name has struck again… Somehow we never told them I wasn’t a girl. When we video conference this week don’t be surprised by my clothing… For now I think we may have to pretend I am a girl so I don’t lose my scholarship.’

I sighed as I pressed send and thought about it. She had mentioned there being maybe something they could do to help me. Knowing what little I did about this world I had little doubt there was a clinic that would gladly take me and correct the little error down below... What would they do while they were doing that though? That was what terrified me. I was used to people seeing me as girly… honestly it didn’t bother me that much either. I’d never had one of those moments of thinking I was born in the wrong body, but I also wasn’t married to my male body like so many other men were. I sighed and decided to go explore some more of the house. I had found the bedroom doors closed for the most part but one door was cracked open and I found myself in a huge bathroom. I’d seen a toilet for an Amazon on our last trip here, but I’d forgotten how intimidating it was. Most of the places we had stayed were designed for littles or in-betweeners. This place was pure Amazon comfort and I couldn’t even see above the edge of the tub or the toilet.

“What are you doing in here missy?” Amanda asked suddenly.

“I was exploring,” I told her honestly, “even if I wanted to do anything it’s not like I could in here,” I added.

She laughed, “You’re very right princess. I don’t think you could probably use this toilet hardly even if I held you on top of it!” I found myself being picked up, “Let’s wash your handsies up for din-din.”

She held me up to the sink and leaned me towards the water after putting soap on my hands for me. I did the work for the most part but she found a towel and dried me. “We’re going to have to do something with your hair later,” she told me as she brushed it out of my face.

“Just don’t cut it off?” I said, nervously remembered there had been nothing in our contract about it.

“What, I can’t have my baby girl looking like the newborn baby she practically is?”

I was genuinely scared for a moment while she laughed and placed me down on my still bare feet with a pat to my diapered behind. “Why don’t you go downstairs and meet us in the kitchen.”

I nodded and started down the stairs very carefully. Like everything else they seemed twice the size of my world, which meant they were probably about fourteen inches high. I thought back to my own childhood and found myself sitting on the stair and then sliding down to stand on the next. I repeated that until I was at the bottom and heard Amanda call out, “What a big girl you are!”

I turned and smiled at her, “I’m not completely helpless…”

“No, but make sure you are careful on those stairs. I probably am a terrible mommy to have let you climb them…”

I sighed, “You’re doing a good job so far,” I told her.

I found myself quickly in her arms as she gave me a squeeze and carried me to the dining room. The smell in the air was incredible with some sort of beef. I could see she had already pulled it out of the oven and it looked great, if not humongous! I didn’t take long though before she moved the tray out of the way with a free hand and then plopped me down into the highchair. The harness was quickly pulled over my shoulders and the tray placed back down. I put my hands on it. “The little ones are more restrictive?” I asked unintentionally.

She nodded, “Don’t worry, as long as you’re a good baby girl at meal times I’ll never use one of those here…”


She sighed, “We’ll have to figure out what we’ll do when we visit my family…”

“Just how bad are they?” I asked as she moved to cut the beef and plate it.

“Well… I’m not going to lie; Chloe is about as bad as it gets…” She sighed as if wondering if telling me was smart but continued, “If you were Chloe’s little you wouldn’t have any teeth or need to sit at this table. She nurses all three of her littles only.”

I gasped a little.

“I wish that was the worst, but she also had all three of them through an etiquette school and about all they can say is mama, poopy, and baba. She also had some sort of surgery done on them to keep them from standing. Well… actually Kacey can’t even crawl and is stuck with ‘tummy time,’ as Chloe calls it. It’s really really sick,” she told me with tears in her eyes.


“I honestly don’t know other than maybe she feels like they’re dolls? Sadly, she’s not alone. She convinced Cassie to get her little boy Neville back to crawling status. At least he can still talk, but he’s also missing all but three of his teeth so he can’t bite his mommy anymore too.”

“Umm… what… why…” I kind of stumbled over my words.

“Why am I not like that?” She asked. She smirked, “You hope I’m not, at least right?”

I shuddered.

“I’m not, but I wouldn’t trust an Amazon further than I could throw them if I were you. I can guarantee Chloe is going to do all sorts of pushing towards me to do that when she visits. I’m going to promise you right now that I’m not putting you down that day. You’re going to just have to be a clingy baby that day and just not say anything if you can help it.”

“I have to meet her…”

“Daughters?” She asked. “Yeah… She’ll expect you to play with them too. Not quite sure what you’re going to do. Know that they might as well be babies now and treat them as such and you’ll probably be okay.”

Fred slipped in the kitchen then, “Smells good!”

She was just dishing stuff onto plates then. A small plate that looked smaller but maybe even still too big for me looked to have more of the butterfly motif on it. “Anyway, you asked why I’m not like that?”

I nodded.

“We had a ‘baby sister’ little growing up at home…” she shuddered, “Hannah was so cute it was hard not to see my mom needing to baby her. Especially as we have children grow up or don’t have kids the mothering instinct in us is incredibly powerful! Studies have actually shown that it’s significantly more so in us than littles or in-betweeners… Anyway, I always viewed Hannah as the cute toddler baby sister to play with and treated her well. Chloe though… Chloe I think was jealous and would constantly bully poor Hannah and get her in trouble. One day something happened… I don’t even know what, but Hannah fell and was killed at a park with her while I was at a summer camp.”

I saw the tears in her eyes and wished I wasn’t restrained so I could give her a hug. “I’m sorry,” I told her.

“It’s not your fault. To this day I think Chloe did something… Anyway, when no one else was around I would talk to Hannah like an adult and she would help me with my homework. She’s the reason I made straight A’s through eighth grade when the accident happened.”

“Why didn’t you…?”

“Try and free her?” She asked with a laugh.

“I was the second daughter and seen as the one with her head in the clouds. My parents would just laugh at me and say I didn’t understand the world when I would suggest we potty train her or something to help. Mom would usually use that moment to grab Hannah and put her to her breast and say something about babies that feed from Mommy have no reason to potty train.”

“Are your parents?”

“Still alive?”

“Yes,” she told me. “I don’t speak to them every day, but I’m sure I won’t be able to keep their new granddaughter away from them forever since they live pretty close to here.”

I felt bad for her but at least I could sort of understand why I probably could trust her more than most. I felt a shiver of true fear though of the idea of dealing with her family. “What about your parents Daddy?”

“They’re still around, but they live on the other side of the country. They may very well want to come out and visit their new granddaughter too, but it may wait until Christmas or the New Year as my dad is always busy with work.”

“Are they…?”

“As bad as Mommy’s parents?” He asked while shaking his head, “No, they never took a little and honestly they will be kind of looking at me strange that we have. I’ll explain everything to them though and I know they’ll be proud that we helped keep you from being someone else’s mindless baby.”

Amanda sat a sippy cup of juice on my tray and then a bib appeared from somewhere that went over my dress. It seemed to have been bought for the expected proportions rather than the way I had come through.

“I wonder why you shrank so much when you came through?” Fred asked thoughtfully as he took his first bite, “This is great Amanda!”

She had just sat down next to me and asked, “See what you think?” A plastic fork had skewered a very small piece of meat that was clearly mutilated to keep me from choking. I opened my mouth wide for it though and took the meat and chewed.

“That’s really good!” I told her. It was in fact one of the best roasts I could ever remember eating!

“Good!” she said with a smile before loading some mashed potatoes up and feeding me a bite of that. “I wonder if it’s because it was her second trip through? Stacy, you said you shrank like eleven inches last time? So, this was what probably double that?”

I nodded and said, “yes,” after swallowing the last bite.

“So, going back and forth for the summers…” she took it to a logical conclusion I hadn’t thought about.

I just sat stunned for a moment… “If I get any smaller…”

“Yeah, you’re already just a little bit above newborn size right now… you’d be like a preemie,” Fred said.

“It’s something to think about,” Amanda said with a little bit of worry in her voice. Over the rest of dinner, they began asking me about other things and in between bites of food I would tell them about our versions of people and things like Disney and they would tell me theirs. Turns out in this world he had actually gone on to be a vice-president of the country. He never built a theme park there though; a rival of his seemed to have beaten him to that. Disney had nearly as much of a market though still on cartoons and toys.

When dinner was done, I found myself quite full and had finished the sippy cup. “May I please get down?” I asked Amanda.

“In a few minutes’ sweetheart, let me clean up dinner. You need to get used to this... “

I sighed.

“Here, why don’t you drink this while you’re waiting?” She said as she brought forth something I had been surprised not to see yet. A pink baby bottle contained what looked like a liter of white fluid that I presumed was milk or formula. I made a face but she told me, “You should be grateful that’s not your dinner. Just drink what you can, but I want half of it gone before bedtime.”

I tentatively picked it up with my hands and couldn’t believe the size of it compared to me. It was actually almost too heavy to handle but I was able to get it in my hands just barely. I stuck the nipple in my mouth and gave it a tentative suck. The milk inside actually tasted pretty good, sweeter than the milk back home, and she had taken the time to heat it up, so it was nice and warm. It was awkward holding it upwards to drink though, and I found myself trying to prop my arms and the bottle up on the tray. She solved that with some sort of latch on the seat and I found myself leaning back quite a way. “Is that better?” She asked me as she pulled the tray off and trusted in the straps to hold me there.

“It’s pretty heavy,” I admitted as I sort of thrust it away from my mouth. It felt like I was trying to drink from something like a 3-Liter.

“Well I probably should get the smaller nursers for you… I never dreamed you’d be this small. I mean in your normal world size you’re almost an in-betweener!” I kept nursing a little bit here and there but my arms were definitely getting tired as she cleaned.

I heard Fred tell her, “Here honey, let me get the rest of these honey, you can help Stacy out…”

“Thanks!” She told him almost gleefully. I held the bottle out to her with both hands. She grabbed it from me and sat it down on the table before she fiddled with the harness for a moment. I was soon loose and she picked me up and placed me on her right hip before grabbing the bottle in her other hand. I just stayed still as she carried me upstairs. I saw quickly she planned to sit with me in the glider and she grabbed the quilt from the crib and wrapped me in it before turning me face up in her arms. I watched as the giant bottle and nipple came towards my face and opened my mouth up to accept it while she held the bottle for me.

She began humming a pretty tune as I nursed and I felt myself relax. The whole plan was crazy, but at least I seemed to be with a couple that didn’t want to mutilate me. I found my eyes closing and heard her say, “Well, I guess you’re at least okay with this part, baby.”

I'm going to be posting this a few chapters at a time. Please leave me a comment and let me know you're along for the ride! 



End Chapter 3

Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021


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