Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 14

THE NEXT MORNING, I found myself on the changing table, Amanda was stripping me of a wet diaper. “So, you decided to join us, huh?” She asked me as my eyes fluttered open and I wiped the sleet from my eyes while trying not to panic.

“What time is it?” I asked as I yawned.

“Eight, you slept really good last night!” She told me with a smile before she grabbed my ankles and I felt my bottom awkwardly held in the air as she pushed my knees towards my face. A cold baby wipe traversed my bottom and I was sat on a new diaper that I could instantly tell without looking was one of the princess ones.

I sighed, “What are we doing today?” I asked.

“Well we’ll get breakfast in that tummy of yours first, and then we’re going to go take back the rest of the clothes that don’t fit on that teeny tiny body of yours… Maybe we’ll go find some other pretty outfits too while we’re at it.”

I groaned, “More shopping?”

“What’s wrong with shopping?” She asked me as she dressed me in a romper that barely had parts to call legs it was so short.

“Besides seeing all of the constant hideous torture that other littles endure every time I turn around?”

She froze with one hand on my leg and another snapping the crotch of the romper up. “What do you mean?”

I sighed, “It’s like seeing a living nightmare most of the time, you know?” She looked at me, “You’ve been great and while I spend most of the time truly embarrassed… when you treat me the way you do, you at least still treat me like a human. Some of those poor people…” I shuddered, “I mean the things your sister alone seems to like doing?”

She gathered me in her arms kissed my forehead, and hugged me, “I hope you realize how lucky you got that we were being honest with you?”

I nodded, “I do.”

“Come on, let’s get some shoes on those feet and we’ll get you downstairs to your latte.”

I grinned at that, “Thanks.”

I was sat in the now familiar high chair, bibbed, and the bottle of hope was sat on the tray in front of me. I quickly nursed about half of it down before paying attention to the bowl of baby cereal she held on a spoon in front of my mouth. I groaned but had a hard time complaining when she was at least acceding to my need for coffee! I took about five bites before guzzling some of the bottle to wash the taste down, and repeated until the bottle was empty but a little bit remained in the bowl.

“Almost done,” she told me as she spooned some of the last of the paste in my mouth.

I sighed, “You do realize this stuff tastes terrible, right?”

“You got your bottle of latte, right?” she asked with the spoon raised next to my mouth.

I nodded nervously.

“Then don’t whine and open up.”

I sighed and finished the last four spoons of the gray mush and craved anything to wash it down. She seemed to understand because she unbuckled me and promptly presented me with her flesh. I just latched on without saying anything and nursed. The mush had left me feeling mostly still hungry for something good to eat, but between the latte bottle and the mush I slowed before I finished her first breast.

She sighed, “You’re going to make me go pump, huh?”

I looked guiltily up at her briefly before she placed me to her shoulder to burp me, felt my dry diaper, and sat me down in my walker. “Be a good girl while Mommy finishes,” she told me.

She walked over to the kitchen table again and I watched semi-curiously as she pulled out an electric pump and settled it over her breast. I did feel a little bad she had to do that since it looked uncomfortable. I turned my attention away and looked outside as best I could to see if I could see what was making the motor noise. Through the tall windows I could just make out Fred seeming to move about on a riding lawn mower in the front yard. I pushed my feet and the walker along towards the coffee table and could see one of the study guides there. The walker made it really tough to find a way to grab it though as it kept the table out of my reach.

She had placed the toys back on the walker and those gave me an idea. Since I knew they popped out I tried to see if I could get one loose to extend my reach. I tilted a couple of them and they made noise and wondered if Amanda would now be watching me. I looked over to her though and she seemed intent on switching out a full bag of milk from the pump. Since I had only seen her pump her one breast, I silently wondered just how much each breast gave me when I nursed!

Turning my attention back to the walker toys I was finally able to pull out one loose! It was a long bead bar that gave me just enough reach that I was able to pull at the book.

‘The walker is short enough maybe I can wedge it under the table…’ I thought to myself. I pushed it more towards the table and sure enough it slid under. I used the bar to reach and successfully pulled the book onto my lap!

“What are you doing?!?” I heard Amanda asked in a panicked voice next to me.

“Getting my book?” I responded to her and saw how worried her face looked.

“You could hurt yourself!” She told me.

“I’m fine,” I told her…

She pushed the table off the walker and the walker further away. “Don’t do that again! The table might have collapsed the walker…”

I thought about it for a second and thought it unlikely but not impossible, “Sorry… I figured it was sturdier than that.”

She sighed, “I’m going to finish pumping – you behave!”

“Yes Mommy…” I said in a small, contrite voice.

She turned and walked away and I resumed my original plan and opened the book up. I decided to skip the sections I had tested well on and went straight to the ‘Basic Reasoning’ section that had been my downfall yesterday. It was essentially an IQ test from what I could gather and forced you to find patterns in letters and shapes that varied from easy to ridiculous. I knew I was above average for intelligence, but some of this stuff felt tough to me.

I had just made it through a couple of tougher examples when my belly made a rumble and I had to groan. I could barely touch the floor with my feet in the walker, and I had a feeling this would feel worse than normal. I was pretty sure there wasn’t going to be an opportunity to get out of it though before my body had to do something. Sure enough, a cramp hit and I tried to pinch off my sphincter! Instead I just felt liquidly mush enter my diaper. I groaned and just forced it all out.

I sat there in a daze in the messy diaper. The smell began wafting to my nose, but more importantly the stickiness of it was squished to my skin by the seat of the walker. I looked up to Amanda who was still pumping and she took note of my face. “Did you make a big poopy for Mommy?”

I felt tears rolling down my eyes from embarrassment but nodded.

“Just give me a few more minutes here sweetie and I’ll get you all nice and clean.”

I wanted to complain about it but instead just rolled a few steps closer to her before thinking better of it. Every time I shifted my weight on the ground from one foot to the other to propel myself it just squished more. I felt gross as it seemed to make its way into my new parts too and the light tears down my face began streaming down.

“Oh, it’s okay baby,” Amanda said looking at me. She looked down at the pump and switched it off, sealed the bag of milk, and cleaned up the contraption in the sink. Finally, ten minutes later according to the clock, she came over to me and lifted me out of the walker. “Let’s go get my poopy princess all cleaned up,” she soothed.

She did her best to reassure me, “It’s okay baby,” and seemed to not accept how awful the situation was until we were upstairs and reality hit her. The moment she opened up the diaper I could see her face grimace, letting me know that even she was a little bit daunted by the mess within it! I counted as she used more wipes than she had before. “Good thing I put you in one of your princess diapers Stacy, otherwise I think it would have ruined your pretty romper!”

“It’s disgusting…” I told her as she snapped the romper closed.


“Knew what I was getting into… yeah…” I said along. “Can you please not put me in anything that’s going to squish my poop in the mornings though?”

She looked thoughtful but nodded, “It is way easier to clean you up if you’re not playing in your poopy diapee.”

“I wasn’t…” I started to say but was interrupted by the pacifier placed in my mouth.

“Now stop being a grouchy-guts and let’s go have a fun mommy daughter shopping day!”

I said nothing but just nursed the pacifier as she gathered up the usual stuff to take a baby out… ‘At least she’s nice about it…’ I reminded myself.

After a quick ride in my car seat we arrived at the first baby store we had been to the day that I arrived. I spit out my pacifier while I waited for her to come around. She didn’t say a word, but placed it back in a cover and inside my bulging diaper bag. She carried me to a cart, strapped me in, placed a blanket behind me like her mother had, and then walked back to the car with it. I watched as she pulled out four boxes of diapers that were too big of a size, a huge pile of outfits, and a pack of the huge bottles that apparently hadn’t been opened.

The doors of the store opened and an attendant waited by it, “Returns?” The brown-haired in-betweener asked.

“Yes,” Amanda answered.

“Go over to customer service there,” she instructed us.

“Thanks,” Amanda said and pushed the cart to a line several people long. I looked down behind me as much as I could and saw one little with a monkey shaped child harness on him so he couldn’t run away. He only wore a shirt and the harness, so you could easily see the brown and drooping diaper that was definitely in need of a change.

The little looked up at me and seemed to concentrate for a moment on me. I waved at him and he looked shocked before waving back at me. His ‘mommy’ turned and faced us, “Oh my god, she is so adorable!”

“Thanks,” Amanda said, “So is yours,” she added politely.

“Not like your little girl… hmm… maybe that’s what we should do…”

I gulped as a look came in her eyes and she looked at her little. He opened his mouth in a smile and I had knots in my stomach twist as I realized all of his teeth had been removed. She picked him up and said, “Can you say hi to the baby girl?”

He waved and I think tried to say hi, but something was wrong and I could see the look of frustration on his face. I watched as he put his head on her shoulder as hard as he could and a fist fly. A quick swat to his bottom was apparently all she felt necessary to remind him not to do that. “Don’t do that baby boy, I’m not in the mood…”

He whimpered and she told Amanda, “You know her smile is really cute, but take those teeth out and I guarantee it’s a lot easier on you.”

“Umm… thanks for the advice,” Amanda said as thankfully the crazy lady was next and taken up at the register. She sat her little down on the counter and I mouthed, ‘Sorry’ to him. He smiled at me before plunking his thumb in his mouth.

I felt Amanda kiss the top of my head, “Don’t worry, no matter how much bad parenting advice I get I’m not going to do any of that.”

“Thank you,” I told her quietly.

“Next!” A shrill voice called and Amanda pushed us forward a little way down the counter from where the boy sat. I looked at a lady that looked disheveled and generally like an angry woman no one wanted to piss off.

“What can I do for you?” she asked Amanda as we approached.

“Well I planned for adopting a little girl… just not one as little as she ended up being,” Amanda said with a smile.

The lady paused for a moment and her angry demeanor changed, “Oh I see what you mean, she’s adorable though! Did you catch her trying to play grownup?” She said the last part to me in as demeaning of a baby voice as I could imagine.

“Something like that,” Amanda agreed.

“I’m surprised no one caught her right at her high school graduation…” the lady said. “Anyway, I’m guessing you want to return these items, do you have a receipt?”

I sat there as they then talked without involving me at all. Amanda had receipts for most everything but a couple items. “If you want you can just exchange those diapees for the right size?” She suggested.

“Sure, it’s not like they’ll go to waste!” Amanda said with a smile and tickled my side.

I was growing kind of impatient with all of this and remembered her first warning. Deciding discretion was the better part of valor I stuck my thumb in my mouth to keep myself from saying something I shouldn’t. Apparently, that must have been the right thing to do because it earned me a small hug.

“How long have you had her?”

“About a week now…”

“What did you do to get her to take to her thumb so willingly?” She asked as we waited for another employee to grab the right size of diapers to swap them out. “Hypnosis? Just spanking her?”

I sensed Amanda growing kind of annoyed too as she told her the truth, “Honestly I told her the first time we went into a store that if she felt like she couldn’t keep herself from saying something we’d regret to put her thumb in her mouth. I told her if I sensed it coming, I’d put her paci in her mouth…” She smiled at me, “Want your paci?”

I nodded and accepted the pacifier without saying anything.

“Well if you want to keep it a secret I understand. The method if you patent it is probably worth a fortune!” she said as a tall guy made it up there somehow balancing all four new boxes in his arms. “So, with the diapers exchanged… the rest means we’ll put three-hundred-and-forty back on your card?”

“Please,” Amanda said and quickly signed the receipt to accept it back to the account.

She pushed me and the diapers back out to the car and gave me a solid hug. “Sorry sweetie…”

“This is what I meant… I have a little bit of a reason to hate shopping, right?”

Amanda gave me a small smile, “I guess a little one.” She popped me out of the cart and into the car seat saying, “Let’s go hit the next store.”

I pulled the pacifier out of my mouth, “How many more?”

“Two more,” she told me.

I sighed but didn’t say anything. Our next two stops were the ValuMart, where she returned two dozen outfits, and then finally another baby store that looked like a boutique store. From the neighborhood I could tell it was much higher on the income scale for shopping. “Here let me have your paci, you shouldn’t need it in here,” she told me as she pulled it from my mouth. I’d forgotten I was nursing it. ‘Who would have thought that those were so relaxing?’ She picked me up and settled me on her right hip while carrying four dresses in her other hand wrapped in plastic.

“Welcome to Fershings,” a nice lady behind a counter said as we walked in. Her attention was on something at the counter, so she didn’t look up at us.

Whereas the other stores I’d been in for babies and littles had been practically huge warehouses, this one was small and quaint. Cloth diapers, clothing, and other more obscure baby gear seemed to be their market, and only for real babies? “Hi Mrs. Fershing,” Amanda said as she walked up to the counter, “I’m here to return some dresses that were too big for my princess here.”

“Amanda! In twice in a month to see me? What’s the occasion?!?”

Amanda patted my head and sat me on my feet on the counter. I felt a little guilty about putting my feet there before remembering the shoes had probably touched the pavement twice at the most…

“My land you’re tiny, how old are you?” The lady asked me directly to my surprise.

“Eighteen,” I told her.

The lady looked up at Amanda and then looked back at me, “And you went willingly with her?” She paused, “I won’t support idiot Amazons kidnapping littles without consent in this store…”

I laughed, “You can say that… it’s actually more of a contract,” I told her. Something about this lady made me think that she wasn’t your average Amazon wanting to baby everyone in sight. The store itself seemed made for babies and not for littles – not a single punishment device or abusive toy lay in sight anywhere.

She raised her eyebrows, “Well Amanda it sounds like you have a story here.”

“We do…” she looked hesitant about telling it.

“Can we trust her?” I asked Amanda before she said more.

Mrs. Fershing seemed a little taken aback but laughed. “Now this is the kind of little I can believe you would end up with Amanda.”

“Yes, you can trust her, I’ve known her for most of my life… and she generally hates any Amazon that takes a little.”

I looked up at her and saw the sincerity in her eyes before looking back at Mrs. Fershing, “I’m from the other dimension, I came here to attend college. I’m sort of boarding with the Westerfields.”

“Boarding? In a diaper?” she asked. “Willingly?” She pressed.

I sighed, “It’s kind of dangerous for a little not to be diapered now…” I looked at her and she cringed but nodded, “and in order to make things the safest they can be for me as a student I decided I’d be better off not in the dorms. Amanda and her husband agreed to take me in and help me… her only request was that I let her indulge her maternal instincts.”

She looked at me before looking at Amanda, “If I’d known you were buying those dresses for a little… let alone your own little…”

“You wouldn’t have sold them to me…” she finished for her. “But now that you know what’s going on?”

She sighed, “You are a cute one.” The woman looked me over and shrugged, “You wouldn’t survive five minutes on your own without someone finding a way to say you needed this. Better it should be Mandy that’s taking care of you than them. You are letting her go to school still?” She said to her.

“Yes ma’am, just waiting for her to take that stupid CARE exam next week before we can pick up her schedule.”

“That infernal exam… you have a plan for it?” She scowled and asked us.

“We do,” Amanda said, “Fred is going to bring some things from work to help out…”

She nodded, “Unfortunately I think it’ll take that to beat that. I think I heard from someone in the CAMOL group that only like twenty to thirty percent of the testers that manage to finish that stupid thing. The only good thing is if you can make it through without a shitty diaper you should be good.”

I looked at her in shock for her bluntness for a moment but nodded in agreement.

“So those dresses are definitely way too big, you want to exchange them?” She asked Amanda.

“Yes please. Sadly, she’s only in the three month sizes and it’s not like she’ll grow into these.”

“Nope, I don’t think she’ll be doing that,” the lady said with a tight smirk. “Okay then, you said three months?”

I was picked up by this strange woman and sat on the ground next to her, “Come along young lady and we’ll see if we can find you some pretty dresses…”

For the next hour I was changed into dress after dress after dress. Eventually ten of them hung from a small hanging rack next to the register. “You better change that diaper before she gets a rash,” Amanda was told.

Amanda laughed, “Yes ma’am, we’ll pay when we get back.”

“Here, put her in this dress when you get done, she looked adorable in it!”

The romper that had been back on me for all of two minutes was quickly removed and I lay naked on a changing table in a room for trying clothes on the babies that were the target of the store. Amanda took very little time to put me in a regular pampers diaper, and I was buttoned up in a very pretty, and frilly, yellow dress. She added some white shoes that she’d bought too and some lacey white socks.

Back at the counter Mrs. Fershing said, “She’s adorable in that… What are you going to do for uniforms?”

“You remember Jenny Murtha?” Amanda asked.

“Yes, I do, she’s always been talented. She’ll have no problems making some beautiful uniforms for your little girl here.”

“That’s what I’m hoping, I figure I’ll get a couple more days of babying in here and then we’ll work on helping her grow up a bit.”

That was the first I’d heard of growing up and I looked up at her smiling at me. “Just a bit!” She said and kissed my nose. We left the store with the new dresses and headed back home.

“Let’s get some lunch in your tummy,” she told me after she had carried the new dresses up to my room. I held my arms up to her and she carried me downstairs and buckled me into the highchair. I watched as she went to the fridge and pulled out the leftovers from last night and placed them into the microwave. When it beeped, she looked over at me, “So should I run it through the blender first?”

I gave her a horrified look but she smiled at me, “Don’t worry, I’ll let you have it the way it’s supposed to be eaten by adults…” She paused, “well if an adult is being fed…”

I groaned. She clearly needed to rub some things in, but at least she came over to me and began feeding me as she cut the meal up. The first bite was absolutely heavenly I decided. “Why did he destroy this in the blender last night?” I complained.

“You didn’t seem to mind that much,” she said as she stuffed another bite in my mouth before snagging her own bite.

I stuck my tongue out at her. “Careful or a little birdie’s going to bite that,” she told me with a smirk. For lunch that day she really couldn’t feed me fast enough with the way it tasted and I hated that I’d had to have mine mutilated. The noodles being fed to me by her were kind of tricky and I knew if you looked at my face it was a mess!

“By the way, what did he mean by preschool meal?” I asked her.

She shrugged, “I’ve never heard of a little getting anything other than the pureed meal.” I watched her think for a moment before she shrugged and said, “Maybe it’ll just be pre-cut for you to use your own utensils on?”

“It would be better than mutilating it…”

“Well, be prepared at least that depending on where we are that may not be the last time you have your dinner like that.”

“Why?” I asked, “I mean seriously, why do your people feel like they need to bring us down to that level?” I paused as she wiped my mouth with the bib, “I guess I maybe get the diapers with the huge toilets you all need, maybe even the highchairs and such… but why feed an adult pureed baby food?”

She sighed and picked me up out of the highchair, grabbed a cloth, and then carried me to the couch in the living room. I was gently turned on her lap to face her and she asked, “How much do you know about our reproduction?”

I turned red, “I assume it’s sex like anywhere?”

She nodded, “I didn’t mean like that, but yes, it is…” I watched pain in her eyes, “The ultimate problem is our birth rate in this world is very low… really too low for the population to support itself for more than a couple more centuries without something drastic is done. When this all started somehow it became custom to look at the littles around and decide they would make good surrogate kids… and then somehow babies. It doesn’t help that you’re all so cute!” She said with a smile to try and lighten the mood. She ran her hand through my hair before continuing, “Depending on who you listen to there are between sixty and eighty percent of us that can’t have children.”

I looked at her and nodded, “You’re one of those… I remember your mom saying that.”

She had a tear in her eye that she wiped clear. “Yes, I am, and so is Chloe… but just because we can’t have children doesn’t remove the urge to have them. I think in some ways it’s even worse for us because it seems that women like my sister and me really crave having a baby to take care of. We seem to have a full-on syndrome at times that makes us go crazy if a little is cute enough – it’s why my breasts lactated within a day of you being here!”

“So, it’s all instinctual?” I asked.

“Pretty much… And if you’re going to have a surrogate baby then you want to have all of the experiences of feeding them from the baby on up.”

“What happens as everyone gets older?”

“Well you all age much slower than we do. If you remain in this world your appearance probably won’t change for another twenty years or more. Your hair, face, skin, and everything will remain all but frozen at your current state. We tend to age faster… and there are more than a few cases of littles having their parents precede them in death.”

“What happens to them then?” I asked with a morbid curiosity.

She shrugged, “What happens to any baby when their parents die?” She paused, “Hopefully they have a Will and the little has a place to go. Occasionally the Will states the little should be free and that usually gets honored. If they’re still cute enough though often they’re adopted out to the richest couple that wants them.”

I shuddered as I looked at her, “Just out of curiosity…”

“Megan gains custody should we die sweetheart,” she told me with a smile. “Mom and Dad are in line after that… then Fred’s parents, then Cassie, and then a specific safer orphanage over Chloe.”

I reached over to her hand and squeezed it, “Don’t go making that necessary!” I told her.

She smiled, “We told you we’d get you through college, didn’t we?” I felt my side get tickled mercilessly and my diaper begin to fill with urine.

I was out of breath a couple minutes later and she asked, “Thirsty?”

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End Chapter 14

Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021


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