Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021

Chapter 20

I SHOOK MY head, “No ma’am, I didn’t poop my pants.”

“Better check first, huh?” She told me.

Without warning she came over to my seat and pulled my tunic up and out of the way. My top was pulled high enough to expose my back a long way up. She shoved my upper body forward a bit and used a finger to yank back the elastic on my pants. “Smart enough to wear a diapee, huh?” she said to me with a bit of menace in her voice. She pulled my pants down to expose the diaper more and her hand smushed at the back of my diaper. “Doesn’t feel like you left us a present in there.”

I thought maybe my indignity was over, but she used her finger then to pull the elastic on the top back and looked inside. I blushed bright red in shock, “Hmm… just wet. Glad you had the maturity to wear a nice thick diapee to protect our seats.” She manhandled my pants back over my diaper and pulled my top back down, “Keep working on your test, sweetie” she told me before looking at the little girl that was a few feet away from me, “Well I guess that means that it must be you, huh?”

The girl who was quite pretty, with blonde hair that was in a nice French braid. She looked like she was the same age as I was, but her shaking meant I had a bad feeling on her behalf. She whimpered and I watched a tear go down her face as she shook her head, “N…n…Not me,” She said.

The monitor pulled her dress up though and you could clearly see a purple Pull-Up with a visible bulge on the backside of it. Her mess appeared to be a bit watery too, and it had escaped the edges of the pull-up to show on the back of her dress that the monitor pulled off from over her head. I tried not to stare too much at her now naked form, and looked instead at the monitor as she shook her head, “Not even mature enough to own up to your messy pants. I’ll make sure they know being a toddler isn’t even a good fit for you. I’m sure they’ll have you crawling or squirming only across the floor by the end of the week. Those beautiful straight teeth definitely won’t be wanted by your new mommy,” the lady said.

“No, I’m almost done!!! Just let me see if I got a high enough score!!!” The girl begged as she tried covering her chest with her arms.

“Sorry sweetie, but we have the same rules as classes here at Emerson. Poopy pants mean you’re not ready for big girl school. You’ll love playing in the daycare though! I know they’ll find you the perfect mommy!”

I gasped but turned and looked at my computer as robotic arms again snaked into the room and removed the sobbing girl. ‘Poor girl…’ I thought to myself.

“You have sixty minutes remaining! Would anyone care for a bottle of water?” The lady said after a while.

“Thank you, but no thank you,” I said politely ignoring how thirsty I was.

“Please!” The remaining boy and girl across the room said.

At this point I realized they were the only other littles still in the room with me, and I just wanted to warn them off. ‘Don’t they know not to trust her by now…?’ I thought. I didn’t dare say anything though and just got back to the test.

While the other sections were all about sixty questions long, I was now on question eighty of what it listed as a hundred-and-twenty for this section. I sighed and ignored my overwhelming hunger and thirst that seemed to grow by the minute. I had just answered question one-hundred-and-eighteen when I heard a gasp.

“What the hell?” the boy whispered.

Like a train wreck I couldn’t resist the urge to turn and look at the boy. She approached him and he tried his best to squirm away, “You must have put something in the water! You can’t poison me like this!”

She laughed, “I would never do anything like that silly. Let’s take a look at your pants, even though I think I know I’m going to find a mess, huh?”

She pulled his shorts down his legs and exposed a medical looking plain white diaper. Well… it was plain before the brown stain that managed to show through the back of the diaper. He tried struggling for a moment as she squeezed the lump and said, “Looks like we have another baby, huh?”

“I’m not a baby! You poisoned me!”

“Don’t worry, they’ll get a fresh diaper on you at the daycare. It’ll even have cute pictures on it!” The lady cooed at the boy. I shivered in fear over the idea that they would come for me next! I was worried that no matter what she would find an excuse to target me too!

Once the arms carried his screaming form away, she decided to check the girl too. I heard her whimper as the lady said, “Well I thought you might have been mature enough, but I know wet and poopy panties when I see them! I’m honestly shocked you didn’t at least wear training panties little girl. Oh well, diapers for you too I see!”

I turned just for a heartbeat and looked at her standing there with a shirt and ruined panties only. I focused back on the screen and ignored her screams.

I had just clicked submit on question one-hundred-and-twenty just as she rounded back on me. “Wow, you actually finished?” She asked shocked. “Better make sure you made it with no poopies though!”

She pulled my pants back again and found a once again soaked, but not messy diaper, “What a big girl you are?!? Making it through your test all nice and clean!” Her voice dripped with motherly condescension that made me feel a need to run away.

I shrugged though and calmly asked, “So how do I find out my score?”

“Just press that button there,” she told me.

Following her directions, I clicked through a couple more screens and the scores came up.

Scores are out of a possible 400 points per section:

Reading – 398
Writing – 389
Math – 397
Science – 378
Basic Reasoning – 367

Total Score: 1,929 – Averaged Score: 385.8
Recommended school placement: University

I sighed in relief and the lady said, “Well, congratulations on being such a smart big girl!”

“Thank you, I know my mommy will be proud. How do I get a copy of my scores?”

“I’ll print a copy for you,” she said seeming more shocked by the moment by my success and scores. I stood up and gathered my backpack while she worked at a workstation that was sized for her. Two minutes later she handed me a copy that matched the screen and two sealed versions of them. “It’ll be e-mailed to you, sent to the university, and a hard copy will be mailed to your residence.”

“Thanks!” I told her with a smile that tried to act like nothing had happened earlier.

“How about I change that soaked diaper for you?”

“Thank you, but I’ll get my mommy to do it, she should just be outside.” I told her.

“Wait, you’re adopted already?”

I nodded, “Mommy wants me to be smart just like her! Thank you for taking such good care of me today. Bye, bye,” I told her as I walked through the door that was thankfully open.

“How the hell did she do that?” I heard behind me as I walked away.

Amanda stood in the hallway pacing nervously as I came out and she quickly picked me up and wrapped me in a hug. “How did it go?”

“I passed!” I told her with a smile.

The girl that had checked me in earlier blurted out, “You passed?!?” She blushed as we looked at her, “Sorry, it’s just that not many do… you must be really clever!”

“I am, thanks!”

“Well let’s go change the clever little girls’ diaper and then go out to celebrate,” Amanda said to me.

“Great, I’m starving!!!” I said as my stomach grumbled loudly.

She carried me off to a nearby bathroom and changed my diaper back to a normal Pamper. “So how did it really go?” she asked me.

“I made it with some high scores I think… none of the others taking the test made it though...” I told her sadly.

“Tell me about it when we get home…” she said.

“Okay,” I told her.

She sat me down on my feet again and I walked out of the building and the distance back to her car on my own. As she strapped me into the car seat, “I am so proud of you! I’m guessing you’re starving?”

“You have no idea…” I told her.

“Good, let’s go meet Daddy and Megan for food!”


ONCE WE ARRIVED at our destination, I instantly recognized it as 3lev4t3d, the restaurant I had been stuck with pureed food the week before. The Maître’D recognized Amanda and said, “Good afternoon, just you two beautiful ladies today?”

“No my husband and little sister are supposed to join us - have they arrived yet?”

“No ma’am, would you like to be seated while you wait?”

She bounced me up and down a little right then on her hip then and said, “Please.”

“Right this way then,” he said and took us to a round table close to the kitchen doors. A nice highchair was brought over for me but Amanda kept holding me in her lap while we waited. I remembered that the mush from the last time tasted good, but the texture was disgusting if I stopped to think about it. ‘If that mush is what I’m getting to eat for a celebratory meal, then I would rather have gone to McDonalds…’ I groused in my head. We were celebrating an adult milestone after all!

Fred and Megan came in not too much later, “Congratulations sweetie!” Megan cooed at me and gave me a hug. “I knew you could do it!”

I was passed over to Fred who said, “I know last night was terrible, but I’m glad it paid off!”

“Me too,” I told him.

As soon as I was set down into the highchair, bibbed, and the seatbelt was buckled the chef came back out and recognized Amanda, Fred, and I. “This seems oddly early for you to be dining with us?”

“We’re celebrating,” Amanda said with a smile.

“What’s the occasion?” He asked.

Amanda looked at me and nodded at me to go ahead, “I passed my CARE exam sir, and I’m allowed to study at the university.”

He looked at me in disbelief like that was scandalous, “You’re letting her go to school at the university? You mean the daycare, right?”

Amanda smiled at him, “No, she’ll be a regular college student… Sort of, she’ll be in protection of course.”

“Aren’t you worried about her getting hurt?”

“Of course I am, but we’ll make sure she’s safe. She’s quite brilliant and I want to nurture that rather than extinguish that.”

“I said before when you came that you have some unconventional ideas Madame, but I do remember this little girl is the first new diner who has impressed me with her maturity in a long time. I’ll be sure that she receives a meal befitting the occasion tonight,” he told me with a smile that seemed genuine.

“Thank you, Sir,” I told him politely.

The waiter came over about then and he told him, “Anton the little girl may order whatever she likes. Please mark it with PS so I know which meal is hers.”

“Yes Chef…” the guy stuttered a little nervously before looking at me like I had grown two extra heads or something.

“Enjoy your meals ladies,” he said, “sir,” and turned around to head back to the kitchen.

“Umm… we don’t have separate children’s menus?” He said looking alternatingly at Amanda and me.

“May I just have the Veal Parmigiana that you had last time?” I suggested to Amanda.

“That seems like a great plan!” she told me with a smile. “I’m going to have the Veal Saltimbocco tonight.”

“You Madame?” he asked Megan.

“The Lasagna please,” she said with a smile.


“Let’s do the Chicken Piccata tonight,” he said.

“Very good, we’ll have that right out!”

As we waited bread was once again brought for the table, and I settled in to only get to watch them eat it… but to my surprise a plate of cut up chunks was placed in front of me too! On another tiny dish the waiter placed a dribble of the seasoned olive oil dipping sauce. A couple with a little at a nearby table looked at me with shock in their eyes when they saw the plate. When the little’s head turned, I wanted to crawl away the sight of the pure rage and jealousy on her face. I decided to ignore it though and carefully dipped a chunk of what had to be freshly made bread into the oil. It was delicious and I slowly savored all eight cubes I’d been provided with. Not eating much for nearly twenty-four hours definitely left me famished!

After a while our food came out from the kitchen. I noticed a bowl again and sighed, ‘I really had hoped to avoid pureed food with whatever a preschool meal is...’

The chef came out right then and said, “I hope you enjoy your meal little one,” and grabbed the bowl from the tray and presented it to me.

I realized then that it was actually a little larger bowl than last time - and much to my surprise was actually filled with sort of full-length noodles! I thought they were probably half the size of the normal meal, but that was fine to me! The veal was sliced up into thin chunks inside, but the way it was served it could have almost been considered whole at first glance. He presented me with a fork that was perfectly my size and said, “Buon Appetito.”

“Grazie,” I told him with a smile.

He smiled back and left me to the bowl of food. I took my first bite and closed my eyes in satisfaction! The veal was tender, perfectly breaded and cooked, and the sauce was to die for! I was pretty sure the noodles had been freshly made as well so that it easily ranked as one of the finest meals I’d ever had. Leftovers and pureed had left the meal tasty, but not like this! I now understood why Amanda and Fred liked this place!

The couple that had stared at me earlier was now glowering at me as I daintily ate the meal. It was as their food was delivered that the little girl truly became truly unpleasant. When she realized I had real food, while she was getting the pureed mush, it caused a meltdown for the poor girl! The next thing I knew a spoonful of that mush was flung against the floor not far from our table and the bowl had landed on the shoulder of the now shocked ‘mother’ of the little.

I sighed and wondered just what horror I was about to see. The chef came out and looked at the little and scowled, “And you littles wonder why you can’t be trusted with adult food…”

“How come she gets real food?” The little sobbed just before her diaper came down and she was spanked a couple dozen times. I truly felt bad for her! The loud smacks and her screams made me wince in sympathy.

As her diaper was pulled back up the chef answered her blubbering, “Because the first time she came in here she politely sat through her meal without complaint. I’ve never seen a better behaved little, so she gets to be treated like a big girl.”

“I’m so sorry about this,” the lady apologized.

“It’s fine, if you come in again though please just plan to only breastfeed your little girl. She’s obviously not mature enough to eat even a pureed littles meal.”

I gulped and kept carefully eating the tasty food from my bowl. I had made it my goal to eat the entire bowl without getting anything on my bib, clothes, hair, or face!

“So, what were your scores?” Megan asked me.

“You never said earlier?” Amanda asked too.

“Am I allowed to talk in here?” I asked quietly.

“Yes, you are,” the chef’s voice frightened me enough I felt some urine escape my bladder.

I turned and looked up at where he had appeared out of thin air behind me, “You behave maturely, not like bratty littles like that girl,” he said. “You may converse with your family without fear of any consequences. Just please don’t argue or shout,” he told me with a smile. “Do you like your food?”

“It’s amazing sir. Your sauce, noodles, the preparation of the veal… you have to be one of the finest chefs in the world!”

He beamed a smile at me and said, “Grazie,” before he walked back to the kitchen.

“Scores?” Megan reminded me.

“Oh… Let me see if I can remember them all…”

“How about the total?”

“I think it was around 1900?” I said.

Megan looked at me in shock, “You realize the average score is like 1,200 for admission, right?”

I shook my head, “I suspect it’s lower than that if you count all of the littles who don’t make it through the test?”

Megan looked at me and asked, “How many took the test today?”

“Four others,” I told her.

“How many made it?” Fred asked.

“You’re looking at her,” I told him sadly.

Megan gasped but I just kept eating; trying not to think about the fates of those poor people.

I had begun to slow down a little as I reached the bottom of my bowl… But since I hadn’t eaten in nearly twenty-two hours, I was still a bit hungry. As if he could sense my stomachs cries, the chef appeared with a small goblet that looked to have tiramisu in it. He sat it on my tray and said, “Please enjoy this with my compliments, congratulations on your test,” and disappeared quickly.

I looked at Amanda who looked surprised, “Not quite sure exactly what you did, but you definitely impressed him,” she said with a smile.

I used the tiny spoon that was in the goblet to eat about half of it before I couldn’t eat anymore. “Anyone want the rest?” I offered.

“I’ll take it,” Megan said with a smile.

She ate the rest and said, “This is delicious!”

“I know, right?” I told her with a smile.

“Everything was to your satisfaction tonight?” The chef reappeared one last time.

“Yes sir, it was amazing!” I said with a smile.

“Please come back soon!” He told us with a smile. Our check was taken care of by Fred quickly and we were soon walking back out to the car.

Out by the car Amanda told Megan, “We’ll see you next week maybe, we’re going to go out of town this weekend.”

“Where are you going?” Megan asked.

“Call me later and I’ll tell you, we figured we would make it a surprise for Stacy.”

I looked at her curiously and she shook her head, “You’ll find out when we get there!”

I sighed and leaned against her, “Spoilsport…”

She laughed and felt my damp diaper, “Well we need to get this one home and in a new diaper. I’ll call you later,” she told Megan.

“Okay Mandy,” she said as she hugged mostly her and a little bit of me, “Bye Stacy,” she told me.

With that I was latched into the car seat where I sat silently on the way home while reflecting on the day. ‘One impossible victory achieved!’ I thought to myself. I couldn’t feel genuinely happy about it though when I thought about the poor people who had totally lost their freedom today.

“Watcha thinking about?” Amanda asked as she undid my harness back home.

I sighed, “The people who were sentenced to being treated like who knows what…”

She picked me up and squeezed me into a hug, “What exactly happened?”

“The first boy didn’t even bother wearing any protection… He wet his pants early on in the test after I think he asked to leave to go to the bathroom? I wasn’t paying a lot of attention until the proctor started chewing him out!” I paused while she walked through the door into the kitchen, “Then these scary mechanical arms came from nowhere and grabbed him and took him off to the daycare,” I said sadly as she carried me over to the couch in the living room. She turned me towards her in her lap as she sat down. “The next girl was wearing a pullup at least, but she messed it… I was terrified though as the lady actually checked the back of my diaper first…” I shuddered at the fact that I no privacy here. “Once she checked and found me clean, she moved to the girl. The poor girl tried to lie to her… but after that she said she’d make sure they knew she wasn’t even ready to be a toddler and taunted her that her teeth would be removed… poor girl is going to be like Chloe’s littles…” I felt a tear in my eye then.

“Oh my God…” Amanda said.

“The other two for some stupid reason trusted the bottles of water that the lady offered them. The boy at least had worn something for protection, but the girl was just in panties. They were carted off by those mechanical nannies quicker than you could believe… Poor people…”

She hugged me and rocked me in her arms for a few minutes, “But not you – it’s not your fault either.” She told me, “Don’t go feeling survivors’ guilt! The information and warnings are out there if they had looked for it and they could have prepared like you did.”


“What do you mean maybe?”

“Those test prep books I studied?”

“What about them?”

“They were all high on the shelves where no little could realistically read the titles or even get to them. How many littles do you actually think get them?”

I looked up at Amanda’s face and I think she realized the horrible answer to that, “Not many,” she said softly.

“So, what now?” I asked after some moments of silence passed.

“Why don’t you email your real parents and let them know you survived the test. I’m sure they’re as worried sick about it as I was… Then maybe we can take a swim?”

I smiled at her, “Okay!”

She sat me down on the ground and I walked with her to the stairs wondering why she hadn’t just carried me. She looked down at me, “What are you waiting for?”

I began the awkward climb up the steps, almost like crawling, and realized for the first time I’d gone down them many times, but I didn’t think I’d had to climb up them once! When I made it to the top I looked down at the staircase feeling like I had climbed a mountain! Even with my seemingly new athletic abilities that I’d demonstrated against Chloe I still felt like that was tough!

“Good girl,” she told me with a smile. She’d hovered behind me the whole time making sure I didn’t fall backwards, but hadn’t offered a bit of help.

I blushed, “that’s harder than it should be…”

“Well you’re the size of a three-month old infant! They definitely don’t climb stairs!”

I nodded and walked to my bedroom… nursery and sat down on my small desk chair while she disappeared to their room. As I sat down, I noticed she hadn’t changed my diaper yet, and it was definitely at capacity now! I sighed, but it didn’t take me long to login to my e-mail and I saw the copy of my score report. I glanced at it really quick and looked at the total composite score of 1,929 again. ‘Megan said the average score was 1,200?!?’ Maybe I won’t be in totally over my head the next few years…

I created a new message then to my parents, made my greeting and added some safe phrases before beginning,

I just wanted to let you know I did pass the test. I ended up with a score of 1,929, which is supposed to be an exceptional score for the test. The methods that Fred as a doctor took to keep me from possibly having messy pants in the test were fairly extreme, but given the other four littles in the test are now probably toothless, drooling babies, I have no complaints! It was a tough test, but I’m proud I passed!
Anyway, Amanda mentioned swimming so I’m going to end this, but I just wanted to make sure you knew I passed and was still safe! I’ll write more later on.

I hit send and looked up at Amanda standing in her bikini. “Ready to swim?”


I lifted my arms up to her, but she didn’t take them. “Let’s see if we can’t start teaching you how to change your own diapers.”

I looked at her with a confused look, “What?”



End Chapter 20

Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021


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