Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021

Chapter 8
It's a Girl!

THE WORLD CAME back in focus for me slowly and I felt pain in just about every part of my body. I tried to say “Owww” but something was in the way.

“I think she’s waking up finally,” Fred said.

“Where am I?” I tried saying and figured out that it was a pacifier in my way.

“I love when they try talking after the procedure… Depending on which settings you chose no one will understand anything but ‘Dada,’ ‘Mama,’ or ‘Baba, from now on!” I heard Eddie gleefully exclaim.

“I actually toned down those settings,” Amanda said.

I heard a disappointed sigh from Eddie, “I guess that does let you understand their whining better. Still all the same it looks like the treatment did the job. She’s definitely a she and there’s not a follicle of hair anywhere that’s not supposed to be!”

I opened my eyes a little wider and managed to get Fred’s eye. He gave me a reassuring glance that I hoped meant my head was fine. “Yes, but I’m glad to have a full head of hair on her head still,” Amanda said as if to also reassure me.

“If you ask me cutting that hair down to a newborn’s length would be a great look for her! Combined with what the nanites did to her facial structure and no one will be able to tell she’s not actually your naturally born infant daughter.”

‘Facial structure…?’ I thought to myself. I never thought to include that in the search? ‘Shit, what did it do to me?’

“I wasn’t expecting that one, but it does make her absolutely adorable!” Amanda chimed in happily. “But I enjoy playing with her hair too much to cut it. It reminds me of having my dollies as a kid. I would always change their hairstyles!”

As I became more alert, I noticed Fred watching some readouts and he said, “I think she’s awake enough we can lose the support machines…”

“The straps too?” Amanda asked.

“Yes, she should be good for you to hold and cuddle now,” Eddie’s voice said. “But you might want to change that diaper first, it’s a little rank.”

I sniffed at that one, ‘what an ass!’

I stiffened, ‘I don’t feel any shame on that… not like I did last time… I sure hope we didn’t do more damage here than good.’

Fred pulled an IV line out of me, pulled a pulse monitor off, and also took off some EKG leads before undoing the straps on my legs and waist. “Here Mommy, do you want to change her?”

“Men… bunch of wimps…” Amanda said and I soon felt her gentle hands undo the diaper on my otherwise naked body, maneuvered my legs, and then quickly had me in a clean diaper that was clearly a thicker one from what I could tell. She quickly dressed me in what seemed to be a sleeper, but I was too tired to really notice what she was doing.

“So, you think everything turned out fine internally?” Fred asked Eddie.

“Oh yes, she has all of the proper internal organs. They aren’t any more active than a toddler’s though. She’ll need an injection of a high dose of estrogen to begin her cycles and start growing breasts. Unless she gets that though she’ll remain free of any signs of puberty. I don’t know why you would even want her to have those though?”

“Well…” Fred started to say.

“Duh, how stupid can I be? When you get tired of her you can breed her for a fortune! I mean a fully-grown little at thirty-nine inches of height? Make four or five offspring with her and you could probably keep breeding for forty years and keep getting the perfect littles like she is!”

“Umm…” Amanda said.

“Brilliant,” he said. “Well, before you take her home, I strongly recommend you nurse her exclusively now. There’s a subroutine in the nanites that will make sure she gets sick if she has anything other than her mommy’s milk.”

“It was only in one file, right?” Amanda asked.

“Yes… but not in the preferences file…”

“Oh good, that means she’ll be fine to eat regular food still.”

“You found that…?”

“Actually, my beautiful princess here did,” she said as she picked me up and cuddled me against her shoulder. “She thought she could be a great computer programmer someday if she came here to get schooling.”

“Ah, and now destined for the nursery? How fitting!” Eddie said.

“Something like that...” Fred said.

“Fred, can you grab her diaper bag and the carrier, I’m thinking she needs cuddles right now,” she said. “Thanks again Eddie, let me know how those new subroutines work on the next generation!”

I heard some stuttering before he said, “Thanks!”

We made it down the hallway a way before she started whispering to me, “You’re fine baby. Other than that little glitch with your face everything came out perfect… And I think the glitch made you even cuter and harder to resist!”

“Why can’t I talk?” I tried to say.

“Did you just ask why you can’t talk?”

I nodded weakly.

“That’s just the anesthesia wearing off, you’ll be fine in a while. I know we caught all of those subroutines. Don’t worry your pretty little face.”

“Amanda do you want to take her to my office to wake up the rest of the way?”

“Probably a good idea. Should I feed her now or back home?”

“I’d say wait till you get back home, your milk seems to be a powerful sedative to her, and right now it’s more important she fully wakes up!”

Not long afterwards she paced the office with me as I came out from my cobwebbed brain. She took the pacifier out and asked, “How are we doing Princess?”

“Better I think,” I told her and it sounded clear.

“Much better!” She said with a smile.

“So how much different do I look? I mean really?”

“Well… First, I’m sorry I missed this one… He must have written a routine somewhere in there to fix one of the easiest ways you can tell a little and an actual baby apart, their faces. With a little, even a chubby one, the fat on their face isn’t quite distributed right…”

“So, I have a permanent baby face?” I asked nervously.

“Looks that way,” she said a little guiltily.

“Mommy why don’t we let her see so she stops worrying,” Fred told her. “Here’s a mirror.”

I looked at the mirror and grimaced for a second but had to admit I was indeed much cuter now. My nose had a different character about it that I liked, but sadly my cheeks looked to have gained a ton of weight... It looked like the healthy baby fat of a toddler though, and at least I remained slender through the rest of my body. My eyes looked to be a little more open or something too.

“See, you’re adorable!” Amanda cooed at me.

“So, no one will think I’m a little now I’m guessing?”

“I doubt it... at least if we cover that hair of yours with a hat or something. I think if we introduce you as a baby no one would dream that you are actually a little. That’s a good thing given how mean some of our babies can be to littles…”

“But what about school?”

Amanda laughed, “Don’t worry about that. Yes, you’re going to get some grief there, but you’ll still be able to function fine… if not better. Thanks to the nanites you should be smarter now than you were before since I also implanted a couple extra traits to help your memory.”

“But I’m all girl now?”

“I guess you were too tired to look back there while I was changing you?”

I nodded, “sorry, I’m still pretty out of it actually.”

“I’ll show you when we get you home,” Amanda told me. “Do you think she’s alert enough to go home now, Doctor?”

“I think so Mommy. Do you want to go out for dinner tonight instead of cooking? You’ve certainly had a long day.”

“That would be nice…” she said, “I don’t think the baby’s going to be awake enough to eat much though.”

“I think I’ll be fine,” I told them interrupting.

Amanda looked down at me in shock but squeezed me lightly in approval, “The princess has spoken my king!”

I was fastened into the carrier and a blanket put over the top as she carried me down to the car. Fred was to meet us at a restaurant they apparently ate at frequently.

“How are you feeling?” she asked when she left.

“Not so great,” I said, “I’m beginning to get a bit sore…”

“Daddy has some pain medicine he can get you when we get to the restaurant,” she told me.

I sighed, “thanks…”

“Are you okay?”

“Just nervous about what else happened to me that we don’t realize yet…” I thought for a second through my groggy mind, “Eddie was kind of an…”


“I wasn’t sure if you’d get mad at me, but yes!”

“Sweetie, yes I’m treating you like our baby… I can’t resist that urge… but I also know you’re not a baby. As long as it’s not constant, and you don’t do it in front of other adults, we can give you some leeway…”

“Thank you,” I told her and just zoned out a bit more.

The restaurant must have been close, or I was really out of it, because when she came back to get my I was back nearly asleep. “Do I need to bring the carrier so you can sleep?” She asked me.

I thought for a second and nodded, “Unless you want to look like a bad mother and have me sleep on the floor or in the high chair.”

She unlatched the carrier and carried it and the diaper bag into the restaurant and put her name on the waiting list. Fred arrived soon after that and we were called back to a booth. “Do you need a high chair or we have a seat cradle?”

“The cradle will work.”

“Okay, I’ll grab that real quick.” A moment later I felt the seat sat down in one of the mesh car seat cradles I’d seen back home for babies. “She is so beautiful!”

“Thanks,” Amanda said.

“How many weeks old is she?”

I gasped for a moment when I figured out that she really had mistaken me for an Amazon baby. “Nine weeks,” Amanda said without skipping a beat.

“She has so much hair!”

“Some weird medical thing…” Amanda said and I saw her wink at Fred.

“Well here are the menus, you can look through it and let me know what you want.”

“Here sweetie, switch pacifiers with me for a moment,” Fred said.

I just got a glance at the new pacifier a second later and realized it was one meant to deliver medicine through the nipple. I sleepily sucked on it and hoped it was a good pain medication as I was feeling like I had growing pains all through my body again.

“Looks like someone is going back to sleep…” Amanda said to me after it was empty.


“Hungry baby?”

My stomach grumbled in response, “a little.”

She pried me loose from the carrier a moment later and held me. “I really do love you baby,” she whispered, “are you actually hungry for food or…”

“Or…?” I asked sleepily.

“Just nurse for now?”

I sighed as I’d had a feeling that would be on her mind, “Here?”

“I’m the one with boobies hanging out in public,” she whispered.

I giggled and turned red. I thought for a few moments and said, “Okay.”

She messed with her top and bra and presented me with her breast once it was free. I sleepily nursed at it and was conscious of the fact it felt like people were watching us. She had burped me from the first breast and just switched me to the other when I heard, “I’m so glad to see your little happily nursing from you. She’s adorable! I imagine that took a few spankings! My little Heather here must have a red bottom every hour…”

“She’s just a very good baby,” Amanda said, “if you’ll please excuse us, she had some surgery today. I’m just feeding her dinner before she naps in her carrier.”

“Teeth out?” The lady said, “best thing I ever did with Heather! I’ll let you enjoy your feeding…”

I was so tired that I didn’t even care about the horrific conversation at that point. I was feeling full and sleepy when she burped me again. A hug, a kiss, and then a pacifier was placed in my mouth before she strapped me back in the carrier. I ran my tongue over my teeth to reassure myself they were there before I fell fully asleep.


THE NEXT THING I was aware of was being pulled out of my car seat, with Amanda lovingly cradling me. “Where are we?” I asked feeling drool was definitely around my mouth and the pacifier I had blocking my mouth.

“Home baby,” she told me.

“Oh…” I said. She had just walked through the garage door when a phone inside the house began ringing.

“It’s your mom,” Fred told her.

“Hand me the phone, I’ll sit down with the princess and talk to her in the living room.”

I sleepily watched as she walked to the living room and sat in the recliner with me before reaching for the phone Fred held to her. “Hi Mom,” she said.

The volume of the phone was way loud, or her mom just yelled, because I heard the reply clearly, “Don’t ‘hi Mom me,’ sweetheart! How is it I just heard from Carol Eastland that you adopted a little and you haven’t even bothered to call and tell me yet? Your own mother!?!?!” There was just enough pause for her to breathe before she added, “She saw you at the restaurant! She thought the little was a real baby until I said you hadn’t been pregnant! How can you not tell me? That hurts!”

“Mom, we were going to surprise you this weekend at the family dinner…”


“Seriously Mom, you’ve been bugging me for ages so I thought I would surprise you! Plus, we were dealing with the adoption paperwork and getting her into a doctor to have some modifications made…” I felt her hold on me tighten just a little bit.

“Well in that case I guess I can understand trying to keep it a surprise… But, all of that is done, right?”


“Well then expect to see me bright and early tomorrow! Chloe will be coming too I’m sure. Her daughters will all be at daycare so the three of us can go to lunch and maybe I can even buy my new granddaughter something for the nursery…”

“What time?”

“Probably eight-thirty in the morning, that should give Chloe time to drop off her girls.”

“We’ll plan for it…”

“Good, and I want a picture tonight!!!! Carol said she was the most beautiful baby she’d ever seen, so whoever did the work… maybe Chloe should get her girls in there…”

“That’s natural for her as much as anything… I’ll send you pictures later. I have a messy diaper that needs changed right now, I’ll see you in the morning Mom.” She said.

“It wouldn’t hurt her to be left in it for a little while sweetie. I mean if she’s just a little it’s not a big deal…”

“Mom, my little, my house, my rules, and my decisions.”

“Stubborn as always… we’ll see you in the morning,” her mom said and hung up.

She looked down at me and sighed, “Sorry it sounds like you get to meet my crazy family members sooner than I hoped. Don’t worry, like I said I won’t put you down. You’ll have to be my clingy baby tomorrow.”

“That’s fine…” I said thinking what I had heard, “Your mom certainly sounds special…”

“She is, let’s go change that diaper of yours now,” she sat the phone down and stood up with me.

“Am I really messy?” I sniffed.

“No,” she said with a smile, “I said that to get her off the phone.”

“Good… I would hate to have missed another of Eddie’s Easter Eggs…”

She squeezed me gently again and carried me upstairs to the nursery. I was laid on the changing table but asked, “May I please see?”

“I forgot you were asleep when I changed you…”

“At least you’re not rubbing it into me too…”

“I’m sorry you have come into contact with some of our more monstrous people the last couple days,” she said as she pulled down the bloomers and pulled the tapes off of my diaper, “there really are a lot of very sweet Bigs… I think you’ll meet some in school.”

“I hope so…”

As she pulled the diaper open, I noticed it was pretty soaked with urine and wondered if I was just not noticing because of the drugs, the breastfeeding, or the fact that there was an Easter Egg we missed… I chose not to worry about it then and instead looked at the fact I was missing a part of me I’d had since birth. The slit that had taken its place looked exactly like it should, but looked so strange and wrong on me. I took my hand to touch it and felt the new skin.

“Now don’t be naughty,” Amanda told me.

“Sorry, it’s weird…”

“Are you going to be okay with it?” She asked as she gently pushed me back down on my back and began wiping.

A few tears stung in my eyes, but I shrugged, “No use crying over spilt milk I guess… or missing body parts.”

“For what it’s worth it just makes you more adorable… and shows a great deal of strength.”

“Kind of hard to feel strength when your grown-up ass is being wiped in the middle of diaper change,” I told her moodily.

“I’m going to let that word go for now, but I won’t in the future sweetie. It’s okay if there’s really something to be angry about, but using vernacular just to use it isn’t acceptable. Your booty is being wiped.”

I sighed, “Sorry Mommy…” I told her as she taped the last tape.

“It’s okay, I think you’re understandably unnerved by it. Now I think you’re probably just going to end up sleeping on us some more if I had to guess. What do you want to wear to bed tonight?”

“I get to choose?” I asked surprised, “Aren’t I just a human dolly?”


“Sorry…” I sighed, “will you let me sleep without the swaddling tonight?”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“It’s just really hot… I like blanket sleepers, but that plus the quilt…”

“Hmmm…” she said and went digging through the drawers and came up with a pink sleep sack. “How about this?”

I shrugged, “in one of those nighttime diapers it’s not like I can walk anyway…”

She laughed and pulled the dress off of my body first before getting me dressed me in the sleeper sack. The sack itself probably would have been too short for anyone bigger than me. For anyone else it would probably keep them from being able to stand up, but for me it was longer than my legs by quite a bit.

“It’s comfy,” I told her honestly.

“So, do I put you in the crib?”


“You want to cuddle with Mommy?”

“You choose, I’ll sleep either way…”

She chose the cuddle option, which didn’t surprise me. She sat down with me on the recliner downstairs and gently ran her hands through my hair. I didn’t last through one commercial break before I was asleep.



“PRINCESS COME ON, wakey time,” I heard and felt my body being picked up.

“Huh?” I asked confused before remembering where I was.

“Feeling any better?” I was asked as I became aware my body was laid out on the changing table.

I thought for a second, “I think so?”

“Good!” she said, “We have a big day today, so I’m waking you up early and giving you a little bit more of a treat than I will normally.”

I opened my eyes more at her and just shrugged, “Okay?”

She had reached a soaked diaper then and I felt my skin suddenly exposed to the air and the reaction of my new body parts down there was so weird! “You sure did soak this diapee!” She told me, “I would probably have waited to change you until after breakfast, but this would have leaked with another drop!”

“How come I’m wetting in my sleep?” I asked, suddenly thinking about how weird it is to wet in my sleep so soon.

“I think you were right about the breast milk having that side effect... but you also have a tiny body now. Bodies that size often have these issues still even in your world I imagine?”

I nodded, “I’d probably only be about three at this size… I still can’t believe I shrank when I came through…”

“Well anyway, not many babies your age sleep dry, so don’t worry about it. I wonder…”


“I wonder if you’ll get back to your original height when you go home?”

“I hope so… I can’t imagine being the size of a toddler back home for the rest of my life…”

“Well here you’re really only a three-month-old, so it would still be an improvement!” She said as she tickled me a little after closing the last tape of a new Pampers.

“I’m still getting a regular Pamper? Even with your mom visiting?”

“My mom and I differ on how to treat littles… and I’m not going to change that just to impress her.” She tickled my bare belly and I giggled.

“Thanks,” I told her gratefully.

“I picked out a pretty dress for you to meet your granny, but I’m going to wait to put it on until after breakfast. This onesie will work until then.” A onesie that said ‘totes adorbs’ was pulled over me and she quickly snapped it shut. “Let’s go get breakfast before Daddy eats it all!”

I felt safe as she carried me downstairs and then sat me in the high chair. Much to my surprise I was soon given a bottle that didn’t look like it was filled with normal milk, along with a plate of eggs, bacon, and pancakes sitting next to it.

“I think you’ll like your baba,” she told me with a smile.

Fred looked at me from down the table and shook his head, “Don’t let your mama know you fed her that Amanda…”

“It’s because of Mama I’m giving her that…”

“Huh?” I said but reached out to the bottle and gave it a tentative nurse. It contained a concoction that was warmer than a normal bottle, but still safe to drink. There was the unmistakable taste of coffee mixed with… “Breast milk latte?”

She smiled at me, “You’re going to have a hard day… thought I’d give you a treat to begin with. Don’t count on this happening regularly though until you show me you can keep that 3.5 GPA…”

“Isn’t this like…?”

“Unusual?” Fred asked, “Yes, it is, but she’s also got to let you have a few more grown up things. Otherwise we might as well just finish regressing you to a babbling baby and send you to an etiquette school…”

She sighed, “A few, but not a lot.” She told me while looking at him as if to remind him who was the mommy, “Let’s feed you your breakfast!”

I snuck a long nurse on my caffeinated bottle first. ‘Oh coffee I’ve missed you!!!!!’ I thought to myself. I smiled as I pulled the bottle away for Amanda to fork a piece of pancake into my mouth. She fed me about half of it before going back to her breakfast. The eggs and bacon were sitting in front of me still with no utensil. She seemed in no hurry to get back to me with her fork so I just decided, ‘I’m a baby, right?’ they think and grabbed some of the eggs and then a piece of bacon with my hands and brought them to my mouth.

Apparently, this was the right move because I heard, “Awww… she got it quickly too!” from Amanda. I looked at her and she smiled, “Babies eat with their hands all the time, remember that, okay?”

“But not when you’re at school…” Fred added while simultaneously taking a quick photo of me mid-bite with his phone. “You have to pretend to be mature there…”

“Point made dear,” Amanda said with a sigh.

I wasn’t sure what was going on but this sounded like a mommy and daddy fight if I’d ever heard one! I went back to nursing the caffeinated bottle of goodness until it was empty. I kept hoping for a few more drops though and kept nursing at it until Amanda pulled it away and fed me the last of the eggs and a couple more pancake bites.

“I’m full,” I told her as she tried to get me to finish the last of the pancakes.

“Last bite,” she told me, “lunch with my mom and sister is going to be a pain…”

I sighed and got the last piece of pancake off the fork and swallowed feeling pretty bloated. ‘I hope she isn’t expecting me to nurse right now…’ I thought to myself. Just as I said that I felt the need to pee and decided to hold it for a few minutes to see if I could still. It unnerved me how quickly I hadn’t felt it the previous days.

“Let’s get your hands and face all clean and then we’ll get you ready to meet your granny!” Amanda said to me.

“Just remember to stay calm dear,” Fred said.

“Who are you talking to? Me or mommy?” I asked.

“Definitely Mommy, Princess.” He told me with a smile. He walked by and gave me a kiss on the top of my head before heading back upstairs.

“Why is he worried?” I asked as she picked me out of the chair.

“Well… I think he knows how many buttons she’s going to push on you, and knows I’ll probably blow at a certain point.” She reached the top of the stairs quickly, “I’m also worried she or Chloe try something to regress you without me having a chance to stop it.”

I nodded.

“Do you need to make a poopy in your diapee?” She asked me as we walked into the room and felt my dry diaper.

I thought about it for a moment and thought I might be able to so I nodded, “Probably?”

“Then I’m going to leave you in your room for a moment while I go to the bathroom, why don’t you go now so we don’t have to deal with our company rubbing that in your face.”

“That’s for you alone?” I asked her.

“Sweetie, we both know there’s no way you could use our toilets… I think even a toddler’s potty is pushing it for you.”

“Could we try that?” I asked suddenly wanting to push a button of my own.

“No,” she told me, “you agreed.”

I sighed, “You’ll have a stinky diaper when you get back Mommy.”

She hugged me and set me on my feet before closing the gate and going down the hallway. I looked around at the nursery again and remembered I had volunteered for this. I then noticed my little desk and computer were missing along with my backpack! ‘I hope she just hid it from her mom…’ I thought to myself. ‘Better get this over with,’ as a minor cramp made it possible for me to push and I felt a log exit into the back of my diaper and kept pushing until it was done. It bounced around down at the bottom of the padding as gravity took hold and I realized it felt different now that I was missing my old genitals.

“Did Princess Stacy make a little present for Mommy like she promised?” Amanda was back a moment later and picked me up. For once she seemed to be taking care not to smush everything.

“Yes,” I told her with a grimace.

“Good baby!” she told me before getting the traditional diaper change ritual out of the way. Peeing in the diaper wasn’t so bad, but I really wasn’t a fan of pooping necessarily. The stickiness… I tried to find that frame of mind of the toddler who didn’t mind but had a hard time today for some reason.

Thanks to the coffee I was at least feeling awake, “What time is it?” I asked her.

“Almost eight,” she told me.

“So, your mom…”

“Granny,” she corrected, “and Auntie Chloe,” she added.

“Will be here soon?” I asked.

“Yes, and knowing my mother she’ll be here at about ten after eight instead of the time she said. The only thing that has kept her from being here earlier is that your Auntie is picking her up after dropping off her girls at daycare…”

I noticed the way she said daycare and asked, “How bad is their daycare?”

She sighed, “I remember as a little girl myself I used to go with Hannah to the same one… For a Big it was just a daycare. We played with finger-paints, read stories, had naptime, played on the playground… you know, the things you should do as a toddler.”

“For littles?”

“For littles… well understand that even good-sized littles like Hannah was, they’re still smaller than our three-year old’s. The littles are always ending up picked on by most of the Amazons… I know I even did it sometimes to Hannah,” she said with a sigh and lots of regrets, “The truth is they’re babies and don’t know any better. In a good daycare an Amazon might get punished and it would eventually yield nicer behavior, but there… it was almost encouraged. Hannah used to be forced to let the toddlers feed her, or give her a bottle, change her, hit or spanked…”

My eyes opened a bit at the thought of babies hitting or spanking me…

“Yeah, it’s bad! Then you have the adults at that place who make it their mission to emphasize to the littles they will never grow up. I think eventually most of their minds crack and they just go with it like a younger baby, I know Hannah did by the end…”


“So, no you won’t be going there. Regardless of what ‘great deal’ my mom and sister can get us there.”

She had just taped a new diaper on me and was pulling a pink diaper-cover up my legs as she said that.

“Thank you,” I told her.

“You’re very welcome Princess. I do enjoy babying you… but I don’t intend for you to have your mind destroyed or to have PTSD flashbacks for the rest of your life.” She said with a shudder that made me think she had witnessed Hannah have some, “Anything we do will be lovingly done sweetheart.” She pulled a dress out that I had to admit was beautiful. The top looked to have capped sleeves and flared out to a shorter skirt that I was sure would barely cover my diaper. The bodice was smocked with these little bows embroidered at the points of diamond shapes that crisscrossed the front. It had two little collar pieces that came down.

“That’s pretty,” I told her, “when did you buy that?”

“Last night while you were sleeping in the car with Daddy,” she told me with a smile. “So ready to be Mommy’s princess today?”

I smiled at her and nodded. She unbuckled the strap and I sat up with my arms up. She buttoned several buttons at the back of the dress to fasten the dress securely to my body. I noticed she was moving faster as she quickly did my hair like yesterday and then showed me my reflection in the mirror.

“If it wasn’t for all of my hair, I really do look like a Bigs baby, don’t I?” I asked her.

She nodded, “I’m sorry I didn’t catch Eddie’s last thing there… but your face makes you look even more adorable now.”

“I wonder what those changes will do when I go home?”

She shrugged, “You could always come back I guess if they don’t go away. You would still fit in well as our baby!” She tickled my side a bit and hugged me.

I hugged her back as much as I could and said, “Thank you for not reneging on our deal.”

“What? I just want the money,” she told me with a smile.

“I can tell that even double that amount isn’t going to make or break you both, so thank you for just being honest.”

“I still haven’t delivered you back home,” she told me with a smile and kissed my forehead again.

I just smiled at her and remembered, “Where did my desk and computer go?”

“Fred and I decided to put it somewhere safe in my lab… My mom will never go in there, but she will want to see your nursery. I guarantee she’ll be in here as soon as she can just to see what I did with it. We’ll bring it back tonight when she’s gone.” Just as she said that the doorbell rang.

“I guess they’re here?” I asked and she nodded as she bounced with me down the stairs. I caught sight of a clock and sure enough it was ten after eight!

Just as we reached the bottom of the stairs I heard, “Knock, knock” from a voice opening the front door. “Mandy you here?”

“Yep, how are you doing sis?” Amanda said as she gave a giant a little taller than her a sideways hug to avoid crushing me.

For my first-time seeing Chloe, I was surprised how friendly looking she appeared. Nothing about her said she would be a crazy ‘little’ kidnapping and maiming monster… She wore a simple dress with large flowers on it that reminded me of something a teacher would wear back home. Chloe was about the same size as Amanda – maybe a couple inches shorter, and she had darker hair. Her eyes and nose were nearly identical to Amanda’s so there was a strong family resemblance. Her hair was cut in a bob and her smile seemed genuine as she cooed, “So this is my little niece?!?”

She stepped closer to look at me, “You don’t look like a little at all! You’re adorable!!!”

I found myself lean my head into Amanda’s shoulder nervously.

“Oh my God! She’s sooooo cute!!!!!” I heard another older voice say and looked to see a lady that was obviously their mother right behind Chloe carrying a big gift bag that she sat on the floor. “Come to Granny!” She opened her arms up and I could feel Amanda reluctantly pass me over to her.

“She’s really an adult little?!?” Chloe asked as she continued staring at me.

“Eighteen, three months ago,” Amanda said for me.

For my part I was intimidated and scared beyond belief by these two women.  I found myself wishing I had my pacifier then, but just hoped Amanda wouldn’t let anything happen to me. “You are too cute to ever be an adult! It was a good thing your mommy adopted you, huh?” She cooed at me.

“Why is she so small?” Chloe asked.

“Well, it partially has to do with how I got her; she’s a portal little.”

“Are you all this small there?” Granny asked me.

“No, I shrank when I came through…” I told her nervously.

“Baby you don’t have to worry about me doing something to you, your mommy would kill me if I did,” she told me reassuringly. I guess I was shaking quite a bit. “Here Mommy you probably should take her, I can understand that she’s nervous around strangers.” She gave me a quick hug and a kiss before passing me back to Amanda.

She squeezed me tight to reassure me and led them to the living room where she sat down on one end of the couch. Her mom sat down next to us while her sister sat in the recliner. I had my first chance to really look at her mother then. Whereas Chloe and Amanda had similar faces and eyes, Granny was a shorter version of Amanda with a few more wrinkles. I had to imagine if you held pictures of them side-by-side at the same ages you would think they were the same person!

“How tall were you in the other dimension?” Chloe asked me curiously, interrupting my staring.

“Five foot, ten,” I answered quickly.

“You were almost an inbetweener…” she mused. “Now…? How tall is she Mandy?”

“A little over thirty-nine inches tall.”

“So, she’s barely more than a newborn…” Chloe said. “I assume you’re feeding her as such?”

Amanda squeezed me a little tighter and I could tell she had shaken her head, “I’m nursing her, but we’re still eating normal solids too.”

“A little that cute it’s almost a crime for her to still eat solid foods…” Chloe said.

“Chloe…” her mother warned her.

“I’m just saying… If she didn’t have her teeth and hair, I would be sure you’d somehow hid being pregnant from us!”

“I know, but that’s not happening to her,” Amanda said.

“So, is she being a good girl for you so far?” Granny asked.

“Yes, she’s never put up a fuss about wearing or using her diaper. Hasn’t even really whined about anything at all yet actually. She’s the perfect little,” Amanda said with another gentle squeeze. I suspected she meant that.

“Well here,” Granny said, “why don’t you open my gift?”

Amanda repositioned herself to where she could reach over me into the gift bag and the first thing she brought out was a beautiful quilt that I assumed was for my crib. It was a pink, purple, and yellow quilt, with butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers sewn in blocks.

“Oh my god mother, this matches her nursery perfectly! How did you know?” Amanda asked.

Her mom laughed, “I always knew you would have a baby girl someday, or at least a little, so I figured you would need it eventually. I knew whenever that day came it would be pinks, purples, and butterflies!”

“Thank you, Mom, it’s really beautiful, don’t you think Stacy?”

“Yes, it is… umm… thank you Granny,” I told her.

“I can see what you mean, she is very polite too.” She reached a hand over and patted my head lightly, “There are a few more things in there too,” she added.

Indeed, inside was a gift basket of bath toys, soap, and bubble bath. There was also a very cute teddy bear that she handed me and I cuddled. “Thanks Mom,” she squeezed the arm of the bear herself and said, “I do appreciate it.”

“So, I talked to the daycare when I dropped off my girls and they said they could easily get Stacy in there,” Chloe said.

“Thanks Chloe, but I’m not planning on putting her in that daycare.”

“Why, it was good enough for you girls?” her mom said.

“Mom we’re not going to turn Stacy into a newborn baby only cooing, pooping, and looking cute like some sort of living doll. She’s actually very smart and I’m not going to destroy that. She’s also much sweeter than any little you’ve ever met, so it’s not like she needs to be reminded to behave either.”

“You say that now Mandy,” Chloe said, “but just wait a couple weeks and she’ll make her break for it. She’s probably just biding her time until she can run away when you’ve let your guard down.”

I actually laughed at that.

“What’s so funny little girl?” Chloe asked and I began to get the vibe I had expected more from her mom.

“Where would I run to?” I asked, “I’m not even like a normal little who looks like they might have a chance at an adult life. Right now, the chances of anyone not naturally just picking me up for my own good are zero. I’m not even the size of a toddler, I’m not going anywhere that Mommy doesn’t want me to go.”

“You shouldn’t let her speak like that,” Chloe glared.

Amanda shrugged, “She’s right. I bought clothes originally thinking she would be about the twelve to eighteen-month size range. She wears regular three-month size Amazon clothes… No one will let her by without knowing for certain that she’s cared for. I’m not worried about her running away at all. Besides, she has her tracking chip too and she knows it.”

“Well, I know we came early, had you fed her already?” her mom asked, seeming to want to break the tension.

“Yes, we had breakfast early since I figured you would be here before the time you said.”

“Of course, how could I not rush to see my new grandbaby? I still can’t believe you didn’t call and tell me about her immediately!”

“Sorry Mom, I wanted to make sure I got her first and then wanted her to settle in first.”

She sighed, “I guess I understand that dear. Any chance I can see her nursery?”

Amanda smiled genuinely then, “Sure!”

She put me on her side and we walked upstairs to my nursery.

“This is beautiful!” Chloe exclaimed.

“Exactly like I imagined it would be!” Her mom cooed. “My baby girl really has grown up now and has her own baby!”

“Here, let’s put this over her crib rail for now,” Chloe said bringing the quilt with her. “Looks like you handled baby proofing the room pretty well sis. I know none of my girls have had any luck getting out since I put up that brand of gate - and they’re a foot or more taller than Stacy here.”

“Honestly I mainly have it up in case someone was to question me having her.”

“Nonsense sweetie,” her mom assured her, “you got her to come willingly like the law says?”

“Yes, she agreed to come live with us. Even agreed to the diapers and everything.”

“Then no one can say anything,” her mom said.

“Other than they wished they’d seen her first,” Chloe said, “which I’ll say that!” I looked at her as she hesitated, “Can I hold her for a moment?”

I felt Amanda get as nervous as I was but she handed me over to her. “You’re soooo tiny and light!!!!” She cooed over me as she squeezed me into a small hug and then turned me over onto my back to hold me like an infant. She rocked back and forth and cooed at me for a few moments while they continued to talk. “This dress is adorable Mandy, where did you get it?”

“Threadbare yesterday,” she said. “I went inside after we ate dinner out. This princess was sound asleep and Fred watched her in the car.”

“It really does make her look like a little princess,” her mom agreed. “You both would have loved that dress as little girls.”

“So, what do you want to do?” Amanda asked as she looked worriedly at me in Chloe’s arms.

“Well, I kind of want to buy a piece or two of baby gear for my granddaughter that I see you’re missing.”

“Like?” Amanda asked as I internally gulped.

“Well you’re missing a swing and a walker for once,” she told her. “I mean assuming you’re not going to follow Chloe’s lead and keep her from walking like her littles.”

“How many times do I have to tell you it was for their own good, Momma?” Chloe asked. I felt her squeeze me a little tighter and I grew more nervous. “Kacey convinced Kendra and Katie they should escape. It was only because of the neighbors that they all didn’t manage to toddle away that night! They showed that I couldn’t trust them to be that mature, so I took that decision away from them.”

There was an awkward pause before she said, “I hope you don’t make us do that with you!” Chloe said looking down at me.

I shook my head and suddenly needed to pee. I decided to just let go and sure enough Chloe said, “Well at least you’re not giving your Mommy a hard time about using the potty. Lord knows I think even the training potty Cassie has for little Klara would be too big for you to get on without help!”

I sighed, “I know.”

“Here, why don’t you let me change her and then we’ll get going,” Mandy said with her arms out.

“Oh nonsense, I’ve been changing diapers forever - I bet I can do just as well as Mommy, if not better, huh?” Chloe said and turned to the changing table. She pulled the strap across my stomach and said, “Mandy, how come you bought a regular baby changing table? What will you do if she starts fighting you?”

“I don’t think that’s going to be a problem Chloe, she’s not tried to hit, bite, or kick me once in the first three days. If it was going to happen it would have happened the first time I changed her or nursed her.”

She pulled my diaper cover down and said, “Mandy, why do you have her in regular Pampers? There are so many other diapers are much cuter and make them waddle more!”

She reached down and said, “I mean this princess themed diaper is perfect! Plus, then you don’t have to change them as much!” She untaped my diaper just then.

“She likes the Pampers more and I really don’t mind changing her more often.”

“You know I kind of like the Pampers on her better too,” their mom said, “it makes you believe she’s actually a real baby in them.”

“Hmmph,” Chloe said, “Why would you want to do that?”

“Because not every little needs to be humiliated all of the time,” I found myself saying and then instantly regretted the words since she already had my naked bottom up in the air!



End Chapter 8

Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021


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