Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021

Chapter 12
Part Fish

I STIRRED AN hour or so later and noticed I had a major diaper leak. My outfit, crib bedding, and everything seemed soaked. “Mommy?”

A few moments later she came in dressed in a bikini and said, “Oh no, that diaper didn’t hold up did it?”

I shook my head. ‘Between this morning, this, what else can go wrong today?’

“It’s okay sweetie, let’s get you changed into your swimsuit and then I’ll take your bedding downstairs.”

There was something humiliating about having not only my diaper being wet, but everything else I was laying in too. It was like the ultimate sign of immaturity... “Definitely not going to be able to use a regular Pamper at nap time if you’re going to wet like that,” Amanda clucked.

When she was done stripping me and wiping me down, she pulled out a strange looking diaper that I realized was some sort of swim diaper. It felt a little different as it pulled on like regular underwear and had a much different cover. “Does this really work?” I asked her.

“It mainly keeps poopy out of the pool. In theory it’s supposed to catch your pee too if you’re not in the pool, but in the end, it doesn’t matter does it? If you wore a regular diaper it would swell up like a beach ball!”

She tickled my stomach the and asked, “Feeling better?”

I shrugged, “I guess, I’m just scared…”

“It’ll be okay Stacy. Your Daddy and I talked while you were napping and we can definitely keep any poopy from happening during your test.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Really,” she said with a smile.

“How?” I asked.

She sighed, “The same way he does when he needs to do surgery in that area…”

I groaned, “That’s going to suck, isn’t it?”

“Not going to be fun for you, that’s for certain. But hopefully you’ll still be able to concentrate for the test.”

I nodded, “Okay.” I looked around, “Where’s my swimsuit?”

“Oh, silly me, you don’t want to go outside topless?”

“Good girls don’t do that,” I told her very seriously.

“Big girls don’t, but you’re not a big girl, are you?” She asked as she tickled me briefly.

I looked up at her wondering if she was serious before she pulled out a pink one-piece swimsuit that seemed to be the cliché little girl swimsuit to wear. It was edged with little ruffles along the legs and neck area. She had me stand up and helped me into what I knew should have been a tight-fitting suit, but it seemed a little large and too loose. I was not surprised that the diaper could be clearly seen peeking out from around the crotch area.

“Guess this one is too big, huh?” She said surprised. She reached and flipped the fabric from the back and shook her head, “It says three months… guess we’ll have to try on some next shopping trip. It’ll do for now though!”

She sat me down on the ground and gathered the wet bedding and my wet clothes before saying, “Come on, let’s go swimming.”

I did the sit and scoot method of getting down the stairs the last time, so this time I tried the hop down method. I would stand and jump down the distance. It was kind of scary actually jumping down something nearly waist high, but I was feeling kind of daring and proud when I reached the bottom.

“Stay there for just a minute while I take these to the basement Stacy,” she told me while opening a door I’d somehow missed the past few days. I peeked down and saw a staircase that led to an abyss until she turned the light on. Then it only looked mildly scary and I could see the laundry room must be down there, along with mystery…

She came back up and I asked, “What’s down there?”

Amanda laughed, “I guess I never showed you the basement, huh?” She picked me up and held me against her bikini-clad body. She opened the door back up, turned the light on, and showed me a simple laundry room and then a huge space filled with junk. “Nothing too special down here. Spare parts, old clothes, old furniture, some antiques we don’t know what to do with, stuff like that,” she said as she climbed back upstairs and closed the door.

She stopped and grabbed a can of spray sunscreen and some water wings before taking me outside with her. A ‘short’ six-foot tall chain link fence ran around the pool to keep babies and littles like myself out. Of course, Amanda was easily able to open said fence before she stood me on my feet on the concrete!

It was kind of hot, so I kept hopping from one foot to another and she laughed as she led me to a couple of lounge chairs and lifted me onto one. “Let’s get some sunscreen on you so my Stacy doesn’t become a crispy critter!”

I smiled at her and let her spray the sunscreen on me before she quickly braided my hair into a long braid. “Okay baby girl, you said you can swim?”

I nodded, “I’m not the world’s fastest, but I’m decent!”

“Well then, let’s see you do it – I’ll leave the water wings off for now and get in there with you.”

I nodded and looked as she led me to a shallow area of the pool. The shallow area of their pool though was still marked ‘six foot.’ At just a few inches over three-feet tall, it didn’t matter which end she brought me in I would drown if I couldn’t float! I jumped in though, and treaded water while she watched me for a moment. After watching me easily tread water she said, “Okay, let’s see you swim to that side!” She pointed all the way at the end that was marked 11’.

‘I hope I don’t fail at this too,’ I thought to myself and began swimming across the pool. Their pool wasn’t huge, but at my smaller size it might as well have been an Olympic size swimming pool! I made it to the other side feeling pretty good and decided to flip and swim back. Something about having control over myself in the water made me feel a whole lot better than I had for the past several days. When I reached the other side, I touched the wall, flipped, and continued to do about twenty laps before I was getting tired and swam to where Amanda stood. She could easily stand with her feet touching the bottom, and was looking at me with an amazed look.

“Are you part fish and you didn’t tell me?” She asked me as she picked me up out of the water and tickled me.

I shook my head, “No, I’m all human!”

“I don’t believe you!” She kept tickling me and eventually sat down in the shallow end holding me in her arms.

“Thank you for letting me swim,” I told her when I had my giggles under control.

“You’re very welcome! I take it you like swimming?”

“I used to… I haven’t had much time for it since I quit the swim team in eighth grade.”

“Swim team… so that explains how you swim so well?”

I nodded, “I liked the swimming, just not the other kids and the coaches.”

“Well I guess we have proof now that you can swim. You still need me or your Daddy out here for you to swim though!”

“What about Megan?” I asked.

“Well she counts too,” she told me with a smile. “And so would Jennifer if she’s sitting for you. I know she’s a strong swimmer too.”

“What’s the chance you would let me do this in the mornings?”

“Well it is going to get pretty cold here in a couple months,” she told me.

“Really? When I was here before, and now, I would have thought this was kind of tropical for a climate?”

She laughed, “In a couple months you’ll know why I’m laughing. You must have visited in the summer or spring before?”

I nodded, “Yeah?”

“Well we get winter here, and it can be brutally cold and snowy sometimes too.”

I sighed, “So much for that tropical paradise for a college…”

She smiled and hugged me, “Don’t worry we’ll keep you nice and warm. Do you want to swim a few more laps before we clean up and get ready to go call your parents?”

“Please?” I asked.

“Go for it,” she said putting me gently back in the water.

I could feel her eyes on me, but I continued to swim until my body was getting sore. After another thirty or so laps I decided I was tired enough to go back to her. She wrapped me up in a big hug before pulling me out of the pool. “What time is it?” I asked.

“About three,” she told me.

“That’s it?”


“It feels later than that…” I told her.

“Probably because you’re tired from swimming.”

I nodded.


I nodded, “Kind of.”

“Come drink then,” she told me as she pulled her top down.

“I thought we were only doing this three times per day?” I asked her nervously.

“Don’t you like it?”

“I do… that’s what scares me honestly. There should be something in my brain screaming and running away from it.”

She laughed and said, “You’re thirsty - I have leaky boobs, that’s how we got into the mess pretty much, huh?”

I laughed nervously, “Yeah I guess it is.”

“I can tell you’re already sleepy from swimming, so what’s the worst that can happen? A wet diapee?”

“A messy one,” I told her, “and some sort of crazy Amazonian drug induced hypnosis…”

“Too late if that’s the case, you know, that right?” She told me with a serious look.

I nodded, “I wonder how screwed I am given I can’t even make it six hours without pooping my pants.”

She hugged me and kissed my head before gently laying me at her breast to nurse. I was thirsty, it tasted good, and I just nursed past any common sense that lurked in my brain. When I had finished, she wrapped me in a towel and said, “Okay, let’s get you in another diaper and lay you back down for another quick nap before I get you ready for our visit to the Inter-Dimensional Port.

I nodded and let her carry me, undress me, change my diaper, and then set me down in the crib with nothing by my diaper and a soft blanket she swaddled me in. I glared at her about that for a moment but just decided the nap sounded good. ‘I thought we didn’t mess with my sleep schedule…’ I wondered to myself.


 AMANDA WOKE ME about thirty minutes later and changed me into another diaper with a frilly diaper cover. I thought maybe she would have dressed me a bit more mature to reassure my parents that I was safe, but she seemed inclined to dress me completely as the baby girl she thought I was. The dress was a pretty yellow dress with ruffles and embroidery detail that clearly indicated it was not a cheap dress either! More to the point it fit me even better than anything else had yet in the bodice, with the fabric firmly gripping my flat chest. The skirt was only just long enough to cover my diaper cover if I stood still and didn’t bend over. I squirmed on the table wanting to look at myself in the mirror.

“Hold on baby, I’ll let you see in a few moments,” she told me and pushed me back down to the changing table in a seated position. She found some cute ankle socks with frilly lace on them that were pulled up to my ankles before adding some black shoes that she said, “Here are your Mary Janes,” with a smile.

I looked down at the shoes and saw they had quite a bit of shine on them and weren’t exactly the most comfortable feeling shoes. I frowned and she saw it, “What’s wrong?”

“They’re not comfortable,” I told her.

“Of course not, they’re for looks, not comfort. There probably isn’t a little or Amazon your size in our world that needs to walk and can fit into those…”

I sighed, “Please may I have a different pair?”

She looked at me and frowned, “Do they hurt?”

“They’re pinching, even if I don’t walk, I’ll probably have a blister in a few hours.”

“Stay there,” she told me. I watched as she dug around in the closet for a moment and came back with a pair of white sandals with a flower coming from the top in the same leather. She looked at me for a moment and removed the socks before putting the sandals on instead.

I flexed my foot and toes for a moment before nodding, “Thank you, those are much better.”

“You must have an odd shaped foot,” she looked sad.

“Those other shoes are for Amazon infants?” I asked.

“So are those sandals,” she said.

“My feet are those of an adult, they’re probably shaped way differently with the weight I’ve put on it from years of walking on them. I know there are different positions for tendons as you grow out of infancy too.”

She nodded, “I guess we’ll have to see if we can get your future shoes in the littles department… that may be really tough though with your tiny feet.”

I nodded and let her pick me up and take me to the glider where she sat down with me in her lap and began playing with my hair. I was half certain she would do something like she had before with bunching it up and hiding the length, but instead she left it mostly loose except two small braids that came from the front to the back and held my hair out of my face. She added a half-ponytail and a large bow that matched my dress.

“May I see?” I asked.

“Sure sweetie,” she told me and to my surprise let me down to my own two feet and with a light pat to my diaper directed me to the mirror.

I was able to walk surprisingly easily in the much more comfortable sandals, and thinner diaper, over to the mirror and stared at my reflection. The girl in front of me looked to be not quite three with the dress and the hairstyle. My diaper was actually hidden from view by the skirt of the dress unless I moved side-to-side. The actual skirt of the dress full and I gave an experimental twirl just for curiosity and watched my diaper cover come into full view as the skirt flew up. At least it didn’t look like I was abused for my parents’ sanity, I guess. We all knew diapers were a given coming into this, so it would have even been okay for them to see those. ‘Dad’s going to give me so much crap someday if I ever make it back home…’

“So, what do you think?” Amanda asked standing above me.

I turned and looked up at her and shrugged, “Well there’s no doubts about my status in your family…”

She picked me up and hugged me, “I’m sorry if it feels like I’m rubbing in everything.”

I sighed, “It’s fine, I agreed to it. How am I going to have a chance at college though?”

“Trust me, we’ll get you taken care of. We need you to see what it’s like now to be a baby, and then we’ll start helping you to avoid maturity mistakes next week. We don’t want you being accused of having a case of maturosis…”

‘Maturity mistakes? Maturosis?’ I wondered to myself and recalled the conversation that had given me every bit of intel I’d been given.

‘No matter what don’t let an Amazon call your maturity into question, the second it is you can guarantee they’ll scoop you up, diaper you, send you to an etiquette school, and you’ll get to drool for the rest of your life…’

I just nodded to her as I didn’t have an actual response. “What now?”

“Well now we’re going to meet Daddy at the Port and then we’ll get dinner somewhere.”

I nodded and held my arms up and invited her to pick me up. I was soon comfortably being carried downstairs and sat down on the couch while she made sure the diaper bag was filled with what she needed.

While I waited, I couldn’t help but get nervous about the fact I was going to see my parents shortly in a dress, diapered, and that it would be obvious I was now a babied little. Everything that really could possibly go ‘wrong’ with a visit to this dimension had so far. I was being breastfed on a regular basis; well on my way to losing my continence, dressed in baby clothes, and finally found myself now a girl when I left a boy.

“What was I thinking?” I quietly asked myself.

“What’s that Stacy?” Amanda asked surprising me with her presence.

“Nothing,” I said to her.

She had the diaper bag over one shoulder and picked me up, “Come here baby,” she said soothingly. “Are you nervous about your parents seeing you?”

My face looked at hers closely and I nodded, “This is going to be really embarrassing…”

She squeezed me, “You knew what you were getting into Stacy,” she reminded me.

I nodded and sighed, “Yes I did… Can you…”

“Can I what?”

“Can you just try not to rub it in my face and theirs?”

She looked at me, “I thought for a moment you were going to ask something silly like not wear a diaper or something…” she walked towards the garage and suddenly paused at the door handle and kissed my head, “I will do my best not to make it worse than it has to be.”

“Thanks,” I told her.

“I know it may be hard to believe, but we really are going to try and make things easier for you as we go here.”

I nodded, “Thanks. I really do appreciate you taking me in… this just seems even more embarrassing knowing my parents are going to see me like this.”

“Can’t be much of a shock,” she said as she opened my car door.

“Umm… how do you get that?”

“Well you’re their baby, they already saw you in your diapers and everything, right?”

“Not the dress…”

“Maybe not that,” she agreed with a smile. “I can have you on the conference in just your diaper if that would make you feel better?”

I squirmed as she tickled my leg, having just latched the car seat, “The dress is fine…”

“Here, why don’t you suck on your paci while we drive…” she told me as she inserted a pacifier into my mouth and closed the door. I watched as much as I could through the mirror and my limited view as she opened the garage door, backed out, and drove down the road in reverse of the trip we took the first day at first. She ended up taking some different turns though and I was soon feeling lost since I didn’t have a good view of the road.

Just when I had reached the point of being bored though she came to a stop in front of a building that I remembered traveling through. Amanda came around my side door and unbuckled me before carrying me towards the building.

“Amanda!” I heard Fred’s voice and I turned to see him waving at us from the front of the building just in front of the automatic doors.

“There’s Daddy!” She said to me with a high-pitched coo.

I groaned internally but just put my head against her shoulder and looked around. I’d just been here a few days before, but I couldn’t help but notice all of the activity going around. A group of tourists was with their guide getting off of a bus. I noticed one man complaining about the tour guide, “Did she really have to put me in that kind of car seat? That strap was damn uncomfortable, and I nearly got car sick facing the rear!”

A teenager with the group looked frantically from side to side but held a man I assumed was her dad. “Dad, can we get out of here already? I hate this damn diaper and I don’t want to spend another minute in it!”

“Sweetheart they warned you not to separate from the group,” a woman next to her told her. “You’re just lucky we found you before you were adopted out.”

“Will I still need them when…?” I heard fade away as Amanda carried me closer to Fred and he hugged us both, kissed her on the mouth, and then me on the forehead.

“Ready for this Stacy?” He asked.

I shrugged, “No.”

He smiled at me and said, “You look beautiful, and it’ll be fine Princess.”

We had just walked through some metal detector looking devices at the door when a loud shrill noise sounded. Security guards immediately approached us, “Excuse me, is this your daughter?” They seemed to have their hands ready to draw pistols at their sides and I felt my eyes widen.

Amanda answered calmly, “Yes she is. We’re here to make a trans-dimensional video call.”

“We’ll need to verify your identities before you can move past here,” he said.

“That’s fine officer, do you have your reader?” Amanda replied.

He held out a wand and suddenly I felt my butt presented to him as a quick beep sounded on the device and I was turned just in time to see my information pop up on his screen. My name, age, and their names were presented on the screen. “I need to see some photo IDs,” he told them.

Both Fred and Amanda pulled them out and he looked at them before nodding, “You’re cleared. Thanks for your patience - we can’t have littles making a run for it if they’ve been legally adopted. We worry if they get here they might try to escape to another dimension.”

“No problems officer, we understand,” Fred told him.

I had just sat numbly in Amanda’s arms the whole time of this encounter. Escape clearly wasn’t as easy as making it to this place and hopping through the portal… ‘I really have got myself into a scary situation…’ I admitted to myself while remembering what everyone had said about the chip when I first got there. ‘Maybe I could reprogram the chip… it’s the same password as the Wi-Fi router...’

I became aware of where I was as we approached a desk that was labeled ‘Trans-Dimensional Communication’ and a smiling woman. “Can I help you?”

“We have a reservation for a video conference room? Westerfield?”

She typed for a second and said, “Yes I have you here, if I can just see your ID and your credit card, we’ll get you all setup. Do you need us to take your daughter to a playroom while you take care of business?”

“No, that won’t be necessary. We’re just taking her to talk to her parents in the other dimension.”

The lady smiled, “Ooh, that’s cruel. Letting them see their daughter is now a baby? I love it! What did she do to deserve that?”

“Don’t worry about that,” Amanda said as she seemed to mean it to me too and squeezed me in a gentle hug.

“You’re going to be in conference room sixteen. Follow this hallway down the red line and you’ll find it on the right. This card will open it for you. You have up to an hour allotted for your call.”

“Thanks,” Amanda said and we walked forward to the room we were assigned.

At the door she swiped the magnetic card and the door opened to a room that looked like a bigger version of the ones back home. The door closed behind us and she sat me down on my feet on the table. “I don’t think we can leave the room without the workers here getting suspicious Stacy… but we did bring some headphones and promise to not allow ourselves to hear if you need to have a private moment.” Fred said to me.

I looked up at him and nodded, “I think I would appreciate that. You can wait a little bit on that though.”

Amanda took a moment to fiddle with my hair and dress, apparently trying to make me look perfectly cared for… I couldn’t help but feel like my nerves were getting the best of me, as I thought of the response from my dad in just a few short moments. ‘What are they going to say?’

I was shaking as a large screen that seemed to take the entire wall in front of the table turned on then with the text, ‘Incoming Call Answer?’

Amanda did something and suddenly my parents’ faces were in view on the other side. “Hi Mom, hi Dad,” I said.

Both of my parents seemed frozen in place as they got a good look at their son.



End Chapter 12

Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021


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