Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021

Chapter 17

THE NICE THING about naps is they do wonders to help pass the time when you’re nervous! I think that was part of why Amanda decided to take one. I woke up to find myself wedged on their bed between her and a body pillow. She gathered me up, changed my wet diaper, and dressed me in the dress we had picked out earlier. I was slightly surprised that she then added a pair of strappy sandals to my feet. They were white with little leather flowers attached to the front of my foot. Delicate, but to my surprise they seemed to have some tread on the bottoms. I found myself back concentrating on bigger issues though.

“I can’t believe I’ve wet in my sleep pretty much every time I’ve slept now since the first day…”

Amanda laughed, “It’s a good thing Stacy, it keeps things from being complicated.”

“What do you mean?” I asked her as she worked on my hair. She seemed to be avoiding putting it into pigtails for some reason this time.

“Well… I think we can pretty much assume my breast milk is doing most of it since your digestive track is full of liquid, and it has to go somewhere. Since you shrank when you came to this dimension that probably doesn’t help a whole lot either… but with you going automatically it keeps you from having to think about it, right?”

I shrugged, “Why does that help?”

“The less conspicuous you are about wetting or messing your diaper the easier time you’re going to have avoiding trouble Stacy.”

“Riiiight…” I told her.

“Trust me… when Chloe and Cassie both took their littles in, the first thing they would complain about was having to get their littles to use their diapers without spankings or other ‘help.’”

I gulped.

“Yeah… I know you agreed to them before you came, but I was worried you would hold stuff in and end up impacted or something. I’m glad we haven’t had to help you with either part of using them.”

I sighed, “I guess I’m glad too…”

She hugged me as she finished doing whatever she was doing to my hair. “Want to see your hair?”

I nodded as she sat me down and let me walk over to the mirror on my own. She had again used two tiny braids from the front to make almost a ponytail holding section into the back. A yellow bow was tied to the back section of a half ponytail that rose from it. The dress fell to my knees for length – making it one of the longest dresses I owned! “I almost look big enough to be in elementary school again!” I told her semi-sarcastically but with a smile none-the-less.

I turned and hugged her gigantic leg behind me and said, “Thank you for not just deciding to dress me in what I’m sure Chloe or Cassie would have!”

She picked me up, “If I did Megan would probably beat me up - you know that, right?”

I laughed, but also got serious, “If she feels that way how does she put up with your sisters?”

“You ever hear ‘don’t talk politics and religion?’” She asked.

I nodded.

“Same idea with my family and littles.”

“Oh,” I said.

“Plus, she’s truly the baby in our family with her height. She’s only considered a Big because of our parents. Height wise she’s technically more of a Betweener… Add to that the rest of us are taller than average! So, she’s never gotten big enough to give it back to them physically.” She sighed and I could tell she actually felt bad for her sister, “Why don’t you come keep Mommy company while I redo my hair and makeup,” she told me with a smile and carried me down the hallway to their room. She sat me down on her makeup table and I was actually kind of fascinated to watch her redo her hair and then her makeup. When she seemed done, she dug around for a second before telling me, “Pucker your lips like this Princess.” I did as she asked and was rewarded with some strawberry flavored lip-gloss coating my lips. “There, now you’re perfect,” she told me with a smile.

“You about ready to go honey?” Fred asked as he peaked back in from wherever he had been for the past couple hours.

“As ready as I think any of us are…”

He gave the two of us a hug and led downstairs to what I had decided was now to be considered the family SUV. Strapped into the car seat I sighed and waited to see if Amanda’s family was going to have a massive world war erupt when we got there. I was at least reassured that ‘Sunday Dinner’ meant lunch to them like it did with my grandparent’s generation. If nothing else I hoped we’d at least be done with whatever catastrophe in time to go home for ‘supper.’

I remembered from dropping off ‘Granny’ before that the house wasn’t far, so it seemed like no time before we pulled into their driveway. Amanda had driven so Fred was closer to my seat and freed me from the seat before settling me down at his side on the ground. “You want to walk in, or do you want me to carry you?” He asked as he knelt down next to me.

‘An excellent question,’ I thought to myself. With everything I had seen from Chloe and Cassie they would expect a good little to be carried in. Given their choices to rob their littles of their ability to walk I decided, “Walk and hold your hand Daddy.”

He smiled at me. Somehow, I suspected he thought like I did! I looked around and saw five cars in the driveway and on the street so I guessed everyone was already there. I took a deep breath and extended my hand way up and he reached down a little awkwardly and we began walking. Amanda took up a spot right behind me while we walked up the steps of the large porch that had a swing sitting on it. I noted that there were a lot of pretty flowers neatly planted in front of the porch and a couple of nice maple trees around the front yard. Just before we reached the front door it opened up and Granny stood there.

“And there’s my new grandbaby!” she practically squealed and bent down to hug me.

I forced myself to relax my body posture and told myself that the touch was okay… as she was still mostly a stranger! It was terrifying to have a giant hug you though!

“Hi Granny,” I said with as much of a smile as I could manage. It must have been an okay job because she smiled back at me.

“Hi Mandy, Fred,” she said standing up and giving them a hug while leaving me still holding onto Fred’s hand.

Just then I saw one of the first men to actually make Fred not look like the tallest giant in the world came up. He hung back a little bit next to Granny and I suspected he was Amanda’s dad. Suddenly I felt myself lifted in the air and found myself in Amanda’s arms while simultaneously feeling some urine involuntarily leaving my bladder. “Daddy, meet your new grandbaby Stacy,” she told me as she carried me closer.

The giant man looked intently at me and I gave him a similar look over. With short, cropped hair, and exposed biceps that seemed large even for an Amazon he was incredibly intimidating. He reminded me actually a lot of my real grandfather whom I had said goodbye to the previous weekend… Something about him just said ‘military’ to me.

“Well look at you,” he said to me, “I’m not into babies like the women folk but I have to admit you look like you’re about the most beautiful little baby I’ve seen!” His voice though low was sweet.

“Nice to meet you, Sir,” I told him politely.

“Glad to see my Mandy has more sense than to just silence you…” he muttered quietly to me.

I smiled at him, “Me too!”

“You want to hold her Daddy?” Amanda asked.

“The real question probably should be does she want to be held by me,” he said with a smile towards me.

I thought for a second about the best move and said, “Sure.”

He smiled at both of us, “Well give her over here then.”

I was passed over to the hulk of a man who took me gently into his arms and held me in an upright position. “So how old are you really?” He asked quietly.

“Eighteen,” I told him.

“And my daughter kidnapped you?”

I shook my head, “I’m living with them to go to college here…”

He raised his eyebrows and looked at Amanda, “You’re not planning on making her just another living dolly?”

Amanda sighed, “No Daddy, just her temporary parents really,” she smiled at me. “Though giving her up eventually will be very difficult!”

“So, if you’re going to school? What are you studying?”

“Computer Science,” I told him.

“Oh, so that makes sense. You just wanted a nerd baby who could understand your babbling about computers,” he said with a smirk towards his daughter.

Fred laughed, “You have no idea Joe!”

“Well, everyone else is back in the backyard. I just started up the grill so we should have food ready in about a half-hour or so,” he told all of us. He gave me a gentle squeeze and then handed me back to Amanda, “You lucked out there Mandy,” he told her, “I’ve got to go man the grill, we’ll talk more later.”

Mandy gave me a squeeze of her own to reassure me before putting her hand under my dress and feeling my diaper. “Little wet, but I think you can probably wait for a bit?”

I sighed and nodded, “He scared me…” I told her.

She laughed, “Come on, let’s go see if your cousins want to play?”

I didn’t know what to expect outside, but she carried me through the large open living room and out a sliding glass door to the backyard without any other options. Once through the door I could see a large deck outside with a smoking grill that her dad walked to. At a table nearby two other large men stood, I knew one was Cassie’s husband and assumed the other was Chloe’s.

“Let’s come meet your uncles!” Amanda said excitedly in her annoying mommy voice. She carried me nearer to a red-haired giant and said, “You met your Uncle Kevin last night,” she reminded me, “Say Hi!” I looked nearer at him and he seemed put out that attention would be even given to me towards him.

I waved at him and said, “Hi,” quietly. I really was terrified at meeting anyone married to Cassie or Chloe! Though he was sitting I felt like he was shorter than Amanda, which gave me a bit of comfort there.

“And this is your Uncle Derrick!” She said pointing towards the other man who looked to be just a bit taller than Amanda. He had blonde hair that was styled in a short, gelled almost punk look. Though too old for it he reminded me of someone who would be a skater or surfer. “He’s Aunt Chloe’s husband.”

“Hi,” I said meekly.

They went back to talking about something else pretty immediately as neither seemed to suffer from the women’s baby fever. “Let’s go meet your cousins now!” Amanda said with a smile and a small tickle to my belly just above my diaper.

As she climbed down the steps of the large deck, I noticed the large sandpit in the backyard. I recognized Klara, Kristina, and Neville as Cassie’s kids from last night. The other three had to be Chloe’s littles and my stomach knotted up as I saw them.

The three women were sitting in just their diapers, with nothing else on. I felt myself squirm awkwardly inside my head as no bras or shirts covered their small, but still developed breasts. One girl seemed to just be idly moving sand on her stomach. Something about her said ‘defeated’ and I guessed that was the poor girl that Chloe had really abused. She was the biggest, easily over two feet taller than me, with blonde hair that was tied into short pigtails. The diaper she wore looked to be full of sand… and I could smell and see the brown stain from the load in it from several feet away. I guessed that she looked to be the oldest.

Amanda introduced me to all of them and pointed to her first, “This is Kacey there with the poopy diaper.” I grimaced for the girl, but was amazed the Kacey didn’t even react more than to say, “Poopy” in a sad lifeless voice.

“Over there is Katie,” she pointed to a black-haired woman who looked to be a bit more than a foot taller me sitting up in the sand with a small bucket in front of her. She waved back and smiled with an oddly happy look on her face, “Hi.”

“Hi Katie,” I told her.

“And this last poopy-pants here is Kendra,” she said towards the remaining unknown woman with brown hair sitting dejectedly with her hands drawing random patterns in the sand. She was pretty much in between the heights of Katie and Kacey and looked to be the actual youngest of the women. The poor girl looked to be in tears at Amanda bringing notice to the state of her diaper, but she still said “Hi,” to me.

“Hi Kendra,” I said. “Umm… I’m Stacey,” I told them.

“Why don’t you sit here and play with your cousins while I go see if Chloe has any diapers for her girls…”

I nodded and timidly stood on my own two feet in the sand. I looked at the others and tried to decide what to do. Katie gave me a grim smile and I could see her mouth was devoid of teeth like Amanda had warned me. Just before I walked closer to them though Klara came up to me. I realized then just how tall an Amazon baby could be compared to me… She seemed to be two or three heads taller than me! Even at two years old I thought she looked to be taller than Katie too!

“Baby!” She said to me as she approached and I began to worry what she would do. “Come play!” Klara reached for my hand and I let the toddler lead me to the other side of the sandpit where she and Kristina seemed to be playing with a couple shovels and a bucket while Neville looked on.

From the deck I heard, “Oh Mandy you are so naïve sometimes! If you change a little’s diaper just because they went poopy, you’re just wasting a good diaper! They’ll be good in those diapers until we go home. I didn’t even bring any spares since I knew they could sit in a dirty diaper for a couple hours. Sure, they might get a little rash, but that’s…”

I lost some of that as I heard Kendra begin sobbing. I looked over there and Neville surprised me when he whispered, “she was the last little Chloe adopted… Just before they all made their run for it.” He sighed, “she’s only been dealing with this for a bit longer than I have and sobs most of the time.” Without his teeth he was tough to understand, it obviously hurt his skill at annunciation.

“You can talk still?” I asked in surprise that he could do that much.

He laughed, “When you can understand it without the other teeth,” he looked sad then but smiled and I could see he had three teeth left. Cassie had left him two incisors and one other tooth to the left on the bottom row of teeth. “She didn’t want me biting her nipple,” he answered my question.

“Mommy says you not supposed to talk big words!” Kristina told him bossily.

He sighed and stuck his thumb in his mouth. “Baby pway!” Klara said to me and directed me to join her. I thought about my dress getting dirty, but just decided that was to be expected by a baby. I knelt on my knees though to try and keep it somewhat clean. Klara handed me a shovel and said, “Dig!”

“She’s just a baby, she can’t dig!” Kristina said.

“Can too,” I told her with a smile and began digging with the plastic shovel. I made a small hole and then piled the sand around it to make a shape that reminded me of the Apple Headquarters back home. I looked up at Klara who smiled at me, clearly happy with what I was doing. Kristina scowled though and I wondered what was wrong. Klara began to draw on the walls of my creation with her fingers and I added some other little turrets and began making it into a castle.

I was playing with Klara for a few minutes when I realized something seemed odd. Last night it was clear she had been getting potty trained, but she must have thought it was an okay time to join the poopy diaper crowd because I watched her suddenly squat and mess the princess pullup she had been flashing occasionally as she played. I swore she then intentionally sat down on the mess to smash it. Her smile told me she clearly enjoyed doing so. Kristina as the big sister of course thought it was her duty to go tell mommy on this.

“Mommy Klara went poopy in her panties!”

“Klara? Really?” Cassie came storming over to the sandpit.

“Nuh-uh,” Klara said as she tried to keep playing.

Cassie pulled her dress up and the pull-ups back saying, “You most definitely did little girl!”

I watched in horror as her mom delivered ten smacks to her on her diaper and then five more on her thigh, “Bad girl!”

“Don’t be so mean, she’s just a baby! Maybe she’s not even ready to be potty-trained?” I said before wishing I could stick the words back in my mouth as Cassie grabbed onto Klara’s arm angrily and rounded on me.

“You little brat mind your own business!” Cassie said.

“I think it’s way past time for you to get a spanking!” Chloe said standing next to her as she swatted her right hand towards my butt while her left attempted to grab my arm!


The hand connected and my butt felt like it was struck with a sledgehammer even through the padding of my diaper! I knew I couldn’t stand there and take that from her or I’d be seriously hurt! I dodged the hand now grabbing for me, ducked underneath her open legs, and began running as quickly as I could towards the nearby playground set. The slide was metal with a fairly gentle slope that rose well above my head. I could see it was next to a tree branch and hoped my shoes had enough traction! Chloe chased after me as I attempted the difficult task of running up it. I could remember at the end of elementary school when I would always run up the slide in my backyard over and over again for fun. I’d sort of used to do it at a skate park in middle school too, and so I thought it was my best bet to escape her. Just as I heard huffing behind me from a mad giant, I made it to the top and jumped over to the branch of the tree.

It was more than sturdy enough for my light weight and I ran along it to the trunk and began climbing up branches until I was thirty feet up looking down at the pissed off women.

“Get your ass down here and take your spanking!” Chloe screamed at me and began looking at the tree herself.

I looked around and saw that there was another large tree right next to the one I was in and an idea came to me. I quietly followed a branch over to the next one. Because of the fairly full branches I could just barely see Chloe and hoped she would miss my transfer. ‘Thank you nanites! That agility setting helped!’ I thought as I climbed over towards the other tress trunk. I looked back and saw my transfer had gone unnoticed as she began climbing up the original tree. Cassie stood at the bottom of the tree and I heard her say, “Umm sis, maybe we should just wait for her to come down?”

Meanwhile Amanda came back outside from the house and was just catching something was wrong, “What’s going on here?”

I chose that moment to start climbing down the new tree. I went unnoticed until I had made it to the bottom and Cassie spotted me, her face giving me a shocked expression.

“There you are you little brat!” She said as her giant legs began pounding her towards me.

I heard a “What?” and a thud but didn’t pay attention as I ran towards the deck where Amanda stood. I noticed a chair that I could climb up to and then make the railing of the decking. It was a near thing as I almost fell, but I clung to the rail and began running along it before suddenly feeling myself picked up.

‘Shit!’ I thought to myself and waited for the spankings to begin.

All I heard instead was laughter… male laughter.

I turned my head and realized it was ‘Gramps’ that had picked me up. “Gotcha!”

‘Shit!’ I thought to myself. He can probably hit way harder than those two!

But instead of hitting me he tickled my side, “Did you enjoy making fools of those two idiot daughters of mine?”

I was in shock, but smiled, “Maybe?”

The two idiot daughters in question were mere feet away at the patio by then. Cassie had helped Chloe up after apparently having a tree branch break in her hands, which caused her to fall. Some leaves were in her hair and I tried not to directly laugh at her. “Daddy give her the spanking she deserves or hand her over to me to do it!” Cassie told him.

“For what?”

“She’s a snotty brat who won’t shut her trap and mind her own business.”

Amanda came up then and asked, “What did she do?”

“Klara had an accident and she had the nerve to say maybe she isn’t ready to potty-train. Like I’m going to listen to potty training advice from a diapered little? We all know THEY can’t use it, so she just wants my daughters to follow her footsteps.”

I laughed, “You do realize I made it through about fifteen years of life using the potty just fine, right?” I decided to go for broke. “I’ve watched Klara have two accidents in the last day and not care about having either one. Until she cares you’re not going to have success at all – she didn’t even show signs she noticed she was pooping until she happily sat down in it. Speaking of which, maybe you should get her out of that messy pull-up before she gets a rash?”

“You little…”

“She’s right Cassie, go change her,” Granny ordered.

“Daddy she still needs a spanking!” Chloe said, “She can’t talk to us like this!”

“Why? You clearly feel like diapers are absolutely fine to wear since you keep three adults in them.” Grandpa said.

“They’re Littles! They’re not adults, they’re just babies!” Chloe practically hissed, “They can’t possibly live on their own! Plus, look what she did by climbing up the tree, I almost got hurt!” She held up scratched arms and hands as evidence.

He laughed, “You know my thoughts on this, I fought alongside some of these so-called babies back in the war. I would have been proud to be around one like Stacy here.” I found myself given a small hug from behind, “Now why don’t you go get cleaned up so we can all eat dinner,” he ordered her.

The two of them fumed and I watched Cassie go angrily pick up Klara and felt bad for the poor girl. She began crying and couldn’t seem to make sense of why her mommy was so mad. Chloe just went straight into the house I assumed to do what her dad had said, or go complain more to her mom who had gone inside too. “Nice moves,” he told me when they were out of earshot and Amanda moved closer.

I smiled, “Thanks.”

“You know that wasn’t exactly a bright thing to do, right?” He asked me.

I nodded, “Yeah…”

“Do you mind if she hangs out with Grandpa for a while?” he asked Amanda.

“She’s safer with you,” she smiled. “You and I are going to have a chat later sweetie, that was about as dumb as it gets…” Her glare chilled the warm summer air and I hoped I wasn’t going to be in too much trouble!

I nodded meekly and started a bit as I was raised in the air and placed around her dad’s neck in a piggyback position. He moved over to the grill where he was putting cheese on cooked burgers. My eyes widened at the size of the burgers and had to laugh that the portions of food were so huge here.

He heard my giggle and asked, “What’s so funny?”

“The portions of food here are so huge… it’s like a food challenge back home,” I told him.

“Then you should see our food challenges! Eat three littles in one setting and you can get a free meal!” He joked as he tickled my thigh a little.

I squealed and he just laughed as he lowered the lid of the grill.

“So, tell me about yourself,” he ordered as he took me off his shoulders and sat me on the rail next to the grill.

I looked up at his hazel eyes and responded, “Well… I’m eighteen and got a crazy idea to come to this dimension to go to college.”

“That is a crazy idea, especially if you were that short in your dimension,” he told me.

“Well back home I was nearly six-feet tall actually,” I told him.

He looked me up and down and asked, “What happened to those other three feet?”

“Good question,” I said with a sigh. “I expected to be at least four feet tall… Something about the dimensional trip made me get short the first trip, but this second trip made me even shorter!”

“That kind of sucks,” he said, “You would have been basically an in-betweener before and had a shot of being safe from this nonsense.”

“Yeah, I’m not going to lie and say it’s ideal. I knew what I was getting into though… I want to study your computers and programming so I can take it back to my world. We’re way behind your level of technology!”

We talked for another ten minutes about me as he moved burgers onto buns and plates as the men ended up eating first. “What about you? What do you do for a living?” I asked.

“Well I was in the military for twenty-five years before I retired,” he told me. “Now I run a martial arts and self-defense studio.”

“Cool,” I told him, “I used to take Tae Kwon Do when I was little… assuming you have anything like that?”

He smiled at me, “That’s one of the main styles we teach actually. How long did you study?”

I shrugged, “A few years before I got too busy with school to keep going. I had just finished testing for my red belt when I just couldn’t take any more time away from my other obligations.”

“You should think about coming and studying with me,” he told me with a smile.

“Littles are welcome?”

“Not normally…” I looked at him oddly, “Bigs generally don’t like the idea of dangerous littles… but as my granddaughter you would be welcome. Might even help you avoid some of the idiots like my daughters.”

I watched then as Chloe was sitting down at the table with Kendra and Katie each on a separate knee. Her shirt was unbuttoned, and each of the girls had been placed at one of her breasts so she could feed them simultaneously. I saw Kacey laying on a blankie with a pacifier zoned into space occasionally looking longingly at the table of food above her.

Cassie was sitting next to Chloe with Neville at her side. She was feeding him from her breast, while occasionally giving a bite to the now changed Klara. Kristina looked to be doing alright on her own over by Grandma.

I sighed.

“Yeah, poor things,” he seemed to agree. “You want a hotdog?” He asked me.

“Yes, she does,” Amanda said for me with a smile and picked me up. “No bun, just the dog,” she told him.

I made a face at her and she whispered, “If you hadn’t just nearly tried to get yourself killed, I might have let you have a bun… but let’s just say I’m not overly happy with you right now…”

I squirmed a bit and said, “Sorry…”

She hugged me, “I know you are, and I’ll get over it, but you’re going to be a good little girl the rest of the day, aren’t you?”

I nodded nervously. Amanda grabbed her own plate with a burger, some chips, potato salad, and some jello on it. She handed me my plate with just the gigantic hotdog and some ketchup on it before she added a small handful of the gigantic potato chips. She confidently held onto me with her right arm and her plate with her left. She sat down next to Fred and my two uncles on the other side of the table from Cassie and Chloe. Both of them glared daggers at me as she sat down with me on her lap.

“You got your dress all dirty!” she admonished me and tried to get sand and leaves off of it.

“Sorry,” I told her.

Thankfully she hugged me so I knew she wasn’t really angry over it. I watched her cut the giant hotdog in half and she handed me it, “Eat your hotdog,” she said.

I was glad she dipped the first part of it in ketchup to at least add some flavor. The actual hotdog was easily the size of a large sausage back home. My hand barely grasped onto it and I had to be careful not to drop it. As I took my first careful bite, I realized it was tough to even get my mouth around what seemed to be a large salami or summer sausage. I ended up eating it by taking small bites at a time out of it. Gradually I carved it away with my teeth. When I had finished part of it she asked, “More ketchup?”

I nodded and she lowered the plate so I could dip it.

“Living dangerously there, Sis,” Megan said as she sat down next to her. “I’d be worried about ketchup dripping…”

She laughed, “Well it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world she’s dripped on me,” she told her.

I blushed brightly as Megan laughed. I sat quietly and listened to the conversations around me, not really interacting after having been told off by Amanda. I knew that with as attached as she was to me, she must have been quite frightened. I also couldn’t help but know I’d been stupid to say what I had. Running from Chloe had been just as unwise when you looked at the tree climbing from a parental perspective. My real parents would probably chew me a new one over that too.

I listened as Chloe and Cassie had a conversation across from us, “You know the only way you can trust a little is if they can’t walk?”

“Well, some like Kacey even if they can crawl…”

“Yeah I heard just last week at the daycare two littles managed to get out of the building and ran for it.”

“Did they escape?”

“Not for long, a mom coming to pick up her kids saw the two girls running away. She might have thought they were free littles, but they both had braided pigtails and dresses short enough to show their poopy diapers.”

“What did she do?”

“Scooped them up and put them in her stroller and dropped them back off.”

“What did the daycare do?”

“When I came for my girls, they were taken care of like Kacey – they can only say about five words, cry, drool, and mess their diapers - just like it should be. If they’re not even going to be mature enough to play like good littles there’s no point in not treating them as anything other than the drooling infants they are.”

“Why do you say that?” Megan asked. “I mean seriously would you be happy being diapered and held against your will?”

Chloe scoffed, “Of course not, I’m an adult!”

“What if they really are too?”

“But they’re not Megan! I know because you’re the baby of the family you must feel some kinship with them… but seriously they’re just babies! We can’t leave them out there on their own! They’ll get hurt! Everything in our world is much too big for them to use, so we have to help them! I mean just think if Kacey had managed her stupid plan - no one would have been taking care of my girls! Every time they pooped or peed their pants, they would have been helpless!”

“Only because you made it to where they have no choice…” Megan said with a sigh.

“Next thing I know I’m going to hear you’re at some rally for little’s rights little sister. Take my advice and just go with it,” Cassie told her. “You know there’s plenty of technology that could help you join them if you piss off the wrong person...”

“It would be fun to change Baby Megan’s diapees again though!” Chloe practically squealed with what I knew had to be a classic case of Amazonian Baby Fever… I looked over at Megan for a moment and saw her face had the same look of horror as mine did.



End Chapter 17

Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021


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