Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021

Chapter 7
Hidden Code

I WOKE UP in my dark nursery, and found I was swaddled so tightly in a blanket that I couldn’t move. I sighed, ‘This is annoying…’ I knew of the concept of swaddling from her attempt before, so I at least guessed that was the problem.

With my arms and body unable to move with the blanket so tightly wrapped around my body, I began to wonder how in the world I would have a chance at running away from crazy giants if I ever needed to. I had quickly checked to make sure the Switch was still in my bag before getting on my computer yesterday earlier. If they asked about it, I would just tell them it was a portable device and not even explain its connection to a TV. I feared if I left it with Amanda, she would have her nerdy need to take it apart, and the next thing I would know she would find the gun!

‘What the hell do I do about my gender?’ I asked myself. I was really disturbed by the situation I’d found myself in there.

I knew without a doubt, based on my conversation with the little on the trip before, that giants only gave you one chance - if you were lucky - to prove that you were an adult. In theory by being ‘mature enough’ to wear a diaper I was avoiding that pitfall and being declared a victim of ‘maturosis.’ At least my going pee in a diaper wasn’t going to land me in the orphanages, especially since I looked to already have a loving ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy.’

However, the chance of them saying that ‘Stacy Slane’ registered as a girl and lied as a reason to renege on the scholarship seemed not unlikely. All it would take is one professor or student trying to be helpful by changing my wet diaper… and then it could be all over… I could guess that a liar would probably be seen as the most immature form of a little.

‘Did I really have much of a life as a boy?’ I asked myself. I was still a virgin, having never even had a girlfriend long enough to even consider going all the way with her. The most I had ever done was with Kelly in seventh grade at the school dance… when she kissed me on the lips. By the next day I was forgotten though and she was going out with Greg then.

‘Let’s say I let them do this… and I can have kids… and I go back home…’

The possibilities of being a girl in my world weren’t terrifying. Really fifty percent of the population survived just fine. I would probably be able to go on to whatever future I wanted. I’d probably even have no end of guys wanting to date me after they did whatever it was with me. ‘Having my own diapered babies to breastfeed wouldn’t be a bad thing…’ I admitted to myself.

‘Okay, so you got yourself in this mess already… might as well see it through,’ I gave myself a pep talk.

Right then I felt something in my stomach and had only a moment of time to wonder about the cramp, before I realized I needed to poop badly! It felt like I needed to pee a lot too… so I released a little bit of that hoping it would help with me not going poop in the diaper. The plan was doomed to failure though as my stomach suddenly cramped up terribly, and I felt a liquefied mush enter the back of my diaper.

I lay stunned for a moment wondering what the hell to do. ‘Call Amanda,’ a part of me said.

I groaned as the mush had nowhere really to go and I whimpered out, “Mommy!” a few dozen times. The light turned on and a sleepy looking Amanda rolled in.

“What’s wrong…?” she started to say before saying, “never mind baby girl, let’s get you all nice and clean.”

I whimpered as she undid the swaddled blanket and I watched her face wince as she said, “Well looks like you had a bit of a blowout here sweetie. Eew…”

It was the first time I saw something actually make her look sick. She picked me up by my armpits and kept me at arm’s length until she got to the changing table. The cute outfit was apparently a lost cause from what little I could see before she buckled me onto the table. Poop had escaped my supposedly indestructible diaper and made it all over it and my legs and everything else.

I whimpered some more, “It’s gross,” I said and she found a pacifier and pushed it in my mouth.

“Shhhh… it’s okay baby girl, Mommy’s going to get you all nice and cleaned up.”

To clean me up she must have used nearly an entire package of wipes! By the time she cleaned me up, put a new diaper and outfit on me, she had her own share of poo on her sleeve that she made a face about. I guessed the changing table cover was a lost cause until it could go in the washing machine too. She picked me off of the table and sat me down in the glider saying, “Just stay there while I clean up your crib baby.”

I wiped sleet from my eyes as I watched her take the quilt she had swaddled me out of the crib, made a face, and then pulled the sheet off too. Those plus my outfit were walked out the door down to the laundry room.

I sat there and watched the door sleepily and listened to the sounds of closing doors and what was probably the washing machine starting. I heard her climb the stairs again and run to their bedroom before she came back up in a robe, “Well you sure were a messy baby! You feel better now?”

I nodded.

“Any idea why?”

“Nerves,” I told her, “if I get really nervous my stomach does that.”

“What are you nervous about?” She asked me.

I just laughed, “You’re kidding, right?”

She sighed and nodded, “I can’t even imagine actually.”

“Then why perpetuate what amounts to enforced slavery with me as a guest? Couldn’t I in theory just wear training pants?”

She sat holding me thoughtfully pushing the chair back and forth for a few silent moments before answering, “Because I’m certain of one thing Stacy after these two days…”


“I have already grown to love you, and I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you. If that means keeping you in diapers for your protection, having you sleep in a crib, even embarrassing you every now and then I’ll do it. You’re smart and I don’t want to see another Amazon put out the fire in your mind.”

I looked at her and sighed, “Thanks I guess…”

“So, what had you up?”

“Well I told you I would think about something and give you an answer in the morning… Is this morning?”

She laughed, “It’s 3am, so yes technically.”

“Speaking of time… would you please get me a clock?”

She looked thoughtfully around the room, “Let me find one that matches the nursery. I’ll see what I can do. So, you were saying…?”

I sighed and hoped I wouldn’t regret this, “Setup the procedure, just please let me be able to have babies of my own when I go home.”

She hugged me tightly and placed her chin on my head, “I promise.”

“Thanks,” I said.

I noticed then that her robe had come open and her breast was bare just inches from my face. ‘Why not?’

For the second time that night I nursed myself to sleep.


THE NEXT MORNING, I woke up to Amanda gently rubbing my belly. “Hi baby girl!” She said in a happy cooing voice, “It’s time to get up!”

I groaned and tried to sit up but that was made really difficult by a thick swollen diaper. “Might be something to the theory of your milk making us incontinent,” I told her, “I haven’t wet the bed since I was four according to my mom.”

“I’m sure your late-night snack probably didn’t help, huh?” She said with a smile.

She picked me up and carried me downstairs to my highchair and I found a treat of eggs and bacon. “What’s the occasion?” I asked her, remembering her mention that would only be special days.

“Well you agreed to go ahead with the nanite procedure… and happily nursed from me… and well, you’re just like the perfect little!” She squealed as she put a spoonful of eggs in my mouth.

“Thanks,” I muttered with my full mouth. She let me feed myself the two big strips of bacon before pulling me out of the high chair with my bib still on.

“Let’s finish breakfast, huh?” She suggested.

She carried me into the living room and sat in Fred’s recliner with me in her lap. “What if I’m full?” I asked.

“Well, if you’re too full for all of it I’ll pump what’s left,” she told me.

I nodded, “Thanks,” I said before adding, “How many eggs was that?”

She laughed, “Not even one, I made three and probably gave you half of one?”

I gulped, “how can birds that size exist?”

She laughed and said, “Come on, here’s Mommy’s booby.”

The nipple of her beast uncovered I found myself to have even less of a hesitation than I had yet as I latched on and nursed. She burped me after her first breast and I had only nursed for a few moments on her left breast when I just couldn’t take anymore.

I pulled my head away and said, “Sorry Mommy, I’m full…”

“Well thank you baby for eating so good! Stay in your playpen for me while I go pump what you didn’t drink.”

I sat in the playpen with a very soggy diaper. The already ridiculously thick diaper had swollen to the point I would never be able to stand. I looked around and crawled over to a new toy that had been added to the playpen. It was some sort of cube toy obviously meant for a baby to press buttons. Having nothing else to do I pushed some buttons at the top that were shaped like a cow, a cat, a dog, and a chicken. When I pressed them, I was ‘rewarded’ with the sound of a cow mooing and the toy told me ‘Cows moo!’, etc.

I sighed and had to admit it was actually kind of a cute toy as I looked at another side seemed to have some maracas, cymbals, and a drum on it. The cymbals had to be slid together to crash them. The maracas sounded when you did the same while the drum made a snare drum sound when you pressed it. The next side had letters that flipped on a bar to an Apple, a Ball, a Cat, or a Dog to help ‘teach’ me the letters.

“You’re sooo adorable!” Amanda said a while later. “Do you like your new toy? Daddy got it for you yesterday.”

I sighed, “If I was actually an infant, I would probably love it. If you make me play with it for hours, I will go out of my mind…”

She laughed and picked me up, “Let’s change that icky diapee and get you dressed for your big day!”

A pacifier was shoved in my mouth before I could say anything so I just nursed it and waited for her to want to talk again. “Looks like someone wasn’t over her nerves this morning…” she said to me as she opened up the diaper and quickly wiped me with some wipes before laying my butt back down on a clean regular baby diaper.

“Hmm… you have some red spots here baby, I’m going to put some rash cream on it to keep you from being miserable. If you feel like you have any poopy in your diaper today make sure and tell me so we can keep you from developing a bad rash.”

I nodded around the pacifier as she kept manipulating my legs and body for me. It was so weird and unnerving not only to have someone see you completely naked, but also to be able to so easily manipulate your body. Feeling like an adult was the furthest thing from possibility as someone rubbed cream on your butt!

“Okay there we go baby,” she said as she taped up the diaper. “Now let’s find you a real pretty outfit for today!”

She went looking through her small numbers of purchases after having left me strapped on the table and soon had a purple organza dress in her hand on a hanger that she pulled a pair of bloomers clipped on it off too. While I continued to be strapped down on the table, she worked the bloomers over the top of the diaper. She undid the strap and sat me up saying, “Arms up like a ballerina for Mommy!”

I groaned and put my hands up and let her slide the dress down over my head carefully. She tied a bow in back and said, “Well, looks like the princess is going to look beeaaaauutiful today!”

I blushed and kept sucking on the pacifier.

“Well let’s take care of her hair next… I really probably should cut this to a bob or something so it looks like a real baby’s?”

I shook my head, “Please don’t cut it off,” I said while taking my pacifier out.

She put it back in and said, “That’s a Mommy decision baby,” she told me, but smiled, “but don’t worry, I can’t see myself doing that as I’m going to have too much fun playing with your hair each day!”

She picked me up in one arm and held a hairbrush and some ribbon she had precut in the other. I was carried to the glider where she sat me in the chair facing away from her. She brushed out my sleep-braided hair for several minutes before beginning to do something else with it. “This morning your daddy called a colleague about you,” she told me.

“And?” I muttered around the pacifier. I knew it had to sound cute and she giggled.

“And… he can work you in today. Apparently, they have a new version of the nanites that need a little bit of coding that we’re going to do in exchange for the treatment being free.”

I tried to turn to look at her but she said, “Keep that head forward sweetie, I’m working back here still. Use your words…” she pulled the pacifier from my mouth then.

I sighed, “What exactly will this do to me?”

“Well these nanites are state of the art technology. Their possibilities are limitless, but we’re going to just work with their gender adjustment system and hair follicles system.”

“What else can they change?” I asked.

She sighed, “The sky’s the limit probably... I know for a fact a couple months ago he used it on another little to reduce their size and rid them of some pesky breasts that they were growing! Some of the technology is being used by the research centers to make littles crawl only – or remove even that ability. It’s supposedly a more humane way to take teeth out…”

I started at those and tried to turn but she kept a strong hold on my head and the braid she was working on. “But…”

“That’s part of why I am agreeing to work on the coding here… If we both look through the source carefully, hopefully we can make everything safer.”

I shuddered, “That could be a lot of code for something like that?”

“Most of the settings are in one file they told me. But we’ll both look through everything else as carefully as we can. We’ll have until three when we’re supposed to show up at the hospital.”

“I’ll be safe?” I asked feeling my eyes wet.

“This is safer than any other way I know…” she said.

“And I’ll be a girl?”

“That’s the plan… unless you changed your mind?” She asked.

“No,” I told her, “seems to be the only way. Besides this way you get to play with my hair, right? As a boy you’d have to shave it all off I’m guessing.

She laughed, “I wouldn’t, but you’re right.”

A while later she finished what she was doing and said, “Ready to see yourself Princess?”

I nodded and turned to face her, “Please.”

She stood up and walked me over to a mirror on the door and I gasped out loud. My hair really was too long for a normal infant as it normally hung past my shoulders. Amanda had braided it tightly to hide its length, and now it looked like two miniature bunches coming off the top with purple bows to match my dress. If I was an adult looking at the girl in the mirror, I would have to say the oldest she could be was a preschooler. The dress puffed out and you could easily see the diaper bloomers underneath. It was embarrassing, but there was no doubt I made a very beautiful looking little.

I turned and hugged her, “Thanks for making me pretty,” I told her.

“I never have to make you pretty, you’re already that!” she told me with a smile and a kiss to my head. “They were supposed to send me a link to those files, how about we go downstairs and take a look at them on Mommy’s computer?”

“Can we bring mine too?” I asked her, “I might be able to open it in something and help look?”

She laughed, “We can always try. Do you need the power cord?”

I shook my head. “I’m good for ten hours, so we’ll have to leave before I’d be out of juice.”

“Well then, let’s go check this out.” She sat me gently on the ground and watched as I grabbed my computer. With it under my arm I followed her to her crazy tinkering room Fred had told me to stay out of. A huge desk sat with four computer monitors on it at one end. I followed her over to the computer and debated what to do. “Here, let me put this up here really quick,” she said as she unfolded another high chair that looked a little less comfy than the downstairs one, but every bit as formidable against me moving. “Hand me your compy,” she told me with a smile and sat it on the desk gingerly. “Upsy daisy!” she said then and I was strapped quickly into the harness but she didn’t fasten the tray.

Instead she slid me up to the desk and said, “doing this is really a big no-no with babies. Don’t push this over and tip!” she warned.

I nodded at her and said, “Okay, what’s this system?”

She looked at me strangely for a moment before going to an Amazonian equivalent of DropBox and downloading a folder that looked to be three gigabytes … Much to my amazement she clicked ‘download’ and had the folder in less than two seconds.

‘That connection is ridiculous!’ I thought to myself.

“We’re going to look through three gigs of code?” I asked nervously.

“I know it’s a lot, but trust Mommy,” she tickled the front of my dress a little and said, “I’m good at this!”

I watched as she scanned file names and I noticed the overall folder was ‘patient3894901’ which must have been me. The first thing that jumped out at me was ‘preferences’ and I said, “Preferences?”

“Atta girl,” she told me with a smile, “most of it is supposed to be in there. Let’s see what’s in here.”

Just like many preference sheets on our systems back home we were able to basically look at it as a plain text file. At the top was a bunch of gibberish that looked vaguely Java’ish, “Is that your version of Java?” I asked.

I think she really was sort of surprised I could recognize that by the facial expression she made, but nodded, “We call it Espresso here.”

I laughed, “that was a late-night naming session wasn’t it…?”

She laughed too and said, “I really love your laugh, it’s so adorable!”

We kept scrolling through the sheet until we got to the heart of the matter.

I noticed they used some different characters that we did for some reason for brackets and comments, but otherwise I could follow along and it made me sick to my stomach.

||Gender value 0 = Female, 1 = Male

gendervalue = 0;

||Subject settings 0 = object off or on = 1 (Recommended values)

{Change.Routine = object.nanitecontrol01}

||incontinent = 1

bladderincontinentvalue = 1;

bowelincontinentvalue = 1;

teethremoval = 1;

ovaryremoval = 1;

pacifierdependency = 1;

thumbsucking = 1;

|| Breast Size values 0 = none, to 10 = oversized

breastsize = 0;

|| Circadian rhythm value 1-10, 1 = infant pattern (eighteen-twenty hours of sleep needed), 10 = adult amazon pattern (6-8 Hours needed), default little = 6 (9-11 hours needed) (Recommended value 2-4)

circadianvalue = 3;

|| Sex drive controls, 1(none) - 10 (constant need)

sexdrive = 8;

|| Motor function adjustment. 1 = infant unable to situp, 5 = crawler, 8 = Preschool, 15 = normal adult, 20 = professional athlete (Recommended 3-6)

motorfunction = 3;

|| Verbal Function 1 = can’t speak, 5 = 2 year old vocabulary (200 Words), 10 = 5th grade (about 20k words), 15 = high school(about 30k words), 20 = full adult skills (Recommended 2-4)

Verbalfunction = 3;

|| Hair removal functions. 1 = on, 0 = off

leghairremoval = 1;

pubichairremoval = 1;

chesthairremoval = 1;

backhairremoval = 1;

butthairremoval = 1;

armhairremoval = 1;

handhairremoval = 1;

foothairremoval = 1;

eyebrowremoval = 0;

eyelashremoval = 0;

cranialhairremoval = 0;

facialhairremoval = 1;

nosehairremoval = 1;

|| Height Reduction value 0 = no change, 10% of body mass for each number 1, 2, etc. More than 3 is not recommended for littles, 6 for Betweeners, or 8 for Amazons.

heightreductionvalue = 3;

|| Hair color change value, 0 = no change, 1 = Brunette, 2 = Brown, 3 = Blonde, 4 = Red, 5 = gray, 6 = White, 7 = Blue, 8 = Pink

haircolorchangevalue = 0;


I had just finished going through the list of options and found I had long since dropped the pacifier from my lips. “That’s horrible!”

I looked up at Amanda and she said, “Oh my god those default values! Why would you make a baby oversexed?!?”

“It’s sick…” I said.

She shook her head, “I don’t think there’s anything we can really do about it for anyone else, but at least we can edit your values…”

“I just hope there’s nothing else hidden elsewhere…” I told her.

“Well let’s just start editing this…” she told me. “First option?”

“Well it’s the whole point, right? Leave it at female.”

She nodded, “Okay next is incontinent values…”

“Well please change the bowel back to zero…”

“And we’ll change bladder to zero too… I don’t want you to be diaper dependent when you go back home in a few years.”

I smiled at her, “Thanks… I kind of figured that one would be a non-negotiable for you.”

“Nah, you’re already making peepees and poopies in your diapees just fine,” she told me with a smirk that told me she was enjoying this too much.

“Teeth removal to zero please…” I told her.

“Well of course that was a part of our contract. Let’s take the ovary removal off, not sure what it will honestly do there, but hopefully in your changes you’ll get them instead.”

I just nodded, “If I’m going to be a girl, I at least want to be able to have kids someday.” I moved onto the next one, “Pacifier and thumb?” I asked kind of incredulously.

“I want to leave those on…” She told me…


“But that would be tough going back to your world… just pacifier?”

I sighed, “I can almost live with that one… but what about classes?”

She looked sad, but nodded.

“Look, I’ll do my best to develop my own addiction to it when I’m not at school?”

She smiled and said, “I guess I can live with that.” With a sigh she changed the value to zero too and moved on, “Next up, breast size…”

“I’ve never had them before, it can stay at zero…”

“We can always fix that later; I agree with zero there.”

I looked at the circadian rhythm and wondered what she would suggest here. “Circadian?”

“Well, as much as I would like to just have you sleep, pee, poo, and eat all day instead of anything else I think we can use some of these values to help you out. I’m thinking a nine here?”

“So, I’ll feel like staying up later like you all?”

“And be able to get through your classes with no naps…”

I nodded at that, “Okay.”

“I can’t believe this next one is in here…”

“It is, and it’s dangerous and disgusting all at the same time. I don’t even know what the right answer should be to how sexed a baby should be…”

“I’m probably at a three right now…”

“A baby shouldn’t have any sex drive though,” she said.

“If that’s true for littles then why those scary diapers that lady showed you?”

She nodded, “How about the three you said then. Probably no change and I don’t have to worry about you trying to jump Daddy or constantly doing something with yourself…”

“That’s a mental image I didn’t need…” I said. ‘Hopefully if I make it through this, I’ll have enough desire to have a family…’

“Motor function was something I knew we’d have in here. I’d like to make you an eight here…”

“An eight?!? I’d be helpless for a lot of things!”

“You already are…”

“But what if that also is looking at mental motor functions too?”

“What do you mean?”

“Most child psychology models believe there are stages beyond just the sensorimotor stages of infancy. So, if that’s what this is asking, then it’s also asking about cognitive reasoning and picturing abstract ideas too…”

She sighed, “Which do you want?

“Seventeen,” I said.

“Absolutely not, you don’t need to be an athlete…”

“Don’t I? What if I have a sticky situation and need to run from some other crazed Big?”

She sighed, “Better make it nineteen then… Hopefully he doesn’t look at your file too much before he initiates it.”

I nodded and she selected verbal skills at twenty before I even asked. The hair removal was left alone as by default it left on eyebrows, eyelashes, and cranial hair… “I can’t believe some people would want to lose their babies beautiful eyelashes…” she decried.

“I guess it’s for those doll enthusiasts… You really would look like a cheap child’s doll then…” I shuddered.

“Height reduction.. Hrmm..” she said, “I think we definitely should take off another eighty percent don’t you think?”

I glared at her as she made the value zero and left the hair color at zero as well.

“Well that’s all of the obvious places and code…”

“I wish there was a height increase…”

“No, you don’t,” she told me.


“Because right now your cuteness is going to help you more than you know.”

“Isn’t every Amazon going to take one look at me in an outfit like this and say go back to daycare?”

“You won’t be in an outfit like that,” she smiled at me, “at least not at school. Next week I have a seamstress that I sent your general size to who is making you your school uniforms.”

I sighed, “I guess.”

“Okay, here let’s start doing some double checking on everything here.”

I watched her search out the specifications of each class we had just adjusted and I was grateful that we did because bowel incontinence would still have happened for certain otherwise! She also found another nasty easter egg for size of genitals that made both of our stomachs retch again. There was no end in sight to just what some of these sick Amazons did with their littles. I hoped that someday they’d gain some real rights and people that made these things would get the punishments they richly deserved…

After a while she looked at a clock and said, “Leftover pizza okay for lunch?”

I nodded, “Can I keep looking while you’re doing that?”

“Sure… but let’s have you work from a backup just in case you have an accident.”

“Okay,” I told her and eagerly watched her copy the folder and open that copy for me to work in.

As I used her computer, I couldn’t help but marvel that while it was similar to our computers back home, it was so much more advanced! I’d watched her use touch screen stuff much more effectively than I’d ever seen. Even the keyboard that I was using had every key programmable to be different if you wanted. Currently she had it as a Dvorak keyboard, which suited me just fine! The ‘mouse’ for the interface reminded me more of a Wii in that you basically just gestured in the air.

‘Less playing, more avoiding traps…’ I yelled at myself.

I searched deeper than we had so far and came up with nothing new initially… but I just had a feeling something else was hidden. I opened a new window of her coding software and quickly guessed about what the syntax would be for a new subroutine to search everything deeper. I came up with keywords based on the items that had preferences, and then used those items to come up with variations of syntax, spelling, and even Thesauraus definitions and let it loose on the folder.

A bell sound rang five quick times and pointed me to files that had some really scary options. Most were in the null position, but I found one that made my stomach turn. The comment read:

|| stomach.processing function will cause subject to only be able to digest breast milk. Any baby food or adult solid foods will result in severe abdominal cramping and possible intestinal distress

“Oh my god,” I heard from behind me from Amanda. “That’s terrible!”

I looked up at her and said, “Yeah it is… I hope you don’t mind that I’m turning that one off!”

“Make sure you save this file and then I’m going to copy it over. It looked like you found more files in there. Anything else need adjusted?”

She sat over my shoulder for a few minutes while we made sure the copies made it to the live folder. I was enjoying the chance to learn a new file system and was surprised when she unbuckled the harness and said, “Come on baby girl, we’re going to leave the toys here and go eat downstairs. It’s a rule your daddy made.”

I shook off my confusion and looked up at her face, “Daddy made a rule?” I smirked, “Not just for me then?”

She giggled, “Early in our marriage he got tired of me disappearing for practically days at a time while I was working on one project or another. He came up with that rule to at least make sure I was coming downstairs to eat.”

“That’s actually kind of sweet I guess…”

She nodded, “I love him a lot. Without him I would probably just be hidden in a laboratory each day for hours at a time.” She hugged me and said, “You’re going to probably be just a bad about that too though!”

She deposited me in the high chair and then found the biggest bib she had practically that was a bit more uncomfortable to me as it was vinyl. I liked the cloth ones more and made a face, “I don’t like this one.”

“It’s going to keep that pretty dress clean though!” she told me.

“I can’t even put my arms out from it…” I whined.

“Good thing you don’t need to, huh?” She told me as she speared a piece of pizza, that she had cut up into bite sizes onto a fork and said, “Open up!”


LUNCH PASSED QUICKLY and I was a bit surprised that I wasn’t forced to take a nap after my diaper change, but instead was allowed to help her look one last time for any other Easter Eggs. Finding none she quickly re-wrote the subroutine they were having problems with before putting it all through the compiler and transferring it onto what looked like a flash drive.

“Let’s change that diaper one more time and then we have to go meet Daddy at the hospital,” she told me.

Seemingly no time after that I was strapped into the carrier and swinging gently from her hand as she walked through the hospital corridors to an office that had ‘Dr. Alfredo Westerfield’ on a plaque next to it. “There’s my little princess!” He said as he cooed over me.

“You seem happy?” She asked him.

“You never visit me here?” He said as he stood up and kissed her, “And you even brought me a present on this trip.” He leaned down and kissed my forehead too.

A knock on the door came and a nurse said, “Oh hi Amanda!” She looked down at me and said, “I had no idea you were even pregnant?!? What’s her name?”

Amanda laughed, “She’s adopted and her name is Stacy.”

“She’s a little? Fully grown?” The lady who was dressed in scrubs asked incredulously. “She has to be the tiniest little ever then!”

“Or close to it,” Fred agreed. “What can I help you with Doctor Kells? We were just getting ready to head to an appointment for little Stacy here.”

“Well it won’t take long. We need to work in Terri Castor for a C-Section soon… when can you be available?”

Fred looked at his calendar for a moment and made a note, “Looks like next Tuesday I’m free?”

“I’ll let scheduling know then. Nice to see you again Amanda,” she leaned right next to the carrier and said, “Bye bye Stacy!”

Her breath had been terrible and I found myself gagging. “What’s wrong?” Amanda asked me when she had left.

“Her breath was terrible!”

They laughed at me and I found myself soon being carried through the halls again to a wing that I saw labeled as ‘Little Care Unit.’ Right away I got the same vibe I had from the office yesterday and would have disappeared further into the carrier if I could. As it was, I grabbed the pacifier that was clipped to the restraint strap of the carrier and nursed it to try and soothe my nerves a bit. It didn’t help much though!

“Hey Amanda! Fred!” I heard as we passed through a door and passed into a room that looked like an operating room.

“Hi Eddie,” Amanda said and gave him a sideways hug.

“So, this is your new little princess?” The man said as she sat my carrier down on a table and a giant head looked in on me.

“Yep, this is little Stacy!”

“She’s adorable already, why do you need my nanites?” He asked.

“Just a couple quick options we want to correct without too much trouble. Here are your new subroutines,” she said handing him a flash drive.

“Great, I don’t have a problem working a trade with you. Now you’re probably as familiar with this interface as anyone, since your department did the initial designs, so why don’t you go ahead and upload your program for the nanites here. As soon as they’re ready we’ll give her the injection.”

“Great, thanks!” Amanda said and I couldn’t really see her, but the clack of the keyboard at a fast rate made me believe she must have been working quickly.

“How’s the house now that you have a little?” Eddie asked Fred.

“Great! She’s adorable and really well behaved. We haven’t had to spank her once yet!” Fred said with a smile as he squeezed my hand.


“Really,” he said, “She’s even been calm and sweet enough to snuggle with Amanda a good chunk of the time. Not even given us a battle with her diapers.”

“That is something isn’t it?” Eddie said. “But you know it’s not a bad idea to give them a spanking even if they haven’t done anything bad every now and then.” He smirked at me, “An occasional enema or other punishment can also be a good idea.”

“I don’t know, we’re pretty happy right now. If she starts misbehaving after this, we’ll take care of that.”


“All done!” Amanda said.

“That fast?” Eddie asked.

“I’m good, what can I say?” She asked as she rubbed her fingernails against her shoulder, “I sent the nanites to production so the canister should be fully programed in four minutes.”

“Great,” Fred said, “you have the anesthesia I asked for?”

“Right over here, but if you ask me it’s not really necessary…”

“She’d be in pain if we don’t, right?”

“Exactly, but…”

“She’s been a good girl, I’m not going to make her feel pain when she doesn’t have to.”

“To each his own,” Eddie sighed.

Fred unhooked me from the carrier and laid me down on the bed. “I’m going to strap you down here honey just so if you start flinching you don’t fly off of the table.” He placed his hand reassuringly with his thumb on my chin before strapping me tightly on an infant sized gurney with a strap over my waist, feet, and arms.

‘I really hope I’m not going before the executioner the way he did that…’ I thought to myself. He brought a small vial of liquid and drew a tiny amount from it to set it aside.

Quickly like the pro he was he first hooked me up to a saline solution IV and said, “Okay Princess, I want you to count backwards from ten…”

“Ten, Nine, Eigh…”



End Chapter 7

Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021


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