Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021

Chapter 19

I LOOKED UP and saw Chloe swing her hand at my face and smacked my face before gripping my arm angrily and flipping me upside down and ripping my diaper down. Swat after swat her hand swung at me until I was a trembling mess of snot and tears.

“That’ll teach you to tell me how to raise my children. Let’s go ahead and feed you some of the last ‘solid’ food you’ll ever have before we go get those nasty teeth pulled.”

I watched in horror as a jar of the goop Neville had been fed appeared in her hand and she spooned a spoonful towards me…

And then thank God I woke up!

“It’s okay baby, it’s just a nightmare,” Amanda said as I found myself being rocked in her arms.

“Thank God it was... just a nightmare... it was scary…” I told her through my sobs.

She offered me one of her breasts but I shook my head and refused to take it. I just couldn’t bring myself to nurse after what I had just seen in my nightmare. Instead she ended up just cuddling me close to her and shushing me. When I had finally calmed down a bit she asked, “What happened?”

“I dreamed Chloe got me…” I told her tentatively.

At that she hugged me again tighter, “I’m sorry she managed to get to you today…”

“It’s not all your fault,” I told her, “but she’s as terrible of a monster as Hannibal Lecter…”


I sighed, “He’s a fictional character back home. He’s a cannibal who likes to especially eat people with poor manners… There’s a whole series of books, movies, and a TV show that go into his story.”

“He eats people?” She asked horrified.

I nodded, “It’s a horror series.”

She hugged me tighter, “Chloe wouldn’t eat you…”

I shook my head, “No she would do worse, she would lock away all of my abilities to speak, walk, eat… You have to see how monstrous that is?!?”

She hugged me again, “I do… maybe even more so than you. I think she’s engaging in little abuse but I don’t know what to do about it. For most Amazons they’re going to look at it and see her just making some tough parenting decisions…”

I snorted, “She needs a taste of her own medicine…”

Amanda sat quietly with me in her arms for a few moments before muttering, “That she does…”

“What would happen…” I started, “never mind…”


“What would even happen if Kacey was ever freed? What kind of future could she possibly have now that Chloe has done what she’s done?”

“Not much of one,” Amanda said, “It’s not like you can easily put teeth back in. You might be able to do implants… The problem is that the standard procedure when removing little’s teeth now involves inserting an implant in at the same time just under the gum, so that would be a problem…”

“Gum implant?” I asked.

“You ever see a really old person without their dentures?” She asked me.

I thought back and nodded.

“You know how their lips can’t support the shape it should without their teeth? And their lips sink into their faces?”

I nodded, “Yeah… wait, littles have their teeth pulled all the time though?”

“The gum implants act as ‘teeth’ bumpers. It’s really just a semi-rigid material that gets placed underneath the gum and becomes a ridge. The little still has that ‘gummy’ grip with their mouths, can’t chew, etc., but no worries of old person face.”

I shuddered, “Who thinks up this stuff?”

“People like my sister,” she said sadly. She ran her hands through my hair for a moment, “You asked what would happen… Well assuming she did it by hypnosis - those triggers can be trained back out with a lot of care and patience. Then it would be a matter of a lot of physical therapy, but they could in theory walk again with that and a surgery or two... I don’t know what she did to Kacey’s tongue to keep her from speaking, that’s probably beyond hope…”

“It reminds me of a dystopian series of books from back home where they have mutes for servants…”

She nodded, “Hunger Games?”

“You have that one but not Silence of the Lambs?”

She shrugged, “I wish you had brought some of these movies so we could compare them. It’s kind of like speaking to an alien sometimes, but other times you’re in the same universe as me,” she hugged me again. “Are you going to be okay?”

I shrugged, “I’m sure this won’t be the last nightmare I suffer while I’m around here… Hell… sorry… I’m pretty sure I’ll have these nightmares even after I go home.”

She squeezed me tight, “Try nursing for a bit to get that nice sleepy milk coma back?”

I shrugged, “It might help.”

Without another word she bared her breast again and I sighed before giving it the old college try to get back to sleep. My jaw slightly hurt still, but I nursed at the offered nipple anyway. ‘If I ever get back, I want to put a sign up at the trans-dimensional terminal to quote Dante, ‘Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here,’ seems quite appropriate.’ I was glad that between the nursing naturally relaxing me, and the milk with whatever crazy narcotic properties it had, I was able to go to sleep.


“COME ON SWEETIE,” I heard the next morning.

“Huh?” I said realizing a giant was looking over the top of me. I looked around confused for a moment before going, “Oh.”

“Oh, so that’s how you’re going to be this morning,” I heard as I stared blearily eyed at Amanda. Suddenly I jumped as she tickled me!

“Stop!” I whined, “Too early!”

“Too early says the little girl who woke me up screaming in the middle of the night,” she said going back at tickling me after a pause.

“Sorry,” I said as she stopped. I realized I was laying on top of the changing table then and hoped it was the wet diaper I had just made wetter.

“Sorry she says after she wets a brand new diapee!”

I blushed, “You’re the one who tickled me,” I complained as I thought back to how I must have just peed and not realized it. ‘That milk is destroying my bladder muscle control,’ I thought with a sigh.

“Sure, blame it on me,” she said with a smile that I tried to return but just couldn’t. “I’ll change you after your bottle and breakfast,” she told me.

I sighed and let her carry me downstairs still dressed in the pink nightgown from last night. Once buckled in the chair I was given my latte bottle and watched as she moved about the kitchen and made some gigantic French toast slices. Once she’d cooked them on a griddle, she cut one slice up into eight triangles that were still big for my size. Bacon and eggs sat on the plate as well to make up a sight of a huge breakfast! I was provided a little baby fork and a gigantic plastic disposable knife to cut with. I looked up at her, “You trust me with a knife?”

She laughed, “I don’t think you can hurt yourself with that – even if you tried.”

I looked at it some more and thought it looked almost the size of a large chef’s knife in my hand. Still being plastic, I guessed she was right and nodded. I cut into the first triangle that she had placed just a bit of syrup on and took a bite. “Yummm!!!” I said.

“You like it I take?”

I nodded, “Thanks for adding cinnamon to your egg wash!”

She smiled at me, “Glad you like it!”

I ate quietly for a few minutes while alternating nursing at my caffeinated bottle. “So, what’s up for today?” I asked.

“Well we’re going to give you a chance to do some more studying this morning, maybe get a swim in, and then we’ll let you eat a tiny dinner early tonight before we begin your fasting for tomorrow’s test.”

“Fasting?” I asked.

She sighed, “Fred and I think the best way to do this is treat it like you’re going to have a colonoscopy.”

My eyes widened when I remembered what my dad had gone through with that…

“Don’t worry, we’re not going to do one on you though,” she said with a smile, “I agree that is going to suck some day when I have to have one… Trust me though, I think annual exams down on our plumbing are probably just as bad!” I groaned as I realized I would be in for those in the future myself. I heard Gabby talking about them one time to Cami… I turned back my attention to her, “The main thing is we’re going to make sure you’re completely clear of any stool from your body by the time you go to take your test tomorrow. It’ll make it easier to avoid having problems.”

I nodded, “Okay…”

With that information I dug into my food like it was the last meal I was ever going to receive. I ate way past the full point. I looked up at a shocked Amanda when I put down the fork and the plate was empty.

“How in the world did you eat all of that?”

“If I’m not going to get to eat much the rest of today and tomorrow?”

She shook her head, “You do realize all of that has to come back out of your body before tomorrow?”

I shrugged, “It was good while it went down!”

She laughed and picked me up out of the high chair and sat me down on the ground. “Go find your books and study for a bit. I’ll change you after you make a poopy.”

I sighed but toddled off towards the living room. My diaper was wet enough that without much support it was beginning to sag away from my body. I found my books on the edge of the coffee table and pulled one carefully to the floor where I lay down and studied some more. I had spent about an hour on the history section when nature’s urge made itself known. I groaned and stood up to squat. With my diaper filled I called, “Mommy?”

“Ready for that change?” she asked me with a smile and my day continued in what was now semi-routine. Once changed, I was sat at Fred’s desk, for another go at some test prep software by another company. The cool part was that I actually managed to make it through the six-hour test without a messy diaper! The software even claimed I was in fact ready for college. The bad part was it meant I skipped lunch and I had to wait until that early dinner before I was able to eat. I did get a quick swim in though while I waited for that. While she was changing me into the swimsuit, I discovered I most definitely had a typical girl’s tan coming on with the swimsuit lines as visible as they could be!

Finally, about three in the afternoon Amanda provided me with a bowl of soup. Apparently, it was this dimension’s version of alphabet soup and wasn’t exceptionally filling. I could understand the need for softer food though for the pain of what was to come. Fred had come home early so he could eat at the same time as us.

Their dinner consisted of similar soup with grilled cheese sandwiches… I was very jealous of the sandwiches as my stomach still grumbled when I finished what was mostly broth. I noted that Amanda hadn’t nursed me from her breast today, with the only milk being from the bottle this morning. ‘Guess she’s trying to help me there…’ I thought.

When everyone had finished dinner, Fred picked me up with a baby bottle filled with an ominous yellow liquid. “Okay Princess, this isn’t going to be a fun evening, but we’ve got to get you cleaned out for tomorrow.”

I nodded, “Amanda told me earlier.”

He nodded, “Well let’s get this started… it’s going to be a long night of messy diapers for you.”

“Any chance I could just have a potty?”

He made a thoughtful face but shook his head; “I looked at the store the other day just to see if there was anything small enough for you to use. Even the smallest is about six inches too tall for you to stand a chance with. You’d need our help even with them.”

“You could help me?”

He smiled, “We could, but diapers really are easier to clean up than using one of those constantly.”

I sighed and reached for the bottle, “Let’s get this over with.”

I gagged as I sucked the first mouthful down. “That’s awful!” I said as I pulled the nipple away.

Fred nodded, “Good thing you only have to drink four of these, huh?” He said.

My eyes must have been wide saucers then. “Fo…” I said before he stuck the nipple back in my mouth.

I groaned but drank the liquid down at a constant pace. It was a mix of a lemon flavor, chalk, and… nasty! I tried to speed up so I could get it down quicker. ‘This would be easier to just chug from a cup,’ I thought to myself. Eventually the bottle was emptied and Fred placed me on his shoulder to burp me.

“Amanda hasn’t nursed me today?” I asked as he held me back in his lap.

“I suggested we not until you get done tomorrow.”


I looked for her and didn’t see her, “Where is she anyway?”

“She’s working on a project for her lab work,” he told me.

It wasn’t even five minutes later that the concoction of awful fluid began doing its job and I filled my diaper with a liquidy mush. “Eeew…” I whined as Fred carried me upstairs.

“Eew is right,” he told me when the diaper was opened. A semi-solid mush was in the diaper that he bravely cleaned me up from. When he was done he said, “I’m going to put some of this special cream on you to keep you from getting a rash tonight.”

And so commenced the rest of the evening … By the fourth bottle of that crap I was pretty sure I couldn’t take anything more. Pretty much after every bottle there had been at least one poopy diaper with this final one just resulting in a watery mess as much as anything.

“Is that it?” I asked miserably.

“That’s the first treatment,” he told me.

“The first?” I asked.

“I think it would be wise to go ahead and use an enema too…”

I glared at him, “You want to… stick… something…”

He nodded, “Where the sun don’t shine… You do want to pass the test tomorrow?”

I sighed, “Let’s get this over with,” I told him.

“We’ll wait a little longer for this stuff to travel through your body first.”

“Ughh… I just want this over with,” I whined. I wasn’t in tears, but I could feel water at the edge of my eyes.

He hugged me and said, “You’re almost done with this stuff. Trust me, I think you’ll be much happier for having done this tomorrow than failing the test and ending up in daycare with Chloe’s littles?”

I nodded numbly at him. I was deposited into the playpen with a study guide and a bottle of water, “Try and get that bottle down in the next half hour…” I glared at him, “It’s just water I promise,” and then we’ll do the enema, wait for it to clear, and then give you a bath before bed.”

“You know this has got to go down as one of the worst days ever…” I grumbled.

He reached down and patted my head and said, “Drink!” with a smile.

I did so and tried to focus on the study guide. I was doing more of the reasoning problem sections. It had become a little easier to see patterns in the sections as I spent more time looking over the examples. I felt the need to pee and was startled by the urge. ‘I actually felt the need to do it?!?’

I sat for a moment and realized it had to be because I hadn’t had any of Amanda’s milk since breakfast, with the crap to clear me out I was probably completely clear of whatever was in that milk! I held the urine for an extra ten minutes just to feel the sensation of holding it in again. After that though I chose to let it out and sighed when I realized the back of my diaper was filling too. I sighed and said, “Can someone change me please?”

Fred was standing over the playpen a moment later and asked, “Sure Princess, do you think you have it all out?”

I looked at him like he was crazy but shrugged, “I’ll try to make sure…” I squatted and pushed, pushed, and pushed some more. All that was coming out then seemed to be liquid when stuff did come out. It felt nasty though and I felt some tears on my face. I whimpered, “I’m done I think?”

He gently picked me up and carried me to the nursery where he undid the diaper and used far more wipes than I would have thought a single box contained! Eventually though he said, “I think I’ve got it all Princess,” and laid me down on a clean diaper. “I’m still seeing a few bits of semi-solid fecal matter though; I think we need to go ahead with that enema too.”

“Is it as terrible as I’ve heard?” I asked nervously.

“Probably,” he answered and gently stroked my face. “We don’t have to, but if you’re at least clear of anything solid if they check your diaper in the middle of the test, they can’t say you pooped it.”

I squirmed a bit on the table and said, “Just get this over with. By the way tell Amanda she’s a chicken… She could have helped and I wouldn’t have held it against her…”

He laughed, “Believe it or not she’s pretty squeamish about the idea herself. I guess she saw Hannah get them…” he said the last part sadly.

I sighed, “I’m a little surprised after meeting her mom that she was as bad as it sounds like she was.”

“People change sometimes Stacy… I suspect when Hannah died it changed her perspective. Plus, once a woman hits menopause it seems to lessen the baby fever.”

I nodded, “She still cooed over me like I was the most precious thing in the universe.”

“Well, all grandmas do that when they meet new grandbabies!” He laughed.

“Just get this over with…” I told him again.

“Turn over onto your stomach,” he told me after he removed the strap holding me on the table. Once I was flipped, I felt it refastened… but couldn’t blame him as I was pretty sure kicking was going to be involved in a moment. Sure enough, the intrusion to my butt was anything but pleasant! It seemed to go on forever before I was flipped back over onto the diaper and it was fastened. “Hold it in if you can for a few moments.” He gently stood me up on the changing table then.

I wondered for a second what he meant but the sudden urge to poop became as strong as it ever had. The cramping I’d felt all night from the other stuff seemed like child’s play compared to this! A few minutes longer I asked, “How much longer? This hurts…”

“Try and make it two more minutes,” he told me.

So, I held on, and on, and realized it had to be more than two minutes. I finally said time or not it was coming out and squatted to release it… and release it… It seemed to take forever and my head was pounding from the pain. I was gently changed into another diaper and he said, “Why don’t you play on your computer for a little while and I’ll clean you up again and give you your bath.”

“I’m not done getting rid of this yet, am I?” I asked.

“Probably not. Drink this bottle of water too – dehydration is not fun!” he told me while placing a baby bottle of clear water in my hands.

“Yes sir,” I told him with a sigh, and waddled over to my desk. My rear felt sore from all of the wiping it had endured as even baby wipes hurt after enough of them!

I sat down at the computer and read a reply from my e-mail last night from my mom. She wasn’t thrilled about anything in it, but she echoed she thought I couldn’t have been luckier to find these two benevolent giants to take me in. I sent a quick reply with safe headers in it and a promise to write tomorrow. I didn’t feel much like doing anything with some of the nights concoctions still wrenching my guts and oozing out my butt. I started up a simple shooter game and ran around blowing things up for probably an hour before Amanda picked me up without warning and I died.

“Hey!” I griped.

“Hey yourself!” She said with a hug, “You can play again tomorrow after your test.”

I sighed, “Okay, let me exit the game first though.”

She gently sat me down and I quickly exited everything and put the computer to sleep. I was cleaned up at the changing table and she said, “Sorry I didn’t help tonight… I just have too many bad memories of poor Hannah,” she said as she wiped my rear clean.

“I get it… let’s not do this again anytime if we can avoid it,” I told her, “it really does suck…”

“I can imagine… Mom did it to me once…”

My eyes opened at her admission, “What?”

“I was being punished for it happening to Hannah… it wasn’t me though, Chloe filled the poor girl with two enemas and blamed it on me.”

“Didn’t Hannah say something?”

Amanda shook her head, “Chloe threatened her and she just trembled in fear and cried.”

“You realize your sister is more than just in baby fever mode, right?”

Amanda didn’t reply, she just carried me to the bathtub. She started first by placing me in there and using the nozzle sprayer from the shower to wash me off before letting the tub fill. I was gently washed and she finally broke the long silence, “I know Chloe is probably a victim of some sort of mental disorder. The problem is there is no way to accuse her of it without her pointing the finger right back at me and getting LPS involved. Her littles might be removed, but you would be as well…”

I shuddered, “I get it, thanks in that case…”

She kissed my forehead and finished washing me. Once I was clean, she put my hair in a sleep braid and carried me back to the nursery. “I think you should probably just try and get some sleep tonight. I’ll check on your diaper before I go to bed, but I’ll wake you up about six or so to get ready.”

“What time does the test begin?”

“I got you an 8am appointment, so they want you there by 7:45.”

“Ughh…” I sighed.

“I know… not exactly a time any teenager wants to be awake, let alone a little who’s had her body tortured tonight.”

She enveloped me in a hug once she had me dressed, “I hope you can get some sleep tonight Stacy. I really do love you.”

“Thanks,” I told her, “I know you aren’t a fan of this stuff…”

She lay me down into the crib and covered me with a light blanket, handed me Elena, and placed a pacifier at my lips. I hesitated on the pacifier but opened my mouth anyway and sucked gently on it. “Good night Princess,” she told me and turned on the mobile playing its lullaby above me. I heard Fred’s voice, “Good night sweetheart, see you in the morning.”

I sighed and closed my eyes. It was only eight-thirty, but I forced myself to close my eyes and at least try to sleep. The music at least helped with getting me to sleep, ‘Hopefully there’s no chance of me pooping for the next forty-eight hours…’


“TIME TO GET up Stacy,” I heard as I was lifted out of the crib and embraced into a hug.

I groaned and sat passively as she checked my diaper, “How come you’re not wet?”

I realized then I could again feel the need to urinate and just let it go into the diaper to save the time of answering her. I sighed then and said, “My fasting meant I haven’t had any of your milk since yesterday morning… I’ve actually gone back to knowing when I need to go, so I guess its effects must not be permanent?” I sleepily suggested.

“Hmm…” she said. My diaper was changed and she found the tunic and pants set from Friday and dressed me in it. I sat quietly as she did my hair in a style other than pigtails and found myself quite curious. Soon enough she said, “Okay sweetie, I don’t want you to have any solids still, but I have some coffee for you downstairs if you promise to be careful with it.”

I smiled, “Cofffffffeeeeeee…”

As she carried me past the mirror, I saw my hair was curled underneath and my bangs were brushed to the side of my face. The outfit I was wearing hid the shape of my diaper, so it looked like I wasn’t a babied little after all. That made me feel the most mature I had since I’d arrived! “What do you think?” She asked as she paused for a second.

“I like it a lot!” I told her.

“Well don’t get too used to it, you’ll have the uniform required for school days… I guess it’s between the two looks though.”

I sighed, “Well thanks for letting me feel a little grown up… as much as you can in a diaper anyway…”

She squeezed me tight and carried me downstairs. Once I was sat in the high chair she brought a me-sized mug of steaming coffee to me black. “Do you need sugar?” She asked.

I shook my head, “No, it’s good like this!” I told her as I savored the vapors coming over it. I took a tentative sip and felt like I was in heaven. The latte bottles were good, but this was coffee as it was supposed to be enjoyed! I let out a satisfied sigh.

“You are an addict…” she told me.

“I see you have your own cup too!” I pointed out to her.

She laughed, “You’re right, takes one to know one. Here, you shouldn’t have solids but give this a try,” she said while handing me an opened packet of some substance.

“What is it?” I asked as I looked at a red gel oozing inside.

“It’s meant for cyclists or runners,” she told me, “it shouldn’t cause any solid waste for you and will help give you a little bit of sugar to get going today.”

I nodded and tasted it. The texture sucked, but it wasn’t terrible tasting. I alternated a few slugs of the gel and the coffee to get rid of the taste.

Fred came in the room then and held something in his hands, “Here Stacy, let me put this charm bracelet on you,” he told me.

I looked closer at a pretty silver charm bracelet with eight charms dangling from it. Gabby had one that was similar back home and I knew they weren’t cheap. There was a pacifier charm, a baby bottle, a computer, and several other hearts and such on it. “The important ones are the pacifier and baby bottle,” he told me.


“If you feel like you are going to have a messy accident pull either of them off the bracelet by yanking on it and swallow it.”

I looked at him dumbfounded, “they’re silver, aren’t they?”

“The others are, those two are actually a plastic like material like you would find around pills. It dissolves instantly in the stomach and sends a chemical signal to your brain and muscles of your bowels to stop you up. You won’t be able to go poop on your own for about a week though – so try not to use it if you can avoid it.”

I gulped at the thought that I would have to use other help… “I’ll try to never take it… why would I need to?”

“Well first if for some reason something is going wrong today it’s a good idea – you can’t afford a mistake today,” he reminded me.

I nodded, “I get that… and?”

“Well as you go to school if you do well there will be some jealous classmates that will probably inevitably try and spike your drink or food to make you lose control. While we in theory should be able to reclaim you as our daughter if they try to kidnap you, it’s far better if we don’t ever have to try to do that. Not to mention the university’s policy on pooping in class…”

I nodded and sighed, “I hope you have some spares?”

He laughed, “I have a couple dozen replacements upstairs.”

I shuddered but said, “Thank you.”

Amanda looked at the clock, “I’m going to change you into a new diaper when we get there, do you need to go poopy though?”

I shook my head, “I have a feeling I’ll be cleared out for a week after last night…”

She smiled and kissed my forehead before taking my empty mug away. “Let’s go then,” she told me.

I was surprised when she loaded me up into the car since we had walked to the university so many times. Ss she parked in one of the many faculty parking lots, I suspected she planned to distract herself by going to work in her office while I was testing. My harness was unbuckled and she laid me down on the back of the SUV to change a soaked diaper. She gave me a hug when she was done and I realized she had replaced my thinner Pamper with one of the thick princess diapers. The pants showed clearly the diaper bulge if they were uncovered, but the long tunic still did a pretty good job of hiding it. I didn’t think it would hide my waddle when it got wet though! “Why the thick diaper?” I asked.

“You need that long of protection,” she reminded me. She sat me down on the ground on my own two feet and gave me a new purple backpack that was my size and had the university emblem on the back of it.

“What’s in this?” I asked.

“Supplies, an extra diaper, wipes, your ID for the test, pens, pencils, etc.”

“Thanks,” I told her politely.

“Come on, let’s go take your test,” she said and directed me to walk beside her. It was a novelty as we walked a good quarter mile on my own without her hand, a stroller, or being carried. I got the feeling my slow pace kind of bothered her, but we made it to a department in a tall building labeled ‘Student Assessment Center’ with more than ten minutes to spare before the time we were supposed to be there. She pushed me forward to a table that said, “C.A.R.E. Registration.” In front of it was the surprising sight of a table manned by a betweener and a convenient set of steps to help with my height impairment. Of course, even with it I could barely see above the table.

“Name?” The girl asked in a bored voice.

“Stacy Sl… Westerfield,” I said.

“Not sure about your name?” the girl asked suspiciously.

“It changed recently,” I told her.

“Oh,” she said while looking at me oddly but shrugged. “ID?”

I opened the front of the backpack and was rewarded with a wallet and my ID from back home… except it was different. My name, gender, and address were the new ones… like an endorsement there was a mark on it that said ‘ADP.’ I was genuinely curious what it meant, ‘probably adopted,’ but just gave it to her to verify my information. After a moment of scrutiny, she handed it back, “Okay, you need to go down the hallway here, third door on the right is your room. Show this ticket to the lady in there and she’ll get you all setup.”

“Thanks,” I told her.

I looked up for Amanda but saw she was gone. I sighed, but smiled when I caught sight of her mouthing, ‘Good luck,’ to me as she left the doors. I squared my shoulders and marched towards my destiny in the room three doors down on my right.

As I reached the door, I was glad to see it was open since the handle was well out of my reach. ‘It’s the little things,’ I complained to myself. I looked up to see a giant about Chloe’s size notice me. “Ticket please,” she said brusquely.

I handed her the paper and she said, “Okay, right this way.” To my surprise the stations were actually little sized, so I didn’t have to feel quite as out of place. It was still awfully big for me since I was tinier than normal, but compared to Amazon sized furniture I felt comfortable! When I climbed into my designated chair my tunic got caught and rode up a bit, exposing the diaper hanging above my pants. I blushed but pretended it was normal, and once I settled in, I pulled it back down. A moment later the lady said, “I’ll have to hang onto your bag until the test is completed.”

I sighed but nodded, teachers back home did that stuff too. She came back over and her fingers flew over the keyboard that must have seemed like a tiny tablet keyboard to her. A short while later she spoke to the group that was seated, “Okay, here we go. The software keeps track of your progress and will automatically score the test when you are done. You have six-hours to complete the test and you may not take any breaks – that includes bathroom breaks. Should you poopy in your pants, you will have to leave and your test will be scored as you have completed it to that point. Any questions?”

I shook my head, “No ma’am,” I told her, along with a small chorus of the others.

“Then begin,” she told me.

I looked at the screen that read, “Press any key to begin the College Aptitude Readiness Examination.”

I sighed and started the exam with the reading section. I flew through the passages and noted there was a definite bias in the passages and questions that seemed to take jabs at littles even believing they could be ‘adults’ in this world. One passage was all about the author extoling the necessity of littles being diapered and properly cared for at their adopted mothers’ breasts… I just answered the questions and was pretty certain the section was perfect when I finished it – even if my answers to the content made me ill. It just wasn’t all that difficult to me!

The writing section wasn’t much more difficult, because of the relatively small keyboard my fingers flew over it to type nearly as fast as I could on my own computer. I proofread the essays several times apiece, before pressing submit, and moved onto the first section that had me slightly nervous – math. Fortunately for me it appeared my time of practicing my calculus problems back home in the Base 60 math seemed to have paid off. Even the most difficult Calculus questions seemed easy. Only the final two questions seemed to get me flustered at all, but I was sure that I had handled even handled those Advanced Calculus level questions without too much trouble.

‘I was expecting worse than this,’ I told myself nervously.

The sciences section was relatively simple until some things that I vaguely recognized as organic chemistry level questions came about. I was sure I missed those last ones, but I managed to do well at the physics and biology portions. Another couple jibes were taken at littles in the biology section trying to explain why littles were destined to never be potty trained… I just sighed and kept answering questions with what I knew the Amazons had to consider were the correct answers.

I had a little less than two hours remaining when I reached the reasoning portion of the exam that I had been scared of. Just as I was answering the second question in that section I was distracted by, “No, I didn’t mean to! How can you expect me not to go potty through a six-hour test?!?” A teenage boy my age, and about two feet taller than me, asked with a wet spot clearly visible on his pants.

“If you were mature enough for college it wouldn’t be a problem, or you would have worn protection,” the proctor said with a smile. She pressed a button on a panel next to the door and I watched in horror as robotic arms swung in and captured him in their grasp. “Clearly you are afflicted with a case of maturosis. You’ll do better back in preschool or daycare. Your new mommy or daddy can make the decision of which to send you to and make sure you're nice and protected! For now, we’ll send you down to the universities daycare center while we wait for someone to take you to the orphanage."

My mouth dropped and I noticed the other three littles testing in the room looked panicked! I closed my eyes and forced myself to breathe before focusing back on the test. I would have expected it to be tougher to concentrate, but the fear I had seemed to send my adrenaline into overdrive, and my focus was razor sharp. I was on question number fifty of the section when I heard, “I smell a poopy pants, which wittle baby had an accident now?” She asked in a sweet voice that made me sick. I turned and looked at her as she asked, “Was it you Ms. Westerfield?”



End Chapter 19

Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021


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