Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021

Chapter 13
Drastic and Crazy

DAD REACTED FIRST saying “Oh my God!” and looking like he was trying not to laugh and horrified at the same time.

Mom looked at me silently for a moment before saying, “Stacy?”

I was blushing brightly as I nodded.

“Well you do make an adorable little girl at least…” Mom said after staring at me speechless for a long moment.

I sighed, “Yeah I guess I do.”

Mom’s eyes seemed to narrow at my image like I had just been busted for lying to her about something, “What happened to your cheeks though?”

Amanda waved at them and said, “I apologize, that’s a side effect of a process we thought we had in hand to make her able to stay in school here.”

“What did you do to our son?” Dad asked, less inclined to be blasé about the new detail.

“Dad, Mom, it was something I agreed to. And she said we thought we had it in hand…” I groaned and wrung my hands for a second before continuing, “I told you in that last e-mail that my name caused problems. Both the Westerfields and Emerson believed I was a girl.”

“I still can’t believe you and your dad convinced me to name him that…” Mom glanced angrily at Dad.

“Sorry, if three generations of us had already been stuck with the name what was one more?”

I sighed and said, “Look what was done eighteen years ago doesn’t matter now…” They both looked skeptically at me, but I continued, “Things were dangerous when we were here last… but it was nothing compared to the way things are now. Littles are in much more peril of being adopted and turned into brainless drooling infants now...” My parents both looked more worried but I pressed on, “Because I’d been registered as a girl it would only take one person to lodge a complaint and claim I was in violation of the universities honor code and I’d lose my scholarship.” I paused for a breath and shuddered, “I would probably at the least be shipped to a preschool instead… Or worst case I would be removed from Amanda and Fred’s care and sent to an orphanage.”

Mom looked through the screen, “Is this true?”

I turned and looked at Fred who nodded, “Yes, it is, as soon as we realized the mistake, I quietly made some inquiries and found that several littles have been shipped off for violations like this.”

“I knew this was a mistake Stacy…” Dad said before asking, “So just what did you do to him?”

“One of the departments at our hospital is using a new technology with nanites to be able to deliver care to littles and make changes without things being quite so invasive…”

I shifted uncomfortably and just came out with it, “We edited the coding heavily first, but we used the nanites to make me a girl so I can remain in school.”

“You what?!?” Dad asked.

“I’m now a girl Dad, complete with the correct plumbing for those people who change my diapers to know I am. I told you in the e-mail we might have to do something…”

“But…” he stuttered.

“Is this permanent?” Mom asked.

I watched Amanda in a little video monitor box at the bottom corner of the screen nod, “In theory you could inject Stacy with the nanites again, but I’m pretty sure that to do so would be really dangerous. Some of the nanites will still remain from the first batch like a set of T Cells keeping watch for invaders. It’s quite likely that the two sets of nanites would battle inside of Stacy and kill her in the process.”

Both of my parents looked at me with horrified expressions for a long moment. Mom snapped out of it and asked, “You’re okay with this Stacy?”

I shrugged, “Fifty-percent of the world including you make it just fine as girls, I can do it too.”

“You’re okay though… other than that?” She asked.

I shrugged, “Other than having a different set of parts nothing else is different than I expected. We knew babying was going to come with the territory…” I pulled at my skirt nervously; “at least if I’m stuck wearing dresses I know I belong in them now.”

Mom looked at me before saying, “Did it do anything else?”

“I insisted on editing the file myself, with some help from Stacy, so that we could avoid surprises. We used the coding as a chance to also improve her concentration, motor skills, and staying up on our longer days better. As far as we know the only thing we missed, was a routine in the programming that changed the placement of fat to her face. She’s got those adorable looking baby cheeks now,” she squeezed one of them gently, “but other than that Stacy’s fine.”

“Actually, it should help her avoid being picked on as much sometimes too,” Fred added, “as a lot of people actually assume that she’s a real baby.”

Dad looked dumbfounded and Mom just looked worried. “You’re really okay Stacy?”

“Mostly… I mean there’s no denying that taking a step back to infancy is one of the most embarrassing things that could ever happen… but in the short time I’ve been able to play with even their home technology I’ve learned a lot. I knew this was a risk when I came here…”

“But a girl?” Dad asked.

I shrugged, “It’s not like I was having wild sex every night anyway Dad.”

“You’d better not have been…” He told me with a stern look.

“How complete…?” Mom asked, semi-changing the subject.

Fred fielded the question, “She’s not going to have periods for now as her body is behaving as a pre-pubescent girl about age four hormonally,” he paused and added, “but, if she is given a large dose of estrogen she will begin developing breasts and menstruating as a normal girl her age would. I can give her that before she leaves.”

“So, she can get pregnant?” Dad asked nervously.

“Yes,” Fred said, “well… at least once she receives the shot and enters puberty.”

“You’re okay with that?” Dad asked incredulously as he glared through the screen at me.

I shrugged, “It beats one of the other options where I wouldn’t have been able to have kids. As drastic as this was, I still have options.”

As I stood there, I couldn’t help but feel like I really needed to pee and ended up just letting go. Mom stared at me and asked, “Did you just…?”

I grimaced, “I agreed to it.”

“Yes, you did…” she said.

I turned to Amanda and Fred, “Would you be able to use those headphones like you offered?”

They nodded and Fred said, “Actually I’m going to go walk down the hallway, Amanda is more than enough here to meet the guidelines of watching you.”

He looked down at his watch and added to me, “You have about thirty minutes and then our time is up…”

“Thanks,” I told him. Amanda meanwhile turned a chair around away from the screen and put some headphones on. I could hear the music coming out of them by the time Fred turned to leave.

“Can you hear me Amanda?” I asked.

With no reaction I turned back to my parents, “I really am fine.”

“No, you’re not!” Mom told me angrily. “You are exhibiting Stockholm Syndrome or something. How in the world could you have willingly agreed to mutilate your body?”

“I didn’t mutilate it,” I told her, “I look like a normal girl,” I told her.

“A normal baby girl maybe…” she told me before sighing. “That dress is adorable though…”

I blushed, “I didn’t pick it out…”

“I kind of figured that…” Mom said before sighing, “So are you doing anything else besides peeing and pooing your diapees?”

I blushed some more, but nodded, “I’ve been studying for that test that I have to take next week –the CAREs exam.”

“What is that one?” Dad asked.

I proceeded to tell him about it and he said, “That doesn’t sound so bad, you do great on tests!”

I shook my head, “The test portion isn’t, but it’s a six-hour test that you’re not allowed to leave until you complete it or the time runs out.”

“Bathroom breaks?” Mom asked.

“Not as necessary with a diaper… but if you poop it, you’re done.”

“And if you fail?” Dad asked.

“Then it assigns you to the level of education you should be in…”

“Meaning?” Mom asked nervously.

“Meaning if it had been the practice test that I took earlier today, I would have been in big trouble. When I had a messy accident, Amanda had me stop to see what the results would be. I would have been sent back to preschool for maturity even though my scores on everything else were almost perfect.”

Mom looked at me and I could see tears in her eyes, “Stacy why don’t you just come home? I bet we can still get you into a state school here this year…”

I shook my head, “I know this is crazy Mom, but I don’t want to give up!”

Both of my parents stared at me worriedly for a moment before Mom said, “Can you get Amanda’s attention?”

I nodded and walked over to her and tapped her shoulder. She looked at me and I mimed taking the headphones off. She did so and looked at my parents, “You’re done talking with them?”

“They want to talk to you,” I told her as she looked at them.

“Something wrong?” She asked hesitantly. I guessed she probably was wondering what I had told them if she had been honestly not listening to our conversation.

“I’m a worried mother,” Mom told her, “If Stacy fails this test, will you be able to send her back home?”

‘Huh?’ I wondered for a moment. ‘Wasn’t that one of the provisions…?’

I looked at Amanda and she said, “I would try… but if she ends up with that restriction, they may not allow me to send her back through. My husband and I are trying to be very careful so we can’t be accused of neglect…”

Mom nodded, “Please help him… err… her pass the test. I really do want my baby back home.” She looked at my questioning glance and said, “Figuratively of course. I don’t really want to change diapers again. I think you’re nuts to actually have a desire to do that one… I was so excited to have him finally potty trained the first time!”

Amanda laughed, “Changing her diapers is kind of fun actually... Besides she’s a good girl and doesn’t fight me with it like I worried she would.”

With that Mom looked at me and said, “Look Stacy you decided to go to this world and be her baby girl, you better behave or she has our permission to punish you…”

I felt my face redden, “I’ll be good without that threat Mom.”

“I hope so,” Dad said, “You realize you have absolutely no room for error, right? All it takes is one mistake!” He shuddered, “I was so glad to make it home with my body intact from that crazy world… I just can’t believe you’d be okay with all of that… and willingly go back.”

I felt like his words were semi-accusing as a timer on the screen warned of three minutes remaining. My parents had seen theirs too and Mom said, “Look Stacy I love you very much.”

“Love you too Mom, Dad,” I told them. Tears were in my eyes now.

“Amanda, could we do this again in two weeks?” Dad asked.

I looked to her and she nodded, “I don’t think that will be a problem.”

“Thanks, talk to you then,” Dad said.

“I love you Stacy,” Mom and Dad said almost as one.

“I love you both too!” I said, and then the connection cut off.

Amanda let me sit with my tears for a moment before gathering me up and saying, “Let’s go change that wet diapee and go get din-din.”

I leaned against her and enjoyed the calming feeling of her arms around me. Outside Fred waited with the diaper bag over his shoulder and they walked down the corridor to the desk and checked out. “Do you need anything else?” The lady asked us.

“We need a reservation for two weeks from now,” Amanda told her.

The lady looked suspiciously at her, “Why such regular calls?”

“We’re working on getting our little girl some playmates,” Amanda said, and I felt myself stiffen.

The lady giggled, “Now isn’t that a smart way to do it! With there being so few free littles now, I think the last chance for many of us is the dimensional visitors. Unfortunately, by the time I see them at this desk they’re already claimed!”

Amanda squeezed me slightly, “It does take some work…” she kissed my head and said, “So two weeks from now?”

“Yes ma’am, you’re all booked Mr. and Mrs. Westerfield.”

“Thanks,” she said before asking, “Where’s your nearest bathroom or changing room? Our princess here needs a change.”

“Down the hall to the right is a bathroom, there are also some changing tables outside if you want. It’s not like they need any privacy for their cute little parts anyway…”

“Thanks,” Amanda said and they walked down the direction she was given before Fred handed her the bag. “Let’s go inside,” she whispered to me. Even as she did so though I saw two littles being changed on the tables outside. One was kicking and screaming, “I’m not a baby! You can’t do this to me!!!!!!”

On the other table a naked woman had her foot improbably in her mouth sucking on her toe as an Amazon woman wiped her disgusting poopy bottom.

The sight made me shiver as the door closed them from view.

“It’s okay Stacy,” she told me as she gave me a quick hug. “That was just a way to make it seem okay for us to be calling…” There was a convenient hook for diaper bags next to a fold down changing table that she pulled down and made a face at. I looked and saw remains of poop all over the table.

“That’s gross,” I said aloud.

“Yes, it is… I think I’ll just change you in the car…”

Given the only other option was in full view of the rest of the airport I nodded. She picked up the bag and we left the room as quickly as we had entered. We walked right past the man who was now in tears and being dressed in a onesie with a large pacifier had been stuffed in his mouth, effectively muting him. I could tell it was one of those locking ones and felt terrible for the poor guy. The little girl was being hoisted on her ‘mommy’s’ hip and waved at me.

For my part I waved back…

Thankfully Amanda and Fred were able to walk back to the car quickly and Amanda popped the back open. “Daddy can you hold your princess for a moment?” She asked him as she handed to me.

“Sure,” he said and gave me a quick squeeze. “I thought you were changing someone’s wet diapee?” He asked.

“The changing table in the bathroom was a mess… I wanted to throw up from it – there was no way I was putting my baby on it!” She said assertively.

“I could have taken her into the men’s?” He suggested.

She froze, and I could tell she hadn’t even thought about it. “Why didn’t I think of that? Well I guess I’ll have to remember Daddy isn’t helpless, huh?” She asked as she turned back to me and I could see she’d laid out a soft changing pad on the back cargo-area of the SUV. She laid me down on it and proceeded to pull down the diaper cover before I realized I might as well have been getting changed in the airport hallway with as many people were passing our car. Just as she undid the tapes, I saw the lady and the little girl from earlier walk by and get a full view of my naked bottom.

I blushed and turned my head to the side to try to pretend no one was looking at me. For her part Amanda was thorough, but quick with the diaper change. She used a couple of wipes to quickly clean me, put a new diaper on me, and then sat me up without the diaper cover.

“What about my panties?” I asked her embarrassed.

“Your diaper cover got a bit wet sweetie,” she put it to the side as she picked me up, “I should have changed you a little earlier.”

“Oh,” I said as she held me and I knew my diaper pronounced my status to the entire world with or without the cover.

“It’s okay sweetie, you’re just a baby!” She hugged me and whispered, “You look more normal in a diaper than you would ever look in real panties. People will just smile at you like this and move on. In panties you would really draw way more attention to yourself.”

She put me inside the harness of my car seat and handed me my teddy bear from somewhere. “Here’s your bear Princess.”

I hugged Elena tightly and listened as the door stayed open and she talked to Fred. “What about going to Elevated tonight?”

“I guess that works. Don’t they have a pretty strict policy though?”

“She’ll be fine. It’s some of the best food around either way, meet us there?” I heard Amanda say as she closed my door. 

When she got in the door I asked, “What’s their strict policy?”

“Well… little’s have to eat umm… differently.”


“Like you probably won’t like the looks of it, but it’ll taste good?” She suggested before pausing and adding, “If you’re a good girl there I’ll let you have another of your special morning babas each day of the week the rest of the week?”

My caffeine addiction almost immediately overrode my common sense, but I did maintain the sense to ask, “It’s going to be that bad?”

She stiffened from what I could see of her in the mirror, “For you maybe, but for Mommy and Daddy it’s one of our favorite places to eat? You might even be okay with it?”

“Two weeks,” I told her.

She was at a stop sign and turned to look at me through the mirrors, “Deal.”

“Somehow I feel like I didn’t negotiate hard enough…” I muttered. I squeezed Elena tightly and sat as we continued down the road with the green light.

It must have been about a fifteen-minute drive before she pulled into a parking space and came to the door to get me. Fred was right there to grab the diaper bag. I had been about to leave Elena in the car when she said, “Bring your bear with you.”

“Okay,” I told her.

“Did you name her yet?”

I looked up at her and squeezed my bear tighter, “Elena,” I told her.

“What a pretty name for your bear,” she told me with a squeeze as we walked inside.

I looked around the upscale restaurant and noted the name, ‘3lev4t3d’ used leet speak for some reason. ‘Was Elevated already taken? Or does the 343 have some significance?’ I wondered to myself. A man dressed in an expensive suit stood as the Maître’D. “How many tonight?”

“Two plus our little girl here,” Fred said.

“Please follow me,” he said a moment later after fiddling on a computer screen. We were led to a small table with booth-benches on either side. I watched as a waitress appeared from the side and placed a very nice looking wooden high chair next to the table. Amanda placed my feet in the appropriate holes and cinched the waist strap down before placing a bib on me. I was still holding onto Elena then when Amanda gently pulled her from my grasp and sat her next to my diaper bag.

“She’s able to behave properly?” The waitress asked nervously while glancing at me.

“Yes, she’s not going to be a disturbance to other guests,” Fred said to her.

“Very good Sir, and Ma’am,” the lady said and I watched as a basket of bread was placed on the table far out of my reach. Amanda and Fred both munched on pieces in front of me and I couldn’t help but have my stomach grumble and feel this was unfair. Iced teas were brought for them upon their request, but I remained ignored still other than an occasional pet on the head from Amanda.

“Have you decided?” A waiter appeared and asked about ten minutes later.

“Yes, I’ll have the Veal Parmesan,” Amanda said.

“And I’ll have your New York Steak,” Fred said.

“How would you like that cooked?”

“Medium rare please,” he told him.

“And which meal would you like your little girl to share?”

“She’ll have the Veal with me,” Amanda said.

“Very good ma’am.”

I sat there squirming a bit and thought about begging for a piece of bread or something but thought better of it. Something about her warning before… and something else just left a niggling in my brain that made me worry. I looked around and noticed there were only two other babies or littles present. One seemed to be an actual baby though, and the other was a little. Both seemed to be getting fed from a bowl next to their mothers.

As I continued to look around Amanda presented a bottle to me and said, “Here, let this take a little bit off of that grumbling stomach.”

I looked at the bottle and knew instantly it was breast milk and began nursing it. It wasn’t as good as straight from the source, but it was still pretty tasty so I nursed at it without a word. I wondered about the rest of dinner while I sucked at the bottle, something about the restaurant just seemed ‘off.’ About the time I had finished my bottle they turned up with two delicious looking plates for Fred and Amanda.

Fred’s steak was one of the tastiest looking meats I had ever seen cooked. It was also the largest piece of steak I’d ever seen on a plate! I believed I had seen prime rib roasts smaller than the steak on his plate was… It came with a baked potato and my mouth watered at the sight of it. I looked at Amanda’s plate and saw a nice-looking plate of veal parmesan with a pasta covered in a red meat sauce that would make any Italian restaurant proud.

Then I noticed the bowl.

Inside the bowl looked to be a red pasty mush with little bits of white sticking out. There was a little bit of a liquid consistency to it, but mostly it looked like something that had been put through a blender… or was on the bottom of the little I had just seen on the changing table. My stomach turned as I now understood what she meant about the meal. A baby spoon was pulled out of the diaper bag and she asked, “Ready to give your din-din a try?”

I made a face and she whispered, “It’s exactly what I have, it’s just been pureed.” My glare seemed to not affect her as she gathered a spoonful up and said, “Open up for the train Princess.”

I debated about not doing so, but I remembered that this mush would be worth two weeks of coffee… ‘Was it worth that?’ I thought to myself.

Amanda gave me a look that can only be given by a mommy… so I opened my mouth and she smiled at me, “Good girl!”

As the mush landed on my tongue, I had a flashback to the little bit of the disgusting stuff I’d tried from Elena’s meal back home and nearly gagged! Fortunately, this only had the texture in common. The truth was that if you could get past the mushiness of the bite the flavor was fantastic! I didn’t have anything to chew so I just kind of swirled it around my mouth for a moment and swallowed.

“Is that good?” She asked me in a singsong voice.

I shrugged and nodded, “It’s weird.” I said quietly. Somehow the restaurant felt like a place that didn’t want littles speaking whatsoever.

“The chef here is one of the best in our region… He believes littles should be fed well… but just that they can’t be trusted not to choke on their food whole,” she told me as she spooned another mouthful of the mush into my mouth.

The texture clashed with the taste so much I just forced myself to pretend I had chewed it to that consistency myself. One bite at a time I was given the goop from the bowl until Amanda said, “What a good baby girl, you ate it all!”

I glared at her because I swore the bowl was bigger before. I was still hungry and felt my stomach grumble in complaint. Just as I was about to say something though the waiter came back and asked, “Was the meal to everyone’s satisfaction?”

I looked longingly at the eighth of a huge piece of veal that still lay on her plate. “Yes, it was thank you.” Amanda said before asking, “This is our first time here with our little, is it alright if I nurse her here?”

The man laughed, “Of course it’s okay. It’s the natural order of things, and we wouldn’t expect anything less here!”

“Thanks,” Amanda said somewhat red.

“Would you care for dessert while you provide dessert for your daughter?”

I squirmed in my own embarrassment now. “Please, I’ll have the chocolate dessert you have listed here,” Amanda said.

“I’ll take the slice of cheesecake,” Fred said from the other side.

“Right away! Would you like me to box the rest of that for you?” He asked Amanda looking at the same leftovers I wanted. “Or I can puree it and put it in a jar for your daughter to have for another meal?

“Just box it please,” she said, “it’ll make a nice snack later after I put her to bed.”

The man took the plate with him back to the back. As soon as he had the plate clear Amanda unsnapped the buckle at my waist and picked me up. “I know you’re still hungry sweetie, nurse from me and I’ll let you have the rest of the leftovers at home later.”

I looked up at her and said, “Thanks.”

She presented me with the fleshy orb and my mind went to a halt while my mouth did all the thinking I was capable of at that moment. My hunger at least seemed to take a back seat after her first breast had given all it had. I was zoned out from the milk as she burped me and placed me at her other breast.

As I nursed, she must have received her dessert because other than an occasional pet of my hair or pat to my back her right arm seemed to be on the table. “You have one of the best-behaved littles I have ever seen come in here,” a deep man’s voice different from the waiter sounded in my ear.

“She is a good girl,” Amanda agreed.

“How did she like her meal?”

“I think she liked the taste of it… but honestly I don’t normally puree her meals or feed her baby food - so I think the texture was a battle for her.”

“She normally eats solids? Are you sure that’s wise?”

I kept nursing at her breast trying to contain my embarrassment.

I felt Amanda nod, “We know she needs some care, but we see no reason to rub it in her face by pretending she isn’t a little bit of an adult. Normally I wouldn’t bring her here and subject her to that, but I knew that you would be pureeing the same thing I was eating… I knew it wouldn’t be the disgusting jarred food at least.”

“You have some interesting views Madame,” the voice said. “But I can’t deny you have a beautiful and well behaved little there. Next time you are here let them know I said she could have the preschool version of the meal.”

“Umm… thanks,” Amanda said.

“Anytime, I hope to see you dine with us again.”

Her breast ran out just then and I kept nursing for a moment. She broke my suction and placed me to her shoulder, saying, “He’s gone Princess.” I let out a burp then as she burped me and she added. “You seem to have made an impression somehow though…”

She placed a pacifier in my mouth and then settled me back into the crook for her arm as she reached for another bite of her dessert. “That’s all I can eat I think Fred, you ready to go?”

“Sure sweetheart, see you at home?”

Amanda stood up and moved me to a position against her shoulder where I could just see behind her. A new little and his family had been seated and had just received their food.

“Matty you need to eat your din-din,” the woman said to him.

“No, I’m not eating that disgusting ass…”

I just spotted the little being ripped from the highchair, and his diaper was removed to bare his naked butt to the entire world. I heard the first smacks of a painful spanking as we cleared the dining area. ‘This place is crazy…’

Back at the car I was feeling sleepy from the breast milk as Amanda checked my diaper. “Hmm… better change you now…” she said before repeating the process of opening my diaper up in a parking lot along a crowded street. It caused my face to turn red knowing that any stranger who passed by was getting a free view of my new parts that I had barely seen. She didn’t waste time changing me into one of my thicker diapers.

“There, all dry!” She told me and I just kept nursing the pacifier as she lay me in the carrier, moved my arms into the harness, and decided to take a nap on the way home.


BACK HOME I woke as Amanda had just pulled into the garage. I stretched in the seat as much as I could and waited for her to come get me. “Oh, so you are awake?” She asked as she opened the door.

I nodded, “I don’t seem to be falling in quite as deep of a sleep from your milk every time now.”

“You hungry now?” She asked me.

I shook my head, “I do want to try that meal in a non-pureed form, but I’m pretty full right now.”

“Just let me know later if you get hungry and we’ll heat that up for you,” she said as she carried me into the kitchen and then set me down on the ground.

“Thanks,” I told her looking up at her face seemingly way above me.


“So what?” I asked.

“Want to see if Mommy made the right adapter for the TV to play your video games?” She asked just as Fred came in.

He laughed, “I really am going to have to watch you two, you’re going to feed off of each other!”

“You’re just jealous!” Amanda said.

“Of what?”

“She likes video games and not boring things like football…”

“What?” I asked. “I like football too…”

She looked at me and stuck her tongue out at me, “Traitor,” she muttered and suddenly picked me up. She tickled me mercilessly for a moment before letting up. “So video games?”

I nodded, “Okay.”

She sat me down on the couch and went upstairs to her work area before returning with the two consoles in the bags I had brought them in. “Which one should we try first?” She asked me.

“What kind of games do you like?”

“Shooters?” She asked hesitantly.

“So, you’re okay with me playing them?” I asked hopefully.

“I won’t tell your Granny if you won’t?” She suggested with a smile.

I laughed, “Okay, get it hooked up and I’ll get the game going.”

I was kind of trapped on the couch with the floor looking a long way down. ‘Real babies manage to climb and jump just fine!’ I reminded myself at the drop and crawled to the edge and took a leap down. It was almost scary how long I felt like I was in the air on the way down but I landed safely with an ‘oof.’

“Stacy!” Amanda looked at me, “Are you okay?” She asked worriedly.

“I’m fine, real babies get around just fine when they’re this size,” I told her.

“Not really, when they’re your size they can usually barely sit up…”

“Are we going to play or not?” I asked her as I dug through the consoles bag I brought and found the case of games I brought with me.

She shook her head, “I must be crazy…”

It was then that I noticed we might have a problem though as the controllers seemed just a smidge larger than back home for my hands, but positively tiny for hers. “Umm… we might have a problem,” I said as I held up the controller.

“Nope!” She said as she held up her own controller that looked identical but sized for her hands. “I made one for myself so no excuses for your butt getting whupped on the game.”

I looked at her like she had grown another head… “Are…?” I started to ask but shook my head and said, “Okay, put this in the disc tray and we should be good to go.”

I looked at the patch of wires and the adapter she had assembled and it looked like something that could have been purchased at the store. The same was true of her controller as she sat next to me and mine and hers connected to the console wirelessly. “How did you make those?”

“I have a printer upstairs that can make just about anything if I give it the plans to do so. From the plastic all the way down to circuits,” she told me.

“Cool!” I said.

She gave me a sideways squeeze and kissed my head, “So what’s this game?”

In the end I had settled on the latest Call of Duty game that had come out just before I had packed. I hadn’t played much, but it was similar enough to all of the past titles that the little I had played I felt confident I could beat the newbie. We settled on a team match at first and I was more than slightly surprised how confidently she played. In the end I won over her in points, but not by as much as I should have.

“Okay you two, Daddy thinks it’s time for Stacy to have her bath and Mommy needs to go night-night.” I heard as we had finished another round.

“Huh?” Amanda asked at the same time as me.

“Oh boy… you two are going to have to have some limits set, you’re both way too alike,” he muttered.

I looked at the clock and said, “Oh, we’ve been playing that long?”

Amanda stiffened, “Oops… Sorry honey,” she told him with a smile as she held her hand out for my controller and placed both of ours on top of the TV before powering down the PlayStation.

She gathered me up and said, “Good thing you have a thick diapee on! I guess I probably need to go myself before I need those!” She giggled as she tickled my feet and carried me upstairs to the bathroom. Amanda set me down on the floor and pulled the skirt of her dress up and then removed it all the way leaving only her underwear on. I watched morbidly as she pulled her panties down and sat down on the toilet and felt jealousy over being able to do so. She didn’t take long to begin sending urine into the toilet bowl and I had to wonder if she wasn’t joking about nearly having an accident of her own!

“Ahhh,” she said contentedly.

I watched her wipe, flush, then wash her hands before she turned her attention to the bath tub. She turned the nobs and added some bubble bath before turning to me and saying, “Turn around for Mommy.”

I did as she asked and she undid the buttons that held the back of my dress closed and untied the ribbon at the back as well. I felt her fiddle with my hair for a moment before she used her fingers to get the braids completely loose. While I was still standing, she reached and undid the tapes of my diaper leaving me now naked. With a quick grab under my arms she sat me in the tub that was already filling. I noticed that it was fuller than it had been the last time. I watched as Amanda undid her bra and froze as she climbed in the tub with me. She sat down with her back to the wall of the tub and I found myself picked up and sat down on her legs that stretched out now.

“Mommy wants to take a bath with you,” she told me with a smile and a touch of my nose.

I was kind of dumbfounded at this point, and couldn’t help but have my eyes drawn to look at her body. A couple days before I was pretty sure that I would have been aroused at this sight, but now I just looked at an adult body and wished I wasn’t as small as I was. She really was pretty I decided. Before I could really see anything through the bubbles though she began washing me from top to bottom. Especially my bottom found itself getting plenty of attention, as she seemed determined to have a clean baby…

She washed my hair gently and I sat with my hair dripping as she began soaping up her own body and washing herself. I contented myself with playing with some bath crayons on the side of the tub when she began to go lower on her body. It didn’t mean as much when I had the same parts…

When she was done, she hugged me to her body and said, “I’m so glad you came here…”

“Thanks… I think,” I told her with a smile.

She laughed and squeezed me before turning me in her arms to present me with her breast. “Three times a day, huh?” I asked.

“Please?” she asked.

I sighed, “I’m going to get fat…”

With that though I turned my head and latched on to nurse. A few moments later I felt my bladder lose control and knew I had to have just peed on her. As if to confirm that I heard Fred’s laugh.

I squirmed a bit but she held me there saying, “It’s just a little pee, Mommy doesn’t mind,” she said.

I shrugged and kept nursing hoping that a little pee wouldn’t become something else… at least for her sake. As I finished, I was in that drunken state as she washed herself and me off one more time and carried me down the hallway to the nursery. I was barely aware of my surroundings as I was diapered and placed in another nightgown. Sometime between the change and the crib I found myself asleep.



End Chapter 13

Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021


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