Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Tomboy?

I WAS IN total shock as my mind processed what she had just said. She carried me a few more steps to a family station with multiple countertops spread around that was obviously for changing diapers. She sat me down for a second on the floor while she pulled out a pink changing pad and then scooped me back up before I could find words. “Umm… There’s a problem…”

“What’s that Princess?” She said with a smile and tickled my belly for a moment before quickly taking my shirt off.


“Wow, you have small breasts even for a little!” she said, her smile grew like that made her happier.

“There’s a reason for that,” I started to tell her as the door slammed open. The crazy lady was struggling with a man my dad’s age in a suit and tie. Something was quickly shoved between my lips to keep me quiet.

“Put me down you bitch!!!” He screamed and she quickly stripped and spanked the poor guy before he even knew what hit him.

“Not going to happen!” She said as she punctuated her sentence with a strong stroke to his rump, “You’re going to make a nice addition to someone’s nursery baby boy.” The spanking continued until he was a blubbering mess. Breathing hard she then looked over at us and said, “Well at least if you’re going to get the cute one, you’re doing things right. No way should a cute little like that ever be considered an adult!”

With that Amanda quickly finished off pulling my pants off. It was then that I think the first real clue hit her with the underwear. The second was there when she pulled my underwear down and off of my legs. My body stiffened nervously as I was now naked for the world to see. I could feel the blood rushing to my head in embarrassment and knew my face was redder than a stop sign.

“I guess you are a tomboy…” she whispered in my ear. “You know we never said anything about that in the contract, right?”

I gulped and felt a tear go down my face before she stroked my face and said, “Don’t worry, I promise I would only do that one with your permission. But we are going to have some problems here… Thank you for at least taking care of your nasty hair there. Let’s get you diapered and dressed so we can meet up with Daddy.”

I just grimly nodded as she pulled a large folded diaper out from the bag. It was decorated like a Pampers diaper from back home. In fact, it seemed identical to one I had seen Elena changed into just a few weeks back! She wasted no time grabbing my ankles in her enormous hand to lift my legs up. When she sat me down on the thick padding it was softer than I would have imagined.

From the bag she dug out a bottle of powder that she opened and generously sprinkled on my groin. She moved her hands gently around my butt and everything else to make sure she didn’t miss anything. It tickled in a way and I felt myself get aroused and embarrassed all at the same time. She was quick though, and lickety split she had the front of the diaper and back of the diaper taped together with the little tapes… Sort of…

“Uh-oh,” she said, “you are way smaller than I expected…”

She sat me up and I could see myself in a mirror next to me and giggled around the pacifier. The diaper came all the way up nearly past my ‘tiny breasts.’ The tapes had to crisscross to be tight enough to hold. I looked beyond ridiculous in my opinion and was red with that embarrassment, but that of course wouldn’t matter.

“We’ll just have to stop at the store on the way home.” She said with a smile. “If you’re a good girl I’ll even let you pick out a stuffie!”

I blinked like, ‘really?’ but just found myself sucking on the pacifier that was strangely far more soothing than I expected.

She dug through the diaper bag and said, “I really hope this dress still can fit you…”

A second later sure enough I was enveloped by a dress that was probably four sizes too big. She tied the bow in the back as tight as she could though and then said, “Well I guess that will have to be good enough. Unless you’d rather just go in your diaper?”

I shook my head and she smiled. “You’ve been so good so far, thank you sweetie.”

I was then given a high view of the terminal from her arms as we traveled towards their car. As we passed a random height gauge, I couldn’t help but feel my mouth open in awe. Amanda was obviously incredibly tall even for a giant! I could tell her height was nearly eleven feet if the gauge was accurate. I remembered Fred was even taller…

One guide on our trip had given us a way to guestimate the difference between Amazon and Little heights/ages. The simple way was to just divide the height of an Amazon by about six-tenths, then you could sort of guesstimate the relationship with heights. As we cleared some automatic doors the math in my head made me nearly drop the pacifier. This put Fred and Amanda at like six-feet-three and six-foot’ish?

I had a very good memory and had intentionally memorized a few data points for at least my projected height I had guessed. I seemed even smaller than I had been before, but without a measurement I couldn’t guess just how small I had become...

I was so taken aback at the shock of the situation that I almost missed that Fred was standing outside of a nice-looking car. It looked like an expensive BMW SUV from back home. The vehicle was humongous compared to me, but that was not unexpected. Inside a pink rear-facing car seat awaited me. The pink and rear-facing… that I had not been expecting. “Since she’s smaller than we expected I went ahead and installed it as a rear-facing seat,” Fred told Amanda.

“Good thinking. I’m really glad we got one of the carrier models now, I worried she would be a bit bigger than we expected... I never expected her to be even smaller!” She said that with a glee and tickled my belly through the too large dress. Or at least tried too… the diaper was in between her fingers and so my skin was safe from tickling for the moment!

He stepped out of the way and she gently sat me down in the seat and then brought a set of straps together and then tightened down on them. I wasn’t going anywhere with those as tight as they were. “Comfy?” She asked me as she pulled the pacifier out of my mouth.

“Umm… not really to be honest,” I told her.

“Well the clothes and diaper being way too big probably aren’t helping that. I do want to go stop by a store on the way home and at least pick up some diapers and a few outfits that will fit, are you okay with that?”

“I have a choice?” I said.

“Well if you really aren’t ready for it, I could take you home and Fred could stay with you while I go shopping.”

I sighed, “I might as well get used to it. But….”

I started to say something about the gender issue when she interrupted and said, “Good girl! Would you like something to drink?”

I was thirsty after all of this stress so I nodded. I pretty much expected a baby bottle straight away, but she surprised me with a pink sippy cup instead. I took a tentative suckle from it and discovered apple juice inside. I examined it for a moment and was surprised to feel like something meant for a baby could feel almost too large in my hands. She gently closed the door and I heard both of them get in the car.

“We’re so excited that you’re here!” Amanda said for the billionth time.

“I think I’m glad to be here too…” I hedged politely, “Thanks again for saving me from the psycho lady earlier. I so don’t want to end up in a random orphanage here…”

“We wouldn’t let that happen to you sweetie,” Fred said.

“So just out of curiosity… just how tall are you two?” I asked, “I mean if that’s not a rude question…?”

Amanda laughed, “Well I could see why you would wonder. I’m an inch shy of elven feet, while Fred is eleven feet five inches.”

I gulped, “You’re taller than average… right?”

“Fred is… I’m just above the norm.” Amanda said.

“So… Not to sound ungrateful as I see there’s a ton of pink around… but…”

There was a sigh from Amanda up front, “I think we’re going to leave things as they stand Stacy. You’re going to have to get used to dressing up while you’re here. If nothing else for the fact that the university has you down as the same.”

I groaned and Fred asked, “What are you talking about honey?”

“I’m not a…” I started to say.

“She’s not a girly girl,” Amanda said. “But we’re just going to get her over her aversion to pink. I mean after all a little tomboy is just sending up an invitation to bigs that a little isn’t being taken care of… Her hair with a little bit of styling is going to just make her so adorable!”

I groaned but decided there was nothing I could do on this subject. She clearly didn’t want Fred knowing about my extra parts. How she planned to keep him from seeing them though through diaper changes was beyond me. I stuck the massive sippy cup back in my mouth and quietly drank it as we continued down the road. The cup itself reminded me of a large fast food cup from one of the restaurants back home. My rear view of the car wasn’t exactly inspiring, but I was able to see some of the city that I remembered from last time. In fact, we even passed our hotel that we stayed at right as another tourist group with a guide was being organized on the sidewalk. One teenage girl locked eyes with me for a brief second and waved at the baby in the car seat.


I WAS ACTUALLY feeling a little more relaxed by the time we pulled into the parking lot of a big store that shared the name of one in our dimension. The store seemed to be a universal chain and I just hoped it wouldn’t be too humiliating as Fred undid the base of what was apparently an infant carrier and dangled me from the handle.

“Don’t swing her too much Fred!” a warning came to him, “You’re cleaning up if she throws up!”

“Yes dear,” he said with a smile before looking down at me and then tickling my chin. “She really did pick the wrong clothes for you!”

“You have no idea,” I muttered quietly.

She came around with a cart to him and he secured the carrier to the front of the cart somehow to where she could push and look at me. “There we go Princess!” she said with a smile. She took the large juice cup from my hands and popped the pacifier back in. Knowing it was in my best interest to go with the flow I just sat quietly and nursed the pacifier.

After a while though I was definitely growing bored as I couldn’t see much of anything other than her and her breasts - and I wasn’t thrilled too thrilled about that view for the moment. Not that I didn’t appreciate her exceptionally large breasts! What I appreciated most though that they seemed in proportion to her body to be a normal C Cup size for a girl. I had never liked girls with breasts that stuck out beyond a regular proportion. Amanda pushed the cart quickly around the store. I was surprised that she didn’t seem to take her time shopping like my mom would. “Ah here we are, let’s find you some diapees that fit!” She said with a smile.

I heard an attendant in the aisle ask, “Do you need some help ma’am?”

“You can probably help me figure this out quicker than we will on our own. We just got our little girl here and I misjudged her diaper and clothing size by a mile…”

A young lady amazon was suddenly peaking her face at me and said, “Oh she’s adorable! Aren’t you sweetheart,” she cooed at me. She tickled my face for a moment before looking at Amanda and asking, “what size dress is that?”

“Twelve months?”

“Oh yeah, you definitely overshot. If she fits in this carrier like this…?” I watched her face think hard for a moment, “I think you’ll either need a Size Newborn in Little Diapers or Size 1 in regular diapers.”

“What’s the difference?” Fred asked.

“Well the little diapers have a bit more room for hips - though it doesn’t seem like you really have a need for that with this baby girl. The regular diapers won’t tell her she’s in a diaper as much as the little diapers do.” I saw Fred give her a questioning look that she answered, “You expect a baby to learn to crawl and then walk. What little this size needs to do that though? The little diapers are thick enough she’ll have to work to even crawl depending on the brand you choose… Really though it’s all Mommy’s preference! Cool? Huh?” She said looking back down at me and squeezed my cheek.

“Honey grab that Size 1 package of Pampers?” Amanda asked Fred before turning back to the young lady and asking, “If you were going to buy some little diapers for her, what would you get her?”

Amanda pushed the cart down a little way and ended up being told, “These are great for night time! You can easily leave her in this for over twenty-four hours easily without a leak. They also will keep the baby from moving about!” I overheard the talk of diapers for ten more minutes before hearing three more packages land in the basket and wondered just what had been placed in the cart. Based on the way she’d cooed over some diapers made especially for princesses I was certain those landed there. They were designed to guarantee I would have to crawl as soon as they were wet according to the bubbly girl.

‘Just as long as it wasn’t a package of those ones…’ she had mentioned something that would basically abuse me with a sex toy. It sounded awful and I couldn’t imagine why anyone would think of that in context of a surrogate baby!!! ‘How can that not be against a law...?’

“For such a recent adoption you seem to have a really good baby girl here!” the girl commented. “We have a punishment aisle if you are worried though…”

“No thank you Miss, I don’t think we have anything to worry about from Princess Stacy here.” Amanda said with a smile that sort of disarmed my nerves from the last ten minutes of horror.

As she pushed me down the aisles towards her next stop she whispered, “Don’t worry, I didn’t buy any of those disturbing diapers. Just some of the night time ones as they make sense… and some of the princess ones because they’re sooooo cute!” she smiled at that, “And then some of the ultra-thin ones that she wasn’t a fan of. They’ll probably be better for you getting around campus.”

I genuinely smiled around my pacifier at that. “Thank you,” I said around it.

“Trust me, I promise I won’t harm you,” she told me with a smile.

Of course, she said that and then we were in the clothing section. The GIRLS clothing section! I couldn’t really see, but the dress that was held up to me made it clear. “Hmm… I think this is the right size, but let’s get you out of your seat so I can tell!”

As soon as she had me unstrapped, she pulled the dress I had on straight off and pulled the new one on right in the store. I was mortified as I looked around and saw another little in a cart stare at me. He was dressed in just a diaper though, so I guess it was normal for the store. Another little down the row was made to crawl after her ‘mommy’ and was being scolded for not keeping up.

“Maybe we need to just make it to where you can only get on your tummy if you’re not going to even keep up as a crawler!” the lady said as she roughly picked up the little and spanked her until she bawled.

I shuddered as my vision was obstructed by the new dress coming back off. “Still too big I think…” She stood up and I heard the clicking of hangers above me before she produced another dress over my head, “Here we go!”

The new dress had puffy sleeves and flared out quickly from the top of the dress. I couldn’t see my toes around the skirt, but I could tell there was no way it fully covered my ill-fitting diaper. I could see a butterfly embroidered on it and had to grudgingly admit it was probably a really cute dress for a real baby. I absentmindedly touched the butterfly and she cooed, “You like butterflies, don’t you?”

I blushed even more than I had before.

She hugged me tight and said, “So do I!”

I absently sucked at the pacifier as a way to bite my tongue as she said, “Honey, help me pick out several more outfits in size three months. I want to get out of here and be on the way home so I can get dinner started.”

From the ground I watched them fly through the racks and waddled after them. A growing need to go pee was coming, but I was kind of scared to go in a diaper that clearly didn’t fit right. I watched as rompers, onesies, pajamas, nightgowns, four more dresses, and six pairs of shoes were added to the pile in the cart before I was returned to the carrier. I whined a bit about that before she said, “Oh, we forgot to get you a stuffie for being such a good girl, didn’t we?” She picked me back up out of the carrier with nothing but the badly fitting diaper on and carried me towards a large toy area filled with stuffed animals. “Which do you want sweetheart?”

I looked around and couldn’t help but find a white teddy bear that had two turquoise bows in her hair on her ears cute. I pointed to it and she smiled and said, “Good girl, you picked one out all by yourself!”

She tickled my thigh and then placed me back in the carrier that Fred had pushed to follow us. Once I was strapped in, she covered the carrier with a blanket from the diaper bag. I kind of hated not seeing and losing the airflow, but at least I was covered and ‘decent’ now. Just before we got to the checkout she whispered, “I’m doing this to make it a little bit easier for you, just nurse your paci and pretend to sleep.”

I wondered what she meant until I heard the cashier. “Looks like you must have just picked a new little up?”

“Yes ma’am,” Fred answered.

“She must be a tiny thing if she’s fitting into diapers this small!”

“She is, we got so lucky!” Amanda squealed. “We just finally got her tired out and got her to sleep though, so can you keep it down?”

“I’ll be quiet and good,” the cashier lady said with a little laugh. “Your total is three-hundred thirty-four dollars and sixteen cents.”

I had a feeling that there was a card swipe before the lady said, “Have you signed up for our rewards program yet?”

“I signed up awhile back…” Amanda said.

“Well now that you have your baby, make sure you go to your account online and let us know her sizes, actual age, and her new age. That will let us be sure to send you coupons that you can use.”

All of this talking about me using baby items made me need to pee even more… and I quietly squirmed a little.

“We’ll keep that in mind, thanks!” Fred answered.

The cart was pushed forward and I heard some bags rustling, a box being ripped open, and then a few other things before the carrier was picked up. “Fred I’m going to go to the changing room and get her in some clothes that fit.”

“Okay, I’ll load up the princess’s new things in the car and pull it around for you. Do you want to just carry her so that I can get the carrier back in the seat before you get back?”

“Sure,” she said and the blanket came off as she sat the carrier back on the cart and unbuckled me. “Come on sweetheart, let’s go get you in a diapee that actually fits you!”

I blushed as she wrapped me with the blanket and carried the diaper bag and me back inside. I really needed to go pee at that point, but the fear that the diaper would leak kept me holding on. I could see the door for the family room near as I lost the battle and just let myself let go. My face turned bright red and I leaned my head against her shoulder in embarrassment.

Just as she cleared the door to the changing room and nursing room I felt the diaper leak and urine spilled down my leg. She noticed as she pulled the blanket away from me. “Uh-oh!” she said in a singsong voice. “Good thing I had you all wrapped up in your blankie…”

I felt tears stinging my eyes as she said that.

“Oh, don’t worry Stacy, I expected that would probably happen if you had to use that diaper, no harm done. We’ll get you all dry in a jiffy!” She smiled kindly at me.

The wet blanket was sat on the ground and she sat me on top of a cushy pad she had placed on the changing station. I was pushed back onto my back and she moved my hands out of the way before untaping the ridiculously oversized diaper. “Definitely too big, huh?” she said as she grabbed my ankles in one hand and wiped my bottom and everywhere else. I squirmed a bit at the cold wipe but tried not to cry out in embarrassment. I knew I was as red as ever then as she pulled the oversized diaper out from under me and placed the right one instead.

She added rubbed in some powder quickly and then taped it shut. “There, all dry, huh?” She said in her mommy voice. “Let’s get you in this pretty new dress!” She pulled the first dress she had me try on back over my head before pulling a matching diaper cover up my legs. “All done, and cute as a button!” She told me with a smile and a light tap to my nose.

She clipped a pacifier clip onto my dress and the pacifier that was in my mouth before picking me up on one hip and grabbing everything else with her free hand. I felt awkward with my bare feet and hung onto her shirt nervously. I found myself leaning my head against her shoulder as she carried me to the car and I genuinely felt like a nap would be a good idea heading to their house. I was scared though to let them have one moment of me unconscious though… what would they do?

At the front of the store Fred had the door open and I was quickly strapped back into the carrier, given my new stuffed bear, and we were back on the road. “Stacy I can’t believe how well behaved you were in there,” Amanda cooed at me as we drove down the road. “I do believe you might actually survive college here.”

“What now?” I asked as I popped out the pacifier and let it dangle from the clip.

“Well we’re going to get you home and unpack what you have. I’m going to have to take back most of the clothes and diapers I put in your nursery, but I saved all of the receipts and tags so that won’t be a big deal. We can go do that this weekend or something.”

“Does it have to be…?”

“Yes, it will be girly Stacy. The second you try and not be girly I have a feeling we’d have social services involved. You being a good girl out in public though should help keep that at bay while you’re in school. Everyone expects a bad little, since they believe you’re just helpless babies. If you want to act grown up enough for classes, you’ll have to act more mature than most.”

“That’s kind of hard with a diaper on…” I complained.

“It could be way worse, you saw that, right?” Fred said.

“Yes, I did… how can anyone…?”

“Be so cruel?” Fred said, “I don’t know. It doesn’t even make sense to say you’re a baby and then be so cruel to you. If a little really is a baby then you should shower them with love and affection just like a real baby.”

I heard a contented sigh from Amanda as I guess this was one of the reasons, she married this man. ‘It could be way worse,’ I told myself.

“So, after we unpack?” I asked.

“Well we make din-din and then I think an early bedtime for all of us seems like a good idea today. I know I hardly slept last night in anticipation of you coming!” Amanda said. “We’ll also give you a chance to message your real parents that you made it safely.” She added the last part with a kind of sad cadence on the word ‘real.’

“Thanks, I know Mom must be worried sick,” I said to them. I knew most Amazons would probably have taken me from the terminal, dressed me as she had, but just gone ahead and given me the full-blown baby treatment. I really was luck that so far, they had limited their actions. Of course, I had been on my best behavior too…

A quiet silence fell as we made numerous turns and I could see large trees beginning and a neighborhood forming. I saw the entrance to the university flash by my window a few minutes later… at least I thought it was that from what I could see anyway. I played a little bit with the butterfly embroidery on my dress and tried to touch the outside of the dress hem too, but I really was strapped in securely! The view looking back really meant that I could just make out my bare feet and the seat easily. It was only an occasional view through the side of the window that really showed me much.

Amanda came around to my door and opened it before fiddling briefly with the latch on the harness and working me free. I expected her to carry me inside, but instead she sat me down on the ground on my own two feet. I looked around and realized I missed us pulling into a large garage with at least one other car in it. “Can you get your bags while we get your new stuff?” she asked me.

I nodded and managed to get my luggage back into a little train like I had when I checked into the portal as Fred handed them to me. Amanda giggled, “You look so cute like that!”

Sure enough, a phone came out and she took a quick picture of me fighting with my luggage. Once I made it through the door into the house, I discovered we were in a huge kitchen. The lowest cabinet knobs were at the level of my head so I had no chance of seeing any higher. It was scary how tall everything was inside. Amanda took the lead and led me past a huge kitchen table and a highchair that I knew was for me against a wall. A living room was through the next space and she stopped and said, “Why don’t you just leave those there for a moments sweetie.”

I looked up and she motioned me to follow her to the tall couch that I could just reach my arms onto the cushions. I found myself picked up and propped up on a pillow on the other side from her. Fred came and sat in a recliner on her right to where we could all look at each other.

“Okay, so what is this elephant in the room Amanda,” Fred asked her.


“You’re hiding something and trying to get Stacy in on it too…?”

I sighed as Amanda pursed her gigantic lips at me. There was no doubt that I was afraid of what she would do, but she nodded at me. “Well sir we have a bit of a misunderstanding right now…?”

He motioned for me to continue on, “about?”

“Well… my name is Stacy, and I should have made certain you knew… but I’m one of the rare boy Stacy’s.”

He laughed, “You’re a boy named Stacy? I’ve never heard of a boy being named Stacy?”

“My Great-Grandfather was named Stacy along with quite a few other males about 1900 or so. It wasn’t only a girl’s name then in our dimension…”

“So, we’ve done all of our preparations for a little girl… and you’re really a little boy?”

He laughed a belly-roaring laugh, and I blushed, as I did have to admit the joke would be pretty funny from the other side, “Tomboy” he laughed again.

Amanda was giggling too for a moment before she said, “And that’s going to be part of our problem.”

“Why?” I asked.

“The university has you registered as a girl. If you attend as anything else, they’ll probably use it as an excuse to take away your scholarship and deem you not fit to be in school.”

I gasped, “but…”

Fred nodded, “Unfortunately she’s probably right… Damn… We put together such a pretty nursery too…”

“So, what do we do?” I asked.

“Well… I don’t have a clue,” Amanda offered. “Thank you for cooperating long enough for us to look at buying some time here. For not being a girl, you certainly have long hair?”

I blushed, “I just like long hair,” I said.

“Well it definitely helps you blend as a girl…” she said. “How about shaving?”

“I did that this morning?” I felt my face, knowing stubble was unlikely.

“How often?”

“Every other day?”

“We could help with that…” Fred said.

“Well… we’re going to have to do something…” I said, “I would hate for all of my hopes and dreams of going to this school to go up in flames before I even get there…” I couldn’t help but worry that everything was doomed to failure before I even made it to a class!



End Chapter 2

Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021


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