Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 5
Chapter 5: New Deal

“I’M SORRY ABOUT that,” Amanda said a little while later after we had driven away from the clinic.

“That was horrific!” I told her bluntly having lost the pacifier from my mouth when she had closed my passenger door.

“And you were a good girl! You heard… well imagine how it is for most people…” She paused, “How in the world have you been so calm about all of this? If I had to go back to wearing diapers and being tortured and made fun of like you just were…” She took a breath in, “I’d be spitting nails!”

I sighed, “On my previous visit with my family we had a party in a restaurant and I was able to sit and talk with a local little for a couple hours. He had managed to remain free - which given his age of thirty seems even more impressive to me now - but he knew all of the ins and outs. He shared with me pretty much everything that’s happened so far and more… So, it’s not like anything was a total surprise like it has to be for some visitors. Just terrifying to see it for real though,” I shuddered.

I paused and added, “I want this degree so badly that I’ve steeled myself for the past two years basically that any of this can happen. I know I don’t stand a chance of stopping it completely… my best bet is to be a good passive baby.”

Amanda was silent up front for several minutes before she said, “You’re probably right.”

I sat there for a few more minutes before the car slowed and she said, “You hungry? We’re going to meet Daddy for lunch,” she told me.

I sighed, for a moment it had felt like there was a brief pause in the babying but obviously that wasn’t going to last. She stopped the car and opened my door. She didn’t immediately grab me though instead she messed with something for a moment before she slung my diaper bag on her shoulder. She made quick work of the buckle and we were on our way inside a restaurant that seemed fairly casual. Amanda spotted Fred and we walked over to where a high chair was already waiting for me.

“Hi Princess!” He said to me with a smile and exchanged a quick kiss with Amanda after she buckled me in the highchair.  

The waitress came over and she handed her one of the new bottles, “Would you mind filling this with milk for her?”

“Why certainly, she’s too cute! What would you like to drink?” She asked Amanda.

“Iced tea would be fine,” she told her.

“Great, let me get this cuties bottle filled and I’ll be right back to take your orders.”

“Let’s get your bib on you sweetheart,” Amanda told me. She quickly placed one on me that read ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’ with a tiara underneath it. I groaned but smiled.

“Aren’t you just the perfect little Daddy’s girl?” The waitress said a moment later when she brought my bottle and Amanda’s iced tea. I could feel the bottle was warm - I guessed it was a sign the lady cared.

“I’ll have the Quiche here, and our Princess will have your child’s mac and cheese,” she told her.

“Does the chef need to do anything extra with her food? He can puree it if you need?”

“Oh no, we’ll be fine like it’s supposed to come. She’s a little, but I prefer to just think of her as my normal baby. She’s eating solids and pasta just fine!”

“Okay then, and you sir?”

“I’ll have the Bacon Cheeseburger and fries please.”

“Very good!” She said and walked away.

Amanda quickly grabbed the bottle from the tray and checked it on her wrist before handing it back to me, “Careful, it’s probably a little warmer than it should be, but it’s still safe for babies.”

She gave me a look that I took to be a hint to ‘start nursing,’ which I did. I noticed the milk tasted more like normal milk at home, and couldn’t help but wonder what I had been given last night…

“So, what did you two do this morning?” Fred asked.

“Well we had oatmeal,” she smiled at me and made a face, “then we went to ValuMart to pick up some new babas. I think she manages with that size a lot better!”

“Looks like it,” he nodded. “What else did you get?”

“Well first we ran into my student Jennifer Faulkner in the baby aisle.”

“She’s the one…”

“Yes,” she said cutting him off and making me curious.

‘One what?’ I wondered.

“How was she doing?”

“Doing well, her mom apparently was going to make her little sister go without wipeys for a while, so she went to buy some for her.”

“That’s awful, she could end up with more than just diaper rash…”

“You and I both understand that… her mom has always sounded like a piece of work though,” Amanda added. “Anyway, we talked for a little bit and she fell in love with our little princess here. I think she’s probably going to be our go-to babysitter if Megan’s not available.”

“As long as you trust her?”

“I do.”

“What else did you manage to get done?”

“Well not much more, we made it to the doctor’s office to make the adoption official. I have three copies of her cute handprints and footprints with the certificate for us to use. I also got her chipped while we were there,” she said the last bit quietly.

“Probably a good idea,” he told her and looked at me nursing the bottle, “I know that had to have hurt princess, but believe me it’s for your own protection.”

I nodded.

“Anything else?” He asked.

“Nope, just lunch with Daddy so far!” She said as plates arrived. The macaroni and cheese actually didn’t look too bad to my surprise, but the burger Fred had sounded way better. It was humongous though, so I was pretty sure there was no way that I could ever have managed even one bite in my small mouth!

Throughout lunch Amanda fed me the macaroni and cheese. By making some sad eyes at Fred I was able to steal a couple of ‘Daddy’s fries’ from him. Each of those was practically a quarter of a potato back home! The bottle sat with a quarter left when we were waiting for the check so I sat and finished it. As I popped it out from my mouth, I accidentally let out a huge burp.

Amanda smiled at me, “Did you have some wigglies in your tummy?” she cooed at me before she used the bib to wipe a little bit of stray cheese sauce from my face. She removed it and placed it in my bag before she picked me up out of the highchair.

“What are you two ladies doing now?” Fred asked.

“Well I think we’re going to run home for a little while for the princess to take a nap. After that I think we might take a walk over to the university.”

“Okay, I may be home earlier this afternoon than normal. Doctor Clark just about fired me when he found out I have a new baby at home and I’m not there helping my wife.” He smiled at both of us.

She laughed, “I bet, Bob has always been a softie!”

After a kiss from him Amanda carried me outside and I was once again bound in my car seat. I waited for us to get home for naptime. ‘Sounds so exciting…’ I thought grudgingly to myself. While she drove I felt the need to pee more and let it out into the diaper with a sigh.


Thankfully for my growing boredom the ride home took just a few minutes, and I once more found myself in their garage being picked up. Amanda didn’t set me down though; instead she walked out the open garage door so I could see the front of the house properly. “See there’s plenty of pretty grass for you to play on,” she said with a smile. “Though you won’t play out front much because I don’t need you getting hurt, huh?”

I looked at the two-story house and saw it was a sort of Victorian style home with gabled peaks. The front had a long porch complete with a white rail and porch swing. A single tree that looked like a Magnolia tree rose from the ground in the middle of the lawn. It was monstrous to me in size and I was impressed by how pretty the house was. I was also more than a little bit unnerved that it looked very similar to my parent’s house! It was different colors though, while my parents had painted their house in shades of yellow, this was painted in shades of green. And probably thirty feet or more in additional height...

“I’ll show you the backyard once I get everything put away,” she told me with a smile as she bounced me lightly on her hip and closed the garage door. She took me to the living room and sat me down in the playpen while also making me jump as I felt a finger intrude on my diaper. “I’ll have to change that wet diapee here soon too!”

I blushed bright red as she disappeared to go carry stuff in, while she apparently felt safe leaving me alone since I was very effectively caged in the playpen. After watching her go back out to the garage through the white mesh fabric I went back to the doll I had been looking at a bit earlier. I began messing with her and a stuffed cat next to it debating about how I would be expected to play with them. Before long Amanda was back and took me upstairs for the needed diaper change. “Since I’m going to put you down for your nap, I’m going to put you in one of your pretty princess diapers,” she told me excitedly.

I groaned.

“They’re not that bad, are they?”

I nodded my head, “They intentionally make it impossible to walk!”

“Well good! You won’t need to because you’ll be napping!”

In an effort to avoid being bored in the crib right away I asked, “Could you show me the backyard first, like you promised?”

She sighed, “I did promise that didn’t I?”

I nodded, “Uh-huh.”

“You think you’re stalling your nap, aren’t you?”

I gave her my most angelic face I could possibly make, “I would never do that Mommy!” I kept my face and said, “I’m a good girl!”

She laughed at me and tickled me for a moment, “You certainly are a good girl! I have to keep reminding myself that you’re not a normal baby, or a normal little. It takes everything I have to keep from going and getting some other tools to regress you more…”

I shuddered a little bit, “Please don’t.”

“I won’t do anything without asking first. But I would suggest it might be a good idea to think about some help on unpottytraining yourself? I saw the look on your face in the car as you wet your diaper, maybe you might be less miserable if you’re not aware you’re going?”

I shook my head, “I was reading in the college handbook that if I poop myself in class I can be kicked out of the university. I have to at the very least keep my bowel control.”

She looked like that was a surprise to her. “What?”

“I’ll show you later. It was a small line that I think most people would probably overlook, but all it would take is one angry professor….”

“Gah! It would probably be Krantz too…” she muttered. She carried me down the staircase and said, “By the way, how did you know Doctor Nimitz?”

I sighed, “I had narrowed it to you two and him and his wife from my fifty some responses.”

“You have no idea how close you came to disaster…” She told me and I could see some tears in her eyes.

“I kind of got that feeling when I talked to them over the link, and today definitely confirmed that. I know I picked the right mommy and daddy!” She squeezed me and then led out a sliding door to the backyard. A fence that looked pretty formidable to me ran around a beautiful pool they had in the backyard. I saw a sandbox and swing set that didn’t look brand new like everything else.

“Those look older…” I pointed.

“They came with the house and came in handy when my sisters visited until they messed with their littles ability to walk. I think we might put in another playground at some point, but since you’re supposed to be a baby, I don’t know how much we really should put in for you. A lot of people would probably prefer to see us use that infant swing and nothing else.”

I noticed that one of the swings had a traditional infants bar and harness to it to make it very safe for someone my size. ‘Or make it the perfect way to trap them for hours…’ I thought darkly.

“Okay, enough stalling, naptime!” She commanded.

“I wasn’t stalling,” I told her innocently.

“Right…” she tickled me for a moment and then retraced her steps inside the house. Back in my room she lay me down on top of the quilt in the crib for a quick second before quickly and effectively tucking me inside of it to where I couldn’t move.

“What are you doing?” I asked before being effectively silenced with a pacifier. I didn’t complain though and sucked on it lightly.

“It’s called swaddling Stacy; I would have done it last night but I was worried with the sleeper you would be too hot. It helps keep me from worrying about you flipping over and possibly having problems breathing…”

I looked up at her and wondered if I was now getting to another story, but chose not to push. She kissed my head and reached above me to turn on the crib’s mobile. Just as she began to turn around, I noticed a dark dot on her left breast. She was out of my sight quickly though and I was left to look at the mobile of butterflies turning while Brahms Lullaby played softly. Seeing nothing else I could do, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.


I WOKE UP to the sound of someone doing a really poor job of sneaking around. “Shhh, she’s sleeping!” Amanda scolded.

“Probably only because you made her,” the voice hissed back. “Oh my god she is so adorable.”

“Umm thanks,” I told the voice as I opened my eyes and looked at a shorter version of Amanda.

She squealed, “Can I pick her up?”

“Yes,” Amanda said, “just be careful…”

“I will,” she said the strange giant grabbed for me and released me from the quilt. I felt her finger quickly check my diaper and I blushed. “All dry!”

“Well, we’ll have to fix that soon, huh?” Amanda said to me with a smirk.

“Ignore her, she’s just grouchy cause someone else is holding you. I’m your Auntie Megan by the way,” she told me with a smile.

I sighed in relief, “Thank god, I was worried it was…” I caught myself.

“Chloe?” She shuddered, “Yeah, I think that would be a bad nightmare to wake up to her face. You haven’t told Chloe about Stacy yet, have you?” She asked her.

“Not yet. I haven’t even told Mom yet,” she added.

“Just me, your baby sister?” She asked with a smile as she held me in her arms like an infant and I could just make out both of their faces by going back and forth with my eyes and head.

“Well duh, you’re the only sane one in the bunch. You’re probably thinking about how you could sue me for taking a free little…” She seemed to be joking.

“Well if she was free and didn’t invite you to adopt her…”

“Yes, I know the law sis. In this case we actually have that contract you saw.”

“Interesting contract too. What did your lawyer say about it?” She asked.

“In theory it’s legally binding that we return her after college. But he did mention that there were probably a dozen loopholes around it if we just wanted to keep her for ourselves,” she smiled kindly at the suddenly wide eyes I made at her, “but we’re not intending on that!”

“Good, I will come back and take you on myself if you or anyone abuse this cutie! I won’t let her become another Kacey…” she said sadly before saying, “So Stacy, tell me about yourself,” she said as I was carried downstairs to the couch where she sat me in her lap facing her.

“Well, I came here a couple years ago…” I told her all about why I was insane enough to come and she was good about listening to me. “So anyway, it seemed safest to go ahead and have something like foster parents instead of risking whatever else came up out of the dorms.”

“That’s very smart of you,” she told me, “I’ve had a few littles in the last couple semesters of my classes - I’m going to be a junior by the way - that have all ended up disappearing to etiquette schools… Sadly it’s like a matter of time for every one of them. Last week they introduced a bill in the Senate to make it permissible for the first person to put a hand on a portal little that comes to this dimension to be their guardian.”


“Yes, yesterday that lady would have become your guardian…” Amanda said with a catch in her voice.

“Anyone coming through the portal?”

“There’s still a diplomatic clause in effect for the tour groups, but yeah, anyone else will be swept up into a nursery before they can say baba,” Megan said.

“What was I thinking…?” I said aloud.

“Well, two years ago when you visited it wasn’t as bad. There were some serious roads being made towards little’s rights then.”

“What about my ability to be in college?” I asked Megan. She honestly seemed to understand the situation better than anyone.

“Well your parents have decided they want you attending school. While every Amazon will think they’re nuts, they’re your parents and have full authority over you like any parent.” She said with a smirk, “same way they could enroll you into elementary, junior high, high school, or a regular pre-school and no one would bat an eye on those!”

“Anything but junior high again…” I looked at Amanda pleadingly with a smile.

“Don’t worry, you’re off to college young lady,” she smiled at me. “Speaking of which, I promised you a walk in your stroller, didn’t I?”

“Umm… yes?” I said, not really caring about it.

“Megan you want to come and give her a tour of the campus?”

She smiled brightly at me and said, “sure!”

Megan checked my diaper and said, “Geeze Mandy, did you put her in a thick enough diaper?”

“It’s cute!!!” She told her. “Seriously pop the snaps of her outfit and look at it, it’s adorable!”

Megan looked at me sympathetically, “May I, she has me curious now?”

I nodded and she wasted no time pulling my outfit apart and looking at the very pink and feminine diaper. She sighed, “I’m so glad I’m not a little, I would burn this…”

I laughed, “You can still do that for me?”

“Nah, she’s right, it is cute… on YOU. You haven’t even put a dent in that padding, do you feel like you need changed yet though?” She asked me.

“No, I’m probably good. It could soak up half of the ocean I think…”

She squeezed me tight, “I like you. I have dibs on you if my sister gets tired of you!”

There was a bit of a circus that went on while Amanda grabbed a stroller she had stored in the car. My car seat carrier apparently connected into it normally, but so that I could see she just let me sit in the very oversized toddler seat. I was so small she could barely get the straps tight enough, and even then; I could have easily slipped out if I wanted to! I watched as Megan filled a bottle of juice for me, while Amanda simultaneously stuffed a pacifier in my mouth and handed Elena to me. I sighed as she started walking down the street and I quickly learned that we were only a few blocks from the campus. “Look over there,” Megan said to me, “That’s the student union where we have a cafeteria, the bookstore, and some offices!”

She was being cute with her voice in a way that made me think she was hiding my intelligence from the people we passed by. Many of those waved and cooed at me, but we were otherwise allowed to walk by unmolested. The buildings with massive lecture halls were pointed out from the outside for me. Apparently, the university prided itself on small class sizes, but still had four large lecture halls; the largest seated seven hundred students! They also took the time to point out the building that housed the computer and math departments that would be my home. The sisters decided to take a break midway through the campus and sat down on a bench with my stroller facing them.

Amanda took the bottle of juice out of the diaper bag and replaced my pacifier with it. “So, you’re keeping her on solid foods?” Megan asked.

“We have no agreement on that in the contract, but I think to be kind yes,” she told both of us.

“That is kind… and as long as you’re not using cloth diapers it doesn’t really matter what her poop is like, right?”

I looked up inquisitively enough that she told me, “breastfed babies’ poop is water soluble, which means your poopy diapers could just be put in the washing machine and everything would dissolve!”

I made a face at that and Amanda leaned forward to tickle me. Megan’s face changed as she looked at her and said, “Manda really? Already?”

Her eyes appeared drawn to two spots that were similar to the one I’d seen earlier. She sighed, “Yes, and this is with pads in!”

“You know most can only really deal with it in one way…”

She nodded, “I don’t want to push something on Stacy that she doesn’t want…”

“What’s going on?” I asked as I took the bottle nipple out of my mouth.

I watched her look around to see if anyone else was around, she sighed and answered, “Most Amazon mothers have a really strong maternal instinct. Sometimes all it takes is seeing a cute little and I deal with leaking breasts for a week… I’m not surprised that a day with you and I’m leaking like a cow…”

“Does it hurt?” I asked


“Those?” I asked, as she seemed to hurriedly dig something discreetly out of the bag. I could see for a brief second they were pads that she swapped out some others that were already there for ones she bagged in a plastic bag.

“No… but it would feel better if the milk was gone. I’ll have to buy a pump I guess to get rid of it…”

“Or…” Megan said looking at me, “Somehow I don’t think Stacy would mind trying it…”

“Well…” I put the bottle in my lap and squirmed in the stroller as I tried to think this through carefully… “I don’t know... I wouldn’t want to only eat it though…” I told her.

“New deal?” She asked me.

I sighed, “What?” I did my best to figure out what I had just implied.

“If it’s not horrible to you, we do this… three times a day? I’ll feed you real food all the time - not baby food - but that will keep me from doing this…”

“And if I hate it?”

“Then I’ll buy a pump and use it instead. Maybe another baby can drink it?”

I thought back to that first woman I had seen when we came back and couldn’t deny there was a curiosity in my body from that. The very idea of it had been arousing to me since then…

“Deal,” I told her.

There wasn’t a second of hesitation then for her as she unbuckled me from the seat and promptly revealed a gigantic orb of flesh that I had little idea of what to do with. Her nipple stuck out from the breast far enough that it would easily reach my back molars. ‘Nothing but to try it…’ I had just thought as her hand guided my head and open mouth to it.

I really had no real idea what to do as my mouth tentatively rounded on her flesh. My tongue touched her nipple and discovered milk was already leaking out. It entered my mouth before I even suckled and I discovered that it didn’t taste bad at all! I gave her breast a suckle like I did with a bottle, and was rewarded with a mouth of liquid that tasted far better than I believed it would! It was like an amazing vanilla shake or something. Before long I felt like the world was on standby as all I thought about was sucking more!

After a while it stopped coming and I became a little annoyed. A finger tickled my chin and Amanda said, “Let’s try the other one instead…” I felt like I was on some sort of insane drug or something as I found myself latched onto her other side. “I guess it must be pretty good,” Megan said next to her.

Amanda sighed, “I guess so, we’ll see when she gets out of the milk coma what she really thinks.”

“Yeah… I have a hard time after that reaction not thinking there’s something to be said about our milk being addictive.”

I tuned most of the conversation out though as all I seemed to care about was getting the next gulp of milk. Before long I was actually feeling kind of full just before the last of this breast ran dry. “Hand me that cloth,” I heard Amanda tell Megan.

“Here sis,” she said. “You didn’t burp her between breasts, I bet she spits up quite a bit…”

“Yeah…” I suddenly became more aware of the world as I found my face being held to a cloth on her shoulder and my back gently patted.

‘This won’t work on me… will it?’ I thought just as a big belch issued from my lungs along with a bunch of milky spit up.

“Eew…” I said aloud as my mouth felt kind of gross then.

“It’s okay baby, that’s to be expected,” Amanda said as she gave me a loving squeeze. “Good thing we put you in that thick diapee, huh?” She told me then.

“Huh?” I asked.

“She’s still out of it…”

“Think I should I change her here, or just wait?”

“With how much she just drank she’ll keep going for a while I’d guess. You may have a stinker before long too…”

I felt myself bounced up and down as my eyes felt sleepy. “We’ll just let her sleep it off then,” Amanda said as I felt myself buckled in, a pacifier slipped in my mouth, and then nothing.



End Chapter 5

Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021


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