Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021

Chapter 10
Granny's Little Girl

GRANNY CARRIED ME to the baby changing station in the bathroom at the front of the store as I nervously clung to her, while also not feeling safe with her.

‘I hope she doesn’t do anything bad…’ a part of my brain began to think before I reminded myself that she had been tame compared to Chloe the whole time since I’d met her. A part of me really wondered why she was being nice, given the horrific acts that I had heard happened with Amanda’s ‘sister’ Hannah. I really just hoped that I was going to be getting this uncomfortable mess sticking on my behind, cleaned up.

“It’s okay baby,” she cooed at me as she opened the door to the bathroom.

“No!!!!! You can’t do this to me you bitch!!!!!!”

I jolted and saw a man, well little, being stripped of what looked like a set of wet khaki pants. Granny froze just inside the doorway, and I felt my eyes widen as I watched the man be smacked on his butt more times than the machine had hit me earlier. Eventually the smacks stopped when you could no longer understand any of the cries from the man. I watched in disbelief as she began to set him down on the changing table. “You obviously aren’t ready to be an adult,” the lady said in a no-nonsense voice.

“But you cheated, I could have made it to the bathroom…” he whined through a raspy voice.

“But you didn’t, so you’re mine. We’ll get the adoption all done here in a bit. I’m glad you were here to help me shop for that baby gift though Dennis,” she said.

“My name’s not Dennis!”

“It is now, unless you want it to be Denise,” the lady said.

I watched the poor man stripped naked and a badly fitting diaper was taped on. She picked him up off of the changing table and looked at Granny and me, “Oh my! Isn’t she just the most precious baby?” She sniffed a moment, “Uh-oh, did you make a present in your diapee for your Mommy?”

I was glad she kept her hands off of me and Granny’s tighter grip on me suggested she thought the same. “I’m her Granny,” she told her. “Are you done by chance?”

“Why certainly! She’s a real baby, right?”

Granny nodded as I was laid down on a changing pad, “Just has a ton of hair for some reason… Well and she’s older than she looks. She’s eighteen months old.”

“So, she’s actually going to be a little?” She paused as she washed her hands somehow while holding onto the broken man. “Does she have normal sized parents?”

“Her Momma was like this too, she ended up hitting nearly eleven feet, so it’s hard to say what will happen with her. Her Daddy is even taller, so I would be surprised if she doesn’t grow like a weed before too long.”

“Well, we’ll let you get to changing that uncomfy diapee, huh?” She said as she looked at her new little. “I know you’ll be making Mommy a stinky present like that soon too, huh?” The lady squeezed the poor guy tight. “Let’s get you away from here since you don’t work here anymore. I bet we’ll find better clothing options for you at Le Bébé down the road.”

The poor guy whimpered some more and I felt bad for him. Looking at him in comparison to me, I could tell he was way taller than I was. He might have even been as tall as I used to be before I came, and the lady just manhandled him as easily as a toddler! Fortunately for me the door closed and Granny got to work by opening up my romper snaps and slid the cloth back up to my armpits. “Arms back here sweetie,” she told me and moved my arms to up above my head.

The tapes were ripped off and I grimaced as the smell wafted towards my nose. She used the messy diaper to wipe as much poop off my butt as she could. My legs continued to be suspended in the air for several moments though while she then used baby wipes to clean every bit off of my bottom. As she went into my anus for a second, I squirmed but she said, “Just be a good girl sweetie, almost done,” and it was quickly done. Unfortunately, she had to do the same with the new lips down there too and I squirmed more because it still felt so weird to have them.

She placed a new diaper beneath my bottom and left it open a moment while she balled up the old diaper and put it in a trash can next to it. “I’m going to put some of this cream we bought at the store on that sore booty sweetie, hopefully it will help you feel better sooner.”

I squirmed with the still unusual feeling of someone putting hands on private parts, but as she spread the sticky lotion on my butt, I could feel it numb the area, and instead of the throbbing pain, it became a lot more tolerable. The door opened again and this time a pregnant lady and an Amazon girl who was probably elementary school aged came in. “Look at the pretty baby Momma!” the girl said pointing towards me.”

“Yes, she’s a cutie, isn’t she! Just like you used to be!”

“I was never that small, was I?” The girl asked.

“When you were a newborn you were a bit smaller, but you grew quickly into the big girl you are now, huh?”

The girl giggled and nodded, “Yes Momma, I’m not a baby anymore.”

“Well you’re still my baby, even when your little brother gets here!” The Mom looked at me for a moment beside the door and said, “Now go potty like a good girl!”

The lady lingered for a moment before going to a stall of her own. Thankfully my diaper was quickly taped shut, romper snapped, and then Grandma washed her hands before coming to let me down. “Okay, Granny needs to use the potty, come here,” she told me and started to bring me into the stall.

“We can watch her for a moment if you’d like?” The lady offered.

“Thanks, but if I let her out of my sight, my daughter will beat me to death!”

The lady laughed, “I can imagine!”

I was carried with Granny into an open stall and she stood me up on my legs next to the toilet once she closed the stall door. Because I was so short, I couldn’t even see the top of the toilet, but as she sat down, I turned and faced the door hoping she would hurry. Sounds were made that I didn’t want to know about, and soon it seemed she was wiping, washing her hands, and she carried me back to where we had left Mommy.

“All clean?” Amanda asked when we got back.

“Yep! She’s such a good baby!”

“Yes, she is!” She said and held her arms out for Granny to give me back. She hugged me and said, “You want to sit in your stroller while we shop?”

I just nodded as I didn’t want to walk and I think she was tired of carrying me. I was strapped into the carrier seat and she asked, “Do you want your baba?”

I nodded and she handed me another bottle of apple juice that I let her exchange my pacifier for and began nursing it slowly. “What did you find so far?” I heard Granny ask her as she pushed down a canopy over my face.

“Well, these dresses are too cute to leave here!” She said and I could just make out a few dresses before she gave them to Granny to look at.

“She’ll look adorable in these!” She paused, “I love the diaper cover on this one!”

“Isn’t it adorable?”

“Yes, it is,” she said while I got a view of a diaper cover with several rows of frills going down it, along with a massive bow on the middle of the butt.

Since the infant carrier fit into the stroller and faced Mommy, the whole time I could only see the things that she occasionally brought into my view. I couldn’t even try and see straight up thanks to a canopy that was folded down, so I quickly became bored and sighed quietly. ‘It beats being spanked by a machine…’ I told myself and grimaced as I thought about my still sore butt. ‘I feel so horrible for Chloe’s ‘babies.’

I had no illusions that she was any better with them… and the thought of her being free to do whatever she wanted to me or anyone else was terrifying. She wasn’t alone though either, half of the Amazons we had encountered seemed just to have a desire to abuse their littles in some sort of sick game. If I had guessed wrong with Amanda and Fred things might have easily gone from awkward to horrifying without any chances to get away.

‘I hope I can go to college still… if I can’t this was a total waste of a life…’

“I like this one,” I heard a while later as I noticed we were now in a furniture type aisle and I saw a baby’s swing in my vision. I squirmed and found myself whimpering as I looked at something that didn’t look too far from what I’d been in earlier. I pulled the bottle out of my mouth and looked at the device terrified it would repeat my earlier abuse.

“Oh, it’s okay Stacy, this isn’t one of those same types,” Amanda soothed and took the empty bottle and put a pacifier in my mouth. I felt tears going down my face and shook involuntarily. “Momma I think we’ll skip one of those for now, I think Stacy won’t go near one of those ever now…”

Granny looked down on me and sighed before saying, “Yeah, I can see why she’d be terrified of them. Maybe in a couple months?”

“Maybe…” Amanda said and gently wiped my face with a Kleenex while saying, “It’s okay baby.”

“So, is that it?” Granny asked.

“I think so, let’s go check out and we’ll go grab a bite to eat.”

“Sounds good,” Granny replied.

I sat there like a good baby as we went through the checkouts. “Your baby is adorable!” a lady in line said while peering her giant head into my carrier.

“Thank you,” Amanda said.

“How old is she?”

“Three months,” she told her.

“How does she have so much hair already?”

“I don’t have a clue honestly. The doctors figured her baby hair would have fallen out – she had a full head of it when she was born! So far though it’s just kept growing. It’s so soft I hope it doesn’t!” Amanda winked at me.

“With that much hair you could almost believe she was a really tiny little, but her cheeks and not having breasts… Well, it’s obvious she’s a real baby. Would be nice if I could get our little to look like that. You get to have so much fun with the clothes that she fits into at that age!”

“We do,” Amanda said as the cashier began checking out their purchases.

“Amanda, I insist you let me buy this stuff… especially after what happened earlier…”

“You don’t…”


“Okay Momma, we’ll step off to the side then,” she said as she pushed my stroller forward and I could just make out a stack of clothing, baby gear, and the walker on the belt.

“How’s that diapee doing?” Amanda asked me as she stuck her hand inside the romper. “Ooh, wet again, already?” She asked me.

“Mom, we’re going to go change her diaper, we’ll meet you right back out here?”

“Why don’t you give me your car keys and I’ll pull the car up?”

Amanda reached into the diaper bag and grabbed her keys to hand to her before pushing the stroller to the bathroom. My diaper was changed quickly in there with no one else coming in. Just as we were leaving, I heard a page, “James please page the front office immediately,” and just as the line clipped “where is he?” bled through.

‘I guess his name was James…’ I thought to myself. ‘I can’t imagine being kidnapped from work…’

Outside the car was waiting and Amanda had my seat latched into the base in record time. “Where to for lunch?” She asked her mom as she sat down. It was only then as I really looked up at the seat in front of me that I realized I could sort of see them now through a mirror that was placed on the headrest. I appreciated that inroad into the isolation of the back seat!

“Well how about the soup and salad place down the road?”

“That will work,” she agreed easily.

I sat in the seat and had the opportunity to at least see more through the little mirror. The view wasn’t perfect, but I could now see a little bit of the road ahead of us through the gap. I could also see Granny digging through her purse for something. “I meant to give this to you earlier Amanda,” she told her as she handed something over while we were at a stoplight.

“Cool,” she said with a happy voice, “tell Cassie thanks for me… Is the plan still for everyone to go to your house for lunch Sunday?”

“Yes, and we’ll make sure Chloe doesn’t get ahold of Stacy…”

“Why…?” Amanda asked softly.

“I wish I knew where your father and I went wrong,” Granny told her. “At least with Cassie she’s not as cruel about it with Neville as Chloe is.”

“Mom, how has Chloe not been accused of abuse?”

“You and I both know there’s not much that can be done for littles…”

The car started up again and I lost the rest of the conversation as the engine noise and lower voices hid it from my ears. I watched through the mirror as she pulled into a parking lot and then came around to unbuckle me. “Come on sweetie, let’s get some lunch!”

“Do I have to eat salad?” I asked nervously.

“You don’t like salad?” She asked.

I shook my head, “Soup?”

“I guess, but you’re going to need to learn to eat some things you don’t like if you don’t want to just end up eating out of a jar the whole time…”

My eyes opened in fear, but I nodded. The pacifier hung from my romper as we walked to a counter, paid, and they got two plates of salad, two regular sized bowls of soup, and then a smaller bowl of soup for me. Granny grabbed a highchair for me and I was set into it gently, buckled, and just waited patiently. I was pretty sure feeding myself soup wasn’t going to be allowed!

“I think this has cooled enough baby,” she told me after she and her mom had been eating for a while. “Let’s get your bib on you first though!”

A cute bib that said “Mommy’s Princess” was fastened around my neck and she carefully fed me a spoonful of the vegetable soup. It wasn’t too bad, so I ate it as quickly as she would spoon it to my mouth. After a while she had a forkful of lettuce she brought to my mouth, “Open up baby,” she told me.

I looked at her and shook my head, “I won’t ask you again baby,” she said, “Just one bite is all I’ll make you take.”

I groaned but opened up and chewed up the tasteless leaves that I couldn’t stand!

“It’s not that bad!” Amanda admonished me.

“Is too…” I whined.

“Okay, here, you can have some more soup…” she told me and spooned another spoonful. We continued that until the soup was gone, but I was still hungry. I watched her eat some more forks of salad and couldn’t even think to ask for that.

“Someone still looks hungry,” Granny said.

“Yes, but she doesn’t want salad?”

I shook my head.

“Okay then, come here, we’ll get a little more in your belly,” she told me. I only had to wonder for a moment what she was planning exactly before I was in her arms while she struggled with her top and bra to present me with her breast. “Go on sweetie,” she told me gently and kissed the top of my head.

I sighed but began nursing and listened as the conversation around me most definitely wasn’t including me in it. “You look so natural there nursing her,” Granny told her.

“It feels that way too…”

“I wish this wasn’t the only way you could have a baby,” Granny told her.

‘Huh?’ I asked myself.

“Well… it’s not like you asked for the gene to be in yours and dad's family.”

“I know, but I hate that both you and Chloe ended up with it. At least Cassie was able to have two before she couldn’t.”

I felt her move a little bit and would have come away from her breast if she hadn’t held me there. “I know… who knows why we had that… at least I get to have my cute Stacy here – she’s better than I could have ever dreamed of.”

They spoke for a few more minutes before the breast was empty, I was burped, and switched to the other side. By the time she burped me again her milk was sloshing around in my belly with the soup and I was feeling quite tired. A pacifier was pushed into my mouth and I drifted off in the car carrier enroute to wherever they were going next.


WHEN I WOKE up, I was being suspended in the air by fabric in the new sling they had bought. I moved a bit and Amanda cooed, “Hold on sweetie and I’ll adjust you to where you can see where we’re going.”

I had been in a typical infants’ cradle position and she moved me to an upright position like I remembered on the packaging. She looked down on me and gave me a kiss on the forehead, “You are so adorable!” I could see a little over her shoulder and then a bit to my right, but my main view was her. The fabric held me firmly below my diaper and I felt safe as she began walking again through what I decided was another mall.

“Where are we?” I asked as I let the pacifier fall from my mouth.

“Westgate Mall,” she told me, “I’m glad you’re awake as your Granny and I want to buy a few things for you here that we want you to pick out!”

“Okay…” I said nervously.

I expected to be walked into another baby store, or a toy store, or even the next clothing store. What I didn’t expect was to walk into a bookstore like Barnes and Noble back home. Especially given how much further technology had come here, I was almost shocked that they had places like this still! “Let’s look over here first Momma,” she said.

I watched as we approached a massive set of bookshelves and mentally slapped myself as I realized just how tiny I was now! The area was a test prep section of the store and the books were nearly two-thirds my size. “Those books seem really big…” I found myself saying aloud.

“Yes, they are, I think we’ll be putting your books on a tablet for school. I don’t think there’s any way you’ll be able to carry a backpack full of them,” she told me. “I want to get a book or two for you to study before your placement exam next week.”

“I have a test next week already?”

“You’re a little Stacy… the university will need to make sure you still belong in school. If you don’t do well enough on the test, they may suggest you go back to high school… or even back to preschool.”

My eyes opened wide, “But you promised…”

“We did, and because we promised you, I want to help you make sure you get through this test.”

I leaned into her and said, “Thanks,” I leaned into her, “sorry…”

“After the day you’ve had?” She asked, “I can’t say that I blame you. Momma told me what you saw in there when you went in with her to get your diaper changed.”

I nodded, “So what’s the test I’m taking?”

“College Aptitude Readiness Exam,” she told me, “CAREs are considered to be the best way for a university to examine littles.”

“Is it even a fair test?” I asked her.

“Good question… Obviously some littles must pass, so all we can do is try, huh?” She asked as she hugged me before grabbing a book on a shelf high enough that I didn’t believe any little would have a chance to grab it! She opened it in front of me and I flipped through some of the giant pages with her. It had some textbook type work in the front and then several practice tests that seemed the most useful. It also came with a subscription to a website with a few realistic practice tests. We grabbed another too before walking through more of the store.

“How about some fiction books?” I asked her.

She looked at me and shrugged. I grabbed one that looked like it was Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, but different in this dimension with Gandalf being an elf? I also picked out several others including one that supposedly told the tale of a little who won their freedom. The last looked like it had sat on the shelf forever with the dust on it. A few other books on computers and some on history joined it, before I eventually was carried to the children’s section. Several preschool and elementary math workbooks were added to the collection. Granny also added a couple of bedtime story worthy picture books.


“Don’t you want Mommy to tell you a bedtime story at night?” Granny asked.

I blushed and shrugged, “Okay,” was my response.

The bag from that store was heavy enough they decided to take it back to the car before walking some more through the mall. After a while though it was clear to me that Granny was getting tired and Amanda seemed to be ready to call it quits too. The car when we returned to it was stuffed to the brim of new clothes, toys, baby stuff, and now books that hopefully would appeal to me!

We drove for a while until we must have reached Granny’s house. From what I could see it seemed to be a little smaller than our house, but looked well-kept and had a pretty yard with rose bushes in the front. “So, you’ll be here for lunch Sunday?” She confirmed.

“Yes, we’ll be here… hopefully Chloe will behave.”

“If she doesn’t, I’ll send her home, she was way out of line today!”

Amanda hugged her mom and said, “Thank you Momma, I love you!”

“I love you too sweetheart,” she said as she opened the door.

My door was then opened and Granny looked down at me, “You be a good girl and study! But, if you can’t get into college, I’m sure the daycare would be more than happy to help take you!” She smiled at me. Earlier today I might have thought she would prefer that decision, but she seemed to be a different person completely from what I expected. She kissed my forehead and I felt a finger check my diaper. “Amanda make sure you change her when you get home, she’s probably close to leaking.”

“Yes ma’am,” she told her and soon we were driving back down the roads and highways.

“Thank you for being such a good girl today Stacy,” she told me, “If I was you, I probably would have gone on a rampage after all that you’ve been through and be demanding to go back home…”

I grimaced and said, “Well I’m not going to lie - if you weren’t who you are, I think I would be regretting this decision already. Well if I was still capable of regretting it...”

“Most of the times those people like Chloe leave just enough adult in you so that you can fight back and make them feel like you deserve to be treated like that…”

I just nodded, “I felt so bad for that guy earlier, you could tell someone in the store was looking for him as we left.”

“Well when you visited before there were at least some rules in place. If a little was smart enough to wear a diaper they were pretty much safe – you as a little had to give permission to be taken home with them… Of course, ‘permission’ is just a word in all honesty, but it seemed to help a little bit. Now that law has been all but gutted… Any unclaimed little not in or out of a diaper just has to be seen doing anything immature can be declared to have a case of maturosis, and they can be claimed.”

“So, what about me going to school?”

“You’re not unclaimed… and I made sure we’ve filed all of the paperwork along with linking it with your application so the school has to acknowledge our parental authority to enroll you.”

We were pulling up to our house now I could see through the mirror and she opened the garage door. “The one thing they can pull is if you do really badly on your placement CAREs, but the score has to be pretty low... I made sure you are allowed to use your diaper there, but we’ll be making sure you have nothing to drink or eat a few hours before you go to keep anyone from playing other games with you if we can help it.”

I nodded. She came around the side to my carrier after the garage door closed and picked me up, “Uh-oh,” she said. “You leaked! I guess we should have changed you at Granny’s, huh?” She asked me. Sure enough, I looked down at the car seat and there was a massive darker spot in the fabric where my romper was also soaked through.

“How did I not notice?” I asked her.

“You know what my milk does to you, and you’ve had several sessions today,” she reminded me.

I sighed, “It would be a whole lot easier to hate if it tasted bad.”

“So, it tastes good?” She asked with a bemused smile as she carried me upstairs.

I grimaced but nodded, “It’s almost like a vanilla milk shake …”

“Well, I’m glad you like it, as I keep getting full every time I turn around. Your diaper is not the only thing leaking!”

I looked down at her chest just as she sat me down on the changing table and noted the growing spot over her right breast. “So, let’s change one leaky diaper and then maybe you can help me out?”

I sighed and said, “I guess I can’t say no when I already admitted it tastes good?”

She smiled at me and tickled me a little before laying me back on the changing table. My diaper was opened, I was wiped clean, and a new diaper was put on me in record time for her. Without putting anything else on me she sat down in the glider. I watched as she pulled her shirt over her head leaving just her bra on before she pulled it off too, leaving her completely topless. She pulled me in to her breast and I had to admit there was something nice about having my bare skin touching hers completely as I nursed.

She seemed to feel the same way as I could feel a lot of tension in her relax too as I nursed. When I finished, she burped me and then brought me back into her arms and said, “Okay, I know you may be getting a bit sleepy, but do you want to come back downstairs with me and sit in your playpen?

“Do I have to?”

“I thought you could look at one of those test-prep books?”

I thought for a second and nodded, “Okay, but can I have a new outfit and diaper first?”

“You think just because you wet that brand-new diaper already it’s time for a change?”

I nodded.

“Well, if the Princess insists…” she tickled my unprotected belly and I giggled.

The diaper was fairly soaked for such a short time I thought, but given how much I’d had to drink in the past couple of hours I wasn’t surprised. ‘As soon as I begin nursing it’s like my body has to expel urine… I just hope whatever is in her milk won’t cause cancer or something…’

I groaned a bit when I realized she was dressing me in the thicker princess diapers! Given I’d made her change my diaper twice in an hour though, I was sure that was my own fault! I was quickly redressed in a cute dress with an embroidered flower with a bee on it. She carried me down to her room and sat me on the bed while she changed her bra and shirt. Amanda wiped off her breasts first of a substance I was sure had to be my slobber… ‘Eew’ I thought to myself.

As soon as she had thrown on fresh clothes, she picked me back up and carried me downstairs to leave me in the playpen. I tried to stand up and found myself back on my butt a moment later from the diaper bowing my legs too much with the soft floor of the playpen. I just sighed and sat back up to watch Amanda come in and out of the garage. She brought me one of the test prep books and laid it on the floor of the playpen for me.

“Do you have a highlighter and a pencil?” I asked.

“I’ll be back with some,” she told me. Several minutes later she was back with both and I couldn’t help but once again have a moment of size shock. The pencils in our dimension would be about six inches long on average; in this new world they were easily a foot or more in length! Add to the fact that I was now tiny by either world’s standards and the pencil was nearly as long as my stubby legs!

Amanda watched me for a moment and asked, “Can you use that one?”

“I don’t know… we’ll just have to try!” I told her.

I sat down with the book and opened the first page with a lot of effort. It wasn’t that the page was heavy, it was more that it was nearly two-thirds my new length. It reminded me of the time I’d gotten a chance to look at some architectural diagrams and how tricky it was to open them! I began quickly reading through the first chapter that served as an introduction to the test.

The College Aptitude Readiness Exam (CARE) will measure the readiness of a student for university coursework in Reading Comprehension, Writing, Math, Sciences, and Basic Reasoning. The test allows for up to six hours for testing, with no breaks allowed for test security.

‘What?!?’ I thought to myself. ‘Six hours with no breaks?’

Should any test taker need to leave due to illness or a potty accident the test will be considered complete and grade what the tester has completed at that time.

‘So, they’re just trying to make excuses to make littles into babies…’ I thought to myself. As I read through more of the introduction, I couldn’t help but feel dismayed at the cards stacked against anyone who wanted to go to college and had to take this test! I was flipping through a FAQ section and found a somewhat helpful section.

Q: Are disposable diapers or pull-up garments allowed in the testing room?

A: Yes, diapers and pull-ups are allowed in the room providing the little checks the box on the sign-in sheet disclosing they are wearing them.

Q: May a soiled diaper or pull-up be changed during the exam?

A: Unfortunately, due to test security a soiled garment may not be changed. Wet diapers or pull-ups may continue to be worn and the tester may continue taking the test until they deem themselves finished, or unable to continue testing. Should a tester defecate though they will have their test marked completed and someone will help them out of the testing center to get an appropriate change; they will not be allowed to remain in the testing room for sanitary reasons and to avoid distracting other testers.

I shuddered as I realized I would have to be very careful to not have anything of a need to poop that day. ‘If I have an accident during this test it’ll all be for naught…’ I felt my stomach churn at the thought of failing at my goal so soon after getting to the dimension!



End Chapter 10

Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021


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