Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 21

“WELL IF YOU’RE going to be a big college girl you need to be able to change yourself, right?”

For a second I looked for the second head she had to have sprouted but nodded, “Right?”

“Then here let’s teach you how to do this!”

She handed me a package of gigantic wipes, a swim diaper, and a changing mat. “Here you don’t really need the changing mat by yourself, but it’d be good for putting your wet diaper on in a moment, just stand on it.”

I nodded at her and laid it down before standing on it, “Okay, take it off?” I asked.

She nodded and I pulled my skirt off and set it out of the way before I undid the tapes from the diaper. It wasn’t as easy to pull them off as I would have thought, but I still managed with a little bit of effort. I gently held it and without being told rolled it up like Gabby had shown me with Elena’s diaper.

“Go ahead and use plenty of wipeys now,” she told me.

I wiped myself as clean as I’d felt anyone else do for me carefully. My fingers jolted a bit as the wipe touched my still new vagina, but I just kept cleaning until I felt like I was done. “Okay?” I said as I put the wipes I’d used on top of the diaper.

“With regular diapers the websites say there are a few ways you could put a new one on… But this is a swim diaper, so it’s the easiest since all you have to do is pull these up like big-girl panties. You don’t even have to worry about powder with it like you will a normal diaper.”

“Okay,” I told her.

“I’ve spent some time researching how free littles manage with normal diapers too, I’ll teach you that later today or tomorrow.” she told me, “I know you’ll need to do this on your own.”

She was right with the swim diaper it was just a matter of pulling it on. There I looked down and felt like it was probably a good fit, ‘I feel like a big kid now…’ I joked internally.

“How’d I do?” I asked her jokingly.

“Let’s see!” She said with a smile and she tickled my stomach as she picked me up and sat me on the changing table. She ran her finger along the waistband and said, “Good! Of course, you didn’t really have to do anything with this one!”

I blushed, “Yay…” I told her.

She hugged me, “Don’t worry, I’ll still change most of your diapees!”

I blushed some more, “Thanks… I think.”

She handed me my swimsuit and I pulled off my blouse and put the swimsuit on instead. I let her put my hair up in a swim cap and she carried me downstairs to the backyard. She sat me down on my feet outside as she opened up the gate.

I followed her to the water’s edge and looked up at her, “Well jump in!” she said with a smile.

‘What in the world is going on?’ I asked myself. I was stunned that after a week and a half of being allowed to do nothing to care for myself, I now had the ability to do something as simple as jump into the pool! I stood at the edge and performed a fluid dive into the water and turned around to look at her smiling.

“You’re letting me just swim?” I asked.

“You’re capable, right?” She asked.

I nodded, “Yes… but…”

“I told you this weekend, last week was about acclimating you to this dimension, now for the rest of the week we need to get you ready to be a college kid!”

I just smiled at her and said, “Okay,” before turning and beginning to swim some laps.

I’d only made it about half of what I had done most of the time the past week before I became tired. ‘Probably still catching up my energy levels from the fasting,’ I admitted to myself. I noticed Fred was sitting in the water reading a book while Amanda looked to be catching some sun in a lounge chair. I swam towards Fred and flipped to float on my back. “Watcha reading?” I asked.

“Just some trashy crime novel,” he told me with a smile. “Tired of swimming already little fish?”

“I told you I’m a dolphin,” I smiled and stuck my tongue out at him. “It’s nice to just float,” I told him with a smile.

He read for a while longer while I floated on my back and let the sun shine on my skin. I heard a splash not far from me and opened my eyes in time to get a flood of water in them that I blinked out and struggled to right myself. Large arms encircled me though and it was obvious from the material of her bikini that Amanda had picked me up. “I heard it was time to go fishing!” she told me.

I looked up at her, “I was enjoying relaxing.”

“Uh-huh, and beginning to bake your front,” she said as she moved the strap of my swimsuit over to expose white skin versus tanner skin.

“Guess I’m getting an obvious girls tan, huh?”

“Well that makes sense since you’re a girl?” She said tentatively, “Are you really okay with that? I would have expected anyone else to panic and be depressed over that change.”

I sighed, “I hadn’t planned on becoming a girl, but compared to half of the things I’ve seen it seems minor. I guess I’m okay with it as much as anything as it’s not a mistake to call me that anymore… Used to get on my nerves growing up being put in girls PE classes because of my name, called a girl, called much worse things,” I shrugged, “It’s not like I had any grand plans that required me to be a guy.”

“Well, why don’t you get out of the water and sun your back with me?” she suggested.

I shrugged, “Okay.”

As we got out I noticed for the first time that between two large loungers a smaller pink one had been placed. I smiled at the thoughtfulness of it and walked over to it after she sat me down on my feet. I laid face down on it and felt her spray some sunscreen on me before deciding it was a good place to take a nap.

I wasn’t out too long though before Amanda scooped me up and said, “Come on little girl, let’s go take a quick shower.”

“Okay,” I told her with a smile.

She carried me upstairs straight to their bedroom and their bathroom where she started taking her bikini off. “Can you be a good girl and get undressed?”

I nodded and began pulling down the straps of my swimsuit. I noticed my shoulders were a bit red, but hopefully not too sunburned. When I had it down, she said, “Go ahead and take off that diapee too. Pull the sides apart so it’s easier,” she told me.

I was kind of shocked that I’d been allowed to both put it on and take it off now! I ripped the sides off like she said and soon held it balled up, “where do you want me to throw it away?” I asked her.

“Hand it to me,” she said now having taken both pieces of her bikini off. I handed it to her and she threw it in a trashcan before turning to start the showerhead of a large walk-in shower she had.

When it was a safe temperature, she opened the door and let me walk through carefully into the shower. The water came down like a warm rainstorm down where I stood and it was a nice feeling. She handed me a mini loofa with soap on it and I scrubbed my body while she did hers.

“Ready for your hair?” She asked me?

“Sure…” I said.

She handed me a palm full of shampoo and I closed my eyes and carefully lathered up all of my hair. I felt like I had gotten all of it lathered when she must have pulled the nozzle from the wall and began carefully rinsing out my hair for me. “There, I think we got all of the shampoo out, here’s some conditioner,” she said and gave me a palm full of it to work through my hair.

The shower was the most grown up thing I had experienced in a week, and I relished the ability to not feel like a newborn baby! Once the conditioner was all rinsed out, she took care of her own hair while I stood soaking in the bits of the water that went by her. As she turned off the water, I hugged her leg, “Thank you,” I told her.

“But of course, Princess,” she told me. Apparently, she had controlled her mothering instincts as long as she could because I was wrapped in a towel and sitting on the counter while she blow-dried my hair. I sat patiently with my fingers in my ears until she pronounced me done and carried me into my nursery – her hair still up in a towel. Instead of setting me on the changing table she handed me a pamper, a nightgown, and a travel size bottle of baby powder that was the size of a full bottle to me.

“Okay, let’s teach you how to put on your regular diapers…” she said. “Might be easiest to sit down with it on the changing pad to powder yourself. Littles say it is sometimes easier to tape it though standing up against a wall?”

I looked up at her quizzically and tried her directions. The swim diapers were really just pull-ups and very easy to handle, this would be trickier I realized. I opened the diaper up and laid it on the changing mat. I made sure to sit down with the front at the front of me and reached for the powder. I used a good bit and felt self-conscious the whole time of touching myself and knowing Amanda was watching me. I laid down on my back and got some on my butt with some gymnastics before sitting back up. I pulled one side to the front and had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to get it tight enough sitting. I ended up carefully standing and moving with my back to the dresser next to me to hold the diaper in place as I taped it. I was careful to keep the diaper’s front and back even so it looked even and pulled everything as snug as I could.

“Good girl! Let’s see how you did!” She said as she picked me up and sat me down on the changing table. She ran a finger along the waistband and the leg holes before saying, “Look at you, you did a great job!” She tickled my belly a little, “You’re going to put Mommy out of a job!”

“Thanks…” I said. A little disturbed that being able to put on my own diaper would be a milestone.

“Don’t give me that look, you need to be able to change yourself in-between classes if you need it.”

“Won’t every Amazon girl in my classes be checking me and wanting to change me themselves?”

“Yes, but if you’re smart, you’ll refuse most of them unless you implicitly can trust them.”


“Do you really want a surprise enema?”

My eyes widened at that, “They’d…?” I shook my head, “Of course they would, but they’ll let me change myself?”

“You are a college student who has taken the mature approach to wearing protection – it’s in Emerson’s code of conduct. Plus, if they know you’re already adopted, which I’m sure will get out; they won’t want to step on your mommy’s toes too much. You might have a mother like Chloe that wants her baby left in a messy diaper for some reason…”

“I hoped she was the only deranged lunatic…” I said before I could stop myself, “Sorry…”

She looked upset and blinked away a tear, “It’s true though.”

“I’m still sorry,” I told her.

She leaned over and gave me a hug, “It’s okay. Here I’m going to put you down on the ground, get your nightgown on and then why don’t you play on your computer or something for a bit while I go take care of myself.”

“Okay,” I told her and accepted her lift down to the floor.

I quickly pulled the nightgown over my head and noticed it had that elastic band at the bottom too that gathered at my ankles. The nightgown was nice in that it was pretty warm, but the pink color with little white bunny embroidered on the chest was almost cause for a diabetic coma. I followed her advice and got onto my computer and began exploring to see if I could perform some subterfuge with my IP address like I knew she had done for the practice tests. To my surprise the techniques were pretty similar to back home. I discovered some newer methods and tools were available here, but I was quickly able to learn some techniques that the hacker crowd considered to be nearly impossible to break through.

I was just testing it out when I realized I had an audience, Amanda was back. “Uh… hi,” I told her.

“Hi yourself,” she told me and said, “log out of it all,” she said.

I groaned but did so quickly and found myself in her arms while she sat in the glider. “So, am I in trouble?” I asked.

She laughed, “No, you’re not in trouble, but you need to be careful…”

“I know, I promise I won’t use my knowledge to break into anything…”

“I actually am glad you know how to do that. It’ll keep us from having to worry about you doing things online and it getting back to us as easily. Just be very careful to wipe your footprints! I’ll give you a couple other tools tomorrow to put on your computer if you remind me.”

“Wait… you’re okay…?”

“I figure at some point you’re going to stumble onto some of the more liberal littles rights sites. I’d rather if you don’t get involved with them honestly, but if you do please make sure you can’t be traced back here. I’ve heard of littles being removed from parents when they’ve been tracked…”

I nodded, “I’m honestly not planning on getting involved in any protests… I just saw a couple old articles from the past few years and I have no desire to have my brain become mush like they did.” What I didn’t say was that I saw similar nanotechnology had apparently been used on the supporting Amazons to turn them into littles too – that seemed a fate I would never want Amanda and Fred to go through!

She gave me a good squeeze, “Good, neither do I,” she said.

“So, what’s up for the rest of this week now that I passed the test?” I asked her.

“Well tomorrow I’ve got an appointment with a lady named Jenny Murtha in the morning for you. I gave her all of your measurements last week after your procedure so she could make university uniforms for you. She’s an incredible seamstress so I know they’ll look very fitted and that should help you out a bit with dealing with your classmates.”

“How’s that?”

“Well most littles will just walk into the University Bookstore and buy the closest sizes to them they can find. Most of them tend to be pretty baggy and it makes them look uncared for. Amazons just can’t stand to let littles not receive proper care…”

“Oh,” I said.

“So, by having clothes that fit you perfectly like a model everyone will know you’re well taken care of – or at least not your average little.”

“What do I do if…”


“If some random Amazon tries to take me?”

She hugged me, “Tell them you want them to call your mommy.”

“If they don’t believe us?”

“Tell them to take you down to any hospital and read your chip. The second they try and adopt you anywhere else they have to try the chip reader and when they find you have parents already, they’re required to remove you from their care and get in touch with me as soon as possible.”

“That sounds scary still…” I said.

“Well I’m not going to lie sweetie, lots of bad things could happen in that time. If something like that happens just be sweet and non-defiant so they don’t feel like they need to do anything to regress you.”

I just nodded at that, “After we get my clothes?”

“Well you’ll wear one of the uniforms to go meet with Doctor Butler, your advisor, to get your class schedule figured out.”

“I can’t just do it online?” I asked.

“Every little must do their schedule with their advisor, it’s a university policy that is set in immovable stone. Even freshmen Amazonians must do it that way next week though too, so don’t feel like it’s a big deal.”

“What is this guy like?” I asked.

“A condescending asshole,” she told me.

“What?” I said, startled by the venom in her voice.

“Sorry, it’s the truth. He’s the Dean of Computer Technology and a pain in the ass to deal with. I’m glad my department is with the engineering department so I don’t have to deal with him too regularly.”

“Fun…” I sighed, “what do I need to do there?”

We spent the better part of an hour cuddled up on the glider talking before Fred came in and said, “You two want to come down and have a snack?”

“Oh, what are we having?” Amanda asked.

“I made some sliders?”

“Okay,” Amanda said, “how’s that sound to you Princess?” She asked me.

“So, sliders… meaning a normal burger for me, I can live with that! Just keep it plain though…”

“No cheese?”

“Well of course cheese is good… ketchup too… but hold everything else.”

“What is your problem with veggies young lady?” Amanda asked as she stood up with me on her hip.

“I don’t know… I just never have liked them.”

“We’re going to get you over your aversion to them before you graduate college. Proper young ladies eat salads to watch their figure,” she told me with a smile and a kiss to my forehead.

“Not tonight please?” I asked.

“Hmm… maybe I can get Cassie to bring by some of that little food…”

My mouth opened like a fish and she said, “Just kidding sweetheart, no way in hell I’m feeding you that slop.”

I sighed and hugged her tight. “I don’t know how Neville eats that without throwing it up immediately?”

“I don’t know either,” Fred said at the bottom of the stairs. “Seriously, why in the world would you combine pickled eggs and durian fruit? Two of the worst smelling things on the planet!”

Amanda squeezed me, “Maybe he had been fussy?”

“I’d be fussy too if I had to eat that,” Fred said. “The jar wasn’t any better the day before… and then she forced Klara to eat that one! I mean Amanda, I’m not trying to pick a fight here, but your sisters both seem to be getting worse, and more out of control each time we’ve seen them this year.”

She nodded, “I don’t know what happened to them both… but I think Chloe started it all. Cassie has just always looked up to her so much I think she feels like she has to keep up.”

I watched from my highchair as Fred finished cooking some burgers on the grill that was built in on the range. Well, sliders for them… He presented me with what was the perfect size cheeseburger a few minutes later. The bun had a glossy sheen to it and felt warm and fresh! Some ketchup had been spread onto the burger and I didn’t wait for them to even think about bibbing me I took a bite.

“Oh my God, this is perfect!!!!” I said aloud.

“See I can cook something,” Fred told Amanda.

“One thing… but I agree,” she said as she took her own bite, “these are really good.”

It was intimidating to watch her eat in two or three bites what was an entire hamburger to me, but I relished the adult taste of a burger. I finished it off and couldn’t help but wish for some fries. “Still hungry?” He asked in surprise.

“Just needs some fries or something…” I admitted.

Amanda laughed, “I said one thing… that’s basically it. Hold on a second and I’ll see if I can figure out something else. Unless you just want another slider?”

I thought for a second, “Just another slider will work. No need to go cook something else for me.”

“You are way too polite,” she told me with a smile. “Chef, your Princess needs another slider… I’ll take two more myself.”

“Gah! No one told me that I was going to be a slave when I had another girl come live in the house…” he grumbled as he stood up. We both had our second order a few moments later with a smile and a kiss to both of our foreheads as he delivered them. “Your wish will always be my command my ladies.”

That earned a giggle from both of us.

After the late dinner/snack Amanda, Fred, and I sat down and watched some TV before I was carried up to the nursery. I realized something then, “You haven’t nursed me today?”

“Fred and I think it might be more trouble than its’ worth Stacy. You and I both know your continence has sort of returned today without it, if we do that all the time… well it may just very well end up costing you your adulthood.”

I leaned in to hug her, “But isn’t it painful for you to keep it?”

“I’ve pumped a few times today,” she told me, “I can always give it to Chloe to try and keep her from starving her little girls.”

I thought for a second and shook my head and whined, “But what about your own little girl?”

“You sound like an addict Stacy… That’s why I don’t really want to feed you any more of my milk.”

 ‘Why does this upset me so much?’ I asked myself as I realized I was pouting.

“Why are you frowning? Shouldn’t you be happier knowing you’re safer?”

I sighed and looked at her from the changing table she sat me down on. “Maybe?”

“Look, did you even realize that your diaper is still dry?” She asked me.

I did for the first time realize that my diaper was dry and I needed to go pee. I must have looked shocked, “No I didn’t…” I paused and let it go into the diaper a little awkwardly since Amanda was watching me.

“So, you can see why?”

“Okay, how about this… I honestly actually kind of appreciate not knowing I’m peeing… We both know training potties aren’t likely in my future anymore, and there’s no chance that a regular toilet is.”

She nodded.

“How about just at night before bed?” I asked. “You can save the rest for Chloe’s girls… but that should probably be enough that I can keep from waking up needing to go every night too.”

Fred came in just then, “I told you…”

Amanda sighed, “Okay Stacy, night time only now is all we’re going to do – that won’t change to more no matter what! If I think it’s still affecting you too much, we’re cutting that out too.”

“Why the sudden concern?” I asked.

“Since Sunday I realized that Fred is right - there is a line I don’t want to cross with you, otherwise we need to just take you to an etiquette center and make you like Neville … And I refuse to do that! I want you to be you, the smart adorable girl who is going to finish college… If I don’t have you do stuff on your own there’s going to be a slip-up somewhere that’s going to keep you from succeeding here. I’m sure of it.”

“And more than anything else,” she said after a pause, “I cannot allow myself to become what Chloe and Cassie are…”

I hugged her, “You won’t become that - I know that!”

“You agree with this Fred?” She asked him.

“It should be okay. Bedtime allows a long time for the chemicals in your milk to process and go through her. She should be fine by the time she goes to classes.”

“Okay then,” she said and seemed to be relieved as she presented me with her breast and I was relieved that she had.

I didn’t hesitate to latch on and began sucking milk into my mouth. There was something so relaxing about the act after having such a stressful day! I thought about everything so far along my journey to this dimension while I nursed.

I’d managed to make it safely into a home that I had hope would support me in my dreams of earning a degree here in this dimension! I was excited to know that I’d soon be studying the amazing technology, even as I couldn’t help but be terrified of ever becoming like Chloe’s littles…

I sighed after being burped by Amanda, and squirmed a bit as she moved me to her other breast. I just wanted the tasty liquid to continue coming into my mouth!

‘Maybe I really am an addict,’ I thought to myself as my stress and cares seemed to abate as I thirstily nursed on her nipple.

‘I’m okay with that,’ I added when I was laid down in my crib a while later. I was awake just long enough to hope that my journey would continue to go just as well in the coming years!


End Book 1


This concludes Book 1 of my Exchanged Trilogy. I'll begin posting Book 2, 'Little Hope' next weekend. If you've been following this so far, please let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!



End Chapter 21

Exchanged (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 23, 2021


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