A Girl's Night Out

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2005

Chapter 4

"A Girl’s Night Out"

by Dark Oni


It was a warm summer’s day and a very attractive young woman sat on her front porch reading a young adult’s horror novel. The buxom blonde wore only a pair of cutoff shorts with a bikini top and had her bare feet on top of the porch rail. A few feet away was a plastic mesh playpen with an adorable baby in it. The baby wore a little pink sundress with a disposable diaper and seemed to be ignoring the many toys scattered around her. With a sigh the woman closed the novel and walked towards the playpen.

"Not bad." the new Ann Hatcher thought. "Still, I wish those novels had people getting way younger. Maybe I can pay an author to do that."

Bending over the woman picked the baby up and took her back to the rocking chair. Picking up the baby bottle she had allowed to cool next to her the woman brought it up to the baby’s mouth. The baby struggled a bit, shaking its head back and forth and keeping its lips closed. "Come on honey, drink up." the woman said.

Eventually, the rubber nipple penetrated the infant’s lips and the baby’s natural sucking reflex took over. "That’s a good girl. Drink up for mommy." Cindy said as she tickled the bottom of little Annie’s feet. "Soon you won’t have to drink that nasty old formula. The doctor says I’ll be lactating in a couple of days and then you’ll really be mommy’s baby."

Ann inwardly cringed at the thought. She was already starting to enjoy the sickingly sweet formula that she’d initially hated. The same went for the babyfood Cindy shoveled into her mouth. The thought of sucking at her daughter’s breast and actually enjoying it horrified her. As Cindy rubbed her tummy though she started to relax and forget about her worries. Ann’s mind started to drift again as her body hungrily sucked on the bottle.

As Cindy fed her new baby she reflected on the events of the last two weeks. Frankly, she had been pleasantly surprised at how easily things had worked out. She had gone to her mom’s scheduled meeting with a vice-president at Omnicorp as a woman in her early twenties. She’d explained the nature of the device, showed him her mother’s notes and schematics and offered a demonstration on the spot. Two hours later the company CEO was at her house going from his fifties to his twenties. After reducing his female assistant to a small child and growing her back he was convinced and started talking money on the spot. With Judy playing her lawyer Cindy agreed to 25 million dollars up front for the patent and the right to ten percent of all future revenue generated from all applications of the invention. She also had the right to use the device whenever she wanted since it now resided in Omnicorp’s labs.

After that she let the corporation take care of everything, from setting up a new bank account with her signature to a picture and fingerprint ID with the corporation. Over the next week she’d reported her mother’s credit cards stolen and used her signature on the replacements. She’d also gotten a new driver’s license. Now she just had to learn how to drive. Of course, she couldn’t have done this without the help of her two friends. Amy and Judy were the only two people we knew who she really was and she’d happily repaid them.

Amy had gotten her revenge on her sister, permanently. Amy was now the twenty year old Akane, college junior, major still undecided. Akane was now an adorable eleven year old girl named Amy who had already been babysat and spanked twice by her new older sister. Cindy had been surprised Amy’s parents had gone along with things but it was impressive what a million dollars could persuade people to do. The marijuana they’d found in Akane’s room hadn’t hurt either. Akane’s parents realized they needed to keep a close eye on their daughter.

It had been made clear to Amy that she was on a short leash as well but Cindy was confident her friend would be good after what’d happened to her the last time she’d partied. Of course, she’d probably need ten tears to graduate from college but with that kind of money, she had time.

Judy had taken things more slowly. After aging her friend to twelve Cindy agreed to give Judy a tiny dose from the machine every year. Judy had always been one of the youngest in class and she figured having a great body in high school would more than make up for things. She really felt she had a good chance of blowing Marsha off the map when it came to attracting boys.

As for herself, Cindy was pretty sure she’d found her prince. She’d been able to convince Charlie she was really Ann and they’d been seeing a lot of each other in the last two weeks. Charlie really did have a good pro future ahead of him and would command a lot of money in next year’s NFL draft. Cindy really liked him and was sure he felt the same way. Of course, if his eyes wandered he’d be playing pee wee football, Cindy promised herself.

As for little Annie, Cindy knew that eventually she’d have to become eleven year old Cindy. The weekend before, Cindy had aged her mother to five years just to make sure her mind was still intact. A slew of profanities and insults had convinced Cindy that her mother was just fine. After a severe spanking she’d returned the crying child to infancy. Cindy figured that an entire summer in diapers would improve her mother’s disposition. She was even tempted to potty train her, as Amy had suggested, to reinforce who was in command. Cindy knew that her mother would fight her every step of the way, trying to gain her freedom, but she conceded that was all a part of growing up. If her mother had accepted that in Cindy she wouldn’t be in diapers right now. Besides, legally she was Ann Hatcher and no one would believe an eleven year old child’s fantasies anyway. Nobody had believed Marsha after all.

When little Annie finished her bottle Cindy placed a towel on her shoulder and burped the baby. The tiny bit of spitup made her glad of the precaution. After tickling Annie’s tummy some more she placed her mother back in the playpen and checked her diaper the way Amy had showed her to. Annie was dry but Cindy knew that wouldn’t last long. As she sat back down in her rocking chair Cindy thought fondly of her newfound freedom and silently thanked Amy for persuading her to use her mother’s machine.

Annie still hated it when her daughter put her hand down the front of her diaper but she had grown used to it. As she watched Cindy return to her seat she contemplated the revenge she’d take when she finally got her chance. Cindy had to make her older eventually and she would wait for it. Ann thanked her lucky stars that her mind was still intact and there didn’t seem to be any mental regression.

As Ann felt her diaper become warm and wet she cried a bit and desperately reached to her side. "Where is it?!" she thought frantically. "WHERE COULD IT BE?!" Finally she felt the warm fuzzyness in her right hand and pulled a small pink blanket to her cheek. "Blankie." she thought affectionately. "With you I’ll beat that mean old nasty Cindy girl." Little Annie fell asleep in the warm air thinking happy thoughts.

The End.

Copyright Dark Oni. June 1998.



End Chapter 4

A Girl's Night Out

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2005


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