A Girl's Night Out

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Chapter 3
Part 3

"A Girl’s Night Out" (part 3)

by Dark Oni

Part 3

Ann wasn’t happy when she walked through the door. The meeting hadn’t gone well. In fact, they’d ended up laughing at her, saying her concepts had already been disproved by their research department. "Stupid men." she thought. "They don’t know what they’ve just lost." She knew she could have done more. She could have arranged a demonstration for them and proved her point. Her pride had gotten in her way though when they’d laughed at her. She’d do the demonstration for Omnicorp she decided.

Ann walked through the front door of her house and saw most of the pizza still on the dining room table. Sighing at the mess the girls had made Ann moved to clean it up when she noticed the TV was on. She hadn’t called home because she’d expected the girls to be in bed by now. As she walked into living room she looked down and saw a little girl fast asleep among the pillows.

It was hard to tell at first because of the dim light of the TV but as Ann stared she noticed that the girl looked much too small to be any of her daughter’s friends. The child’s body was also engulfed by her nightie. Her white nightie. As Ann recalled Marsha wearing a white nightie she was able to put two and two together and finally recognized the little brown haired child.

Ann was furious. Before she could decide whether or not to wake Marsha she heard the front door unlock and open. She quickly made her way into the foyer. When she got there she saw three women, a blonde and a redhead with an Asian beauty between them. The redhead’s hair was a mess and her clothes; "correction my clothes" Ann thought; were wrinkled. At least she had her shoes on. The other two women were barefoot. Ann simply crossed her arms and stared at the trio.

Cindy had figured her mom was home when she saw the car in the driveway. The minute she’d taken to get to the door hadn’t been enough time to think of a better line than, "Hi mom. Did your meeting go well?" Cindy smiled, trying to look as innocent as she could.

Ann looked at her daughter and was amazed. She could still recognize Cindy but her baby now looked like an adult. In fact, Ann guessed that without her heels, she’d be a couple of inches shorter than her daughter. Ann decided to play along. "Terribly. Those old fools wouldn’t know a good idea if it bit them. I’ll have a demonstration set up for Omnicorp on Monday. Would you girls like to be a part of it? Seeing as how you’ve already broken into my lab and used my invention without my permission, of course."

Cindy gulped. Her mom was pissed. "No thank you. We’ll be going to bed now." she said as the girls tried to make their way past Miss Hatcher.

"Not so fast young lady!" Ann exclaimed. "Do you have any idea what you did? That machine was untested on humans. You could’ve been killed."

"But we weren’t." Cindy responded. "You made a great machine. I knew that you would." Normally, Cindy would never have talked back to her mother like that. Now, however, things seemed different. Her mother no longer seemed like the giant, undeniable symbol she’d always been. Part of that was the alcohol still in her system. Part of that was her newfound stature. In fact, as Cindy looked straight into her mother’s eyes she saw a woman not that much older than herself.

"Don’t interrupt me little girl!" Ann exclaimed.

"I’m not a little girl anymore mother. I’m almost twelve. I’m a young woman." Cindy responded.

"You’re not acting like it. A mature girl wouldn’t have broken into her mother’s lab and used equipment without permission. At your age I was twice as mature as you are now. I had to be. My parents died when I was ten and I passed from one relative to the next. I had to grow up and I did. You should be enjoying your childhood instead of going out to do God knows what in a body that doesn’t belong to you." Ann admonished.

"We were having fun." Cindy responded tersely. "I had alcohol, I had junk food and I had the most wonderful experience I’ve ever known. I definitely like men better than boys now. When’s the last time you had fun mother?" Cindy asked.

Ann was shocked at her daughter’s reply and allowed her anger to get the best of her as she slapped Cindy hard across the face. "Contrary to appearances I’m still the only adult here and I will be treated with respect."

Cindy stared back at her mother with fire in her eyes but didn’t say anything. Cindy felt embarrassed at having been quieted like that in front of her friends. Her mother was treating her like a child and she didn’t like it. She was also surprised at how light the blow had felt. She realized that she was probably stronger than her mother now as well as taller.

In a calm voice Ann said, "I’m not going to ask you what you meant by that. I really don’t want to know. I’m just happy you all made it home safely." Then, raising her voice she added "Now get your butts down the basement stairs right now! Move it!"

As the girls responded to her commands Ann unlocked the basement door, opened it for them and followed them below. She immediately went to the controls to see what the girls had done to her invention. She had to admit she was thrilled her invention had worked on people. She knew she could stand to lose ten or so years. While she was still very fit and attractive, time had started to show some effects on her. She couldn’t wait to try the machine out on herself. First, however, she had to deal with the girls.

"I see you tested the regression field on Marsha. Nice to see that works too. You’ve also given me an idea. I figure it’ll be easier to look after a bunch of four year olds than eleven year olds tomorrow." Ann said.

Cindy was not happy. She liked her adult body and had been planning on fighting to keep it anyway. Hearing that last comment had made her even angrier. There was no way she was going to be four again. Her mother treated her like a baby when she was eleven. Just because her mother thought childhood was wonderful didn’t mean she had to agree. Just then, another wicked thought entered Cindy’s head.

"Well, it was fun as it lasted." she heard Judy sadly comment.

"It can last longer." Cindy responded. To her friends’ confused faces she quickly and quietly explained what she had in mind.

As Ann adjusted the equipment she thought about Cindy. Her baby had been very combative over the last few months and would only be worse after tonight. Cindy wanted to grow up so fast. Ann figured that it might be best if she kept her daughter four years old for the entire summer. She could dress her in those adorable dresses she used to wear and keep a close eye on her baby. That way, she might be able to get her little girl back.

As Ann finished adjusting the equipment she shouted to the girls "Okay ’ladies’, into the chamber. All three of you."

As Amy and Judy slowly complied Cindy just stood in front of the chamber.

"That means you too Cindy." Ann said sternly.

Cindy looked at her mother with the saddest, most frightened look she could muster. She even wringed her hands to add to the effect. In a very soft and frightened voice she said "Mom, I’m scared. I don’t wanna be little again."

Ann’s anger melted as her maternal instincts kicked in. Her heels clicked on the cement floor as she quickly approached her daughter. "I know you don’t baby." Ann said. As she hugged her daughter she continued. "But you did a naughty thing and you have to be punished for it. You won’t stay little for long, I promise."

"You know mom, it’s kind of funny." Cindy replied.

"What is honey?" Ann asked as she released her embrace.

"If you’d stayed to watch us like you were supposed to, none of this would have happened. Guess that means you’re the naughty one. Since I’m an adult now, I guess that means I can punish you." Cindy answered.

Ann was shocked and stepped back from her daughter. She was suddenly very worried. Cindy was smirking at her. Backing away from her daughter she suddenly felt two strong pairs of hands grab each of her arms. As much as she struggled she couldn’t break free from the grips of Cindy’s two friends. The tide of power had shifted in an instant. In a voice that she noticed was very weak and scared Ann said "Cindy. What are you doing baby? Let mommy go so she can make you normal again."

Cindy came close to her mother’s face and replied "I don’t think so ’mommy’. I like myself the way I am. Do you?"

"Wh-what do you mean by that?" Ann asked. She was frantic as she reasoned what her daughter had in mine. If she had been near the controls when this little rebellion occurred she could have made sure no one used the machine and she would have been safe. As things were, she was helpless.

"Well mom, you’re always telling me how much I should appreciate my childhood since you never really had one. How would you like mine?" Cindy asked cheerily.

Ann was scared. "No. That’s not what I meant! Let me go! You can keep the bodies." As Amy and Judy dragged Ann into the chamber Cindy walked towards the controls.

"Amy, Judy. Don’t do this! It’s wrong! You promised your mothers you’d be good." Ann continued, starting to cry.

Cindy’s two friends pushed Ann through the chamber door, causing her to land hard on her ass. After closing the door they both held it in place as it had no locking mechanism. Judy was the first to respond "Sorry Miss Hatcher, but I like the idea of getting younger or older whenever I want and I figure my chances are better with Cindy than with you."

Amy was still a little high and her answer was much less civil. Laughing she responded "What Judy said. And besides, this’ll be so cool to watch. It reminds me I have a sister to get revenge on."

Ann stood up and frantically pounded on the door, trying to push it open. The blue light of the machine came on and she could feel a tingling all over her body. She tried the last thing she could think of as she sternly yelled "Cindy. Stop this foolishness right this minute. No one’s going to believe you’re me. We look different. Who’s going to made the presentation to Omnicorp?"

Cindy watched her mother closely. The thirty five year old woman wore her blonde hair at shoulder length and had on a tan business suit top and skirt. Her panty hose were a natural skin color and her heels were also tan. Cindy had found herself wondering what she’d look like in those clothes when she heard her mother’s statement. She didn’t answer at first. She was instead marveling at the changes in her mother. The handful of wrinkles on her mother’s face had already disappeared as she reentered her twenties. Her features were softening as well. Cindy noticed her mother looked almost exactly as she did now.

Laughing Cindy yelled "Don’t worry you’re little head over any of that. Omnicorp doesn’t know what you look like anyway and with your notes I can make the presentation. I’ll even use myself as an example. Now, think happy thoughts." As Cindy had spoken her mother had passed from her late twenties into her early twenties, her power suit now looked a bit too large on her and Cindy could see wrinkles in her mother’s pantyhose.

Ann could feel the cuffs of her jacket creeping over her wrists as Cindy finished her statement. Her clothes felt heavier and she could feel her feet slipping deeper into her heels. What frightened her even more was that Cindy was right. She didn’t have many friends and most hadn’t seen her in years. She’d never worked for anyone and so had no fingerprint or photo records. All she really had was her driver’s license and she knew how easy those were to get. Omnicorp WOULD believe that Cindy was her.

Ann then felt her bra and skirt starting to slip and began pounding on the door with everything she had. To her surprise the door budged. Not much, but it opened a few inches then closed again with each blow. Through the glass she looked at Amy and Judy and gasped. The two were no longer women. They each looked about fourteen and seemed quite a bit smaller than Ann. Ann suddenly realized what must have happened and continued to push the door with all her might, slowly opening it. The containment on the device wasn’t perfect and anyone standing too close would get slightly affected by the radiation. As Ann pushed she hoped she could get the door open before she became too small.

Cindy had been watching her mother go from college coed to high school Senior when she saw the door start to open and ran for the chamber. Judy’s jeans had already fallen to the floor as had Amy’s skirt. Both girls tops were huge and Cindy could see them slowly sliding back. In the chamber her mother was sixteen going on fifteen. She had her back bent and the heels of her feet stuck high out of her shoes. For an instant it looked like Ann would get the door open but Cindy rammed into it with her shoulder, causing her mother to fly back on her ass again.

As Cindy held the door herself she told Judy to get to the controls and wait for the command to shut it off. The little redhead, now eleven again, stepped completely out of her sneakers and ran to the controls in her stocking feet. A barefoot Amy followed closely behind, not wanting to become any younger, her once tight turtleneck hanging like a dress on her. Cindy returned her attention to her seated mother.

Ann’s heels had flown off with the impact and Cindy could see the ends of her panty hose hanging slightly on her smaller feet. The suit continued to grow on her as she became a preteen. Her legs became skinny and the pantyhose hung on her everywhere. Cindy could literally see her mother get shorter and her legs draw into her body. Her face looked more like a child’s now than the stern visage Cindy had known most of her life. Her cheeks had rounded and her nose had shrunk. Her hair was shorter too, framing her young face. Cindy could also see there were tears running down those adorable cheeks, smearing the mascara and makeup her mother still wore.

Ann had felt sharp pain shoot through her when she landed in the chamber. As she regained her senses she could feel her clothes growing on her and engulfing her. Her bra had fallen to her stomach and she could no longer feel her breasts. She knew she’d lost her only chance of escape. She was also losing control and the pain caused her to cry even harder. As she looked up at her daughter she marveled at how large and adult she now looked. Ann was still angry at her and yelled through her tears "Nooo. Change me back. Please." Ann was horrified at the high pitch of her voice but became even angrier when Cindy started laughing at her. Ann started to scream, kick her feet against the floor and swing her little arms in a temper tantrum as her little girl emotions took over.

Cindy laughed even harder at her mother’s antics. She was just so adorable as she passed backwards through childhood. 9...Her jacket started to slide off her shoulders. 8...The jacket completely fell off leaving the little girl and her huge blouse sticking up out of it. 7...Her hair was very short now, the bangs coming above her cheeks. It was also very fine as her face became ever cubbier. 6...Her tiny feet completely dissapeared beneath her gigantic skirt leaving a twin trail of panty hose behind. Cindy happily noticed her mother continued to kick them. 5...Her mother spoke again. Her voice a tinny pitch as she fought through her tears. "You can’t do this. I’m your mother!" 4...Ann’s shoulder’s started to stick through the collar on her blouse and Cindy could see the tiny pink nipples on her mother’s chest. "You’re my baybee!" she screamed with her little lungs. 3...Her mother was tiny now and Cindy yelled for Judy to stop the machine. Ann continued to shrink as her blouse slid down her toddler’s body. Her fine hair continued to retreat into her skull and her features went from childlike to babylike. As she became a two year old Ann half screamed, half cried her last words "I’m no baybeehehehe!" Cindy could see her mother’s face screw up and her voice stutter just before she started a baby’s cry.

The blue light had shut off before Ann finished her tirade but she shrunk a tiny bit more till she looked like a 10 month old baby. As Cindy opened the door she noticed her own clothes had grown slightly on her but she was still in her teens and ignored it. As she knelt before her infant mother Cindy marveled at how tiny she was. Her mother’s skirt now laid completely flat against the floor as her tiny feet had retreated completely under her blouse. Removing her mother’s blouse she noticed the little wisps of blonde hair on her mother’s head and the striking blue of her eyes. Cindy marveled at this little person she’d changed her mother into.

Cindy used her mother’s white blouse to wipe the smeared makeup off of the baby’s face as best she could. She realized with a laugh that she’d probably have to give her mother a bath tonight. No. ’Annie’ she corrected herself. ’Baby Annie’.

Annie still kicked and screamed as Cindy lifted her up and placed her against her hip. As Cindy jiggled the baby, Annie seemed to calm down a bit and even placed her thumb in her mouth. Cindy spoke soothingly to her infant mother. "Don’t worry baby. I won’t keep you this little for long. Besides, we’re going to have so much fun together. You can have a normal childhood this time. I can also guarantee there’ll be a lot more junk food in the house from now on too. I like it and what I say goes. I’m not you’re baby anymore, you’re mine!"

As she finished her statement Cindy felt a strange warmth spreading against her blouse. She immediately held Annie at arm’s length and looked at the yellow stain across the front of her blouse. When she looked back at Annie she saw a small smile spread across the baby’s face as she clumsily tried to clap her chubby hands together. For an instant Cindy was angry but the feeling just as quickly passed. She was still in absolute control and babies did things like that after all.

In a very sweet voice Cindy said "Looks like somebody’s going to need a diaper. Yes, she will." Holding her infant mother close she continued in a normal voice "If that’s the worse you can do snookums, then I’m not too worried."

Without diverting her gaze Cindy shouted "Judy. Would you be a dear and get me a couple of safety pins from my mom’s, I mean my, sewing machine drawer? There should also be some baby powder in the master bathroom." As her friend ran up the stairs Cindy asked Amy to grab her mother’s skirt, panties and blouse from the chamber floor and bring them to the desk next to the control panel.

After Amy laid the skirt flat on the desk Cindy placed little Annie on top of it on her back. She then proceeded to use the panties as a baby wipe to clean her mother up. As Cindy easily held the squirming baby in place she could see her mother becoming upset again but her attempts to push Cindy’s hands away were useless. When she’d finished wiping the infant, Cindy engulfed both of her mother’s chubby little feet in her hand and lifted her tiny bottom off the skirt, placing the blouse under it. Cindy held her mother up a few seconds longer than she needed to in order to reinforce just how much stronger she now was. Cindy figured if she humiliated her mother and convinced her of how helpless she was it wouldn’t take long to establish who the boss was.

Ann was mortified. She couldn’t seem to control anything with any clarity and her adult self seemed to be bobbing in an ocean of reflexes. If she didn’t concentrate her mind wandered. First her anger had dissipated from the simple bouncing motions her daughter had made. She hadn’t even felt the thumb in her mouth until after she’d laughed at the stain on Cindy’s blouse. She had then become horrified upon realizing she had caused the stain without even feeling it happen. She also found her eyesight was blurry and it was hard to focus on anything.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, now she was on her back being cleaned and diapered like a baby with the same adult clothes she’d been wearing minutes earlier and there was nothing she could do about it. What was worse was she was only a couple of feet away from the controls and notes on the device that had stolen her adulthood. Her device. An invention that was being taken from her like a naughty child’s toy. She heard her infant wails before she realized she was even crying. She didn’t fight it.

After Judy had returned Cindy had rubbed the baby powder on her crying mother’s diaper area. This seemed to calm her down a bit. Cindy then triple folded the makeshift blouse diaper and pinned it tightly to her mother’s waist. The crying had stopped by then and Cindy looked at her mother’s chubby little face. The thumb was back in the mouth and the eyes looked at her with fear. Suddenly, Cindy started to tickle the baby’s round tummy. "You are just soooo cute. Yes you are!" she exclaimed in a babylike voice.

Ann found herself squirming at Cindy’s touch, kicking her feet and laughing a baby’s laugh. She wanted to scream ’stop’ but that wasn’t possible. A cry could be heard, mixed in with the laughs. The more she laughed the angrier she got. It was incredibly frustrating and humiliating to be this much under someone’s control and not even be able to protest. As her tantrum engulfed her she no longer felt like Dr. Ann Hatcher, brilliant scientist and capable mother. Now, she was just a little baby, clad only in a diaper and under the complete control of the little girls she’d been asked to look after. Ann couldn’t imagine things getting any worse.

"Oh, she’s darling." Judy exclaimed. "Can I hold her?"

Cindy picked up the terrified infant and handed her down to Judy, showing the girl how to hold a baby properly. Ann looked up at the redheaded girl in awe. Even at eleven she was huge and looked so much more grownup than when Ann had greeted her at the door earlier in the day. Without warning Amy walked over and stuck her hand down the front of Ann’s diaper. An extremely shocked and humiliated Ann squirmed and kicked some more as she tried hopelessly to remove the huge hand. Enjoying the baby’s agitation Amy kept her hand in place as the experienced babysitter spoke to Cindy, "You did a good job Cin. This should contain things the next time she wets."

"Next time?" Ann thought with fright, but she knew Amy was correct.

"We’ll have to use towels tonight and get some disposables in the morning. Some baby formula and bottles too." Amy continued as she moved her hand to tickle Ann’s tummy. "I’m going to love doing this to Akane." she said smiling.

Ann looked away from Amy and towards Judy. The redhead was making playful faces at her and tickling her under the nose to cheer her up. "Poor little thing. You really screwed up at being a babysitter, but you make a cute baby." Judy said cheerily.

As the three girls laughed at the joke Ann decided it would be best for her psyche if she stopped fighting so hard and allowed herself to drift off into infantile bliss for the rest of the night.



End Chapter 3

A Girl's Night Out

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2005


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