A Girl's Night Out

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Four preteen girls, a slumber party and a mother's age altering invention. Wackiness ensues as well as a twist of an ending.

Chapter 1
Part 1

"A Girl’s Night Out" (part 1)

by Dark Oni

Part 1

"Coming." Ann Hatcher shouted while making her way to the front door. When she opened it she saw Mrs. Reynolds and her eleven year old daughter Judy. The little red haired girl was holding a large bag that seemed much too big for her.

Mrs. Reynolds spoke first. "I’m sorry I’m late Ann but things were busy at the office."

"That’s alright. The rest of the girls are in the living room watching videos." Looking at Judy she continued, "And I’m sure they’ll love to see you Judy."

"Thanks Miss Hatcher." Hugging her mother Judy added, "Bye Mom."

"By honey. Now you listen to Miss Hatcher the next couple of days."

"Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to bother her." Judy said, then scurried in the direction of the living room.

Both women laughed. "She’s just darling. I’m sure she won’t be any extra trouble." Ann said.

Mrs. Reynolds stopped laughing and turned to look at Ann. "I’d like to thank you again for doing this. Since summer vacation started two weeks ago Sam and I have had almost no time to ourselves. It’ll be great to have a break."

"Don’t mention it." Ann replied. "Would you like to come in?"

"No, but thanks. No time. Sam and I have a date." Mrs. Reynolds replied smiling. "Thanks again, and see you tomorrow night."

"See you." Ann said as she closed the door.

The conversation hadn’t surprised her. The other two mothers had said similiar things and since she was the only single one among them, Ann knew it wasn’t a coincidence she’d been the choice for the girl’s slumber party. Marsha’s mother had even tried to hook her up with a guy from work. Ann had politely declined.

She had far too much work to make a relationship. Besides, she’d never had much time for boys anyway. Not when she was earning a PhD in Physics, not now. Of course, there had been one, eleven years before. Unfortunately, he’d wanted nothing else to do with her or little Cindy. His loss. Ann had accepted her PhD while pregnant and used the money left by her late parents to buy the lab equipment she needed. Now, eleven years and a handful of patents later, the thirty five year old Ann was on the verge of a major breakthrough. The temporal shifting machine in her basement would mean untold wealth. Still, she needed the resources of a major company to get the thing through the final stages of testing. That’s why she’d set up that meeting with Omnicorp on Monday. It wasn’t the biggest company, and it hadn’t been her first choice, but it would have to do.

As Judy ran into the living room she saw her three friends among pillows on the floor. Cindy and Marsha had nighties on, pink and white respectively, while Amy wore a pair of red pajamas. When the girls noticed Judy there they squealed in unison, throwing greetings at their friend. Five minutes later Judy had her own yellow nightie on and had joined her friends in watching the animated movie in the VCR.

As time passed, the conversation turned to boys. Judy admitted that she had a crush on John Nickels. "Ewwww. Johnny? How can you like him? He kept pulling your hair whenever Mrs. Appleton turned her head?" Amy said, throwing a pillow at her friend’s head.

Judy caught it while giggling. "But he’s cute!" Judy then lowered her voice and said, "Besides, he kissed me behind the portables on the last day of school."

"No way!" Amy exclaimed.

"You’ve kissed a boy?" Cindy added as Judy blushed.

"Big deal." Marsha said. "I’ve already kissed three boys. I just can’t wait until after summer so I can go after those juicy eighth graders." Each of the four classmates had just finished the sixth grade and were looking forward to Junior High.

"That’s because you’ll kiss anything Marsha. You probably practiced on your Ken dolls when you were little." Amy responded. The other two girls giggled.

"Well, I’m not little anymore. I’m the only one here wearing a training bra, so there." Marsha said with pride. Her breasts had started to grow a year ago and now required at least a little support. She was also the tallest of the group and was quite happy that she was blossoming so early.

Cindy looked at the brown haired girl and said, "My mom says it’ll all come in time. She also told me to be careful about throwing myself at boys. You really shouldn’t do it Marsha."

"Why not? It’s fun. Besides, maybe that’s why you don’t have a daddy. My mom says your mom’s a man hater."

Cindy bristled at that. "She doesn’t hate men. She’s just busy, that’s all. She works in the basement all the time and spends nights with me."

"My mom says a woman shouldn’t work anyway. She says you’re mom should just spend her time looking after you and looking for a husband." Marsha retorted.

Amy intervened. "Your mom needs to enter the twentieth century Marsha. Both of my parents work and my sister and I have turned out just fine." Trying to change the subject Amy turned to Cindy and asked, "What’s your mother working on in the basement anyway Cin?"

Cindy welcomed the change. They’d all been friends for a while but Marsha had become really annoying in the last year. She had become so full of herself when she started maturing faster than the others. Cindy hoped growing up wouldn’t have the same effect on all of them.

"I’m not actually sure. Mom’s seemed really excited in the last couple of months so I know she’s really close to something big. She’s had quite a few test animals in the last couple of months though. Rabbits and stuff. I don’t know what she’d doing with them though." Cindy responded.

"This sounds cool." Judy said.

"I love mysteries. Any chance your mother’ll let us in on the secret?" Amy added.

"Any chance we can find out without her?" Marsha asked.

"She keeps the basement locked and the key on her." Cindy said, then lowered her voice. "But I’m pretty sure I know where the backup key is. If we wait until she goes to bed we should be able to sneak a peek." Cindy liked the direction the conversation had taken. She was getting positive attention again.

Ann walked into the room. "Having a good time girls?" The girls answered in a chorus of ’yes Miss Hatcher’. "And how’s my baby?" Ann asked, reaching down to hug her daughter. Ann thought Cindy looked so cute with her long corn silk hair and little pink nightie but her daughter pushed against her.

"Moooom." she whined. "I’m not a baby. I’m almost twelve."

"You’ll always be my baby." Ann said, kissing her daughter on the forehead. As Cindy’s friends giggled at her embarrassment, Ann continued, "I’m about to order a pizza for you all. Any requests for toppings?" Fortunately there were few and Ann went to the phone to order a large pizza, half mushroom, half pepperoni. Normally she’d never let Cindy eat something as unhealthy as pizza but with her daughter’s friends over she had decided to make an exception.

Just as Ann hung up the phone another call caused it to ring. She was puzzled. Who would be calling her at 6:30 on a Friday night? "Hello? Yes, this is she. Intelacorp? You want to see me now? I’m sorry but I can’t. Oh, I see. Let me think about this. No, I won’t think too long." Ann hung up the phone looking a bit irritated.

Cindy looked at her mother and asked "What is it mom?"

"That was the CEO of a very big company, Cindy." The biggest, she thought. The one Ann hadn’t been able to get a meeting with. The CEO was in town and wanted to see her. Now. Otherwise she’d never get a chance to meet with them. "He wants to see me. In about an hour. I’m not going to say yes though. I’m with you guys all night." she ended happily.

Cindy, however, could tell her mother was torn. "Mom, if you want to go, we’ll be alright." Cindy had to admit she had an ulterior motive but she cared about her mother and could tell this was important to her.

Ann looked at her charges and asked "Can I really trust you guys?" The girls all answered affirmatively. Ann wasn’t sure but she did know that Intelacorp could pay her a lot more and its resources meant she could explore her invention’s capabilities to the fullest.

Eventually she said, "Okay. Do you promise not to make a mess and be in bed by eleven o’clock?"

"We promise." they all answered.

Ann still wasn’t sure, but then Cindy said, "Don’t worry mom. We’re all almost twelve, we can take care of ourselves. You go and make a deal."

"Alright, but you guys be good." Ann finished.

"We promise. Right guys?" Cindy asked with a smile. Her friends backed her up.

"Alright then." Ann answered. Ann made the return call to Intelacorp and twenty minutes later was dressed and at the door. "Now remember honey, I may be gone for awhile but I’ll definitely end the meeting by midnight. The hotel’s only about fifteen minutes away so I should be back by 12:20." Ann hugged her daughter. "Bye honeybunch, wish me luck."

"Good luck mom." Cindy said, just before her mom locked the door.

From behind Cindy heard Amy ask "Okay Cindy, now where’s that key?"

As Cindy had guessed, the key hadn’t been too hard to find. Her mother could be very predictable. After unlocking the basement door she and her friends turned on the lights and walked down the creaking stairs. To their amazement the room was filled with electronic devices. On one side of the room was a computer monitor and keyboard. On the other side was a chamber surrounded in glass. In between were banks and banks of electronics. Despite the mechanical display Cindy was attracted to the cages of rabbits in the corner of the basement. In one was a black baby rabbit. She looked at it strangely. Amy noticed her bewilderment.

"What’s wrong Cindy?" Amy asked.

"I dunno, but I coulda sworn the only baby rabbit mom ever brought in was white. This is the only little one though."

Judy called from the computer monitor. "Hey, look at this!" All three girls went to her.

"What is it?" Cindy asked.

"Okay, most of this readout just looks like power levels and stuff but look here." As Judy pointed at the screen Cindy could see a display that read ’Temporal field setting’.

"What does that mean?" Marsha asked.

"It has something to do with time stupid. Hey, I think your mother invented a time machine Cindy." Amy exclaimed.

Cindy didn’t answer. She was busy reading the notes her mother had left on the table. Eventually she answered, "No, it’s not time travel. Not really. This machine can make a living creature move backward or forward in time while leaving the rest of the world alone."

Cindy noticed the confused expressions on her friends faces. While she didn’t understand anywhere near as much as her mom did, living with her meant she understood things most eleven year olds didn’t. She tried to simplify things. "In other words, you can make living things older or younger."

"What about people?" Judy asked excitedly. "Like, can this machine make people older?"

"What I wanna know is if it can make us older." Amy said with a smile.

"I don’t see why not. It says here its worked on every animal mom’s tried it on. She hasn’t tried it on a human yet though." Cindy answered before realizing what Amy was asking. "Hey, wait a minute. This thing could be dangerous."

"Hasn’t been so far." Amy responded.

"Mom wouldn’t like it if she finds out."

"Who says she’s going to find out? Remember, you’re almost twelve now. Don’t tell me mommy’s baby is afraid to play with mommy’s toys." Amy said.

The last comment upset Cindy but she had to admit Amy had a point. They’d never get another chance to play with the device. Turning to Marsha, Cindy asked, "You’ve been awfully quiet Marsha. What do you think?"

Marsha looked nervously at the chamber and said, "I don’t think you could drag me into that thing. If your mother made it, I don’t trust it."

That cut it. "Okay Amy, get in the chamber. Judy and I will run the controls. How does twenty one sound?"

"Sounds great." Amy shouted over her shoulder as her bare feet pattered on the floor.

Cindy turned to Marsha and quipped "Thanks for your opinion Marsha, it was very helpful."

Marsha snorted and folded her arms across her chest.

After a few minutes of reading notes and studying the controls Cindy and Judy were ready to proceed.

After setting the machine on progression Cindy activated the power while Judy turned the switch to full. The hum of the machine was intense and a blue glow filled the chamber. Amy had taken a stool into the chamber with her to sit on. Right now the little Asian girl sat with her feet dangling off the floor while wearing her loose pajamas. Amy was about four foot eight and the bangs of her hair stopped at her shoulders.

At first nothing seemed to be happening. Then Amy noticed her top felt a bit tighter. Next she felt her nipples pushing against the front of the top. It was a strange feeling considering she’d never really had nipples before. Looking down the front of her pajamas Amy could see her chest now carried a pair of bumps that were quickly growing. She then felt her toes brush the floor as her feet slowly descended. By the time her heels hit the floor her breasts were somewhere between A’s and B’s. Her sister was a B and Amy was pleased to see them continue to grow past that mark. She then felt her pants get tight as her formally skinny legs filled out. Very tight. Before she could say anything she could feel and hear them ripping. Fortunately her top didn’t rip. It was also very tight however and the buttons on her chest had been stretched to the limit. That’s when the lights in the chamber went off.

Cindy had stared in shock as her friend grew and expanded. She heard Marsha gasp when Amy’s pants exploded and Cindy then told Judy to shut the machine off. She continued to stare the entire time. This really was fascinating. As Amy stood up Cindy could see that the seams on her pants had ripped all the way up to her crotch, its tattered cuffs dangling around her firm calves. Her top had also raised itself accordingly and her taunt stomach was now completely on display. The buttons of her top tried to hold valiantly against their new burden but the top one failed in it’s task as she moved and popped off. Amy noticed it but only responded with a smirk as she opened the chamber door and sauntered over to her friends.

Cindy looked up at her now much taller friend. If she had to guess she’d say Amy was about five and a half feet tall now. The shortest of the group had now become the tallest.

"Amy, do you feel okay?" Cindy asked, a bit worried about her friend.

"I feel wonderful!" Amy exclaimed in a deeper but still high voice. Covering her mouth with her hand she said, "Hey, my voice."

"Hey, the rest of you." Judy added laughing.

"Yeah." Amy laughed too. "Well, I’m doing fine. Your turn."

"Works for me. You can handle things on your own, right Judy?" When her friend nodded Cindy jogged towards the chamber.

Amy noticed that Marsha was still staring at her breasts. Feeling a bit giddy Amy asked the girl, "So Marsha, how’s that training bra feel?" Judy laughed as Amy playfully wiggled her breasts in front of Marsha’s face.

Cindy’s transformation went much the same as Amy’s. Fortunately, her nightie didn’t rip. It just continued to rise on her body. Her pink nightie had originally come just below her knees, now it looked like a baby doll dress, it’s bottom hanging just below her much larger ass. A good thing too, Cindy thought, as her panties were now stretched almost to the breaking point. She definately wasn’t a baby doll. She could feel her breasts under the cotton material and see her cleavage down the stretched three buttons at the top of the nightie. They stuck out a good ways when she stood up and jiggled slightly.

As Cindy opened the chamber door and looked at her friend she realized her breasts were a bit larger than Amy’s. Her balance was different too and she swayed a bit when she walked. She noticed she was a couple of inches taller than Amy again. "Oh my gosh.", she exclaimed, running her hands down the sides of her stomach and then to her butt. "I’ve got curves."

"That’s not all you got." Judy laughed, then ran for the chamber. "My turn." she exclaimed.

Judy’s nightie had started out higher than her knees so when the girl stepped from the chamber the bottom of her little yellow number came above her waist. The other girls could easily see how tight her yellow panties now were. They could also see little red hairs sticking out from under the taunt garment. They realized their own private areas were probably in much the same shape. As Judy approached they could see that she was about Cindy’s height. They could also see she was poking her breasts, which seemed to be about the same size as Amy’s.

"What’re you doing Judy?" Amy asked.

"Well." Judy was a bit embarassed, but since these were her closest friends she continued. "When my nightie rubbed against my nipples, they felt strange. So, I started to poke them and it feels really cool."

Cindy indulged herself and when she poked she felt a jolt of pleasure. "Neat." she exclaimed and continued poking.

"Actually, I’ve seen my sister rubbing her breasts." Amy said and started to do so with hers. "Mmmmmmm, this feels so cool."

Before the other two girls could do the same they heard a high voice say, "Hey, what about me?" The three girls looked down in unison at Marsha who seemed much smaller than before, though it was they who had grown. The tallest and most developed of the group was now a child among women.

Cindy noticed her perspective had changed as well as her size. She knew Amy and Judy looked older, their faces becoming more angular and defined, but they seemed normal to her. Marsha, on the other hand, looked like a little girl to Cindy even though she was still eleven. A wicked thought crossed Cindy’s mind.

"I thought we couldn’t drag you into that machine? Cindy asked.

"Well, it obviously works. I’m convinced. Your mom’s a genius, okay? Now can I have my turn?" Marsha whined.

Cindy thought Marsha looked so cute when she was begging. "Certainly."

As Marsha ran to the chamber Cindy looked at her other friends. Judy was pointing at the floor while Amy mouthed the words ’down’. Cindy nodded vigorously, she was way ahead of them. She set the machine from progression to regression and threw the switch.

Marsha rocked her feet above the floor of the chamber thinking happy thoughts. If ten years could do that for her scrawny friends then she couldn’t wait to see what it would do for her. As the light came on she felt a slight tingling and could tell something was happening to her. After a few seconds however, the only change she felt was her sleeves slipping over her palms. In shock she raised her hands to her face and saw that they’d grown smaller. That’s when she felt the hem of her nightie brush the top of her feet. She knew instantly what was happening to her and angrily dropped from the stool she was sitting on. Unfortunately, the drop was greater than before and she stumbled to her knees, her nightie starting to engulf her like a tent. She could feel her training bra hanging from her chest as she scrambled to her feet and her panties fell to the floor.

Lifting her nightie up she ran from the chamber. "Hey, what’s the big idea?" she shouted, amazed at how high her voice had become. Suddenly a pair of giant legs stepped in front of her and she rammed right into them, falling back onto her little behind.

Amy had barely felt little Marsha’s impact and giggled as she looked down at her friend. Marsha now looked no older than four and her face had the chubby aspect of a young child. Her nightie was now a tent on her and her little shoulders stuck out of the neck hole. Amy could see two pink nipples on Marsha’s chest.

"Aw, did the widdle grownup lose her training bra?" Amy teased.

Cindy and Judy joined Amy as all three women bent over the prone child. "Oh, she’s so cute!" Cindy exclaimed as she tickled Marsha under the chin.

"And she’s much too small for these clothes." Judy added, giggling.

Marsha felt helpless before her now giant friends. With her younger body she also felt more frightened than she had in years. It wasn’t surprising when she started crying. "Why did you do this to me? Change me back! Please."

"All in good time." Cindy said. "I’d like to spend a FEW hours without hearing you brag about your body." This caused the women to laugh as Marsha wiped at her tears.

As the little girl rose unsteadily to her feet she saw that she had to be under three feet tall now. The top of her head barely came to Cindy’s waist. She also saw that her friends had started to ignore her again. She didn’t interrupt them this time.

Cindy asked, "Okay, we’ve only got a few hours. What do you guys wanna do?"

"Welll, I just happen to know about an end of the semester college bash a few blocks from here that my sister’s attending." Amy said with a sly grin.

"Just happen, huh? Why do I get the feeling you thought of this a while ago?" Cindy said to Amy’s smiling face. "I dunno. It could be risky. Mom’ll be home a little after midnight."

"Yeah, but it’ll be fun. C’mon Cindy. We literally won’t get another chance like this for years." Amy pleaded.

Before Cindy could respond she heard the doorbell ring. "Oh, the pizza!" she exclaimed as she made her way to the stairs.

Amy and Judy followed close behind before Amy stopped and pointed back at Marsha. "Don’t forget her Judy."

"Oh, right." Judy bounced back and scooped the four year old into her arms. Marsha released a squeal as she was picked up and wrapped her arms around Judy’s neck for support as the woman held the child and her oversized nightie to her chest. At the top of the stairs Marsha could see Amy lock the basement door with a smirk.

Cindy had picked the money off of the counter and opened the door without thinking twice about it. As the door swung open the delivery boy, about sixteen or seventeen went from casual to wide-eyed in an instant. To him, a barefoot, long legged, scantily clad woman with large breasts had just answered the door without any thought as to what she was wearing. It quite simply was a pizza delivery man’s dream.

"Good evening Ma’am." he said in a nervous voice at too high a pitch. After coughing, he proceeded at a normal level. "That’ll be twelve sixty two."

Cindy handed him the twenty and said "Keep the change." Cindy noticed how the boy was looking at her, it was hard not to. She thought the boy looked cute, but he was a little young for her. Cindy froze at that thought. Ten minutes ago this kid could have been her babysitter and now she was dismissing him because he was too young. Things certainly looked different through her new eyes.

"Thanks a lot Ma’am. You have a good night." the pizza guy said.

"You too." Cindy added, then closed the door.

Amy was right behind her. "Did you see the way he gawked at you? We’ll be a hit at the party. We have to go."

Cindy had to admit her friend was right. She was also curious what other surprises this body held for her. "Alright. We’ll go."

"Yes!" Amy hopped up and down with delight, her breasts bouncing with her as Cindy placed the pizza on the table. Judy plopped Marsha into one of the chairs, the little girl’s feet dangling far off the ground. "All yours kiddo. Don’t make a mess. I’m going to go see if I can kiss my fourth boy tonight." Judy said, Amy and Cindy giggling behind her.

Ann Hatcher’s clothes were a bit large on the girls but they were able to manage. Ann’s bras were slightly large on Amy and Judy but Cindy noted with pride that her bra fit her perfectly. Cindy and Judy opted for white blouse and blue jean combinations. Judy took a pair of white sneakers while Cindy wore a pair of short white heels. They were a bit loose but she was able to walk in them. Amy had found a black skirt that fit her nicely and matched it with a white turtleneck and short black heels. The girls decided to skip the makeup. They didn’t know how to use it and they worried they’d only look stupid if they tried. By seven thirty they were waving goodbye to little Marsha and walking out the door to their first night out.

end of part 1...



End Chapter 1

A Girl's Night Out

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2005


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