A Girl's Night Out

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Chapter 2
Part 2

"A Girl’s Night Out" (part 2)

by Dark Oni

Part 2

It only took about ten minutes to get to the house. It was hard to miss, they could hear the music a hundred yards away. The front yard was packed with cars and Cindy could see people walking in and out. As she stood there trying to get over her nervousness, Amy walked past her towards the door. "Well, here goes nothing." she thought, following her friend. The three girls entered the house as one.

Charles Shaver was not in a good mood. Despite being the starting quarterback on his college team he’d found out this week that he’d failed two courses last semester and unless he passed them in the summer he’d lose his eligibility. To make things worse, his girlfriend had just dumped him at the very party he’d hoped would cheer him up. Downing his second white Russian of the night he figured he might as well try to get some action tonight before the party was a complete waste.

That’s when he saw three girls walk in. He couldn’t recall seeing them on campus before and he didn’t believe he could forget bodies like that. They were perfect. It was like they’d been grown in some kind of vat or something. Charlie’s attention was especially drawn to the blonde bombshell in the middle. Maybe tonight would turn out just fine after all.

The trio of girls stood in the foyer for a few seconds, taking in the music and mass of people before them. "I think we should split up." Amy suggested. "That way we can do more."

"Alright. But we meet here at eleven o’clock. No later. That should give us enough time to get back to normal before mom gets home." Cindy added.

As her friends made their way into the crowd Cindy headed for the refreshment table. She’d cursed herself for not taking a slice of the pizza. She was starving. Before she got there a hand gently placed itself on her shoulder. When she turned to see who it was she had to look up. Towering above her was a six foot four inch mountain of muscle topped off with a crop of black hair. Cindy had a strange feeling in her stomach as she stared at the handsome man before her. It was a feeling she’d never had before and she liked it. The mountain spoke. "Hey, I don’t know you do I? I don’t think I could forget an angel like you."

Cindy felt her face flush hotly. For an instant she’d been worried he was going to kick her out but now she realized he was hitting on her. For a girl who’d never been kissed before it was quite flattering. Composing herself she answered quietly. "Why, thank you. You’re pretty good looking yourself. Hi, I’m Cindy. What’s your name?"

Charlie had admired the way the girl’s red face had looked against her light features and yellow hair. He’d expected a misleading reply but was happily taken back at the girl’s innocence and candor. A good night, yes.

"My name’s Charlie." He extended his hand and she shook it. "Look, if the noise is bothering you, I know someplace quiet we can talk."

"Actually, I was hoping to get something to eat before I starve. Maybe after that though." Cindy replied, again walking towards the table.

Charlie was a bit taken by surprise. A pretty girl who admitted she was hungry. Strange, but she seemed to be sending the right signals that she was interested. As Cindy munched on some potato chips Charlie got a beer for himself and her from the cooler. He noticed Cindy was really devouring the chips. "Either you’re really hungry or you really love those chips." he said.

Cindy spit out a few crumbs as she responded with a full mouth, "Both actually. My mom doesn’t let me eat junk food when I’m at home."

"Your mom? Hey, you’re not underage are you?" Charlie asked, half jokingly.

Cindy blushed again but quickly recovered. "No, this body’s definitely twenty one. I just said ’when I’m home’. I’m not home right now."

Charlie liked her answer. "Would you like a beer to wash that down with?"

"Beer? Sure." Cindy replied innocently, taking the open can from Charlie. She made a face as she sipped it. She’d never had beer before and it tasted strange to her, sour.

"What’s the matter, you mom doesn’t let you drink beer either?" Charlie joked.

"No, that’s not it." Cindy responded nervously. "It’s just I’m not used to this kind is all." Cindy took a long gulp to show she really liked it.

"I’m sorry. You must not like domestic. I didn’t bring any imported brands though." he said apologetically.

"Oh no, it’s just fine." Cindy assured him as she downed the last of the beer in the can. She’d also been very thirsty. Cindy felt a wave of nausea hit her like a hammer. Not only had she never had alcohol before but she had no idea what drinking on an empty stomach could do to a person. As the nausea passed she felt a bit light headed. She had to admit it was a very interesting feeling. "That was good. Could I have another?"

"Uh, certainly." Charlie responded. He could tell Cindy was already tipsy. Another couple of beers and he figured she’d join him in that private place. Charlie liked how the night was turning.

As Amy made her way through the crowd she danced with some guys and munched on some treats. She was being very friendly with whomever she met and had already had a couple of good conversations when she heard a familiar voice. "Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?"

When Amy turned she found she was looking straight into the eyes of her twenty year old sister Akane. Amy was now about and inch taller than her sister but otherwise they looked very similar. "Uh, no. I don’t think so." Amy said nervously.

"Maybe not, but there’s something there, I know it." Akane stared hard at the woman she didn’t know was actually her eleven year old sister. "I’ve got it! You look exactly like my little sister. Older, of course."

Amy laughed nervously. Her sister had recognized her, but hadn’t. Amy realized that it should have been apparent to her that no one in their right mind would think their little sister could possibly be aged ten years and standing before them. Amy allowed herself to relax again. "Is that so? What a coincidence. How old is she?"

"Amy’s eleven. She’s so cute sometimes but she can really be a brat too." Akane laughed.

Amy politely imitated her, secretly wishing she could get her sister in the chamber for a minute to see who was the brat.

"So, what’s your name?" Akane asked.

"Ryoko." Amy answered quickly, picking her favorite anime character.

"Hah. Another coincidence. That’s the brat’s favorite anime character. I never watch the stuff." Akane mocked.

Amy played along. "Yeah. Stupid kid stuff. So what’s that in your hand?"

Akane lifted the smoking object to her face and asked, "What? You’ve never seen a joint before?"

"Actually no." Amy was shocked that her older sister, who mom and dad thought was so perfect, was smoking pot. She hid it well however.

"Do you do it often?" she asked enthusiastically.

"All the time." her sister responded casually. "When I’m not home of course. Hey, where are my manners? Want a puff?"

"Um, okay." Amy said cautiously. As she took in the smoke she tried not to take too deep a breath. She ended up coughing heavily anyway.

"You weren’t lying were you?" her sister laughed. "Here, take another and do it a little more slowly this time."

"Alright." Amy said, before taking her second puff.

Judy had found herself wandering outside towards the pool area. When she got there she admired the water and then started looking for the boys. Most of them seemed to be with someone and Judy found herself unsure of how to approach one. She kept having this strong, funny feeling inside whenever she looked at a cute guy but she was too nervous to try talking to one. Finally, she decided to try doing what she’d done to get Johnny to kiss her. At worst she figured the guy would say no and she could move on. Spotting a cute, tall blonde guy near the edge of the pool she approached him.

"Hey, my name’s Judy, what’s yours’?" she asked, extending her hand.

The guy looked slightly confused but answered "Uh, Daniel. Do I know you?"

"No, but I was just over there and noticed you were alone. A cute guy like you shouldn’t be alone. How’s about you and me go someplace private and smooch?" Judy asked. She’d heard it in a movie once.

Daniel’s face became very confused and he also looked a bit shocked. Before Judy could hear his response however she felt herself being violently pushed. She let out a small scream as she fell into the pool with a splash.

When she surfaced she saw a very angry brunette with long hair standing next to Daniel. "I heard that you little bitch. Get your own boyfriend, this one’s taken!" With that the brunette took Daniel’s arm and led him away from the pool.

Judy could hear people around the pool laughing. Laughing at her. She was humiliated and felt like crying. When she got out of the pool she ran into the nearby bushes and burst into tears.

After about a minute she heard a voice ask "Miss. Miss are you alright?"

Judy was still crying heavily but managed to get out "Y-yes. I-I think I am."

She saw a young, skinny boy in his late teens with wild brown hair holding a towel out to her. "Here. You must be cold. I saw what that bitch Betsy did and as co-host of this party I must apologize."

Judy took the towel and rubbed it vigorously through her hair. She then wrapped it around her wet body. She had to admit she felt better than when her damp clothes had been exposed to the air.

"Thanks." she said sincerely. "What did you mean by co-host?"

"Well, actually it’s my brother Charlie’s party, but since this is our parent’s house I’m calling myself that. Mostly his friends just push me around though."

"I know the feeling." Judy joked. She had stopped crying.

"Yeah, I can see that." he laughed. "Listen, you can stay out here as long as you like. It’s probably better than going back into the air-conditioning anyway. If you need anything just ask for me. My name’s Tommy, Tommy Shaver."

As Tommy turned to leave Judy asked "Tommy? Could you do something for me?"

"Anything." he answered.

"Could you take my sneakers and socks off for me? They’re all squishy and I don’t want my towel to fall down while I’m doing it." Judy asked, her voice still weak.

Tommy gulped and bent over. "Sure." he said. When Tommy had removed her sneakers and had slid the wet socks from Judy’s feet he saw her hands reaching under her towel. She made a jerking motion and Tommy could hear a zipper being unzipped.

"My panties are sooo wet." Judy explained. "They need some air too." At that Judy lifted the bottom of her towel and gave Tommy a full view of her wet panties.

Tommy’s eye’s never left them as he spoke. "Um, Miss?" Tommy asked, his voice higher than it should be.

"Judy." she corrected, staring intently at Tommy.

"Judy. Is there anything else?" Tommy was able to look at her green eyes now.

Looking up hopefully Judy asked "Would you kiss me?"

Looking down at the beautiful, twenty something redhead, Tommy made the only decision he really could. "Okay." he answered.

Over the next couple of hours the two virgins did much more than kiss. They completely explored each other’s bodies and completely lost track of time.

When Cindy woke up the first thing she noticed was how dark it was. She then noticed how woozy her head felt. Lastly, she noticed she wasn’t wearing any clothes. That’s when her memory came back. She’d agreed to go with Charlie and he’d led her up the stairs to a bedroom. They’d kissed and she had been so happy about it. Then he’d started to rub her the way Amy had described and she’d liked that too. Eventually, she remembered the two of them on the bed, clothes off, bodies trashing and body heat mingling. "That was the best of all." she thought, smiling.

Lying back down she noticed Charlie was still asleep and she laid her head and chest down across his chest. That’s when she noticed the clock next to the bed read 11:41. She bolted upright, part of her brain leaving itself on Charlie’s chest and catching up to her a couple of seconds later. Fighting the nausea Cindy scrambled around the room and collected her clothes. She pulled on her panties and jeans and quickly buttoned her blouse in the dark. Scooping up her heels she found the door and opened. Taking one long last look at her first love Cindy then softly closed the door behind her.

As she ran down the stairs barefoot she saw Judy, her hair messed up, running up them with a teenage boy behind her.

"See. I knew she’d be upstairs with my brother." the boy said.

Cindy immediately took offense. "Who’s the nosy brat?’ she asked.

As Tommy bristled and prepared a response Judy interrupted them. "We don’t have time for this! We’re already late. It’s almost midnight for goodness sakes."

"What? Is she going to turn into a pumpkin or something?" Tommy snidely remarked.

Cindy smirked at him as she descended the stairs and said "Something like that lover boy." Cindy figured that since Judy was with this guy they’d probably done something similar to what she and Charlie had done. The only mystery now was Amy. "Judy? Where’s Amy?"

Judy let out a long sigh. "You’re not going to believe this."

Amy sat on the floor and stared at her bare feet spread in front of her. She couldn’t remember at what point Akane had stolen her panties and shoes but she cursed the practical joker’s that seemed to run in her family.

After a couple of puffs on her first joint Amy had gotten quite high and after a vicious laughing attack had lost control and peed on herself. She could swear that her sister had put something into the soda she’d drunk a few minutes before the incident. Anyway, calling her a baby, Akane and her friends had led her to the bathroom, cleaned her up and pinned a towel around her waist since her panties were ruined. With everyone in the room laughing at her she was led back to the sofa and sat down on the floor. As Akane put the joint back in Amy’s mouth she continuously called her a baby. A few puffs later and Amy hadn’t remembered much of anything. Her face had flushed with embarrassment when Judy told her she’d been sucking on her thumb when she’d found her.

Mercifully, Judy and Tommy had taken her to the bathroom and filled her with coffee. Tommy had given her a pair of his underwear to put on. They felt strange but they were better than the alternative. Amy had then sat down to let her head clear while Tommy and Judy tried to find Cindy.

When Amy noticed Cindy enter the room she could tell her friend was holding back laughter. They’d told her. Amy looked at her with a harsh stare and spoke in the most serious voice she could muster. "Not a word."

"Okay. Goo goo, gaa gaa. Those aren’t words." Cindy said, giggling hysterically.

Judy interrupted again. "Quit it. She’s embarrassed enough as it is and we don’t have the time." Judy grabbed Amy’s shoulder and lugged her up. "Feeling better?" she asked.

"Enough to walk." Amy responded.

"Enough to run?" Judy asked.


Tommy spoke up, "Look, if you girls want to stay the night it’s fine by me."

"That’s sweet. But we have to go. Bye Tommy, we had a great time." Judy said as the girls made their way to the door.

"What’s your number?" Tommy called to Judy as the girls scrambled down the front steps and jogged towards the sidewalk.

"I’ll call you!" Judy shouted back.

Tommy sighed. The most wonderful woman he’d ever met and he had the feeling he’d never see her again. That’s when Tommy noticed the pair of heels on the steps and realized that Cindy must have dropped them when she took Amy’s other arm. "Well." he thought. "At least I’ve got a souvenir."

end of part 2...



End Chapter 2

A Girl's Night Out

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2005


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