The Parents Diaper Pail

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Chapter 10
Tales from the Theater

Chapter Description: Set of horror movies a perfect family watch at the movies, unaware that they have unexpected side effects on those who watch them

Walking along the street is a nice family of three, the father John, a nice gentleman with a suit and tie, and his hair comb back, along with his wife Sarah, her blonde hair tied in a ponytail, and wearing a nice dress and jacket, while they lead their daughter Kelly, 7 years old and wearing her top and pants, giggle happily as tonight they are going to see a movie at a theater. 

'What are we going to watch?' she asked with a big smile

'Well we have to find the place first' said Sarah looking around, she checked her phone for the location when John tap her shoulder

'hey is that the place?'

they turn to see a old building, looks like those old theaters where you need a golden ticket to watch a film, the family hesitated but kelly was already begging to go in, So the parents gave in and they head for the entrance. Upon reaching the ticket booth a tall gentleman greeted them, 'why hello, and how are you today?' he asked them taking a bow

'Hello, what movies do you have showing?' he asks

The gentleman smiled, 'well we have short films, all suitable for adults of course, would you like a ticket?'

'Can we?' ask Kelly

Sarah didnt like the look of this guy, 'I dont know, we were looking for the nearest phone or something' she said trying to make an excuse to leave

'Please this sounds fun'

John and Sarah look down at her, then giving in they bought the tickets and head inside, finding the huge cinema empty, 'ok this is kinda spooky' joked John leading them to the middle row, where they both sat with Kelly between them. The gentleman came with refreshments, Kelly got the tub of popcorn while her parents had some drinks

'enjoy the films' he said then walked off, Kelly noticed a chilling laughter that followed him

The lights dim until there is nothing but the glow of the screen, John and Sarah watch the screen as it played the first film.

Mr Tin wishes

This is a tale of a stubborn girl, she wants to go out with friends and leave all the responsibilities but tonight, on her own mother's birthday she wished she was the one in charge, well lets see if she is willing to accept the responsibility with it.......

Ellie moan, tonight was the night she was suppose to go out with her friends, but instead she is sitting at home watching her baby brother Max

Her parents, Joe and Karen are getting ready for their date night, they are celebrating Karen's Birthday, Karen walking down the stairs in her red dress, black hair straighten as she held her purse, the mother held her husband arm, Joe who was wearing his button shirt and black pants, kissed her as they head to the door

'Mom! I wanna go out with my friends!' complained Ellie

'Too bad, you are still grounded for not doing your homework' said Karen, looking at her as she went to pick up Max, 'Now you listen to your sister and be good for her' she cooed, Max giggle and babble, the baby kicking playfully as mommy put him down, crawling away as he is still in his diaper only, Ellie wish they at least put clothes on him at home but they said it makes him more playful.

Ellie is wearing her jeans and long blue shirt, her hair in a ponytail as she storm to the couch, pouting as she folded her arms. Joe sigh as he rub her hair, 'dont worry princess, maybe next year when you behave' he said as he walked to the door. 

Karen gave her children peck on the cheeks, 'Maybe after we can all have some cake' she said smiling

Ellie moan, 'This sucks I hate you!' she yelled throwing a tantrum

Karen groan, 'well if thats how you feel, how about being grounded for three weeks!'

'Thats not fair!' 

'Well stop being a baby then' said Karen walking out herself, 'Keep the doors locked, Max better be in bed by 8' she said 'Love you' she close the door behind her, locking it

Ellie pouted, folding her arms as she stare at the tv, Max waddling around drooling, she hates being the babysitter, she wanna go out and have fun, but her parents says she is too young, too innocent, well she is much more mature then them. She groan as she sat back, Max finally sitting down with his toys, Ellie pull out her phone and decide to web surf, soon she began to hear noises coming from upstairs.

'Hello?' she call out looking up, she walked to the stairs, hearing laughter coming from her parents bedroom. Ellie gulped, she walked slowly upstairs, looking in her parents bedroom, 'hello?' she call out, hearing silence. Ellie step into the bedroom, hearing running noises that ran to under the bed. taking a breath she got on her knees, 'hello?' she ask again getting scared.

A small creature walked out, a tiny goblin that goes up her knee if she was standing, 'hello' he said bowing, 'I am Mr Tin' he introduced himself

Ellie smile weakly, 'hello, what are you?' she ask

'I am a goblin, I grant wishes' he said

Ellie giggle, not believing in wishes, 'yeah right'she said 'I dont believe you' 

'Really? then make a wish then' he said chuckling

Ellie rolled her eyes, its stupid to believe in childish things, but seeing as he is a goblin he should test it, 'ok' she said, she thought of a wish then she thought of her parents leaving her to babysit all the time, she wish she could be in charge and tell them what to do, an idea pop in her head 

'I wish that I was in charge' she said standing up, 'and mom and dad listen to me and depend on me for everything' she said giggling as it will never come true.

Mr Tin smiled, 'Ok your wish will be granted' he said waving his hands, sending magic dust around 'your parents will no longer be your parents but your very own babies! Hahahahahahaha!' Ellie yawned, feeling light head she fell onto the bed, soon closing her eyes.


Ellie yawned, getting up from her bed, she rub her eyes open so she could see the morning light shine into her room. 'Huh did i fell asleep?' she yawned getting out of her bed, she got dressed in jeans and top as she left towards the kitchen. Walking down to find the table empty, 'huh' she said, then she remembered Max and quickly ran to the nursery, looking in to see Max sleeping soundly in his crib, 'aw man, Mom and dad are probably mad' she said

She tip toed to their bedroom, feeling scared at what they are going to do, she look inside seeing them still asleep, 'thank god' she sigh, but then she walked in, noticing how different their room look, the carpet was so soft, she moved and stepped on a plush toy, she picked it up to see it is a stuff bunny made for babies, she turn and stare at a huge crib, with her parents sleeping inside it, she came closer and dropped her jaw, Joe and Karen were cuddling, both naked for their daughter to see, but before she can assume they had a wild night of sex she spots the garments they have tapped around them, she could see it is the same diapers her brother max wears except these are grown adult sized.

'Mom? Dad?' she said out loud

Both Joe and Karen sat up, Joe look at her then he started to cry, not wanting to be woken up so quick, soon his wife followed with her own baby wail, both parents cried until Ellie pull down the huge bars then climb inside, 'hey dont cry' she said getting them into hugs, she pat their bare back, feeling Karen's boobs on her, and rock them, cooing and singing a lullaby, its what mom used to do when Max cries.

Soon they began to calm down, now drooling down from their lips and onto her back, Ellie tried not to gag, especially when she started to smell something she wish she didnt, 'dont tell me, one of you shit yourself' she said, she checked Joe's diaper but found it clean, then she went to Karen's, pulling the plastic back and nearly puked at the huge mess her own mother made. 'Mooooommmm!' she whined, Karen just babbles, not having a single thought in her head except she had made poopy, so Ellie left Joe on his back in the crib and inch herself out of the crib, having Karen holding on to her as she lift her up, finding her easy to carry, and carried her to the change table.

She got the former adult on it, Ellie took a deep breath then she undid the tapes, opening it and holding back her barf, she grab a wipe and started to clean up her mess, then she rolled up the diaper and threw it in the pail, where she noticed the other adult diapers are, 'oh god they have become retards' she said as she grab a fresh diaper out, then she slid it under her and used baby powder on her big butt, then she pull up the front and taped it snugly.

Once she was fully diapered, Ellie put her and Joe on the ground, where they began to drool and crawl around, showing more of how much stupid they have become, 'Its that stupid goblins fault!' said Ellie stomping her foot, 'Mr Tin where are you?'

'Over here' said Mr Tin standing on the crib

Joe and Karen saw the goblin and crawled, wanting to play with him but Ellie walked infront of them, 'listen you dumb rat, I wanted to be in charge of them, not change their diapers!' she said

'Well that was your wish missy' he said

'Well change them back!'

Mr Tin smiled, 'actually I do believe it was your mother's birthday, and she had made a wish last night wanna see?' he took out a crytal ball and show her, Ellie watch as she saw her parents in the restaurant, before when they had clothes on

Karen sigh, 'you know honey, sometimes I wish Ellie was our little baby again' she said, just as Ellie could spot their pants and dress getting a huge bulged grown on them.

'Oh no' said Ellie

'oh Yes' said Mr Tin and he snapped his fingers, Ellie tried to run but her head became so foggy she fell and close her eyes.

When she open them, she was laying on her back, a spinning mobile hanging on top of her, Ellie reach out when she notice she doesnt have any sleeves, she sat up in the crib and found herself nakie, but wearing her favorite princess diaper, she smiled, drooling on her bare chest she turn to see her brother max walking in, the small boy wearing clothes that look like they shrunk to fit him, he came up to her crib and manage to press a button, the bars falling down, 'how is my big sis today?' he asked

Ellie beamed, lifting up her arms she spread out her legs so he can see her diaper, 'look im all clean!' she said

'Yep, good girl' he praised her, then he got her out from the crib, Ellie stood awkwardly with her legs spread apart and she followed her brother out from the nursery, they walked into the living room where she spots her parents on the playmat, Joe stuffing a truck in his mouth while Karen was on her back sucking on her toes, both still babbling and drooling while wearing even thicker diapers.

Ellie sat down with them, she giggles as Max said he is going to get their baths ready, once he left Ellie lean forward and push, filling up her diaper as it made a stinky aroma, 'hehe, now I get a diaper change' she said to herself, then she called out, 'MAAAAAAXXXX ME MADE POOPY!'

'What kind of movie was that?' said Sarah standing up

'I know, Karen is kinda hot without any clothes' said John, which Sarah hit his head

'Ok we are leaving' she said

'Sit down Mommy!' said Kelly

'Kelly this is not suitable for you, we are leaving' said Sarah

'Sit down now!" said Kelly again raising her voice

in an instance Sarah sat back down, feeling a bit scared after that outburst, Kelly smile at her and pat her knee, 'thank you, now be quiet they're playing the next movie' she said

Sarah look to John then back to the screen, watching the credits roll for the next one. 

The Tunnel

This is just a nice family car ride to the local park, but if someone doesn't behave themselves then they will find the worst possible punishment possible, that also applies to the adults as well as they might find themselves at their child's mercy, otherwise who else will change them......

'One more word from you young man and we are taking away your tv privileges' scolded Mary, pointing a finger at her son while her husband Tim drove the car, they have just came out from work and picked their son Ben up from daycare

'But I wanna go to the park!' he whined

'I told you I am too tired' said mary, rubbing her forehead, 'we are going home'

'Daddy I wanna play at the park' said Ben

Tim sigh, 'just listen to your mother' he said

'Its not fair!'

The car turn around the street, Ben look out to see the large park just over the block, 'there it is, please I wanna go!'

'No! for that no more tv'

'I hate you!' cried Ben and he turn and put his head on the seat, crying, 

Tim turn to her, 'can we just stop for a few minutes, he really wants to go'

'No, he has to learn to stop being a baby and grow up'

They turn a corner and head into a tunnel, Mary lean back and took a deep breath, then the car soon head inside.

It was pitch black for a while, Mary turn and spoke, 'Be careful, its hard to see' she said in the darkness

'I am not holding the wheel' said Tim's voice


They left the tunnel, back into the sunlight, Mary blinked and rub her eyes, she found herself sitting in the backseat now, and Ben in now driving the car, 'Ben!' yelled Mary, then she felt a chill, she look down and screamed, turning to see Tim next to her with a confused look as well.

They are in the backseat but buckled into two large baby car seats, Mary and Tim clothes are gone and replaced with large thick diapers, Mary could feel the fabric of the belt on her breasts, she kick and struggle as she yelled, 'Ben stop the car! let us out!'

Tim was sucking on a pacifier, so he was too busy not talking while Ben wag his finger to them, 'calm down mom, we are almost there'

'Let me out now! I told you we are not going to the park!' screamed Mary

Ben sigh, he reach back and stuff a pacifier in her lips, Mary chew the bubble angrily and continued to kick and throw a tantrum, then her belly began to rumble, Tim look to her as Mary groan and push, her face turning red as she filled up her diaper with a loud fart. Ben fanned his nose, 'wow mom! looks like I better give you a change before you go play'

Mary couldn't take it anymore, she cried and screamed, kicking and hitting her fists, throwing a babyish tantrum, Tim started to cry as well just as they have arrived in the car park, ready to head to the park. 

Now the family sat by the tree, on a soft mat spread out with toys and a diaper bag, Tim sat by the side sucking his thumb while he watch his son lay his wife down, Mary rubbing her eyes and crying while Ben started her diaper change. 

'That was even weirder then the last one' said John, turning to see his daughter walking back in, holding Sarah's hand as she led her back into her seat, 'where have you been?' he asked

'Mom had an accident so i had to clean her up' said kelly

John look to his wife, Sarah had just finish crying, adjusting her dress as kelly took her wet panties and put them in the bag, 'now remember mom, if you wanna go potty, ask me so i can take you' said Kelly helping her sit down

'Yes Mommy' said Sarah before covering her mouth

John lean to her, 'what is wrong with you?'

'I dont know, but kelly she....I didnt had any spare panties so she put me in.....' sarah lean to him to whisper 'pull ups' she gestured to her dress, pulling it up for him to see the smiling face of Minnie Mouse, also with her own pull up, the parents look to each other then back to the screen

Paranormal Activity is for Babies

This tale is a haunted nursery, or a haunted child for the parents thought they could solve the mystery, but those silly things are not for any adult, so just relax and let your child do those big boy things.......

A static filled up until it cleared, showing a man putting in a new camera for his sons nursery. 'There done' he said, next to him is his wife,  pretty face with a few freckles but that makes her cuter, both adults look cllsley into the camera before getting down, 'how does it look James?' He asked the baby in the crib

The baby boy babbled happily, the woman with her long brown hair pulled into a ponytail embraced her husband. 'Glad to see you got the camera up' said Linda

Brian nodded kissing her, 'yep soon we will have a video of our little boy growing up' 

'Good, cause i could have sworn James was talking last night' Said Linda looking at her son

'Honey hes just a baby'

'I know' linda said, she held up her thumb and started to suckle on it, brian noticed but doesnt seem to question it, 'it does seem silly'

Brian chuckled, 'come on how about we head to bed, leave our little man here to sleep' he said looking at james gigling in his crib. Linda smiled so the parents turn and kissed him goodnight while they turn and walked out of the nursery. James yawned and laid down, soon the little baby boy was asleep while his parents turn off the light. 

The camera fast forwarded to 2am, it is quiet, James suddenly sat up in the crib, he stood up and started to call out, crying a bit until the door open, Brian and Linda walked in, brian was wearing his pyjama pants only as he went and sat on the ground, linda was wearing a shirt only, she got on her knees and faced her husband, James stood up in the crib as he watches them, brian suck his thumb and roll around on his back while Linda crawled around, with James giving them praises for dping tne simple tasks like holsing up thier hands or admiring their big clothes. 

Soon the baby got thier attention, 'go back to bed mommy and daddy' he told his parents.

Brian and Linda stood, then they turn and waddled out of the nursery, leaving James to lay back down and go back to sleep.

The camera fast forwarded to 12:45pm the next day, Linda carried James into the nursery to take him to the change table. 'Change time' said Linda putting him on the table

James babble as Linda started the diaper change, putting a lot of love and care as she wiped his bum then sprinkle baby powder, before putting him in a fresh clean diaper. 'Isn't that better then an icky diaper?' She cooed

'Mommy' said James

Linda gasped, his first word! 'Brian!' She called out picking up her son and running out, 'james said his first word!' Soon the nursery was empty once again, so it fast forwarded to late at night, Linda coming in as she put her son in the crib, the bars are still down. 'Mommy is so proud of you, your growing up so fast' she said

James giggle, soon Brian walked in holding two plastic things in his hands, 'ok honey we gotta do this' he said handing one to her

Linda held it in her hands, 'but we surly dont need these' she said

'We've been wetting the bed for the past few nights now, its just for a while' said Brian

'But its diapers!' She said

'Adult diapers, i got the ones with some cool characters on them' he said

'It is pretty cute' she look to james watching them, the parents feeling bright red as they quickly walked out the nursery, not wanting thier own son seeing his parents wearing diapers like him. James watch them go, noticing they forgot to shut off the light so he got down and stepped on a small step, turning off the light himself then climb back into the crib.

Fast forward to 1:45 am, James stirred awake but hearing some sounds, listening closly he could tell they are sounds of his parents crying, the soft sobs of mommy and the loud wails of daddy. Jame sigh and climb out the crib. He went to the change table and grab wipes and powder before waddling out of the nursery.

The crying continued, until thirty minutes later they seem to quiet down, then James walked back into the nursery holding two adult diapers, both rolled up and looking a bit bulgy. He dropped them in the pail and climb back into his crib, going right back to sleep. 

Now the camera moved to 1:30pm, the nursery is empty and silent until the door slowly opened. Linda poke her head in, 'ok its clear' she said opening the door, the mother waddled in, wearing a pink top and her sweatpants as she was followed by her husband, in his shirt and pants and waddled in, the parents having huge diaper bulges as they sat on the fllor facing each other.

'Are you sure this is a good idea?' Asked Brian, 'playing with james toys while he watch tv?'

'Why not, we both said how much we want to play with toys' said Linda picking up a stuff bunny while he picks up a tiger, 'besides he wont know'

Brian nodded, the parents then begun thier playtime, Linda lean forward as she shook her bunny, while Brian flew his around, Linda then got on her knees as she started pulling down her pants, 'honey what are you doing?' He asked as Linda sat back and pull the sweatpants off her legs, leaving her diaper exposed.

'These pants are itchy' she said throwing them to the side, 'it feels so much better with my diapie' she sat up, 'why did i say that?'

Brian shrugged, turning his head he spots the pile of blocks by the crib, Linda noticed it too and suddenly the parents grab the blocks and pulled them to the center, where they started making a tower together. They both stood up on thier knees and the tower was almost complete until James walked in and put his tiny arms on his hips. 

Brian and Linda turn and jump up, the tower falling down as Linda tried pulling down her shirt to cover her diaper, both adults backs were to the camera as they tried to explain to the son but he just giggle. 'Dont be embarrased, you can play with your toys as much as your want'

Brian and Linda turn to each other then back to thier son, 'no these are your toys' said Brian

'Yeah, we came in your nursery to play with them' said Linda

'My nursery?' Laughed James, 'mommy daddy this is your nursery'

The parents argue, trying to convinced him that they dont have a nursery but James went up to them and held thier hands, 'how about you two come downstairs, I'll put on your favourite show' this seem to calm them down as he led them out the door, Linda stopped just outside for James to put his fingers in the legband of her diaper, 'your a bit wet mommy but you can hold it till bathtime' with that he took her out of sight.

Fast forward now to 6pm, the door open up and James turn on the light, walking in the room. Linda walked in behind with a towel around her, her hair wet as she just got out of the bath. The mother giggle with every step. James turn to her and asked 'whats so funny mommy?' The little baby asked

'This is so wrong' said Linda giggling, 'but i really feel like this is fun, i am standing naked and waiting for my son to dress me' she giggles, 'and i'm in my nursery!' She bounce on her feet

james smiled as he pat the change table, 'hop on mommy, its nearly bedtime'

Linda obeyed, she walked and turn, giving the camera a good view of her naked bum as she hopes on the table and laid back, removing her towel as her breasts are now exposed. The mother held up her legs while her son slid a new adult baby diaper under her, he sprinkled baby powder on her big bum then taped her snugly in it. 

'Ok mommy go wait in the crib while I get daddy' said James

Linda nodded, she hop off the table and waddle to the crib, where she climb in while james left the nursery. Linda sat on her big pamper as she kick her legs playfully, putting her thumb in her mouth as she watch her son lead her busband in the nursery, also wrapped in a towel as he hopped on the table, giggling at his wife as he was powdered and diapered up as well.

james help him into the crib, Linda and Brian laid back against the bars as they pull their legs in, spreading their knees so their diapers are more bulgy as thier son pull the bars up, 'goodnight mommy and daddy' he said walking out and turning off the light.

Linda and Brian then laid down together and cuddle each other nude bodies. The parents stayed there until Brian lean up, Linda then kissed him as he kissed back, soon the parents started humping thier diapers together as the crib began to rock, making squeaking noises along with the crinkles of thier diapers. Linda moan as she bit her lip, Brian got on his knees and help her to turn, ripping off her diaper as he thrusts into her bum, his diaper discarded with hers over the rails. Linda moan and babbles as both parents babble out 'Bang Bang!'

The camera fast forwards, showing them finish and fell in each others embrace, until it sped up to the next day at 11:45pm.

The nursery was empty until the door open up, James was carrying with such strength his mother, who was sucking her thumb. 'time to change that icky diapers' said James laying her on the change table

Linda babble and kick as her diaper was removed, james putting all the love and care as he wiped her bum, then sprinkle baby powder on her before taping her in a new fresh diaper, 'doesnt that feel better Mommy?' he asked poking her belly

'Abuuu!' babble Linda

James gasp, 'Mommy you forgot how to talk!' he said praising her, Linda babble more baby nonsense as she was picked up, 'daddy, mommy forgot how to talk!' called out james taking Linda out of the nursery. 

The camera sped up until 5:30pm, Linda and Brian sat facing each other on the floor, thier diapers are now so huge that it reach up to thier belly buttons, they babble and drooled for they both forgot how to talk. Brian rolled the ball to his wife and she roll it back. Soon with the ball hitting his diaper, Brian giggle and look up, looking right at the camera.

'Ahhhh goo?' Said Brian pointing

Linda look up, gaping her wet lips and chin at the shiny camera, 'oooooooo cab bwa' she babbles turning to show the camera her drooled soak breasts

brian picked up the ball and threw it to the camera, the ball hit and the screen fell until it landed on the floor, facing the soft carpet. Sounds of crinkling diapers and bare knees shuffle on the carpet as it was picked up, Brian held it so it shows his face, with linda next to him, both parents looking at it with such wonder, both drooling down thier chins as they mimic the first shot the camera had when it was set up days ago. 

Brian and Linda look at it, she then took the camera from him as she held it up, opening her mouth as the screen went forward, showing her teeth and tounge as now there is sounds of sucking. There was someone talking but it was muffled, the camera was taken out as James now has it, pointing it to his parents looking at him, both sitting with spread legs as they smiled, 'you two are quite naughty' said James voice

Linda and Brian giggled, both babbling baby nonsense but James turn the camera to himself as he looked into it, eyes a bit red, 'now i got a video of you two growing down' the screen then went to black.

Kelly giggle as she ate her popcorn, her parents moved to sit next to each other as that movie was scary, 'I wanna go home' said Sarah

John nodded, 'ok lets go home' he said wanting to get up but one look from Kelly made the parents stayed where they are. Sarah took a quick glance under her dress, seeing her pink pullups as she cant understand what is going on, John could feel something under his pants but he didnt have time to check for the next movie is playing. 

Nightmare in the Crib

Most people are afraid of nightmares, but at least they can wake up from them in the end but what happens if this nightmare becomes a reality?..........

Catherine Summers was just doing her usual routine, tucking her two kids into bed, the mother wore her nightgown, her brown hair neat and she put on a smile as she tuck her two little boys, Tommy and Billy in their beds, 'Ok boys come on, its bedtime' she said tucking each in

Tommy smiled, as he wants a story but catherine told him he is too old for stories, Billy was shaking a bit, so she sat on his bed, 'whats wrong sweetie?' she asked

'Im scared' he said

Catherine gave him a hug, 'there is nothing to be scared of, Mommy is always here and Daddy is in the other room with mommy' she told them, 'any trouble then we shall come running in'

That made the little boy smile, Catherine kissed them goodnight and turn off the light, walking out of their room. She walked down the hallway, until she entered her bedroom where her husband roy was sleeping already in thier king sized bed. Catherine close the lights and climb into bed, soon covering herself as she fell into dreamland. 

Catherine found herself walking down a dark hallway, it was cold and scary looking, she felt a chill up her spine as she is still in her nightgown, she held her bare shoulders as she spots a light from a room. Taking a deep breath she stepped in. 

'Well look who decided to join us' said a little blonde girl, wearing an adult teacher outfit as she stood on the box, hands on her hips as she faced the woman. 

catherine scoff, not believing that a little girl is treating her like a trouble student, but turning to look inside she realized what so different about the class. On the floor was many adult men and women, all naked and sitting crossed legged while staring at her, everyone was wearing large baby diapers so thick they covered thier belly buttons. 

Catherine stared at them, everyone looking like giant babies while this little girl looked like an adult, she stood infront of her and tap her foot. Catherine took a step back, 'i think i got the wrong room' she said turning to run but the girl grab her wrist, Catherine scream as she was forced inside, the girl leading her to what the adults call the spanking chair. 

'Let me go please!' Begged Catherine but she was forced over her knees, the child shushing her as she pull up her nightgown, Catherine turning back to see her nude butt exposed and ready to be spanked. The girl raised her hand then


catherine cried out as she felt her tiny hand smack her cheeks, the girl continued while the adult babies laughed and teased her, making her face grow as red as her butt from the humiliation. The young mother shook and thrash as she manage to pull back, slipping out of her nightgown and off her small lap, she landed on the ground, naked as the day she was born as she got up and ran, breasts jiggling and bouncing as she ran out of the room, the girl yelling at her whiles the adults call her a jaybird. 

catherine ran down the dark hallway, huffing as she tries to wake up, she close her eyes hoping she would wake up but she tripped and fell, landing on the soft ground. Openi g her eyes she found herself laying on some soft carpet. She got up on her hands and knees as she found herself in the hallway of her house, but it looks huge and intimidating. 

'There you are' came the voice of Tommy behind her

Catherine turn and look up, Tommy is the size of a regular adult while she must be the size of a baby. Catherine started to crawled but her son picked her up, 'we should get a diaper on you' he said carrying her to another room

'No please!' Begged Catherine struggling in his huge arms, they soon walked into the room, where it appears to be the dining room, a large table in the center surrounded by normal babies in highchairs. Catherine could feel the diaper around her, taped up as she was seated in her own high chair. She look down at her pudgy belly, and her dmall legs, she turn to the side at a mirror, realizing she is no longer an adult mother but has regressed to a baby, while tommy progressed to an young adult, cooing at her as an adult Billy coming towards with a cake.

soon the room began chanting happy birthday, Catherine cried as she rock back and forth, the cake placed infront of her, a large pink one with a number one on top burning bright, she wailed and sobbed as she shook her high chair too hard that she started falling, falling headfirst into the cake that it splattered on her.

catherine cough and lean up on her hands, her adult hands as she is back in her adult body, but her face was s meared with cake, and she is wearing a silly party hat on her head. The other piece of clothing she has was a large plastic diaper on her, the same one baby her was wearing but has grown to fit her waist snugly. Her bare belly was on the cake, with pieces of it covering her breasts, suddenly there was cooing. 

'Awwww my wife is so cute' came her husbands Roys voice

she look around herself, she is on a park table while her husband and her friends Kathy, Jim, Gwen and Beth were standing around her, cooing and treating her like a baby. 

'She think she can mash it up'

'Such a retard!'

'Come on honey, give us a smile'

Catherines lower lip started to tremblr, tears falling down her cake smeared cheeks 'aba!' She cried, finding she cant speak, she look at a spoon, which showed her reflection, she look closely and open her mouth, finding her teeth are gone, only wet gums are there, her cgeeks are puffy as she started to cry, so she started banging her hands and legs, crying while everyone took pictures of her tantrum. Catherine wailed as she turn over on her back, sucking her thumb as she felt someone lifting up her legs. 

Looking past her breasts and between her legs was that little girl, wearing a red stripped sweater as she held up her legs, 'shhhhhh' she told her, 'time for your change baby Catherine' she said pointing for her to look at her own messy diaper

It was too much for her, she closed her eyes and scream as the sounds of her tabs ripping open filled her ears, soon she hears a voice, 'Honey wake up'

Catherine scream and sat up, it was dark so she couldnt see the face of her husband cradling her, she held back as she calms down, 'oh roy i had a terrible nightmare' she said breathing heavily. 'I was naked then turn into a baby and it felt so real' she sobbed

'Its ok honey' said Roy letting go, 'it was just a nightmare' then he paused, 'did you see a little girl putting you in diapers?'

catherines heart skipped a beat, 'yes did you had the same dream?' She gasped

Suddenly the lights turn on, Catherine could see that Roy was naked under the covers like she is right now, her breasts hanging out as they look at the door, but first looking through bars as they are sitting in a king sized crib, Tommy and Billy was coming towards the side and pull down the bars, 'whats wrong mommy? Did you two had a nightmare?' Asked Tommy

'Don't worry' said Billy hugging his mothers bare shoulders, 'your sons are here to make it better' he said rubbing her bare back

Catherine started breathing rapidly, tears welling up in her eyes, 'no this is a dream!' She sobbed

'Not a dream' said Tommy going to grab the blanket, 'now lets see if there are diapers that need changing' he pull the blanket to the floor, Catherine squeaked as she and Roy sat there, staring at the front of their wet diapers hugging their waists.

Catherine look to her soaked diaper then to Roy, who also faced her. Both parents started to shake with fear as they both screamed and wail like babies while their sons began their regular diaper change. 

Kelly cooed at her daddy, John was on her lap now being cradled by her daughter as she held a large baby bottle up, the father suckling on the nipple as he was fed his warm milkies. Sarah was leaning back against her chair, sucking her thumb as her dressed has ridden up, the mother knows she must get her family out of this place, but she has a bigger problem right now.

Blushing she lean forward and tug on her daughters sleeve, 'Um Kelly' she whispered

Kelly look towards her, 'whats wrong mommy?'

'I had an accident' she said shamefully

Kelly could tell, she sniff and started fanning her nose, taking the bottle away from her daddy Kelly stood up, '' come on, lets get you changed'

Sarah took her hand and stood, John was being carried as the family left thier seats and went to the parent room, once they entered Kelly sat John on the bench, 'ok daddy, play with these while I get mommy changed' she said handing him the car keys

John took them and started to shake them, the father finding them silly but fun as he stuff them in his mouth, Sarah was then laid on the bench, kicking as her daughter stood infront of her pulling up her dress, she look down at the huge messy pamper she has on, no longer mature enough for pullups. 

sarah stayed still, holding up her legs as her diaper was removed, Kelly wiped her bum then rolled up the diaper, throwing it in a bin filled with many adult diapers, then she slid a new one under her and sprinkled baby powder on her vagina, kelly is humming a tune to calm her which Sarah used to do when she was a baby, soon she was taped up in a new clean diaper, the mother feeling a bit better.

'Ok mommy and daddy, lets go' said kelly picking both parents up now and carrying them out

Sarah turn to John, 'John, I think we';re turning into babies'; she whispered

John gaped, 'bullshit, there has to be some explanation'; he said

'I got changed from our daughter, what else is there?'

John sobbed, Sarah wanted to hit him but they were back in their seat, the parents sitting on Kelly's knees as the next movie started to play. 

Don't eat the Candy

Its now all hallows eve, children trick or treating for some candy while their parents go to parties and spend the night drinking, but for these two parents that wont be the case, wanting to spend one more halloween for their daughter before she has to grow out of this childish habit, but while it may be her final trick or treating it will be the first for many for her parents....................

Jessy is only ten years old, the young girl is dressed like a witch and held her bag filled with many candy, behind her is her parents Glen and Emma, Emma the mother was wearing a silly princess outfit, blushing red as she held her wand and bag with her wings on the back, its better then her husbands costume, which is him wearing a godzilla outfit

both parents had agreed to dressed childish, since it was jessy's final trick or treating they agree she should pick their costumes as well, and they have gotten some laughs from the other kids.

'ok one more house' said Emma, taking control as always

'But its only 7:30!' whined Jessy

'Sorry but your mother and I have work the next day' said Glen, 'one more house and then we go home'

Jessy sigh, that sounds so unfair but she get to pick the next house, leading them towards an old gate where they stood infront of an old two story house, looking very scary with its rotten wood and dead trees, with a bowl of candy placed by the door, Jessy started walking forward while Emma and Glen look to each other, 'Jessy this doesnt seem safe' she said

'You said one more house!' yelled Jessy

'Lets pick another one' said Emma

'No we doing this one'

'She isnt going to agree' said Glen

Emma sigh, hiking up her dress the parents started walking to the bowl of candy, now at the doorstep Jessy bend and took a piece, Emma and Glen follow her lead as they took some candy as well, the family of three then put it in their mouths, chewing it as it is quite good, 'see its fine' said Jessy taking some more in her bag

Glen and Emma agree, they took some and turn back, the family holding hands as they didnt notice the shadow figure watching them from the window. 

Once they arrived home, Jessy went and put her candy on the floor of the living room, along with her parents as they wanted to get out of thier dumb costumes, 'honestly Jessy, you made us look like babies' said Emma throwing away her wand and wings

'Well stop acting like babies' mumble Jessy turning on the tv

Glen and Emma walked up the stairs, talking to themselves about how finally they can never do trick or treating ever again, Jessy sigh as she just wish they could stop being so boring, eating some candy she sat back on the couch.

But then she could her her mommy's voice calling, 'Jessy! can you come here?'

Jessy got off the couch, she walked up the stairs and down the hallway to her parents room, Glen and Emma was standing, still in their costumes as they look embarrased about something, 'whats wrong?' asked Jessy

Emma look to Glen then they both look to her, 'um, we are having trouble taking our costumes off' she said, 'do you know how to take them off?'

Jessy hid a giggle, 'want me to help you?' she asked, her parents blushed and turn away but Jessy felt like she should, walking up to them she sat them on the bed and got started, taking the crown off her mommy's red hair, and undid the strings, stripping her out as she stood her up so it can fall down, showing off her mommy's pink panties and bra

Next was her daddy, she unzipped the back and helped him out, leaving him out in his underpants. 'Thank you' he said

With that done Jessy turn, Emma and Glen look to each other, vowing to never ask her for help like that again. 

Jessy went back to the living room, counting the candy she tried to sit on the couch when she hears daddy calling now, 'Jessy come!' 

Jessy sigh and went back up the stiars, this time going into the bathroom where she spots her parents underwear were discarded around on the floor. Glen and Emma was sitting in the tub, naked and shivering as Jessy went up to them, 'I told you we dont need help!' said Emma

'Honey we forgot how to turn on the tap' said Glen

'So we can bath naked!'

Jessy frown now, her parents never had trouble turning on the bath tub before, she told them she has it as she lean forward and turn the knob, making sure the water is warm she let it rise, but stopped once it covered her parents waists, figuring it is something she should do. Glen smiled while Emma pouted, folding her arms as she still is acting stubbon, Jessy then got a idea.

She left the bathroom only to come back with bathtoys, Glen and Emma gasp as she put them in the water, 'now you got something to play with' she said, before turning and walking out. 

As she reach the bottom step there was a knock on the door, Jessy stopped, turning back as she wants to call her parents but they wont be happy being call down in the nude, so she went to the door, opening it as she look around, but there was no one there, instead at her feet was a large package, Jessy bend down to read it, 'Parent Nappies' she read, 'For your Mommy and Daddy when they cant keep their pants clean' on the front was a man and woman, both naked and acting like babies as they wore the diapers, Jessy held in a laughter, there is no way her parents will wear these but for some reason she knows they do need them, after all she cant let them had accidents around the house.

Picking up the package, she carrying it up the stiars and into their bedroom, once she put it on the bed she look at the time, time to get her parents out of the tub. 

She entered the bathroom, Glen and Emma was too busy splashing and waving the toys around, not noticing their daughter draining the water around them, 'ok time to get out' she told her two nakie parents. 

Glen and Emma gasp as they covered themselves, Jessy holding out a towel as she told them to stand, the parents look at each other and did as they told, Jessy couldn't believe they are listening to her, she dried them each with a big towel before letting them use it to wrap themselves, then she held their hands and help them out of the tub, 'ok lets get some diapers on you' she said suddenly

Emma and Glen look at her, 'diapers?'

Jessy prepared herself, knowing they are about to lose their temper but they suddenly had smiles, 'I love my diapies' said Emma, with Glen nodding as they lead the way, Jessy watching their wet bums as they made their way into the bedroom.

Jessy walked in, seeing Glen and Emma throwing the towels away, then they both laid on their backs on the bed, as if waiting for her to come and diaper them. Jessy, following some nurture instinct, went up to the bed, she spots the baby powder in the package so she grab it, opening it as she sprinkled it all over their private areas, Glen and emma both giggle as their daughter got them taped up in large thick diapers, thick enough that they had to crawl instead of walking.

Now here are her parents, sitting on their bed wearing large diapers as they drooled, Jessy is worried they dont have thier minds anymore, but she didnt care, now she in charge of them and she is going to take advantage of this. With one pat on their heads she told them they are going trick or treating now

They cheered, Jessy smiled as she put on her witch hat and a new bag, with her parents unable to walk she got them to crawled down the stairs where a large baby carriage was waiting for them, Jessy does find this creepy but now she can enjoy her final night of trick or treating, and maybe the nfirst of many for her parents

With Emma and Glen laying in the carriage, kicking and drooling like the dumb babies they are, Jessy push the carriage out, with the shadowy wizard watching from the bushes as he enjoyed making a new family dynamic

'Happy Halloween' he said.

With that the credits rolled, the lights were turn on and now everyone can go home.

Kelly walked out, pushing a large carriage like the movie as the Gentleman that gave her the tickets greeted them, 'did you enjoy the show?' he asked

Kelly nodded, 'yep, now I better get them into bed, they are quite fussy tonight'

The gentleman look into the carriage, John and Sarah looked up at him with fear, they were naked, wearing only their diapers as they cried and babble, their teeth are gone, there is no hair on John's head while Sarah had her blonde hair tied up in pigtails on either side of her head. 

'bab mab!' babble Sarah crying as she was held by her husband, both sobbing as this man did something to make them babies, but they can no longer talk anymore, only cried

The gentleman chuckled down at them, then he fanned his nose, 'I think your parents made you a present' he said

Kelly sniffed, 'Mommy Daddy! I cant believe you crapped yourselves' she sigh, 'well we are out of diapers so they have to wait until we get home' she said waving goodbye as she push the carriage, with her parents screaming.

Looks like two parents will have diaper rashes.



End Chapter 10

The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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